Friday, April 30, 2010

Nate Wagoner Inward Scooters Promo

Nate Wagoner recently got added to the Inward Scooters Team after his 1st place performance at CooterCon. Since then Nate put together a nice edit for Inward-Scooters, essentially a Day Video...but some really smooth solid riding in here for Nate Wagoner. Check it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dan Holm.

As soon as this name graces your screen, you know the next few minutes will be a pleasure.
Here's a quick edit from Dan Holm. I could watch that pocket air over and over and over and ov...

Ricky Cox Sponsor Video

Ricky recently contacted me looking for some sponsorship opportunities. As we do got a lot of Companies that we work with here at Inside-Scooters. I thought I would post his video here. I think it's easy to see that Ricky has some things to improve on...but he is WELL on his way to becoming an amazing rider..and he has only been riding for...6 Months total. Sponsoring companies, if you got any interest in sponsoring Ricky you can reach him at this email address.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eagle-Sport's Martin Nogol How To: Install Bearings in Eagle-Wheels.

Martin Nogol, was recently added to the Eagle-Sport family...he has since made a video that will help a lot of people who are new to metal cores, or have been installing bearings wrong. Check the video out below. And thanks to Martin Nogol for taking the time to make it. This is apparently one of the first videos in a "How To" series by Martin, so look forward to more videos here on Inside-Scooters.

Exposed Tour Stop# 1 UPDATE!

So now that we all know about The Exposed Tour, are you guys planning on coming out to the first stop in San Diego, California? Do you need a place to stay at a low price? Well Kimberly Funk one of the coordinators of The Exposed Tour has this statement below which is sure to help out a LOT of people. Check it below.

"I spoke to the manager of The Best Western located at 2575 Clairemont Drive, San Diego
619-275-5700 For our out of town participants and sponsors - Ask for the Mangers' Special and receive a 30% discount. This Hotel is .09 miles from the park."

So there you go guys..if you need a place to stay that is close to the Krause Family Skatepark(YMCA)then this is sure to help you guys out.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Exposed Tour Is Coming!

Do you ever wish scootering had it’s own Competition Series? A series of competitions, where there was a point system in effect for every stop on the tour, and at the end of a tour a Series King would be announced? Kind of like Dew Tour?

If you ever wanted a competition series that was not all ran by one person with changes to rules and regulations at each stop, then I think we’re all going to be pleased with what’s to come.

On May 23rd marks the first stop for The Exposed Tour. The Exposed Tour is being coordinated by Dave Ward of DSA and Kimberly Funk of ScooterTees. However, it is a collective effort and is made possible by a large number of companies and sponsors. All of which have met numerous times in the past 6 months to discuss and carefully plan out the details of the scooter tour.

The first stop of the tour is at the familiar Krause Family Skatepark (YMCA) aka The Skatepark where the “SD” competitions have been held. If you are anywhere in the area, or can even get out of town for a few days I would advise getting to this competition. The prizes and point system alone is reason to make it out. This is the first real competition circuit, that will be run correctly, and as a sport we need to get behind that and make sure that this is as successful as possible. So let’s move on to the prizes.

For the competition there will be a Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro division.

Beginner Division 1st-3rd place riders will receive a trophy and a collection of parts from all the sponsors involved with The Exposed Tour.

Intermediate Division 1st-3rd place riders will receive a trophy and a collection of parts from all the sponsors involved with The Exposed Tour.

Pro Division
1st Place = 800$ Plus a trophy 4th Place = 200$ Plus a trophy
2nd Place = 600$ Plus a trophy 5th Place = 100$ Plus a trophy
3rd Place = 400$ Plus a trophy 6th Place = 50$ Plus a trophy

And every competitor in the competition will be receiving a participation ribbon.

With the hard work from all of the companies that have made this Competition Series possible, I think we owe it to them do our best to get to these stops. They’ve done their part, now we have to do ours, and get out there and ride and promote our sport as best we can. Below are the tour stops for The Exposed Tour. One thing to remember is that this is the West Coast Tour. If all goes well with this first Series, The Exposed Tour will be back to do an East Coast Series, A Midwest Series…and finally crown the best rider in the United States. This is something that has never been done before for our sport. We’ve just never had companies that were so devoted to us and the sport that would do this. Well we have it now, and we gotta make the best of it. Thanks guys. Below are the tour stops.

May 23rd 2010 Krause Family Skatepark San Diego, CA
June 27th 2010 (Skatepark details soon) Portland, OR
September 18th 2010 (Skatepark details soon) Glendale, AZ
October 17th 2010 Skatebarn West Renton, WA

Expect a poster coming soon on IS that will be showing all of the sponsoring companies that have made this tour possible!

Jess Boland Mini Video 2

Jess Boland, only female Eagle-Sport Rider released her second mini video yesterday. Check it out below.

Jess's other sponsors include

skater HQ . monster skatepark
engadine cycles
harmony ride

Luke Evans Sponsor Edit

We don't normally do requests much on IS. But I got one recently from Oliver Knudson who is a good friend of Luke Evans. Luke is looking for some sponsors, and put together a pretty sick video with some nice tricks in there. Check it out below. And I think with another year under his belt, and taking some of those tricks over boxes and other obstacles...Luke will soon be a really sick rider.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Help Save Alex Dorantes

Basically this is the deal, quoted from Phoenix Tom:

"Not only is Alex a great rider, he is a chill dude. He was always respectful of me and never forgot to tell me how much he appreciated working with me. He pushed himself hard to become a better rider.

For those of you who don't know Alex, i spoke with his mom and here is the deal. Alex is from a family of 6 kids and was brought here to the US when he was in the 4th grade. Yeah, he got in a little trouble and when they found out he was not a US citizen they locked him up and put him in the US immigration jail in Tacoma, WA. Imagine how scary that must be for a 19 year old kid!

OK, so i just got off the phone with Alex's girlfriend Anna. She told me that to get him out it will cost $10,000 and his family has raised $9000!!! So i will give $500 and we just need to raise $500 more.

He has court on Wednesday and if the family can pay the $10,000, he will be released that day with a work visa to stay in the USA.

So if anyone can help out with even a little to get that last $500 you can use my paypal account at

I will go tomorrow to give Alex's family whatever money we, the scooter community, has raised."

So if anyone has any spare bit of money they can donate, that would be awesome. Check out this video of Alex, he's a shredder for sure-

Once again, to donate, paypal any amount of money to A huge props goes out to Phoenix for putting up 500 bucks for Alex, thats amazing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lucky CC9 Edit

Lucky Scooters Cooter Con 9 Edit from AlexisF on Vimeo.

Features Pro Riders Jessee Ikedah, James Gee, and Mike Montgomery, as well as Am riders Tyler Wheeland, Evan Larson, and Brenton Reid.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Disapearing District Decks?

As everyone who has been following District knows, we have all been waiting for a while for the Decks we have heard so much about. It seems like there has been a lot of rumors going around as to where the decks are, and when they are coming. Well below is a statement written by Dave Ward of DSAScooters, the US Distributor for District products. Dave got all of this information from Marcel himself, and anyone who is wondering about District, need only to read this statement below to have all things cleared up.

"District Decks

The anticipation and excitement around the arrival of the new decks by District has been amazing. In fact all 250 decks arriving in the US were presold to dealers months ago. There have also been many rumors and stories about the delays in shipping and when they will be arriving in the US. As the District distributor in the US I thought I would update everyone on the deck, bars and forks and their expected delivery.

District is part of the FSP Group out of the Netherlands, the decks, bars and forks are not made in the Netherlands they are manufactured in China. There were several prototypes made for testing and sent around the world to riders with various riding styles and stature. After extensive testing the decks were ready for the first manufacturing run. If anyone has ever dealt with manufacturing in China you will know that there are many challenges and this was no exception. Marcel Oosterveen, the owner of FSP Group, spent many weeks in China setting everything up for production before turning it over to his Chinese partner. Marcel stayed in contact with China daily and was told that everything was going as planned. He returned to China as the decks were supposed to be in the final stage of production to find that they were several weeks behind schedule and the quality was not what was expected. Several phases of production had to be started over and others were too far along to change. We will not go into all of the details here, let’s just say that Marcel was very upset about the delays these issues caused. After straightening out the manufacturing Marcel returned home thinking everything would be completed and shipped in a timely manner. Surprise! More delays. After resolving several more issues the decks are finally ready to ship and guess what “Eyjafjallajokull”, no that’s not a curse word that’s the name of the volcano that erupted in Iceland causing disruption in air travel around the world. More delays! As of today it looks like products are starting to ship out of China and we should receive the District product here around the middle of next week. However, Marcel has still not seen a finished deck! We will be the first to see the first production run of the District deck!

Many have asked when the next run of decks will be available. Additional decks will not be put into production until the first run of decks are inspected and tested by the many riders who have purchased them. All input from riders will be considered before the deck goes back into production.

Quality and affordability are very important to Marcel and I know that he is very upset at the delays and the fact that the decks may not be up to the high quality standards he demands for all of his products. Because of the delays and his inability to inspect the decks quality Marcel is offering a substantial discount to his distributors on this first run of decks. We will be passing this discount on to all of our dealers in hopes that they will in turn pass the discount on to all of you who ordered the District decks.

The District deck is the most affordable deck on the market with a look and feel unmatched by any other. I am sure all those who purchase the deck will be not be disappointed with their decision to buy the District deck.

Dave Ward

In short, what a part of this that due to complications and miscommunications in China...These decks may not be up to the standards we at District would have liked them to be. So we ask EVERYONE who has purchased a District Deck...Let US KNOW what problems you have with the that we can correct as many as we can for the next production. When you get your deck, if you have, find, or notice any problems upon riding it for a month or so...PLEASE email me at this email address...and let me know the problems you have. We need your help, THE RIDERS, in making the best possible deck, and the most affordable deck for you guys. Thanks.

Email me here with any problems you have with your deck.

New Inward Team Rider!

For some time now, Inward Scooters has been searching for a 5th team member.  Ever since the team of Matt Ogle, Jordan Jasa, Josh Kish, and Zig Short was set in stone, there has been an open spot on the team.  Because of the team’s geographical layout, Inward was underrepresented on the West Coast, something company owner JP Kosters wanted to change.  So he began looking for riders from California and the NW.  However, until a few weeks ago, there hadn’t been any unsponsored standout riders.  All that changed after Cootercon 9, when Washington local Nate Wagoner won the Am comp.  JP approached Nate after the comp, and after the teams approval, put Nate on the team.  I caught up with Nate and asked him a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Name, age, location:

My name is Nathan Wagoner, I’m 15 years old 16 on July 5th, and I live in Everett, Washington.

Jordan Jasa: How and when did you get into riding scooters?

Nate Wagoner: I first got into scootering almost 2 years ago when i was messing around on my friends scooter and i seemed to really like it and then i met Jordan Scott the one from Everett and he hooked me up with parts and i just got into it from there.

Where are some places you like to ride, and who are some people you like to ride with?

I like to ride my local park (Walter E. Hall), Woodinville, Mill Creek, Samammish, and Skate Barn. People that i like to ride with are James Flores, Taylor Freeman, Dan Bravo, Kingsley, Jake Sanner, Tyler Bonner, the Lucky Team, and i really liked riding with Josh Kish, Capron Funk, Stan Smirnoff, and Jake Clark at cooter con.

Where do you think the sport will be in 5 years? 10 years?

I don't really know to be honest but i know it will be a lot bigger because it has grown so much already since i have started, hopefully it will be in the x-games and such. (:

After winning Cootercon 9, did you expect Inward to approach you?

No i didn't expect them to approach me at all i was really surprised and stoked at the same time because i won the first comp. i have ever entered and been to and i got asked to be on a great team full of great riders

How does it feel to be on the same team as riders like Josh Kish, Matt Ogle, Zig Short, and myself?

It feels great, i like everyones riding that's on inward. Josh Kish is one of my favorite riders he is very support when it keeps to other and just really likes riding as everyone else should, and i really wish you would have landed that 900 (:

Now that you're on Inward, what are your plans for the future?

Ummm my plans for the future are to represent inward 100%, learn flips , i’m going to try my best to step it up even more, and hopefully meet new riders.

Congrats once again to Nate for making it on the team!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ludo and Nico Super 60

Ludo and Nico are a couple riders from Switzerland, and are good friends with top rider BenJ Friant. They recently got together and made a Super 60....and it is LEGIT. I mean just look at that timer....These guys are throwing down A LOT of tricks in 60 minutes..and some of it is straight up BANGER status footage. I expect to be seeing Ludo in some "Favorite Riders" lists after this...because some of the stuff he's ridiculous. Enjoy it below...and look out in the future for a Super 60 with BenJ =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blunt Scooters Announces: Blunt Scooters GripTape

Sure a lot of companies make Bars, Forks, and now even Decks. But it seems like very few companies take the time to dedicate themselves to making some of the smaller, although still very important parts for our sport. Like griptape for example. We are constantly having to go to Skateboard shops to get our griptape. Well Blunt Scooters stepped up to the plate, and recently made their very own line of griptape...and this stuff looks sick.

Here are some details to know about the griptape.

- Cost 7$ Aus
- Fits any kind of scooter
- Available in 5 colors
- Resistant to water and extremely grippy

Right now you can get this griptape at Rampfest. So head over there right now and check it out by following this link. RampFest Also starting May 20th, the FULL line of Blunt Griptape will be in stores...featuring 40 different colors!

AND Just a reminder to everyone in Australia and New Zealand! BluntScooters is still holding their contest..Where ALL you have to do is ENTER and you have a chance to win a FULL YEARS worth of Blunt Scooter Gear equivalent to 1,000 dollars of parts. Updates on that competition will come in the near future. Make sure you and all of your friends enter this competition, because someone is going to get lucky and win a free years worth of some really high quality stuff. Click the link below to enter the contest!


And do you guys use FaceBook? Then add BluntScooters! Here is their brand new FaceBook account! BluntScooters Facebook

So keep checking Inside-Scooters for ALL your updates on Blunt Scooters, including, coming soon some really great pictures of some of the parts that Blunt will be coming out with soon.

The Mega Ramp - Andrew Broussard.

Andrew Broussard from Proto Scooters on Vimeo.

It's one thing to contemplate jumping a mega ramp, and a whole new thing to actually do it.
It had been promised by many riders, the likes of Stan Smirnoff and Brian Murphy (Seen in the video above) that one day they'd throw down the gauntlet, and propel the sport of scooters a good 40ft or so in the right direction.
Andrew Broussard has acted on this promise, joining the Nitro Circus crew on a tour in Australia due to start on the 7th of May, and running through til the 5th of June visiting all major cities.
If i was you, i'd be getting down to your local show (Australians) and supporting the sport in the most public form.

(Picture and video sourced from

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chenga Comp!

Check itt. If you're from the Midwest you should def try to make it, even if its a little short notice.

Brandon Loupos District Web Edit

Brandon is from Australia and made a video to try and get on the District Team of Australia. This video was filmed over a period of 3 days......3.. Insanity all around. Check it out below, and keep checking Inside-Scooters to find out if Brandon made it on District Aus.

Ninth Annual Skate, Bmx, Inline, Scooter, and Video Game Competition

On May 15th and May 16th Skaters, Bmxers, Inliners, Scooter riders, and Gamers will all be getting together in Long Beach, CA for the ninth annual Skate, Bmx, Inline, Scooter, and Video Game Competition. If you check the flier you see some pretty big companies on there, as well as DSA and ScooterTees. A mix of riders from DSA, District, Eagle-Sport, ScooterZone, and ScooterTees will all be there riding. And you can check out the booths of DSA, Eagle, District and ScooterZone and ScooterTees. So if you can make it out to this and especially if you're in the So Cal area, I'd recommend coming out and having a good time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Luke Maffesoni - Eaglesport Promo.

Luke Maffesoni is one of those riders that manages to develop his own style, with only the videos on the internet to run from. He's one of the few scooter riders from around his area, and to see such uniqueness from a fellow Australian is always welcomed.
Luke rides for FSP group (Eagle, District etc) as Australia's sole flow rider.
This video shows Luke's riding as a very abnormal Australian style (Count the inwards) with plenty of street throughout.
Pretty sure it took some balls to double whip that gap.

Eagle-Sport AUS Announces New Team Rider

In the month of Month of March Eagle-Sport lost a great rider...Cory Geisler. So Eagle went on a search throughout Australia to try and find a new rider to add to the Eagle-Sport Team. All through March Inside-Scooters helped promote the search, and Eagle ended up getting over 50 Applications from riders all over the country. The beginning of March marked the end of the search, and the decision period began. It went from 50+ applications, to 30, to 10, to 5...and finally down to 1. The newest rider on Eagle-Sport Australia is.

Chris Hart

I caught up with Chris recently and got a short interview in with him so we can get to know him a little bit better.

Inside-Scooters: Name, Age, Location

Chris: Chris Hart, 17, Penrith AUS

Inside-Scooters: When and how did you start riding scooters?

Chris: I hopped on a scooter about 4 years ago

Inside-Scooters: Who are some of your favorite people to ride with?

Chris: Some favourites would have to be wazza, rory coe, coedie donovan, luke burland and reece alderton, because they all keep me laughing and we all push each other to throw down bangas!

Inside-Scooters: What made you want to try out for Eagle-Sport?

Chris: I always wanted to put across the message that scooters are no longer a childrens toy, also, i wanted to improve my riding ability and expierience and to also represent an awesome company. Eagle fit perfectly so i gave it a shot. thanks to Rory for telling me the position was open!

Inside-Scooters: Now that you're on Eagle-Sport do you plan on making any changes?

Chris: Not really, i guess just working harder, riding harder, and promoting my new sponser Eagle as well as i can. OH! and keepin it real :)

Inside-Scooters: What are your future plans for scootering?

Chris: I would love to travel the world riding and promoting eaglesport and the sport itself as more than a kids toy. Riding Parks and Street spots that are different to here in AUS would be awesome and a great expierience. and i guess just riding for as long as i can, improving as much as i can, and gaining as much expierience as i can get.

Chris Hart - Eagle Sport Edit. from chris hart on Vimeo.

On behalf of Eagle-Sport, I would like to say thank you to everyone who applied to be on Eagle-Sport Australia. The decision was not an easy one.


Since we got over 50 applications from some amazing riders, there is a chance that later this month, we will announce ANOTHER new Eagle-Sport Aus Team rider. If we decide to do this, it will be announced here on Inside-Scooters.

So keep checking Inside-Scooters, to see if YOU or one of your friends who applied for Eagle-Sport Aus...gets the Team position and joins Coedie Donovan, Rory Coe, Jess Boland, and Chris Hart...on Eagle-Sport.

RAD Week Before CooterCon

******WARNING This video includes marijuana. If you are underage or against the use of marijuana, do not watch parts of the video. You have been warned******

So one week before CooterCon, the RAD Team got together and did some filming all around Washington. Ever since RAD started you knew that whenever a RAD video came out there would be that "RAD Style" through out the whole video. This video is no exception. Tyler, Cary, and Stan...kill it. Check it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Roadtrip Orange

It seems like now a days in this sport, a real overall legit video is a rare thing to come by. Sure we get FULL banger videos, or videos with great song choices...but rarely do we get the total package. Well A Roadtrip Orange, is that total package. I've been in this sport for as long as anyone, and I've been around for amazing video experiences like NBS4, Anarky2, and Transit....and I can honestly say that A Roadtrip Orange, in my book is right up there with those instant classics. Another thing that sets this video apart from most other Australian videos, is the street riding. This video shows a style of street that I really wish more riders would get into. Proving once again, that street doesn't always mean "Big Gaps, Big Sets, Big Rails". Featured in the video are three of Australia's most underrated but best original riders in the country. Geordie Mac, who unfortunately hurt his ankle during filming. Jackson Manzie, in my eyes the best tech rider in the country. And Inside-Scooters own, Aaron Bransdon another one of the best peg and tech riders in the country. Sit back and enjoy, A Roadtrip Orange.

A Roadtrip Orange from GeordieMac on Vimeo.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dissidence Video 3

Dissidence Video 3 is featuring some of the best riders in Europe...Not to mention some insane street clips, and clips in general.

Riders in the video are.

Lucas Wisdorff
Maxime Legrand
Kevin Demay
Jean Yves Randriambelson
Shinpei Nakata

dissidence video 3 from dissidence scooter shop on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ryan Upchurch: Sausage, Egg, and Steeze McMuffin

Sit back and ECX, Eagle-Sport, and District Team rider Ryan Upchurch.....destroys all. His peg tricks are flat out insane. Street...Park...Rails...whatever, he's killing it all. Honestly, some of the clips you'll need to sit back and watch a couple times before you can register what he just threw down.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vs., with Jason Elies

Jason Elies, you all know him from the Scooterchat, and from the forums. His graphic arts skills have also left their mark upon the scooter world. But few have seen Jason's riding. He has a pretty smooth, clean riding, despite having been in the scene only a couple years. His style and originality is something even older riders can learn from. Check his Vs below, and then his video.

Eagles vs. Protos vs. Twizzlers
First is Twizzlers because they kick ass in every way possible, second is Eagles because of their huge variety and performance, and last is Proto because I've never tried them and have no desire to.

Bartwists vs Barspins
I'm still getting the hang of bartwists, and pretty much do barspins everywhere so barspins take this one.

Whips vs. Heelwhips
Heelwhips are pretty spiffy, but they aren't the easiest to use in combos, plus tailwhips can look really sexy if you do them right. Sexy tailwhips. SEX.

I've had ICS and SCS before, and they just pissed me right off haha. I've got some HIC parts lined up so I'm pretty keen to see how they perform.

Mac vs. PC
Why is this even here? Pretty obvious answer.

Pancakes vs. Bacon

IS vs any other site
There's other sites?...

Now check Jason's latest video:

Lucky Scooter Parts Press Release

Everyone knows who Lucky Scooter Parts are, from all over the US, to as far as Australia, people are riding their parts. Lucky recently realized they had some customer service problems, and decided to act on it. Below is a statement from LSP, revealing some information that proves there are some really great things to come from The LSP Company in the near future.

"Lucky Scooter Parts wants to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting the company and riding our parts! We appreciate all the positive feedback and emails and voicemails. We have had tremendous growth over the past 6 months and love being a part of the scooter community! You will see some amazing parts, sponsorship programs, new online store, and opportunities to be a part of Lucky Scooter Parts rolling out real soon!

We wanted to let everyone know we have heard some complaints about response on the customer service voicemail and the emails and do apologize. Because of the feedback we brought on 3 people to the company in the past few months, with the latest one being a new Customer Service Manager! She was finished with training last week and we will be responding to voicemail and emails within 24 hours during the weekdays.

Thanks for supporting Lucky Scooter Parts!




LSP – Lucky Scooter Parts"

So there you have it. As always keep checking Inside-Scooters for all the latest news on Lucky Scooter Parts, and all breaking news, updates, and everything else in the sport of scootering.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cootercon 9 Best Trick/Random Footage

Brought to you by Matt Dibble. I got some footage of the comp too, should be up by this weekend hopefully, as well as a quick interview/ride session/scooter check with Josh Kish and Cam Ward at Sammamish Park. Also I filmed a Super 60 with Nate Grant, so look out for that in the near future.

Me and T-Whee at CC

Super small pic but whatever haha. This is def going to become a tradition. <3 tyler =]

Dissidence Street Jam!!

Are you a street shredder? Want to test your street skills against some of the best street riders in the sport? In one of the best places to ride street in the world? Then the Dissidence Street Jam in Paris, France on May 1st and May 2nd is where you gotta go. Best trick winner can be taking home 500 dollars, and there will be over 1,500 dollars in prizes. Click the Flier below, and keep checking Inside-Scooters for more details as it gets closer.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CooterCon Results Are In!!

The Results are in, and I think it's safe to say we had another amazing competition in the sport of scootering. Check below for the Amateur and Professional Results.


1st- Nate Wagoner
2nd- Jake Clark
3rd Matt Dibble


1st- Tyler Bonner
2nd- Raymond Warner
Capron Funk

Best Trick

John Radtke- Handplant Front Donoflip over the Subbox/Wallride
(Video to come soon)

So there it is guys, and as some of you may know, Inside-Scooter's own Jordan Jasa was at CooterCon, and was most likely filming...So look for some competition footage soon on Inside-Scooters. Looks like anyone that competes at CooterCon is still going to have to keep chasing Razors, RAD's, and Eagle's constant progressing Tyler Bonner. Stay tuned for footage.

Credit for the results to Tyler Wheeland and Jordan Jasa

French ID New Video

Recently Balthazar Neveu of FrenchID sent me a video featuring some frID riders, and some amazing riding in Paris. Check out the video..and prepare to see some really sick stuff get thrown down. Also in the near future I plan to do an interview with Balthazar regarding French ID, so look out for that soon.

"I'll Never Tell"

Yet another awesome Aussie video featuring some of my favorite riders seshing a local secret spot. Good luck to anyone in Aus in finding it. Cause, They'll never tell .

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Project Swiss Cheese" - Sean Furze

This video was uploaded by Sean Furze a couple weeks ago now, but i never got around to posting it (Sorry Sean!)
Includes the likes of Jackson Manzie, Ben Harradine, Blake Pickup, Alex Collins and more.
Easily one of the best filmed, edited and vibes from an Australian scooter video in a long, long time.
Watch and enjoy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Announcing Blunt Scooters!

Blunt is a brand new company from Australia that we are proud to be working with here at IS. Check out this press release from them:

"We would like to introduce Australia’s newest freestyle Scooter company, Blunt Scooters. Right now we are in our final stages of producing some of the flashest parts on the market. With a full freestyle BMX background, we not only attain the level of quality that comes in high-end BMX’s, but bring along the belief that scooters should no longer be found in toy stores between Barbie Dolls and Match Box Cars. Blunt Scooters’ parts are made with the highest quality material using only 4130 cro-mo and 6061 alu and designed by professionals.

To celebrate the launch, Blunt Scooters are running an online competition where some lucky person will win a year’s worth of Blunt gear valued at $1,000. The winner will be announced on the 20th of May, the day when the Blunt Scooters website drops and your first chance to see the range of parts we have to offer.

Just go to and click on the “Riders Enquires” link to enter and while you’re at it, submit an application to be on the Blunt scooter team. We are currently recruiting riders from all over Australia.

Stay tuned to Inside Scooters for a sneak peek at some of the parts available from Blunt Scooters.


Blunt Scooters."

So in case you didn't see that...they're giving away 1000 dollars worth of parts to one lucky winner. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty nice. Can't wait to see what else Blunt brings to the table. Keep checking IS for more updates about this company, as well as many others.

Miles Quirk/Brian Amato/Spencer Steed/666th post

For those who don't know, Miles is an OG Midwest rider. Such nice clean, smooth style, love his clips. Brian's briflip catch was pretty gnar, super clean stuff from him too. And Spencer is a nut, dub bar to whip 3 times a row? Thats nonsense.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ohio Dreams Scooter Camp Flyer

Check it out! Tommy Daddono of Sky High Scooters went to this camp last year, he talked with the owner of the place a lot and got him stoked on our sport. So now there'll be a scooter specific camp, awesome.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get to know Eagle-Sport's newest Team Rider: Martin Nogol

When you think of top riders in the sport...a lot of names go straight to people's heads. Terry Price, Coedie Donovan, Matt McKeen, Tyler Bonner, Ryan Williams and a few others. One name that is commonly left out, is Martin Nogol. Could it be that it's because he's not from a place popular with scootering? I don't know. But it's time that some people take the time, and get to know Eagle-Sport's newest rider Martin Nogol.

Inside-Scooters: Where were you born, and currently live.

Martin: Born in Havirov (1989), a city populated by 85 000 inhabitants. Havirov is located in the most industrial area of Czech Republic. It is a tough and rugged place (aka Detroit, Phily). We speak a dialect that the rest of the country can´t stand. F**k ´m 
Anyway Havirov is a bad (unsuitable) place for scootering (no skateparks) so I travel to other cities in my area to keep practising and improving myself.

Inside-Scooters: How old were you when you started scootering.

Martin: I was 11 years old. So I have been 9 years into this sport of which three years in pro category.

Inside-Scooters: Why did you start scootering.

Martin: Because it is the best sport in this world. Why did I fall in love with my girlfriend? Hard to tell. No deep analysis. It just happened. I was ready to embrace it. Actually yes, I now recollect one moment from the past – I borrowed a scooter from my buddy and I was sold in the same moment.

Inside-Scooters: What are some of your favorite tricks to do while riding.

Martin: 360° (as much as the funbox lets me to do…), trick combos and flair

Inside-Scooters: Can you name some of your accomplishments in the sport thus far.

 1st place, vertical ramp, European Championship 2009, Pardubice
 1st place, street, European Championship 2009, Pardubice
 1st place, street, Wheel Jam 2009
 2nd place, street, pro category, World Championship 2009, Switzerland
 5th place, U-ramp, World Championship 2009, Switzerland
 1st place, street, pro category, Meatfly Street Jam 2008, France
 2nd place, bowel, pro category, Meatfly Street Jam, France
 1st place, U-ramp, pro category, World Championship 2008, Switzerland
 1st place, U-ramp, pro category, European Championship 2008, Pardubice
 1st place, street, pro category, European Championship 2008, Pardubice
 1st place, vertic ramp, pro category, European Championship 2008, Pardubice
 1st place, U-ramp, pro category, World Championship 2007, Switzerland
 1st place, U-ramp, pro category, European Championship 2007, Pardubice
 1st place, best trick, pro category, European Championship 2007, Pardubice
 1st place, k-bike, pro category, European Championship 2007, Pardubice
 1st place, Wheel Jam Karvina 2007
 1st place, Wheel Christmas Jam 2007
 1st place, The Best Scooters Best Trick 2006
 1st place, The Best Scooters k-bike 2006
 1st place, The Best Scooters Street 2006
 1st place, The Best Scooters Funbox 2006

Inside-Scooters: What can we expect from Martin Nogol in the future for scootering.

Martin: Well, a couple of things. I am determined to:
1) Ride as long as possible and challenge the general perception that scootering is kiddie stuff“.
2) Help to get scootering out of ghetto (underground) and push it more into the mainstream such as bmx or skateboarding. I think it is already happening in CZ to a certain degree (scootering made it into national broadcast media several times)
3) Ride in contests in the States (and propagate the Czech Scootering School )
4) Organize more contests in CZ and Slovakia
5) Jump Big Air (bus)
6) Launch Martin Nogol sub-branded range of products  Disctrict Nogol, Eagle Nogol 125 mm (yes those wheels would be peeeerfect)

Inside-Scooters: You recently got on Eagle-Sport, what made you want to be on Eagle-Sport?

Martin: The best wheels in the world. Being part of the worldwide Eagle (District, Addict, FSP Group) community. Partnership with a strong partner that will enable me to internationally build my scootering career.

Inside-Scooters: How do you feel about being a part of Eagle-Sport now?

Martin: Brr, crispation. Excited, excited, excited. It is one of the moments that one will remember for the rest of his life. Emotionally aroused, motivated, determined. The kind of moments you can´t get out of your head for the moment…..

Videos: UK trip 2009 Training practice day

Interviews: tv raca RTA ostrava tv nova (national broadcast TV with 50 % share of audience)


Martins latest interview was for a morning show in Czech. This show is kind of like "Good Morning America" here in the US. A very big deal. Despite the language barrier, I think it is obvious that Martin does a great job promoting the sport every single time he is on camera. Some awesome riding also.

(Fast forward to 9 minutes into the show)

2010 is setting up to be one of the biggest years in Martin's career. With his new found sponsor in Eagle-Sport and the rest of his amazing sponsors to go along with them, I think we are going to soon be seeing the best Martin that we've seen yet. For any news and updates regarding Martin Nogol, and all breaking news about the sport of scootering..Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dan Holm District Sponsor

District Sponsor Video from Dan Holm on Vimeo.

Wow. Such a park killer, goes huge and has the tech skills as well. A few of the clips seem a little lackluster (like feeble 360 out on that flat ledge) but I think the vert riding makes up for it. Good luck Dan.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Brendon Smith new Edit

Brendon is honestly one of those riders who you know, everytime you watch a new video from him, you are bound to see some amazing stuff. This small under 2 minute edit, is no different. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

VS, With Hayden O'Connor

I recently got the chance to ask Australian Hayden O'Connor a few Vs questions. Check out his answers.

100mm vs 110 mm: 110mm, more clearance and more speed, if you have a choice of either why not pick the better one.

Footjams vs. Front Briflips: mm thats a hard one, front bris are overrated but footjams are begining to be overused. illl go with front bris, one of my favorite tricks and the funnest.

Offset vs. Zero Offset: offset, just feels nicer, but thats my opinion, ive never really felt the difference but offset just feels nicer.

Pegs vs No Pegs: pegs, it opens up a wider variety of tricks, and they dont really get in the way so it cant hurt.

Cali Parks vs Aussie Parks: aussie parks! cali parks sure look good and are super smooth and all that, but aussie parks have really nice transition and are alot funner than the parks over there.

Aussie Riders vs. American Riders vs. European Riders: holy crap ummmm i gotta think hard here. aussie riders have alot of style but use alot of the mainstream aussie tricks, americans have amazing tricks but some not with amazing style, and earopean riders are amazing at street with some good and some bad styles.
so uhm
man this is a hard one.
can't pick.

So there you have it, Hayden's Vs. Check out this video of Hayden, riding for Moonwalk Scooters.

Michael Knudson and Kodye Gregory Super 60

Michael "Pro Tec" Knudson and Kodye Gregory, recently got together and did a Super 60. All Filming done by Raymond Warner...Great stuff here. Check it out.

Happy Easter Everybody!

On behalf of everyone at Inside Scooters, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Now go to church, find some Easter eggs, and spend some time with your family.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jessica Boland Day Video

Jess recently made a little day video. Where she learned Supermans(Superwomans??!) and 360 whips. Jess is sponsored by Eagle-Sport, District,SHQ, and Monster. Check out the video.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Nick Strickler Interview

25956_1229397534640_1220151304_30573051_1054581_n"You know him from his videos, or at least from a few clips. His infamous hitchhikers got the attention of just about everyone in the sport. You guessed it, I’m talking about Nick Strickler. Nick was born and raised in Reinholds, Pennsylvania, which is where he still lives to this day. Though he admits it’s not the best place for scootering, considering he has had almost no one to ride with out there. But that didn’t stop Nick in becoming what he is today.

Now before Nick started riding scooters it isn’t hard to figure out that he rode Bmx Flatland, and even did a little bit of skateboarding. Both of which I’m sure are big influences in his scootering. Nick started out riding scooters when he was really young, much like everyone else. However after a while he stopped riding and went back to riding bikes. It wasn’t until he took a trip to Chenga World in Ohio that he realized how much the sport he had left changed. He realized that scootering was really blowing up now, and that the tricks people were doing now a days were far more advanced than when he had rode. It didn’t take too long before Nick found himself back on a scooter.

Getting back into it, he found that learning Bri Flips and Hang 5’s were two tricks that really motivated him to keep riding and keep progressing. His skill from Bmx flatland had left Nick with some of the best balance that our sport has seen. When you’re doing tricks on a scooter that only a small handful of riders can possibly pull off, everyone tends to notice. With Nick’s developing style on a scooter, he soon realized he needed parts that suited his riding more. Nick turned to his father, who makes Bmx Flatland Frames, and Bars. Most of Nick’s parts that he uses now are all homemade all parts that he helped design that he feels helps his style out more, including his infamous bars that you see in all his videos.


With new parts, and a new outlook on the sport of scootering, Nick’s favorite tricks to do now are; Tuck no Handers on his 22 wide customs, Hitchikers of course, Long hang 5’s, Ice picks, and Mc Flurries. If you think Nick is done progressing, think again. His plans for the future are to keep getting better. And to start going higher and faster with his tricks, while of course staying innovative. He also wants to keep building more custom designed parts that will continue to suit his riding. As for the sport itself, he would like to see a bit more integration when it comes to riding and trick styles. An integration of Flat, Park, and Street all blending into one. He feels Bmx is too much of a divided sport, and would rather see scootering stray away from that.

Nick Strickler can very well be a newfound pioneer in the sport when it comes to flatland riding. A lot of riders have called themselves “flat” riders over the years. But Nick has seemed to spark a lot more of an interest in it with the unseen tricks he brought to the table. I for one am always going to be anticipating Nick’s next video, he has a rare talent that few people in the sport have. I mean in the end let’s be honest, for most of us….the only hitchhiking we’ll be doing. Involves a thumbs up, and the side of the road.

Intro By Steven Tongson

Interview By Jordan Jasa

Jordan Jasa:  You’ve pretty much much taken the scooter world by storm with your flat videos.  Did you expect to get this kind of success?

No way man. I still cant even believe that ive done half of the tricks ive done. I figured maybe a few people would like the edit and thats why i put it out. Didnt ever think i would change anything.

Do you think you’ve opened up more minds to flat riding?  

I would hope so. Seeing Jon Reyes nose manny over pyramids and stuff opened up my mind as to what can be done on a scooter. I didnt think that sort of balance was attainable on such a tiny wheel. It seems like people want to try them and once you get them then it opens more doors for more challenging things. Its a never ending cycle.

Who influences you to ride like you do? 

Kevin Jones, the most incredible flatland BMX rider in the world. He invented the Hitch Hiker and pretty much every other modern flatland trick. Also the flatland locals here that i know because of my dad and definetly pretty much all of the scooter community. Its great that our community is so tight knit.

So your dad made your deck and bars?  Can you tell us a little about them?  Pics?

Well we started out with that pair that is in the Brian Boston clip. Those cracked so we fixed them and then started working on how we can prevent that. The new version of the bars are much more solid. The handles are first welded together then put into the steer tube. We also incorperated an integrated clamp. The ones we sold at chenga were merely prototypes so any faults that you hear about with those bars are purely because of that. We have added a small gusset in the front to prevent cracking due to over tightening. The deck is the first prototype. So far is been great and is holding up super rad. Instead of welding on a goose neck which is a weak point in most other 1 piece decks we just bent up the tubes. Its made out of heat treated aluminum box tubing. Were working on a braking system too.


Can you tell us if they will ever be sold?

We plan on it. Were going to be giving away a pair at the contest at Chenga coming up on May 8th.

So its clear that you love riding flat.  What else do you enjoy riding?

I love riding everything. Its as simple as that. As long as im riding im happy.

Music plays a big part in most people’s riding…does your unique style mean you have a unique taste of music?

Im a huge metal head. Hair metal, Trash metal, Black metal, Death metal, what ever kind of metal you can throw at me i pretty much listen to it.

Who are some riders you like to watch?

Scooyork guys, Matt Mckeen, Tyler Bonner, and pretty much everyone else haha.


What are some tricks you’ve been working on lately?

Plastic Man, cross footed variations of tricks, opposite foot variations of tricks, and a super secret hitch hiker kickflip.

When can we expect a new video from you?

Possibly mid april, a friend and i are going to be filming alot soon.

Please, tell us all the secret to hitchhikers.  I cannot do them for the life of me.

Im not going to tell you the secret cause that takes the fun out of all of it but i will tell you that doing the trick varies alot depending on what deck your riding.

That’ll be it dude, any thanks/words of wisdom?

Dont hesitate, thats how you get hurt
And i would like to thank the crew out a Chenga and of course MTF.


Nick Strickler Flatland Edit from Nick Strickler on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Inside-Scooters Super 60 with Dylan Kasson

DK recently did a Super 60 for IS so just sit back and enjoy some seriously sick riding from PROTO Rider Dylan Kasson.

super 60 from Dylan on Vimeo.

Eagle-Sport Rider HepGreg: Mini 3

Eagle-Sport US Rider HepGreg after one year, has finished his 3rd and in my opinion, best mini video to date. Enjoy it.

Mini Three. from Hep Greg on Vimeo.

Eagle-Sport Australia Announcement

By now as I'm sure everyone in Australia knows, last month Eagle-Sport had been taking in applications from riders all over Australia to try and find a rider to add to the Eagle-Sport Team in Aus. Over 50 riders applied to be on the Team...and now comes the hard task of choosing. Expect the announcement to made later this month on who will be the next rider to represent Eagle-Sport in Australia along with existing Eagle Team riders, Jess Boland, Rory Coe, and Coedie Donovan. Below is a message from Eagle-Sport.

"Eagle-Sport would like to thank all of the riders who took the time to apply for our position on Eagle-Sport Australia. We did not expect to get so many applications from so many dedicated riders. We will do our best to pick who we feel will do the best job at representing Eagle-Sport in Australia. Thank you"

So as the month of March is over, any further applications will not be considered with the group of 52 that already applied. That does not mean you can not still make a sponsorship video for they are ALWAYS open to checking out sponsorship videos. Stay tuned for the update on Eagle-Sport Aus later this month.

Geordie Mac and Aaron Bransdon 2 Day Edit

DSA's Geordie Mac and QCS's Aaron Bransdon recently got together and made a nice edit. You won't see any front bri's from these two. Sit back and enjoy two of the most original riders from Australia.

South Coast - 2 Dayer. from GeordieMac on Vimeo.