Saturday, November 30, 2013


Conor Davidson put this edit together of him, Erik Feenstra, and Dan Barrett riding a skatepark and a couple street spots.  I think my favorite part was the clips on the parking blocks, shows you don't need a fancy park to have fun riding.  Music also by Conor, and his friend Mike Belsito.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Bangers in the Bunker

Some of the top riders in the NW got together at the Bunker section of The Lumberyard and made this video...park is new to scooters and they just shut it down already.  Even Stan Smirnoff gets in on the action with a ledge combo.  And I'm with do you whip rewind?!?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ScooterHut USA 20% Sale for Inside Scooters

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Flipside Ridehouse Sales

New 2014 products are hitting the shelves just in time for Christmas.

We have the new Envy Prodigy...hands down the best value on the market and it now comes with 110MM wheels! Check out the Envy AOSV2 Signature custom completes, available in 10 different big $$ over building one yourself. The new KOS is here as well. The long awaited Fasen completes are selling like hotcakes...only a very small shipment made it to the U.S. and no more will be arriving this year. Proto wheels, at the time of this posting we have Sliders of every color in stock. Also have all Signature Grippers with the exception of Chema's. Proto is completely sold out of all wheels...demand has been extremely high. If you are looking for a MGP VX3 Ninja...look no further plus it has free shipping. TILT, all colors Legacy Forks, SCS and Double Clamps. Last but certainly not least, we have the largest selection of USA made Phoenix products in the country. Wheels, clamps, bars, Wedge and Classic Phorx, 4.5" Integrated and Standard decks, Reventon's (yes...we have the 4.65's in black and polished), Session decks and all 3 colors of the Session completes. Get the U.S. made stuff while you still can...stock is extremely limited and when it's's gone.

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ScooterHut USA Black Friday Sale

ScooterHut is going to be throwing a storewide 20% off sale, as well as 25% off on ALL Root Industries products. They have everything from the wheels, grips, headsets, and pegs, down to the signature Moey Bearings, and Signature Royce King Wheels. You won't find Root Industries at any other online store, so if you want it, head over to ScooterHut USA.

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The Vault Black Friday Sale

The Vault has some gnarly sales going on for Black Friday! Check em out and head over to their website to see what they have in stock!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Five Scooter Riders You'll See at the Park

At every park fortunate (unfortunate?) enough to have a population of scooter riders, there are some standard style riders that can be found at any one time.  Chances are you fall under one of the below categories, and if you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.  Most riders will go through each “stage” at some point in their life, so if you have a large population of the groms, don’t be too bummed; with a little guidance from you, they’ll learn what’s up.  Note that these classifications are not all-encompassing and that this article is for entertainment purposes only.  Kthx.

1.  The Scooter Kid.  This small, two to ten year old child is the reason why scooters are hated on, plain and simple.  They ride stock Razor A model scooters, or perhaps a Barbie or Spiderman model.  Their parents don’t seem to understand that the skatepark is NOT a daycare.  They let their little tyke run around on the ramps, go back and forth, getting in your way every single time you’re about to drop in.  They are the reason that people think scooters are for kids, not for shreddin.  Hot mom optional.

2.  The Park Rat.  This is the first real stage in the path to becoming a mature scooter rider.  Thanks to Dad’s credit card, this rider has a complete, color coordinated MGP, District, or Envy setup.  They know some things about park etiquette and the sport in general, but will still chill with their frontwheel over the coping, doing barspins.  They’ll ask you a million questions (“Can you backflip?  Are you sponsored?  What kind of scooter is that?”) and generally be annoying.  The thing is, the parents of these kids are the ones that make up most of the industry’s paying customers- so if you want your favorite company to keep running, or your favorite rider to keep traveling and coming out with videos, you gotta play nice and teach these guys what’s up.  They are the future.

3.  The Park Shark.  This is an advanced form of the Park Rat, borne from the stinky recesses of the foam pit.  Front bris and kicklesses at the ready, the Park Shark also comes equipped with a helmet/kneepads/elbowpads.  He spends all day getting his tricks perfected on the flyout, one-upping his fellow riders, and may consider the Tilt team to be pretty much a flat team.  He probably cannot doublewhip flat, but he can buttercup air.  Sometimes riders can get stuck in this cocky stage until well into their pro careers (What rhymes with soda, for 100 please). 

4.  The Street Elitist.  Every Street Elitist is issued a standard uniform, given when their first hurricane full cab is landed:  Janoskis, Huf weed socks, cuffed pants (usually chinos), a collared, button-up shirt with some kind of floral design, and a five panel hat (extra street cred for Supreme).   These guys will usually be riding the flat box or rail, scoffing at the younger kids and their briflips (and secretly trying them when no one’s looking).  It is also required that they use Tame Impala in their videos.  For them, rider-owned companies > all, and nothing is worse than the blood-sucking corporate entities taking advantage of the growing scooter industry.

Another form of this rider is something I like to call the Parachutist.  These riders wear XXXL sized shirts/sweatshirts, ride a lot of street type obstacles, but you hardly ever see them riding actual street.  Their riding can be compared to tap-dancing, in more ways than one.  Juicy J is the soundtrack to their life.

See also: SwagFag.

5.  The OG.  This dude has it all figured out.  It doesn’t matter what clothes he wears, he isn’t trying to impress anyone.  He might like riding transition, or ledges, or everything.  He doesn’t identify himself as a street or park rider, but simply as a scooter rider.  He likes to support certain brands but doesn’t mind the kids repping other brands, because they’re all a piece of the puzzle.  Indeed, it’s hard to make a joke about this guy.  Maybe he should quit riding, go to college, get a real job, and start skating, because scootering is for kids.


If you like this and want to see more, drop a comment letting us know.
If you hate this and want to see less, drop a comment letting us know.
If you don't mind this and don't care about seeing more or less, be more decisive in life.

Freestyle Depot Black Friday Sale

Big deals coming to FD, get there while you can boys and girls.

Hella Broke with George Justiniano

George, one of the homies at Hella Grip, recently took a nasty fall and broke his arm (as you can see in the video).  George, like many riders, doesn't have health insurance, and so is burdened with a pretty big hospital bill.  To help him out, Hella Grip is offering special sheets of griptape to help pay for them.  You can check that out on Hella Grip's website.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Brian Griffin 2013

This guy is seriously too ill.  Fakie feeble 5 cab was soo dirty.  Big tricks, tech tricks, and high speed- what more do you need?  One of the best edits I've seen lately, don't sleep on this.

Scooter Zone Black Friday Sale!

Scooter Zone is known for having legit sales all throughout the year, but for Black Friday they are known for going all out. Check out their two promos below for more info.

S-K Welcomes: Florian Toegel

This Austrian master of tech recently grabbed a spot on the S-K team.  Max Kernmayer put this edit together to welcome him to the team.  Last clip is one of the coolest things Florian has done.

Zach Martin Promo

This is about to be sick as hell.  Zach has gotten so good.  Full video drops 12/8/2013.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


This is a montage put together by Danny Roberts to support his online store, Supreme Scooters.  It features Dan as well as a bunch of homies, riding their local MK and other spots.

Scooter Hut....USA?

Scooter Hut has been known as the top online and retail shop in Australia for years now, they have a solid Team of riders, exceptional customer service, some of the best retail shops in Australia, and a hell of an online store.

Well Scooter Hut is now not only an Australian shop, it is a US shop as well. The online shop is up and running, with the warehouse and offices in Northern California, and will be selling to the entire Country + Canada. Plans of full retail shops are in the works as well. For now head over to the new website at Check out the site, stock, and features, and expect it to grow A LOT in the coming months.

There is also a really awesome promo/giveaway going on right now. Check the promo below

Scooter Hut USA is also the only place you are going to find the complete Root Industries product line, including the new Royce King Signature Wheels.

And of course, Scooter Hut USA is the only online shop where you are going to get a 100% exclusive sticker sheet with EVERY order. Ft. Hella Grip, Proto, UrbanArtt, Tilt, and More!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Austin Kuentz Welcome to Razor

One of the newest additions to Razor's talent stacked team, is Austin Kuentz. He has combos for days, but unfortunately since I can't process all the rewind kickless scooter flip things, I had a hard time figuring out what was going on. But I know a lot of riders are into combo riding, and this one will be right up your alley. Check it.

Dissidence Curb Edit ft JD and Balth

JD and Balthazar keep everyone's tech game in check with their latest curb/box edit. These two guys in one video, you know it's gonna be good. Last clip was really sick. Check it out below.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jaydin Haskins- Kooky 2013

Wow, these Kooky kids kill it.  Such balanced riding- gap tricks, rail tricks, manual pad tricks, ledge tricks, and lines.  Very refreshing to see.  The fullcab whip he did was so perfect.  Doing it right.

Stefan Hefner | Flavor Awakening

Yup, in addition to running his own company, Source, Stefan is now a part of the Flavor team.  This part looks like it was shot in just one trip up in Seattle.  Definitely filmed some dope stuff in the time he was there.  5050 that uprail was too gnar.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tyler Bravo- Kooky 2013

Ain't nothin Kooky about this video.  Tyler is another new name to me, but is well on his way to becoming an established rider.  A great trick selection and solid style helps this guy stand out.  I'm sure as he becomes more comfortable on his scooter, he'll become even better to watch.  Good stuff.

Nils Frydendal

This lil guy is way too good.  Another upcoming Euro kid, Nils is part of the "Blaqe Killah Kids" crew.  Killing it on the rails.

Georgie Louis- UA 2013

Georgie is one of the best dudes, and it's been too long since we last saw a video of him.  He shreds it in this one, with clips from California, Arizona, and Paris.  Fakie nose manny half cab whip, downside whip in to the ditch, the nose blunt hop in, switch whip, don't sleep on this one.

Gryndo Parktage #3

Adam Cordova and Ian Herncjar get it done in the third Gryndo park video, filmed in Denver's amazing skateparks.  5050 3 whip a downrail is so nutty.  Issac Miller on the buttery flick too.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kirk Svensson- Satori

Kirk is the guy behind the Satori clothing company.  Edits the videos, designs the clothes, pretty much responsible for it all.  In addition to all that he also finds the time to ride scooters, which he does pretty well.  You're not even ready for that indian giver.

Gus Rymer 2013 Summer Montage

How do you not appreciate Gus's riding? The dude can kill it in the parks, streets, flat, rails, hell even the mega ramp. You name it, Gus will destroy it. This video supposedly wasn't set to drop, but it was leaked early, and I ain't complaining. Tons of variety in the tricks and spots, and as always Gus's riding was spot on. Can't wait to see his next edit, assuming he continues to progress like a maniac.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Streets on Fire | Elyts Ruckus

My god, such gnarly videos over this past week.  The Elyts guys keep raising the bar, this time with a video featuring Lewy V, Ziggy, T-Bone, Jessee Ikedah, and Elliot Arnold...everyone threw down so hard.  Jessee is just not right in the head, double peg to whip on that cut rail...all the cut rail clips in this were so nuts.  Zig's gap to tap got me psyched too. Watch this now.

Nate Gendron- 2013

I had never heard of Nate before this video, but I don't think I'll forget his name anytime soon.  Coming out of Massachusetts, Nate spent nine months filming for this video, and it shows with how many spots he rode and good clips he got.  Front board fakie on that street quarter, rollercoaster grind doublewhip, and front board barspin popover were all so good.  He can definitely send it down a gap/set as well.

Royce King | Root Industries

Royce is the man, and now has sig wheels from Root Industries.  To hype the release up, he and Nickeh met up to film these clips.  With a rider like Royce, and a filmer like Nickeh, you know the video's gonna be good.  Click that play button.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blaqe's Philly Madness Trip 2013

Roots Boy kills it with these videos, so psyched that he's made a couple US trips for videos such as this.  But you can't forget, it takes more than just great filming and editing to make a good helps to have amazing riders like Matt McKeen, Tobias Mayer, Hugo Svare, and the rest of the guys in this.  This is a video I know I'm gonna end up watching over and over again.

Addict Welcomes Tobias Mayer

Toby is the shredder's shredder and knows how to have a good time.  This makes him a perfect fit for Addict.  Awesome little video, bummer on the ABD though.  Someone get this guy a beer.

FinScooter Oulu Trip 2013

FinScooter was started by Helmeri Pirinen and it has grown unbelievably. Helmeri is one of the nicest guys in the sport, and the fact that he owns a shop is awesome. Not to mention he still shreds hard. The FinScooter guys recently went on a trip, and this is some of the footage they got. All of them are stylish as hell.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Choco bn TSI Promo 2013

Christophe Stefanuto aka Choco rides for TSI and is way better than I thought he was.  There are some really weird but gnarly tricks in here.  That wallride would have been so crazy too.  Back lip double bar was so unexpected.  Wallride smith whip bar was dope too.

TrendyCrew- Woodward and Friends

This is the best video from the latest scooter weekend at Woodward.  It's also the only video out right now from the weekend that I've seen.  It features guys like Cameron Poe, Nick Donatelli, Fedora, and a whole lot more.

Sculpture-Apparel Presents Gerome Hani

Gerome is now on Sculpture, a gnarly clothing company.  This guy shreds with a really unique style.  Gap to bonks, a bit of transition shredding, and some rad street clips.  And The Doors for a soundtrack makes it all the better.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jordan Jasa Tilt Video Trailer

You guys don't need to hear me rant on and on about Jordan's riding, like I've done before. You will all see for yourselves how good he is as soon as the Tilt video drops. I for one am more stocked on the Tilt Video than I have been for almost any other video in the past. For now check out his teaser.

Ralph McMoran at Hunt

Here's Rufiooo with some clips from his local...Dat down heel.  And whip nose manny.  Shredding.  Don't miss his part in the upcoming Tilt DVD.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Free Shipping on ALL Decks from 5Starr

Check it out guys, need a new deck? Now might be the time to try out one of the new 5Starr Decks. More info on the promo below.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Win a Free District Signature Helmeri Pirinen Complete Scooter!

Helmeri's company FinScooter is having a contest that can get you guys a free Helmeri Signature Complete. As most people know Helmeri has his own line coming out from District, and all of the parts look solid. For more information on the contest, read below, and head to the Facebook and LIKE the page, then CLICK to enter.

Winner will get:

- District Helmeri Pirinen Signature complete
- FS Bum Beanie
- FS Hoodie
- FS T-shirt
- Scooter DVD
- Scooter magazines + lot's of stickers 
Second will get:

- District Helmeri Pirinen Signature deck
- FS Bum Beanie
- FS Hoodie
- FS T-shirt
- Scooter DVD
- Scooter magazines + lot's of stickers 
Third will get:

- District Helmeri Pirinen Signature AL-2 550mm bar
- FS Bum Beanie
- FS Hoodie
- FS T-shirt
- Scooter DVD
- Scooter magazines + lot's of stickers 

Micro Australia Tour 2013

Micro really put itself back together after it seemed like they vanished a while back. The guys recently got together and went on an Australia Tour, hitting various parks and street spots along the way. Everyone was going hard, including Tyler Marinovic who was getting it done with one leg in some clips. Was impressed by Wezma for sure, seems like he can ride anything and everything. And Juzzy and BenJs bangers were intense. Worth the watch, check it out below.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The LA Street Jam 2013 Parts 1 and 2

The 2nd Annual Phase Two LA Street Jam went off this year, and hopefully that ensures that the event keeps going on in the future. Street jams, in my opinion, bring out the best in many riders. Mainly because they feel like they have something to prove when they're getting ready to hit a set, gap, or rail, and standing beside riders like, Donatelli, or Big Ron. For me these two videos were all about the younger dudes, the dudes who you probably can't name. Love seeing up and coming talent. Check it out.

Shout out to Devin Pelphrey who was going hard in both videos, and Broussard for getting a couple of clips.

Anaquda 2 for 1: Josh Brown Anaquda Promo Two and Kyle Tolentino 5 Clips

Josh Brown and Kyle have both been keeping busy getting clips for Anaquda. Josh recently finished his second Promo for the company, and Kyle stacked 5 solid clips at TIC. Josh of course was dropping heavy ass clips in the streets, and has some good rail clips going on. And I think Kyle definitely shut it down with that last combo. Check em out

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TC's Got Problems

The Traverse City boys were at it again recently, filming this one over three days.  Featuring both park and street clips, Kaaden and the gang kill the tech game.  The 3 block clips were all dope too.

Realitage 1

Reality! Clothing is a company started by Hunt park local Michael Martinez.  He's put together a team and this is the first video with them all.  You'll recognize a few of em, but there are also some unknown riders on the squad.  The video features:

Jacob Crawford
Dylan Becker
Nathan Franco
Jarrod Bruns
Michael Martinez
Cameron Poe
Cooper Klaar

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cameron Ward: Travel Footy

Cam is one of the smoothest, most consistent riders in the game.  This video shows his consistency where it matters most, in a bunch of competitions he's been in the past couple years.  No handed double whip was so tight.

Purple Eyes- Envy/Blunt DVD Teaser

Yeah, you read that right.  Envy is making a DVD, pretty big news from a company as big as them.  Guys from the US, Euro, and Aus teams will be featured in it, which has been filmed over a bunch of a team trips.  Everyone in that lineup kills it, I'll be looking forward to this one.

Parktage 1 (NYC)

Michael Mankong was at it again filming some of the local NYC riders doing their thing in the parks, rather than the streets. Gotta love how NY has really blown up in the past few years, tons of talented riders, and more and more popping up all the time. Check this one out.

Additional Filming by Erik Erik

Matt McKeen- Addict Blacksmith Deck Test + Addict Team News

Addict's new deck, the Blacksmith, looks rad.  Matt puts it through its paces in this short video.  It was also announced that Maxime "Lebaron" Legrand is off the team, and Tobias Mayer is now on.  Interesting to see that Maxime is off, but it's not too surprising to see Tobias on.  He deserves it for sure.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Ryan Williams My MADD Life

Not only does this video showcase Ryan Williams shredding street, but you can also get some sneak peeks at the new MGP Deck. Which they apparently took the hint, and finally went with flat sides and bottom. So that was good to see. Looks like Ryan made his way to Hong Kong to get a first hand look at how the new decks are being made. Anyways, check out the video below.

Scooter Zone New Jersey now located inside........ TIC?

Yeah, you read that right. Scooter Zone NJ is no longer located in it's old location, it is now at The Incline Club. Pretty crazy how far the sport has gone in NJ, to now have Scooter Zone located inside a park as famous as TIC. Check out the flyer below for details on their Grand Opening Sale!

Sculpture Apparel Sale

Sculpture is having a pretty good sale right now, and even though they are not based here in the US they do ship all over the world, so take advantage of that and grab some while they're still on sale. Hit up the website by clicking the link below.