Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ryan Wells Mini Edit

Ryan Wells is an up and coming rider that I've really started to like. I first saw Ryan ride at the first Exposed Tour in San Diego. He had entered the beginner class, but I felt he would do better in the Am Division...So I bumped him. Ryan then went on to take 3rd place in the Am contest. I've also had the chance to see Ryan ride at the past stop at Arizona, once again he rode great. The following video has some really good stuff in it, and he has some of the best downside whip airs I've seen in a while. Check the video out and keep a look out for Ryan Wells in the future.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ECX Fall Brawl Scooter Jam

ECX is putting on a New competition coming up at the Newport Skatepark on October 9th. Competitions at Newport always seem to be a good turnout and a lot of fun. So if you guys can make it down there, I would def try. Check the flyer below for more information.


Cooter Con 10 is right around the corner. Not only is this Cooter Con 10, it is also the Final stop for The Razor Exposed Tour. You can expect more information on that very soon. But until then, watch this promo video filmed and edited by Devin Holbein, featuring Tyler Bonner...and Dakota Schuetz. When Dakota and Tyler ride together, as everyone has seen at the previous Exposed stops...we end up seeing amazing things from these guys.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inside-Scooters: Two for One Deal

Below are two riders from the Southern California area that you most likely aren't too familiar with.

Michael Knudson is an extremely talented rider. I do believe his video has a couple firsts in there if you pay attention. Especially to that last banger. I've seen this kid ride in person, and I was literally shocked at how easily he can throw triple tailwhips on flat. Mindblowing stuff.

Kody McQueen might be one of the more OG riders of the So Cal area, but his name is still rarely spoken of outside of So Cal. I think it's time for that to change. When Kody rides, people like to joke about how you can't hear anything. The reason for that is because he rides THAT smooth and THAT clean. The only thing you'll be left wanting after watching Kody's more.

Check the two videos out below.

Michael Knudson

Kody McQueen

Kody McQueen District Sponsor from nick darger on Vimeo.

DGTC: District Goes to California

Ryan Upchurch and Cameron Ward ages 15 and 13, are the only two riders that are on the US District Team. Up until earlier this summer, they had never gotten a chance to ride together. When they finally got the chance, they both took full advantage...and the result is hands down one of my favorite videos I've seen in a long time.

To see Ryan ride in person is something that is tough to even put to words. It's kind of simple with Ryan, whatever the trick is, or whatever he's doing it over or down...if he wants to do it. He will do it. Simple as that. He honestly is that talented.

With Cameron it's basically the watch Cam ride in person is kind of a reality check to how consistant a rider can be. He's got so much natural ability and style to his riding, that everything he does just sort of flows together effortlessly. At only 13 years old, I feel we've yet to even see his true potential. I guess that can easily be said about District riders.

As the Manager of both Ryan and Cameron, I have to say I am extremely proud of both of them. This video showcases why they are both on the District Team. Good job to both of you guys. Keep it up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tommy Daddono + Justin Lacosse Super 60

If you like super clean and stylish riding, this one is for you. This Super 60 features Justin and Tommy riding a new indoor in Lake Bluff, Illinois. Tommy's tucks are too good. He makes it look like hes not even trying when he rides, I wish I could do that haha.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adam Rouse New Edit

It's been awhile since a real full edit of Adam came out...he said he's been working on this one for 5 months. And it turned out amazing. Adam completely kills every whip combo out there. Double peg to quad in...KYS! This makes me wish I still rode Ultra Pros.

Dan Holm Scooter Zone Day Edit

Since Dan Holm came onto the scene last year he has been constantly progressing with each video. Recently Dan took a sponsorship from Scooter Zone. With the help from Scooter Zone now supporting Dan's riding I think we are soon to see some amazing footage from Dan, starting with his recent day edit. Check it out below.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

And The Winner For Contest #2 Is.........

#9 Jarrad Smith!

Jarrad is the winner of Two brand new Eagle-Sport ECX Comet Cores! These wheels are from You can check them out below.

Jarrad, I will be contacting you be email to give you more details! Congratulations!

To everyone who entered, thank you so much for taking part in the contest. I assure you there will be more, and the prizes will be really great! I will of course be changing the time zones, but just know that my Aussie readers do mean a lot to me...So you guys will def. have a couple more contests in your time zone as well.

Are you from a different country, and concerned that you will miss a contest? You can email me before hand, and I can send you an alert email before the contests start. Or you can always recommend a time to start one of the contests. So if you got a certain time you would like to see the contest held? Shoot me an email at

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the contest. See you guys for The Big One Million Contest #3!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Most Valuable Scooter Ever?

Those of you who were at the Battleground stop of the Razor Exposed Tour may have seen this luxurious scooter rolling around. Owned by Justin Wharton of JJW, this scooter is plated in gold flake. According to Justin, "It's most all 22 karat, with some old school gold for the rest, but almost everything is 22k." Price range on this thing? The golden setup costs about $410 for just the parts, plus another 300 or so for the gold plating. So that comes out to an estimated cost of 710 dollars. While technically I'm sure you could build a more expensive scooter, this one is definitely one of the most valuable I've ever seen. Justin is running an Ambush deck, bars, and titanium brake, Yak Fleur wheels, a Phoenix Phorx, ceramic bearings, and an FSA impact headset.

Also, check out some new clips that Justin got recently, riding the gold scoot:

Congratulations for making it into Contest #2!!

The following people have made it into the Big One Million Contest #2. For more details on that contest...just check the couple of posts below this one. Here are the names of the people who made it into the contest.

1. Hayden OConnor
2. Chris Auhl
3. Josh McQuienn
4. Callen Newby
5. Connor Kliendienst
6. Warick Beynon
7. James Bull
8. Mario Rocchio
9. Jarrad Smith
10. Marcus Araps
11. Riley McMullen
12. Chris Hoare
13. Brandon Doyle
14. Chris Gascoigne
15. Bryn Chapman Parish
16. Dylan Araps
17. Ben Auhl
18. Nathan Timbos
19. Robbie Menzies
20. Trevor Noller
21. Max Davies
22. Geordie Mcaleer
23. James Barrington
24. Kohdy Keatley
25. Nick Payne
26. Tobias Hunter
27. Seth Corbett Davies
28. Jake Evans
29. Reece Bowker
30. Nick Sant
31. Alfie Wisker
32. James Wigley
33. Mark Macwan
34. Connor Carmichael
35. Tim Eaton
36. Brandon Lord
37. Paul De Greslan
38. Romain de Villeneuve
39. Todd Grady
40. Matthew Waterhouse
41. Corey Gillet
42. Robin Wass
43. Sheldon Foster
44. Matt Dibble
45. Elizabeth Postekos
46. Elias Tuuri
47. Jarryd Mitchell
48. Ryan Mancini
49. Kris Suter
50. Corey Wakeman

If you found your name on that list you have officially made it into the contest, and you are now eligible to win. The prize you can see in the post below, are two Brand New Eagle-Sport ECX Comet Cores, from you guys may know, I use a program to randomly generate a number between 1 and 50 to choose the winner of the contest. I will be doing that again 12:30amPST...and 5:30AEST on Saturday.

For any updates regarding this contest...KEEP checking Inside-Scooters! Good luck guys, Thanks for entering and taking part!

Big One Million Contest #2 UPDATE ***CLOSED***


***UPDATE #1****

Ok.....once again I've underestimated our Australian readers. I have gotten over 25 emails in less 10 minutes. KEEP THEM COMING GUYS! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

***UPDATE #2***

30 Emails already sent in! Only 20 more will be accepted! Im seeing quite a few Americans entering this one as well. Good to know IS can keep you awake haha. Also seeing quite a few of my friends from Aus! Good luck to everyone. Stay tuned for the next update!

***UPDATE #3***

Only 15 more emails left before the Contest is CLOSED! If you haven't sent in an email! HURRY UP!!!

***UPDATE #4***

Contest is now closed...all 50 emails are in. I will make a post above this, listing everyone that made it in the contest for the random drawing. Which will be held tomorrow!

This area will be posted with all the names as soon as 50 are in!

Just a reminder this contest is for TWO Brand new Eagle-Sport ECX Comet Cores! From

Big One Million Contest #2 Details **CLOSED***


Sorry guys I'm a little bit late!

Now below you find the email address that you HAVE to send your details to in order to be entered in this contest. Please send only your:

Shipping Address:

Remember ONLY the first 50 who email their details in, are going to be entered in the random drawing. I am not accepting any emails sent after the 50th email is sent in.

The email address is...

You guys can read about this contests details. by clicking the link below!
Contest #2


(Reminder) As soon as 50 emails are sent in. I will post another post here on IS to let you guys know that the contest is now closed. I will then post the 50 names that made it into the contest. Tomorrow at this same time, I will announce the winner.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Look Back At Stop #3 Of The Razor Exposed Tour

The below piece is much like the article I did after the 2nd Razor Exposed Tour stop. It is a recap article from my own point of view of everything that went down the weekend of The Razor Exposed Tour. Enjoy it.

This past weekend on September 18th marked the day of the 3rd stop for the Razor Exposed Tour. Myself and a few others were a bit skeptical on the turn out the 3rd competition would generate. The day of the competition would lay all those worries to rest. So let's take a look back at the memorable 3rd stop, of The Razor Exposed Tour.

I arrived at the X Court skate park on Friday, the day before the contest. The first thing any of us from outside Arizona noticed upon getting out of the car? The heat. It was almost unbearable. 110 degrees the day of practice, and it was scheduled to be just as hot the day of the contest. I knew that this would be a big factor come the day of the contest. Riding in extreme heat like that is not only hard to do, it can be pretty dangerous.

In heat like this...even Teddy Bears should be wearing a hat!

Despite the heat all the riders that showed up to compete were getting some well needed practice. For a lot of the riders that were showing up outside of Arizona this was their first time at the skate park. The tranny all around was really big, and you could see some frustration building on some riders faces as the day wore on. There was one rider however who really stole the show on the day before the contest, that rider was local Gary Ably.

Gary is a well known BMX rider from Arizona, but recently he's found himself on a scooter more than on a bike. He was looking for something new and fresh, and found it on his scooter. Well X Court skate park is Gary's local park...and after watching him ride in practice...everyone knew it. He rode that park amazingly. He also happens to be one of the nicest riders you'll ever meet. Practice started to wear down and although the sun had taken its leave, the heat remained. The park started to empty, which meant only one thing...The day of the competition was right around the corner.

The contest was scheduled to start at 3pm on Saturday. A lot of us arrived early, I had to make sure everything was prepared for the judging seeing as I am the Head Judge...and all the riders had to get in some late practice sessions. Now I've been to a lot of competitions, and one of the things I always remember is the feeling on competition day. Most of these guys out here competing are of course out their having fun, but that doesn't mean they're not out there taking it seriously. You can see small changes in everyone on competition day. Everything becomes a little bit more serious in one way or another. As the head judge, I like to try and keep my eye on everyone, and get a feeling for who's “feeling it” and who's not.

Time was moving pretty quickly, and the beginner division was set to begin shortly. I was inside the VIP room staying out of the heat for a moment when someone came through the door clutching their arm in pain. When I saw who the rider was, I couldn't help but feel my heart drop a bit. It was Gary Ably...the local AZ rider who was set to enter the Pro Division, and seemed to have a podium spot in his hands easily. I was quick to get to Gary's side and find out what happened. Gary had taken a bail, and to his knowledge had pulled a muscle pretty badly in his left arm. The look in his eyes said everything. He knew that there was now a big chance that he wouldn't be able to compete in this competition at all. It was tough to handle for all of us who knew Gary.

As Gary stayed behind in the VIP room and desperately iced his arm, I had to get outside and get to the judging area. The beginner division was set to begin. Some familiar faces from the past tour stops were in attendance. Kevin Barker who took 1st place at the very first Razor Exposed Stop in San Diego was there. As well as Paxton Swygard who took 3rd place in the Beginner division at the previous stop in Battleground. And who could forget 5 year Jordan Robles. Jordan at each stop is the youngest and smallest rider out there. But his heart and dedication can match the Pro riders. Jordan has made it to every stop since the first one, and each time he is improving. Dropping in on quarters that sadly, not even I would touch. It's inspiring every time to see someone so young riding with so much passion. The beginners went out and proved once again that they are going to be the future of the sport very soon. Showing no fear when it came to hitting some of the bigger ramps. 1st place would go to local Arizona rider Derik Estrada who rode amazing. 2nd would go to Kevin Barker, and 3rd went Jonny Mass. These guys all rode great.

With the ending of the beginner division came a short time for the Intermediates to get one last practice run in. It didn't take long before myself and my other two judges, Kody McQueen and Nick Darger were back in the heat and ready for the Intermediate competition to get underway. Two big surprises of the whole competition was the arrival of Cody Speake and Danny Rambert of CSC. I recently did a piece on them which you can read by clicking the link below. This contest would be their first, but I assure you not their last.CSC Fading But Not Forgotten Article

As each rider took their runs, we knew our jobs as judges was going to be a tough one. Everyone was throwing down really hard and the judging was as tough as ever. Cameron and Corey remained the two to chase in the Intermediate division...but an unknown Arizona local was close behind. That rider was Michale Lavelle. Michale showed up and simply let his riding speak for himself. During one of his runs he started off by tailwhipping into 8-9 foot quarter...from that moment after all three of us judges picked our jaws up off the floor, we knew he was a force to be reckoned with out there. The same can be said about Lance Nelson, who was putting together some really solid runs. The final scores would put Corey Funk in 1st place by 3 tenths of a point beating 2nd place, Cameron Ward, and 3rd would go to the local Michale Lavelle. Amazing riding by these guys.

Which left only one thing, the Pro Division. The Pros would get a little bit of extra time to prepare, as we all waited for the sun to go down before getting the contest started. Something that shocked me and everyone else, was seeing Gary Ably, who earlier in the same day injured his arm really badly...out riding the course. I spoke to Gary and he assured me that he wanted to compete, despite his injury. So Gary and the other Pro riders finished up their last minute practice, before finally, it was time to begin.
Dakota Schuetz, Tyler Bonner, Raymond Warner, Capron Funk, Josh Kish, Cary Mosbrucker, Lil Jon? All guys who had an equal chance at taking the first place spot. All that was left to do was ride. Myself, Kody, and Nick couldn't even sit for this...we were all on our feet to watch these guys ride. About halfway through the first runs we all were trying to get over the shock of how good everyone was riding. Cary Mosbrucker was riding like the Cary most remember, style everywhere, and boosting like it was nobodies business. Capron mixed his runs up with some huge tricks, and made sure to do some insane Hang 5 stuff, almost as if to let everyone know that he is one of the real pioneers when it comes to front wheel riding. Raymond Warner obviously showed up ready to throw down, and his runs featured flairs and flip to fakies among many other crazy tricks. The unspoken yet friendly rivalry between Dakota and Tyler was obvious even during practice the previous day. These two are two of the best riders in the sport, and they show it every time they touch their scooters. They battled back to back with both of them throwing down ridiculous runs. Dakota to every ones surprise even threw a double back flip at the end of his 2nd run, though he wouldn't land it...yet. For the record, Gary did in fact getting out there and competing...with his arm injury. It turns out Gary took both runs and finished 10th place...with a broken arm. Big props to Gary.
The top 3, or should I say top 4 would have Raymond and Capron tied for 3rd Place. Dakota would end up getting 2nd, and 1st of course would go to Tyler Bonner. Jaw dropping riding from these guys. They are redefining “Competition Riding” with every contest.

As the night went on, and the celebrations died down. There was one last thing to take care of. Best Trick. Which happens to be sponsored by...wait for it... Inside-Scooters! I personally hand over 100 dollars cash to who ever wins it. It was as crazy as its ever been. Jake Clark landed a clean Barspin to Barspin to Double Tailwhip...something I've never seen before. Josh Kish was trying to fastplant front flip over the whole box, and got extremely close to landing it. Cameron Ward tried frontflips for the first time ever, with the help of Big White and Dustin Nooner to catch him if he bailed... yeah.. they didn't do so well with the catching part haha. Dakota had the attention of the whole park as everyone knew what he was going to try. He wanted that double backflip that most likely cost him a 1st place in the pro division earlier in the night. He would use up all 3 attempts, but with everyone chanting “One More!!” He found himself back against the fence, getting ready to run up and try one more. Although it wouldn't count for the Best Trick since it was his 4th attempt...He wanted to land this. He charged at the ramp, and went for it, and stuck the landing, throwing a flair on the next quarter right after it for good measure. The crowd was going nuts. The winner would end up going to Raymond Warner. With a ridiculously clean 360 bar to bar to bar over the box. Gotta love Best Trick.

Another amazing Razor Exposed Tour Stop. Once again this has all been made possible by the collective efforts of Kimberly Funk and Dave Ward. These two have dedicated so much time to putting this all together, and in return...all they want is to push the sport we all love, to another level. Well I for one say that they are doing one hell of a job. This contest is setting a new standard for contests in the sport, and we have the two of them to thank for it. A huge amount of thanks also goes to all the companies who are a part in ANY way of the Razor Exposed Tour. Their presence alone at the Exposed Tour is a part of what has made the competition so great to come out to and be a part of. To know that you are coming out to an event that is being supported by so many great companies is an awesome feeling. If you haven't had the chance to make it out to a Razor Exposed Tour stop, you only got ONE chance left! On October 10th, in Renton, Washington at Skatebarn West, will be the Finale for the Razor Exposed Tour. It is going to be huge! With everyone that's in contention for the Overall Exposed King Title riding their hardest. You want to see some of the worlds best riders riding in the same contest? Then I suggest you get to Washington on October 10th! See you guys there!

Written by Steven Tongson

All pictures were taken by Richard Robbins

Big One Million Contest #2 Information

The last Big One Million Contest was a huge success...what's even better is that we will be having over 5 more over the next month or so! What's the Big One Million Contest? Click the link below to find out.Big One Million Info

As I mentioned in the first contest, I fully understand that not all of our readers are from the same country...and that time zone differences are a big factor in this contest. Considering that most of them depend on how fast and at what precise time you can get an email in for the contest. I am making sure to change the times that these contests are being held at every couple of contests.

So for the next contest, the IMPORTANT details (including the email address to send your information too) will be at 12:30am PST..For our many MANY Aussie readers, the time it will be for you guys is 5:30pm AEST on FRIDAY.

So on Friday, at that EXACT time...get to Inside-Scooters! And make sure you check the details for the them carefully to avoid any mistakes or confusion.

Oh of could I forget...The prize for this contest comes from They are a new company with us at Inside-Scooters, and as soon as they heard about the Big One Million Contest, they wanted in. The prize is going to be, TWO brand new Signature ECX Eagle-Sport Comet Cores. See the pictures below if you've never seen these wheels.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Razor Exposed Tour Stop #3: Glendale Arizona Comp Video

Edited by Josh Toy. Looked like a super sick comp, am kids were shredding as well as the pros. Kota's double backflip was nuts, too bad it wasn't over the whole box. The first Exposed Tour will be coming to a close soon, in Renton, WA at the Cootercon stop. Be there and see if Tyler Bonner will be crowned King of the Tour.

New YAK Scats at ECX

The new YAK Scat wheels have become very popular recently. ECX recognized that and made sure to get their hands on all of the brand new colors that recently came out. Check the flier below, and make sure to head over to

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tyler Wheeland Lucky Web Edit

Now I understand that a lot of people don't really think of T-Whee when they think of street riders. But that's going to change after this video. Tyler has come full circle as a rider in the past few years. He went from being a park rider, and to be honest...not a very good one. To now being an amazing all around rider. However as you'll see after watching the video, he truly is a street rider. The video is everything I like to see in street riding and it's packed with style. This edit easily continues the trend of amazing Lucky Web Edits. Watch it below.

Inward Scooters Bustin Cakes DVD Trailer

Check it out, I'm stoked to finally have a trailer up for this. You might know that Inward took a tour of the Northeast this summer, and we're making a DVD using footy from that as well as footy that each time rider is getting on their own. Shooting for a Thanksgiving release date. I hope you guys enjoy this.

Scooter Hut Contest! READ!

Scooter Hut is holding a contest to give away a free Blunt Scooters Ace of Spades Deck. This contest is open to anyone in the world. So if you want a chance to get your hands on an Ace of Spades Deck, ENTER! Read below for more details.

(This is not part of The Big One Million IS Contests...Although Scooter Hut will also be participating in that soon)

Blunt "Ace of Spades" Deck Comeptition

Blunt Scooters are soon to unleash their amazing new range of products onto the market, and to celebrate the release of what is sure to be one of the most popular ranges on the scooter scene, Scooter Hut has secured the first Ace of Spades deck...and we are giving one lucky person the chance to win it!

The AOS deck is packed with great features including:

6061 T6 Aluminium
4.3" wide extruded deck with 3 degrees concave and 4 internal walls
Extruded traingular down tube with internal wall
Integrated grind rail and rounded off drop outs
Finger flip friendly deck
Complete with Blunt patented slide-in brake system

To enter the competition, simply answer this question:

Which Blunt Team Rider is pictured in the image below?

Send your answer along with your name, address and contact number to:

The closing date for entries is 28th September and the winner will be chosen by random in the Scooter Hut store on Friday 1st October. Winner will be announced on IS and on Scooter Hut's Facebook page on that date.

Good Luck!!

Looks like a great chance for you guys to get your hands on one hell of a deck. I will say this once, Anyone who posts a comment stating who the rider in the picture is, will have their comment DENIED. If you know who the rider is, keep it to yourself...and what are you waiting for? ENTER THE CONTEST!

Maddgear Aus East Coast Tour

Nickeh just put out this web edit of Madd's Australian East Coast Tour. Super enjoyable video, looked like each stop was tons of fun. The stall to downside whip in on that huge subbox was epic. Billie is wayy too good at footjam whips. The Madd team just kills it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friend Request : Dean Crafter

A new Friend Request from Friendly Flicks. This one is for Dean Crafter, some nice tech stuff in there. Refreshing to see a rider like Dean from Australia...and ya gotta love Jackson's filming and editing. Check it out below.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Razor Exposed Tour Stop #3 Results

The Razor Exposed Tour made its third stop in Glendale Arizona yesterday. The competition was awesome, with a great showing. Right now I only have some of the results, but I will have the full results later on. I will also be writing a full Recap Article just like I did for the last stop of the Razor Exposed Tour.

PRO Division

1st Place - Tyler Bonner
2nd Place - Dakota Schuetz
3rd Place (tie) Raymond Warner and Capron Funk

AM Division

1st Place - Corey Funk
2nd Place - Cameron Ward
3rd Place - Michael L.

Beginner Division

1st Place - Derick Estrada
2nd Place - Kevin Barker
3rd Place - Jonny Mass

Best Trick (Sponsored by Inside-Scooters with 100 Dollars Cash)

Winner- Raymond Warner: 360 bar to bar to bar over the box

News From Inward

Inward Scooters has added some new products:

Dagger Fork.

Tested by the entire Inward Pro team for more than 6 months, this rugged design fork is now ready for market. Comes Threaded and Threadless. 10mm offset only. Colors will be available in a week or so.

Yak Scat wheels in 3 new colors:

The popular Blue Yak Scat wheel now available in Red, Orange and green.

Phoenix brake ready for other decks.

The Stainless rattle free brake by Phoenix is now available with 2 mounting holes so it can be attached to other decks such as Razor Ultra Pro, Razor Pro, and Ambush. Colors available in a week or so.

Everyday low price of $2.50 for stock Razor Ultra Pro Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings and spacer.

Inward Scooters will continue to sell the Razor Ultra Pro wheel INCLUDING 2 ABEC 7 bearings and bearing spacer for $ 2.50 each.

And finally, the 1st trailer for the Inward DVD Bustin Cakes will be out very soon, so keep on eye out for that.

A Inside Look Back at SIV2.

SIV2, filmed in 2004, was the creation of Matthew Ogle and the Scooter Insanity crew in Texas. SIV2 was the last and final in the Scooter Insanity Video series, but of course Matt continued making videos and also started riding with riders like Daniel Warwick and Ricky Cozart. While this video may not seem like much, I love watching it just because it shows how fun riding can be, just messing around with your friends. One of my favorite parts is the song in the first riding section, which was put together by Matt himself...hahaha. I miss these kinds of "neighborhood crew" videos, back in the days where everyone rode stock scooters and didn't put out sponsor videos every month. Riding was just more pure back then, and I hope everyone who read this site can enjoy it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

1 Dollar Wheel Sale from Scooter Zone!

Need some spare wheels but don't want to spend to much cash? Scooter Zone has the answer for you. Right now Scooter Zone is having a two week sale on Stock Ultra Pro Wheels for the price of.........1 dollar. They got PLENTY of them, so tell your friends, and simply click to link below to order some. It's only for TWO WEEKS so get them while they're still there.

1 Dollar Ultra Pro Wheels Order Here

Justin Robertson Summer 2010 Edit

Justin has been pretty quiet as far as videos go lately, and this is the reason why. He's been filming this over the past 2 and a half to 3 months. There wasn't as many big street bangers as I'd expect like in other J-Rob videos but he really had some crazy tech stuff in this one. The last clip is def a banger. Awesome video all around.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tempe Ride Day After Party!

On September 17th the day before the 3rd stop of the Razor Exposed Tour, There is going to be a big Ride Day at Tempe Skatepark in Arizona. The Teams of Lucky Scooter Parts, Scooter Zone, and MaddGear are going to be there. For more information on that click the link below.
Tempe Ride Day

But this is to let you guys know there is going to be an After Party, being thrown by Dalton Kennon aka DWhip. This is going to be invite only, and on the flier below there are instructions on how to get yourself on the guest list to come out and hang. Check the flier below for more details. Should be a great time.

Eagle-Sport Australia Team Photo

Eagle-Sport is known for having some of the sports top riders on their Team. Australia is no different, as Eagle has some of the best riders in Aus riding for them. Below is a picture of the Eagle-Sport Australia Team.....with a new rider that is bound to surprise some. I for one am stoked to see him riding with Eagle.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dan Barrett Middletown Day Video

There is a reason why Dan is one of my favorite riders. So tech, so original, so clean. Last trick is just too good.

Happy Birthday Nick Darger!

Mr. Nick Dargersaurus Rex turned 18 years young today. Wish him a happy birthday if you see him around, maybe he'll share some of his secrets for doing grind combos so well...

ECX Joins Inside-Scooters

Just recently ECX formed a partnership with Inside-Scooters. So from now on you guys will be able to find all updates relating to ECX here on IS.

ECX is also going to be a part of the Big One Million Contest. Keep checking IS for details on that. Below is a press release from ECX.

SHOPECX.COM is the e-commerce division of ECX Action Sports. ECX operates a 7,000 sq ft retail store in Newport, Delaware. ECX specializes in alternative sporting goods like Paintball, Skateboards, BMX Bikes and of course Freestyle Scooters! ECX has been selling and upgrading scooters since 2001. Since then ECX owner Mike Lashbrook has been at the forefront of freestyle scooter innovations. ECX designed and applied for a patent on the first integrated clamp T-bar design in 2008. “We made a few hundred of our own bars and some other parts and decided that manufacturing wasn’t what we wanted to focus on.” said Mike. “We want to be a one-stop-shop for all the kids that don’t have the luxury of being close to our retail store. Our online store actually has a larger scooter inventory than the retail store.”

Shot of the wall at ECX

The main focus of SHOPECX.COM is a retailer for ALL of the best scooter related parts and upgrades in one place. ECX is adding new inventory every week and is constantly testing parts with the help of their scooter team which includes Mike’s son Matt, Pro riders Ryan Upchurch and Jon Devrind, Amature riders Brandon Ruhl, Tommy Christiana and Nick Graham. ECX puts all new products through a thorough test before adding them to their inventory. “We want to make sure they will be a good value and hold up to the abuse these guys put them through.” says Mike. ECX’s top selling brands right now are Phoenix, Eagle, Lucky and Yak. SHOPECX.COM will be carrying the entire MADD Gear Line as well as the new Black Label line from Razor due out in time for holiday. If you want the largest selection of scooter parts on the web, click on SHOPECX.COM and check out the selection. If you don’t see it or want to see it, drop them an email and they will get it for you.

If you guys want to check out just click the link below, or of course just click their Logo on the right side of our website.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Winner of Contest #1 is....

The winner of the first contest just happens to be the LAST email I received before time was up. This person entered and by a matter of seconds beat out two other emails that would have been the 50th email. Congratulations to..

Collin DaSilva

I will be contacting you by email with further details. Congratulations!

To everyone else, keep checking Inside-Scooters for details for "The Big One Million Contest #2" Thanks guys. Good luck on the next one!

Almost Time to Announce The Winner

Contest number 1 was held yesterday at 5pm PST. The winner will be announced at 6pm PST. Which is in about an hour and 50 minutes.

The program I'm using to randomly generate the winner can be found below. Just click the link, and look to the right of the page. It's pretty simple. I will be going by the persons number on the post below where I named the people who got into the contest.

Random Number Generator

Check IS at 5pm PST to find out if YOU won Contest number 1!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 50 Names Are In!!

As you know from the two posts below this, The first "Big One Million" Contest is currently going on. Earlier I posted the email address for the First contest (Every contest will have a different email address) and announced that the first 50 people to email me would be eligible for the random drawing.

Those 50 "Lucky" people are (Pun totally intended) below.

1. Devin Catron
2. James Shaheen
3. Dustin Bernards
4. Mitchell Saremba
5. James Barrington
6. Shelly Lahde
7. Wyatt Griffin
8. Kyle Springer
9. Michael Pytel
10. John Velez
11. Luke Dallest
12. Mario Rocchio
13. Jordan Roberts
14. Kyle Wilson
15. Brandon Koop
16. Jerad Leisch
17. Alec Bukaweski
18. Michele Failla
19. Kodye Gregory
20. Alex Chamberlain
21. James Flores
22. Patrick Cullings
23. Jason Elies
24. Jamie Gantz
25. Ty Alexander
26. Brian Gemme
27. Mark Abramsky
28. Andrew Mickey
29. Mark Macwan
30. Alex Bartelme
31. Christopher Mickey
32. Jason Ewing
33. Issac Aiken
34. Devin Holbein
35. Marty Stubben
36. Chris Weik
37. Jordan Ketttelkamp
38. Bobby Rivas
39. Billy Evers
40. Denis Nikolajev
41. Andrew La Cock
42. Matthew Porter
43. Nick Narcisso
44. Kevin Nguyen
45. Alex Awaida
46. Josh Bickelman
47. Holly Chamberlain
48. Terell Bukaweski
49. Sam Dick
50. Collin DaSilva

Congratulations to all of you guys who were SOO QUICK to email me! I got all 50 emails, in less than an hour. It was awesome. To everyone who DID NOT get their email in on time, DON'T worry! There are going to be a lot more contests in the coming weeks! I also understand that the time zone wasn't convenient for some people, the details for the next contest will be announced at a different time zone. I will be announcing what time it will be at on an earlier date, so people can decide if they want to enter that particular contest.

To those above who got their emails in on time, I will be using a program to help me randomly select ONE of you, and that person will be taking home the Lucky Parts. Check IS Tomorrow to find out who the winner is. Thank you to all for participating. GOOD LUCK!

Big One Million Contest #1 UPDATE

50 Emails have been sent in, in less than an hour. I'm impressed guys! haha. I will announce all the names that will be in the drawing later tonight. Tomorrow the winner will be announced!

I will update this post, when I have received 50 emails...and None after that will be accepted for the first contest! Thanks guys and good luck to all who entered. I will post a full list of the 50 names that will be in the drawing later tonight.

The Big One Million Contest #1

So as you guys know Inside-Scooters is having a contest to celebrate getting over 1 million views. This was made possible by the great companies we work with, and all of our dedicated readers. So these contests are to give back to you guys. Please read the next paragraph VERY carefully to avoid any confusion.

If you are not familiar with the contest we have going on right now you can learn about it here. The Big One Million Contest

The following contest is going to be a random drawing. I will only be counting the first 50 emails I receive. These 50 people are going to be eligible for the random drawing. You need to email me with the following information only.

1.Name and Age
2.Complete Shipping Address

The email you need to provide this information to is

This week the prize is going to be from Lucky Scooter Parts!

What you can possibly win from LSP are the following

1x Lucky SMX Fork
1x Lucky Bar with a Clamp and Grips

Below is a picture of the SMX Fork someone is going to be taking home from the first Big One Million Contest.

Remember I am only accepting the first FIFTY people who email me as eligible for this Contest. I will announce on Inside-Scooters when 50 people have emailed. And the next day I will announce who the winner is. This is one of MANY contests we will be having in the next couple of months...They will NOT all be the same format. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Helmeri and Otto Weekend Edit

Eagle-Sport Rider Helmeri Pirinen and his close friend Otto Markjarvi recently made a weekend edit. This video has a lot of opposite and switch stuff, and Helmeri's riding cleaned up a LOT in this video. Otto is also a really smooth rider that I hope we see a lot more of in the future. Great video.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

HepGreg and Gabe De Asis Belief Promo Video

As the title says, this is the Promo video that Greg and Gabe made for the Belief Skateshop and Clothes shop. For more info watch the video on Vimeo and read the description there. Riding is really sick. This is my first time seeing Gabe ride...and he shreds hard.

BELIEF. (Promo Video) from Hep Greg on Vimeo.

Big One Million Contest Announcement!

If you guys don't know about the Big One Million Contest we are having on Inside-Scooters, please check the following link.
Big One Million Contest

I will be posting the details to the FIRST contest at 5pm(PST)On September 12th (The times that I post the details in the future for the other contests will NOT all be in the same time zone. I fully understand that we have readers all over the world, who deserve a chance to enter these contests) If you are planning to enter the first contest PLEASE check Inside-Scooters at that time to get the details! If you do not get a chance to enter this first contest DON'T WORRY...There are going to be a lot more over the next month to two months.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Razor Exposed Tour Stop #3 Registrations Open

Hey guys, just like last time you guys are encouraged to register online for the next stop of the Razor Exposed Tour. All you have to do is follow the link provided below. Check the poster for more details on the competition. And keep checking IS for all updates regarding the Razor Exposed Tour.



Thursday, September 9, 2010

Joey Aria Summer 2010 Video + Interview

The following video and article contains material and discussion of beliefs relating to religion and God. I expect everyone who reads this and decides to comment, to do so with respect to Joey and many others beliefs. Comments that show any kind of disrespect will not be posted.

Joey Aria is an underrated rider from Virginia. He recently finished up his 2010 Summer video, and I got the chance to ask Joey a few questions. You can see the video and the interview below.

1. Name, Age, and Location.

Joey Aria, 18 (Aug), Warrenton, VA. I'm about an hour from Washington DC, and an hour and a half from Richmond, VA. My hometown is Citrus Heights, CA. That's in Sacramento County. It's about 20 minutes from Sac City.

2. How did you get into Scootering?

When I was little I liked to ride toy scooters designed for small children. You know, the kind of scooter made of plastic with 3 wheels. But I did not own one of my own. I remember how I would pick one up at a neighbor's house, daycare, Sunday school, wherever, whenever I had the opportunity. I just loved the feeling of riding around, stopping, turning, learning how to balance in ways that were challenging for me. Then I would one day get a scooter of my own.

The first time I was introduced to the Razor scooter was when they came out in year 2000 and the “buy now” commercial aired on TV. At that time I had witnessed my first trick on a scooter, the flat ground Tailwhip. I asked my dad if he would buy me the Razor scooter. He considered the price, $100 I believe it was at the time, and gave me a maybe as his answer. 3 years later I convinced him to take me out to buy a scooter for my birthday. He took me to Toy's-R-Us, but we arrived to discover that they did not carry Razor scooters. Disappointed, I had to settle with a scooter from an off brand company called Pacific Blittz. But really, I was just happy to own a scooter of my own. After that point I rode my scooter every day and started making up my own tricks, not knowing that many of them had already been done and named. I didn't know about Team Razor and the various scooter teams, forums, and videos. I did not start using computers yet by that time and I wasn’t able to go to skateparks yet. I stayed close to home like a good little boy. Later I got an electric Razor scooter for Christmas and with it came a copy of Razor Video Magazine 1 (RVM1). I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that video. At this point in time scootering became really important to me. I started skateboarding somewhere around the 2nd or 3rd grade, but by the 6th grade I chose scootering to be my primary and full time sport. I didn't want my experience to be divided into 2 sports; I wanted to fully invest in one. Since then there have been a few times where I’ve had to stop scootering for a long period of time because of problems at home. But I've never abandoned the sport.

3. So I gotta ask, because in your videos it looks like you can do both...Do you whip frontside or backside?

First, I learned to Heelwhip. That took me awhile. At the time I didn't know the difference. Back in the day I don't think anybody really noticed. Either way you did the trick it was recognized as a Tailwhip, only sometimes a Front Side Tailwhip when referring to a Heelwhip. Then, I learned to Tailwhip. That took me even longer. I learned to whip both ways because I push myself to learn opposite tricks. As far as which whip is easier for me to do, it really depends on what kind of trick I'm doing. Some tricks are easier to do with a Tailwhip, others Heelwhip. I prefer Heelwhips because I find them more stylish.

4. You do a lot of tech lip tricks, do those come natural to you?

My favorite genre of tricks I like to do are stall and grind combinations. I just love the feel of transition and learning opposite tricks. My style is influenced by 80’s bowl style skateboarding. I can ride a simple bowl all day long. I can cheer somebody on for doing a stall or grind opposite. I can be the only scooter rider riding with a group of old school bowl shredders and gain their respect. I like the “think fast” feel of bowl riding. It has no dead ends and does not require any pushing.. You’re constantly faced with new challenges. I don't have a bowl to ride at my local park. We don’t even have a lot of ramps at all. But we do have a simple 4 foot half pipe. I try to pretend it’s a bowl lol. I make the best of it and I try to take advantage of bowls when I have the opportunity to ride them. One thing I really like about professional skateboarder, Bob Burnquist, is that he can be so creative on something as simple as coping. When I used to skate back in the day I was amazed by his One Footed Back Smith grinds to Revert out at the famous Tampa skatepark in Tampa, FL. Who can do that? And which one of those people can do them consistently? I really think that played a role in discovering my style of riding.

5. So I know you're trying to get sponsored currently, what's pushed you to try getting sponsored now?

Any scooter rider would like to be supported in what they love to do, but I really started seeking sponsorship when I came to the point where I could not afford the parts I need to scooter. I'm 18 years old, on my own, without a car, and I’m trying to go to college. Its hard work meng. But sponsorship is not just about getting stuff for free. In reality you don't get anything for free because what you get is your payment for doing real promotional business. Sponsorship is marketing and marketing is to increase sales. I think that I quality for sponsorship because I have the skills, experience, and dedication every company needs. But God is my provider. Lord, if you provide me with a sponsorship I'm cool with that! If not, I won't front!

6. Are there any companys that you got your eye on in particular?

I'd like to partner with a shop or company that will support me as an athlete in return for my hard work for the company. Many companies have shown interest in sponsoring me but none of them have stepped up to do it. But that’s okay; I’m not interested in any companies that don’t value what I have to offer.

7. You seem to have a strong belief in God, care to elaborate on your reasons for adding the select scriptures at the end of your video?

I think what matters most is not my interest in God, but God’s interest in me! It’s not about me, but it’s all about Him. Through His Son Jesus, I am reconciled to God because my sin is paid for and forgiven. Ephesians 2:8-9 says “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” God’s desire is not for man to use religion as an attempt to please Him. His desire is to have an authentic and life-changing relationship with Him. Forget religion, I have a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ! On my 18th birthday I had to make the hard transition of moving away from my family to live on my own while not having a job, car, or college education. I am lead to include Matthew 11:28, Jeremiah 29:11, and Psalm 84:12 in my video because they are comforting to me in such a season of struggle.

8. Thanks for taking the time to do this quick interview with IS, anything else you want to add Joey?

I’d like to inform the industry about my new Facebook Athlete page. Here you can learn more about my work, receive the latest updates, and keep in touch with me. If you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry, you can access this page.

Joey's Facebook

I want to thank Inside Scooters for this interview. I’m glad somebody followed through on such a great idea. I’m happy to be part of IS and I hope to see more follow-ups on my work here!

Luke Larsen Edit 2

Luke Larsen edit 2 from charlie eldershaw on Vimeo.

16 year old Luke Larsen. Another Aussie video with briflips, whips, and flips...but the footplant stuff was pretty sick, I like the bar to tables too.

Razor Exposed on TV

Heres a clip from a newscast about the recent Battleground stop of the Razor Exposed Tour. Looks like it turned about pretty good, KC Corning was interviewed and gave some comments.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Madd UK/Razor UK Tour DVD Trailer

Preview for the DVD coming of the summer tour the 2 teams did this past August. Looks like it'll be pretty sick, editing was really good. Its so awesome to see more teams doing tour type stuff, those are so much fun. I was lucky enough to be able to go on 2 different tours and I cannot wait to do one again.

Stripper Bars Update from Blunt Scooters

When it comes to scooter parts in Australia, Stripper Bars are most likely sitting at the top of the list when it comes to "Australia's Most Wanted". The bars have been unobtainable for a while now...but they're back soon.

How soon? Mid September is when the Stripper Bars will be back in stock. You can probably see from the pictures that the Stripper Bars have gone through a few changes. These new bars are lighter, stronger, with cleaner welds and a better paint job than the first version of Stripper Bars. Seems like Blunt is one again setting a new standard when it comes to quality bars. I've personally had my hands on these bars, and they are nothing short of amazing. These are bars ARE going to sell out fast again, so make sure you get your hands on them as soon as possible.

For all your updates on all things relating to Blunt Scooters keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Couple of Super 60s

The two riders below may not be at Pro Level yet in the sport. But they both show a lot of potential and promise as up and coming riders. Dalton Bennet is a Corona local riding for DSA and ScooterZone and Matt Lashbrook rides for and Ambush and he is a local at the Newport Skatepark in Delaware. You can check out their S60s below.

Apex Pro Scooters

Inside-Scooters is proud to present Apex Pro Scooters as our newest Advertising company.

Apex Pro Scooters is a company based out of Australia that takes pride in having all of their parts designed, tested, and manufactured in Australia. The company is Aussie owned and operated and Apex has been active in the sport of scootering for 12 months now.

Apex has been working very closely with The Moonwalk Scooters Team and certain riders from Team MGP. These riders have been helping Apex in testing all of their products to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Apex is aiming to make some of the highest quality, light weight, and anodized aluminum products such as:

*SCS Quad Clamps
*Quad Clamp
*Double Clamps
*Grind Pegs
*Oversized Rainbow Pegs

All of which are available from Apex now

Some of the products that are coming soon are:

*Apex Deck
*Apex Forks
*Apex Wheels

Also the Apex Team has been chosen and will be announced shortly on Inside-Scooters. So for all updates and news related to Apex Pro Scooters, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Check out Apex's website by clicking the link below. Or of course just click their Logo on the right side of our website.

Apex Pro Scooters

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cooper Klaar Welcome Back Video with Brandon Miller

Phoenix team rider Cooper Klaar recently recovered from a broken ankle, and went out last night with his good friend Brandon Miller to film a video. Cooper beasttts it, good to see him riding again. I love Brandon's clips as well.

He also wanted to give a shoutout to everyone from Tinychat, including: Gary Ryckman, Matt Stevenson, Matt Dibble, Cade Jones, Jordan Jasa, Heston Gross, Evan Larson, Issac Miller, Mitchell Hamilton, Matt Madera, Mike Martinez, Matt Kaminsky, Jake Clark, Brian Gemme, Christian Ewing, Quint G. Ethan Spence, Jeff Mroz, Jona Humble, Justin Cordova, Lance Nelson, Lil Steve, Monky Mcmoran, Brian Boston, Devin Hohlbein, Jessee Ikedah, Joe Armstrong, Sam Short, Coltonjr2, Trevor Grove, Jamie Gantz, Shane Mcnulty, Kyper, Bikesaresick faggot, TomK, Jason Elies, Murda, Antmoney,Tarry Monz

Monday, September 6, 2010

Chris Gascoigne Phoenix Edit

Just too clean and stylish. His street stuff is just as original as his park footage as well, that was awesome to see. Every edit of Chris is just too good, I want to have his babies...dead ones.

The Big One Million! ***CONTEST***

This contest is for ALL readers no matter where you live in the world. If you read Inside-Scooters, and you want to participate you are more than welcomed to do so.

Now if any of you guys check up on the "Site Meter" at the bottom of our Advertisers might have noticed that IS has recently hit over 1,000,000 views from our readers. For Jordan, Aaron, and Myself...this marks a really big moment for Inside-Scooters. We would have never gotten to this point if it weren't for all of the companies that are partnered with Inside-Scooters who support us non stop.

But the main thing that got us here, is you guys. All of our dedicated readers. Whether you've been with us from the beginning, or just started to recently come to Inside-Scooters...We appreciate you guys soo much.

I also want to take the time to thank an old friend of mine, who without her IS would simply not be what it is today. Margaret Mulligan from the start of Inside-Scooters has always helped with Tech problems when they arose. And the old layout and background, and the new one you see on IS today were both designed by her. So I would definitely like to personally thank her for all that she's done for IS. Thanks Margaret.

NOW onto what we're really here for. When I saw that the One Millionth hit was rapidly approaching...I knew I had to do something special for all of our readers. So we're going to be having a contest coming up very soon on Inside-Scooters. This contest will NOT be about your riding skill....It is going to be fair for ALL who enter the contest. Everyone who enters will have an equal chance of winning as everyone else who enters does.

But what's a contest without prizes right? Well in the past month I've been getting all of that ready for you. Below are some of the prizes you guys will have a chance to win from this contest. You can thank all of the companies for participating in this contest and offering up these great prizes for you all.

Blunt Scooters
x1 Ace of Spades Deck

x1 MGP Deck

Lucky Scooter Parts
x1 Lucky SMX Fork
x1 Lucky Bars with Grips and Clamp

Scooter Hut
x1 75 Dollar Gift Card for


MoonWalk Scooters


Dominator Scooter Accessories

(TBA = To Be Announced..This means that this company will 100% be donating parts for this contest...but at the moment, the exact parts have not been decided on)

This contest is our way of saying Thank You to all of you guys who continue to come on Inside-Scooters everyday, and support us for what we do. ALL DETAILS about this contest will be released shortly. So keep checking Inside-Scooters if you want to be a part of this, and have a chance to take home some of these awesome parts. Thanks again guys.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Memorable Day at The Orange County ScooterZone

This past Thursday I tagged along with Nick Darger to the new Scooter Zone shop in Orange County. If you want to learn more about the new shop and Scooter Zone just click the two links below.
OC ScooterZone

One of the main reasons why I was so excited to come down was because Nick told me that Cody Speake and Danny Rambert would be there. That was an opportunity that I was not going to miss. These two riders were a part of the infamous CSC. If you don't know about CSC please click the following link.
Fading but not Forgotten: CSC

Nick and I arrived at the shop pretty early, and the day went by pretty quickly and before I knew it Julio Oceguera, Danny Rambert, and Cody Speake all showed up at the Zone. We all talked for a bit, and then it was straight to the back where all the ramps were. Cody, Danny, and Julio spent some time riding but after a while we all for some reason went outside to the parking lot out back. It took all of 30 seconds before we had the urge to go explore the industrial area for street spots. I had forgotten my scooter...and was forced to ride a stock Pro model. But at this point there was nothing that was gonna stop me from getting a chance to see Cody and Danny shred...and shred they did.

I watched them in silent admiration, amazed at how natural they both still were on their scooters. Before I go into this further, here's a little information you might want to know..

CSC as you know if you clicked the link provided above was made up of Mike Dies, Mikey Weaver, Cody Speake, and Danny Rambert. Mike Dies stopped scootering and became an amazing BMX rider, Mikey Weaver stopped riding and focused on other things in life, and that left Cody and Danny. Cody and Danny stopped riding scooters in late 2005. In their 5 year absence Cody started skating a lot, and Danny was on his bike most of the time.

It wasn't until 2010 that they would start to get back into scooters. While at the skatepark they would run into riders Lucky Scooter Part's Rider, Nick Donatelli and Scooter Zone's, Nick Darger, who were both well aware of how infamous these two were...and Cody and Danny couldn't fight the urge and would usually borrow their scooters and ride for a bit. Well Nick and Nick saw the opportunity to get these two back into riding, and they took it. They built both Danny and Cody two different set ups, and for the past two months, Cody and Danny have been picking up right where they left off...

Danny Rambert- Handplant Tailwhip over the Spine

When I say right where they left off, I mean it...and then some. To watch these two ride was something I wasn't used to seeing. Back in the days of CSC, it wasn't about being the best Team/Crew in the was about going out with your friends, and pushing each other to become better riders. Well watching Danny and Cody ride together, opened my eyes to that. To anyone who doesn't know them both personally, you would think to yourself, “Geez...these guys are dicks, constantly trying to one up each other”. Well that couldn't be farther from the truth. They are in fact pushing each other, not so much one upping each other. It was really crazy to witness. You would see Cody do something ridiculous, and then right behind him Danny would go and do something even more ridiculous, which would then push Cody to go back and do something even crazier. It was progression, right in front of your eyes, in the most purest and sincere of forms.

So as I said, we took off to ride street, there were times where we would be mobbing really fast and these guys would go and hit gaps without even having a chance to scope them out first. It was like fear just didn't exist in their worlds. Nothing was being taken seriously either, we were just out there having fun. Eventually we came to this pretty serious size gap...and set up near the gap in the parking lot, was a pretty big picnic table. Immediately Cody wanted to move it and set it up so it was going down the gap.

Once it was set up, Julio said he was out..and sat down with me. Danny took a couple looks at it, and he said he was out too...and joined us sitting down. Not Cody though. He took a couple run ups, and then straight hopped up the bench and first try manualed down the whole thing. He comes right back up, and after a couple attempts, feebles down the whole thing. Julio and I just sat back watching eyes wide. Cody comes up and says “Your turn Danny” and moves the table over so that Danny can feeble it. And Danny who had said he was sitting this one out, gets up...goes back...and comes up and manuals down it first try. He comes back up the gap and feebles it first try. Julio and I were in awe.Danny Rambert, Julio Oceguera, Cody Speake, and Dick Narger

We get back to the shop and it's pretty dark now, the store is closed, and Nick gets his camera, and the lights out to light the ramps up for Cody, Julio, and Danny. The session was pretty intense. There were a few gnarly slams, and some really sick stuff got filmed. Danny and Cody continued to push each other while riding, and eventually someone mentioned “Flairs”. Cody and Danny have recently both been trying flairs, but neither have landed one and rolled away...Well, all it took was the mention of it, and Danny was off to get his helmet, and Cody borrowed one of Julios..and they were both on deck ready to drop in. Danny took a few attempts and was over it, he just wasn't feeling em. But it took about 8 attempts for Cody to call it quits on them. He was rotating them every time he came around...and it's obvious that they will both have flairs in a matter of weeks. We wrapped things up, got a bite to eat and called it a day.

Codys First Flair Attempt of the Night

Riding with Cody and Danny is something I won't be forgetting anytime soon, and I know I will probably ride with them again in the near future. And even though the possibility of the full CSC getting back together again is slim to none...what they've done in the past for the sport, and what Cody and Danny are going to continue to do in the more than enough for me.

-Written by Steven Tongson