Friday, May 31, 2013

Parisian Adventures

This video, actually titled "Pariisi seiklused." (which Google Translate tells me means Parisian Adventures) features the Estonian crew of Mikael Parman, Harley Harin, Arco Aria, and Madis Kukk shredding the streets of Paris.  A seriously fun video to watch, they did a great job with this video.  Front board hopover 180 was so tight.  And that banger.  That thing looks so fun.

Dialed Scooter Magazine's Friday Feature: The Jessee Ikedah Interview

A couple issues back Dialed did an interview with one of my favorite riders, Jessee Ikedah. Jessee in my opinion is a totally underrated rider. He's got so much style in everything he does, and he throws some huge tricks both in the streets and the parks. Check out his interview below.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Roomet Säälik - Sponsor Me

Wow, this kid is nuts.  13 years old, and doing combos to rival many of the top park riders out there.  I could definitely see this kid getting on a Lucky international team or like the Blunt Euro team.  At any rate I think it's safe to say he'll be won't be sponsorless for long.

Montreux 2013 Official Edit by Fidelity

Fidelity's edit of the Montreux comp is finally here, and it contains some of the sickest footage yet.  The Montreux comp is one of the longest running in the sport's history, and each year these guys push it farther and farther.  Montreux footage is definitely my favorite of all comp footage.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

VertX Two for One: Austin Neura Promo and East Coast Trip with Dom Marconi and Matt Dibble

First up we have Austin Neura, a young boy street shredder from Ohio.  He puts down some pretty big tricks.  Hurricane on that roof rail must have been so scary.  Bummer on that song though.

Next is a video of Dom Marconi and Matt Dibble riding New Jersey, NYC and Philadelphia.  Matt unfortunately had a broken hand but amazingly still was able to get some clips.  Dom came through with some sick stuff, that whip finger into the bank was dope.  Logan Fuller has some guest clips too.  Check it.

Brandon James | Jack in the Box

Brandon is back with this video filmed by Dylan Myers after a road trip to Denmark.  More steeze than the bee's knees.  Song is perfect for his riding too.

Tilt Scooters Presents Jordan Jasa

Jordan dropped some new footy, finally. Easily some of his best footage yet. Every clip was legit. If more riders took the time to find spots for their edits, and learned to film solid lines, we would have a stronger street scene for sure. Loved the banger too, you don't see too many riders throwing 540s down decent gaps and sets.

Jackson Bartlett Wednesday Bangers

Nickeh hooked up with Jackson and filmed a Wednesday Bangers. Loved the editing on this, and the 720 over the box looked so good. And that brake noise on Jackson's scooter..haha.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ISA European Champsionship Best Trick Sponsored by Fasen

Coming up this weekend are the ISA Championships not only here in the US in Las Vegas but in Europe, in Pardubice.  Fasen is taking care of the best trick in the Euro contest, should be sick.

UrbanArtt Blowout Edit

It's finally time. UrbanArtt is ready to drop, and to start things off they released an edit featuring the Team. Everyone kills it. So many different styles, and they are probably one of the strongest street teams in the sport right now, which is actually getting more and more packed. Love seeing guys like Addison and Ostrom still out there killing it, after having been in the game for so many years. Definitely watch this edit, and be on the look out for more UrbanArtt news.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Awakening- Satori

Satori is a clothing company started by Kirk Svensson with the help of the Chicago crew, plus a couple other out-of-towners.  This video is to kick things off, with more montages/single promos coming soon.  Should be good.

The Vault Pro Scooters: The Importance of Pads + How to Wallride with Tyler Wheeland

TWhee works at The Vault, which is a super legit shop killing it down in the So Cal area. They recently started putting videos out of tutorials, reviews, and other good stuff. In the videos below Tyler Wheeland breaks down why you kiddos need to start padding up. Following that video he gives you a full breakdown on Wallrides. Fitting given that Tyler Wheeland spends about as much time riding walls as he does flat ground.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


This montage is from one of my favorite Aus crews, the Funky Projects.  This is a montage of crew members and friends, so there's a lot to see in here.  Lots of funny stuff as well (example:  ghost riding the whip).

Joseph Wharehinga- Collection

This is a, you guessed it, collection of clips from Joseph, a part of the YesPlease crew.  Showcases a mostly tech style, until we get to the last clip.  So gnarly, and comes out of nowhere.  Extra scary with the drop on the other side.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

David Cappetta Welcome to Unfair

David aka Dcapps is the fifth and final member of the Basic Bunch to be added to the US Unfair team.  David does work both in front of and behind the camera, as he's also the main filmer for the squad.  Love his truckdrivers.  Can't wait to see the next teamtage from Unfair/Basic.

The Vault Memorial Day Weekend Blowout

The Vault is having a killer sale this weekend for Memorial Day. You can get all the details on the flyer below. Head over to their website and see what they got by clicking the link below.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dialed Scooter Magazine Friday Feature: Issue Out Now

The latest Dialed Magazine is out now, and it is featured on this weeks Dialed Friday Feature. The issue features tons of exclusive content, and you can get a sneak peek on the flyer below.

Lucky Scooters Kenny Griffin Street Edit

I think it's funny how people consider Lucky a "Park Team" when they have dudes like Kenny Griffin who can murder the streets. This was a really sick edit, song fit and filming was pretty on point. You can tell he put a lot of work into this edit, which is something I wish we saw more. Can't wait to see his next edit.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Montreux 2013 Edit

This is one of the best edits I've seen so far of the 2013 Montreux contest. The contest is one of the longest running comps in the sport today. I still remember some of the earlier years where the turnouts were pretty small, and now it's always jam packed in there. There are some heavy hitters featured in the video so definitely check it out.

Register Now for the ISA US Championship

As most people know the US Championships are right around the corner, which means if you haven't already registered, you gotta head over and do that now. We've provided the link below where you guys can register.


We also got a Promo video for the event that you can check out below.

Joe Armstrong- Welcome to Envy

If you didn't know, Joe recently called it quits with Maddgear and got a spot on Envy.  Joe is one of the heaviest hitters on the park scene, and fits in quite well the other US Envy guys.  Huge box and quarterpipe tricks, but can still mix it up with some tech rail stuff.  Probably the most notable change in his riding since getting on Envy would be the lack of footjams and peg stall combos.  I'm a little bummed on that but it was good to see him get a couple toothhangers in.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Felix Fruh Shredding the Streets

All right, I figured it was just a matter of time before another video like this popped up. That being a video with a rider who has a seriously unique style of riding. Felix does all his tricks with a no comply.. and I will be the first to say I am not exactly a big fan of it. I am all for riders wanting to be different, but for me this is just a little bit too much. Still has some sick clips in there though. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

Alex Collins Rider Tag #5

A new Rider Tag from Alex Collins, with Nickeh behind the lens. Love this dudes riding. Simple, solid, and stylish. Alex tagged Robbie Menzies so I can't wait for that to drop, cause that dude kills.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blunt UK Tour

A couple stops are still left on this tour, make it out to see some shredding from some of the Envy/Blunt guys.  Dirt stop sounds like it could be sick.

Fidelity- Balthazar Neveu Wise Clothing Interview

The latest Fidelity installment features an interview with Balthazar Neveu.  Balth has been in the scene for quite a long time, and he now owns his own clothing company Wise.  He gives some info on the company, future plans, and we get to see some clips of him riding (which is always a treat).

Monday, May 20, 2013

5Starr Scooters Presents: Todd Duff

Todd just got on 5Starr, and dropped this footage to mark the occasion.  Todd's one of the Florida Ride guys, and as always Olivia Monks gets it done behind the camera.  Last trick was super sick.

Planet Coping Vol. 3

I'm sorry but I don't care who you are, if you ride boxes or ledges or rails you will always be a step behind the small group of French riders that are constantly setting the bar with their ridiculous combos. This was one of the most entertaining videos I've seen in a while, just non stop madness. Check it

Planet Coping - Vol. 3 from Wise Scootering on Vimeo.

No Education

If it has Hep Greg in it, it's going to be good. He has style for days, and even though this is his B choice footage it's still worth the watch. Let's hope we see some Paris footage in the coming weeks.

Ryan Williams Triple Backflip Attempt

Well he said he'd go for it, and he did. What do you guys think? Is he gonna land this anytime soon? Ridiculousness either way.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sky High Mega Park Mixer

The guys from Sky High recently hit up a few parks over a weekend and filmed this video.  Shoutout to Dylan Becker for almost getting decapitated, Collin for getting clips, Justin for rapping, and Jeff for being a park boss.  Good stuff from everyone.

Jon Reyes Park Throwaway

These are some leftover clips Jon was holding onto before he got hurt.  Since he won't be riding for a while, he decided to release these.  Hang ten hop up hang ten was the sickest thing.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we see him back 100%.

Dialed Scooter Magazine Friday Feature: Last Fives with Matt Somers

Dialed dropped another Friday Feature today, and this time they took it back to Issue 2 with Matt Somers and his Last Fives. Matt Somers doesn't really ride scooters anymore, but at the time he did, and he was a beast. Here's hoping someday Matt picks up the scoot again.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cameron Poe | Control Brake Co

Cameron Poe is real, real good.  He's also starting a brake (flexfenders) company and made this little video to get the word out.  Some seriously sick rail tricks in here.

I also can't believe people are still using Tame Impala in videos.

Ethic at Sky High

The much-anticipated Ethic decks are now available on Sky High. Ethic Lindworms are being ridden by some of the top riders and to no surprise have become a favorite. Ethic recently debuted the Artefact deck, which features popular specifications at a budget price point. More information regarding the Ethic Lindworm and Artefact can be found on

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This is a snazzy little video, again from the Basic Bunch (see next post) featuring the talents of Ben Kowalski and David Cappetta.  This time we get to see Dcaps in front of the lens as well, and he kills it just as hard as behind the camera.  This one reminds me of the Chicago Scramble videos, cruisin it to a classy tune.

Ben Kowalski Welcome to Unfair

Ben is the latest member of the Basic Bunch to get the hookup from Unfair.  He comes through with this welcome edit, showing he's really starting to progress. It'll be good to see how being sponsored progresses his riding.  Filming was on point as well, credit going to David Cappetta.

AddictxHootighxOthers Montreux Video

More footy from Montreux dropped on Addict's channel today, filmed outside of the actual comp.  Such sick riding from everyone.  Tobias's back lip 270 on that ledge was way too good.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Benj Friant Micro Xtreme Snowscoot 2013

BenJ's latest annual snowscoot video has arrived. From huge flip combos to tech sliding tricks, Benjamin shreds this thing.  Gap to 5-0 (tailpress?) was one of my favorite clips.  Last clip is insane too, very few people can do that on a real scooter, much less on a snow scooter over a huge gap.  After 3 and a half minutes of riding, there are two minutes of credits in which he thanks his filmers, Micro, parents, friends, goldfish (RIP), says bla a lot, and then goes on about nothing for the last minute.  However there are some funny clips you might wanna watch, including bails.

Fidelity- Rye Airfield Comp Highlights

The latest Fidelity video features last month's competition at Rye Airfield.  With a mix of huge box jumps and quarterpipes, to more street style ledges and rails, it's hard to know what to expect in this one.  Shoutout to Joe Armstrong for nailing that 1080 over a box.  720 bar to bar was gnarly too.

How to Whip Front Scooter Flip with Capron Funk

We don't post too many tutorials now a days, but Capron is a good friend of mine, and this video really showcases how good Capron is with combos. He does indeed teach you how to whip front scoot, but then he goes even further by showing you various combos and variations of whip front scoots. Pretty good stuff.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Half A Decade in Scootering- An Interview with Dylan Kasson

Dylan Kasson, pro rider for Proto, Boxes, and Freestyle Depot, has been riding scooters for a really long time.  In addition to riding, he has also been a photographer for a long time.  Since he was first sponsored by Proto, he has been taking photos of scooter riders for a book called "Half a Decade in Scootering".  Featuring photos from 2008-2012, Dylan's project captures pro riders during their time away from the video camera, moments that the public rarely gets to see.  He already put out some sample photos, and now the book is available to buy on Blurb.  I hit him up to get the full scoop on the project, read on-

Jordan Jasa:  Your "Half a Decade in Scootering" project is something that hasn't ever really been done before.  How do you think it will be received by the community?  How does it feel knowing you're one of the only people to document the beginnings of scooter riding?

Dylan Kasson:  I know many people in the scooter community aren't art oriented, so there might be certain details that will be missed. I am not bothered by that because I know they can appreciate the legends that are part of this book. The things the people have done speak so much that the photographs wouldn't even need to be good. I am so grateful to have been accepted into a circle of the most dedicated scooter riders in the world. It is always a pleasure to document this because they deserve it.

Can you explain about the format of the book, where to purchase, how much it will cost, etc?

The book is 10x8, softcover, and one hundred fourteen pages. You can purchase it on Blurb for $60. Just type in Half A Decade In Scootering in the search bar. There are twenty photos for each year so there is a total of one hundred photos. There is text explaining what was going on in each year so the reader gets a feel for what it was like when the photos were taken.

From the photo excerpts you posted on your website, you can definitely see a progression in scooters themselves (from old A Razors to one piece decks and bigger parts all around).  Was that something you thought about?  There are few people who remember or were even around for the days before custom parts were really a thing, and I'm sure there'll be kids wondering why the people in the photos aren't riding full aftermarket setups.

I always knew it was important to be taking photos of what was going on when I was around the scooter guys. I knew the scooters would look completely different and they will look completely different than they do now in the future. 

So like I said, the scooters progressed, tricks progressed, the sport in general progressed.  Do you think your photography progressed?  I know your camera of choice has, how many different cameras were used over the five years?

My photography has changed. Towards the beginning I was taking a lot of traditional riding photos but then I sold all my flashes and that type of gear and wanted to pursue lifestyle work. I wasn't interested in taking riding photos anymore because there wasn't any thinking involved. I don't have anything against scooter photographers they are a necessity and do a great job, I just didn't want to sit under a handrail all day. My camera setup reached the peak in 2011 when I started using a 35mm point and shoot camera mainly. This was the perfect camera for what I was doing. It was quick and easy, and I had one with a high quality lens so the photos were always sharp. I maybe have gone through ten cameras throughout this project, mostly film. I only shoot digital now though (since the beginning of 2013).

When you're taking a photo of a person, or scooter rider, is there a message you're trying to portray?  Do you just randomly point the camera at someone, or do you wait until just the right moment to get the shot?

I want to show how they are and how scootering is in that moment. Most riders are uncomfortable around me at first because they don't know what I am taking pictures for. In the beginning people would ask and I would say I was working on a five year project about the history of scootering. They couldn't grasp that back then and neither could I. Eventually when they realized I was working on projects they completely loosened up and me taking pictures is like I am not taking pictures, just hanging out with them and riding. There inst any posing anymore. Once people see this book they will realize even more what I was going for. There are certain people that I enjoy working with because they are so easy to photograph. They just naturally present moments and then allow you to photograph them. There are re occurring people in the book and these are the people I came to be most comfortable with.

How many different riders do you think are featured?  Drop some names for the hype.

Matt Dibble, Max Caldwell, Alex Peasley, Andrew Broussard, Elmer Ferreiras, Jon Reyes, Stevon Wilson, Brandon Kilbury, Tyler Bonner, Dan Barrett, Greg Cohen, Steven Sanchez, John Mattes, Alex Steadman, Corey MIggs, Tommy Napolitan, Aj Storcella, Steven Sanchez, Brian Murphy, Anthony Bustos, Eric Magray, Evan Yamada, Tyler Wheeland, Brandon Ricabono, Josh Young, Matt Mckeen, Tommy Daddano, Jackson Manzie, Aaron Bransdon, Stefan Hefner, Robert Mcmoran, Conor Davidson, Eric Ostrom, Addison Mcnaughton, James Gee, Blake Bailor, Chema Cardenas, Jon Zegarra, Jon Knudston, Issac Miller, Jordan Jasa, Thomas Obadia, Javier Trepat, George Louis, Jeff Mroz, Jon Archer, Kirk Svenson, Matt Rittler, and Colin Snoek. They have all impacted scootering in some way and me as a scooter rider. Everyone of these people I thought was so important that I needed to document them.

So you wanted to document the early history of the sport.  Do you ever get bummed because there weren't many people to document what you were doing?  Do you wish there were more photos of you when you had your wild mane of a beard?  Cause I do (hahaha).

I have plenty photos of myself. I am always weird when it comes to publishing them in projects because I haven't taken them. I feel bad for calling them my own. I am working on another project called the scooter camera which is a lot more personalized than this, but I would like to think you can feel my presence when interacting with these people in the book. I am known through the videos and photos of riding scooters and that is what is important to me. When it comes to my personal projects that I create I usually don't include myself.

You've been a ton of different places to ride.  What are some areas that are featured?

New York, California, Ohio, Australia, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Would you ever make single photos available for print?

I already have some of the images printed out much larger than the book, and am always willing to make prints of any of my photos available for print at any size.

Where do you think you'll be in the next five years?  You going to make another "Half Decade in Scootering"?

I have kept on shooting in 2013 so I am just going to keep going. This is still important to me. I don't know where it will take me, maybe another history book. I am looking to start doing this commercially for scooter magazines because I haven't seen it done well. I did some photos for the first issue of Dialed and I felt like it really tied the whole article together about San Francisco with the riding photos somebody else shot. So if any magazines are looking for some unique content that non riding photographers couldn't get, let me know.

Lets wrap it up.  Anything else you'd like to add/thanks/shoutouts?

PROTO scooters, Boxes Limited, Freestyle Depot, Hella Grip, Tilt, Hooks n Eyes, and ADVCT. All of my friends have good companies. Thanks to everyone who was in this book it was such a pleasure to photograph you. Without the riders scootering wouldn't be the unique, exciting thing it is.

Once again, if you missed the link to buy the book, get it on Blurb.

Razor Roadtrip 2013- Part 1

The Razor guys recently took a road trip, and in part one we see them shred an Arizona skatepark.  Sean Cardwell came through with some dope friends clips.  And you can always count on Tanner Markley to come up with something original.  Glad to see a Ricky clip too.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Uniun- Damia Araujo

Damia came out with this rad video for Uniun today.  Coming from Catalan, and riding the street mecca of Barcelona, he's developed some skill and style.  Uniun videos are always a good watch.  Diggin the music choice too.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dialed Scooter Magazine's Friday Feature: Reece Jones Street Life

For this weeks Friday Feature from Dialed, we go back to one of Dialed Australia's articles on Reece Jones. Tight piece, with some sick photos. To stay up on everything Dialed, make sure you like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram - @DialedMagazine

Twitter - @DialedMagazine

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Ladam July Day Edit by Nickehfilms

It was back in 2009 that this video dropped, and everyone got a rude awakening about just how smooth someones style can be. You remembered so many things about this video, that one hander to late barspin air, his airs in general, and of course his hair, and that damn iPod headphone that he kept in his mouth. Adam "Ladam" Bolton, has been a bit on and off in the sport lately. Most people remember that once he was off MaddGear he started to slowly fade away. Although, I just got word from Nickeh that he is going to be filming a new edit of Adam, and I am stoked.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ryan Upchurch- It's May Again

Ryan has been filming for a web edit, and this is all footage that isn't going to make the cut for it.  So even though it's throwaway, this video has some heavy tricks.  I was definitely diggin the street clips.  Somebody needs to tell his filmer to get the camera lower though, being directly behind and above the rider with a fisheye is never good.

Tilt Scooters Presents: Jon Archer and Luke Maffesoni's Coastal Conquest

Jon and Luke rode in Sydney, Newcastle, and Fivedock's park to come up with this video.  Gnarly street and bowl riding from both these guys, as you would expect.  I'd have to say my favorite clip was Luke's fakie wallride 450, was not expecting that.  Steezy riding all around.

Dylan Kasson- Half A Decade in Scootering

Dylan Kasson, in addition to being a rad scooter rider, is an equally rad photographer.  Over the past six years, he has been collecting photos of scooter riders throughout his travels.  He is coming out with a book of these photos, including 20 for each year since 2008.  He put up five from each year on his website for the internet to view.  There's a lot of history to be seen, check it out for a glimpse of what the early Proto days were like, to some highlights from last year.

Note:  This is not to be confused with the Scoot Camera project, which is still going strong.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tobias Mayer AO

This video is gnarly.  Tobias kills rails, both big and small.  The down flat one he did was so crazy.  The noseblunt whip he did on that L ledge was perfect too.  And he also board doubles Hollywood 12.  Man, there's a lot of sick stuff in here.  Filming was on point as well.

9th Montreux Scooter Contest 2013- Official Video

This video was uploaded to the Montreux Scooter Contest Youtube channel today.  A killer edit as always by RootsBoy, this features 7 minutes of the action that went down a few weekends ago.  With guys like Flavio Pesenti, Boris Germain, Ludovic Pistat, Enzo Commeau, and Americans Dakota Shuetz, Matt McKeen, and Hunter Bechtle to name a few, you know this is going to be intense.  The consistency these guys have is nuts.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Kyle Tolentino Welcome to Anaquda

Not sure what the deal is with this company, or if they have legit products or not, but they definitely have some legit riders. First Joey Aria, and now Kyle Tolentino. I wasn't always a fan of Kyles riding, but this past year he stepped it up. Dude rides with tons of speed, and throws some huge 180s. Also one of the few riders who I can watch him ride street or park, and enjoy both. Check out his latest below.

Dissidence Street Jam v4- Some clips

So the first footage from the Paris street jam is starting to come out.  This one features a line (in which he completely turns around mid-line, don't do that in a real video guys) and some insane riders hucking it down one of the biggest rails I've ever seen.  Props to Cory Vanlew for handling it like nobody's business, and everyone else for even trying that thing.  Keep checking back here for more footage from the jam.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Concrete: Kevin Closson

Kevin is just 15 years old (and on Fuzion) but he put together an awesome part.  Concrete is Anton Abramson's full-length project that's been over a year in the making.  Kevin's is the 2nd part, and I dug it.  Solid riding, solid filming, solid video.  Front feeble hard truck was gnar.

Gryndo Team Video Spring 2013

The Gryndo team has expanded this year, to include a bunch of AM guys.  You already know the pro roster, with names like Josh "Fedora" Moore, Casey "Big D" Dehaven, Ian Herncjar, and Michele Failla (who unfortunately was injured and could not submit any clips), and now the AM team has Scott Freibaum, Cameron Lum, Edgar Guboglo (not shown), Christopher Saltos (not shown), Anton Abramson, Grant Schofield, Andrew Cordova, Adam Cordova, and Kilean Pernsteiner.  This video of the team is dope, these guys are doing it.

Matt Kaminsky Welcome to Exodus

Matt is an NW park guy that has the skills to hang with the big dogs.  Exodus and Grit Scooters have recognized this, and put him on their teams.  He's got the ability to make those crazy combos look effortless, a good trait to have.

Gus Rymer Flat Edit

Gus is known for going huge in the streets, but with this flat edit he shows that he has some skills in the flat department as well. Love watching flat edits from riders that you wouldn't expect to be so good on flat. I also scoped a SCOOT game Gus played with a buddy of his, and it just went on to further show that he's got most of these tricks on lock, to the point where he can throw em first try. Definitely worth the watch.

Ryan Kingsley Welcome to Sacrifice

Sometimes all it takes is a legit sponsor to pick you up to make you take your riding to that next level, that's what I'm seeing with Ryan. Sticking out from the crowd isn't easy when you're from a place like NJ that is so heavily packed with riders. I hope Ryan continues to push himself and works to stay different from every other rider doing the same old tricks.

Filming and Editing - Josiah McClements

Friday, May 3, 2013

Jarrod Bruns/Jacob Crawford for Reality

Reality is a clothing company started by Michael Martinez, and Jarrod and Jacob are on the team.  Chris Gascoigne put this video together for them and it turned out awesome.  Both these guys are super steezy and have original styles.

Dialed Magazines Friday Feature: Checking in with Evan Larson

Latest Friday Feature is up from Dialed, and it's featuring Evan Larson. Evan is known for being one of the smoothest riders in the game, and when Dialed started doing "Checking In" Evan was one of the first riders they approached for the feature. Check it out below.

And as always hit up Dialed on, Instagram @Dialedmagazine, and twitter @Dialedmagazine.

Click the image for a larger view.

Fix Jon's Knee

In addition to the Spokesman deck sale, Phoenix is teaming up with and ScootAm to help Jon out with his surgery.  By going to, you can sign up for a raffle to win one of Jon's sig decks for only 15 bucks.  Sounds pretty good to me.  You can also just make a simple donation of any amount if you don't want to enter in the drawing.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rumble in da Jungle 4- Montreux

The latest installment in George Gartlehner's series features a ton of Europe's top riders, all around Montreux.  I can only imagine that this is just a taste of what all went down that weekend.

Throwback Thursday: CSC Once Again Preview

If you're an OG rider, you remember this video very well. It's the CSC Once Again Preview. CSC stood for the Corona Scooter Crew from Corona, California. The crew consisted of Mikey Weaver, Mike Dies, Danny Rambert, and Cody Speake. Newer riders might recognize two of those names, those being Danny and Cody, but the two Mikes are known only to the older generation of riders.

When CSC hit the scene in around 05-06 they quickly got the sports attention. Four unknown dudes, dropping edits that made everyone else look like they amateur in comparison. These dudes had it all, style, skills, and of course, Old YAK wheels. We all pretty much had Mike Dies, and the CSC guys for starting the Old YAK craze. The preview below was for a video that would never see the light of day, but it lives on in the preview which has become a classic among OG riders. Enjoy it, and definitely watch some newer edits of Cody Speake and Danny Rambert, stoked that these guys are back in the sport and killing harder than ever.

Cody Flom Web Edit 2013

I was shocked by how good SG rider Cody Flom is, definitely shocked. 360 flip whip? Flyout, but still, cmon. The downside was the filming and editing. I think this video is a perfect example of how good a rider can be, and how much the edit can suffer from poor filming and editing. His riding makes up for it for the most part. But there are plenty of clips that could have been left out. I figure he's a young dude, and has plenty of edits left in him for the future, let's hope they get better and better.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dan Barret Phoenix Scooters, Get Wit It Edit

Dan said these clips weren't good enough for his next edit, I don't get that, cause a lot of these clips were fire. Dan has been one of my favorite riders to watch for years now, and it's easy to see why. His tech riding is some of the best in the sport, and this B footage edit, has me stoked for his next real edit to drop.