Saturday, March 31, 2012

Evan Yamada Lucky Opus Throwaway

Evan had one of the best parts in Opus, and his throwaway is also really good.  I can't wait for whatever next video part he does to drop.  Check out his Opus part here

Jarrod Bruns Epic Scooters

Jarrod's riding is always so smooth and dialed.  The park in the video, Hunt, is his homepark and he can ride it better than almost anyone.  Powerslide carve, wat?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Otto Markjarvi Winter 2012

Otto had been filming for this video all throughout winter until he broke his hand.  So, he put together the clips he had and came up with this.  Super dope edit, back smith downside heel was so good.  Hope he heals up fast.

Come at Me v2. (By Jordan)

I don’t usually bother to back myself up when hated on for my opinions, but after I posted the Dan Barrett video last night, there was a bit of a backlash (48 comments now, as well as everything on Facebook). So I’d like to take a moment to tell you why I made the comments I did, and a little bit more in general about my opinions on videos.

First of all, I was not “hating” on Dan. I have no problem with him going out and drinking, the majority of everyone does it, and he is perfectly legal to do it as well. The fact that I put the video on Inside in the first place shows that I did like the video, and everything I say about the video is constructive criticism. You are sadly mistaken if you think I’d post a video that actually sucked. Obviously I thought Dan’s riding was amazing, like it always is. He’s been one of my favorite riders pretty much as long as I can remember, and has always been a nice guy.

Why did I choose to address the party thing with his video? Why don’t I say anything about Elyts videos, when they have party clips? Perhaps it just pushed me over the edge. Not only did the party clips bum me out but the song, and other riders (because I thought it would be a solo edit of Dan) ruined the vibe for me. I do not want scooter riders to be seen as Mac Miller college partyboy type people, which is the vibe I got from the video. As far as Elyts, thats all they’ve ever been since the beginning so I never took their videos seriously in the first place to even bother commenting on it. Its the same way with Stan Smirnoff, he is known just as much for his smoking habits as his high airs and transfers (he had weed leaves on his signature wheels for God’s sake), so nobody thinks twice when he has a clip of him smoking in his videos.

I can understand the point that party clips help show who the rider is in a video. But if nearly everyone does those things, does it really show who you are? If what you are outside of riding is a weed smoking, alcohol chugging partygoer (not saying thats what Dan looks like, I’m speaking generally now), is that something you want to show people? You want to show you and your friends? Do something more creative, more original. Party clips are like the next cheesiest b-roll footy you can have after bird footage and cloud time lapses. Show another hobby you have, or you at your job, any kind of random moment that happens while out riding even. In Proto Catalyst there was a clip I believe of Sanchez flipping onto a bed in a hotel. Thats the kind of thing thats cool to watch, not a bunch of people just drinking beer.

Please, if anyone still has a problem, leave a comment here or send me a message on Facebook. Thanks to all three of you who will actually read and understand this.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brick Town Clips

Featuring Matt Somers, Josh Kish, Hunter Bechtle, and from across the pond, Lewis Williams.  They mostly ride a grindbox, and ride it pretty well.  Matt's last trick is ridiculous.

Collin DaSilva MGP Winter Edit

I'm not sure why the quality of this video is bad but I do know that Collin shreds.  Rides park really cleanly and has no problem throwing big tricks in the streets.  I'd really love for him to drop an all street edit, I'm sure he could put down some good tricks.

Hayden O'Connor Throwing Down

Pretty self explanatory here, haha. Hayden just doing what he does. Maybe next time we can get 36 seconds of him blasting massive airs on quarters. For now this will have to do.

The ISS Team Will be on the Gold Coast This Weekend

The ISS Team, who represent The ISS Store which is a Scooter, Skate, and BMX shop in West Sydney, will be riding on the Gold Coast this weekend. They will be starting on Saturday at The GC Compound starting at 11am. The next day you can catch them at Caloundra Skatepark. So if you want to ride with these guys, head over to the either The GC Compound on Saturday, or Caloundra Skatepark on Sunday. Check them out in the video below.

Razor Phase 2 Products at Twisted

Twisted just got in a lot of the new Phase 2 products from Razor. Including the, double, triple, quad clamps, Jason Beggs complete scooter, Jason Beggs Bars, Jason Beggs wheels, John Radtke Deck, John Radtke Wheels. Check below for pictures.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cory Vanlew ELYTS East Coast Tour

ELYTS Pro Rider Cory Vanlew is going to be hitting the East Coast starting this weekend. He'll be doing a lot of filming for the new ELYTS "Stylites" DVD, and also promoting all of the new ELYTS Gear. Another thing you guys are going to want to look out for is Cory's Deck. He will be riding a deck that has been on the low down for the past year, The "AO" Deck. AO, which stands for Alpha Omega, is another company coming out of Sunshine Distribution, along side ELYTS and 841 so far. So if you want to check out the deck in action first hand, head to ANY of the stops on the Tour.

For more information, check the flier below.

Crisp Scooter Products now at WarScooters

WarScooters is carrying a brand new complete scooter, from Crisp. Most US riders might not be familiar with the company, but hopefully that will change soon. Below are some pics of the complete scooter.

If you want more details on the scooter, or want to get one for yourself. Head to the link below.

Phoenix Pro Riders Josh Kish and Evan Larson at Session 1 at Ohio Dreams

Just announced this morning, Phoeinx Pro riders Josh Kish and Evan Larson will be at Session 1 at Ohio Dreams. Josh was there last year, but I believe this will be Evans first time. For more information follow the link at the bottom of the post.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dan Barrett Edit

This isn't so much a Dan Barrett edit as it is a Dan Barrett + Friends + Partying edit.  I am bummed on this, because I was expecting it just to be Dan, but the other riders did some sick stuff too.  The whole putting in drinking/smoking/partying clips thing is so lame though.  Its fine if thats what you like to do but for a scooter edit?  I hope this trend doesn't continue. 

A Day With.. Terry Price

Recently Terry Price of MGP UK, met up with the official MGP UK Videographer, Ricky Johnson to give you guys an inside look on Terry's daily routine. Gotta love videos like this, especially when the rider featured just happens to be a legend in our sport. I think one of the things that has me so stoked on Terry, is the fact that he really set the bar in our sport with the tricks he was landing so many years ago. And while his riding style has changed over the years, he's still out there doing what he loves to this day.

East2West Addict Promo

Right now at East2West they got an Addict pre sale special going on. Everyone wants the new Addict parts, and East2West is going to make that a little bit easier on your wallet. They are offering a discount on ALL Addict parts that are pre ordered. For more information, check the Ad below.

New SG Clamps from Scooter Garage

SG recently released a full line of clamps. They covered everything from Standard, to HIC SCS Clamps. Get the full details below.

HIC Standard (3 Bolts)
HIC SCS (4 Bolts)
Standard (3 Bolts)
SCS (4 Bolts)

They are all made with 6061 Allluminum, they come in 5 colors: Red, Black, Blue, Purple and Kryptonite Titanium.

Tyler Bonner- Welcome to Elyts

This is all throwaway from Tylers upcoming section in the Ely

Raw Box: Addison McNaughton Boxes Promo B-Sides

Raw Box: The Boxes Promo B-Sides from The Over Show on Vimeo.

More more more Addy footy droppin.  This time its some alternate angles that were shot when Kris Anacleto was filming Addy in SF for his Boxes promo.  Pretty cool to see the process of filming, with all the bails and such.  Addison shreds.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Almanac East Coast Tour Edition

The Almanac East Coast Tour Edition from Proto Scooters on Vimeo.

"Dylan Kasson went to New York City to film for the next PROTO DVD with Elmer Ferreiras. After New York Dylan, Elmer, and Greg Cohen tripped down to Richmond, Virginia to ride with Matt Mckeen. This video is behind the scenes from the real filming. Filmed with a iPhone4 and a Flip Ultra HD."

GryndoScooters Giving Away FREE Tickets to ExtremeThing

If you don't already know about the event going on in Las Vegas this weekend, please check out the following link and get up to speed.


Well GryndoScooters is giving away two free tickets to this event, and it's not easy to enter to win those tickets.

Basically Gryndo is looking to get 100 likes on their facebook page announcement of the ExtremeThing contest. To reach that just click the link below.
If they can reach 100 Likes, by Wednesday 3/28, and if YOU were one of those 100 likes, you are automatically entered to win the tickets. They will be choosing one random winner out of the 100 people that Liked the page. So get over there, and try and get some free tickets!

To everyone going out to the event, I will see you guys there. I'll be there representing Inside-Scooters, complete with a VIP Pass.. Yeah, what up. Hope to see the ticket winners there as well!

Billy Evers Start of 2012 Edit

If you like combos, this is the video for you. Billy does so many ridiculous tricks in this edit. Matt Somers sent it to me, and told me to look out for the last clip..and damn, he wasn't kidding. 4 trick combos aren't something you see everyday haha. Pretty cool video.

ELYTS in The UK with

ELYTS is on the UK Tour right now promoting the new shoes, and hanging out with various UK riders. They recently went to Bay 66 in London, and rode with the Team. Representing ELYTS was Zig Short and BenJ Friant who both did their thing. You also get to see some of the Team riding as well.

Also don't forget to check out the interview with Zig and BenJ below the edit.

Hep Greg 7th Street Mini Edit

Hep Greg recently made time to stop by 7th Street skatepark in DE, on his way to the train station and got a few clips. Lately Greg has been spending some time with Dylan Kasson, so you can expect some clips from them to hopefully drop soon. For now though, this will have to do.

At the end Greg finds a dog. He eventually says, "Go do a gnarly trick dog." Upon which the dog takes off to do what I imagine to have been, one gnarly ass trick. We may never know.

The Almanac #9

the almanac #9 from Dylan on Vimeo.

DK's latest videoblog finally dropped.  This one contains me wallriding a snow plow, an appearance by the infamous Yemish, and Andrew Broussard jumping a motorcyle (well, not exactly but you'll see what I mean when you watch it).  Dylan spent his spring break filming on the east coast so you can expect another almanac with more scooter rider antics soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Addict Decks Available at Scooter Zone

Scooter Zone makes it a point to carry the products that riders want. Well for a long time now, it's no secret that everyone wants Addict Decks. So Scooter Zone made sure to get them in stock ASAP. Everything from the Matt McKeen Signature Deck, to the TAOS Edition Deck. You want em? Head over to Scooter Zone's website right now.

Get them while they last! And in the next few days, expect to see ALL Addicts other parts available at Scooter Zone. Keep checking their website below, and Inside-Scooters for ALL updated on Addict Parts, and Scooter Zone.

New Clips from Matt Somers and Michael Pytel

First up we got some new stuff from a rider I really enjoy watching. Matt has taken his riding to another level in the past year. I'm guessing being sponsored by Scooter Zone has taken a big part in that. Check out some of his latest below.

Then we got Michael Pytel. He isn't that well known yet, but if he continues to throw down like he does in these clips, that can change. Some riders just can't help but go balls to the wall when they ride, and it seems like Michael is one of those guys. Flip to lip was ridic.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Razor Global Domination Tour 2012 First Stop

Please check the flier below guys for details on the first stop of the 2012 Razor Global Domination Tour. Not seeing as many sponsoring companies on the list this time around? Wondering what's up with that. But if you've been to any Razor Global Domination Tour, you know that they are always some of the best run contests.

Gizmania for Scooters event in Prague

Gizmania seems to always be doing a huge part in Europe to really get the sport of scootering more well known and accepted throughout other action sports. They recently partnered with the "For Bikes Tradeshow" and they will be holding a Scooter Tradeshow at the event. Last year this event had 20,000 people attend.

Gizmania rented an entire hall at the event, where they will have a Monster half pipe, which you can see below. Along with the half pipe, they will also have their own small street set up. This is one of the first times, if not the first time, that scooters have had their own seperate exhibition hall at an action sports event as big as this.

Blunt/Envy, MADD, and Razor/Phase2 are all taking part in this, and will have their own booths, and their riders will be there. This definitely has me stoked, and you can't help but appreciate Gizmania and their non stop efforts to help promote the sport.

theEMP Introducing Robert "Monky" McMoran

theEMP is blowing up, and big part of that is due to the Team of guys they have supporting the brand. One of those riders is Monky. It's no surprise to anyone who knows me, that Monky is my favorite rider not only to watch, but to ride with as well. I've yet to meet a rider who is all around, better than Monky. Point is, no matter what Monky rides, he's going to kill it. As most know, he spends most of his time in the streets now a days, and this edit really does street riding justice. Props to one of the Homies. Check it below.

MADD Weekend with Terry Price, Dan Avery, and Sam Everett

Three of MGP UK's best recently went on a weekend trip to a few parks, did some signings, and demos for the kids, and overall had a really good time. Sometimes watching a video featuring multiple riders you tend to get a vibe that they're not even having a good time. You get the opposite here for sure. Terry kills it with some of his peg stuff, and the end of the video is pretty tight. Sam, who was down and out due to an injury calls out the tricks for Dan and Terry, and they try to get it done. Check it out below.

Cooper Klaar Sig Bar Promo

Cooper spent two months filming this to promote his new Phoenix signature bars.  Definitely his best video yet, your mind will be blown by his tricks.  Boardslide to fingerwhip was so good.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sky High Re-Launch

Sky High just launched an all new website with products from Tilt, Proto, Phoenix, Lucky, Boxes Ltd, District, and Envy (Addict and Lucky soon!). New edits dropping soon from everyone at Sky High, starting with myself, Jeff Mroz, and Kirk Svensson.  Until then, check out my old promo, Jeff's, and Kirk's.

Balthazar Neveu Welcome to Dissidence

Balthazar Neveu WELCOME TO DISSIDENCE from Wise Scootering on Vimeo.

Big Balt worked on this video for 8 months.  So many awesome spots, you can definitely tell a lot of time was put into it (and thats before considering all the super tech tricks he does).  It probably helps that he filmed in both Paris and Barcelona, two of the best cities for street riding.  Balt also has a clothing company which you can check out at

Tobias Mayer Promo

Wow, this was sick.  His fingerwhips are so dialed, actually he seems to be really good at whips in general.  Enjoyed this a lot.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

MGP Events Coming Up: Southern Cali, East Coast Tour, and Las Vegas

Madd Gear has got a lot going on in the remaining month of March, and in April. So let's start with what's coming up first.

(Belated) St. Patricks Day Competition

Next two events are taking place later this month in Las Vegas. The guys at Madd Gear are going to be taking part in something pretty insane this month. They will be taking part in the Extreme Thing event in Las Vegas.. For more information on that, click ExtremeThing The below event is going to be a qualifer to see if you will be competing in the Extreme Thing Halfpipe Challenge. The Madd Gear Halfpipe Challenge QUALIFIER will take place on March 30th at Break N Bread Academy Skate Park in Las Vegas, NV.

Which leads us to the actual Extreme Thing event in Las Vegas. The only reason that scooters will be seen on a stage as big as this, is due to Gryndo Scooters, and of course Madd Gear. This is not just scooters, but other action sports as well, and tons of live music. Basically, get to Las Vegas on March 30th and 31st. Don't miss this.

Finally the East Coast Tour, and it's a big one. The guys will be all over the East Coast hitting up various skate shops and skateparks. So everyone on the East Coast don't worry about all this MGP action on the West Coast, cause they're coming your way soon. More details on the flier.

Envy Scooters Chino Jam

Envy Scooters will be at Chino Skatepark on March 28th. New Team rider Jake Clark will be there, along with Vincent Kudrna, and Michael Knudson. All of these guys specialize in throwing down crazy combos, so if you can make it out on March 28th, definitely get out there. More details on the flier below.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tilt SCS Review

Mike at shopECX explains the Tilt SCS, troubleshoots some common problems with SCS's, and goes through how to set one up.  Mike seems hyped on them, they're definitely an awesome part (and I'm not just saying that because I'm on the Tilt team). 

Freestyle Depot Storefront Grand Opening

Freestyle Depot is going to be having a Grand Opening to celebrate their new Shop opening in Vista, CA. The date is set for March 31st, and this is something you guys don't want to miss. It's going to be an all day event, with a lot of good stuff going on throughout the day. For more details, check out the flier.

Mohamed Alsulaibi Sacrifice Promo

Mohamed recently got on Sacrifice Scooters Pro Team. I don't know much about the company, but I'm sure we will soon. What I do know is that the deck is obviously really strong. We've seen Hunter Bechtle killing it in Paris riding one of them, and he was throwing himself down some pretty big sets and gaps. If anyone has more information on the deck, or if they got one themselves, feel free to leave some comments.

Envy Pro Scooters Looking for AUS and NZ Riders!

Hey guys, just got news that Envy Pro Scooters is looking for new riders to add to the Team. This is only for riders in Australia, and New Zealand. More information on the press release below.

Envy scooters pro team is on the search for riders in New Zealand and Australia. Riders will need a passion for the sport, a high level of skill and be able to ride with the best.
Get your edits together and send them through to these email address'


New Zealand:

Dissidence Street Jam V3 Teaser

If you call yourself a street rider, and you haven't yet made an effort to get to one of the Dissidence Street Jams, you're basically blowing it. It doesn't take a genius to know that they breed street riders out in France, and it really shows when the Dissidence Street Jam comes around. If you want to take part in one of the rawest forms of street riding, with a group of people that are going to throw down hard, you gotta get yourself to the Dissidence Street Jam.

more info can be found here:

trailer DISSIDENCE STREET JAM V3 from Roots Boy Production on Vimeo.

Twisted Scoots New Huntington Beach Shop

Opening up this weekend will be Twisted's THIRD walk in shop for scooter parts. Twisted has been coming up fast, and is becoming very well known for being a legit scooter shop. Their third location is placed in another hot spot for the sport in So Cal, and they will be carrying all the top brands just like their two other shops. You can find products from, MGP, Razor, TILT, Twisted, and more at their shop. So if you need anything for your scooter, and you're in the area, head down to the new Twisted Shop in Huntington Beach.

125 5th Street
Huntington Beach, CA