Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day at D-Block » Ryan Upchurch Edit │ The Vault Pro Scooters

Ryan spent a few hours at his local indoor filming this edit for The Vault.  All the fakie ice combos were tight.  Love that he threw a 9 just cause he can too haha.  Use his code "TheChurch" for that 11% off at The Vault.

Sky High Presents: Will Weske

Will Weske is yet another street boss coming out of the Midwest.  He's been getting so good over the past couple years, so Sky High decided to add him to their team.  Some hefty rails, a bit of creativity (deck check 180 bump to bar!), and fast maturing style adds up to a great video.

Ethan Kirk | Welcome to Crisp

Ethan may only be on Crisp's flow team but this kid shreds.  Full of rad unseen Canadian spots, this guy is killing the streets with a dope style.  That wallride hip spot looks so fun.  Definitely psyched to see more out of Ethan in the future.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

PROTO Intermission | David Coe

Intermission is Proto's flow team video, and the first parts goes to Bay Area Concrete heavy hitter David Coe.  This dude is not afraid to hit any rail you put in front of him.  Staircount on the rails in this video probably outnumbers any scooter video ever.  Great job all around to everyone involved, can't wait to see the next Intermission part.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Sunny San Diego is a paradise, and Bryan Hillman and friends show that off in this video.  Featuring a ton of names from the SD area, this is a really sweet little HVX montage filmed by Bryan.  Just makes you wanna go scoot with the bros.


Some of the SD locals went out to go filming, the spot ended up being a bust, so they hit up Scooter Farm to ride their ramps.  This is what happened, as seen through the lens of Bryan Hillman.  Zack Martin killing it as always and Josh Young even makes an appearance.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Royce King came through with one of my favorite LUX parts.  I've always been a fan of the dude, watching him over the years flying around Australia's parks, and this video proved he could do in in the streets as well.  High speed, creativity, those shorts, Royce kills it.

Jon Reyes | 2015

Jon has been working on a street edit for a minute now and it has finally been released.  I was really looking forward to this one since it's been about 4 flat edits since we've seen a street video from him.  More than just his flat tricks taken to small manual pads, this video has some creative uses of spots as well as some solid lines.  There's also some really good timelapses, Ryan Gould did a great job with the editing.

Scooters @ Fise 2015

The third year of FISE went down recently and was documented by Luca Thiebault for Fasen.  FISE attracts some of the world's best riders so you know there are some real heavy hitters in this one.  Tons of b-roll really give you a feel of what it was like there.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Phoenix Pro Scooters | Wilson Thomas

Wilson Thomas is the first Australian to be added to Phoenix's amateur team.  At 16 years old, he shows his current skill and future potential with this video.  That grab at 1:30 was so tight.  It's sick to see more and more younger dudes out of Australia start to kill it on the streets.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

David Coe | The T Bar Guillotine

Clipper hubba is one of the most iconic spots in skateboarding and has had its fair share of memorable moments in scootering.  As the spot was set to be taken out, Bay Area rider David Coe knew he had to get there quick to lay down the hammer before it was gone.  However, the spot fought back, and he wound up with a bent deck and disappointment.  David and the rest of the Concrete Crew are filming for their new full-length "Hella Good Stuff," be on the lookout for that soon.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Luke came through with one of the best sections of LUX.  You don't hear or see too much from this dude, but that doesn't mean he isn't actively going out and killing it, as this video proves.  One of the most unique trick selections (while avoiding common gimmicks) on a variety of unique spots makes for one of the most entertaining scooter videos of recent memory.  Luke kills it.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Raymond Warner || Welcome To Envy

Raymond has been on Envy for a minute now.  It's crazy how diverse Envy's team is- street killers like Jessee Ikedah, flat wizard Jon Reyes, and park/megaramp master Raymond Warner.  Ray's welcome edit features what we've come to expect from him- huge airs, ridiculous tricks, and big ramps.  I truly admire his work ethic- the dude knows what he wants to do and does everything necessary to accomplish his goals.  Not only that, but he's a great dude all around, so he deserves everything he gets out of scootering.


Enzo got the first signature shoe in scootering, not with good reason, so it makes sense for him to get a signature deck through AO now too.  Whether it's box jumps at Woodward, or the iconic Wallenburg, Enzo can shred it all.  Enzo hits some serious spots in this, he is such a nut.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Issac Miller Thrash Resistant

Last summer the Tilt crew was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, filming for Tilt 2.  Issac ended up battling this rail for three and a half hours, but wasn't able to go the distance.  However, he did put his Sentry bars to a beating no scooter component should ever be subject to.  By the end of it, they were still in pristine, unbent condition.  The footage really speaks for itself.  In this video, Issac takes us through his thoughts during the attempts.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Brian Chavez for Satori

Brian Chavez is one of the best kept secrets in the Midwest.  Hailing from Lake Geneva, over the past year he earned himself a spot on The Satori as well as Sky High.  With a style reminiscent of Jona Humbel, Chav keeps it simple but gnarly.  I'm super psyched on him and can't wait to see what he does in the future.

Phoenix Pro Scooters in Russia

Roomet Saalik, Kassu Palen and Dan Barrett took a trip St. Petersburg and Moscow to ride at a few events.  These dudes all kill it in their own way and it's sick to see the scene in Russia thriving.  Totally called the last trick, and was psyched Dan did it.

Sky High Davenport Takeover Video

I posted an article about the Sky High Davenport Takeover last week, and now here's the video.  Justin Lacosse, Devin Heald, Brian Chavez, and the rest of the dudes shred the park and a bunch of fans get in on the action too.  This was super fun and I hope Sky High does more events like this soon.


One of the best parts of homie videos is that you can put whoever you want in it, there's no division of riders by brands.  This two song shared part of Friendly's LUX features some old and newer names, including: Nathan Clark, Jayden Hogan. Sean Furze, Jami Chan. Adam Rouse, Brad McManus, and James Bull.  Tons of variety and unique styles from all these dudes.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jack "The Ripper" Colston | Welcome to the Team

Jack Colston is a comet, hurtling through space with no regard to what's in his way or what might happen should he come across a new obstacle.  He goes at it full steam, unpredictably, because why would he want to go slow?  The dude is so fun to watch and I'm psyched he's on River now.

Lucky Scooters | Blake Bailor at Woodward

Lucky put together this little edit of some clips Blake filmed the last time he was at Woodward.  It's so good to see him still killing it.  His briflips never seem to get old, but he's apparently aged 20 years and has children?  Can someone indeed confirm that he is a father?  Congrats to whoever the lucky lady is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TSI Shop Tour

TSI is unique to most scooter companies in that it manufactures all of it's products in house rather than sourcing it out.  They employ their own riders, such as Hep Greg, to produce their parts.  The end result is a high quality, American made scooter component anyone would be proud to own.  This video takes us through the TSI shop, giving us a look at what goes on on a daily basis.

Justin Carter - Welcome To Madd Gear AUS

This guy is one of these Maddgear hybrid riders that has all the crazy park flipperoo tricks but can then hit big handrails and sets in the streets. Donoflip down the double set was rad.  He's also a wizard on the front wheel, 180 front bri fakie hang five?  No comprendo.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sky High Davenport Takeover

“WIIIIIIILLLL!  WAKE UPPPP!”  Barely an hour into the trip, the van shenanigans had already started as Will Weske was in his own world with earbuds in while Brian Chavez and everyone else yelled at the top of their lungs to wake Will up.  Will and Brian, along with Sky High riders Christian Dean, Jack Chaney, Devin Heald, Justin Lacosse,  Sky High Manager Ian Johnson, Tilt Salesman Shane Malecha, homie JJ Powell and myself, packed up into the Tilt van for a weekend mission to Davenport for a jam and to film.

The van selfie is always crucial.
The first stop resulted in the crew finding a perfect handrail, right across from a gas station in the middle of nowhere, Illinois.  However, time was limited, and we had to get to Davenport Skatepark by 3:00 for the jam.  We made a mental note of the location and decided to hit it on the way back home the next day.

Chav is a chiller.

5050 master Jack Chaney hit the fs 180 out of this.
We finally made it to the park where legions of scooter riders had gathered to witness the carnage the Sky High team was about to inflict.  Davenport is a huge concrete skatepark filled with bowls, ledges, handrails, hubbas, and so much more.  It wasn’t long before the crew started throwing down for the camera.  We also held a few mini contests- we had all the kids ride one obstacle and gave away prizes to those who were shredding.  Davenport local Demari “DC” Nicholson was one of the standouts- bar back lipping a stepup bump to rail gap, 360 whipping the 8 stair, etc.

Chavdad loves to hit the bowl.
Eventually the prizes ran out, and the hunger levels increased, so the crew decided to hit up the local pizza joint from some grub.  I always feel bad for the employees and patrons of restaurants when a big ol smelly, dirty group of rowdy scooter riders shows up after a hard session.  After filling up on ‘za, we headed back to the park for a sesh under the lights.  Originally, we had only planned to stay for a short while and then go light up spots.  However, things were heating up in the bowl, and the session was on for the long haul.  Chavdaddy, Shorty, Justy, and Kirk were all tearing it up.  Highlights include Chavs’s whip lip on the deep end, Shorty blasting whip and heelwhip airs, and  Justin’s endless lines.  Even Big E was blasting a hip, but that came to an end when a failed whip attempt ended up in an ankle gash needing stitches.

Heel back lip fakie by Shorty.

After a little motivation from myself, we decided to check out a spot since it looked like it was going to rain the next day, which was when we planned on riding street.  We headed to River Rails, a chill 5 stair rail spot next to the Mississippi.  We set the lights up and tricks started going down.  Shorty banged off trick after trick like it was nothing.  After everyone landed their tricks, we packed up and drove to the next spot. It was probably 1:30 AM when we got to the JB Young manual pad.  This iconic spot has been ridden by all the Iowa homies, most notably by Shorty for his physics defying bar manual 360 tailwhip. The guys really had to go in on this tech spot.  Shorty closed the night of riding out with yet another manual combo that just should not work.

After navigating a treacherous muddy and flooded driveway, we arrived at Christian’s grandparents’ cabin where we would stay the night.  After riding nearly 12 hours straight, you’d think the boys would have been all tuckered out, but the bro-time lasted til after the sun came up. I think I slept less than an hour before driving Ian in the morning to an urgent care facility to get stitches on his ankle.

Christian with the buttery skid.
As the rain fell we left Davenport at around 3 in the afternoon.  We managed to escape the rain and get to the gas station rail spot off the interstate in dry conditions.  It wasn’t long after the cameras came out to film Brian that the clouds caught up and started pouring on us. It was an insane moment, with the rain coming down and the urgency to land the trick before the ground and rail were completely saturated.  Brian ended up taking a hard slam on the rail, but not before he got the clip. We pushed on.

Brian 5050 in the farmland cuts.

Warmup front 180 by Weske.
We made it out of the rain again, so we decided to check out a bump to bar in Joliet.  With the clouds fast approaching, the guys were sending it as quickly as possible to get their clips.  Devin, Will, and Justin were all able to clock some clips before the clouds rolled back in and the rain fell down.  After that, we headed for home, satisfied with our work and ready for some rest.

Enjoy the rest of these photos documenting the trip.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Reece Jones in Sydney

Reece might be the best scooter rider right now.  5050 game is unreal.  Put him on one of the best decks for 5050s, the TSI Sledge, and in one of the best cities for spots, Sydney, and you have one of the craziest edits of 2015.  This kid is on fire this year.  Watch this now.

Luis Oppel TSI

Luis Oppel is a dude who's been lowkey killing it on Instagram.  TSI hooked him up and this is his first real video for them.  Front hurricane the handrail, fakie 5050 downside, fakie front feeble to fakie back feeble, so many rad tricks.  It is a bummer though when your self filmed Instagram clips are filmed better than the clips in your actual edit.  Hopefully next time the production side will improve.


Darcy Altavilla brings smooth, creative lines to the next section of LUX.  Gap to rock ride to down whip was tight.  Tap to tap on the poles also got me hyped.

Mike DeJong | Downside

If you haven't heard, Downside Scooters, a company out of Australia, has entered the US market once again and one of the first riders to be put on the team was Mike Dejong.  Hailing from Texas, Mike has been really progressing over the past year or so.  You can even see the progression in this video.  He's got a solid base of squeaky clean tricks and is starting to come out with some seriously sick clips (bs half cab manual fs 180 heel!).

Saturday, July 4, 2015

SDL Boyz- The Return.

One of the unfortunate things about crews is that they get older, they get sponsored.  Their clips to go individual edits for their sponsors, which is still cool.  But the crew videos tend to disappear.  Crew videos always have a way different vibe than company videos.  The SDL Boyz bring back that vibe with this "Return" video, featuring guys like Zack Martin, Gerardo Gonzales, and more.

Logan Fuller & Friends L.H.S RAW

Not only is Logan Fuller one of the gnarliest dudes on a scooter, he's also one of the coolest.  Here's some footage of him and a bunch of homies he's collected over the past year or so.  Logan's clips are all pretty much DVD section worthy, would have been sick to see them edited with a song.  All the homies kill it too, there's even a couple Noah Risser clips, for those who remember him.

Leader grinder 2015 Didine Terchague

This whole edit is mindblowing.  Game-changing peg tricks, amazing spots, and Roots Boy behind the lens.  I could list off the tricks that stood out but I'd end up listing every clip so just watch the video.


This was super tight.  Part of the CoCrew, Andrew Cordova has a super smooth, unique style.  Lots of BMX influence.  That 360 flat was so gnar.  Ian Herncjar also does a great job with every video he films and edits, including this one.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tilt Scout Bars Out Now

Tilt has finally released their long awaited bars, both T and RAD shapes.  This is the promo for the T bar style, called the Scout Bar.  A few clips from the boys are featured, giving us another taste of whats to come with Tilt 2.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Waka Wednesdays Ep. 2

Waka Wednesdays Ep. 2 from Patrick Ring on Vimeo.

Brian Chavez is the real deal.  At just 15 years old, he's doing tricks with a style many pros wish they could have.  These Waka Wednesdays videos are just a taste of the real stuff he's been filming in the streets for Sky High and Satori.  Be on the lookout for those...

Justin Phillips for Anaquda

Justin Phillips is one of the few East Coast street power players.  He rides for Anaquda and his latest video just dropped.  He brings the European peg style to the US in his own way.  The two clips at :26 were super sick, that is a proper example of how a feeble should be done.