Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Alex Blome 2

Alex Blome does it for Mothership and Flavor.  Unfortunately he broke his wrist, so this is the footage he's been able to get this year so far.  Line with the fullwhip and front hurricane front board heel was dope.

Shop Mothership Presents | Anton Abramson & Danila Popov

Mothership recently picked up these two Bay area boys for their team.  Both with unique styles, Anton and Danila have progressed a lot over the past couple years and it's always cool to see footage of them.  However, new footage of them might be hard to come by for a while.  The Concrete crew was recently robbed at gunpoint of most of their camera gear, so they set up this GoFunMe to try to raise funds to replace their equipment.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Kevin Austin and Jon Archer have both visited the states a couple times in the past couple years and rode with a lot of the Satori crew.  They're a natural fit so Satori decided to start hooking them to represent in Australia.  You'd think after dropping Friendly's LUX video that these guys would be fresh out of good footy, but this clips are still fire.  Jon's fingerwhips, Kevin's lines...I remember the clip at 1:15 was first try.  Don't know how he does it.

Native | Reece Jones

Native is an upcoming brand out of Australia and happens to have Reece Jones on the team.  Reece is such a natural on a scooter, anything he does he makes look so easy.  But not much of what he does could be considered easy...overcrook whip pop back in was so cool.  Back board down flat to back lip, yowza.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lucky Scooters | Alex De Stefano | Welcome To Lucky Title

Canadian Alex De Stefano just got on Lucky's Title team and released this rad edit.  You might not know his name but don't count him out- his rail skills are no joke.  That ender was too good.  Definitely gonna be on the lookout for more footage of this guy as it gets warmer in Canada.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Dan Barrett and Jake Hershey were recently in Denver and while Jake didn't have his scooter, Dan did and they were able to film this little video in a day, hitting 4 skateparks.  Dan's flow is unlike anyone elses, and that half cab wallride...damn.  Issac Miller also gets a couple guest clips/bails.

Justin Lacosse 6 Trick Fix

Busty Justy rides for Sky High as well as Satori, and he kills it.  Always fun to be around, he can flow a park with the best of them.  Check out his 6 Trick Fix at Euclid skatepark.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Flavor Awakening Wheels x Relax

Flavor hooked up Danny Roberts and the Relax crew with a bunch of wheels, so the crew put together this video riding the wheels.  Always quality footage coming from anything Danny puts out, its rad to see these UK guys out there shredding it.  Danny's 3 down heel was so nice.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring in the NW

Logan Fuller has been busy filming a lot of the dudes in the NW shredding the concrete playgrounds over the past few months.  This video documents a lot of rad scootering as well as some extra exploration around the beautiful natural scenery of the NW.  Names like Cooper Klaar, Tyler Bonner, Hep Greg, even Tommy Dang has a clip.  I'll never know how Cooper can come up everything he does, makes no sense.


On the other side of the spectrum (compared to the video below) we have Lambert Judith putting the beat down on a chill little park for AO.  The rail combos, the smith combos, the steeze.  Lard was holding nothing back for this one, also featuring Rudy Tito.

Lucky Scooters | Derek Marr | Welcome To Title

Here we have a little dude from Lucky who can really shred the barspins in a way you don't see very much.  Derek's practice and dedication has landed him on the Lucky Title team.  Aaron Hill kills it with the filming/editing too, well done video all around.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Reece Doezema | SkyHigh

Everyone's favorite instaswag dickies boy Reece Doezema came out with this edit last night, and it is fire.  It looks like most of it is a day edit, but its a good one.  He makes everything look too easy.  Get at him on the gram @reecedoezema

PROTO Intermission 2015

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about Proto's mysterious "Floto" team.  A group of guys recently got the hookup on parts from Proto, Each of these riders is going to have a welcome edit, but this video is a kind of introduction to the new team.  I'm a little bummed on the mix of SD and HD footy, but the riding is all tight and it left me wanting more.

Jack Colston's RAW VIDEO

A few months ago Jack's Source Bar Promo came out and it was insane.  Today this video of the raw clips was uploaded, 25 minutes of bails, lands, and everything in between.  Nothing like going out with your buddies and getting psyched on scooters.  That's really what it's about, no matter what the clip count is at the end of the day.  Jack's set to move to Chicago this summer, it'll be sick to see what he can bring to the Midwest spots.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Texas V.1

Mike DeJong and the Texan crew have been stacking clips out in the streets and this is some throwaway they're deciding to release.  Lots of cool spots and it's always sweet seeing clips of Theo.  I'm looking forward to seeing a more official video cause these dudes have been ripping in their parktages.

2015 parktage

Josh Smukal has been filming the BusBoys as well as the Florida Ride crew recently in a bunch of different parks over the past year.  This parktage features Josh as well as guys like Kyle Arnholt, Jona Humbel, Michael Hohmann, Dylan Becker, and more.  Solid riding and filmed/edited well too.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Madd Gear Big Air Finals Full Video

Strap in and enjoy some of the craziest Mini Mega footage we've ever seen. I haven't even finished the video yet, but I wanted to get it posted for you guys. Props to MGP for putting this together, and props to all the riders who threw down for this event. Check it out below.

Madd Gear Big Air Contest Video Update

As some of you know, the MGP Big Air Competition went down yesterday. The final edit is not up yet, but it will be soon, and you will be able to find it here on ISB! Until then, hear from some of the worlds best, and how they feel about the contest. Was stoked to see Andrew Broussard in attendance.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dubaï // Abu Dhabi - BLUNT Tour

The Blunt guys are always all over the place.  This latest video documents Flavio Pesenti and Charles Padel's trip to Dubai/Abu Dhabi, out in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.  With Luca Thiebault behind the lens as always, you know this video will make you feel like you were there too.  Gotta say that last trick would have been way cooler if it was straight to the fakie double peg though.  Still, these guys kill it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ELYTS x SD II (2 of 3)

The Sunshine boys win the award for most productive crew, easily.  Here we have Elliot and Co riding around San Diego for Elyts.  Guys like Hunter Bechtle, Ryan Upchurch, and Jon Devrind also make appearances.  There is some serious shredding in here- Hunter's front board front board over the skate stopper on that handrail, Elliot's handrail to ledge ride, etc.  It sounds like a full length video called "Hagtown" is being filmed too, so be on the lookout for more on that soon.

Trailer Dissidence street jam V6

The next Dissidence Street Jam is coming up next month.  Roots Boy put together this trailer to hype you up for the most insane street scooter event in the world.  I'm not sure how last years will be topped, but every year seems to get gnarlier somehow.  Looking forward to the footage.

AO in Barcelona

AO in Barcelona 2015 from AO Scooters on Vimeo.

 Elliott Arnold, Lambert Judith, Cory Vanlew, Enzo Commeau, Johan Walzel, Brad Ackermann, Ruben Rodriguez, Justin Diaz and Nils Frydendal were all in BCN recently for a contest and stayed a little afterwards and filmed this video with Salim, which was edited by Roots Boy.  Some crazy flat bar/ledge shredding from all these dudes.  All those curved rail setups look so good.   Salim had some great filming as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter from ISB

Happy Easter to everyone from Inside Scooters!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Justin "Juzzy" Carter Farewell Micro Fails and Bails

Justin Carter has been with Micro for quite some time now, and he's released some serious edits in that time. But it looks like his time with the company has come to an end. He announced earlier that he is parting ways with Micro, and has one last edit, a Fails and Bails edit, that he released before he left. Any ideas where Justin is heading now? Let us know in the comments.

Park Crushers

Being on the premiere "street" team doesn't just mean riding spots.  While on filming trips, park sessions inevitably happen, and over the past couple years the Tilt team has been stacking HD park clips.  That footage is now seeing the light of day in this "Park Crushers" video.  I keep getting more and more excited for Tilt 2 as more HD footage from Tilt drops.  Nobody was quite sure how Tilt in HD would turn out, but these recent videos prove these guys are still truly on top of the game.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Matt McKeen | B sides

Vex uploaded the B sides of Matt McKeen's promo today.  Its always rad seeing this type stuff since its so rare in scootering.  Shows what all goes into filming a trick, which is always more than what you'd expect.  Last clip is still so so nutty, this Youtube comment put it perfectly- "This rail is in critical condition, we need to get a new one stat!"  "But sir, can't we just replace the flat part?" "No the fucker hit the kink" "but how, I don't know, isn't that the spot of the gods?" Yes, but this man was a god, he's just been hiding among us, waiting for the right moment and he struck with the wrath of all the gnarkill gods combined."