Monday, June 29, 2015


Part Two of the Blunt Euro Street Tour had Flavio, Jon, and Jessee riding in Berlin, Germany.  A flurry of tech bangers beheld the the historic city, as the guys rode spots straight out of a dream.  Both Jon and Jessee kill it on one wheel harder than pretty much anyone.  Jessee's peg five turnaround was so crazy.  Flavio's whip ice heel was one of my favorite clips too.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Sean Furze broke out the camera at Cherrybrook skatepark to film the Friendly boys just doin their thing.  This is definitely a chill session, but with these guys their chill sessions are still heavy.  Enjoy the shreddage from Kevin Austin, Jon Archer, and the rest of the Hat Gang.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sean Cardwell Destroys Black Ninja in 4 Minutes, 20 Seconds.

You guys remember Black Ninja, right?  The Youtube skateboarder who claimed to "master" scootering in minutes?  The dude is like a caricature of himself, reflecting the general views of a large part of skateboarding (120k subscribers is no joke) in some sort of sad, exaggerated way. You can tell I'm a big fan.  So Sean Cardwell, of Grape Slushies/Woodward fame, made this video to parody his "Skater Masters Scootering in Minutes" video, and does it perfectly, even down to the Youtube description.  I felt like I was watching a Jon Stewart clip.  Kudos to Sean.


Reece Alderton came through with a super solid part in LUX.  Gap to rails, big gap tricks, high speed lines and grind/manual combos, all with his own style.  Give it a watch.

Monday, June 22, 2015


US riders Jon Reyes and Jessee Ikedah joined French Envy rider Flavio Pesenti for a tour around Europe to hit spots and parks.  Their first city was London.  Jessee really puts on a show at that wallride spots, he merked it.  I was psyched on Flavio's fakie feeble hop up fakie nose manual too.  Next video will be featuring the best of Berlin.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Terry Price | Woodward East

It's so awesome to see Terry still out there killing it.  The Maddgear OG spent some time out at Woodward in Pennsylvania and filmed this in two days.  Love the classic big transfers, and he always manages to bring some surprising tech tech tricks too (manual to scooterfakie, double whiplash). Nice start to the weekend with this one.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Stefan Hefner's Opus Part

When I first saw footage of Stefan, I instantly became a fan. He's an awesome rider, and an even cooler person. Back when Lucky was known for having some of the heaviest hitters in the street game, it was Stefan that got the most attention from their full length video, Opus. To this day his section is still golden. The combination of Tyler Wheeland's filming, and Stefan's riding is remarkable. Throw in a perfect song choice, and well done editing, and you have a classic. Check it out below if you haven't seen it before. Hell, even if you have, watch it again.

Detatched ribon cable in NYC

Olivia Monks recently took a trip to NYC to film with the homies.  Unfortunately her mic started malfunctioning so she decided to mute the clips and put em on a timeline to make this video.  Kong, Tpritch, Mike Anesini and more are all featured.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Johan Grunwald goes down under | BLUNT

Late last year, Johan traveled to Australia for a backpacking trip and was able to meet up with the Friendly crew to ride and film.  Over the course of five months, he was able to stack these clips with the gang. Clip at 2:22 was super sick, felt like he was never gonna stop.  Johan is currently in New Zealand and is set to meet back up with the Friendly boys, definitely looking forward to whatever he puts out next!

Waka Wednesdays Ep 1 (Feat Brian Chavez)

Waka Wednesdays Ep. 1 from Patrick Ring on Vimeo.

Sky High/Satori ripper Brian "Chavdaddy" Chavez always comes in clutch with the the clips. Here he's shredding his local park, Lake Geneva. This is supposed to be a weekly thing so be on the lookout for the new installment next week.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

15% Off at Inward Scooters for ISB Users!

If you're looking to pick up some new parts, now might be a good time to head over to . They are currently giving 15% off to anyone who uses the coupon code, "ISB15"

Volare // Park

The Minnesota scene is starting to get pretty sick.  Dakota Knight, Sean OGrady and Liam Greene are all featured in this parktage.  Some unexpected moves in this for sure.  Filming and editing was on point as well, credit to Dakota.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Jared Jacobs - for Lucky 2015 || B-sides

Damion Black uploaded the B-sides of Jared's 2015 Release for Lucky. It's so good to see well filmed SD scootering clips, as well as the process behind trying a trick, something you don't see too often Often when watching the pros you feel like they are able to land every trick first try, so videos like this put it back into perspective and are more relateable. Jared also recently just left Lucky, it'll be cool to see where he ends up.


The second London Street Jam went down recently and Jake Hughes was there to document it.  It's awesome to see all the talent coming out of England as well as all the usual big names killing it.  Props to Tyler Bonner for taking home the grand prize.


The next installment to the LUX video is of Mark Abbott.  This New Zealander has always ridden with his own style, and I really enjoyed watching his part.  Doing tricks down gaps you'd never expect to see in street, or hitting a line switch, or yanking a noseblunt into a steep bank, this section is full of refreshing surprises that help Mark stand out from the rest.


UrbanArtt's Javi Trepat was joined by Dani Cardona in this rad night sesh video in Barcelona.  They hit up a really fun looking plaza and both of them killed it.  Great job on the filming and edit as well and you have a nice video to start off your Monday morning.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dan Barrett - Sig Homie Grip Promo Video

With the release of the Dan Barrett Signature Hella Grip, the boys in the Bay knew they had to come up with something special to mark the occasion.  So they flew Dan out for two weekends of riding, and somehow were able to come up with a DVD worthy part in that short time.  It's really a testament to how good Dan is, and always has been.  Not only that, but 2b and Zach Fuller (as well as Brendan Kelly) killed it behind the lens.  Be sure to view this one not from a phone (preferably Chromecast/internet viewing TV app of your choice) and get stoked.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Brooklyn Banks Jam 07

A Throwback this Thursday to a Jam that ended all too soon. The Brooklyn Banks are one of the most well known spots in the world in action sports. So everyone was stoked when some of the top riders in New York put together the idea of having a Brooklyn Banks Jam. The Jam was a complete success. This is from 2007, and the amount of OGs that made their way to the banks is amazing. I really wish these Jams could have kept happening, I could have easily seen the BB Jam being right up there with the Paris Street Jam. Enjoy this throwback.

Look out for clips from the one and only Stevon Wilson as well. He threw down the Front Bri, and the Tuckerdriver down the set. R.I.P Stevon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dissidence Street JAM V6

So this year the Dissidence jam did face some rain, but they managed to make the best of it finding cover at an indoor spot.  After the tech bangers concluded, they moved out to hit the streets for the big sets, a powerslide contest, and the double kink ender rail, made by Dissidence specifically for the jam. Didine Terchague walked away with the big prize but I think we all know Kenny Griffin was the real winner for that gap to lip.

Cuff Crew- mustard.

The Cuff Crew is an upcoming group of riders out of Philly.  This is some footage they're getting rid of while filming for a future project.  Good to see new blood rippin it out East,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I don't know whats getting into these Australian kids but I ain't gonna question it.  Jack McCann, Kovu extraordinaire, dropped one of the most insane edits of the year.  Whip bar master, 5050 master, what can't this kid do?  This guy is the future and the future is now.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Spokesman Florida Trip 2015

Jon Reyes, Biagio Devivo, Kevin Rodriguez (Chimpy), Min Je Kim (Saki) and homie Collin DaSilva recently drove down to Florida for a week of riding and filming.  All those dudes throw down hard, its sick to see them taking a trip like this and getting out of NYC. Jon's finger manny, manny finger line was tight and Collin always kills it.


This is one of the best videos you'll watch all week, if not all year.  The first section from Friendly's LUX went to none other than OG rider/photographer Aaron Bransdon.  With high flying speed, hopping everything in his path, Aaron's section is a fresh reminder that you don't need a thousand tricks to put together an awesome video.  This dude goes so fast you'll need to watch it at least a couple times to really see everything he does.  And Bowie on the soundtrack matches perfectly.

Roanoke 2.0

Mike DeJong got a new camera so he decided to test it out and film this goodie edit.  Mike's got one of the smoothest styles out there along with a trick or two up his sleeves.  With such a fun looking park, it'd be hard for him not to film good stuff there. This dude is progressing fast, so look out for him in the near future.

Southwest Tour Scooter Film

So back in January riders from Grit, Crisp, Phoenix, and RAD took a tour throughout California, Arizona, and Mexico.  They spent a whole month hitting parks and spots, leaving no obstacle untouched.  With the sheer amount of amazing riders on the tour, they were bound to get a ton of footage, and so we're left with 20 minutes of crazy riding and good vibes.  Music was a bit on the safe side, would have liked to see a little more creative choices but I really can't complain about Floyd or Clapton.