Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This is a snazzy little video, again from the Basic Bunch (see next post) featuring the talents of Ben Kowalski and David Cappetta.  This time we get to see Dcaps in front of the lens as well, and he kills it just as hard as behind the camera.  This one reminds me of the Chicago Scramble videos, cruisin it to a classy tune.


  1. im sick of seeing effortless lines with a barspin at the end. kids are so stuck on style and trendy highwaters. its still cool to do tricks people. bunnyhopping over two planters and then doing a barspin really isnt all that interesting even if you do a powerslide at the end. all these guys have some serious talent and it shows and theyre style is on point. just dont see why people limit themselves to make videos that all the trendwhores appreciate. No hate, just stating what ive seen in the scooter scene lately.

    1. Best comment ever.

      Now go cuff up your pants, and do some heelwhips.

    2. Not all riding is about throwing the craziest shit in a line like you may see it as (or riding the same spot like 10 times in your video)
      Its about having fun and filming an enjoyable video with some cruising and tricks.

  2. I knew there would be a comment like this haha

  3. basic bunch is so overhyped

  4. no hate taken, I come from a completely different view point. I dont like doing combo's, flyout, flips, while others do. Ben and I went to every spot we could and thought of something we could do for this video. It isnt like this is a full length film, we did not plan what we were going to do, everything we filmed was spontaneous and we worked with what you had. This definately meant getting creative with our scooters. But thats the point, to get out of the flippy whippy scene and do something different. And if youre implying I am "trendy", think again. I cant watch most scootering videos because they aren't taking the right approach at they're videos, and i've had this idea of scootering for a long time, I just waited until I thought I could pull it off. Point is, the tricks a person does, thats up to them, and I wont criticize anyone for it because they're doing their own thing, and thats what scootering is all about. If you want to see what I empathize when I scooter, go watch the independant skate video mama's boys. I used to scooter with some of those guys before cuffed pants were cool and they inspired me to get a dvxmk2 and start filming. This was just to clear up how I feel, because as some of the above commenters posted didn't exactly describe it accurately.


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