Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Welcome to VEX | Kevin Austin

There's been a lot of fire edits coming out lately, this one from Australian Kevin Austin being welcomed to footwear company Vex, joining the likes of Matt McKeen, Issac Miller, and more. This one features clips from all around the globe, as no handrails or ledges are immune from Kevin's surgical precision. Congrats Kevin!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


FRIENDLY PRESENTS: Terima Kasi from Friendly on Vimeo.

Last June, a few of the Friendly boys packed their bags and headed to the South East Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand with the goal of adventure and scootering. They were able to meet up with some locals and shred some of the craziest untouched terrain the world has to offer. The filming/editing of this was awesome. I thought the intro was especially well done. Props to these dudes for another amazing video!

Monday, November 28, 2016


This summer, "Shorty" Devin "keef.urban" Heald spent time working over at Woodward PA. While there, Outset hooked him up with a DVX to catch the action. You guys don't need me to tell you how good this kid is, see it for yourself here. A lot of other homies are also featured, so check it out now.

Hella Grip in Baltimore

Hella Grip Homies Zack Martin, Josh Young, and newcomer to the squad Issac Miller recently took a trip out to Baltimore to shred the East Coast with resident homie Logan Fuller. This is the result of their two week endeavor, in which the crustiest spots were destroyed with the style and creativity of some of the raddest riders out. Josh handled the filming and editing on this one, which is awesome to see happen again. Congrats to Issac for getting on and the rest of the dudes for killing it!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Lucas Di Meglio - Welcome to Addict

A quick PSA: Using the band Fuzz, or any similar band in the genre, really shows a lack of creativity and individuality at this point. It's cool if you like that music, but unless the riding is a step ahead (like this dude), it's gonna be hard for you to stand out.

That being said, Lucas Di Meglio seems to be a perfect fit for Addict, who may or may not be slowly making a comeback. Not only does Lucas have some insane handrail tricks, he demonstrates his technical prowess with fakie manuals and other ledge wizardry. Super impressive riding all around, congrats to him on the hookup!

Hella Good Stuff DVD Promo

The wait is finally over! The Hella Grip x Concrete Crew collab full-length DVD, Hella Good Stuff, is available to buy now at your favorite retailer. The boys threw this new promo up on the tube to get us all hyped again. Definitely can't wait to receive my copy!

Speak Welcomes: Andy Koke

Speak Apparel has been making moves this year, and their latest is to add Texas' own Andy Koke to the team. Andy has transplanted to the East coast and has been busy applying his unique take on spots all over the area. Some West coast clips are also featured, like that drop drop drop wallride in LA. Never thought I'd see anyone get a clip there, yet Andrew finds a way. Great way to start off a Monday!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Zack Martin | Wasted SCS

I don't get it, how does Zack Martin do it? Yet another amazing edit all around from this guy, this time to mark the release of his well deserved signature Wasted SCS. This time in full VX, Zack brings a few new things to the table- loved the fakie tricks and that alley-oop grab in the pool was so sick. Support the dude and cop the SCS when it drops later this month!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Most of you will either know Rich as Tommy Daddono's right hand man with Outset or as the dude who's house you stayed at for this Chicago jam this year. Either way, this guy is one of Chi's most present and unique riders. This is a video of him cruising around downtown, with those Scramble vibes. Sub to him on Youtube for more, he's always dropping little montages of him and the homies.