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I made a slight mistake on the Handrail Question. For the Inside-Scooters T Shirt Contest. All of the people who emailed me with their answers on it. Will automatically get that answer correct. If the email came before the time of this post. Sorry guys..Don't kill me

The question is fixed now.

Inside-Scooters T Shirt Contest ***Contest is Over***

So as you may or may not know, we are having a few contests to give away some free Inside-Scooters T Shirts. Our dedicated readers are one of the main reasons that Inside-Scooters is still around today. So we want to give back to you guys, and give you the chance to be one of the few people in the world to own an Inside-Scooters T Shirt.

Below is a couple pictures of the T Shirt.

So how do you get one? Well all you gotta do is do your best to pass a simple test!

All of this information is obtainable to you guys. If you don't know an answer, turn to the communities of your favorite Forum, and see if anyone will help you out. The rules for this contest are stated below.

-Only email these 3 things. All of your Answers, Your Name, Your Age.

-I am accepting the first 20 people who email me ALL the correct answers. ONLY THE FIRST 20!

-Anyone entering multiple times, if they are caught will not be in this, or any future IS Contest.

-DO NOT post the answers in the comments, none of the IS Staff will approve the comments anyways.

-Anyone in the world can enter this contest

(If no one gets the questions 100% Correct, I will be accepting the top 20 people with the BEST overall Scores)

This contest will END in 24 HOURS. You have 24 hours to get me ALL 10 Answers. The questions are below.

What was the first Bri Flip landed off?

4ft Quarter Flyout
3 Stair
Bank to Bank

How many tailwhips have been landed in one air?


Who landed the first Front Scooterflip?

Terry Price
Coedie Donovan
Jordan Miller
Martin Kimbell

Whats the biggest metal handrail done so far on film?


Which one of Coedie Donovan's videos featured the song “Mighty D-Block”

Coedie Donovan MGP Edit
Coedie Donovan mini 3
Unreleased Coedie Donovan
Coedie Donovan Punk Scooters

Who landed the first Quad Tailwhip on film?

Jason Fry
Ricky Wernicke
Matt Pate
KC Corning

Who landed the first back scooterflip?

Coedie Donovan
Cody Speake
Mike Dies
Martin Kimbell

When was the first 900 landed on film?


First ever Front Scooter Flip on Flat?

Bryant Walker
Matt Ogle
Brandon Kilbury
Chris Gascoigne

Only rider to tailwhip the Wallenberg 4 Block?

Big Ron Sharpe
Nick Donatelli
Addison McNaughton
Matt McKeen

Inward-Scooters Tenedor Fork

Inward has been around for a while now, and has a really good reputation in the sport for having some high quality products. Whether those be the products they produce themselves, or the parts they carry in their store. In this case, we are going to be showing one of their most recent products. The Tenedor Fork. Read below for more details.

Inward Introduces Tenedor-Zero and Tenedor-Ten fork.

The Tenedor fork is an all aluminum CNC machined threadless one piece fork. The design is similar to the Hybrid forks introduced earlier this year. The Tenedor replaced the threadless Hybrid forks (Threaded Hybrids will continue to be produced.) The fork is prepared for HIC or SCS compression. No starnut needed. The Tenedor comes in 7 colors and raw aluminum and comes with zero or 10mm offset. Made in USA.

Another great looking product, from a great company. If you want to get your hands on a Tenedor fork, or just want to check out one of the leading online shops in the sport today, just click the link

Big Time Scootering Contest Tour Stop #1 Results

The Tour recently had it's first stop, and it looks like it was a really awesome contest. The little shredder who goes by the name of Jara Mini Soukup, who has had quite a few videos featured here on IS, looked to be representing Blunt Pro Scooters, and was simply destroyinggg. Also as always Martin Nogol of Gizmania, District, and Eagle-Sport was riding amazing. For the Finals Results check below.


1. Jan Dunovský
2. Richard Zelinka
3. David Pink
4. Vojtěch Škareda
5. Roland Rabatin
6. - 7. Filip Schwarzkopf
6. - 7. Peter Šimo
8. - 9. Juro Jamrich
8. - 9. Pavel Sítek
10. Štěpán Procházka

1. Matěj Svojtka
2. Jára Smažil
3. Michal Faldýn
4. Michal Krmášek
5. Ondra Svačina
6. Pavel Mareš


1. Jára Mini Soukup
2. Johan Walzel
3. Petr Macháček
4. Martin Nogol
5. Daniel Baudyš
6. Michal Tesař
7. Jiří Drábek

BEST TRICK (by agreement of Judges)
Richard Zelinka -15 AM
Matěj Svojtka 15+ AM
Jára Mini Soukup PRO

For the full detailed results please check the following link Full Results

Some pictures from the contest

For more pictures click the following Link More Pictures

And of course a video featuring some great riding from everyone who participated in the contest. A longer video will be available here on Inside-Scooters soon that will be a bit more like a documentary, instead of just straight up riding. Look out for that soon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cam Chat

Hey guys, Just letting you all know we added a chatroom to Inside Scooters! Check the pages above, click on camchat and get in on the action!

Inside the Lens

Inside the Lens is another new feature Inside Scooters will be implementing. It will give you, the reader, a chance to have their pictures and videos featured on the front page, and separately on our Inside the Lens page. So how is this feature going to work? Read on:

The first Inside the Lens is a photo contest, yes a “picture of the week” type of thing. Each week will have a certain theme that the picture must be of, for example the first theme will be a rail photo- meaning the trick being done in the photo must be done on some sort of handrail or flat bar. Official criterion are as follows:

-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

-This week’s entries theme is: rails.

The 2nd Inside the Lens feature is a clip of the week competition. This, unlike the POTW, will not have a specific theme. How to enter, and win, includes:

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

After midnight on Saturday night of each week, I will review the entries with Steven and Chris and we will pick a winner for each contest, which will be posted on IS the next day, as well as on the new Inside the Lens page, which will soon be located at the top of our home page, so you guys can always check back and see who has won, or who has won the most potws, and cotws.

French ID Gets in The Zone

For years now French ID has been one of the most well known names in the sport. Not just for the amazing Team riders they've had along the way, but also for the products they've come out with during their time.

Well French ID is back, and they are looking to make another mark on the sport here in 2011. What's even better than that, is that French ID recently partnered up with The Scooter Zone in California to make sure that everyone the US can get their hands on French ID Products from now on. The new parts will be available on The Scooter Zone website, as well as all 3 of the Scooter Zone shops in Southern California.

French ID isn't stopping with just new products though. They want a new Team as well. I know for certain they are looking for US Pro Team Riders, possibly Australian, and UK riders as well. More details on this will be released on Inside-Scooters in the near future. For now check below at some of the products that have recently arrived at Scooter Zone.

French ID Monobloc Threadless Fork

Threadless One Piece Design
Lightweight but Strong
6061 Aluminum

French ID Threadless Headsets
Comes in Blue, Purple, and Black
Works with all 1-1/4 Forks
Really Light
6061 Aluminum Alloy

French ID Metal Cores
Comes in Blue, Purple, and Black
Nice Core Design

French ID OS Bars
Really Light
Butted Aluminum Cross Bar
Really Thick Oversized Downtube
Comes in Four Colors

ALL of these are available RIGHT NOW fromThe Scooter Zone These are NOT all the products French ID is coming out with. As soon as new products are available on the ScooterZone website, we will post them up here. We will soon have some new stuff to show you guys here on IS, that will also be available at The Scooter Zone as soon as it's released. So keep checking Inside-Scooters for all of your French ID and Scooter Zone news!

Luke Maffesoni New Edit

Luke Maff has easily become one of my favorite Aussie riders over the past year or so.  He rides street just as well as park, while getting tech and being able to go big.  These are clips that Luke filmed over the summer holidays, and he has another edit coming with street bangers (the street clips here are throwaway).  Last clip was so good. 

Lucky Scooter Parts Rainy Day Sesh

For most riders when it's raining outside, the day is a bust and is spent inside the house. For LSP Team riders, James Gee, Tyler Wheeland, Blake Bailor, and Evan Yamada, all a rainy day means is: Find a spot with a roof, a ledge, and a bike rack...and the session is on. I honestly think true street riders don't need specific conditions, obstacles, or spots, to shred. Whatever is there, is there, and they're gonna ride it.

Great riding from all of the guys. It seems like they all get more dialed everytime they ride. I think riding together also pushes them to keep progressing. Check the video out below.

Also, don't forget to email Tyler Wheeland at his new email account for anything LSP/HP related, the email is,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

San Diego 5 Competition Video, Presented by IS

The above video features footage from the finals in the Pro division.  I wasn't able to get a ton of footy unfortunately, as I had the competition to worry about as well.  Keep in mind these clips aren't all the bangers the guys threw down in their runs, due to the large layout and amount of people watching it was really hard to get everything.  But still, everyone clearly threw down, and I can't imagine how hard it was for the judges to come up with a winner.  I have to say personally I was most impressed with Monkey's riding...uprail, to come back around and switch board down it, so good.  That uprail to me was the trick of the day...which makes me think what would have gone down if there had been enough light for a best trick.  It surely would have been just as amazing as the pro comp.  Enjoy the video, and keep checking Inside Scooters for more on competitions, including contests of our own.

FREE Inside-Scooters T Shirt Contest

With the following that Inside-Scooters has developed in the past year and a half, we figured what better way to show our appreciation to our dedicated readers and fans than to give them a free Inside-Scooters T Shirt.

Currently, in the WORLD... there are less than 7 people who even own Inside-Scooters T Shirts. 4 of those are Staff here at IS. One of them is Margaret Mulligan who was a huge part of why IS is even here today. The others, are just close friends of staff who lucked out.

But now it's your guys' turn to get some T Shirts. I have quite a few that I will be giving away for free in various contests thought up by IS Staff. Below you can check out the shirts.

CHECK IS over the next couple days for the exact details on how you can have a chance on being one of the few people to own an Inside-Scooters Shirt.

Happy 6th Birthday to Jordan Robles!

Today little Jordan Robles turned 6 years old. Jordan made a real impression on me in 2010. As some may know, I was the head judge at all of the Razor Exposed Tour stops. It was a great experience, but I can only imagine how the experience was for then, 5 year old, Jordan Robles.

Jordan traveled from state to state to the Razor Exposed Tour Competitions, and each time he got better, and as much as I want to say he lost more fear everytime he touched the course...I honestly don't really think he had any fear to begin with. Jordan was such an inspiration to watch out there with all the other riders that more than often, towered over him. If he was intimidated at all, you wouldn't know it. He was dropping in on 8ft quarters, and hitting as many gaps as he could, with a smile that seemed to be painted permanently onto his face. It was really awesome to witness.

Today the spotlight is all on Jordan, for his 6th birthday. I would also like to shout out to his Mom and Dad who are so supportive of what Jordan does. It is not everyday you find two parents who support their son at only 5 years old, enough to travel with him to contests in different states. When Jordan is older, I'm sure he too, will realize how amazing they have been. Also to Kotasports, and Dakota Schuetz. Jordan really looks up to Dakota, and whenever he is out on the course riding, you can usually see him trailing after Dakota the best he can. Dakota can also be seen taking every opportunity to help Jordan out with his riding, and I think that says a lot about him.

So Jordan, from Inside-Scooters, I just wanted to say

HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Untitled from Ocho on Vimeo.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Taylor Smith- Chips and Dip

Moonwalk Scooters' Taylor Smith put out this edit today after filming for about two months.  Taylor sets himself apart from many other Aussies with his double deckgrabs and lack of inward briflips.  Jacob Martin did a pretty nice job with filming and editing as well.  Loved the 180 bar over the spine, that came out of nowhere.

Jon Knudtson Joins Zero Gravity

Jon Knudtson has been riding for a while, but never really started to burst out onto the scene until last year. He released a video recently, which showcased a side of his riding that not too many people had seen before, his street stuff. What can I say, it really speaks for itself. I recently had the chance to catch up with Jon after he was picked up by Zero Gravity, check the interview below, and the video below that.

Name, Age, and Location please.

My name is Jon Knudtson. I'm twenty years old and I live in Wenham, Massachusetts.

What got you into riding, and how many years you been riding?

I started riding scooters because my older brother was a skateboarder and I thought that I could never be as good as him. I got a scooter for my 12th birthday from my parents. That was nearly 9 years ago and I have never once regretted my decision. Today I ride scooters because nothing brings me greater joy than just going out and having a flat session and trying to invent new tricks that I haven't seen people do.

Why did you feel that Zero Gravity was the company for you?

As a Christian, it was important for me to be able to use my talents to glorify God. It's very cool that there is a scooter company like Zero Gravity that not only produces top of the line products, but also strives to be good role models for riders and companies alike.

What do you expect to change for you, now that you're on Zero Gravity?

I'm really excited that I found a company that will support me in my riding and that I can represent well. I've never had a sponsor before and I'm just really grateful to Todd at Zero Gravity for giving me an opportunity to prove myself in the professional world.

What can we expect from Jon Knudtson in the near future?

I hope to start filming a lot more than I have been recently. It's really hard to get good footage when the ground is covered in two feet of snow. Hopefully I'll be able to film lots of street footage once the snow starts melting.

Jayden Hogan

Jackson Manzie recently changed his name, and is getting out his banked clips.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australian Day Edit 2 ft. Brock Horneman

Hayden O'Connor and bmxer Brock Horneman are featured in this day video.  Hayden and Brock hit up Deegan and RampAttak skateparks, throwing down some big bangers.  Hayden goes soooooo high...yet has the balance for a legit nose manual.  Don't see that too often.  Hayden recently got a new camera (7D), and has put up a few test clips. They don't really have much in em but I can't wait for when he drops full edits with it.  You can see the test clips and the rest of Hayden's videos on his Youtube channel. 

Kyle Page Web Edit 2

A couple other riders mention someone from Australia who was really killing it.. I decided to check him out myself, and wow. This video speaks for itself really. Amazing stuff here.

If anyone has a contact or way to reach Kyle Page, let me know. I'd love to do an interview with him here on IS. Just post in the comments, or shoot me an email at

p.s. Yes there is a lot of Slo Mo...get over it.

Phoenix Shop Remodel


As you can tell from the video, everyone at Phoenix was working hard building all the new work stations. Before the new benches and work stations were added, The Phoenix shop was cluttered and it took a bit longer to process the hundreds of decks, bars, forks and the rest of the product line, every time a production run came through. Now that the shop has a new Look, Feel, and Functionality, Everyone at Phoenix can get the job done much faster. Keep checking in with Inside-Scooters for Phoenix and other scooter related updates, Remember, Inside Scooters is the Best and Original Scooter News Network!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Woodward Scholarship Opportunity!

Woodward is coming up fast and there is already a bunch of riders scheduled to be there. Although I'm sure there's some riders who want to go, but might not be able to afford.. Which is why there is a Scholarship program going on right now, to help one lucky rider attend the camp. Read below for more details.

Scholarship Opportunity for Scooter Camp hosted at Woodward West.

We are offering a scholarship for Scooter Camp! Value $425.00
At least one lucky winner will have the opportunity to go to Scooter Camp hosted at Woodward West February 18th-21st 2011

For four days the scooter rider will get the opportunity to live the Woodward Camp life at Woodward West in Tehachapi, California. The rider will have the opportunity to learn from instructors and pros from around the country in one of the best action sports facilities in the world.

Rules & criteria for nominating:
1)The person being nominated must be 7 –17 years of age.
2)You cannot nominate yourself.
3) The Nominee will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from camp in Tehachapi, California..
4) All entries must be received by Monday February 9th
5) Clearly state why your Nominee is the best candidate for a scholarship also include your name, phone number and relationship to the Nominee

Send all nominations to:
Scooter Tees
31500 Grape Street, Suite 3-316
Lake Elsinore, CA. 92532

Sponsored by
Blunt Scooters, Dominator Scooter Accessories, District, Eagle Sport, ECX Sports, Epic, Freestyle Depot, Gryndo Scooters, Inside Scooter Blog, Inward Scooters, Lucky Scooter Parts, Madd USA, Phoenix Scooters, Pro Comp Parts, Razor USA, Ride Wire, Scooter Resource, Scooter Tees, Scooter Zone, and SpoildBratt Sk8 Shop

Also check out the design for the shirts that will be available to the campers at Woodward West this year! Quite a few Inside-Scooters Advertising Companies on there, as well as yours truly...Inside-Scooters.

Josh Nathan Minivideo 2

Such a clean, creative style.  I've always been a fan of Josh since he first started putting out videos.  Hes really been his own rider, and that is apparent in this mini.   I love all the sliders, bar rewinds and whip rewinds.  Some top notch filming as well.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MGP USA Cali Trip/SD5 Edit

Doesn't take a genius to know that MGP has some of the best riders in the world riding for them. The USA Team is no different, with their latest rider to the Team being Joe Armstrong. Who made it out from the East Coast to ride with the Team. Tyler Bonner also went on to take 1st place at the SD5 Contest.

The video really showcases how dominant these guys are when they ride. Each of them has a unique style to their riding which makes watching their Team edits really fun. Check the video out below.

I don't really understand how Tyler is so good...I don't think anyone does really. By now we all just know that when he rides, we just gotta sit back and watch, and afterwards pick our jaws up off the floor. For all your news relating to MGP, and all breaking news and updates in the sport, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Lucky Scooter Parts Response to Tom Kvilhaugs Accident

Here at Lucky Scooter Parts we recently learned of, and saw the video of Tom Kvilhaug's accident. It was as hard for us to watch as it was for everyone else in the community. Like everyone else, we hope that Tom makes a quick recovery, and is back on his scooter soon. We also can understand Tom's and other peoples concern and we also want to thanks those who have stood up for our company and products in posts and comments.

While we do our very best to design, build, and test parts, we simply can’t make them invincible. We are continuously improving our parts and riders are continuously going bigger and bigger to reach the limits of their riding and of the scooter parts. We have a team of some extremely talented street riders that go big and who hit huge gaps and stair sets quite frequently, we trust in our parts and so does our team.

We are all part of an extreme sport, that puts your bodies and the scooter parts under extreme stress. You ride at risk every time you ride your scooter and especially when going big over gaps or stair sets. Just like other extreme sports, Bmx and Skateboarding, scooter parts will break when stressed beyond normal conditions, please keep that in mind when contemplating your next big trick.

We strongly encourage all riders to wear protective gear at all times and especially when going extreme.Again, we wish Tom a very speedy recovery and hope to see him on a scooter soon.

Lucky Scooter Parts LLC

Scooter Zone Complete Builds

At ScooterZone they don't just sell a huge assortment of some of the sports top products. They also take the time to put those parts together to make some of the sickest builds you can get your hands on. These are all now available to check out and purchase on their website.

One thing to remember about these Scooters, is that they are completely unique. You will not find the same Scooter at Scooter Zone twice. So if you like the colors used on one, or the parts on one...I would hurry up and buy it. Check out some of the Scooters below.

Dialed District Green Build
Rad Lucky Scoot V.2
Red Phoenix Build

Want to check out more of the SZ Complete Builds? Follow the link below for all details on the parts on the builds, and the price.
Scooter Zone Completes
More Scooter Zone Completes

Since you're already here. Check out a couple videos from Scooter Zone's Riverside Store Manager. Dick Narger aka Trick Darger aka Dargersaurus Rex aka Nick Darger.

Dargersaurus Rex from nick darger on Vimeo.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Erik Feenstra Blunt Edit

Erik Feenstra is one of those riders whom, as far back as I can remember, has always been good.  From flowing and airing with more style than you could wish for, to getting super tech with hang fives, bartwists, etc, and more recently, with pegs.  Over the past year Erik has become a monster on rails, and on street in general.  Picking him for the Blunt team was definitely a no brainer for then team manager Steven Tongson.  Erik has been working on this video for a while now, and I'm stoked to see it out finally. - Jordan Jasa

As most of you know from Earlier posts in Inside Scooters, Erik Feenstra Joined the Blunt family. Here is a recent edit of Erik riding his new Blunt Product. Erik displays some awesome creativity in his lines while keeping it refreshingly Original. Keep Checking Inside-Scooters for the latest news, pictures, and videos. Remember, IS is the Best and Original Scooter News Network!

Locked Post.

This Post is now Locked.

Any comments people try to make to it, will not be approved.

For the new Response from the Owner of LSP, please check a few posts above this. Thank you.

10x10 with Chris GascoignexJake Clark

Hello Readers of Inside-Scooters!
As you know, my name is Chris Gascoigne and i have been thinking of ways to get you, the readers, more involved here on IS. So i have come up with the 10x10. Whats the 10x10 you ask? Well its very simple.. Every now and then, i seek out a handful of rider to ask me 10 questions, and in return I ask them 10 questions. Scooter related topics and not, it all goes.

Chris' Questions
C: How old are you? J: 15 years Old

C: What drives you to pack so many barspins into a combo?! J: Ha idk i just really like to do barspin combos for some reason.

C: How do you feel about your current sponsors? J: I really love phoenix they have done alot for me with parts and everything I really love phoenix parts.

C: Favorite TV show? J: "Everybody hates Chris" or "South park"

C: 100 or 110? J: 110

C: Transit 1 or Transit 2? J: I guess transit 2 cause its newer

C: Do you have any nick names? J: well not really just a couple people call me Barspin

C: Are you attending woodward in feb? J: Im trying to im saving up

C: Favorite rider? J: Hayden O' connor, Rwilly and Tyler Bonner

C: Any goals/plans for 2011? J: I wanna travel go to more comps and get some new tricks like frontflips.

Jake's Questions
J: When did you get the nickname "superman"? C: I can't really say when.. I guess its been so as long as i can remember.

J: What is your favorite skatepark? C: Hunt Park in Riverside, Ca.

J: If you had one last day to live what would you do? C: I would spend time with family and close friends.. and Ride.

J: if you didnt scooter what do you think you would be doing right now? C: I would be riding bikes or dead in a ditch, you take you pick, haha!

J: How do you like working with Inside scooters? C: I love it, talking to and meeting great riders and friends its a blast!

J: How many wheels have you broken/dehubed? C: Ahh too many to count. i have ovalized more eagles than anything tho.

J: Would you rather ride park or street? C: I love flowing park, but it all depends on the spot and park.

J: what trick are you currently working on? C: Frontflip Superman

J: Are there any upcoming plans for phoenix? C: Yes, lots. Keep an eye out for some awesmoe stuff to come!

J: How will scootering make X Games or Dew Tour? C: The only way scooters have a shot, Is if the scene develops more, The sport needs to be marketable to enable it to have any financial backing from any big name companies.

Thank you Jake for answering and asking questions with me! We'll have another 10x10 next week so stay tuned to Inside-Scooters, The best and original Scooter News Network!

Tom Kvilhaug Crash.

You may or may not have heard of Tilt and Victory rider Tom Kvilhaug being put in the hospital this past weekend after a nasty crash on a 16 stair.  Well Tom is out now after staying overnight Sunday at Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I was able to talk to him and find out some more about what happened.

Tom was trying to barspin a 16 set, landed perfectly but his bars unfortunately snapped, slamming his head into the ground.  According to him, he  "had to get seven stitches in my left eyebrow and I broke my eye socket and one facial bone."  Tom had already barspinned a 12 and 360'd an 11, so he figured he could land this- "I was thinking about just committing and landing it this time. (My bars snapped on my second try) My bars snapping didn't even go through my mind."  

But he definitely wasn't overconfident. He says he "was scared, but it was more of just nerves than actually being scared of the set. I usually get butterflies before I do stuff down gaps." So after he landed, the impact broke his Lucky bars at the top of the slit (which were NOT cracked before he attempted the gap), and he took a ton of force straight to his head. Tom's friend Dorian Robinson quickly called 911, and paramedics arrived. Dorian as well as Alex Bukaweski and Kyle Wilson were there helping Tom as they waited for the ambulance to get there.

The first thing Tom remembers after the crash is "the nurse talking to me and telling me that 'the stitches won't hurt, you'll just feel a tug.' That was about five hours after the crash." Tom stayed overnight at the hospital and arrived back home at about 2:30 this afternoon. The doctor told him that as soon as he feels 100 percent again, he can go back to riding, which should be in about two weeks. When asked if he would ever think twice about riding or doing something gnarly, Tom said he definitely will not, however, he "might slow down with the gaps and big sets though."

Finally, Tom wanted to " tell all the guys that were there thanks, and if the paramedic that cut my Bangers T and flannel off is reading this, I expect a replacement haha."

Tom's horrific crash was captured on video...however, due to its graphic and disturbing content, I am only going to post the link.  There IS blood and Tom is visibly and audibly in pain.  If you can't handle that, don't click the link.  Also under the video link, are links to pictures of each side of his face.  One, his right side, was mostly unaffected by the crash.  His left side shows the injuries as of earlier today.  

1st Angle

2nd angle

Right side (unaffected)

Left side (affected)

Also, if this makes you doubt Lucky bars...don't forget that Lil Jon, who has hit El Toro (a 20 stair) a couple times, rides them, and Stefan Hefner has tricked a 16 with them as well.  Tom, understandably, says he will not be riding Lucky bars again though.  Hope you recover soon Tom, from everyone at IS.

Lukas Hornik Moreboards Promo

Austria's Lukas Hornik was recently picked up by a local shop and churned out this edit for them. Its pretty cool to see 11 year old Lukas riding street, definitely provides a contrast from his usual briflip trickery.  I'm not the biggest fan of briflips but I have to say it is impressive seeing a little guy like Lukas chucking a scooter around like that.  Nice edit, courtesy of Flo Toegel.

Mick Nuangput Phoenix Australia Edit

I've heard a lot about Mick, but only seen a few short videos. I gotta say that after watching this one I was pretty impressed. Mick is the only Phoenix Aus rider that I know about right now. Although if anymore Phoenix Aus edits pop up, I will make sure they find their way here on Inside-Scooters. Check the video out below.

Thanks to Michael Sadler for the Email.

Zero Gravity Now at ScooterHut

Zero Gravity is known among the community as some of the sports top quality products in the sport. They recently sealed a partnership with another company that works with us at IS, ScooterHut of Australia. Together they will be working to make sure that Aussie riders will now be able to easily get their hands on Zero Gravity products. For more updates on ZG, and ScooterHut, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jason Beggs Interview on Razor Trip in Australia

Jason Beggs in the past has seemed to fall under the radar when it comes to being one of the top riders in the sport. I don't think that is going to be a problem in the future though. Jason has been pushing himself a lot in the recent months, and with the help from Razor, I only expect him to get better. I recently caught up with Jason, who won the Razor Exposed Tour in Australia. Jason discusses the trip he took to Australia with fellow Razor USA riders, Jesse Macaluso, Tanner Markley, and Cary Mosbrucker. Check it out below.
Steven: Age, Name, Where you from?

Jason: Jason Beggs, 20 years old from long beach, cali!

Steven: How long have you been riding, and how long have you been on Razor USA?

Jason: I believe Ali (razor's TM) gave me a call about 4 months ago telling me that razor had some big plans in the works and wanted me to join their crew. of course i accepted. being on razor was always my goal ever since i started scootin and im stoked that i got to acheive that

Steven: So you had the opportunity to go all the way to Australia to represent Razor, why did this trip mean a lot to you?

Jason: This trip meant alot because ever since i was a little kid going to Australia was always my #1 spot i wanted to visit. so being able to go to a place ive always wanted to go doing somethin i love was such a blast, something ill never forget.

Steven: You traveled in Australia with Razor USA Team mates, Tanner Markley, Jesse Macaluso, and one of my all time favorites and close friend, Cary Mosbrucker...How was it traveling with these guys?

Jason: Traveling with these guys are the best. Being on Razor i feel more apart of a family than i did with any other sponsors i had previously. everyone gets along with everyone and we always found something fun to do.

Steven: What is your most memorable moment from the trip?

Jason: probably would have to be busting my chin open.. we had just gotten into sydney like 2 hours before and went to check out Monster Skatepark, i got too excited and tried to jump the big flybox backwards without lookin at it, over cleared to flat and put my chin in my handlebars. it was funny because Ali was
trippin since we had barely been there and it was pretty brutal and i was more pissed that i ripped my only pair of jeans than bustin my chin haha

Steven: So you ended up winning The Razor Aus Exposed Tour. From the videos it looked like you were just really feeling it. What was going through your head while you were taking your runs?

Jason: yeah i was def in the zone that day, idk why but the park really reminded me of some cali park so i adjusted to it really fast. i was just so pumped
to be at a big contest in another country i really didnt worry about any pressure from the contest. i was just having as much fun as possible while i could and it def paid off

Steven: Now, I've heard rumors that Razor is doing some BIG things in the sport in 2011...How much can you say without saying too much??

Jason: lets just say that everything you thought about razor before will all change this year. razor has finally put their foot in the freestyle market better than ever and will be coming out with a whole new product line this year and you guys will all be lovin it hehe

Steven: Thanks for the interview Jason, do you got any last words you wanna say or any shout outs?
Jason: Inside Scooters for holdin down a super legit website, all the homies in the RAD crew, my sexy girlfriend who deals with me scootin and gettin hurt haha. ali for giving me the opportunity to be on razor and Razor AUS for sending us out to Australia and giving us the trip of a lifetime.

Below you can check out the 3 videos that were made from the Razor USA Trip. All of them are really sick. Keep checking Inside-Scooters in the future...cause who knows, you might see Razor working alongside us soon =)

Video number 1
Video number 2
Video number 3

Matt McKeen Video Interview

Chris and I got the chance to step aside with Matt during SD5 and toss him a few questions, with myself behind the camera and Chris doing the interrogating.  Matt discusses being back in California, the competition, and the upcoming Addict "So What" DVD.  In addition to this interview we also got a scooter check with Josh Kish done down at the competition, as well as filming the final's of the pro division.  Both of those videos should be out within the next few days, so keep an eye out, and always remember to check back on IS for the latest news, videos, and more.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Flavio Pesenti: Taravana Promo

Taravana is a new clothing company based out of France.  I'm not sure about any other info on it other than this guy Flavio rides for them.  This video, at first glance, may look a little repetitive with the grinds...but you if look close (and it may take a couple watches to catch it all), he does some superrr tech stuff.  Definitely can't wait for a full video of this guy, hopefully a street one too.

A Day With Ryan Williams

Just ya know, a chill day of throwing tranny to tranny 3 trick combos, hang five to tooth stalls, and all the usual footjam wizardry that Ryan does with ease.  I loved all the little coping slides, don't see that kinda stuff from Aussies.  Ryan got super creative, don't think I saw one briflip or flyout trick.  Oh, and Aaron Bransdon is definitely jealous of 1:42 hah.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Barcelona Street Jam Video and Pictures

Jams like these don't happen very often in our sport, especially outside of Europe.  This jam took place on January 15th, organized by Balthazar Neveu and District's Javi Trepat.  In attendance were a ton of big street names from Europe, including the Addict team (Maxime Legrand, Jandiv Randriambelson, and Johann Moreau to be specific, as well as Kevin Demay), District riders like Javi, Helmeri Pirinen, Gerome Hani and Michael Goumaz, French ID guys, and more.  This video only has footage from the first two spots so hopefully we'll see another video soon.  Paul Ashen, whom filmed and edited this video, was unfortunately unable to capture the rest of the jam.  Judging from the footage I have seen though, it looks like a super fun event.  I wish more of these went on in the US, I’d love to go to one.
A few riders were there taking pictures, some of which can be viewed below.  Credit goes to Emil Pettersen, Sergio Alvarez, and Silvia Vinyals for the awesome snapshots.

streetjam streetjam2 streetjam3 streetjam4 streetjam5 streetjam6