Wednesday, December 20, 2017

WISE MIXTAPE - Reece Jones

Wise, one of Europe's top rider owned companies, has been releasing parts under the MIXTAPE title. This one comes from Australian wonderboy Reece Jones...There are some goodies in here for sure (5-0 manual wallie 5-0) but sadly he suffered a foot injury that cut filming short. Regardless, any Reece footy is gold, so give it a watch and check out the rest of the MIXTAPE sections.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hella Classic Colorway: Danila Popov

Danila has one of my favorite styles to watch right now. Add in the speed he brings to the table plus the buttery VX footage and you get this super solid edit. Congrats to him for getting his own colorway of Hella Grip!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Eretic Snowscoot, end of 2017

This just looks so damn fun. Every new snow scoot video that comes out makes it look more and more appealing. Definitely need to cop one. Also, these dudes killed it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Boris Germain : FLAVOR 2017

Boris is nuts. Not only can he send it in the streets, but as you can see by the first clip, he can throw down in the park. Definitely got me saying "whaat" out loud a few times. Press that play button!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Kevin Austin | Welcome to River

Get hyped for this one dudes. Kevin is killing it harder than ever, and he is well deserving of his spot on River. I can't even call out a highlight because every clip was a highlight. Press play and watch a time or three.

Tilt Transport

Being a part of Tilt, there's a lot that went on behind the scenes making this video that makes it pretty incredible seeing what it turned out to be. To spare the details, this video features full parts from Jon Archer, Christian Dean, and Dylan Kasson, with shared parts between myself and Jona Humbel, Issac Miller and Tom Kvilhaug, and Patrick Nguyen with Tyler Wheeland. On behalf of all the guys, we hope you enjoy.


Another edit from the lens of Richard Harck, this one of Proto's own Parrish Isaacs. Parrish is a footy machine, able to get multiple clips per spot seemingly with ease. Consider this a sampling of his part in the upcoming Proto full length "REINCARNATION."

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Baytage #5

The Concrete boys are at it again, this time dropping installment number five of the Baytage series. Featuring the main crew as well as some friends, but I gotta say Grant Schofield killed it in this one. Anton also kills it on those hill bomb shots, I have no idea how you can go that fast one handed.

Kevin Austin | Welcome to River Wheel Co Teaser

Man, I feel thoroughly teased. This video drops tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled, its gonna be good.

Lachlan Gauchier Love and Happiness | Transit Deck Promo

Legauch has a sig deck courtesy of North Scooters, and this is his promo for it. You already know what's coming- 50s, hefty rails, and the style to boot. They should release a sig vest for him too.