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TSG5 from GKimbell on Vimeo.

its been so long since these guys put anything out, too long.

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Tyler Wheeland's Top Fives

1. You should have killed me when you had the chance - A Day To Remember
2. Catastrophe - Four Year Strong
3. My Michelle - Guns N Roses
4. I Could Die For You - The Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. Starstrukk - 3OH!3

1. CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!
2. Buca Di Beppo
3. My moms spegetti
4. some local mex places
5. pinkberry

Places to visit
1. I ride a scooter. So everyone knows.. AUS
3. new york
4. the UK
5. and nick dargers housee,<3 haha

Spots to shred
1. Local wallrides<3
2. Kindercare wall ride in corona
3. 16th st or 14th or w/e wallride in riverside
4. Wall of life
5. Street kickers in fullerton and corona
6. Chino skatepark and Arizona and there is a billion other places

Words to say/ Phrases
3. Sooo Prime
4. ove’s
5. “so down”
Worst Bails, either yours or someone else
1. ryans flip spine to death
2. tailors death flip
3. All of jasons falls hahaha
4. john breaking his ankle jumping up a curb….
5. none

Video Games
1. cod I guess?
2. skate
3. guitar hero?
4. rockband?
5. I don’t know

- Jelani

Me and Jackson weekend video :0 from Tyler wheeland on Vimeo.

TPCVJ9 DVD review

The Philly Crew
Video Journal 9

Riders: Good ones.

Music: It wasn't by any means bad, but I think it could have been better, especially for McKeen's part. Overall though, it set a chill vibe for the video and I think it was good.

The video starts off with a message from Brian Boston, TPC's filmer/editor/inventor of the fabulous briflip. It says that basically this DVD is a compilation of the past two years, and that he had a lot of fun making it. He also says that it was edited in two days, so just know that the editing isn't flashy or anything. Simple is better most of the time anyways.

Then it goes straight into an introduction/montage. After this montage is a segment from the Ohio trip, which they took in 2007. Then it seems like there's more random footage, finished off with a full part from McKeen. Most of you have already seen his re-edited part (except me, I've been waiting to watch the DVD part before the new version), but don't let that stop you from buying this video. Following Matt's part is the credits, which includes some random footy of bails, candid shots, etc.

The riding in the video is ridiculous. I haven't heard a single thing online about Dan Barrett's stuff, and he really throws down some bangers. I was kinda hoping for some more nose manuals, but he definitely delivers with a great mix of tech and big stuff. Casey Murphy's riding is really fun to watch, Brian has a lot of good tech stuff, and John Mattes has some really nice riding for coming back into the sport after a hiatus. And McKeen...I don't even have to tell you how sick his stuff is. The video is kinda disrupted by some glitches, which got kindof annoying, but its bearable.

So, overall, I think its well worth the price of $10, which is what I paid for it anyway. Shipping is retarded though, it came in regular business envelope, and some bubble wrap, and in a regular CD cover thing. Pretty modest for the 13 bucks I paid for shipping. But don't let that stop you from buying. TPCVJ9 DVD is well worth the money. I hope the release of this DVD can give a little motivation to those teams also working on full-length videos *cough*DXG*cough*SY*cough. Excuse me.

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Cory Vanlew Interview

Cory Vanlew. Dont know the name? Dont worry you will. Cory is 18 years old, He was born in Orange County and currently resides in Temecula, California. Which is an area known for having some of the sports top riders. He started riding scooters only 2 years ago at age 16, and has since found a new passion. Apart from scootering Cory also does a little skating, and snowboards in the winter. However when it comes down to it, he chooses Scootering above both. He loves the fact that its a fairly new sport, and is constantly trying to change peoples opinions on how scooter riders are seen. Cory sees himself as a street rider, he loves hitting handrails, ledges, and just going out and riding street. Dont let this fool you though, It isnt uncommon to see Cory riding a skatepark, and airing out of quarters and over hips with overclicked turndowns, lookbacks, and tuck no handers that rival even some of the best "bmx style" riders today. Apart from Scootering, Cory has another big passion in life. That being his love for Graphic Design. Which started back in his Sophomore year of Highschool. Next semester he will be going to college to become a graphic designer. Despite this Cory will still ride, and one of the main things that is keeping him riding, is Matt McKeen. Cory is constantly being inspired watching Matts riding to push himself harder as a street rider, and considering Cory was recently sponsored by Inward-Scooters, you can expect just that.

- Steven T.

Interview by Jordan Jasa

You just got on Inward Scooters. What were you feeling when you learned you were picked for the team?

I was real excited to finally be aprt of a "legit" team that is already making parts and is planning on doing big things and progressing the sport.

How does it feel to be on the same team as Eric Ostrom, Matt Ogle, and everyone else?

I'm very happy to be on the same team as Ogle, Ostrom, You, and everyone else i think i kinda suprised everyone with my sponsor video, cause noone thought i was that good. So overall im glad to finally be reckonized on the same level as them.

What do you think is going to happen in the future with the team?

Well from what iv'e heard from Stevn t. the team manager Inward=Scooters is going to be doing big things, releasing new products and the possibility of a team video should soon all be in the works.

Once you get your Inward parts, whats your setup gonna be?

Inward bars 21.5 high 18 wide, Fsa Unsealed headset, Old A headtube, Inward extreme offset with .120 wall threaded,Proto wheels or eagle not sure what im going to run yet, Old A brake, Reinforced B deck, Custom Grip artwork by me. Thats about it...

You're obviously a very heavily street-influenced rider. Besides McKeen, who influences you?

Lets see.... Big Ron is probaly the other big influence

Cali has a reputation of kids riding nothing but parks and doing a lot of scooterflip stuff. Do kids ever give you crap for riding with a street style, for being different?

No nobody gives me any crap for it actually i'm the one usally tellin people to learn to ride some ledges and quit using your scooter as a nun-chuck lol. But i guess as long as everyone is havin fun i could care less how you ride hahaha

The sponsor video you posted on SR has gotten a lot of good comments, 4 pages right now I think. Did you expect this kind of reception?

i mean not to sound cocky or anything but i did expect to get alot of good comments maybe not that much but yeah i was plannin on recieving alot of good feedback and i thank Nick Darger for editing and filming the video cause it turned out great!

Who or what got you into the sport?

well one day i went to woodinville skatepark when i used to skate. i decided to bring my scooter and see what i could to at the park. i got there and the RAD crew was there and after i saw SLAM do a fingerwhip it was love at first sight! ahahaha

Would you rather ride a street quarterpipe or a nice stairset with a rail in a park? Why?

I'd rather ride the nice stairset with a rail in the park because thats more what i like to do. even tho im a "street" rider i gain all my confidence to do street hand rails on park handrails. They are always better cause you dont have that Sketch factor and you usually have perfect run ups and no big cracks to deal with.

I see what you mean, practice in the park, then apply it in the streets. So how did you get into graphic design? What do you love most about it?

started out in high school and took a computer graphics class and was stoked on photoshop and been doing it ever since. i love creating art its just like a strong hobby i want to make into a career.

You said in your thread something about 720's flat. Are you serious?

of course you will see either in the 951 video or on the inward team intro video thingy. Was bored one day and tried fro like an hour straight. but i got em.

Wow, McKeen status, literally. What kind of music are you into?

anything except like screamo death metal and country. hip hop is my favorite tho

Where do you see yourself, and the sport, in 5 years?

well hopefully the sport gets big in the next couple years cause ill be 24 and ill probably be ready to start a family... so ill keep scootering as long as the sport doesnt die out and grows to what skate boarding has become.

Thats all I got. Any thanks, etc?

Yeah i'd Like to thank Inward-Scooters for taking the time to make the team riders first. All my friends and family who supprt me and my riding and everyone who gave me some positive feed back on my video. =]

Cory Vanlew Inward Sponser from nick darger on Vimeo.

Josh Young IS Video

Josh Young Inside Scooters RAMPBARN Session from Josh Young on Vimeo.

yeahh, creating some publicity (the video is on youtube too).

Jackson Bartlett THS

Aussie Tyler Boner.

Dan Gutendorff Garage Clips

learning oppo stuff, hes coming for me...

My Scooter

I got a brand new Eaglesport metalcore wheel from Tdadd. Thanks dude! My scoot will be undergoing some new additions soon, cannot wait for my stuff to get here.

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Ethan Hong

This kid has always been a sick rider, plagued by injuries though. Definitely good to see new footage.

Matt Dibble Mini 4.5

Grrr from Matt Dibble on Vimeo.

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Top Fives, with Tommy Napolitan

Tommy Napolitan Top Five lists

Favorite Riders
1. Matt Dibble
2. Brandon Kilbury
3. Matt Mckeen
4. AJ Storcella
5. Corey Migliaccio

Baseball Teams:
1. Atlanta Braves
2. Seattle Mariners
3. Los Angela's Dodgers
4. Anaheim Angels
5. New York Mets

2. Fall Of Troy
3. Bloc Party
4. The Beatles
5. Iron Maiden

Ice Cream:
1. Strawberry Cheesecake
2. Cookies n Cream
3. French Vanilla
4. Fried
5. Strawberry

TV Shows:
1. Family Guy
2. Two and a Half Men
3. Futurama
4. Jackass
5. Ducks Unlimited

1. Myspace
2. Scooterresource
3. New Jersey Hunter
4. The Come Up
5. Weather

1. Georgine's
2. Olive Garden
3. River City Cafe
4. Burger King
5. Taco Bell

1. Coffee
2. Ginger Ale
3. Hot Chocolate
4. Milk
5. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

- Jelani Abdus-Salaam

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Doubleflip on a snowmobile?


titles suck

ok soo...theres been some kids doing interviews for me. thats really nice and all, butt...i don't want any more. not that i think they're bad...its just that when someone is going to be interviewed, i want to do it. not some kid i don't know. and especially if the riders is of a high caliber...i don't want every single megapro rider out there interviewed in the first weeks of having this site.

The official "staff" of Inside is as follows:

Jordan Jasa- Writer, interviewer, poster of videos
Steven Tongson- Intro writing, perhaps some random things here and there
Aaron Bransdon- Australian correspondent, interviews, other written content
Jelani (Ejazz)- Contributing writer

So there it is.

Chris Bendel SY part

scooyork part from Chris Bendel on Vimeo.

pretty old stuff, i guess hes not going to be in the SY dvd, ScooYork Times. oh well, some sick clips in here.

Ryan Grant Old Clips

Old Clips Vid from Ryan Grant on Vimeo.

was wondering if he still rode. i hope theres still riders in whitewater, thats the epicenter of the midwest scene.

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Proto Wheel Exchange

As you may know, the Proto metalcore wheels have had some problems with dehubbing, so Andrew has decided to replace all dehubbed wheels free of charge. Read on:


Okay, listen up!

If you had any "dehubbing" issues with your PROTO metalcores from the first batch we will be replace them free of charge (aside from mailing them back to us). Since it was only a small percentage of wheels that are having issues, we will only be replacing wheels that are totally unridable (completely dehubbed).

If you ordered directly from The Scooter Resource you have until Friday, February 13, 2009 to determine if the wheels you purchased are defective or not. In other words: If you haven't broken them by Friday the 13 then we aren't going to replace them. If you ordered from WEE Scooters you have until Friday, February 27, 2009 to do the same. If only one of your wheels dehubs then we will only replace one, two for two and so on.

If you live in the United States mail your defective wheels to:

The Scooter Resource
2426 Millegar Lane
Vista, CA 92084

In order to receive your replacement wheels you MUST include either your original packing slip from SR or a piece of paper containing all your original order information (name on order, address, order number if you have it) so we can properly credit the right orders. All replacements must be postmarked (emails received if you ordered from WEE) by the deadlines in red above. If they are not sent by the dates above you will not be eligible for replacements after that.

If you ordered from WEE Scooters you need to email photographic proof of your defective wheels to info© and Madis will verify if the wheels are eligible for replacement and in what quantities. The wheels in the photos must be DISTINCTLY marked on the cores on the SAME SIDE as the PROTO graphics so there are no duplicate photos being taken. You can either notch the core with a saw or engrave it with something that is clearly visible in the photo. Markers and paint do not count because those can be easily removed. If you feel this is too much work then mail them back to Madis and make sure they are post marked by the deadline above.

We promised the best freestyle scooter wheels on the market and we stand by our word.


Now I don't know about you but I think eagles are looking really nice right now. I bought one of a kid today, I hope its worth the money.

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James Gee

COTW from jamesgscoot on Vimeo.

Last trick = :O

More SD3 footy

elmerrrrrrrrrrrr from nick darger on Vimeo.

More footy from that concrete park everyone was riding in Cali. Really sick riding by everyone.

Cory Vanlew Inward Sponsor/Inward Team

Cory Vanlew Inward Sponser from nick darger on Vimeo.

Kid is a beast, this video will definitely turn some heads.

Oh, and Inward announced their newly formed team. The lineup includes:

Cory Vanlew
Chris Bendel
Nate Grant
Eric Ostrom
Matt Ogle

and Yours truly.

This is definitely a stacked team. I cannot wait to get my bars and fork. Once again, much love to Steven Tongson for deeming me worthy of the team.

Madis Kukk "interview"?

Basically, read this. Sent via PM over SR.

Aaron bransdon and i had the idea of interviewing you about making bars, product development, and generally the whole process of running a company. would you be up for it?

Ehh. I think maybe not yet.

Because hardly see any bars actually being done in person since they are being done by pros while i'm busy studying or whatever. WEE Scooters isn't my number one priority which is why i'm just currently mainly there to help europeans/aussies/canadians/others to get Proto/SR stuff to them, since i can tolerate the paperwork for export shipping while others usually hate filling up customs forms.

As for the production research and development, i've had some free time when i've been bored or inspired, drawing up ideas and looking for ways to produce them. But they will remain under ground until the time comes. I'm just really-really busy with university these days, but in spring/summer i'm hoping to have more time to get more action with WEE, for example become an official reseller of Pro-models (i heard that the european Pro-models cost more because they had to meet the European manufacturing standards, which makes them better than american $45 scooters, so heads up), to support Proto Scooters by getting their products available for non-american riders, and put out our own production line aswell eventually.

As for WEE itself... well, it started from July 2007 when i had stripped my starnut. I was stupid so instead of hammering the fork out of the bars with the starnut like Brian Boston, i cut off the bars. I had 18" high & 16" wide RAD v.2 bars and for a long time i wanted to get higher bars. As i grew, low bars started to get on my back, so low bars weren't my game anymore. But as RAD was out of business, i thought that now was the time to realise one of my ideas: welded T-bars with diagonal supports, kinda like a W-shape. FROM the first phone call TO putting my own first bars on my scooter, took just 7 days. I was so stoked then. Just two days later, i bent them (180 to fakie down a 6-set stairs). I realised i had chosen a thin steertube for them, so within a few days i got thicker material in and made new bars for myself and a friend who had been dreaming about having one-piece bars for a long time. As they had that W-shape, i called them "W-bars", since the word "W" stands for "wide" because you gotta have wide bars to have these supports. Well, in English, it was kinda akward to pronounce them as "double-U bars", so i just called them "wee bars" for short. Lame name, yet easy to remember.

Well, at that time, nobody really made one-piece bars but there were lots of people who wanted them, but international payments over banks were expensive, so i knew i couldn't help anyone out since you could only send out money with PayPal and not receive. As PayPal had set up a new office in Luxembourg, Estonian accounts gained more options so i could start receiving payments. So i could help out a few british and american friends who really wanted some bars, so i made them. One thing lead to another, the demand became bigger and bigger in time.

As said before, WEE is not my number one thing yet, but most people know me only because of WEE, not as a scooter rider who's having fun, going for his own thing.


So...interview without doing an interview? thanks madis, you make life easy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alex Steadman Interview

Alex Steadman over the past few years has become very popular in the sport of Scootering. He's well know for his dreads, his 180s, and for being one of the first, and one of the best at doing the ever so popular "slider". Alex lives in Mesa, Arizona where the Scootering scene is very strong, and constantly growing. This however doesnt change Alex's outlook on riding. He keeps the same chill and laid back attitude both on and off his scooter. He started riding at 14 years old, and 5 years later is still going strong. He stays motivated to ride, but never takes his riding too serious. He learns tricks at his own pace, and sticks to what he loves doing, not what everyone else loves seeing. Although he might not be aware of it, most riders these days would much rather watch a video of Alex Steadman doing high speed 180s, manuals, and sliders as opposed to your standard video jam packed with scooter flips and tons of whips. Alex admits that he would like to see more riders follow in his footsteps when it comes to riding. He'd like to see more guys take a more relaxed style in their riding, and steer away from the constant "learn a new trick everyday" style that most riders think they need today. Despite who wants to ride like him, or who doesnt, It wont affect what Alex continues to do. When it comes to riding scooters, its a lot like his hair, he has no plans of cutting it, and no plans of quitting.

- Steven Tongson

Interview by Andy Rhode.

How long have you been riding?

Hella days... Like 5+ Years

What are your plans for 09?

Shred the gnar.

What is your current setup?

Reinforced pro model, Slayer bars 20" by 22", sealed Cane Creek S-1, Eagle Sport metal core on back, Go 2 on front

What got you into riding scoot scoots and shreding the gnar?

Well I got a scooter when they came out and just stuck with it. I sucked it bad at skating and I was good at scooters so I chose that.

Fakie hop at Tempe, photo cred Shelby.  But she dun like it.

What made you decide to get those gnarly dreads?

Nothing really, they just kinda came about.

How long have you had your dreads?

Five years.

Do you have any plans for Pirate Reinforcements?

Not really, just planning on making more. I might make a thicker version for people who go through them fast and aren't weight weenies.

Do you have any advice for kids just getting into scootering?

Pretty much the usual, don't get discouraged and keep practicing. Also, learn to ride backwards before forwards.

How many times have people said that you look like Jason Castro from American Idol?

Too many...

Any last words?

Slip her the tongue!

Micro XT Review

Review: Micro XT "Stunt Model" from on Vimeo.

By Madis Kukk.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Advert, and Winter Day Video

Thanks Ejazz!

And heres a day video from Ryan Erwin...this kid is improving fast, and I'd like to see him take his riding to the streets.

Matt McKeen Interview

Matt McKeen, you all know who he is. I feel no need to introduce him. His TPCVJ9 part does all the explaining for him. Jelani Abdus-Salaam, aka Ejazz, did a short interview with him for me. Thanks again Ejazz!

- Jordan Jasa
Interview: Jelani Abdus-Salaam

How long have you been riding?

I been riding since I was in 7th grade. Soo, 6 years now.

Who got you into riding?

Umm well I used to ride bikes and all that janx. So when my bike was broken Id shred the scoot scoot. And then eventually scooters just took over my soul.

What is your favorite spot to shred?

Ohh you know. El toro all day.

What's your setup right now?

Welll it’s a French scooter imported from France with black handlbarss and a black forkkk, and some nice wheelsss from this other dude. Complete with pretty bluee griptape from the scooter competition in New Jersey at the Edison skatepark next to the police station home to the big bad skateboarders. And some bolts for poops and giggles.

Do you like comps, or just doing your own thing?

Naww, I only go to them to chill with the homies. And laugh at the beginner class of course.

What tricks are you working on?

It's a secret.

Who would you say deserves the best rider of 08 award?

That aus kid, I think his name cody but like with a edie instead of a dy so it’s like coedie.

Who are your top 3 fav people to ride with?

Shiettt, there’s so many. TPC counts as one person. Which automatically includes Scooyork. Cause were like brothers in the cooter community. And then id say Eric Ostrom and then French ID (the fresh idea) counts as a person too.

What amazing riders would you want to ride with?

Coedie for sure, I only rode with Addy for like 2 seconds at the first TIC so it’d be tight to ride with him again. Umm I’d like to go down to Texas and ride with matt ogle and danny warwick. Nor cal dudes like Steven T. Bascially anybody whose down to ride some good spots.

Describe yourself in 10 words.

Doood. I don’t’ even know right now. Nextt question dogg.

What kind of music do you like?

I’m all over the place with music. Whatever sounds good.

Do you think one day scooter riding will be big like BMXing and skating?

I dunnooo. Maybe if kids grow the --- up, and ride some real --- rather than a sk8park brahh.

How do you feel about the bmx and skater community?

I don’t really pay attention to bmx like most scooter dooters do. But I’ve always been real tight with skaters. If you haven’t noticed I take a lot of my riding based off of skating. So they can somewhat tolerate me with my goofy handlebars. Since I moved to Richmond, VA. I’ve been filming with the same dudes who film Gilbert Crockett for Fallen and Mystery. So I’m pretty stoked on that.

If you weren't riding scooters, what would you be doing right now?

Skateboarding definitely.

Any big plans for 09?


Any last words?

Ride for fun. Don’t let anyone put you down. Shred the Gnar

REviseddd TPC part from matt mckeen on Vimeo.

*1st picture: Martin Kimbell
**2nd: Casey Murphy?

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A quick little update-

I've been messing around looking at different templates and such, trying to find one that will cover most of the screen. The one I had before was pretty skinny in the actual content area. So idk, maybe I'll learn HTML and make a a template myself. But thats way off of right now, def not my first concern.

I'm still working on the Slasher interview, and Aaron Bransdon will be doing a video interview of Coedie Donovan and Rory Coe. I'm excited to have Aaron help, seeing as he knows most Aussies I think he can be beneficial to bringing an Australian flavor to the blog.

So yeah.

SD3 Footy

Sd3 footy from scooter andy on Vimeo.

Incase you missed it. Filmed by Andy.


We were bored on AIM, so I interviewed him. The editing on it sucks, the font was going crazy for me. Just make sure you watch his video, Chris is legit!

How long have you been riding?

about a year and 4 months

How long did it take you to learn front bris?

around like 4 months of just throwing them down 4 stairs and out of toys r us small bank <3>

Why have you continuously ridden toys r us when there are probably hundreds of spots on Long Island?

i havent. back before greg left for florida, we would always hit up all the local spots around me and if we ever got bored of them and didnt know where to go, we'd end up at toys r us just doing stupid flyout stuff. you dont know howwwww many memories i have there hahahaha

Is it true that you did indeed, have a crush on Margaret?

A LITTLE ONE yes those were fun times <3>

What kind of tricks are you doing nowadays?

trucks and whip bars

Gonna truck the brooklyn banks ten?

lmao im not stevon yknow

Do you have a minivideo or anything planned?

yes now that gregs back me and him are gonna start filming like crazy expect alot better stuff than my last video :)

Summarize what your scooter is comprised of right now.

stock bars (Not bolted) inward scooter zero offset fork, two 100mm eagle sports, fly ruben grips

Are you sponsored now, and if not, what would it mean to you to be sponsored?

yes im sponsored by inward scooters, watch out for them because they have big plans for 2009 :)

Who are your top 3 riders you love to ride with?

greg angelo and corey winard

Who are your top 3 or 5 riders you want to ride with, but haven't?

jordan jasa logan bradley tyler wheeland josh young steven t and JR

Why is it that you never use commas?

cause im the f---ing man.

Describe yourself using 10 words.

annoying on the internet but fun in real life sexy
thats 10

What kind of music are you into?

rap and instrumental

What do you think you would be doing now if you didn't ride scooters?

i would be fat and i would waste my time drinking and smoking with the losers in my town.

Who is your favorite rider?

i have no clue. if you give me time to look around id know, but im not looking around.

Ah. How many more questions should I ask?

i dk. is that good enoguh or what.

Doesn't matter to me, I got all day.

well i got a girlfriend coming over and i have to restart my computer cause its yelling at me.

And with that I had to go, the pops was wanting the computer.

web edit from Chris Bendel on Vimeo.


Sick french rider, really fun to watch.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Endub Weekend Video

weekend vid. from james flores on Vimeo.

It kinda drags on but theres some good stuff here.
nate wagoner
jake sanner
james flores
jeff decker


Not the athletic kind. Ejazz0694 was kind enough to make this sweet little advert for IS. Thanks Ejazz! Its kinda big for the space provided, idk if I can resize it on this site. Oh well.

Rob Eaton Clips

This is my boy Robert, a tech wiz hailing from the UK. Lots of good stuff here.

Robert Eaton Scootering from Rob Eaton on Vimeo.

And a clip he posted for me.

Fakie bar to Fakie scooter fakie from Rob Eaton on Vimeo.


Hes unique, a complete individual, and walks to the beat of his own drum. I'm talking about Bobby Vaughn. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of you don't know who I'm talking about. Bobby tends to keep a low profile. He doesn't feel the need to sit on SR and post all day long just so he can see his post count go up. Instead you can find Bobby out in the streets riding his scooter..and riding it in his own unique original way. Bobby has been known for doing such tricks as the "Poserslide", "Turntap", and the "Sarantap". These are but a few of his original tricks that Bobby does with his own style, that separates him from every other rider today. However don't be mistaken at his unrecognizable name, Bobby has been scootering for over 8 years, and will actually be 9 years come April, and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon. In the middle of 2007 Bobby dropped his first real mini video, and it turned quite a lot of heads. With his originality and style he got a lot of peoples attentions. He is a true individual in the sport of Scootering, something that we have always been lacking, and the fact that he is completely underrated or unknown to most will never bother Bobby. He rides for himself, and for the love of Scootering. That, is Bobby Vaughn.

- Steven Tongson

Interview done by Jordan Jasa.

So how long exactly have you been riding? What was the scene like back then?

well, ive been riding for about 8 and 1/2 first skooter i bought for like 3 dollars off some dude i had no handlegrips, the deck was half missing and it had a rollerblade front wheel....there weren't any good skooters around then except for the original old a1, micros, if you wanted to ride a longneck. no one in town rode skooters and anyone who was older and seriously into another sport would just look at you like you were a goon! haha...i kinda miss those days...without the original skooter riders of those Steven Tongson, Matt Andrus, Ryan Whetstone, Bobby Vaughn (me)

Was it hard getting motivation to ride after the scooter boom, like in 2002? The scene was almost nonexistent back then...

ehhh..i knew what i liked and i thought skootering could really go somewhere if people just stayed with i stayed with it...doing bigger gaps than al lampton back in the day...but didnt have enough money to buy a camera or enough comp skills to post anything back then....i woulda had al lampton on his knees beggin me not to post my clips that never were posted...

anyways...there was the old razor team, which wouldn't be anywhere without Jarret Reid, The Flying Squirrel.....while they were riding ramps and stuff..i was off riding street ...i don't know...street just makes me feel more alive..more free..instead of being contained....OH, but about the 2002 scene..there was Raptor skooters then...Kat Larios..she was the shit...hittin up those no footer 1 handers like they were nothing back then.

I've heard of Raptor before. Can you tell me more about them?

they were a rip-off of razor... but they had a couple good riders...and they made your skooter a custom color..thats all i can say really...

You made some threads on SR back in the day about riding with "marijuana enhancement". Did being under the influence of drugs really help out your riding?

hehe...i used to think it did...i know that i used to enjoy it alot...i woudnt recommend anyone doing it tho....i dont do illegal drugs anymore and i dont even drink really...i used to do alot of psychadelics....went to rehab for one in particular twice...some of the best and worst days-o-my life......but, i will say they opened my mind and made me think about things i wouldnt normally think..

..overall, they arent worth it in the end, you will lose what REALLY matters to you in life....friends, a fiancee, and lose peoples trust..... i do like the naturally produced drugs adrenalin, endorphens, and things like that that are made in the body and brain.

Love and Art (skootering is an art) are WAY better than any drug could ever be.

What would you say, what advice would you give to a kid who's just about to the age where people start going to parties and drinking, smoking, etc?

dont give in under peer pressure..alo-o-kids these days want to look cool and about the age of 14, they wanna fit into a certain into substances is not the way to fit in, in my book.....myeh, wait til your about 50 then youll be cool pretty much to do whatever you want! heh! cops like to mess with teenagers, so id say...chill... dowhatever you want, but that's just my advice...

I thought your video was one of the most original videos of 2007. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

skateboarding! hands down...thats all i have had to ride with....props to Mckeen for drawing the same influence!

BMX style has been more popular the past few years, do you think McKeen's video will start a shift to skate style?

Hah! Yes i do! i hope that his, mine, and other street riders will be more influential in skootering, i see all these people riding nothing but park that have no originality.....its crazy! Street is where it's at....Yes, we need more skateboard influenced riders....with them, comes original skooter names instead of mocking names that have already been made up.

Do you think of yourself as a tech rider, style rider, or something else altogether?

on SR i voted for Style...i dont know if id consider myself much else besides a skateboarder who didnt make it and couldnt afford it...then i became addicted to skootering..I love tech riders tho man...Kasson! Wernicke was sick back in the day...never got into Josh Toy! i know this may make him mad...but i think he gets too much credit! Kasson, Andrus, Mcnaughton, and Mckeen would woop riders like mr. toy anyday!

With that said, do like doing big, gutsy stuff drops and gaps more, or things like combos that take more time?

I used to like gaps alot...back when al lampton was "the king of gaps" i was doing bigger gaps...just had no way to post my vids cuz we had no idea how to upload or anything like that back then....I Love doing tailtap combos, man...they are my favorite tricks....i like some tech stuff too like noseblunt slides and overkrook combos that Martin Kimbell stole from me....i talked to him on msn about my new overkrrok combos and like the next day he is posting the same tricks i told him i just landed...he took the credit for em but he deserves it i guess, he's done alot for the Art of Skootering!

Yeah, he has. I don't really notice you posting much on SR, at least on videos and pictures. Do you try to keep up with the latest videos or is that not important to you?

its not that important man...when you keep up with them too much you lose originality......because you care too much about what other people are doing instead of focusing on things that really progress the so tired of seeing skooterflip after skooterflip and flairs get annoying....RIDE MORE STREET!

I think its safe to say that you, Matt Andrus, Dylan Kasson, Matt Ogle and even myself have unique riding styles. Why do you think Midwest riders tend to be more original than most others?

because there arent as many large cities packed together and not as many riders living close together so you have to think of your own stuff.

Do you think you would be more well known if you lived in Cali instead of Illinois? Would your riding be different?

yes and yes. im glad i live in metropolis illinois..i cant really say why except for being able to say everything happens for a reason. My riding would be so different if i had skooter riders to ride with back in the day instead of skateboarders. Again, street Skaooting is where its at.

Barack Obama was just inaugurated today. What do you think of him?

i dont really care too much for politics...i havent seen a straight politic in my life. But, i love the fact that peoples are are going to be opened up for new things. i havent done any research on him. id rather be skootering or doing something more productive like infiltrating the Illuminati! heh, jk kinda. He SEEMS like a nice fella....we'll just have to see..people fear hes going to be assassinated by The Skull and Bones/Illuminati/Bilderberg Group or one of their affiliates...if this happens, they better be moving their devil worshipping asses to Mars or hide in Mt.Weather cuz there will be a Very Strong Retaliation.

Illuminati? Are you serious? They're really around?

theyve been around.....way longer than i can say.Bush, cheyney, bush sr. the whole bush family, clintons, and a HUGE majority of politicians are part of at least one secretive, genocidal group of blooddrinkers.

A genocidal group of blooddrinkers. Well, that certainly sounds interesting, but I'm gonna stop the interview here. Any last words?

haha! Last words! why, are you planning my death or something?! jk...Umm id like to say thank you for this opportunity...thanks for being open minded. and to anyone else, if anyone, whos going to read this, Ride More Steet! Hit More Ledges! Quit the Frontside and backside flippin..aka, skooter flips. Peace, Unity! -Slasher

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coming Soon:

For my next interview I'll be hitting up Midwest shredder Bobby Vaughn. You probably know him as Slasher, though.

I'll write a decent length review on TPCVJ9 DVD, whenever it comes. With shipping the way it is from SR, that could be tomorrow or two weeks.

And if I see a good video from a not-so recognizable name on SR, I'll post it up here. I want this to be a place you would visit to see some legit stuff, without having to search through 10 videos on SR.

So check in often, I'll try to update this as much as I can.

Thanks for visiting,

Jordan Jasa

Hep Greg Interview

When I started brainstorming riders to interview, Greg Cohen was one of the first to come to mind. Fresh off the release of his first minivideo, everyone was really stoked on his riding. And they still are. He's been getting some nominations for Best Minivideo 08. I shot him some questions over MSN and here are his answers.

1. How did you first get into riding?

before i rode scooters, i skateboarded. i was at a sleepaway camp in 2000, and someone had left an Old A lying around, so being a skateboarder, my first instinct was to trick and do tricks on it. i picked it up, and did a feeble stall on this bench, and rode it around doing little jumps and stuff. when i got home from camp, my parents had bought me one, and the rest just followed.

2. Do you think your riding would be different if you lived anywhere else rather than NYC?

im not sure, but that's a good question. i think it might be, because i would have been riding with other people, or possibly by myself. so i wouldnt have had the same influences.

3. How did you get involved with C4 and EagleSport?

for C4, Gino invited me to join the team, and asked me to test out his prototype bars. so i agreed, and he put me on the team. for eaglesport, i was the first person to ride their wheels on a scooter. a few months ago, i emailed Marcel and sent him some clips, and was put on the team. i've been helping him with R & D, and testing prototype wheels and such since then.

4. How does it feel knowing that there's tons of kids out there basically worshipping you because of your scooter? Do you think people wouldn't have been so psyched on your mini/given you as many comments if you had never had such dialed setups?

haha i would hope that people dont just base their respect for me off of my scooter.. and as its been said over the years, one's scooter doesn't determine how well someone rides.

5. What has it been like living with Margaret in Florida by yourselves?

It was really nice, but Sarasota has nothing to offer entertainment-wise. We're both very happy to be back home in New York.

6. It might just be me, but you seem to know a lot about what is happening behind the scenes with various companies. Why is this?

Haha, because I'm Hep Greg. I just know alot of people in charge of big projects and stuff like that. and people tend to trust in my advice when it comes to designing scoots, so i guess that plays a big part in it.

7. What's one trick you could do all day long?

180 barspins. on anything, and everything. best trick ever.

8. You seemed to pick some winners when you got on C4 and Eagle. Did you know that they were going to get big? Are there any small/new companies right now that you think have bright futures?

i had no idea Gino was going to do anything with C4 other than making bars. I'm happy he's ended up with a successful small business.
I'm extremely happy to be a part of Eaglesport, it's probably the best thing thats happened to me since i started riding. Marcel is super open to new ideas, and he's a great guy.

As for new companies, Inward Scooters (despite their silly name) has a few good things going for them right now, and they have the resources to get bigger; which i believe the will. French ID is going to be HUGE soon. just wait, they're coming out with some crazy stuff.

9. Whats up with the SY DVD? Every time I go into the thread its like Lil Steve saying all he needs in a banger...

Oh lord haha. Ok, this is the official update for the DVD i'm guessing.. Jon's [Reyes] computer crashed about a month ago, so all the progress on the DVD was squashed & deleted. he still has all of the footage, but he just recently got a new camera so we're going to re-film most and/or all of it in HD. also, we've re-vamped the team and cut out a few riders who aren't as active anymore, so it will have less parts, but longer sections for each rider.

10. Any last words of wisdom, thanks, or shout-outs?

Hmm... ride more street. go out and explore your town, instead of chilin' at the skatepark everyday. Also, thanks for picking me to do this first interview, i think it's a pretty sweet idea.

Mini One. from Hep Greg on Vimeo.