Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ryan Erwin Tech Edit

Ryan Ryan Ryan...I remember when this kid started.  Always been super good, but he never impressed me as much as what he did with this video.  Such a flat/tech killer, makes me wanna get back into it.  Great stuff from Ryan.

Ryan Gould Super 60

Now here is a Super 60..

Really great riding from Scooter Zone's Ryan Gould. Ryan recently took 4th place at the Epic Street Comp as well, in the Am division. Rockin the French ID Deck, check out Ryan Gould's Super 60 below.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Epic Comp 2011

The Epic Comp was put together by Lucky Scooter Parts, and organized and ran by Kingsley Okocha of "Impact Scooter News". I was there for the contest, and Kingsley did a hell of a job with the contest. Props to Kingsley and Impact.

Phillip Long, the filmer for ELYTS and 841 was there, and he got a lot of sick footage, and made the edit below. Great video, check it out.

1st. Big Ron
2nd. Dakota Shuetz
3rd. Georgie Lewis
4th. Raymond Warner
5th. Monky

You guys might have also noticed at the end Monky was repping an Inside-Scooters shirt. He recently became a part of the Inside-Scooters Team. Expect to see his Inside Edit very soon.

JamoJam 3 New Date Set

JamoJam 3 was supposed to be held earlier this month, but as most of you know, it wasn't. The competition ended up being rained out, and had to be rescheduled.

The new date for the JamoJam 3 contest is September 17th. If you plan to head out there from outside of Australia, make your plans now! More information will be released as soon as possible.

Jake Hershey- Changing of Times

Jake is one of the nicest guys around in our sport.  He's been around for quite a while and knows to have fun with riding.  This is a video he's been filming for recently.  Check out those inwards (front scooterflips) kids.  Yes, it IS okay to take your hand off.  You might have em as nice as Jake does someday.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Phoenix and Lucky at Sky High

The guys at Sky High Scooters have restocked all colors of Phoenix Phorx and 4.0 standard decks, as well as a limited amount of black and purple Lucky SMX forks.  The decks are the cheapest around at $159.99, and with the coupon code "skyhigh10" you can take off another 10% off your charge.  Sky High really gets some awesome pictures of their products, take a look at a couple here-

Team rider Issac Miller also recently filmed a few tricks on a kicker, mostly screwing around but there's some pretty good clips too:

Noah Risser- Driveway Clips

Noah recently got on the Sky High discount team, and filmed a few clips in his driveway to test out the Sky High intro...this kid is ridiculous.  Most driveway videos these days don't impress me but Noah never disappoints, and that's saying something...I've seen a LOT of driveway footy in my day.  Hah.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jon Zegarra Blunt Edit Number 2

Super clean, tech, and stylish.  Jon is lucky enough to live in NYC giving him access to tons of nice street spots, which makes for an awesome video.  Last trick is way sick.

Inside the Lens: Week #21

Photographer: Nate Borchers, Rider: Ryan Cheng, Trick: Invert, Location: Val Vista Skatepark, Pleasanton, California.
-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Rider: Cody Speake
Filmer: Nick Darger
Location: Chino, Irvine and Corona CA

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inside Interview with Ryan Upchurch (Brand new edit at the end)

A huge up and comer in the past two years, and one of the most diverse riders in the sport, is Ryan Upchurch. In the short time that Ryan has been in the sport he accomplished quite a lot. I've been close friends with Ryan for some time now, and it was a pleasure to finally be able to sit down and get an interview done with him. Check it out below.

Steven: Well damn, it's been over a week since I decided I wanted to interview Ryan Upchurch...getting together proved to be quite the challenge, but I finally got him here...and we're gonna get this done. How you been Ryan?

Ryan: I've been really good man, just really busy! I just got back from doing a huge 4-day tour to Virginia Beach with Shopecx.
 It's been a bit hectic, but I'm happy to finally be sitting down to have a talk with you! Thanks for taking the time to sit down and interview me!

Steven: Haha yeah dude, like wise. So Virginia Beach, that was the first stop of the tour correct?

Ryan: Yeah man, It was 4 days long, and packed full of riding, hanging out with the rest of the Shopecx guys, and even some late night seshes in front of the hotel. We got some pretty gnarly footag over the past few days, and I really think that the footage from this tour, along with the many others following during the Summer will really put Shopecx in the spotlight. The official Shopecx Summer Tour 2011 will be available this holiday season!

Steven: Wow.. that sounds epic. Summer Tours, and Tours in general are something I think we need more in our sport. With so many legit Teams in the sport, what's stopping more companies from throwing there riders out there you know?

Ryan: Honestly man, I think it's because many teams add so many riders these days, that it's hard for any single team to set up, and carry out any kind of tour. On top of that, mst teams get guys from all over the country, or world for that matter, and it becomes to expensive to have the whole team travel at once. The reason I feel Shopecx has done this so efficiently is that we a small group of guys, that live relatively close to eachother. This cuts down on the travel costs, and allows us to travel as a team more frequently.

Steven: That's really sick that you guys get the chance to travel as a Team like that. I know a lot of other Teams would probably envy you guys. So let's be honest some point, you were just starting out like everyone else, and you probably sucked pretty bad. Tell us about your early experiences riding.

Ryan: To be completely honest, in the beginning I wasn't even close to being good. For the first year or so I didn't do much more than a few whips, bars, and basic stalls. At this point, I was only half-committed to scootering because I was still skateboarding. One day I realized how much I really enjoyed riding, and decided that it was something that I was going to work hard at uninterrupted. From that point, I went out and bought myself a pro model, dropped my skateboard, and started trying any trick I could think of. I blame my quick progression on my carelessness to get hurt. I have had multiple concussions, shattered knee caps, a broken growth plate in my wrist, and sprained ankles and wrists. Every time a friend told me to try a trick, I just said why not, and went for it whether I thought i would get it or not. Sometimes by chance, I would get the trick, and then perfect it.

Steven: So I'm guessing you'll have no problem with my posting one of your first videos right here, right??

Ryan: I wouldn't mind haha. I sucked, but we all had to start somewhere lol. But i think it will be a bit of an eye-opener to kids just starting out that everyone isn't the best when they start. Every expert was once a beginner.

Steven: So you start out, you basically suck, you drop the board, and start pushing yourself on a scooter. How long did it take before you got noticed by ECX, and how did you eventually get sponsored by them?

Ryan: After dropping my board, It took about 6 months or so for me to get noticed and picked up by ECX. I had bought my parts from there since the beginning, and once I started taking things seriously, I made it my mission to get
on the team. My friend Walker Crouch,(who was a big inspiation to me back in the day) was on the team and I wanted to ride along side him on the team. So over the course of 6 months I worked hard, and did all I could to prepare myself for the first ECX Competition at my local in Newport, Delaware. I entered pro division, in spite of my unsponsored status, and managed to place 4th. It wouldn't have been anything more than mediocre if I weren't riding with my hand duct-taped up because I had broke the growth plate in my wrist earlier that day. Mike Lashbrook, the owner of ECX recognized my committment to the sport, and later offered me a spot on the team. I more than gladly accepted.

Steven: That's awesome brother, true dedication. On another note, I need to go take a piss. So.. umm. Take five!

Ryan: Alrighty haha,  I'm gonna go grab a bowl of ice cream then

Steven: All right dude...Where you at?!

Ryan: Here haha

Steven: So Ice Cream? What flavor?

Ryan: Coffeeeeee :) I love any kind or form of coffee haha. It's amazing aha.

Steven: Hahaha... Coffee? But what about this addiction to Arizona Ice Tea I've heard so much about?

Ryan: Man, everyone knows I can't live without the stuff. On every single trip that i go on, i usually buy anywhere from 10-20 arizona iced teas. I drink iced tea at home too, so I prety much live off the stuff hahaha
Steven: Hahah too good. So, You really started to get known throughout the sport while riding for Eagle-Sport, and District....can I ask what was it that led to you making the decision to leave the two companies?

Ryan: Up to this point, I have not really told anyone the full story on why I left, so IS readers, feel privleged to be the first to know the whole story. To be honest, I loved the companies, but over time I felt like it was in my best interest to leave them. I broke alot of the decks, and sometimes had to buy decks, which i had trouble affording since I was unemployed at the time. In other words, they couldn't supply me with enough parts frequently enough for me to ride all the time. This was not completely there fault though, every companies first batch of parts has their flaws.

But over time, there were too many changes being made, and things just seemed to be unstable. For example, Gino with C4 came and gone, team managers came and gone, and there was also long spans of time that i had no contact at all with the companies. Again, this is not completely their fault, especially since Marcel was so busy with everything. They did take care of me overall though. During the last few months of my sponsorship with the companies, there was alot of people leaving, and the family that the team once was had broken apart. This was the event that really did it for me, seeing that there really wasn't a team at all except myself. During this period I was also having troubles again with getting parts due to a number of issues over in China. When the newer parts came in, I was not comfortable on them, and there was nothing they could do about it.

As a result, I parted ways with district and eagle after almost 2 years. So long story short, I just wasn't comfortable on the parts anymore, and I was ready for a change.     I would also like to add that I am very thankful for what they did for me over the span of time I was on the team, and I am in no way trying to call them out. I am just stating why exactly that i left.

Steven: I hear you dude. That was nice to give everyone that PG Version. Oh snap. In all seriousness, this answer just goes to show how much of a professional you are dude.

So, next stop for you was Blunt Pro Scooters. How has that been so far bro?

Ryan: Honestly man, things could not be better! After being on the team just a week, they paid for my tickets out to SD5, and I did a whole tour with
the australian guys that came over for the tour. Blunt has a small, but very close team whether it be in terms of one country, or internationally. It was a great experience meeting Dinny, as well as all of Aussies that came over for SD5. It was definitely one of the best trips I'd ever been on. Just months after, they sent me back to California for the Woodward West camp, which was also a hella fun time. But all in all, they always have me on the parts I need, and take into account my opinions as a rider. In the more recent months, I was in need of an income, and asked them if there was anything I could do. Kindly, they replied to my e-mail and offered me the job as Team Manager. Ever since, I have built the team up, and have even bigger plans with them for the future! Blunt will be doing it big with this next batch of parts, and I think the quality of the products will speak for themselves in the coming months.

Steven: You say Woodward West, I think Double Backflip. You landed your first one at the camp, tell us about that experience dude.

Ryan: My way to describe it is, "Lean back... ALOT!" The first time i attempted double flips was without the use of a foam pit, at my local a little over 2 years ago. I tried it twice, and got wrecked both times. My goal as a rider was to land a double backflip by the time i stop riding. When I went out to Woodward, I had no intention of doing it yet, but Terry Price was eggin' me on to do it into foam. After getting one solid one into foam, I felt confident in bringing it to the resi, which was right next to the foam. I must have tried it and whooped out 20-30 times before actually getting it, but my persistence paid off! All thanks to my man Terry Price that is ;)
    It was kind of ironic though, seeing that I landed a double backflip because of him. Terry, along with Jesse Macaluso were the two riders that I looked up to when first starting, and Terry's huge mini video with the double flip was really the reason I started riding in the first place.

Steven: Well big congratulations on that accomplishment man. So, as most people know by now, you also ride for Inside-Scooters. What made you so down to ride for us here at IS?

Ryan: To me, it was a no-brainer! I have been getting on inside since it was just started, and the only writers were you and Jordan. I still, to this day hop n there every time i open up the internet on my computer. When i was offered the spot, I felt there was no reason to even hesitate. I would be supporting something that i believe in.

    and in the end, that's all that matters to me. Riding for, and supporting a cause that I feel is for the better of the sport as a whole.

Steven: Well I'd be lying if I said hearing that doesn't get me stoked haha. So unfortunately it's about time we get this wrapped up. Before we wrap things up, tell us about some plans you got this summer.

Ryan: This summer will be packed full of trips and events! I will be traveling with Shopecx throughout the summer, and producing the summer tour 2011 dvd for the holiday season. In addition, I will hopefully be making over to England in July for a competition. As for the rest of the days, I just plan to ride everywhere i can, spend some time with my girlfriend, go to the beach, and enjoy my time off of school! After all, with my school, and probably many others, this year I only have a 2-month sumer vacation...

Steven: Jam packed for sure bro. So do you got any last words or shout outs you want to get out before we wrap this up. Got some friends waiting for me, and In n Out Burger is calling my name, I gotta roll soon!

Ryan: Dude you should def pick some up for me! It's been too long since I've had In N Out haha. But I would like to give a shout out to Mike Lashbrook from Shopecx for being there for me since the beginning, Dinny and Blunt for being the best sponsor i could ever ask for, Dave Ward from DSA for being kind enough to let me crash at his place quite a few times, and Inside Scooters as a whole for keeping me informed on everything that has to do with scooters. Without inside, I would never have the time to find all of the best videos and info! So thanks Steven, for doing this interview with me. I really appreciate it, and I'm expecting some In N Out the next time i see you haha! Take care bro!

And Ryan's latest work.. "It's Summer Again" can be seen below..

Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Riders...3 Tricks

Remi Bouchard, Fabien Minod, and Noe Bouchard.  Kids be out of control over in Swiss land.

Whitewater Transit Scooter Comp

Mr. Matt Andrus and his lovely wife Ashley have been organizing a competition to be held at the Whitewater Rotary Skatepark.  It is being hosted by Matt and Joey Aria, under the SoloChristo organization.  Got a pretty cool list of sponsors going there, should be a fun time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blunt Aus on Totally Wild

So you may know a while back the Australian Blunt team traveled to Melbourne to film for the Totally Wild show on Channel Ten.  The footage from that has finally been released, which you may or may not be able to view here.  It seems to be blocked in the US (at least it wouldn't play for me).  So to make up for that, check out some pictures of the new Blunt parts to be coming out later this summer:

Elyts California Tour

Torn Sponsorship Contest Update

Hello fellow scooter riders! I'd just like to remind you that you have a little under two weeks to make your Torn Scooters Sponsorship videos. Remember to take your time on your edits for the next 11 days, and remember that you're entered to win a free pair of bars just for entering! Also, you get a discount on current handlebars even if you don't make the team! Can't wait to see your videos by July 4th and I would hate to see good talent miss this opportunity! - Riley
You might have seen a few of the Torn sponsorship entries already up on IS, maybe you too can see yourself on the site if you try out...only one way to find out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inside the Lens: Week 20

Rider: Graham Kimbell
Trick: Lookback channel gap
Location: Bottesford skatepark
Photographer: Martin Kimbell

-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Rider : Jakub Wolk

Filmers : Mathias Holst and Anders Berger

Location : Aarhus in Denmark, Europe

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Scorpo Scooters Joins Inside-Scooters

I've heard of Scorpo for a while. Things were quiet about them for a while, but that silence was for good reason. They had been working on a complete new line of products, from bearings to the new one piece deck, Scorpo has reinvented themselves in a big way. For more information on Scorpo Scooters, read below.

In 2007 Scorpo Scooters noticed that the industry was lacking when it came to providing riders with a scooter that would be ready for freestyle riding, right off the shelf. They wanted to bring to the sport a scooter that didn't require being locked up with additional bolts/plates, and handle bars that wouldn't loosen or rattle due to riding.

The creating process was a tough one for Scorpo, as it is for all companies. One of the first decks, looked almost identical to what is now the TSI deck. There was also one made from carbon fiber, and a load of other crazy designs...some of which still have a place in the “Scorpo Museum of Unfinished Projects”.

Trips to China in hopes of getting lucky with good manufacturers didn't work out so well. So Scorpo decided to look to Taiwan, which is known as the heart and soul for manufacturing. Scorpo didn't want to work with an existing scooter parts manufacturer in Taiwan, they wanted an engineering factory, that they can work with from the ground up. They had a few set backs, but even then were gaining a lot of experience from the hands on approach they decided to take with their products.

To this day they still have to make numerous trips to Taiwan, to ensure that production is going smoothly and properly, and they believe it is paying off. Scorpo believes today, that they have a product that they can confidently put up against the best and they are proud to be releasing the new “Stunt
2” scooter onto the world market.

Well Scorpo sent me out a package of product to check out first hand before making the decision to work with us here at Inside-Scooters...and as a lot of people know, I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to scooter parts. Well I was very very surprised with each product I received. Let's check some of them out below.

I'll get right into things, with the new Scorpo Deck.

Similiar to the Ultra Pro deck in the front, but overall very very different. The paint on both the black and white ones, have a nice sparkle to them, something I haven't seen in the paint on other decks.

The length is 20 inches, and the width is the popular, 4.5. The deck has concave, and a headtube angle very similiar to a Phoenix deck. One of the things I really loved, was that it comes with a fully installed flex fender style brake. Also the sides of the deck were rounded enough so that fingerwhips were a breeze.

The weight was no issue at all. Going from a Phoenix 4.5, to the Scorpo 4.5 was nothing. The deck feels really strong and solid. One thing I hate is when you get on a deck, and you start feeling less confident on the deck due the way it feels underneath you. Well this was no problem with the Scorpo. Really nice deck.

The Forks come in threadless, and threaded for the completes. Fairly simple design, nothing too crazy going on here, and in most cases that's a good thing. The forks aren't very heavy at all. While I am not crazy about some forks on the market, and the cheesy designs... I wouldn't mind seeing Scorpo get a little more creative with a new fork design in the future.

The SCS looked awesome. It was a bit heavy, but this was something Scorpo was already aware of, and are going to be modifying. While I am a HIC rider, if I did want to run SCS, I would definitely consider using the Scorpo SCS.

The triple clamp was something I am currently still running. I'm not sure why, but I really like clamps. Well, strong clamps. This was a really solid clamp. While they are currently made for standard sized bars, and not HIC, a little stretching, and this thing fit on my HIC bars easily. Really strong, hasn't loosened up since putting it on. Check out the triple and new quad clamps below. Let's hope we see some clamps for oversized HIC bars soon.

The complete Scorpo scooter will come as you see below.

They will also come with the Scorpo headsets (They also make threadless headsets, that run reaallyy smooth)

Last but certainly not least, is my favorite product I got from Scorpo. The Brute Metal Cores. My knowledge on wheels, metal cores in general, is pretty deep. As most people know, I worked with one wheel company for over a year. Needless to say I've rode a LOT of different wheels. When I stick a pair of metal cores on, the first thing I do is head out front and go down my driveway. 8 out of 10 times, I will notice a slight lag compared to the wheels I was riding before. Very rarely, will the wheels surpass my current pair in speed and performance. Well the Brute wheels did just that.

They were incredibly smooth, had a lot of grip, and most notably...were fast as hell. I've been running them non stop for the last few weeks, and they've shown zero signs of slowing down or dehubbing. I stand by these wheels 110%, easily without a doubt some of the best metal cores I've ever rode. These come in 110, and 100mm, and can be bought with a full core, or the spoked design.

Scorpo is a company that I respect for a few reasons, one being because they didn't try to rush the scene. They've been here for a while, but made sure to keep things on a lower profile until they were sure they had top quality products to bring to the sport. I couldn't be happier working with them here at Inside-Scooters. So from now on, if you guys want updates on Scorpo Scooters, just keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Also for everyone in the US that wants to get their hands on these products, just hang tight. Because Scorpo is going to be hitting the US in the near future. More information on that will be on ISB soon.

Head over the the website by clicking the link below.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ECX Summer Tour Update for Stop #1

The first stop of the ECX Summer Tour went down recently in Virginia Beach and North Carolina. Accomplished writer, and owner of ECX, Mike Lashbrook wrote a full recap of the first stop. Check that out below.

The 1st leg of the ECX Summer Scooter Tour went down with a success this past weekend with the team traveling to Virginia Beach and North Carolina to shred some killer parks. The team left Thursday morning from their hometown park in Newport Delaware for a 5 hour trek south with the New ECX Mobile Showroom & Team Support Trailer in tow. When they arrived in Virginia Beach, they checked in to the hotel and headed to Newport News to ride Anti-Gravity, a great indoor park with a killer street section and a random back room of box jumps and mini ramp. The owner was stoked to see scooters and let the guys shred until after 10pm.

The next morning we headed over to a fantastic outdoor park called Mount Trashmore (it is built on a former landfill). The park was all wood & skatelite with a great bowl and 13' vert ramp. 11 year old team rider Matt Lashbrook dropped in on the vert ramp and couldn't get enough. That's where he could be found the rest of the day. Friday night found the team down at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk where a few of the guys took a dip in the ocean while others patrolled the boards for what every teenage guy likes. (insert your own words here). Saturday morning we were off to a concrete street plaza called Woodstock. The trailer blew a tire right when we arrived, so the guys had a long full day session shredding the 8 stair set and ledges while we waited for the tire to get repaired. That night, everyone decided to head to the beach and get in some body surfing in the warm clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean followed by a team dinner at the Doh Boy Restaurant.

After dinner, we stopped at a local surf shop so the guys could do some shopping for some new threads. Element Skateboards had set up a nice 6' mini-ramp in the parking lot for a contest the day before and the manager let us ride it till 11pm. He couldn't believe the stuff we were doing on scooters. I think he asked Ryan to flair six times! Sunday was the last day and we headed over to Northside skatepark in hopes of getting in to ride. (they don't let scooters in until July 1st when the cities new insurance policy takes place). We begged and pleaded, but it was a no. So it was off to another spot some local skaters told us about and it turned out they wouldn't let scooters in either... Everyone was getting discouraged when the attendant at the last park told us about a secret concrete bowl that was only a 45 minute drive south in North Carolina. We decided to give it a try and hit the road.

After driving about a half hour through nothing but corn fields and farms, we came upon a huge 12' pool and clover bowl literally in the middle of nowhere! The guys were stoked and shredded it for about 2 hours before we got back on the road for the 6 hour ride home. The trip was a huge success!, we introduced freestyle scooters to a bunch of kids, even sold a new MGP to a biker who converted! We drank and gave away over 100 Vitamin Waters and all the riders had a blast. Tons of incredible footage was filmed for the Summer Tour DVD coming out this fall. Next stop - North Jersey to ride Shields and TIC on Thursday and Friday June 30th & July 1st. See ya there!

If you want to keep up with everything that's been going on at each stop of the ECX Summer Tour. Keep checking Inside-Scooters!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dan Barrett/Jon Reyes Day Edit

Why I haven't seen this sooner is beyond me.  Best two tech riders in the world doing what they do best...I had to rewind for like every trick to understand what I was seeing.  So crazy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Victory Scooters Update Flyer

Got a quick update from Victory Scooters Inc, in the form of a flyer. Check it out for all the details!

***New Flyer To Come***

Happy Fathers Day!

Just wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there in our sport. Though a lot of riders don't know it, there are plenty of older OG riders who already have sons or daughters, so this ones for them. Also to all the dads that are out there supporting their kids in their decision to take up the sport of scootering.

Not to mention all of the company owners out there that happen to also be fathers that are providing the community with top quality products.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY From Inside-Scooters!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sky High Scooters Updates

Sky High has been getting lots of new products in stock recently.  Among the new stock includes Lucky HIC Pry bars, FSA Pig and DH Pro headsets, Animal Edwin flangeless grips, and FSP bearings, as well separate Lucky HIC kits.  Check out a pic below and the Sky High facebook for more.

Milwaukee 4 Seasons Annual Comp

The 2nd annual competition at Milwaukee 4 Seasons is coming up soon.  You definitely don't want to miss this if you live in the Midwest.  Last years was a lot of fun, hope you can make it!

Luke Painter- Rain Sesh

Most people, while its raining out, sit bored at home or go to an indoor park to ride.  Not Luke Painter though.  Luke decided to take his camera out one day, cover it with a plastic bag and film some tricks.  Personally I hate riding with griptape thats even the littlest bit wet.  Pretty crazy to do those tricks at all too, rain or not.

Friday, June 17, 2011


I saw Tyler Bonner trying this trick a few Cootercon's ago...he didn't quite make it but he definitely showed that this trick was possible.  Ryan you're a maniac.  That is all.

Definitely showing some MGP Love after seeing that clip. Speaking of MGP Love, check out the below shot that Twan took recently that is composed of MGP products.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bobby Pantano Web Edit

In October of 2010, I received an email from Bobby Pantano, he had a new edit he released and in that email he mentioned he was recovering from heart surgery. However, after talking to Bobby more, it wasn't just one heart surgery, but two. If you want to read more about that, and about Bobby, check the article I wrote back in October of 2010 by clicking the link below.

Straight from the Heart

Well I'm glad to say that Bobby is still going as strong as ever. You wouldn't know looking at him now that he has been through such a struggle, one that most of us will never be able to relate to. While this newest edit is made up of throwaway footage, it still shows a lot of Bobby's talents. His combos and tech riding, mixed in with his clean riding style make his videos really fun to watch. Check out Bobby's latest edit below.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clips and Gravy

Such a strong vibe from the song in this one.  I dug it though.  According to Nickeh this video is "pretty much just a sony vegas test."  Looks like he's had no trouble at all adjusting to the new editor.  Max Peters at the end...what a nut.  I can see Rwilly's little dance at the end there becoming as big as planking among scooter riders too hahaha.

Tyler Larm East2West Edit + Phoenix Products Now at East2West

Tyler Larm... Yeah, before this video, I hadn't heard of him either. Then I finished the video, and felt like an idiot for not knowing who he was before this. There is something about these tech riders that is really admirable. Seeing riders that are consistent at doing these ridiculous combos and lines may be bland to some, but I can watch these guys all day. A lot of talent from this guy, and I can't wait to see another edit from him.

Also, Tyler was riding a Phoenix deck, like so many other people in the world. There is a reason that so many people ride Phoenix products, and East2West recognized that. So they are now carrying numerous Phoenix products. If you want to check them out, just follow the link below..


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ShopECX Edit "It's a Vitamin Water Summer"

This is an edit made up of the ECX locals all representing Vitamin Water. There are some sick tricks in this edit for sure.

ALSO don't forget that this weekend the ECX Summer Tour kicks off in Virginia Beach! This Tour is also sponsored by Vitamin Water, and of course sponsored by Inside-Scooters as well. For more details check the flyer below.

Boris Germain Super 60

This Super 60 comes to us from Boris Germain, out of France.  Boris is sponsored by Eagle, Axone-Shop and Elyts.  Really sick S60, especially since he decided to ride street instead of park for it.  Definitely hit up a lot of spots and got some sick tricks filmed, great video.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tearin it up for Torn

Earlier this month we let everyone know that Torn Scooters is looking to sponsor some riders. That's all it took, and we started seeing sponsorship videos popping up. Below are two of my favorite that I've seen so far.

The first one is Derek Seay. I really love Derek's riding. He's got an agressive bmx style, and his barspins are on complete lockdown. Really great riding in this video. He showed some street balls towards the end, and I think it'd be good if he hit the streets a bit more in the future.

Next up is the super chill Ricky Cox. This guys riding is so smooth and quiet. While his style isn't as agressive as Dereks, He has something else he's bringing to the table. When you ride that smooth, it makes all your tricks look effortless and really clean. Check it out below.

And last but not least we have upcoming tech rider Noah Risser.  Noah's flat combos originally caught my eye, but he shows some seriously good tricks in this video too.  Triples and bar to whips flat in the same line is ridiculous.  If he doesn't get picked up by Torn I could see another company adding him soon...

Two great videos from two sick riders, trying to represent Torn. For more updates on Torn Scooters, and all breaking news and updates in the sport, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Inside the Lens: Week #19

Photographer: Anthony Diaz
Rider: Jacob Gonzalez
Trick: Tuck No Hander
Location: Perth Amboy, NJ

-Must be sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Rider - Jaythio Arriagada
Filmer - Denis " Deezy " Nikolajev 
Location - Maloof Queens NY

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jamo Jam 3.... Rained Out ?!

Well, if there's one thing that all of us riders know, it's that we can't control the weather. The only thing worse then having a blown session due to rain or bad weather, is when one of the biggest contests of the year gets cancelled..

That's exactly what happened with the Jamo Jam 3 contest in Australia. The reason this is so unfortunate is because riders traveled from across the world for this contest. Which is now being pushed back to possibly next month. More details on this will be released here on Inside-Scooters.

MaddGear USA West Coast Summer Tour

You stick an entire Team of some of the sports top riders all on one Tour, hitting street spots and skateparks for 1 week, and you are going to have non stop insane riding. MGP is sending their entire US Team on a tour of the West Coast, and they are inviting anybody and everybody to make it out to ANY of the stops along the way.

This is one Tour you don't want to miss. Also, Inside-Scooters is working directly with MaddGear to ensure that you guys get all of the exclusive pictures and videos that go on during the tour, right away. We will be posting numerous updates for MGP during the week of the tour. So make sure you check Inside-Scooters during that time.

For more information check the flyer below.

Bustin Cakes DVD finally out!

Filmed during the Inward Pro Team summer tour 2010.

Features Matt Ogle, Josh Kish, Jordan Jasa, Zig Short and Nate Wagoner.

Will be given away for FREE with purchase of $125.00 or more of products (excludes Shipping and Handling) at the Inward on-line store starting June 15th, 2011.

Hurry, only 1000 available.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Interview with Johann and Kevin from Addict (You want to read this)

In a sport that's filled to the brim of young riders, and cookie cutter companies, it's sometimes forgotten that there is an adult scene of riders who see things a bit different than most.

Even more so unnoticed that some of these riders have banned together to form a company that will be unlike anything our sport has in it today. That company is going to be Addict. We have all heard of Addict in the past couple of years, but true information slowly became nothing more than rumors. We found ourselves clinging to the "He saids" and not having any concrete information about this company that our sport needs so badly.

Well the answers are here, and this time, there coming straight from the source, in this interview that I was recently able to do with Johann Moreau and Kevin Demay. Get the full interview below.

These answers are both answered by Johann and Kevin, I will refer to them in the interview as “Addict”.

Steven: Well's been quite some time since we last got to talk, first off, how have you guys been?

Johann M. :Yes it's been a while, but no worry we are still alive haha for my part i'm back from surgery, i had some problems with my shoulders so now i have some axels in it, so it's recovering time..

Kevin D. : I still work alot on dissidence developpment which take me alot of my time. We also started French Toast all together..So i dont have alot of time to ride and film and ride as much as before. But i really hope it'll change soon ! when all the logistic part will be set up perfectly, i'll be back and ride harder than before !

Steven: Damn, well it definitely seems like you guys have been busy. So why have things been so quiet regarding Addict? For a while it seemed like Addict just disappeared.

Addict: We worked alot on district for a year, to make sure addict will be at its best. Solve all the problem that'll possibly happen for the addict production.
Well, riding, filming, working, travelling.. We both went in FSP factory in china to handle and manage the last Addict Prototype production and to set up the final production. But also to set up the District DK2 (v3) Production that kevin designed.
So yeah, lots of things to do haha but we're still here !!

Steven: That's awesome to hear that you have been so involved. So before we go any further...Who is currently on the Addict Team right now?

Addict: Well addict team is Michael Cajas, Matt McKeen, Alex Peasley Jean Yves "JD" Randriambelson, Maxime "Le Baron" Legrand, and Johann Moreau.
But never forget Kevin Demay !! he's not on the team but he shred in his own way haha

Steven: Team of complete shredders. A while ago, there was a LOT of hype about the "Addict SO WHAT" Dvd...please tell me that Dvd is still happening..

Addict: yeah it is bro !! We filmed alot of stuff, but we all increased our riding so much so we have alot of left over haha Cajas still have a broken foot because of his frontflip over 13 stairs, Alex is stuck in canada, but will still manage travelling and filming ! even more since we all ride full addict set up.

Steven: Yeah I can imagine it would be kinda tough to get the Team together for filming. So how much of the Dvd is done?

Addict: I cannot tell you, it's a hard one.. Street is definitly harder to film than park tho, security, random things that happen, wind, rain.. and good spot are always hard to find haha but that's a funny part of the game !

Steven: Ahh the many joys and struggles of street riding haha. Personally, who do you guys think has been throwing down the hardest filming for the Dvd?

Addict: Depend what " hardest " means for you haha
Matt and Maxime are the most productiv haha they throw down trick fast and pretty much everywhere, so they have a lot of clips. And JD is simply the most crazy, each clip of him is a banger.

Steven: I figured Matt and Maxime would def. be named haha. Can you guys estimate on a release date?

Addict: DVD should be released in november, i mean we do our best !

Steven: How about the actual Addict products? It seems like you guys are all on District stuff? Whats up with that?

Addict: It was the case for a moment, because we were waiting for all our parts so we all rode district, JD was riding an ambush and maxime a TSI.
But now it's the end, we all have our own set up and that's amazing, we all love it so much haha simply the best scooter everrrrrr !

Steven: Damn...thats gotta feel good to all be on Addict set ups now. So is there any estimated time when the public might be able to get their hands on some Addict parts?

Addict: It Should be on shop in september, we try too. We hate giving dates because people are shouting on delay after, but before christmas for sure !

Steven: Completely understandable about the dates thing. Now this is something a lot of people probably want... Do you guys have ANY plans for a USA trip?

Addict: You got it. yeah we're coming in cali this summer, so we'll travel arround from SF to SD with a stop in LA, i'm still planing it.. Some passport problem and things to fix haha

Steven: I think a lot of people just got really stoked to hear that haha. Well all I can say is that I'm glad to have been able to catch up with you guys, and get some of these questions answered. Do you guys got any last words or shout outs?

Addict: Naah, Just keep it REAL and RAW. that's all we are about.
Thanks alot for all dudes, riders, homies, kids who support us, and big cheers to all the haters, we love you haha
Just Shred, Chill, have fun, enjoy life and riding. That's What Addict is all about. Life Addicted.
And for shout out : for all the kids : Stop fly out !!! ride reaaaal thinnngs and never forget to respect the OGs.

Majority of pictures used in this interview were taken by:

Roots Boy Production

So now that most of those questions have answers. It's time to actually check out the Addict products!..and Inisde-Scooters has all those pictures for you below.


JD Signature Bars

Addict Decks

JD Signature Deck

Johann Signature Deck

Michael Cajas Signature Deck

Alex Peasley Signature Deck

But what would an Addict interview be without some unreleased footage? Below you can check out the first AA Rehab Promos from JD and Matt McKeen, two of Addict's best.

AA : Matt McKeen from Addict Scootering on Vimeo.

AA : Jean Yves " JD " Randriambelson from Addict Scootering on Vimeo.

So there we go. Addict isn't only back, but it would seem like they never even really left. Taking time to perfect your products before release is something these guys have stepped up to do, and hopefully something other companies will follow. I couldn't be more excited about a company like Addict being in our sport, I think it's just what we need.