Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kai Saunders | Sydney x Canberra

Australian Reec- I mean Kai Saunders is back at it again with a new edit on Phoenix's channel. He seems to have a thing with overcrooks right now- down heel out, hard 180 out, full whip out?! Kid needs to slow down, can't imagine how good he'll be in a couple years.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Jon deVrind HOODWORD

It feels like Jon can just cruise around and do all these combos without breaking a sweat.  He has so much control, and when you put a rider like him in a place like Woodward, you end up with some clips. Always great footage from JonDev.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sky High Shop

Prior to flying out to California for SDX, the boys got together at Sky High to film some clips inside the shop. Reece Doezema, Will Weske, Christian Dean, Ian Knight J, and Sugar Shane all threw down some ridiculous scooter tricks. The crew also filmed a ton of clips in California so be on the lookout for that over the next month or so.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Inside Presents: Jim Gantz

It's not often that a video comes out and feels completely different than almost every other video in recent memory. The number one factor in how one perceives a video is the vibe it puts out. Not the tricks, filming, song, but the overall vibe is what people are left with after watching a video. In this video, Jim Gantz uses riding creativity, unique spots, mysterious music/editing, as well as, lets not kid ourselves, his own appearance to give off a dark, almost creepy vibe. While that genre has been done in scootering before, Jim made it his own with how he rides. It's so rad to see people thinking for themselves instead of just doing whatever tricks are in at the moment. It's early in the year, but this one is definitely one of my favorites so far in 2016.


Charles Padel is a madman. This is the video he filmed to promote his latest signature version of the AOSV4 deck from Blunt/Envy. So many heavy tricks in this, ridiculous rails and hubba tricks.  Gap to nosemanual had to have been my favorite, I thought it was going to be the ender but the clips kept coming. Props to him for killing it and to Roots Boy for the film/edit.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This was crazy.  Dylan Ryan is another newer name to the Friendly group, at least to us here in America.  But Dylan doesn't ride the typical street way- he applies traditionally "park" tricks to the streets, and the result is awesome.  He also has tons of unique scooter fakie manual/grind tricks, which you hardly see from anyone. His wall-rail game is on point as well.  A lot of creative elements in this one, making for a standout video.

Friday, January 8, 2016


2015, for myself at least, went by in a flash.  A lot of big things happened, starting with another great competition at SD, numerous street jams, a ton of amazing videos, and overall growth of the sport. Take a look back at the trends that made the year 2015 stand out from the rest:

1. The 2015 “Street” Uniform:
-Hightop Converse
-Dickies (slim straights, cuffed)
-Dad hat
-Coach jacket
-Polo shirt

Not too long ago this instead used to comprise of Janoskis and five panels.  Instead, another Nike owned brand, Converse, took the scoot scene by storm, with riders everywhere lacing up a pair of hightops.  Dad hats have been in vogue as well- spurred in part by Sky High’s limited release of a few different dad hats, and by secondhand shoppers everywhere. Or maybe it was an attempt to pull off the “dad bod” everyone was talking about like eight months ago. Clothing trends do stay for quite a while so I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of dad-fashion continuing into 2016.

2. The Sex Change

Probably my least favorite trend of 2015 has been the on purpose sex change.  Into grinds, out of grinds, in spins, kids everywhere do them as if it adds any real value to a trick.  These Caitlyn Jenners, as I call them, require little to no skill.  It’s fine if you think they’re fun to do, but don’t act like a boardslide to sexchange out is any cooler than a plain boardslide.  It’s a gimmick, and will surely die out.  I have to admit though, Brian Chavez’s half cab sexchange to switch front board was an amazing use of a sexchange. Will it continue on in the new year? I’d say it’ll mostly die out, but keep living on through at least a few people.

3. The Feebzer

Nathan Flemongo ia Root Industries
Already the topic of many discussions were “feebzer/hanger/feeble” and their smith counterparts.  Tying into the “zeach” as well, the merit and actual existence of these tricks were debated widely over Instagram and Facebook.  Regardless of what you call em, it seems these are here to stay.  Lets hope the conversations about them are over, now that we semi-officially have proper names for them.

4. The Full Whip

A video posted by Lanky Lenny (@jimmynachtigal) on

Yet another trick with a big year is the full whip.  Full whips have been utilized by a few riders for years, but it wasn’t until the past couple years that the average rider started throwing them.  We’ve seen them thrown into feebles, 50s, out of grinds, manuals, in spins, in flat combos, switch...it even has its own hashtag, #fullwhipfam. Don’t expect to see these lose popularity anytime soon, they’ve definitely become a bread and butter trick.

5. Rider Owned Companies

A big growth in rider owned companies also highlighted this past year- out of the UK, companies like Elite and Revolution made waves on Instagram, especially after arriving in the US due to another new rider owned company, a distribution called Forefront Supply. Established rider owned companies like TSI, Proto, and Tilt had huge years as well- TSI moving into a new shop, releasing the Paramount, generally being the street deck of choice, Proto with the Intermission video dropping, as well as finally putting out the Orion deck, and of course Tilt with Tilt2 and all the new parts they produced.  Affinity has grown by leaps and bounds as well, producing one of the best T-bars right here in the USA.  Have to mention Hellagrip too, easily the most-ridden griptape out there. I'm definitely missing some here, but make no mistake, these companies will continue to flourish in 2016.

6. Rise of Crews/Crew Videos

A video posted by Inside Scooters (@insidescoot) on

So while we saw big videos from manufacturers, crews/crew videos made a splash this year too.  “Whats Hillary Duff Doing?”, the DC Diaries, Cuff Crew, Michigangg, Chi Guys, who could forget Friendly’s LUX finally being released, the list goes on, but it’s been awesome seeing riders come together to produce content without the backing of a real company.  These are the core dudes doing it for the love of riding, so I hope this trend only continues into the new year.

7. Webisodes

Thumbnail Via Capron and Corey Funk's Youtube
A few scooter riders started making webisodes this year.  In a time where riders have more followers than their own sponsors, it’s been becoming less important to make actual edits and instead project a lifestyle out there that the scooter market (young kids) can relate to. Lucky’s Tanner Fox has found huge success with his webisodes, currently sitting at over 200k subscribers to his Youtube. These webisodes document the day to day life of scooter riders- from chilling around at home, riding hoverboards, going to the park, and generally just dicking around. The kids love it. This is so far fairly contained to SoCal riders, but as more realize the importance of connecting with their audience in a way that plain riding videos can’t achieve, We've already seen Jake Hershey take a more mature approach via his "Mondaze" series, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more webisodes in 2016.

8. Overall Progression

The best trend, however, has to be the continued progression of scootering in general.  People are doing pegless tricks like nothing, and pushing what can be done on various obstacles.  One of the coolest spots people have hit this year are wall-rails.  These are perfect for inside 50s, and 2015 has seen a lot of crazy wall-rail variations.  On the park side of things, you got dudes throwing 540 double flairs and insane tricks over the mega (shoutout to Rwilly).  It’s getting so hard to keep up, with people dropping bangers on Instagram like it’s nothing (“chill clips”). This is another trend I’m sure will keep going!

Honorable mentions: 5050 grinds, loose scooters, foot fenders, bs half cab manual fs 180, using Hollowsquad/Xavier Wulf/Bones in videos, charging 500 bucks to make an edit, and talking shit on the internet.

Mike DeJong - Downside USA

TB Gang/Pal on Defrost/Texan Boi/Christian Dean Lookalike/Downside Rider/Swag Homie Mike DeJong was stacking clips for a full Downside part, but ended up breaking his heel.  He decided to release the footage he did have, Tommy Daddono edited it, and Forefront uploaded it today for everyone to see.  Mike is super clean and smooth, always enjoyable to watch.  I enjoyed this one and hope he heals up soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Brendon Smith | Fasen Scooters Web Edit

So, after a couple years of being quiet, slowly stacking clips, Fasen rider Brendon Smith finally released his latest edit.  It's exactly what you'd expect- chock full of the craziest park tricks over the same familiar quarters and boxes.  I imagine if you're into this kind of riding that it's the best thing ever, but it just doesn't do it for me.  The handplant stuff and nothing back scooterflips he did were pretty cool though.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hunter Bechtle - Organized Chaos

In his latest video for Grit Scooters, Hunter hits a variety of spots around what I believe is his hometown area/the East Coast.  Hunter can do pretty much anything he wants, and is always learning new trick.  He hits some pretty crazy/fun looking spots in this and definitely drops more than a couple hammers.  Give it a look.


Justin Phillips is a longtime shredder, taking an absence for quite a while but returning within the past few years to make big moves.  His latest is joining the AO Pro team, much deserved.  This guy throws down on some of the gnarliest handrails and has a peg game better than almost anyone.  Congrats to him on making the pro squad.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chi Guys: Kuba Klimczuk

Kuba is one of the local Chicago guys going out every weekend to ride the city and get clips.  While still quite young, he doesn't throw the gnarliest tricks but he does everything with an awesome style that you can tell will only get better in time.  His trick selection is always on point as well- something rarely seen in younger riders. I'm psyched to see what he does in the future!