Monday, March 31, 2014

Hunter Bechtle, Banger Rail at the Haske Street Jam V2

The BCN jam went down this past weekend and this is just one of many clips we'll be seeing from it.  Hunter is one of the gnarliest people to ever set foot on a scooter.  Ridiculous flat-down rail.  He won best trick with a front board heel on a rail (this one?).

Unfair Scooters US AND THEM DVD TEASER Jack Dye & Regan Thompson

Jack and Regan share a couple clips in this teaser for Unfair's project, US AND THEM.  Loving it.  Really excited for everyone's part.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Blaqe Experience

This is a video filmed in 2013 that features a big crew of riders, from Matt McKeen to Mathias Holst to Jon Archer, all as a part of the Blaqe crew.  There is sick tranny, park, and street riding, so check it out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunnyvale Salad

Does anyone else remember Rayan Simian?  I wonder what happened to him.  He used to ride this park, and he had some pretty crazy tricks.  Anyways, here's some guys doing some tricks there.

Barrett and Larson at Ed Benedict

I don't know how Dan can put so many tricks together and make it look so natural and effortless.  Evan's style is equally as effortless. I love scootering and videos like this are one of the many reasons why.

Unfair Scooters US AND THEM DVD TEASER- Nathan Flemongo

Nathan's teaser for the Unfair DVD is here, with a long line.  The video premiered already and I hope I can get to see it soon.  Look for them in the States via Sky High soon...

Blunt/Envys Ludo Pistat and Charles Padel AOSv3 Promo Edits

You already know both of these guys kill it. That last clip in Ludo's edit was tight. These promos are showing off the new AOSv3 decks that are already hitting some shops now. Blunt/Envy tries to push their products further and further with each new line, and it's paying off. The new stuff looks good, and I'm stoked to see riders getting more signature products out. Check out he two promos below, and look for the new AOSv3 line at your local Envy dealer soon.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Lucky Scooters- Blake Bailor Plazatage

The top comment on Youtube says it all- "Damn Blake that was fucking sick, I didn't even know you rode, I thought you just went places and got wasted."  Turns out he does ride, and he still kills it.  Tyler Bradley and Evan Larson also killed it with the filming and editing.

Friday, March 21, 2014

First ever Alley Cat Race for Scooters ...And it's for Cancer awareness? Win, Win.

The Do Good Crew out of Brooklyn are going to be holding a race for cancer awareness, it will be called the, "Let's Fuck Cancer Spring Alley Cat" Taking part in the race will be Cyclists, Skateboarders, and that's right, Scooter Riders. Each will have their own courses. All proceeds will be donated to the Let's Fuck Cancer Society out of Vancouver, BC. The race takes place on May 3rd, in Brooklyn, and if you can get out there you should definitely take part. Not only will it be fun as hell, and a first in our sport, but it's for a damn good cause.

For more information head over to their Facebook and give it a like

I am also looking for companies that are willing to sponsor this event. If you are willing to help out with the event and be a part of something bigger than just our sport.. please shoot me an email

AO Lambda 3.1 Out Now Promo

AO has been on the constant grind when it comes to pumping out solid decks. The latest to drop is the Lambda 3.1, I don't know about you guys, but I always read it as Lambada lol. The promo is pretty tight, and Zig and Cory kill it. I don't think it ever gets old seeing Zig send himself over ridiculous gaps, and Cory's style is up there with the best. Check it, and grab yourself one of the new decks at your local AO dealer or online shop.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Coedie Donovan AUS 2 Section

If you've been in the sport as long as I have, you probably remember the time where it seemed like Coedie was untouchable. He blasted onto the scene, and immediately was doing tricks that people just hadn't thought of yet. He was going higher than anyone, and doing both in street and park. When this video dropped it was no different than any other Coedie video, full of tricks we hadn't seen before, and his unmistakable style.

I honestly still feel like Coedie is easily one of the best in the world. Even though we don't see edits from him too often, when they do come out, I still sit and watch em about ten times just like we all used to do years ago.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Nick Tedrick Welcome to Madd Gear

Nick Tedrick is ten times better than I thought he would be. I had seen a few clips here and there, but it wasn't until I really started watching his stuff that I realized how talented he is. The below edit is good, but at the same time I don't think it shows exactly how good Nick is. Would have loved to see a few more street clips, more rails, and more tech. But it was a good balance of street and park. Don't sleep on this dude, he's an up and comer for sure.

Recently caught up with Nick and asked him a few questions, since he is still fairly low key in the scene.

Nick, what's going on dude? Real quick, give us the break down... How old are you, how long you been riding, and where are you from man?

Whats up. So I'm 15, I've been riding for around 3 and a half years and I'm from South Jersey.

Your style is really unique dude, a lot of tech tricks, but you can also go really big. What riders do you look up to that helped influence your style?
 I would say my top 3 favorite riders are Lewis William's because how nice he can flow a park, Gus Rymer because he can destroy any type of riding and Jackson Bartlett because of how clean and consistaint he is. I definitely think they all have influenced my style in a way.

You are a low key rail slayer, which is clearly evident in a lot of your edits. What is it about rails that keeps you pushing yourself with them?
 I just love rails, whether it comes to a flat rail or a huge 5 flat 5 hand rail the tricks and combos are endless, and now especially since Ive gotten the MFX4.8 I've stepped up my rail game a lot!
Talk to me about riding for Madd Gear, how has that been?
 Since I've gotten on Madd Gear this past summer, I've progressed so much especially when I get the chance to ride with my teamates it just makes me go way bigger and try tricks I never even would've thought of. Madd does everything they possibly can to help me be the best I can at riding and representing. I'm still beyond stoked to be a part of the team and can not wait to see how much farther they can take me in scootering!

Are you diggin the new VX4 line?
 Its insane! Madd literally fixed and upgraded everything, the vx4 line has a scooter for everyone whether your a beginner or pro. The MFX4.8 is just an all around perfect deck it locks right into any type of grind, its so comfortable you can just cruise and flow, and is just as good for going huge at the park!

Being an East Coast rider, you have to deal with a lot of bad weather during the Winter months.. what do you do to keep busy during the days you can't ride?
 Even when the weather is bad I do what I can to ride by sweeping or shoveling off my backyard spine setup but whenever I can't ride I'm either editing, keeping up on my Instagram, or just on youtube.

You ride anything else besides a scooter?
 Nah, I used to skate and BMX and its still fun to mess around with them every once in a while but I'm pretty dedicated to scootering.

You seem like you have a lot of friends that you ride with, any dudes we should be on the look out for that are on the come up?
 Yeah, I definitaly have plenty of friends to ride with and to push me so if it wasn't for them I know I wouldn't be anywhere near were I am today. You'll definitely hear all their names one day but one of the most dedicated and craziest riders I know and my homie since day one is Mike King!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with Inside Scooters, man. Do you have any shout outs or last words, if so, let em go dude.
 No problem and yeah i definetly want to thank my parents for doing whatever they can from building me my own skatepark to driving 9 hours for a competition and even driving me to the park were I met Madd Gear, so I know if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here right now. Huge shout out to Madd Gear again for being the best sponsor and always hooking me up with whatever i need. Big thanks to Brendan Leonhardt for helping out a lot with the filming of my video and the last thing is follow me on Instagram~@ntedrick04!

New Josh Toy full length edit? Not yet, but maybe soon.

Few riders can say they've been in the sport as long as Josh Toy, hell even I started a year or so after Josh had been riding Scooters. So it goes without saying that he is definitely an OG of the sport. He has delivered solid full length parts in the past, but that was waay in the past. RVMs, and NBS days. Lately he's been talking about filming a new full length, and that got me pretty stoked. What do you guys think of Josh filming a new full length?

Below are some of Josh's older parts, and they're all pretty much classics.

NBS 3 Section (2002-2003)

RVM 4 Section

NBS 4 Section (Still love this whole video)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cooper Klaar Welcome to The Vault Pro Scooters


Cooper put out some park clips for his Welcome To video for The Vault, and they're pretty sick.  5050 to 270 on that bank to rail was dope.  Also that curved ledge back overcrook...perfect.

Ryan Williams VX4 Los Angeles Tour

Ryan Williams is out in LA with fellow MGP Aus rider Luke Burland to do some filming, but he also plans on doing some events during his time there. Want a chance to hang out with R Willy, and the rest of the MGP Team? And check out some of the MGP VX4 line first hand? Just head to one of the tour stops below.

Don't forget to head over to the Madd Website and check out all the features they have going on, and an up close look at the new VX4 line.

Todd Duff Backlip Photo

Just a solid photo by 5Starr rider Todd Duff, shot by Olivia Monks. You want to check out 5Starr products for yourself, head over to their website by clicking the link below

Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Now this is scootering at it's purest.  Just a guy going out, finding spots, and showing the world his take on them.  Some of the spots are super good and some are less than steller, and that's the beauty of it.  That's probably the best victory dance I've ever seen after an ender as well.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ian He♀ïèµçèjar


Seriously, the bar is being raised on a day by day basis and I'm just gonna go quit scootering now.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Robert Ralph Monky McMoran | TILT VIDEO TRAILER

Ralph's part in the Tilt Video is probably the one I've watched the most.  His ability on a scooter is something you just can't duplicate.  That front board whip popover in this trailer is one of the sickest clips I've seen lately.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dylan Kasson: Satori x Sky High

Living in the wintry Midwest, Dylan can't always film out in the streets.  So, for this video to mark Satori's move to being sold exclusively through Sky High, he went to his local indoor and got some clips.  Good clips, I might add.  Oh and he's also on the Sky High team, this is kind of an intro video to announce that too.

TOMX 2- Satori

Tomk films a lot of clips.  These clips were originally for The Tilt Video but he filmed so much that they just didn't fit.  So, they're being released under Satori.  Watch and enjoy.

Maxime Legrand LeBaron RAW Promo

Looks like Maxime has a new signature bar coming out, and it looks pretty good. Maxime is one of those riders that is going to shock you every time he drops new footage, and he doesn't disappoint with this edit. Just check that last clip.. Love watching this dude shred.

Thanks for letting me know I had the wrong link up dudes.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


A heavy, heavy crew of Elyts guys went down to El Paso, Texas to shred earlier this year.  McKeen, Bonner, Arnold, Ikedah, Van Lew, Zig, and Goumaz...Some seriously ridiculous spots and clips.  You can tell this wasn't edited by a scooter rider solely because of McKeen's cut off fakie (I'm sure he landed it though haha).  This is only part one of the video, next ones are gonna be gnarly.

Unfair Scooters DVD Trailer

The Unfair guys are killing it down in Australia.  I'm super psyched to see their (untitled as of now) DVD.  Jack Dye, Reece Jones, Nathan Flemongo, and Regan Thompson are all featured in this trailer, but I hope the US boys can have some clips in the DVD.  That doublewhip might be the best doublewhip I've ever seen.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hep Greg 2011-2012: The Lost Footy

Greg's own description of the video tells the story- "AKA The River Wheels edit. This footage is from 2011 & 2012. It has been sitting on my vimeo account for over 2 years waiting to be released for River Wheel Co. Unfortunately, i've lost the original file with all of my clips, so they can't re-edit & use it officially, so i'm releasing it unofficially.. This is (still) my favorite footage to date. I've struggled so hard to save this edit for something other than myself, but it seems that i'm destined to release it without an "official" company representation. So without further a due, for your enjoyment, i present The Lost Footy"

"Official" or not, it's still a good watch so give it a look.

Tyler Bradley & Cameron Poe Welcome to The Vault Pro Scooters

T-Brad and C-Poe both recently got on The Vault's team.  They both traveled to Woodward a few weeks ago, and filmed these clips as a Welcome video...both go so hard on the rail game.  And it's sick to see more fullwhip combos being done.  Backlip whip backlip whip is just wrong.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cam Ward 2014 Web Edit

Cameron Ward is known for his effortless style, meaning he basically makes everything look like it's extremely easy, when 99% of the time, it's not. I've been close friends with Cam since he was just a young boy, and I've had the privilege of seeing him progress over the years..but even those last two clips in this edit caught me way off guard. Still waiting to see a solid dirt edit from Cam in the future. For now this will do.