Saturday, April 30, 2011

Victory Innovative Parts



Victory Innovative Parts, otherwise known as VIP, is another in a long list of quality scooter companies coming out of the Northwest.  VIP is specifically based out of Carnation and Duvall, Washington.  This past weekend after Cootercon I got the chance to sit down with Bart Maxcy, one of the company owners to talk about VIP.  After an hour of so of pizza and conversation I had a pretty good idea of who VIP is and what they’re all about.

flatbill hat

Bart’s first experience with the sport of freestyle scooter riding came about 16 or 17 months ago, when his son Bayley started riding at age 12.  Bart had previously raced BMX in his younger years and said it really “brought me back.”  As for starting the company, well Bayley had started progressing along quite well and placed 1st at the Battleground stop of the Exposed tour.  It was there that Bart recognized an opportunity to get into the scooter industry, and took it. 

aluminum pegs black ano  

Bart soon found a partner to help out with the company, Roberts Brown.  Brown has owned his own machine shop for 25 years, so VIP definitely has some knowledge and experience behind the company.  Some parts the company already has done and released are the Flow bars, T-style bars, and aluminum pegs.  Bart said he is “excited about designs,” with chromoly pegs, clamps, decks, SCS’s, forks, and even carbon fiber bars in line.  VIP had a set of the CF bars on display at Cootercon, and I have to say…easily the lightest bars I’ve ever felt.  Pretty crazy stuff.  The parts I listed that are done can be found ready to buy on

  VIP Flow Bars ChroMo Black Powder Coat

One thing Bart also let me know was that they like to take ideas from their team members. Like them on their Facebook page as they will be holding ongoing contests and giveways that will  involve community input. The team currently includes Bayley Maxcy, Heston Gross, Brian Gemme, Brenton Reid, Tom Kvilhaug,  Mike Govorushkin, Brian Shawley, and team manager Devin Hohlbein.  Some things the team wants to do this summer are go on a west coast tour and film a banger video.  With guys like Tom K, Briguy, and Brenton, as well as the rest of the up and coming guys on the lineup I can definitely see VIP team videos being worth watching! 

VIP Flow Bars ChroMo black powder coat close up

And finally, what does VIP plan for the future?  Bart says he hopes for the deck to be out this summer, which is supposed to be a “combination of the best decks,” and just to get parts out,do it right and have fun.  They also want to expand the team to include not only riders from the NW but from all over the country.  Overall though, VIP’s mission is to “help progress this extreme sport in it’s evolution. We are dedicated to producing the best, most advanced and longest lasting, freestyle scooter parts in the industry. We are here for you, the customer, and value your ideas for our future development.”  As rider Heston Gross says, “It’s going to be awesome.”


Friday, April 29, 2011

ELYTS in Seattle

Recently Zig Short and ELYTS filmer, Phillip Long made the trip to Seattle, Washington for the CooterCon competition. While they were there they met up with new ELYTS rider Cory Vanlew and got some filming done. There are also some guest clips by Collin DaSilva, Tyler Bonner, and Jake "Spicy" Pellegrini. Check it out below.

Filmed and Edited by Phillip Long

Thursday, April 28, 2011

JamoJam 3 Competition Coming Up

JamoJam Competitions have become extremely popular in Australia, and well recognized in other parts of the world as one of the bigger comps of the year. Below is the first flyer for the contest, but we will also be posting the updated flyer in the future which will feature all sponsoring companies logos. Check it below.

Ryan Williams

This guy is non-stop! Ryan's videos always prove to be an awesome watch and this is no exception! Last trick was golden! Check it out!


I don't usually like to post my own videos but Steven wanted me to do a writeup and so I figured I might as well explain what exactly JIT is.  You may know that I and my friend Issac have been to Tommy Daddono's house in Chicago before (to film for Transit 2).  I had wanted to go back ever since we left but I had never found the time to do so.  Finally, last month Issac and I road-tripped it 4 hours over there to ride during my spring break.  Also staying with Tommy was Jeff Mroz, who again was on the Transit 2 Tour.  So that was pretty awesome, being able to have a little reunion with a few of the guys.

While at 4 Seasons Milwaukee we got to meet pro bmx rider Ryan Nyquist, which was cool.  Luke, the owner of Pitch Bike Park was nice enough to let us in after hours to film, thanks again for that Luke!  On Saturday we went downtown to ride street.  Even though we got kicked out of a lot of spots we still had fun.  Issac and Matt Rittler (Wisconsin rider who tagged along) killed themselves on this gnarly 10 stair with a rail.

The craziest thing though, was when we saw a van full of kids from my school (4 hours away) yelling my name and waving at me.  Apparently there was a choir trip to Chicago and they just happened to be driving along the same road where we were riding, pretty amazing for that to happen in a city the size of Chicago.

After the trip ended Issac and Tommy didn't have quite enough footage for full parts, so I filmed Issac in Davenport in Iowa and we got some clips of Tommy while in Ohio this past weekend.  We had a few difficulties with getting footage to work (transferring clips from mac to PC is a nightmare) but finally today I put everything together and uploaded the final video.  I had a lot of fun making it, and hope you guys all enjoy it.

Madd Week at Ohio Dreams

Flyer pretty much explains it all, be there to ride with some of the best riders in the world in one of the best facilities in the world.  Keep checking back for more updates on scooter camps at Ohio Dreams.


So, most riders would hardly even drop in on this ramp, but Australian rider Jerome Mokaraka decided he was going to take it one step further. I don't even want to think about the bail had this trick gone wrong. You got balls kid...big balls..

Ludovic Pistat Exode Promo

I've been a fan of this kid ever since the 2007 Montreux comp video.  He was just 13 then but was definitely a shredder.  Fast forward 4 years and here he is now, still killing comps and throwing huge bangers.  BenJ Friant rides with him and filmed this video, which definitely shows in Ludo's style.  Not only are there huge tricks but there are some super tech creative clips too. Great edit.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shaun Callins Chill Edit

Shaun Callins, one of the Scooter Zone Australia Riders recently got this edit together while he was on a tour with Moonwalk and Apex around the Sydney and Gold Coast area. Great riding in here, check it out below.

Gus Rymer Am Video

Gus is 14 years old and been riding for about 3 and a half years and is showing great promise for the future. I enjoyed this video so i thought you guys might as well!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ramp Rats Jam and Lockin

Ramp Rats Skatepark in Santa Rosa, California will be having a jam competition and lock in for scooters only on May 21st.  The jam will be 15 bucks to enter.  Check out the Ramp Rats website for more info.

Inside the Lens: Week #12

Rider: BenJ Friant (CH)
Trick: Benj's Twiked Tail grab
Spot: Vaulx en Velin near Lyon (France)
Photographer: Nicolas Ballester

-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.
-Must follow each week's theme.  THIS WEEKS THEME IS:  PHOTOG'S CHOICE

Rider:Nick Darger
Location: Southern CA Street
Filmers: Tyler Wheeland and Cody Speake

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Conor Davidson Bamboozle Web Edit

Been way too long since we've last seen footage of Conor.  He doesn't seem to have slowed down any with his tech grind combos.  He just kills those crook grinds, and those two combos at the end were so intense.  Definitely want to see more more more.

Moonwalk Scooters: Dapto Comp

Not too long ago Moonwalk Scooters worked with Careways ( a local community group) to put on this competition. It wasn't in the best location, but the competition ended up being a real success. Riders made it out from as far as Victoria and Cairns. Check out the footage below.

Also there has been some confusion about who exactly is on the Moonwalk Scooters Pro Team. The Team is listed below, these are the Team riders, anyone lying.

Taylor Smith
Robbie Weir
Harry Kennedy
Jamie Bowe
and Jarrod Odger

Moonwalk has some good stuff coming out in the near future, so keep checking Inside-Scooters for all updates and news on Moonwalk, and all news and updates in the sport.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Brendon Smith All around edit

I am at a loss for words.. this guy just keeps going. Another solid edit from Brendon!

Dom Olorenshaw Razor UK Edit

Dom is a rider on Inside-Scooters's newest partner, Razor. He rides for Razor UK, and this video clearly shows why he is with the company. Dom looks to be a park rider, and with a flat riding video and street riding video posted recently on IS, it only fits that we get a sick park video up now. Hope to see more from Dom in the future. Check it below.

Noah Risser Flat Mini Video 2

Ok, I have a weakness for flat riders. This video has some intense stuff in it for sure, and even though it's just flat, he is easily now one of my favorite riders. Check it out below, and keep checking IS for any of Noah's latest videos.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Luke Maffesoni Street Edit

Luke has gotten soooo good lately.  He's been saving up footage for this for quite a while and it definitely paid off.  Tons of creative lines and combos, super solid clips all around.  It would be really sick to see him start doing handrails...hint hint ;)

East2West Scooters Now Stocking Proto!

East2West Scooters now has Proto Product in stock! All colors SCS and Grippers! Along with Blunt MP bars! Head over to East2West now to check it out! Follow the Link here!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Matt Somers Interview

Matt Somers is another top level rider from New Jersey who is quickly becoming one of my favorite all around riders, from street to park. He rides extremely clean, and spins both ways and whips both ways, two things I really admire in a rider. He also is the latest rider to make the Scooter Zone Pro Team on the East Coast. I recently was able to catch up with Matt, and got the below interview done. Check it out.

Steven: Matt Somers, to start us off, can you tell us how old you are and where you're from?

Matt: I'm from Jackson, New Jersey and I'm 18 years old.

Steven: Ahh, another dirty jersey rider haha. So how long have you been riding scooters, and what got you started?

Matt: I've been riding since Sept 08'. It was a joint effort between my brother and Brandon Russo. My brother bought a Pro model because he saw Brandon riding and then I got hooked on it about a month later and then I bought my first Pro model.

Steven: Now, You seem to be able to ride park and street really well, do you prefer one over the other, and if so, why?

Matt: Street is more fun, it's as simple as that. Park is basically a place to learn tricks or get ideas for something I want to try to pull at a spot.

Steven: Gotta agree with you there dude. In your videos you do a lot of opposite spins and whips. How hard was it for you to start whipping and spinning opposite?

Matt: I never really noticed it to be honest, I have my grindbox to thank. I naturally BS feeble so most of the time I was spinning FS out of grinds so that definitely helped a lot. As for heelwhips, I'm pretty sure it was seeing BK do them that made me think I should do that to. We all know he is the king of driveway videos

Steven: Very true. You got a lot of top riders in your area, how much has it helped to be able to come up riding with some of these guys?

Matt: It definitely made me progress faster...I will say that guys like Peter Jungsberger, Collin DaSilva, and Josh Kish influence by me in park, but I've got them out into the streets more now so it's like we help each other out now.

Steven: That's awesome man. So you recently got added on to the Scooter Zone Pro Team, what does that mean to you, and how do you think it's going to change your riding?

Matt: Well first off, I didn't expect it. Getting picked up by a team like this just gets me stoked and makes me want to go bigger and better now that I have someone backing me. My riding isn't going to change one bit, you'll see some different spots and some new tricks, but basically mostly just street riding.

Steven: So now that you are riding for a company known for supporting their team riders 110%, what can we expect from you in the near future?

Matt: Definitely traveling, I'll be at one of the major contests on the West Coast. Summer time is coming up and I'm going on a trip out to the Midwest, I'm going to be stopping at Rob Dyrdek's plaza in Ohio, which gets me more then stoked. I guess just another edit with a bunch of amazing spots.

Steven: Can't wait to get you out here on the West Coast Matt. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with Inside-Scooters Matt, any last words or shout outs?

Matt: ScooterZone for hooking me up, my brother and friends for keeping me going and just being there to ride. Brandon Russo for filming. And to anyone reading this, ride how you want to ride. If you like doing briflips then do them, if you like riding how I ride, do it. Don't let other people tell you how to ride, let them influence how you ride.

Below you can also check out Matt's latest video, and be sure to check Inside-Scooters cause he has a Scooter Zone promo video coming out in the near future.

Friday, April 22, 2011

ECX Looking for West Coast Talent!

ECX is known as THE place to go for scooter products. They carry a seemingly endless supply of the industries best products, from the best companies. They are known for sponsoring riders on the East Coast, but now they are looking for a couple talented and dedicated riders on the West Coast. Want more details? Keep reading below.

ECX is looking for a few West Coast riders! That's right, ECX Sports, the countries largest Online scooter retailer is looking for a few West Coast riders to represent their company. The team currently consists of 10 full time riders from the North East and 2 Flow Riders from Florida. We are looking for 2 California (1 south and 1 north) and 1 Washington rider to round out our Flow Team.

The flow team is made up of newer riders that don't currently have any type of sponsorship. It is a chance to get noticed and showcase your skills with ECX and help promote the company on the West Coast.

Flow riders will receive free ECX merchandise, T-shirts, stickers etc. as well as discounts on ANY scooter products sold by

Flow riders are required to ride and promote the great companies that are sold by and promote the website by becoming ambassadors of the sport, riding your local parks and spots, competing in contests and filming web edits. The more the riders do to promote ECX, the better the benefits. Just ask any of our riders and they will tell you that we are like one big scooter family and it's time we reach out to the West Coast and show some love!

Interested riders MUST: Submit a video specifically made for ECX stating why you would be a good member of the team (how often do you ride, what will you do to help promote for us, what are your goals in the sport, are you a current customer of etc...) and showcase some of your riding skills.

You can email the video or link to:

(Please type "WEST COAST" in the subject line of the email) Please make sure you include: Full Name, Age, Address and Email Address. (any submissions missing this info will not be considered.)

All videos will be reviewed by ECX Team Manager Ryan Upchurch and ECX Owner Mike Lashbrook. Videos must be received no later than May 15th 2011. ECX will announce the chosen ones on May 23rd right here in Inside-Scooters!

What are you waiting for??? Get out there and start filming!

Rob Forman Spring Edit

Rob Forman, the owner of recently released his spring edit, which he's been filming for the past couple of months. Theres something about riders that naturally do heel whips that makes their videos really fun to watch. Check out Rob's edit below.

Razor joins Inside-Scooters

Yep, you're seeing that correctly. Razor is now working with Inside-Scooters. We will be sure to bring you guys all of the exclusive Razor updates, videos, and all news relating to the company and the Team.

Razor is planning some huge stuff for later this year, including a lot of new products, that are bound to surprise a lot of people. So keep checking Inside-Scooters!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Victor Campmany- Exploring Barcelona

Victor Campmany, 16 years of age, lives and rides in Barcelona, Spain.  You may remember him from Desafio, a full length video of Barcelona street riders.  Victor shows a ton of progression in this video, with tons of creative street lines.  Another video or two like this and I can see him climbing to the top of people's favorite riders lists.

Inside Scooters Apparel Sale!

Hey Everyone! Starting tomorrow April 22nd all Inside Scooters Apparel is going on sale. Its all %25 off! If you haven't seen our shirts check them out now!

 Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Lucky Scoots: Messing Around#1

It seems like James Gee and all the guys with Lucky are always coming out with new videos with everchanging content. I personally think its an awesome thing, Providing variety and an Inside Look into Lucky and their riders. Keep it up guys I know i speak for us all when i say, We want more!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kingsley Okocha Zero Gravity Promo

King Och doin it for Zero Gravity.  Lots of sick street shredding in here...Kingsley is getting way good at rails.  Pretty gnarly edit, he's really stepped up over the past 6 months or so in his riding.

French ID One Piece Deck Is For Sale at ScooterZone

French ID has been in this sport for around 7 years now. They were quiet for while, and people wondered if they were done making products, the answer is now. French ID has partnered with Scooter Zone here in the US, to ensure that everyone here in the states can get their hands on all of the new French ID products. I got a strong feeling one of the products everyone is going to want, is the product we're featuring today. The new French ID One Piece Deck.

This deck is unlike any decks that are on the market right now. It is extremely high in quality and equally as high in performance. From everything to the brake to the spacers, it is all new, and all top of the line. For more details and pictures, check below.

- 6061 Heat Treated Aluminum
- Brand new flex brake system
- 82.5 Headtube angle
- Integreated headset (Also comes with a French ID Headset)
- Total weight 3 pounds 8 ounces
- Includes Flex brake and Headset
- Price at 190.00

I've spoken to some people who have had this deck in their hands, and got to see it first hand, most of them were left pretty much speechless. It really is that well made. So where can you get the deck?ScooterZone of course. Now that Scooter Zone and French ID are working so closely together, everyone who wants French ID Products will be able to get them by visiting The Scooter Zone website, or walking right into any of the Scooter Zone shops.

For more information and updates regarding French ID, and all breaking news and updates in the sport, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Dissidence Street Jam 2011

The Dissidence Street Jam is coming up again. If you aren't aware what the Dissidence Street Jam is all about, well in a nut shell...It's basically the worlds best street riders all getting together, and throwing down like there's no tomorrow.

This year is sure to top the previous events, with riders, Matt McKeen, Rory Coe, Javi Trepat, Fernando Young, Maxime Legrand, and Jandiv Randriambelson...just to name a few. So there will be no shortage of street talent that's for sure. Check out some videos of past Dissidence Street Jams, and the flyer below for more details.


Just got word that two extremely "Lucky" riders from the US, will be making it out to the Dissidence Street Jam, those two riders are LSP street riders, Tyler "T-Whee" Wheeland, and Stefan Hefner.

And On the 7th Day God Brought Matt Andrus.

This is a day video at Whitewater Skatepark featuring Matt Andrus, Johnathan Jacobs, Ryan Grant, and Zach Whiting.  Yes you read that right, Matt Andrus is back after about a (and I can't believe its been this long) 4 year hiatus from the sport...not only him but an unrecognizable John Jacobs too.  I am so, so, SO stoked to see both these guys back on the scooter.

Welcome back Matt and John.  Leave a comment for them and I know they will be stoked.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lucky Scooter Parts: Tyler Wheeland SMX Fork Giveaway

The Lucky Scooter Parts Team has been hard at work filming for the next Dvd. One of the riders who has been pushing himself a lot since joining LSP, is the So Cal local, Tyler Wheeland. TWheener has been taking his street riding to another level. During a filming session, these pictures were taken, by Shelby Grimnes, check em out below.

I personally can't wait to check out the new DVD, all new details on that will be released here on Inside-Scooters in the near future.

Tyler Wheeland is also giving away his Lucky SMX Fork, you can learn more about that by checking his Facebook Fan Page Facebook. T-Whee will be giving this fork away to the person who posts the gnarliest clip of them doing a trick down the biggest set or gap they can find. Remember to stay safe... but not that safe..

Madd Gear Joins the Featured Section

Madd Gear joins the Featured page on the home site! Stop by and check it out now! Click here to go to the Home Site!

Andrew Gilbert System Promo

Andrew Gilbert is an upcoming rider in the New England area, and he clearly shreds.  I was caught off guard by a lot of this.  He seems to be pretty well rounded too, lots of street and park riding.  Clips on the boxes at Rye Airfield were pretty crazy.  System Scooters is I believe a company he runs, coming out with a few parts pretty soon.

Cooter Con 2011 Phillip Long Edit

This video was awesome, showcasing some of the awesome tricks that went down at the event. As always another professional edit from Phillip Long. Keep it up Phil, we want more!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Different Riders, From Three Different Countries

These three riders are all from different countries, those countries are Denmark, Australia, and The UK. They also all got pretty different styles. Check out all three videos below.

14 year old Hugo Svare from Denmark (Thanks to Felix for the video)

Untitled from Adampripz on Vimeo.

Matt Wiles from The UK Spring 2011 Edit (Thanks Simon Stokoe for the video)

Michael Anderson from Australia Chill Clips (Thanks Logan Jacobs for the video)

Really excited to see where Hugo's riding will be in a year or so, if not a few months. Matt's video was probably my favorite, such a chill clean style, really loved the video. Michael's 360 umbrella downside whip thing just looked insane. Thanks to all the guys who sent in the videos. Keep checking Inside-Scooters for all your breaking news, latest videos, and updates in the sport.

Inside the Lens: Week #11

Photographer name: Jake New
Rider: Ryan Williams
Trick: Euro
Location: Caloundra Skate Park QLD Aus

-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.
-Must follow each week's theme.  THIS WEEK'S THEME IS:  BIG AIR

Riders: Cody Speake and Nick Darger
Filmer: Nick Darger
Location: Chino Hills Skatepark, CA

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Inside Scooters T-Shirts

Hey everyone! As you can clearly see we have Inside-Scooters shirts now! We recently launched Inside-Scooters Store where these shirts will be available. Our goal for the store is to stock all scooter related apparel and accessories. Along with shirts we plan to stock Pro Comp Parts fingerwhips coming very soon. We will start adding more and more product soon. Including DVDs and more. We'd like to be the only place where you can shop to buy all Scooter Related items excluding parts. Inside-Scooters store will never stock scooter parts. In the near future we also plan to include Inside-Scooters Stickers! Keep on the lookout for contests to win these shirts and if you just can't wait head over to the store and get yours now!

Madd UK Easter Trip

With MGP having dominating teams in every major part of the world, it becomes pretty hard to pick out a favorite. Though I must say, MGP UK might just be that favorite. This is a video from a trip they all took this past Easter. It features footage from a couple of comps they went to as well. Check it out guys.

Kiara Meade first girl to frontflip!

This girl in on fire! She's young and she just goes for it! Learning 720s and now Frontflips, very impressive. I know from personal experience that frontflips can be very intimidating at times, most older male riders won't throw this trick and here Kiara is throwing them with the boosted style! She is going to be a major rider in the future, I know myself and all of Inside-Scooters will be keeping an eye out for her!

Graham Kimbell 64Bar Clothing Edit

Graham filmed this video in an hour. Yes an hour. I know to some it might be getting old to see Graham riding that same ramp, but I can watch him tear that thing up everyday, and not get sick of it. Check out the video below.

TSI Pro Rider: Jake Show

Well, if you don't know about Jake Show, all I can really say is that I feel kinda bad for you. Jake is an OG in the sport for sure. For myself, and some of the other OGs that date back to the "Thrill Zone" competitions, our first memories of Jake are probably of him showing up at the competition and just shredding. He was really quiet, but his riding wasn't. Jake still throws down, and I've been a fan of him since 2006. Check the clips out below that Nick Darger had sitting on his computer ever since he filmed them last year.

Scooter Zone How to: Double Peg Stall and Trick Darger Footy

Got a couple new SZ videos for you guys. Danny Rambert, teaches you guys how to Double Peg stall, and Nick Darger straps on the SZ helmet cam and gets some nice footage. Check it out below.

How to: Double Peg with Danny Rambert

Nick Darger Helmet Cam Clips

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CooterCon 11 Video By Inside Scooters

Check it out, this is a bunch of footy I got during the comp...I say bunch loosely because I cut a LOT of clips out.  These are the best of everyone's clips.  I filmed the best trick but that video is going to have to wait a day or two to come out, sorry about that.  This was definitely a more fun Cootercon than I've experienced in the past, not the most intense but it was a good time for sure.  Props to Dakota for pulling such insane runs, he comes into every contest ready to win,  Cam Ward finally entered the Pro division and came away with 2nd place.  And of course Raymond seems to podium at every major competition, congrats to him as well.

MaddGear 3 for 1

Got some MGP videos for you guys. Two of them featuring their newest rider, and one of my personal favorites, Justin Robertson, or J Rob. While the other video will be featuring MaddGear AUS's Jaxon Andrawartha. Check em out below guys.

Learn 360 Whips with MGP's Justin Robertson

Check out J Robs Scooter

and finally, see how MGP AUS's Jaxon Andrawartha gets around when he's not riding his scooter. High Rollin~

Scooter Zone March Jurupa Jam

True to SZ style, this Jam took place a few weeks ago in March. Some of the riders in attendance included Raymond Warner, Jason Beggs, Tyler Bonner, Capron Funk and thats just to name a few. From the news i heard on the event, everything went well and Raymond was boosting that back wall qp so high it was intense as well as Danny Rambert nailing a super clean 360 Back Scooterflip over the gap, it was nuts!

Monky District Edit

Words cannot describe this.. I don't think i have said oh my god over and over again so many times. Monky's style and his skill make this video nuts! This has for sure made my favorites! Grinding up that rail at Santana skatepark in Ca. was just insanity and thats just to name one of many bangers.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Things to come..

In previous releases of features on Inside-Scooters we had mentioned that in addition to what we were releasing at the time( forums, home site ) that we'd be launching other features. Well its that time again!

Have you ever wanted an Inside-Scooters T-Shirt? We've given the opportunity to win one in the past but now we're giving everyone the opportunity to buy one! We've recently invested in opening a store and in the shirts themselves. In our store you will find Inside-Scooters apparel with Pro Comp Parts fingerwhips to come shortly!

It is my personal goal to Stock ALL scooter apparel. We're going to build up to stocking apparel from all Scooter Related Companies. In addition to apparel we are going to stock DVDs. Past, Present, and Future! So head on over to the store and check it out!! The link is listed below, be sure to read the Policy before ordering!

Inside Scooters Store!

Inside Scooters Home Site Surprise!

Hey Everyone, Just thought I'd let you all know to run over to the Inside-Scooters Home site for surprise song added to our playlist! Enjoy!

4th Annual ECX Spring Scooter Jam

The 4th annual ECX Spring Scooter Jam is coming up next month. You can expect to see some of the sports top east coast riders there for sure. For more information check out the piece below.

It's that time of year again! Time for the 4th Annual ECX Spring Scooter Contest at the East Coast Scooter mecca, the Newport Skate Park in Newport, Delaware. This is the 4th year of the Spring contest put on by ECX. Every year it gets bigger and better and this year is no exception. New Ramps, Pro Judges, Massive Prizes, Raffles and more! Here are the details for those of you that will be attending:

When: Saturday May 7th 2011 (park opens at 9am, contest starts at 11am) Register Saturday morning at the park.

Where: The Newport Skate Park in Newport, Delaware (30 minutes south of the Philadelphia Airport)

The Deal: $20 Entry fee that includes all day park pass. $5 Best Trick winner gets 1/2 the cash and a trophy.

Format: 3 Divisions - Beginner, Intermediate and Pro

Extras: The skate park is open Friday night until midnight for riders that want to hang out and ride + the New ECX Mobile Scooter Store will be on site selling all your favorite scooter goodies!

For more info you can email Mike at or call the skatepark at 302-998-1671

Inside Scooters Network

Hey everyone just letting you all know we just made some updates to the Featured segment of the site. We've added The Scooter Zone and another to come this weekend!Head over to ISN and check it all out, Click "Featured" on the top right! In the featured section you can find an inside look at the company and what they're all about! We'll be updating throughout the month changing things and keeping it fresh so you all can get the most in depth look at these companies! Don't forget to bookmark ISN as it is the Inside-Scooters Home Site!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Erik Feenstra in Socal.

He is simply a god among boys.  Great job on the filming by Tyler Wheeland as well.

Judgement Day Scooter Comp

Click on flyer to enlarge. All details listed on it! This contest looks like its going to be a fun one with a packed list of sponsors helping out, it's sure to be a blast!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Collin DaSilva Inward/Phoenix Edit

16 year old Collin DeSaliva (just kidding Collin) recently got sponsored by Inward Scooters and Phoenix back in early February this year.  He finished this video today after about 4 months of filming.  Such a gnarly video, huge bangers everywhere, great style.  Definitely deserved to be sponsored by companies like Inward and Phoenix.  Collin went to his first comp while sponsored, Cootercon 11 last weekend and managed to place a well deserved 6th place.  I caught up to Collin to ask him a few questions about his experience there.

Credit goes to Matt Somers for filming and editing.

What did you think of Washington when you first got there?

It was pretty sick, there are a bunch of really nice parks so close together.

Where all did you get to ride?

Well there are just too many to name.  Stan (Smirnoff) drove us all over.  My favorite parks were Sammamish and Skatebarn.

What was Skatebarn like when you first got there? Was it like you imagined it at all?

Yes, and no. It wasn't as slippery as everyone says but it was just as smooth as i imagined.

Were you happy with how you did in the comp?

My first run I was. My second run a camera guy ran under me as I was hitting this gap and sketched me out and made me fell. Overall pretty happy i placed that high.

You definitely deserved it, want to add anything else?

Thanks alot, I just want to let everyone know that no matter how many people tell you what your doing is gonna get you no where to just zone them out and keep doing your thing. Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

Team Razor Video 10

The videos keep coming and they keep getting better...

Ozziez now working with Inside-Scooters

Just wanted to let everyone know that Ozziez, a new website dedicated to stocking and selling all in demand scooter products, is now working with Inside-Scooters. Ozziez will be specializing in carrying complete scooters, as well as individual products. Shipping will be fast and efficient if you buy from Ozziez, and if they don't carry a product you are interested in, I'm sure they will soon. Right now Ozziez carries the following

and Blunt Pro Scooters.

With Zero Gravity, Maddgear, YAK, and more coming in the near future.

Also, Ozziez is currently looking for flow riders to represent the company, if you think you have what it takes, feel free to email your sponsor videos to them at

For all your news and updates on Ozziez, and all breaking news and updates in the sport, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Terry Price Urban Kreation Video

Urban Kreation A Day With Terry Price from urban kreation on Vimeo.

Terry Price recently had the chance to film with Urban Kreation and test out their new jeans. The video is very well filmed and edited and to say the least, The riding kept up to true Terry nature.

Mohamed Alsulaibi OTT Edit

Hom only recently came back to riding, and this is one of his new videos. He's back riding full time now, and I'm sure we're going to start seeing some crazy progression from him in the near future. Check out Hom reppin OTT in his new edit below.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CooterCon 11 by Devin Hohlbein

Big thanks to Devin for emailing this over. Great video of the CooterCon 11 Competition that took place this past weekend. Check it out.

Scooter Zone 3 for 1

Got a few Scooter Zone videos for you guys today. Nick Darger recently made a helmet cam, and it works great. Below you can see the first two helmet cam videos, featuring new Scooter Zone AM Rider, Chase Moorman, and the latest video, featuring Scooter Zone Pro Rider, Raymond Warner. Check em out below.

Next up we got Scooter Zone Pro Rider, Nick Donatelli, teaching us how to do tailwhip rewinds. In this weeks, Scooter Zone How To video. Check that out below as well.

Super Sixty AM

Jake Charters recently hit up Truckstop skatepark in Bend, OR. Jake is an Am rider sponsored by Lucky Scooter Parts. Super Sixties truely test a riders endurance and stamina and for an Am rider to take on the challenge Jake did a great job! Jake said a few words upon submission of his super sixty: "I had lots of fun and love Lucky for their support and I hope you like!"

Thanks for your submission Jake!


For everyone that doesn't know, Tee is the owner of Spoild Bratt Sk8shop in New Jersey, and today is her birthday! Tee is one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic people supporting our sport today. She is all about progression of the sport, and supporting all the riders she meets. I really feel like we need more people like Tee in the sport and industry today.

So from Inside-Scooters to Tee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

P.S. Very soon we will have Inside-Scooters stickers made by the hundreds, all thanks to Tee, and Spoild Bratt. Be sure to stay on the look out for those, and expect to see a lot more about Spoild Bratt on Inside-Scooters.