Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tyler Bonner Madd Edit

Yeah uhh....Tyler you suck.  That is all.

Scooterzone How To: Decades with Nick Donatelli

Another SZ How To is here, this time with Nick Donatelli.  Decades are a favorite trick of mine, super fun once you get em dialed.  Nick lands his first one a little sketchy then does it again, perfectly.

Bransdon Pegs from Blunt

Blunt's latest product, the signature Aaron Bransdon pegs, are now in production.  These babies have a 4130 chromoly outside layer, and an aluminium inside layer.  They will also come anodized in 7 different colors.  Aaron filmed this little promo for them...He is so good at being a god ;)  Sick stuff.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Team Razor Video 9

Featuring Razor Team Riders, John Radtke, Jason Beggs, Tanner Markley and former team tider Josh Toy. Its great to see Razor is kicking up dust with their media and releasing a new video every 2 weeks. Well into Video 9 you see a great collaboration of chill riding. This video shows off Razors relaxed attitude with the everyday riding styles of their team members. I look forward to seeing Video Number 10 and you should too!
Click the link for all the past videos Razor Youtube Channel

"This is Scootering" by Anthony "Twan" Bustos

Twan has unfortunately had a lot of time on his hands since getting injured a while ago. While he takes time to heal it's clear that riding is still constantly on his mind. He recently dug up a lot of old and mostly unseen clips on his computer, and compiled them into one gnarly edit. Riders featured in this are mostly MGP Team riders, but there are also some others.

Music was made by some friends of Twan. To check out the Bounce House Kids, click the following link.
Bounce House Kids Facebook

Get to know the Zero Gravity Team

Zero Gravity, a company based out of Washington is known for having some of highest quality products our sport has seen so far. To ride such parts, you're going to need some equally high quality riders. The Zero Gravity Team meets that standard. If you're not aware of all of their Team riders, check the post below for videos from each of them.

There is easily something to admire about each of these guys.

Jon Knudtson

Jon Knudtson On Campus from The Worble on Vimeo.

Andy Koke

Hunter Bechtle

Braydan Camble

Tyler Granger

Jake Odonnell (HI JAKE!)

Jessee Heck

Keep checking Inside-Scooters for up to date news from Zero Gravity, and its Team riders.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ryan Upchurch Blunt Tech Video

For this edit Ryan decided to show the more tech side of his riding, including a lot of different grind, stall, and opposite combos, really refreshing after getting used to him doing the huge flashy tricks that he usually films.  Ryan tells me that he's really trying to work on being even more well-rounded as a rider, and that he wants to start doing street rails..which is a pretty scary thought considering how good he seems to be on any other obstacle.

Blunt Headsets Hit the US

The new Blunt sealed headsets have arrived in the states now and will be available through any of DSA's affiliates.  These headsets come with 6061 aluminum cups, with sealed cartridge bearings.  As you can see they come in 5 colors, so you can be sure to find one that would match your scooter.  And of course they come with trick names, so you can have a little game of scoot if you get bored.

Mathias Holst Edit

Mathias is a 14 year old street rider from Sweden. We don't really get too many video requests from Swedish riders so this was good to see. I really enjoyed the video due to Mathias's extremely smooth style. He has also got some dialed tailwhip rewinds. At only 14 it has to leave you wondering how far he is going to push his street riding in the coming years. Mathias is currently unsponsored, and I think deserves a good sponsorship to help push his riding. Check the video out below.

Thanks goes to Felix Broo for sending in the video.

Monday, March 28, 2011

2 for 1 from Lucky Scooter Parts

Couple of videos from two of Lucky's finest. You gotta love Lil Jon footage. Everytime you see anything from him you know it's going to be good stuff. With Stefan, the video is just a little teaser as to what kind of punishment he's been putting his body through to get clips for the next LSP Dvd. Check them both out below.

Lucky HIC promo from Alex Steadman on Vimeo.

Inside the Lens: Week #8

A day late on this, sorry about that.  Was quite busy last night.  Anyways, enjoy:

Rider: Connor Love 
Photographer: Corey James 
Trick: Table 
Location: Novato Skatepark, California

-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.
-Must follow each week's theme.  THIS WEEKS THEME IS:  STYLE.

Rider-Dylan Becker
Filmer-Spencer Steed
Location-Ollies Skatepark Florence Kentucky

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Josh Toy hangs his hat with Razor?

As some of you already know thanks to Josh Toy's Facebook post, He resigned his position with Razor. After 10 long years with the company Josh has decided to pursue other interests. Josh plans to still be proactive in the sport, with talk of a new Signature Product through Scooter Zone, exciting news for Josh. Once i heard the news of Josh's leaving, i called him right away. Seeing as how I had the chance to catch up with Josh, I thought I'd let you guys know whats going on. 
 Terry Price & Josh Toy Woodward 2011

There is no bad blood between Josh and Razor, both parties are mutually happy for the work both had done together over the past 10 years and are very grateful for each other. "It's time for me to move on, Razor has been great but I need to see what else is out there for me" Josh said, with hinting undertones of gratitude. Weather you think the person on the Razor van is Josh or not, Razor, Like Josh, is making big changes and show great promise for this 2011 season.

James Carter Edit..

Wooo! Another Aussie edit! Bri flip combos everywhere!!... Not quite.

James Carter had my attention through this whole video. Basically, if you think you're good at hang 5s/nose manuals and park tech? I'll go ahead and assume that James is better than 90% of you. Some of the stuff was just too ridiculous. The quality is a bit low, but don't worry you'll still be able to make out what's going down.

Also, as I know some people will complain about his music choice. I really didn't have a problem with it. It was honestly a bit refreshing considering the overuse of other genres of music going around right now. Check the video below.

Thanks to Josh Kersten for the video!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tom Kvilhaug Tilt Edit

Tom Kvilhaug, whom I'm sure you all remember from his 16 stair fall, doesn't appear to have slowed down any as a result from his injuries...except maybe he's gotten even more tech with his riding.  I always love watching Tom's videos, they just seem so fun to watch.  Tom is a boss with pegs.

Blunt Scooters - New Website!

The Blunt Scooters website has laid stagnant for far too long. This is mainly due to company commitments and the focus on product development. But good news, it's up and running now with some great features! So make sure you go check it out and see what Blunt has been up too. Don't forget to add The Blunt Scooters Facebook page to keep up with all the team news, products and some big announcements coming.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Columbus Trip

The recently de-sponsored Josh Young drove down to Columbus, Ohio this weekend along with Brandon Rowell to ride and film with Spencer Steed and other Ohio locals.  Josh says he's been slowing down on riding a lot...but from his clips in this video, you definitely wouldn't be able to tell.  Brian Amato's clips really stood out for me as well, love his style.  Spencer's part was super good too, 180 whip to slider was so crazy.  Enjoyable video all around from these midwest bros.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rampworx Skatepark Petition (VOTE NOW!!)

Rampworx is an indoor skatepark in (correct me if I'm wrong) Liverpool, England and happens to be one of the best indoors in the UK...however, it currently does not allow scooters due to insurance reasons.  But right now they are conducting a poll on their website asking whether or not to allow scooters.  Terry Price sent the link to me where you can find the poll, check it out HERE.  Right now as it stands, scooters wouldn't be allowed, but with the help of everyone who reads IS, we should easily be able to push the number of votes allowing scooters higher.  So please, help our fellow UK riders out and take the 2 seconds to vote, thanks.  Once again, here is the link.

Edit:  Actually after checking again it looks like scooters are winning the poll.  If you haven't voted already please do so!  I heard Terry Price was going to pull a double flip cliffhanger if scooters get in.  And we alllllll wanna see that.

**edit** Seriously guys, if anyone who visits IS sees this post, take the time to click the link and vote! - Steven T

Mc Vicker Skatepark Rock the Ramp Event

Mc Vicker skatepark, in Southern California is said to be one hell of a skatepark. They've only had a couple competitions there, but everyone seemed to love the park. Soon they will be having an event there featuring live music, food, vendors, and raffle prizes. Not to mention Scooter sessions, and plenty of pro rirders. Scooter Zone riders, and some of the MaddGear USA riders will be there as well. So if you are free this weekend head down there and check it out! More details on the flyer below.


I've always loved videos that feature local riders from a certain area, that all happen to rip extremely hard. That's exactly what Swissconsin is. It features some of Wisconsin's best. Those riders being

Sam Redmer
Matt Rittler
Zach Whiting
and last but certainly not least, Jon Knudtson.

Such great riding from all of them. Check the video out below.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Poll: Cootercon 11

As the next Cootercon competition is fast approaching, I decided to make the poll asking whether or not you will attend.  The 11th in the series at Skatebarn West in Renton, WA will be taking place over two days this time, instead of one as previous years.  This is a nice change, as it'll definitely give competition organizers a lot more time to do everything as well as improve the overall event experience.  I say event because this competition is traditionally not only a competition, but a tradeshow where the best and biggest companies gather to show off their stuff for riders, parents and each other.  Products like the Phoenix deck and Inward Victory bars have been debuted at this contest.

So, this years Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro Qualifiers will be held on Saturday, April 9th...and April 10th being the day of the tradeshow and Pro Finals.  Think you're going to attend?  Tell us over on The Inside Forum, where you can find more info about the competition.

Tyler Bonner Welcome to MADDGEAR Edit

It's Tyler Bonner. Yeah, now you know you have to click it.

That's all.

Filmed/Edited by Phillip Long

East2West First Spring Sale!

For the first time, East2West will be having a Spring Sale. From now until the end of March there will be over 15 products on the East2West Website that will be marked lower than the industries lowest prices! Inventory is limited so you guys gotta act fast if you want to capitalize on one of these spring sale items!

Head over to the East2West Website by clicking the link below.
East2West Website

Stevie Cussons Spring Time Edit

I've known Stevie for a couple years now. He's one of the riders from the UK that I've kept my eye on, and for good reason. Stevie is hitting that point in his riding where he's really starting to push himself to progress. Originally Stevie sent me a different video, but I discussed with him that I didn't feel like it was the best he could do. A couple weeks later he sent me this new video, and I was really happy with it. Check it out below.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Matt Somers Mini 3

Matt Somers is a rider from New Jersey.  I first noticed him last year after he started putting out some pretty good driveway clips.  He also rides parks like TIC where he got a ton of different tricks down.  And now, more recently, he's been riding more and more street...which is really nice to see.  Lots of frontside spins and heelwhips in this one, pay attention.  Great video from this guy, I look forward to more.

Terry Price Woodward Video

Terry Price is  house hold name in the scooter community, Made Famous by the Mini video he released years ago. Terry got the chance to fly over for Woodward West last month and got to film a bit. Edited by Graham Kimble, the video turned out really well, Just a chill video that matched the under tone of that epic weekend. I know personally, I loved the chance I got to chill and ride with Terry, he honestly is one of the funniest people alive!

Brendon Smith Chill Edit

Some things Brendon enjoys are chat roulette sessions, cuddles, Coke and doing more more more combos.  So many that he has to ask people what to do because he runs out of ideas.  Riding with him is ridiculous cause he can pull the stupidest stuff with ease ("That's easy!" is a phrase he used a lot during the Blunt US trip).  This edit I guess is just a for fun one, so I think that means he has another video coming soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

May 14th Big Time Scootering Contest

Gizmania and George Gartlehner will be holding another Big Time Scootering Contest on May 14th, in Linz, Austria. You can check the flyer below for more details. Also for a look at the park, I've included a video featuring the park. More updates on this to come, so keep checking Inside-Scooters.

New TSI Flight Deck

The original aftermarket deck company, Trick Scooters International, recently put out a new model of decks called the Flight Deck.  This deck, nine months in the making, actually comes in two versions:  The Flight 19, and Flight 20.  As you may tell from their names, the Flight 19 deck is 19 inches long, and the Flight 20 is 20 inches long.  The 19 has an 81 degree headtube angle, similar to the old Freestyler.  This is more of a deck for street/trick riders, having a weight of 3.5 pounds.  As you can see from the pictures, both decks taper in width.

TSI also continues their tradition of having great decks for park/flow riders by releasing the Flight 20 version of the Flight Deck.  This deck features a wheelbase 1 inch longer than a Pro Model, and also includes a 52 degree give you plenty of room for footjams and noseblunts (a favorite of KC Corning).  TSI's innovation shows again in the new "continuous curve concave" design that is meant to fit your shoes.

Price of the F19 deck will be $130 and the F20 coming in at $150.  But, to introduce the F19, TSI is having a special sale price of just 100 dollars for the first 100 F19 decks sold.  Pre-orders start on Friday, March 25 and they expect to have the first batch out in time for next month's Cootercon.  These things look pretty sick, I'd definitely suggest looking into one if you're in need of a new deck.

ELYTS is Coming..

Everything you should know about ELYTS, can be read in this quote below by Zig Short.

"Scooters are on the rise now more than ever. With the combined efforts of all the best riders in the world catching the public eye, scooters going mainstream is just a matter of time. Coming onto the scooter scene this summer is ELYTS. Prounounced "Elites", this company will be offering high quality attire and accessories created for and by professional kick scooter riders. Not only will these products be state of the art, but they will aslo be stylish (spell ELYTS backwards real quick :D ). Be on the look out for what this company will have to offer as the barriers that the scooter sport once suffered in the past are weakened and toppled over."- Zig Short

Consider this as nothing more than a brief teaser. You can get more information on ELYTS. Here on Inside-Scooters in the near future.

MGP USA Welcomes Its Newest Rider

MGP recently got a new rider for the USA Pro Team. He happens to be one of the best riders not only on the West Coast, but in the US. That rider is Capron Funk. I've hung out with Capron, and seen him ride in person on many occasions, and the stuff Capron can do is at times, mindblowing. You guys can expect to see Capron riding better than ever, at Cooter Con coming up soon. Congratulations Capron from Inside-Scooters!

Scooter Zone How To: Truckdriver with Nick Donatelli

Another SZ How To Video. This one from Scooter Zone Team rider Nick Donatelli. Gotta love that italian accent <3 Also at the end, Nick shows you how NOT to Truckdriver haha.

Don't forget to subscribe to the ScooterZoneVideos youtube channel. They post COTWs and How To Videos every Sunday! You can catch all the How To's as always, here on Inside-Scooters.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New East2West Scooters Pegs

As the popularity for peg riding continues to grow, it's good to see companies acknowledge that and keep producing pegs. East2West has a new batch of pegs coming out, and they look great so far. These pegs will be available for 20.00usd, and are also available for wholesale to any shops or websites interested in carrying them. Check out the specs and some pictures below.

· Fully CNC Machined and Anodized
· Made with aircraft grade T6061 Aluminum
· Available in green, chrome, red, black, purple and blue
· Dimensions: 1”x2” (25mm x 51mm)
· Includes hardened Axle Bolts and Grade 8 Nylon Locking Nuts
· Weight: 2 Oz.

For more updates on East2West, and all updates in the sport, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

XW 2010 The Over Show

X-Treme Wheels Competition 2010 from The Over Show on Vimeo.

The Over Show, Team Razor, and a few others were in attendance at XW5 last summer, while this video is a little tardy, its still an awesome showing of the event, and just in time to build hype for XW6 due to take place July 9th in Buffalo, NY. Tyler Bonner, Jesse Mac, Jon Reyes, Josh Toy, Ryan Upchurch and more are featured in this video, they all kill it! Its not too often you see new(ish) footage from Jesse Mac so that's always a treat! Thanks to all the guys at the Over Show for this video! To see more from the over show follow the link provided!

Friendly - LUX revealed.

A couple of hours ago, this video popped up in my subscriptions box on youtube.
Uploaded by Friendly (jackson manzie), it reveals what LUX (a recent video title) is.

Watch the video and read the description (below the video) for further insight.

This is it ladies and gents, the big project.
A DVD that will consist of 2 supersized montages, one of DAY, and one entirely of NIGHT. Both will feature some of Australia's best street riders, as well as some of the most creative park riders to boot. This includes the usual Friendly group, as well as many, many others who will be revealed progressively.
Filming is currently in progress, and is expected to be completed by the end of winter.
Get psyched everyone, there's a lot of hard work going into this and im very excited to get it done!

- Friendly

Also, an insightful comment response, as posted by Friendly.

and what does lux stand for?
- MrAlfiew

@MrAlfiew Lux is the unit for measuring illumination or whatever so i thought that was appropriate considering it's half night half day.
FriendlyFlicks 55 minutes ago

Lewis Crampton Razor UK Edit

Where to begin.. Before this video I knew of Lewis. I knew he was a tech rider, and that he did a lot of manuals. With this video though I found a new respect for Lewis and his riding style. This video just has a feel to it that you don't see too much. He's got a slightly "off" style with some tricks, and I think that has me liking this video even more. There are some bangers in this video for sure, and if you like tech riding this is the video for you. Lewis is now one of the few riders in the sport that has me impatiently waiting for new footage. Check it below.

Thanks to Lewis Williams for sending me the video.

Ryan Gould Little Box Sesh

I'm not sure what it is about "Box Sesh" videos that are so fun to watch, well most of them anyways. Maybe it's because I love tech riding, and seeing people get creative on something as simple as a box. The below video features underrated So cal rider, Ryan Gould. I've seen Ryan ride in person, and he really is something else. Check out this short box sesh video below which has some really nice clips throughout.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inside the Lens: Week #7

This week we only had one entry in both COTW and POTW.  Come on guys, I know you can do better than that!  Even if you think its not good enough, its always worth a shot.  And I wanna see Nick Darger fail to win   both contests in one week, I think he's filmed or shot a winning clip or picture every week.  All the winners get their picture/video featured on the Media page of IS, which can be found on the top navigation bar.

Rider: Jeremy Buckley
Photographer: Mitchell Morris
Trick: Foot Jam
Location: Woodinville Skate park,Wa

-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.
-Must follow each week's theme.  THIS WEEKS THEME IS:  SPRING.

Rider: Ralph Robert Monky McMoran
Filmer: Nick Darger
Location: Woodward West

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Mohamed Alsulaibi Phoenix Come Back Video

Mohamed has been absent from the sport for around 10 months now. He had some personal things to deal with, and we're all glad that it's all over with now. Mohamed is an extremely talented rider, and is sponsored by both OTT and Phoenix Pro Scooters. There's a fingerwhip over a flat gap in this video that is one of the biggest I've seen. Considering Hom has been out of riding for 10 months, this video is awesome. Hopefully we see more edits in the future.

Christian Castro Lucky Scooter Parts Edit

Christian Castro was recently sponsored by LSP. After watching this video it's pretty clear why. A good mix of park and street clips is something I really admire in a rider. Check it out below.

Scooter Hut+Nitro Circus Update!

Scooter Hut Nitro Circus update:

Ryan Williams is back performing at the Scooter Hut Nitro Circus gig tonight in Gosford, a town just 100km North of Sydney, Australia. Ryan has promised to do something even greater than his double backflip which he landed so perfectly at Albury. Watch this space for the footage form tonight's show.
The involvement of scooters in Nitro Circus has caused a massive stir in the world of extreme sports. Already, Nitro Circus are talking of involving scooters in forthcoming Tours of Europe and the US. The sponsors of this event - Scooter Hut, Apex Pro, Zero Gravity, Blunt, Eagle,District, Lucky Scooter Parts and Inside-Scooters - have helped push this sport into the spotlight, to the extent where if we can keep the momentum going there is a good chance we will see scooters in the X Games sometime soon.

Mitch Baldry will team up with Ryan Williams and Andrew Broussard for the Wollongong gig, on Wed 23rd March.

To celebrate the reunion of the trio of scooter riders, Scooter Hut has 3 PAIRS of VIP tickets to give away for the Wollongong gig. To enter the comp, simply visit Scooter Hut's Facebook
page and tell us why you think you deserve to receive the tickets. Be quick, as entries close on Sunday at 9pm.

Don’t forget, Scooter Hut Melbourne store also has two tickets for the Gold Coast gig to give away, covering flights and accommodation for the event. Just get into the Scooter Hut Melbourne store to enter the draw to win the prize, valued at $1000!

For more updates and exclusive news relating the Scooter Hut+Nitro Circus tour, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

951 DVD Online + Nick Darger Interview

The 951 DVD was one of the first DVD's to come out, and now we're lucky enough to see it online. So now anyone who never purchased it, can finally check it out. I think it's also important to say, that the 951 DVD was a video made not by a Company Team, but by a close knit group of riders from the 951 in Southern California. At the time that this DVD came out, all or most of these riders didn't really have too much of a following. Try to keep in mind that all of the footage in this DVD, was shot in 2009 or earlier.

Nick Darger was starting to really progress and get his name out there. Donatelli was starting to take his street riding to another level. Monky was just breaking out as one of the best all around riders. Kody and Jarrod were pretty unknown back then, and are still not properly recognized for their talents today. All of them to this day are still riding, and have progressed a lot further than what you will see in the DVD. Don't let that deceive you though, this DVD can still hold its own. I caught up with Trick Darger and got an interview done with him to discuss the making of the 951 DVD.

Steven: So Nick, can you let me know when you first got the idea to do a Dvd for the 951 riders?

Nick: Well, I got the idea for a DVD in 2008 I think. But our level of riding wasnt quite ready for it yet. So we waited it off a year and got to it.

Steven: What did the Team think of the idea of doing a DVD?

Nick: We were all really excited for it. We had alot of fun things planned out, from small or big road trips, checking out new street spots or parks, to just hanging out and having fun. We were just going to have a great time filming and see how it ended up.

Steven: So, you did most of the filming for the DVD right? Who was the easiest to work with when it came to filming?

Nick: Yeah I did all of the filming except for my part of course. I gotta say the easiest was definately Monky. At this point in his riding he was progressing so fast in all aspects of his riding. And his style was improving so quick as well! He always had ideas on what to film and where to do it. For any of you guys who know Monky personally, you know that when he has his mind set on a trick, nothing will stop him.... Well except Call of Duty.

Steven: Who would you say was the most difficult to work with?

Nick: The most difficult to film would definately by Kody McQueen and Jarrod Bruns. As you can probably tell by them sharing a part. Both of their riding is so fluid and unique, and very hard to catch on camera as they we both pretty camera shy back then.

Steven: Who was your favorite to film?

Nick: My favorite would have to be Nick Donatelli. Just watching this kid progress over the filming of this video was truly amazing to me. You may not be able to tell from this video, but he pushed himself so hard for it. He was learning new tricks every day and taking them to the streets as soon as he could. Something he still does today.

Steven: It seemed like it was a long project getting this DVD done, do you have any memorable moments that you remember from the whole thing?

Nick: Oh man. There is plenty of great moments we had. From a semi tire blowing out and slamming into the car window on the way up to San Fransisco to sleeping with 4 people in a small sedan in Arizona for a night just to wake after a 2 hour sleep and ride some more. We met countless new friends and discovered so many new spots to ride. It was all just amazing.

Steven: In your honest opinion, who's section do you like the most in the DVD?

Nick: My honest favorite would have to be Monkys. At this time he was just learning Backside spins and just starting to get into street riding. This kid just killed everything, especially since he was 13/14 the whole time. He just has natural talent and style on a scooter. Something that is very rare. I can just watch this kid ride all day.

Steven: So are we ever going to see a 951 DVD 2?

Nick: As of now no. Im in the middle of filming a Scooter Zone DVD and most the people on 951 are sponsored by Scooter Zone now; Nick Donatelli, Jarrod Bruns and I. Kody McQueen is now on Phoenix and I'm filming Monky footage for District/Eagle. (Yes he is on District now. There will be a whole post on this very soon so save your comments for that post)

Steven: Thanks Trick Darger, any last words, comments, or shout outs?

Nick: Well, thanks to you Mr. T for this interview. Thanks to everyone that was in or helped the production of this DVD. I gotta give a big thanks to Mr. John Radtke for teaching me so much about filming and editing and helping me the editing. Thanks to all of the vendors and Stores that sold this DVD while it was in production. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy or at least wanted to. Thanks to anyone who let us stay at their house while we were on our trips. Thanks to any of you guys visiting IS to read this. And thanks to Big James from The Scooter Zone for supporting me and others during the filming of this. Keep it street guys! Spray it!

951 DVD from nick darger on Vimeo.

p.s. Coming to a theatre near you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tommy Christiana Super 60

Tommy is a young up and coming rider from Delaware who is really fun to watch. Let's face it, there are tons of young riders right now on the rise, but very few of them show the kind of promise that Tommy does. is definitely lucky to have him on the Team, cause he is only going to keep getting better. Check out his Super 60 below.

Adam Rouse Beastie/Chill Edit

Luke Maffesoni uploaded this video after filming it over 3 months ago.  Theres some really sick footage in here, on both park and street.  Adam is known for being able to pull really insane whip combos, and we do get to see some in here.  But he also comes through with some nice street lines to keep it mixed up.  Great video overall, Luke did a nice job on the film and edit.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sky High Back In Business

As you may have heard already, Sky High Scooters has returned.  The retail store owned by Tommy Daddono out of Chicago is back better than ever.  This time around Tommy has a dedicated phone line and a warehouse to store products. To start off the re-opening Sky High is doing a sale for 15% off anything in the store, using the coupon code “skyhigh2011”.  They also have a contest running right now for a free pair of Eaglesport wheels.  Details on that contest can be seen in the flyer below:

As for the future, Sky High is planning on stocking the best parts, videos, and apparel the sport has to offer.  Sky High will continue to offer worldwide shipping on all products in stock.  For updates on the company, like their facebook page.  And of course you can check back here on Inside now that they’re advertising with us again.  I have to say I’m excited to see Sky High back in action…I’ll always be a fan of rider-owned companies, and especially Sky High because of how cool Tommy is.  I’m actually staying at his house right now, filming for a video, and he’ll have a part in it.  Stay tuned to Inside to see that video, which will include Tommy as well as Issac Miller and myself.

Tyler Wheeland Throwaway Clip?

So Tyler Wheeland, better known to a lot now as "TWhee" (I gave him that nickname for the record) has been filming for the next Lucky DVD. This was apparently throw away. This was also done first try. Very rarely do I post, one clip. But I really like this clip haha. Check it out, and stay tuned to Inside-Scooters for more Lucky Scooter Parts news.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hunter Bechtle Zero Gravity Web Bangers Edit

Hunter was the latest rider added on to the Zero Gravity Pro Team, and for good reason. I've been waiting for this video to drop for a while, and it is exactly what I was expecting it to be. There are some serious bangers in this video. Check it out below. Great job Hunter.

New Blunt Website Coming Soon

Blunt has been working hard over the past month or so on updating their website.  Above is a little preview that Dinny was able to send me.  Keep checking and soon enough you'll be able to see the updated thing for yourself.  And don't forget, if you want to apply for the US Blunt Team, send an email with a video and why you think you should be on the team.

Justin Robertson Madd QCS/Madd USA Winter Edit

Another Madd edit has dropped, this time from the most recent US rider, Justin Robertson.  Justin, although he's on the US Madd team, lives in Canada.  This means that he experiences snow every winter, and so is forced to ride indoors.  He did manage to get some clips at his outdoor local though.  Winter hasn't seemed to slow his progression, with frontflip combos, nosemanual/hang five combos, and more in this video.  I can't wait to see Justin's next video, I hope he can get some street clips.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Phoenix Pro Scooters "Show Us Your Phoenix" Twitter Contest

One thing I'm sure people have noticed about Phoenix Pro Scooters is their creativity when it comes to holding contests for all of the people who ride and support their products. This contest is no different, and it incorporates the popular website "Twitter". For more details read below.

The details and rules for this contest are simple. The steps are below.

1. Follow us on Twitter
2. Take a picture of yourself showing us your Phoenix while NOT riding. Creativity will count!!
3. Tweet the pictures and use the hash tag #PhoenixScooters

You can tweet more than one picture, but it must be a different picture each tweet. The contest will end Midnight PST on March 25th.

What this means is, Take a picture with anything having to do with Phoenix Pro Scooters as long as it is not riding!! We look forward to seeing your entries!

Find us on Twitter by following the link Phoenix Twitter

For more details on this contest such as the winners, and winning pictures. Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blunt USA Team Update

So as you may have heard, Blunt USA recently appointed team rider Ryan Upchurch as the team manager, something that was missing ever since Steven T. quit back in December.  You also may have heard that riders Josh Young and Erik Feenstra made the decision to drop the that mean there are now three vacancies in the team.  Read on:

"As some of you may have heard, Blunt team riders Josh Young and Erik Feenstra recently quit the Blunt USA team. They left due to personal reasons, and having a lack of time to ride. That now leaves the Blunt USA team with only Jordan Jasa and I (Ryan Upchurch). With that being said, we now have 3 spots open on the team, and we will be seeking 3 of the best riders from all over the country. What we are looking for is preferrably an 18 year-old or older rider that loves blunt, that will be able to release photos and videos on a frequent basis. On top of all of this, we're just looking for someone that has a positive image, and above all, is just a really nice person. If you think you fit that description, or you just really think you could make the team, drop an e-mail to me at

I really can't wait to see all of the resumes that come in, and all of the talent that you all possess! Until then, stay tuned to the Blunt Facebook fan page :

Also check out the photos below of Jordan and I:

 You can also follow me on the Ryan Upchurch Official Fan page:
To those of you who may not have seen Jordan's latest video, be sure to check it out and subscribe to the Blunt Scooters youtube! Ride hard, and stay safe everyone!"
-Ryan Upchurch
Blunt USA Team Manager

Also be sure to check out Ryan's new video, right below this post.

Ryan Upchurch Start of 2011 Edit

Ryan has never ceased to amaze me. This video really showcases how much of an all around force Ryan is when he rides. It mixes up street and park with bangers all around. Since joining Blunt Pro Scooters, Ryan's riding has gotten a lot better. He was recently at Woodward West Camp, where he added double backflips to his trick list. With the winter season ending, and the weather warming up in Delaware, who knows what kind of stuff we're going to see from Ryan in the future.

Also, you might have noticed that Inside-Scooters Intro at the beginning and end of Ryan's video. That's because Ryan Upchurch, is the first rider that is riding for Inside-Scooters. I had the idea to start sponsoring riders through Inside-Scooters a while ago. Mainly because I feel that some riders should be compensated and rewarded for their performance and dedication in this sport. I was looking for riders who were 100% dedicated not only to Inside-Scooters, but to the sport itself. Ryan is one of those riders.

If you want to see Ryan's first Inside-Scooters Team Edit, and hear how he feels about riding for Inside-Scooters in an interview...Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Iowa Locals Winter Montage

You know, living in California, myself and all the other riders out here on the west coast really don't know what "Winter" is all about. All it means for us for the most part, is a little drop in the temperature. However for most riders on the east coast, and mid west, winter means snow, and lots of it. With that they are forced to ride in door parks, garages, or whatever else they can find. The below montage is most composed of footage filmed in doors, with a few clips filmed outside when the weather permitted. Check it out below.

(Issac's last three clips were soo good, and Devin Heald..tooo much style)

Monday, March 14, 2011

2 New Madd Videos-

The first video we have here is from Joe Armstrong, his first edit while being on Madd USA.  As is the standard with Madd riders, Joe is an extremely skilled park rider.  Combos out the wazoo, foojams, nose manuals...I definitely dig the can can nose manual, wondered who inspired him to do that? ;)

Next we have Madd UK rider Luke Painter's video.  I knew Luke was good but wow, this one really impressed me.  Mixes it up with park and street, some really creative/tech lines, and really solid and clean riding overall as well.  Fakie ice to whip was so nuts.  I'm definitely a big fan of this guy now.  Watch for double barspins at the end there too.

Scooter Zone How To 360 by Nick Donatelli

Another How To video from Scooter Zone, this one from Nick Donatelli. I don't think we'll be seeing the "first try mess up" as we've seen in past Scooter Zone How To videos, because this one is leaned more toward beginner riders. Check the video below.

Also don't forget to subscribe to the ScooterZoneVideos channel on Youtube. They will be adding a new How To video, and COTW every sunday. You can also find those exclusively here on Inside-Scooters.

Ryan Erwin Flat Edit

I've always had my eye on Ryan. He has this way of making reallyyy hard tricks, looks extremely easy.. on flat. This is a short edit, but I think it showcases what I said above. I'd like to see some longer videos of Ryan in the future.

Thank you to the person who emailed me with the video. You didn't leave a I'm going to call you.... FrankJonMarkChrisTodd.

Jonathan Meadows Last District/Eaglesport Footage

Jon Meadows recently quit his District and Eaglesport sponsorship.  He said he "realized riding to film edits and shit wasnt fun for me. I wanted to ride to have fun not ride to impress people". A very respectable reason to quit, much respect to J-Meadz for that. As for the future he says he wants to make it out for a Transit 3, and maybe the next Xtreme Wheelz comp and Brooklyn Banks Jam.  Awesome footage from Jon, he's had a hard time getting clips since its been winter but he still got some good stuff.

Lucky Scooter Parts New EVO2 Complete

With so many top quality parts, and now coming in different colors, it's no surprise that LSP is starting to make complete set ups for people to purchase. I've always liked the idea of companies selling complete scooters. For a lot of riders just getting into the sport, it makes it a lot easier to be able to buy a complete scooter made up of all high quality parts. Below are the specs of the LSP EVO2 Complete.

-Almost a full pound lighter than the previous EVO complete
-New EVO2 head tube which is lighter and better angle for easier whips and control
-EVO2 Deck, 19.5 inches long, and lighter but as strong as the original
-Black on Black performance metalcore wheels
-New Brake profile – lighter and sleeker
-SMX fork
-Pro HIC Bars

You want to check out some more Lucky Scooter Parts completes? Click to following link.Lucky Completes Remember to keep checking Inside-Scooters for all news relating to Lucky Scooter Parts, and all news and updates in the sport.