Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Elyts Icons Shoe Release

New Elyts Icons Shoe Release from Elyts on Vimeo.

Here's an in-depth look at Elyts' new shoe.  They certainly look like they'll hold up to a beating.  There's also some riding footage, and I gotta say these were easily my favorite clips of Zig ever. The line with the concrete pyramids was awesome.

Travis Minion- Lucky Tittle Team 2012 Web Edit

Really dug this one.  Good spots, good riding, good song, all the makings of a good video.  Watch for some switch tricks.

Ride With Phase 2 Pros at Scooter Zone Skatepark

All the information is basically in the video. Seems pretty tight for anyone that has a Dirt Scoot, or will be buying one to be a part of this. Check the video below for more information.

Scooter Garage Halloween Sale

So all day today, and all day tomorrow if you come in to Scooter Garage and you do a "Trick" you'll get a "Treat" that treat will be 10% off of anything in the store. You can also go onto their website and use the discount code "TRICKSTER10" to get your 10% off as well.

This sale only lasts two days, so if you need some new gear, get on it.

Tilt Scooters Presents: Jon Archer

Jon as you may know has been working on a part for Friendly's Lux, but also has been filming for this.  Jackson Manzie handled the editing and got it ready for us to view on this Halloween day.  Jon is one of the raddest riders out right now for sure.  Tranny + street skills, Grant Taylor anyone?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ISA Best Trick

Here we have some insane tricks being thrown for best trick.  Frontflip whip rewind rewind? Unreal.  But Rwilly's perfect 1080 over the box was what won the gold wheel, as you can well as 1500 pounds ($2411.70 USD).  Ryan also went ahead and did a double flair because he's that good.

Vienna Calling Teaser

This is a tiny teaser for Vienna Calling, a video by Florian Toegel, Max Kernmayer, and David Tiefenthale.  A longer trailer was dropped earlier this year, viewable here.  Supposed to drop late this year so that's another to add to the list of videos to look forward to.

Dakota Shuetz ISA Finals Interview by Skates.Co.UK

Here we have Ben from Skates sitting down with Kota after he won it all at Deeside.  I have to say I think it would do wonders to Kota's image if he would take the pads/helmet/gloves off when doing these interviews. But this one does provide a little insight into Kota himself and we get to hear a bit about what he and Lucky are up to.

French Toast DVD Trailer

French Toast DVD OFFICIAL TRAILER from French Toast on Vimeo.

So it looks like French Toast is expanding beyond the print medium to video.  Judging from the trailer, it looks like it will be super legit.  Props to the French Toast guys for doing something like this, takes a lot of work.  Can't wait til this comes out.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Denver Street Jam Video

So apparently a bunch of riders in Denver all met up at a park then cruised some spots recently.  Pretty cool to see more and more places (especially places with scenes as new/unknown as Denver) having street jams. Denver is definitely high on the list of places I wanna ride soon.

The Over Show Epic-tober 2012

Recap of the Epic comp earlier this month from The Over Show. Basically shows all of the pro runs, and plenty of highlights. Shame was didn't get to see much of Dargers runs...haven't seen my homie podium in a while haha...or at all.. ever.

Props to him for sure.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

ISA Championship Live Stream

EDIT:  Its working now, the first runs are done as of 12:15 CST.  Lot of people are killing it but it looks like the course is a little tight for some people.

Well it's currently not working but this is the link where it's supposed to be. Just click the picture to be led to the facebook page where the stream should be.  Hopefully this ends up working, a lot of people will be bummed if it doesn't.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Michael Goumaz in da Backstage!

Behind the Montreux skatepark is this spot that the locals call The Backstage. It seems like a really chill spot to hang out and ride. Michael gives you guys a little taste of what's to come for his full edit dropping soon. I remember a year or so ago when Michael was just trying to get noticed, and he has come a long way since then for sure. Check it out below.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Trick or Scoot Competition Daytage

Just a chill ass competition, no pressure or anything. Everyone got together and had a good time, Logan Fuller and Hep Greg were there holding it down. Dude with the green wheels rides super clean, really liked his clips. Greg and Logan also slay another mini ramp as always.

Filmed and Edited by Dalton Mazzante

Brandon James District Edit

By now most of you guys already have your own opinion about District as a company, but there's one thing you can't deny. They have some seriously talented riders on their roster. From Coedie, to Chris Hart, and Tom Mattingly, and one of my new favorite riders to watch, The UK's Brandon James. Brandon seriously doesn't have any weaknesses when he rides. It seems like he's one of those guys that can do it all, and make it look easy. This was one of those edits that you didn't want to end. Kid has loads of style, and a bright future in the sport for sure.

Phase 2 Dirt Scoots at Scooter Garage

The Phase 2 Dirt Scoots are making their way around the US right now, and one of the first places you can get one is at Scooter Garage. Follow the link below to check em out.

Phase 2 Dirt Scoots at SG

Dat Fish Yer Cookin?

Dat Fish Yer Cookin'? from Travis House on Vimeo.

This is a video filmed over the summer by a group of riders in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.  I really enjoyed this a lot.  It's really cool to see just a normal crew of riders (not under a company) make a full-length.  It was even cooler to see footage of Nick Kreiger, who as you could see hasn't had footage or even been on a scooter in six years.  Travis's section was awesome, even after his edit for Wise I had forgotten how good he was.  So yeah, give this a watch and appreciate these guys' efforts.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fidelity Presents ISA Awards: Best Park and Street Nominees

I'm a little concerned as to the process in which these guys were nominated but overall they're pretty spot on choices.  You could definitely make cases for a lot of other riders though.  What do you guys think about this?  I was bummed on the street video for using clips of Matt that were released well over a year ago, as well as the park clips that were in there.  I don't know where actual voting will take place or who will be doing the voting but I will be sure to post whenever I get an update.  There's a third category too, "most inspirational."

SD7 is Coming Up

SD7 is coming up fast, and this is the one competition you don't want to miss. Not only is it one of the biggest Scooter Contests of the year, but companies come for all over to set up booths and showcase all of their current and upcoming products. Check the flyer for more information, and make sure you show up for SD7!

Throwback Thursday: KC Corning X Video Section

This video is easily over 7 years old, so don't let the "upload date" on YouTube fool you. I remember when I first watched it with my old best friend, we replayed it at least 10 times. KC Corning was one of the true OG riders from the Northwest area, along with Al Lampton, Jordan Miller, and Silas Henderson. It was with this video though that KC really established himself. He threw down the first quint whip I had ever seen, and who could forget that lipslide at the 2:35 mark? KC has always been ahead of the game, and even though he spends most of his time behind the scenes working with the company he helped create, TSI, he is still and will always be remembered as one of the best.

Ryan Gould: Chino Skate Park

This boy has the swags.  Feeble smith back lip 3?  Makin it look too easy.  Another nice little edit by Cody Groom.

ProRide Online Sale + New District Products In

Right now you guys can get 10% off anything on the Pro Ride website simply by entering the code found on the Ad below. They also just got in a bunch of brand new District stuff, including the new Scary Kids line. As well as V4 and V4i Completes. Head over to their website and check it out.

Last Chance to Win a VertX Forza Complete

VertX is giving away a full complete this weekend, and all you guys have to do to enter, is head over to their Facebook and Like the page. You still have a couple days left to get over there and be entered to win. So do it soon. 

The complete scooter comes with a VertX V3 fork, Forza deck, SCS and 110 Talon wheels. With help from US pro Dom Marconi, this pro scooter was designed by scooter riders for scooter riders. Check out the website for more details on the Forza scooter and stay up on VertX by visiting our Facebook. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jake Sorenson Concrete DVD Throwaway

Midcalf Nike socks, basketball shorts, and a big white tee.  Somebody likes James Gee!  Haha but for real, there's some cool clips in this.  Roof clips, boardslide downside whip, and the last clip were all dope.

Phase 2 Dirt Scooters Now Available at Scooter Zone

So the wait is finally over, it seems like we've been seeing John Radtke riding nothing but a dirt scooter for years now. Finally people can get one for themselves. They are at the new Scooter Zone website right now for 249.99, and within a week you guys will be able to stop by any Scooter Zone shop and grab one in person. I can really see dirt riding taking off, and with new riders grabbing dirt scoots, they're bound to start pushing the limits.

Dirt Scooters at Scooter Zone

Brendon Smith/Dinny Spicer Fasen Interview with Skates.Co.UK

Here we get a really good look at the new Fasen parts, as well as the proper pronunciation of the word Fasen.  Spiral fluted bars, 3D forged parts, and wedge clamps, oh my.  Looks pretty wild for sure.

ADVCT Online Shop Up and Running

Former Lucky Team riders James Gee, Evan Yamada, and Blake Bailor have been pretty busy starting up ADVCT, their clothing company. The wait is over though, and you guys can finally get your hands on some ADVCT gear. The shop is up and you can grab ADVCT T's on sale right now. Also be sure to check out the Baseball T's and Crew Necks.

Remember to keep checking Inside-Scooters for all of your news and updates on ADVCT.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ben Duncan Six Trick Fix

Ben films for Sacrifice and also seems to have a bit of talent in front of the lens.  The fakie feeble full cab was so nice.  Don't miss that and the other five tricks in this Six Trick Fix.

R Willy New Zealand 2012

Ryan was recently in New Zealand joining MGP NZ for the last leg of a tour they were on. These were some of the clips that MGP NZ filmer Ben Loader got while he was there. I find myself enjoying Ryan's riding a lot more lately, maybe because seeing serious edits from him are far and few between lately. Definitely worth the watch.

Trevor Fitzpatrick Parksylvania

Trevor worked on this one for a couple of months, and it came out pretty good. While it is a "park" edit, you're not going to see Trevor blasting over gaps, or hitting quarters. This is the kind of park edit that happens when you have a street rider, riding parks. Lots of tech lines throughout. Doin it for VertX.

ECX 5th Annual Fall Comp

This competition was close to not happening at all, which would have been ashamed considering it is their 5th annual competition. The skatepark was being reconstructed, but it finished early so ECX is going to speed things up and get this competition ready to roll. For more information check out the flyer.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Micro Xtreme Update

Below we got two new videos from Micro Xtreme. One of them is their Part 2 video from Woodward, featuring some of the US riders we haven't really seen much of before. And then we have Micro Xtreme AUS rider Taylor Smith with his 2012 Micro Edit. Check em out.

Also head over to Micro's Facebook and give those dudes a like

New Fuzion Z400

Well, since Fuzion hit the scene it has been pretty hard to take them seriously. From the four wheeled scooters, to the plastic deck scooters.. Well they're back and their newest model looks easily better than the previous models before it. That's not to say it doesn't have some strange features. One of them being, wait for it, integrated front and back pegs?? For more information see the photo below, and if you want to see how it performs, watch the Scooter check/Review below that from two Nor Cal Fuzion riders.

They had the scooter available to test ride at the Epic Comp this past weekend. I wonder if anyone rode it and can post some feedback ?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stefan Hefner | Head Shot

Hahahaha its okay to laugh at this, the kid seemed to be fine.  Best part is when he screamed "OH GOD" right as Stef took off.  And Stefan just sayin him "What are you doing?  I'm f*cking going that way".  Too good.

Struggling young g's straight outta denmark "hus lin"

Another video from the Hootigh guys.  They just cannot make a video I don't enjoy.  Mathias Holst, Johan Grunwald, and Phillip Haj are featured in this one.

Evan Larson Toss Shots

All right so these are Evan's throwaway clips, and it leaves you really anticipating his current filming project with Heston Gross "HIDFPT" which is set to drop later this year. Evan's always been known for being really smooth and clean with all his tricks. I definitely can't wait to see his real section.

Scooter Garage Shop Walkthrough

It's been cool to see more and more walk in shops popping up. While I don't know if they will ever pop up like Skateshops did in the 90s, it is still cool to have a decent handful of shops now. Scooter Garage is located in Southern Cali, and it looks like they have a pretty cool shop. I'm definitely liking that window they have so you can watch people build haha.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tommy Christiana 2012 Web Edit

Tommy Christiana puttin in work for Brute Wheels and ECX for his 2012 Web Edit. Also had time to catch up with Tommy Boy and get a short interview done.

Tommy boy, what's going on bro?

Not much man just chilling and riding as much as I can!

Nice, nice.  All right so why is it that out of all the ECX homies, you seem to be the least known? It seems like people knew about you when you were just a lil dude, but you kinda fell off the grid once you started shredding hard... if that's not ass backwards, I don't know what is..

I guess I would say the best reason I haven't been getting as much exposure lately is because I haven't had many videos out. My last big one was about 2 years ago and since then the only things I were in were a weekend video and team trips. I also started progressing a lot, and didn't have a filmer for a while.

So from what I've seen, you don't really have a weakness? Seems like you can shred a grindbox, hit rails, sets, gaps, and ride park? Would you say that's true?

Haha yea I guess I could say that's true. I basically enjoy riding everything. Whether its throwing bri flip tricks in park, hitting rails, or getting techy on boxes it's all fun to me. I mean, why should I limit myself to one style of riding?

 Good mindset to have dude. How's it been riding for ECX?

Being on ECX has been, most likely, the best thing that could've ever happened to me. As soon as I got on, they supported me to the fullest by paying contest fees, hooking up parts when I really need them, or taking me on amazing trips all over the place. I couldn't ask for anything else.

Who've you been riding with the past year or so?

The past year I've been riding with a TON of people. Mostly Jon Dev, Evan Barba, Tyler Bell, and a bunch of other of my friends local to me.

Some steezy dudes for sure. How was the filming process for your latest edit?

I'm not going to lie, it's been tough dude. For a while I didn't even have a filmer or camera. After a while I asked Michael pytel to help me out and he gladly did, along with Tyler Bell. They filmed the majority of my video.

Good stuff. You got any riders that you look to for inspiration?

I just look up to anybody who kills it. Basically just everybody I ride with because they push me not only in park, but all aspects of riding.

What do you have planned for 2013 bro?

Hopefully a lot haha. I hope this video will get me more exposure so I can get to travel around the country and just ride everywhere. That's always been my dream.

Any last words, thanks, or shout outs, let em go bro.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Mike Lashbrook from ECX for supporting for the 2 1/2 years I've been on. Couldn't have done it without him. Also all my filmers, friends, and Tyler Bell for editing. And you for this interview haha! Lasts words would be to just keep persevering if you don't get the recognition you want. It'll come with time and practice.

Steve Fales Six Trick Fix

Steve Fales is just starting to really get noticed for his riding, and not just from other riders. He recently got picked up as a Flow Rider for Eagle-Sport and District. So let's hope with the support they give him he starts throwing down even harder.

For now check out his Six Trick Fix. Loving all the hard spins. and click the link below that for his park throwaway video to hold you off until his all street edit coming soon.

How does Cam Ward get his practice in?

Obviously riding his own private ramp. Cameron has come a long way, and literally had to progress and mature all while being entered in dozens of competitions each year. He went from taking the top spots in Amateur divisions, to now placing up there with some of the best in the Pro divisions of competitions from here to the UK and back. Currently Cam is in the UK at the ISA World Championships. Hope he did well.

James Gee Interview: What happened with Lucky?

I recently got together with James Gee, because myself and a lot of other people have been wondering what exactly went down with Lucky? All we knew was that the core Lucky guys were gone, and this "New Lucky" and Dakota were in. You guys can check out the interview below.

Hey James, before we get started I just want to make it clear to everyone, and to you that if we're doing, this the intention is not to bash Lucky in any way, correct?

That is correct. I have no hard feelings towards Lucky or anyone apart of the company. I will be super honest and straight forward with everything.

All right, just wanted to be clear on that. So, as everyone knows by now the core Lucky riders have left the company. Those riders being You, Evan, and Blake and some other riders. So what exactly happened dude?

And the novel begins.. It happened over a long period of time. Blake, Evan, and I have been with Lucky since the BEGINNING. Way back when it was just an idea and even when the company was based out of Brian's garage. In the beginning we loved Lucky, everything about it. We thought the parts were sick, Brian loved all of our ideas, we were coming out with tons of new videos, and promoting the company like crazy. As time went on Lucky was getting bigger and bigger. They had to make big business decisions so that the sport and the company could grow. Once Lucky was at this stage they started adding a lot more staff to the company and hiring many people for different things. Since there became more workers there needed to be more money so everyone could get paid. Everyone knows that the sport is very young and most of the riders in the sport are young kids/teenagers. The company had to do whatever they could to get that money or else there would be no Lucky. Lucky started targeting more towards the younger kids/teenagers about a year and a half ago and that is what kick started us from fading away Lucky.
We didn't agree with the decision because we are older riders we want the sport to grow up so that the scene isn't meant for just little kids and that it is for everybody. The three of us couldn't be mad though, Brian dropped everything for this company. He gave us opportunities we would have never had. Lucky is Brian's job/career and he will do anything possible to make sure he can support his family which we totally respect. Time went on and we felt the company was getting more childish. The image of Lucky was totally changing. I remember when a lot of people thought Lucky was so cool, but then people online and around the world started agreeing with us and thought Lucky was changing. During all this we had ideas for the company to get our image back in place, but they were shut down. We eventually got to the point where we didn't really enjoy what we were supporting and we weren't motivated to create videos and do the things we were asked to do. Since we didn't do those things Lucky stopped paying riders. Just like a boss would do to a worker in any other business, if you aren't doing the job they wont pay you. We got really frustrated at them because we told them we have stuck through everything with you guys for 3 years, we have provided every clip we have ever filmed for you, we helped you ever since the beginning and we felt that taking away our pay was a slap to the face.

(At one time, this was the Lucky Scooter Parts Team...Mike Montgomery wasn't here for this photo though. Everyone in the photo except Lil Jon has left the company)

A week goes by and we hear about Dakota signing a multi-year deal with Lucky. We were never informed about Dakota it was just as a surprise to us as it was to the rest of the world. Obviously if he is signing a multi-year deal the kid is obviously getting paid. Since they cut our pay a week before we totally assumed that all of our pay was going straight to this kid, though we cannot prove that, it was just an assumption. That is what really hit hard and hurt the most. The kid has done nothing for the company, he hasn't been with the company since the beginning helping it grow, and all the sudden hes the superstar of Lucky? The day we found out we went to the office and we talked to Alex Bean, the GM, and let him know we were through and it was time to move on and doing our own thing with ADVCT. We eventually went over to Brian's house and dropped the news on him too. They understood how we were feeling and they tried to keep us on, but we just couldn't. Even after quitting we were disappointed with the company. We feel that they tried to hide our departure from the company. I just wish there was a thank you to use or something that they could have released.

 Wow.. well that definitely shed some light on the whole situation. So be honest though, is it anything personal against Dakota? And Lucky's decision to bring him onto the Team?

Everyone thought that we left Lucky just because Dakota joined the team which isn't it. As you can see from the story that is not the case. People need to understand that we left because Lucky was changing as a company. Lucky WAS a street based team, everyone knows Dakota for his park riding. It was a business decision to pick up Dakota and a smart one. I think Lucky will do great with him, but that was when we knew that Lucky really has changed. We didn't even know about it until everyone else did. It was like our opinions didn't matter anymore. We didn't want to support a company that we didn't even support anymore. Definitely no beef with Dakota hes a ripper.

Damn, had no idea it went down like that. What about Brian? I know Brian to be one of the coolest dudes in the sport, How is the relationship between all of you guys now?

Brian wasn't just our boss he is a family friend. We have known him for a long time and he totally respected our decision in leaving the company. He knew that we didn't support what they were doing and that we were crossing paths and things weren't working anymore. He told us why things have changed and we totally respect him for his decisions. He said if we are ever struggling for parts that we can call him up and he can take care of us. Even after the conversation at his house when we told him we are quitting he still manages to hit me up and let me know how much we meant to him and he tells us without us he couldn't have gotten to where he is today. He is a great guy. I will miss working with him.

Yeah, I hear you there dude. He's a good dude. So basically right now, You, Evan, and Blake, who are definitely some of the top riders in the US, now have no sponsors? What are you guys' plans now?

Well Evan and Blake were sponsored by the Mothership Distributuion shop out here in Washington while they were on Lucky, so they still have that, but I just have ADVCT to look forward to. Kinglsey hit me up the other day and said that Mothership can help hook me up too. I'm not gonna go out looking for a big named company selling myself to them, but if a company came to me and wanted to talk I would definitely listen.

Cool cool. So do you guys wish that things could've gone differently between yourselves and LSP? Or was this something that was going to happen eventually anyways?

Oh yeah for sure 100%. We all wish things went differently with Lucky. I could easily say that we never wanted to leave Lucky. That is why you saw many riders come and go from the company and we always stayed. If the company stayed to its beginning roots I think Lucky would be hands down the best company out there and I would rep it so hard.
I think we all agree there man. How have things been going with ADVCT?

ADVCT has been a pain to get going, but it is finally coming all together. We got pretty much everything done now. We got a couple people hooked up to rep the company, but everyone will have to wait until the welcome videos come out. Next week the website will be open along with the shop so anyone can order some gear! Check out inside sometime next week with pictures of the products and the website release. The official release date is not set in stone, but check out our Facebook page and you will be one of the first people to know when its coming out.
Can't wait for that bro. What do you guys see in the future for Lucky?

Hmmm, Lucky is pretty damn big. Even though a lot of people are really bummed on Lucky with this set back and total image change, I think Lucky will still be one of the top brands out there. I can totally see Lucky products hitting the stores of Walmart just like you see MADD stuff. Lucky is dedicated to give the sport the best products which is why you saw a massive product drop from them. I still think they have some of the best forks out there. They are going to be in the game for a long time I can imagine.
Any last words you want to say to anyone, or Lucky? And if you got any shout outs, let em go.

Thanks a whole lot Brian for everything you have done for me. Thanks Lucky for giving me the opportunity to travel around the US to do what I love the most. Thanks to everyone who supports ADVCT Δ. Like the ADVCT facebook page and follow us on Instagram @advct. Swerve.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sky High and Tilt Presents: Chicago Street Jam #2

It's finally here.  About 2 months ago the street elitists gathered to throw down for cash prizes in the windy city of Chicago.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this was one of the best days ever, probably better than last years' jam.  Complete with ghetto people shenanigans, scooters flying into the lake, and getting kicked out of a spot by President Obama.  Tommy Daddono and I handled most of the filming, with a little contribution by TomK.  Edited by Tdadd as well.

Tilt Scooters Presents: Tom Kvilhaug

TomK always goes hard while filming, this proves it.  These are leftovers for a bigger project Tilt is pursuing. I got to film him for a few weeks this summer and he gets it done, to say the least.  Enjoy this for now while Tom and the rest of the Tilt team films for more videos.

Want to ride for Raptor Grips?

Raptor is looking for a couple riders. Check out the flyer for more information.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scooter Xtreme at the ISA World Championships

Most companies are getting ready to head out to The UK to get set up for the ISA World Championships, and Scooter Xtreme are going as well. Check out the press release issued below for more information.

The last week of October is coming and at this point, as you all know, the Final of the Scooter Freestyle World Championship will be held at the Skatepark Indoor in Deeside (North Wales, UK) on 27 and 28.

A weekend in which we will be able to see the best riders of the planet compete, each representing the continents where they come from, so it will be a three-way battle between USA, Europe and Australia.

But this weekend is not limited to the Grand Final, as you can enjoy open sessions, ride with the Pros, join Big Trick competitions, Comp Bowl and so on.

In addition, there will be a big exhibition area where you can meet the Pros, watch live interviews and Q&A sessions, visit lots of stands, know the brands’ new features.

Scooter Xtreme could not miss this unique opportunity and we will be in first person there. We will have our own Stand just in front of the ramps, next to Gizmania and Skatehut. We will take items to sell and some surprises for those who come and visit us. We will track the whole competition and take pictures and videos so any of you won’t miss any details.

Below is a layout of the skatepark, and as you guys can see there are plenty of companies that will be there.

Also below is Scooter Xtreme's latest Team edit. They're not too bad, but definitely need to cut down on some of the fly out. Some of their riders could use some individual edits as well, so we can get a better idea of what they can do.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Epic Comp Promo Video by The Over Show

The Epic Skatepark is having another scootering competition this weekend, and it's going to be going off just like the past comps have. You already know The Over Show is going to be there representing as they always do. They even made a little promo video for the comp which you can see below.

Kid Eats It on Rail Hop

So this video was going nicely until he decided to try to rail hop what looks to me like an 8 flat 9.  Poor kid was going way too slow, and ended up with a fractured skull.  Lets hope Tosh doesn't see this one.

Inside the Lens: Week #73

Rider: David "Goliath" Dullea (he rides bikes)
Photographer: Matt Reeves
Trick: Invert
Location: Danvers, MA

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression 

rider: Alec Backhus, and Teddy Catlett
filmer: Liam Heinicke, and Stefan Hefner
Location: Los Angeles California

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression. -Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Rumble in Da Jungle 2

George Gartlehner, Tobias Mayer, Alex Freller, and Florian Toegel got together and did some tricks.  Some really crazy ones too.  That uprail to fakie was so cool  Part 1 of Rumble in Da Jungle can be viewed here.

From Germany to Norway

Couple of edits from some dudes holding it down in Norway and Germany. From Norway, repping the Venture crew, most people have heard of Audun Grundt Leine. Street shredder, and he recently picked up a sponsor and get an edit done for them.

From Germany we got a new name, to me at least, Fabian Muller. Street rider for the most part, and you can easily tell that some of this is old footage, with the newer footage definitely outshining the older. He's got smiths on lock, and there was a super clean front smith 180 double heel that was tight.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Capron Funk Welcome to Sacrifice Edit

Well it took some time for Capron to find a new Team after he left MGP, but he finally decided to go with Sacrifice. Sacrifice hasn't made much noise in the US yet, but we'll see if that changes in 2013. Capron has always been known for being able to jam multiple tricks into one air, and he does so in this edit quite a few times.

Weekend Throwaway

This is some footage from a Finnish crew, flow riders for Helmeri Pirinen's shop.  They do some shredding but the last clip is definitely the best clip.  Handling the double kinker like nobody's business.

Ethic DTC 2012 Product Range + Prices

Ethic already has a huge following, and they haven't even released their products yet. But they are soon, and they recently made a really sick digital catalog that everyone can use to check out their products and the prices they will be around. I was really surprised that the deck is only going to be in the 170-180 range. Easily affordable for a lot of riders. Check out the catalog by clicking the link below.

Ethic Catalog

Monday, October 15, 2012

Phoenix's Jeremy Mallot's Custom Scooter

We have the ISA World Championships coming up in The UK, and Phoenix Pro Rider Jeremy Mallot will be competing, in style. The owner of Phoenix Pro Scooters, Tom Floyd wanted to do something a little special for Jeremy, and reached out to a buddy that paints as a hobby. Tom wanted to know if that guy can paint the Reventon Deck in a Stars and Stripes theme...and man did he. That might be the sickest custom paint job on a scooter I've ever seen.

You guys won't be able to miss Jeremy at the ISA Championships, that's for sure. Check out the deck below.

Heston Gross: Toss Shots

These are throwaway clips for an upcoming video by Evan Larson, called "HIDFPT".  More info on this project will be released soon hopefully, but for now all I know is that it will feature Heston and Evan.  And that its dropping late this year.

Twisted URM Dirt Scoot Now Available

Twisted came hard with their Dirt Scooter, making sure you can customize it just like you would your regular scooter. Check out their press release below, and the pics.

Twisted URM dirt scooter now available, tons of options like color tires, color grips, clamps, color hubs, color grip tape, assembled and made here is the USA, available at the stores, online store and authorized dealers"
check website or store for details and Thank you for your support,

the Twisted team

Seattle Street Jam 2012

This isn't a street jam so much as Garfield jam but there's still a lot of good footage in this.  Greg's wallride, Cooper's line, and of course Cory's feeble were all super crazy.   I hope another video comes out with footy from more spots.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ryan Upchurch Fidelity Interview

So Ryan Upchurch has already made quite the name for himself worldwide, with his riding that is. But now he is trying something new, an Online Video Magazine. This is something that is pretty untouched in our sport. A lot of people have their doubts about it, but I am anxious to see how it plays out for Ryan. I sat down and asked Ryan a few questions that I know some other people were wondering as well. So let's see what he had to say about Fidelity.


All right Ryan, break down your reasons for wanting to do this sort of project?

Well basically, I wanted to do something different than anything currently available. If you look to skateboarding, they had 411. I basically want to do something of that nature with scootering. I want to provide a professional quality video magazine that kids want to watch. So with that being said, I want to put it out there that I am open to all ideas that are thrown my way. So if you have anything you’d like to see, send it my way at . I have been thinking about starting my own business of some sort recently, and this was what I came up with. The second it was brought up, I knew I had to do it!

 It sounds cool, but it's also really new, and a bit different. Are you at all worried that people just aren't going to get into it?

Of course I am man, it may or may not catch on, but you take that same risk with any project or business. There’s always a chance of failure, but if you don’t take that chance you’ll never know which it was. In addition, I believe that if you do something you’re passionate about for the right reasons, you’re not going to fail. I want to leave the ideas for content up to the public, that way they get to see exactly what they want. The most important thing to me though is that I’m making an attempt to do what I love to do in a way that can help people, so even in the case of failure I have already succeeded.

 I hear you bro. So who are some of the people helping you out with this project so far?

So far, I’ve been doing as much as I can but I’ve had more and more of my friends and fellow riders hitting me up to help out with it, which I’m stoked on! All of the funding has come out of my pocket so far, so there are no people backing me in that sense. I have produced all of the web graphics, design, and content up to this point. Although, I would also like to thank everyone who has given me feedback on the things I have released so far, as it is a huge help to me to know what I can improve on. I would also like to recognize my good friend and professional announcer Jake Hershey for doing a bit of narrating and transitions for this first issue! 

 Nice, Jake's definitely the man. Do you see it growing a lot in the future, or are you going to keep it a relatively small group of riders working on this?

Honestly, I am planning on keeping the number of contributors relatively close to the same number. The amount of content needed in each issue isn’t going to increase, so the staff filming and editing isn’t either. My plan is to thrive on quality rather than quantity, and taking care of those few that do work alongside me. I plan on adding someone to help me on the business side of things if things do continue to grow, but that’s a long way off in my mind. So for now I’m just going to wait and see where this whole thing takes me.

 Can we expect shirts and other apparel for Fidelity?

Yes, yes, and yes! I am looking at getting some shirts done up right now! I am starting off with a batch of white shirts with black logos. The initial run of shirts will be our basic logo, but if things take off I’ll definitely be doing some different things down the line. About the same time the shirts will be available, there will also be stickers in both black and white. Beanies are in the question too if we get a good response from the first run of apparel, but only time will tell! 

 Beanies. Do it, now. I thought you worked with Scoot Mag as well, how do they feel about you now taking on this project?

Yeah, I did, and still do work with Scoot-Mag! I was a bit worried when I came up with the idea whether it’d be a conflict of interests between the two companies, but they have been understanding and even supportive! I believe that since we’re both working towards the same goal with positive intentions, that everyone wins when someone else steps in. Assuming by the talks I’ve had with the fellas over at Scoot-Mag, we’re all on the same page!

 Can you give us a little hint of what we can expect in the first issue of Fidelity?

The first issue is going to be pretty stacked to be honest… having a few of the segments that I will have repeatedly in issues to come. I have developed an interview section with riders that are working their way up through the ranks entitled ‘On The Rise’. The debut issue will be on ECX team rider Tommy Christiana! I recently attended the Barking Spyder Endless Summer competition this past weekend, so there will be some footage from there. I am also currently working on an interview with Dan Barrett, which is the first of many pro riders to be featured in a segment called ‘In-Depth’. Last but not least, there will be exclusive up-close footage with some of the industry’s top riders out at the ISA International championships in the UK! So needless to say, there will be quite in our debut issue!

 All right this is it, make your pitch to the riders and tell them why they should support Fidelity, and if you have any last words, thanks, or shout outs, let em go now bro!

Hey everyone, I’m not going to preach about how good Fidelity is because I want it to speak for itself. All I ask is that when the debut issue drops, you check it out and make your own judgment. It is going to by the riders, and for the riders. You let us know what you want to see and we will make it happen! I already have content being lined up for the December issue, and things are definitely looking like they’re going to be picking up as time goes on. The first issue drops on November 1st , so make sure you mark that down on the calendar! In the meantime, we will be giving updates and other related content through our site, Facebook, and YouTube if you want to keep up on what’s going on day to day. Special thanks to each and every one of you out there reading this right now, because it wouldn’t be possible without you!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ryan Upchurch: Coming Home

This is a summary of what Ryan's been doing over the past few months, including footage from a ton of places he's been.  He includes a bit of everything- park, street, and vert.  Any footage from Ryan is usually crazy, spreading the clips out on a variety of terrain makes it even better.  That gap to wallride to whip was so cool.

Scooter Garage "BEST Scooter Shop In The World" Ad

SG dropped this Ad recently, where you can clearly see that they were voted the "Best Scooter Shop In The World"  ...... well, voted by themselves that is, haha. If you're in the Southern California area, and need to get your hands on some new products, head down to Scooter Garage!

Gizmania and Kubars Night Session in Prague

Night sesh videos when they're filmed right always have a really good vibe to them. When Gizmania and Kubars riders met up in Prague they went out and filmed a really sick night edit. Johan and Jara Mini Soukup were killing it. Check it out below.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Trevor Pritchard Web Edit

Trevor's only 14, and he's already starting to kill it. He randomly sent his video to me on Facebook looking for some constructive criticism, and I didn't really have too much for him other than keep doing what you're doing. He's shaping up to be a really good all around rider. Throwing flairs on quarters, and getting tech in the streets as well. I've always said it, and I'll say it again, I really like watching riders who have no problem riding whatever is in front of them. Definitely a young up and comer from Dirty Jersey.

Micro MX-180s Now at

ShopECX just got in the long awaited MX-180s from Micro Extreme. The scooters have been out for a while in Europe, but they've been pretty hard to get over here in the States. You guys can get an in depth review of the scooter below that Mike from ShopECX did himself.

And if you guys want to get your hands one now, just head over to ShopECX by clicking the link below.

ShopECX and Micro are also throwing a Box Jam and Live Stream Party on October 28th from 12pm to 5pm. Tons of giveaways, free foods, drinks, and of course a Live stream of the ISA Finals which of course ECX rider Hunter Bechtle will be riding in.