Friday, October 30, 2015

Regan Thompson | MULADHARA | Root Industries

Regan is an awesome dude.  In addition to riding for Root, he has designed and developed a new line of products Root is going to produce.  This video documents the past eight month's of not only Regan's riding, but his personal spiritual journey.  I do believe that some riders just "get it" in a sense that they understand themselves and scooter riding on a deeper level than most that allows them to do extraordinary things on a scooter.  Regan is one of those people- he has progressed into one of Australia's top riders.  Tons of crazy icepicks/5-0's, inside rail grinds, and spinning into grinds are what you can expect in this one.

UA | 1 Day In Berlin

So the UrbanArtt dudes have been traveling the globe filming for their DVD "We are UA."  During their travels they filmed this edit in one day in Berlin.  Georgie, JD, Javi and Maxime are all in this one killing it.  Loving Georgies nose manny combos and that noseblunt down the rail was super rad.  All these dudes are exceptionally good at scooter riding.

nyc [Documentary}

Ian Johnson aka Big E, manager of Sky High Scooters, recently took a trip to New York City to see whats up with the current scooter scene.  He does a few interviews and gets some footage of the main players at local parks and shops.  The NY scene to me has always been off and on so it's cool to see it getting some attention here.  Ian did a great job on what was pretty much a zero budget film.

Tilt 2 Behind The Scenes

OK scootering, I'm gonna be real for a second.  90, maybe 95% of scootering doesn't really "get it" when it comes to making videos.  Everyone on Tilt does, and that's why the company and team is held in such high regard among the industry.  They know that they not only need amazing riding in their videos, but equally amazing production value to match the riding.  Whether the understanding of this concept is foreign to most of scootering, or rather the execution of the concept is what's missing I don't know, but here Dylan Kasson explains the goal and thought behind Tilt 2.  Listen to what he says, absorb it, apply it.  The point he brings up about scooter riders not watching scooter videos is so so so true.  There's no reason scooter videos can't be held in the same regard as skate videos.  You don't need to have the most expensive equipment, you just need to be conscious and actively think about how you want to present scootering.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Instagroms Ep. 4

Forefront uploaded another one of these montages, featuring instaclips from younger, unknown riders and maybe a couple you know by now.  I'm really liking the clips from Dakota Dawkins, Jackson Harrington (boat_mobile), and Tyler Cummisky.  Great style and trick choices by all those dudes.

PROTO Intermission | Gerardo Gonzales

Gerardo is the local Proto flow rider, hailing from Vista, CA.  After his part in Freestyle Depot's "Fun N Eazy," Proto started hooking him up and now we have his full Intermission part.  Barely 15, this kid is hitting spots more suitable for seasoned veterans.  But Gerardo has no fear, and it has paid off for him with this part.  Another well done video from Proto.  So now the question is, who's part is next?

Madd Girl Power – with Marina Lopez

Marina is, as she tells us in this video, from Spain.  I haven't seen much of her before, but she seems to be progressing fast and willing to ride anything you put in front of her.  She's already been traveling around the world to ride so I hope she keeps with it and provides inspiration for more girls trying to get into the sport.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Turks x Fevs

This was pleasantly surprising.  A lot of unique tricks with a nice style makes for short but sweet little video. I don't want to give anything anyway since it's only a minute but there are definitely some surprises in this.  Danny Roberts on the film/edit.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dirty Laundry

So the 841/Elyts dudes have been lowkey filming for a crew video called Hagtown.  In it will be the usual names like Cory Vanlew, Elliot Arnold, and Tanner Wilson, but more local and out of town homies will be featured as well.  This is some throwaway they're releasing, so watch and get hyped for the real thing.

Tilt 2 - Tom Kvilhaug B Sides

TomK is an absolutely dedicated madman.  As a person, he has an extremely calculated, precise, no bullshit approach to everything he does.  This translates to his scootering in a way not often seen.  He doesn't recklessly throw himself down a rail, but rather goes at it knowing what he needs to do to land it.  He considers the variables, figures out the best option, and goes for it.  However, with the kind of stuff he does, the margin for error is so small that he can't help but eating it.  That's because TomK doesn't take the easy way out, he does things right or he doesn't do them at all.  Class act, and one of the best dudes to touch a scooter.  Enjoy this insanity. Get hyped for his part, dropping with the full Tilt 2 video soon.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Josh Young [Tilt 2 Footage]

I know a few people at least were wondering:  what's gonna happen to the footage Josh Young filmed for Tilt 2?  Wonder no more, for he just uploaded his unreleased HD footage to YouTube.  There are some classic Josh Young bangers in this- proving he isn't slowing down one bit.  Deck check 3, front salad to noseblunt whip, manual down that wallride/hubba thing.  Although I gotta say...Cali spots do not fit this dude.  The world needs to see a Josh Young "Return to the Midwest" video, shot on VX of course.

Friday, October 23, 2015

BLUNT - Scandinavian Tour 2015

Wow, another awesome trip video that I'm going to wait to watch until I'm in front of a bigger screen and can sit back with a cold one to enjoy.  Blunt's Flavio Pesenti, Charles Padel, and Jonathan Perroni make their mark on the cold Scandinavian terrain for this one filmed by Roots Boy.  This, the Ethic Colombia video, the Tilt Rusted Never Busted video, it's been a good few weeks for scooter trip videos.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Arnaud dropped an insane video last month and is back at it with this video from a recent trip to Germany for Micro.  Arnaud is probably the most creative rider in the game.  I'm not sure some of the tricks he does even have a real name.  Would love to see a full street edit from him.

Chox - Relax

Relax Crew has been putting out some pretty cool little videos lately.  This one is from Chox, who I don't really know if I've heard before.  Chox hits a nice variety of spots while keeping things simple. It'll be fun to see this dude, and all of the Relax guys, keep progressing and making videos.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Draven "Mammoth" Woolley | AO AM

Draven has been been with the AO program for a number of years now and just made it up to the AM team.  The East Coast shredder rides with a powerful speed and surprised me a few times- that 180 out of the manual wallride was so unexpected and I'm pretty sure I saw a meatspin rail hop.  Congrats to this guy for putting in the work and making it to the AM squad!

Instagroms Ep. 3

The boys at Forefront Supply have been putting these little montages together of instaclips that they get tagged in.  It's sick to see these younger/unknown riders doing cool things and getting exposure. Basically it's what I started this blog for, to give exposure to unknowns because back in the day everyone already knew all the pros.  These are being made just about every week to two weeks, so be on the lookout for more.

NYC Street Jam 2015

The first NY Jam in quite some time was organized quickly to make it before the weather turned too cold.  Despite the short notice, a ton of riders showed up and threw down.  It's crazy what these guys are doing for basically no reward- like the dude who fastplant frontflips that set won a sweatshirt.  Whether that's a good or bad thing I'm not sure, but its sick to see the east coast street scene making some noise again.  Jcott on the film and edit for SR.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Elyts uploaded this video of Tyler Bonner last night.  Mostly a tranny ripping part, there are also some street clips that show Tyler can still do it all.  That last hubba is so cool looking.  Always love Tyler Bonner footage.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Just What Is This Trick?

Can we just lay this to rest now?  There’s a trick that’s been trending for the past year that nobody really seems to agree what to call.  The trick, mostly done on rails, is similar to a boardslide or lipslide, with the balance point being towards the back of the deck, by the back wheel, as opposed to the middle of the deck.  In skateboarding, the closest translation would be feeble/smith, as the back truck is locked in and the rest of the board hangs over.  But this is an issue because feebles/smiths are already a trick possible on rails-if you’re grinding on your back peg/dropout, and your front wheel is on the rail, the BMX world considers it a feeble.  So by what precedent should we name this trick?

A video posted by thesatori (@thesatori) on
There are a handful of names that people are calling them, depending on the area.  Feebzer is one I’ve heard, the origins of which I’m not familiar.  Another is churchburner, which I believe Elliot Arnold came up with.  Hanger is one as well, but then we already have toothhangers.  Is it a zeach?  Countless instagram comments might lead one to think that. But IMO a well done “feeble” is way different than a zeach.  East coast head John Cottle had this to say- “If you hang on with the back peg churchburner, no peg feeble. But I still call it a feeble if it’s a good one either way.” Ledge/rail tech wiz Luis Oppel said he calls it a feeble, because ""I just think if you do it right it looks like a feeble on a skateboard."
Maybe one day the gods of scootering will convene to officially name this trick, but until then, the debate will live on.  What do you think it should be?  Drop a comment, vote in the poll, let us know what you think.

The Fuller Files | Concrete Credentials

So I haven't even gotten the chance to watch this yet, but based on the response its been getting I'm pretty sure it's an awesome video.  Logan Fuller is a traveling man, and on these travels he often points a camera at other scooter riders.  This is a park video with one heck of a lineup- guys like Dan Barrett, Ryan Upchurch, then there's Josh Young and Jake Sorensen.  This list goes on, so sit down and check this one out.

Tilt 2 - Jona Humbel B Sides

This week's Tilt 2 B Side comes from Floridian Jona Humbel.  Jona officially got on Tilt midway through filming for Tilt 2, after being the filmer for about a year.  He kills it both behind and in front of the camera, bringing his own style to both.  Not only that but he's a rad dude who is always fun to hang out with.  Needs to leave Florida ASAP though.

PROTO Intermission | Cameron Poe

Cameron is a straight ripper.  He's been involved with Proto for quite some time now, culminating in this part for Intermission.  Cam has massive pop and a supernatural ability to get on top of rails.  Not many can hit the kinkers like Cam can, and he does it better than almost anyone.  Loving this footage, everything is done super clean and with style.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


It's been a minute since the last Ethic trip video, and for this latest one the crew went to the South American country of Colombia.  It's awesome to see scooter companies going to these foreign countries, putting on display their culture and way of life.  These dudes always look like they're having a good time, which combined with the amazing riding, makes for a super bangin video.  There are also clips of local scooter riders, which is crazy because I never knew there were scooter riders in Colombia.  Great video all around.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Otto Märkjärvi 2014-2015

Footage of Otto is rare, but it is always worth the wait.  This video for FinScooter is textbook Otto:  simple, clean, and fast.  He doesn't have to do the craziest tricks because he makes the simple ones look so good.  Always refreshing to see that in a time where everyone is caught up trying the most insane flat bar combos.  Great job by Otto and his filmer.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jared Jacobs 2015 // Scooter Farm x Raptor Hardware

Jared Jacobs recently moved to San Diego for school, and these are the clips he filmed with Damion Black before he left.  It's always a pleasure seeing Jared footy- well filmed, and well performed scooter maneuvers.  Can't wait to see what Jared brings to the streets of SD.

KOVU KREW - Christian Upton - 13 Years Old

It's not so much impressive when younger kids can do crazy tricks, but it is crazy when they can do those tricks with a mature style- as in, with speed and cleanliness.  Christian Upton is another Kovu kid who kills it.  Goes fast, rides spots in way that challenges his own skill and ability, and isn't afraid to hit the bigger stuff.  My only issue is that all these Kovu kids ride the same.  How many times have we seen these dudes do fullwhips/rotorwhips?  I suppose as they get older, they'll branch into their own styles.  And I shouldn't complain, all the Kovu videos are definitely fun to watch!  Wezma does a create job filming and editing these.  Always looking forward to the next one.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Flavio Pesenti - Blunt Reaper V2 Promo 2015

Once I saw the name I knew I immediately had to press play.  Flavio always has the most mindblowing combos- using and abusing those pegs like no other.  Filmed during a week in Lyon, France, this video has it all-  speed, style, cleanliness, tricks, and good production value.

Rusted Never Busted

So, prior to this year's Chicago Street Jam, the Tilt team took a trip up to the Rust Belt cities of Detroit and Cleveland.  Instead of saving the footage for another DVD they decided to compile the footage together in one trip video.  Videos like this don't come around too often, so get psyched and take this one in a few times.  That fingerwhip by'll know which of the craziest things I've ever seen.

Flavor Awakening: Jasper "Jabba" Russell-Dennis

Always love seeing clips of Jabba.  The dude has his own style and always charges.  Great trick selection and Lawrence Rubin does a great job behind the lens.  Jasper tells me he just got back from Australia where he filmed another video, so be on the lookout for that soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Official 2015 San Diego Street Jam: Presented by The Scooter Farm

The official video of the SD Street Jam is now out, presented in glorious 1080p for your viewing pleasure.  Max Manning of MediaRevere did a killer job capturing the day, as well as all the additional filmers.  I still can't get over all the tricks done at that 18 rail, that was the most insane session I think I've ever witnessed.  Hats off to the Scooter Farm for putting this event on.

Ben Reid | A year in Standard

Olivia Monks has been filming Ben since July last year when she got her VX.  This video was originally supposed to be for Lucky but Ben moved away and the video was unfinished.  However, she just uploaded this today, and it is a solid edit.  Ben has the whip bars down as well as a variety of other tricks across a variety of spots.  Definitely enjoyable.

Niko Kylmälä 2015

Finnish rider Niko Kylmala isn't someone I've heard of until now.  But this dude goes in- combos that are super tech yet remain unique.  He's got those full cab whips down.  And that rainbow rail front board was insane. I guess this is all throwaway as he's filming for a full-length project so I'm excited to see what he brings to the table next.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tilt 2 - Dylan Kasson B Sides

Dylan's riding is always progressive in a very unconventional way.  The dude has a very unique, disciplined approach to spots, reflecting his personality and lifestyle.  He also has springs in his legs that let him jump over everything in his path. Or maybe he's part grasshopper, I don't know.  Anyways, enjoy his B Sides and go watch his part in the full video.

New York City Street Jam 2015

Michele Failla is organizing a street jam in NYC.  NYC hasn't really had a big jam since the Brooklyn Banks jam days so Michele is really trying to blow this one up.  There's a small but growing list of sponsors so it'll be sick to see how it turns out.  October 17th, East Coasters mark your calendars!

Friday, October 2, 2015


Rudy Garcia was in Rotterdam to capture some of the European AO dudes killing it out at a street jam.  Brad Ackerman, Pol Roman, Alfred Lauritzen, Oskar Hansen, Ollie Murphy and more all throw down in the German streets for this.

Tilt 2 - Issac Miller B Sides

It's your lucky day folks.  Didn't see Tilt 2 yet?  Here's the first official footy to drop from it, in the form of Issac Miller's B Sides.  Starts the online release of Tilt 2 media off with a bang.  Tilt 2 DVD's are going fast so pick one up soon.  We all know Issac is one of the best from his past videos and Instaclips, but this footage is the real deal.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rahmel Lafayette in Queens

Rahmel is one of the most OG riders from New York.  Having been riding for 14 years, the guy has somehow remained mysterious, as footage of him has always been rare, even in the glory days of ScooYork.  This video was filmed in just a couple sessions and its clear he can still throw down.  I hope we get to see more from him in the future.