Thursday, January 31, 2013

841 Wheels Quick Hitters with Dom Olorenshaw

Dom's been spending plenty of time in California, and he's been using it well. Supposedly Dom is one of those guys that no matter what spot you go to, he ends up killing it. While this little edit is for the 841 wheels, it once again shows how much easier grinding seems to be with an AO deck. Starting to wonder what everyone's thoughts are on the AO deck, and the whole grind plate thing. Do you guys look at it as, "cheating" or what?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vert Scooters

Been looking for a dirt scooter?  Look no further than Vert Scooters Shop, who just got a big shipment of Phase Two dirt scoots.  Check em out at or their Long Beach storefront- 3450 E Spring St. Suite 114, Long Beach, CA 90806.

Josh Newbert AustralianCapitalTerritory

Josh Newbert is one of the names I keep hearing when people talk about the growing street scene in Aus. I can see why from this quick edit below. He hits rails, ledges, and even has some bowl clips. Keeps it smooth, and I believe he rides for Sacrifice. You guys can also check out Josh Newbert in the latest issue of Dialed Scooter Magazine.

Shaun Williams on the editing and filming.

Josh Toy 2012 Throwaway

Josh went through some old footage from last year, and compiled up this throwaway edit. Josh has stuck true to his roots for as long as I can remember. Though in the past couple of years we've seen him take his tech riding a bit further, part of that is due to him always having a busy work schedule, and never really getting to go ride street or park. So there are a lot of box clips, and mini ramp clips in here. Definitely worth a watch though.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big Ron HSHB Raw Edit

Big Ron doing his thing for Hella Grip, killing it as usual. The dude may not have the biggest bag of tricks, but the tricks he does do, he has on lock. You have to wonder if or when he is going to add some new tricks into his game.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Chicago Scramble

Scootering needs more videos like this.  Chill videos where they just cruuuuuuise, like Slap's GX1000 series in skateboarding.  The guys at Sky High are making the scooter riding equivalent with Chicago Scramble.  In this one are Jeff Mroz, Kirk Svensson, Justin Lacosse, and Conor Davidson.

Scoot Beat 4 the Street

This video reminded me of Chema Cardenas' first video.  Random guy in a random (Spanish-speaking) place, crazy spots/parks, and a distinct raw style.  I could see this guy, Justin Diaz, doing some good things if he was put on a team and had a good crew of riders to push him.  He's the first rider I've seen from Madrid, Spain's capital.  Oh, and I was also told he wanted to say "Kevin Demay is THE BOSS."

Basic Bunch

Basic Bunch is another upcoming crew (like Peachy below) that makes decent videos without having huge bangers.  This is also the crew in which the notorious Black Mamba rides so check him out in this.  Jona Humbel is also in this video which is weird because he lives in Florida and the rest of them in the New England area but I'm not complaining, Jona is sick.

Peachy Scoots Crew

Peachy is a good example of an upcoming crew doing it right.  They aren't mindblowing riders or anything yet, but their videos are still enjoyable.  They take the time to get clean, creative clips for real parts instead of filming day edits.  The above video is of Cole Ginter and if you play it all the way through it should continue on to more recent videos of the guys.

Dialed Scooter Magazine Issue 3 at Freestyle Depot

Freestyle Depot now has issue 3 of Dialed Magazine in stock! Head over to their online site to grab a copy and all the other products you need!

Check it out here

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Victory New Products

Victory has some new products in, they have custom made Fasen completes, and the new Royal Dirt Scoots. Check em out at their website.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Capron Funk Beginning of 2013

Since Capron joined with Sacrifice Scooters, it seems like he's been dropping  a lot of edits, which isn't a bad thing if you're a fan of a lot of combos and tech tricks. I've always liked Caprons riding, and he's such a nice dude on and off his scooter. Check out his latest edit below.

Enzo Commeau- Welcome to Elyts and AO

Wow, never heard of this guy before.  Enzo has the skills and throws down in parks and street.  That back smith 360 was monstrous.  Gotta give props for the fingerwhip off the car too hahaha.  Good edit.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flipside Ride House Sales

Currently Flipside Ridehouse is having all kinds of crazy sales. Prices are slashed on tons of completes and other products. For more info check the press release below from Flipside.

"Huge sale on completes, decks and parts going on at Flipside...prices so low you'll freak! We have been authorized to offer these low prices for a limited time...when they're gone...they're gone. Check out our new Bargain Basement / Clearance section for the list of items. We will be adding new stuff all the time so check back often for more smokin' deals.

One more thing...DIRT SCOOTS ARE IN STOCK! Last shipment sold out in a few days...don't wait" 

Nitro Circus Live in Birmingham UK by

Ben from had the awesome job to be at the Nitro Circus event while they toured in The UK. As most people know, Ryan Williams was the only scooter rider on the tour this time around, and as always threw down, and did the sport proud. I really feel like Ryan is the perfect rider to be out there shredding with these guys. His balance of maturity and insanity fits so well, haha. Check it out below, and also check out an interview Ben got with Ryan while in The UK.

It's sick to hear Ryan speak about his interest in MGP making a street style deck, and how he'd prefer them to possibly make some apparel and products to appeal to the older crowd. Good stuff.

Corey Funk Phase 2 Sponsor Edit

Corey Funk has come a really long way as a rider, especially since he started out so young. And he is now pushing himself even farther with Dirt Scooters. Really stoked to see dirt riding picking up, and see guys like Corey out there blasting. Check this one out if you guys are into dirt riding for sure.

Phase 2 Dirt Scoots In Stock at Scooter Garage

Scooter Garage has the Phase Dirt Scooters back in stock, both online and at their shop. Head over and check one out if you're interested.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ADVCT Welcomes Ian Herncjar

Ian recently got on ADVCT and filmed this little number in just one weekend.  Wrecked that park rail towards the end.  Such a good looking whip front board.

Concrete: Ryan Myers

This was sick.  Ryan rides with a ton of speed, and the song used really compliments that fact.  This video is part one of a series filmed over the past year culminating in a full-length called Concrete, by Anton Abramson.  I'll be looking forward to the rest of the parts.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ryan Upchurch Signature Deck Promo

Ryan is one of the busiest guys in the sport, from running Fidelity, to creating content for Scoot-Mag, flying out to competitions all over the world, and to trying to get clips.  This video is the result of his hard work over the past few months filming for a deck promo.  He just attacks the rails and boxes, first and last clips are the bomb.

Dylan Kasson Streets of Chrome Photo Contest

Proto/Boxes/FD rider Dylan Kasson is also a super good photographer, and is in this contest to win a sweet new camera.  Click the above picture (his entry) or this link to go to the website where you can vote.  It's on a 1-10 scale, so you can vote his picture a 10 or 8 or whatever you want, preferably a 10 so he has a better chance of winning.

Scooter Freestyle - Worlds Best Pro Scooter Riders

This was something Lucky has been hyping for a while. The video was filmed by DevinSuperTramp, and for those who don't know, he's a highly regarded filmer, and has over 780k subscribers on Youtube, with over 149 million total video views...and now this edit is also on his channel. Pretty sick if you ask me. Clearly it features almost all LSP riders, with the exception of Envy's Jake Clark and Vincent Kudrna. Was sick to see Mike Montgomery and Lil Jon clips, but it's clear to see that Dakota has center stage. Definitely check this out.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lucky Scooters | Dakota Shuetz

So here it is.  It's been a long time since Kota had an actual video (not just clips in competition edits).  Here we have one by Aaron Hill.  I can't comprehend half of what Kota does.  I'm into this video more than a lot of other trick machine guys' videos since he doesn't just ride one quarterpipe and box the whole time.  He mixes it up with the obstacles, which keeps it fresh.  The bummer is the filming, it might just be me but glidecam footage makes me sick.

Josh Brown 2012 Part

I really wish Josh had a different editor because that first song can be epic in a video if done right (see Dennis Enarson's Demolition part).  Aside from that, you already know Josh is a sick rider.  As you can see he isn't afraid of the cold, clocking a few snow clips.  Its crazy how he can keep going to gnarly spots and one up himself.  Makes you wonder if he'll ever stop progressing like that.

Jeremy Suchet: Chill Aint Enough

Jeremy has been working on this edit for over 6 months, and it came out pretty tight. He mixes it up with park and street. Would have been cool to see a better ender though. Anyone know if he's riding an Ethic or an Addict, I've been having some trouble telling the two apart in edits lately.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tilt Team 2013

You might remember that Tilt had a team montage last year around this time, well they're back at it again this year for a 2013 version.  This time features two new riders whom, if you've been paying attention just got on recently but haven't been announced until now- Ralph McMoran and Issac Miller.  They and the rest of the US team recently spent some time down in CA/AZ (search #tiltgoessouth on instagram) to film for this video and upcoming projects, so keep an eye out for more.

Check out the Tilt Facebook for more from these guys.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hunter Bechtle Micro Extreme Winter Edit

Hunter delivers in this edit he made for Micro Extreme. Great mix of park and street. I think I saw a rotor whip to rotor whip in there, and there are some good street clips as well. Whip to front board was tight. Check it out below.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lucky Scooters | Blake Bailor Welcome Back!

It's been a good year now since Blake last had serious footage, and he doesn't disappoint with this video.  He doesn't seem to have slowed down much at all, still killing it on the handrails.  Classic tune as well.

Boxes Limited - Matt McKeen Facebook Q&A's Part 3 of 3

Boxes Limited sat Matt down to answer a few fan questions, this is part 3 of 3 of the videos.  Some topics he discusses include his truck down Love Park gap, why he decided to stay on Addict after Ethic was formed, and his views on the competition side of the sport.  After watching his Q&A, check out Boxes' lovely links below.
Instagram @ BOXESltd

NY Stand up

The days of New York being limited to a handful of gnarly riders is coming to an end. There are crews out there that are getting better and better everyday. Below we got some of the existing and up and coming talent coming out of New York.

Harrison Lackow has been around for a minute, and he's clearly got some skills in the streets. Super clean style, and I love watching raw clips, so that was a plus.

Aj Rodriguez is one rider who I really want to see more from. I love watching riders that look like they have all their shit dialed and on point. This dude needs to get out in the streets and film for sure. I get that bad weather pushes you wherever you can to ride, but I want to see some legit footage asap.

Biagio DeVivo and Roy Saladin have been steadily coming up in the past year, and they're definitely getting there. I expect good years for both of them in 2013.

Cameron Ward Just Another Day

Cam Ward is getting ready for the 2013 competition season, and part of that means just getting out and riding. This was filmed in one session, and it's always good to see riders out there having fun and not taking everything super serious, which is what Cam has always been about. Check it out

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tyler Bonner Quits Maddgear; Joins Phoenix

Don't think many people saw this one coming...check out this quote, taken from his facebook-

"Well Maddgear, its been real. I've had so much fun in the past 3 years and learned so many things, met so many people, experenced so many new things. I couldn't thank Madd Gear - MGP Action Sports enough for everything they've done for me. Mike Horne for helping me fulfill my goal of going to Australia to ride my scooter, that was literally the highlight of my life so far and I'm so thankful and will never forget it. Anthony Bustos for always having my back and just looking out for me in general. You da man♥ I'm gonna miss the team soooooo much you guys are what kept me on Maddgear all this time and what made it so hard for me to quit. I won't be seeing you all as much, but I know I'll still be seeing ya tons! You guys are what makes Maddgear what it is, and don't ever forget it!!! I wish you all the best of luck♥"

Phoenix Pro Scooters posted this on their facebook- "So, Yeah. There it is. T-Bone is officially on the Phoenix Pro Team!

We welcome him and look forward to a great future working with him. He completes what i think is the best scooter team in the biz.

You can surely expect a sig deck, sig t-shirt, edits, travel, comps and general craziness in the near future."

Hugo Svare Welcome to AO

Hugo has one of the most insane clothing styles.  The kid has the skills to back it up though, as demonstrated in this video.  I'm assuming all this is throwaway too, with the good stuff being saved for the AO DVD.  Can't wait to his part.

Danny Roberts- Relax

This is probably the most enjoyable Danny Roberts video yet.  I dig that he's backing the look, calf high white socks with shorts.  He's also off Blunt now, good luck to him for whatever he's got planned next.

Inside the Lens Week #76

Photographer: Adam Patterson
Rider: Mark Abbott
Trick: FS Handplant
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression 

Riders : Mikael Parman, Chris Saar
Film : Ilgar Kulijev
Location : Estonia, Tallinn

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression. -Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Send Alex Peasley To Space!

So I'm not really sure how this opportunity came about but Alex is in a contest to go up to space.  I guess Axe is holding a contest in which the top 2 highest voted entrants will be sent to a space camp, where they will be put through training missions to see if they can make it in space.  Click the above picture to be taken to the website and vote (its easy, do it).  Just imagine, world's first scooternaut.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Teen Age Clips

The below edit features footage mainly of Issac, but also some of Zach Johnston. Basically, how I see Issac, is that he is kind of on the same level of guys like Tyler Bonner, and Monky. Maybe not in skill, but in the sense that Issac never really had a time where he sucked. Sure he would say he definitely sucked at one time. But he was someone that from day one, you could tell he was going to shred. I just didn't know he'd end up being so well rounded and fun to watch.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flavio Pesenti Reaper Bar Promo

Flavio has some sig bars out now for Blunt.  This promo he made for tem wa bangin.  Those frontside hurricane combos were insane.  He seems to be able to do any trick he wants on a rail.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Whoa, 3rd park edit Jordan has posted in a row?!?  I thought he was a street elitist!  Not today folks.  TomK actually bribed me with 6 dollars to post it, so I couldn't not post it.  This video features Tom, Brenton Reid, Tyler Bradley, and Blake Bailor.

Dissidence in Eindhoven

A bunch of Dissidence guys took a trip to a skatepark over Christmas and Roots Boy Prod was there to capture the action.  Lots of shredding from everyone.  Jojo Cajas was merking that spine, and even JD was getting it on a bike.

Ian Herncjar Root Industries|Revolver Wheels Park Edit

Ian has been sponsored by Root for a while now and got this edit done for them.  He is already really good and I can't wait to see how good he gets once Issac Miller moves to Colorado and rides with him on a regular basis.  Also I think a lot of times heelwhips out of grinds look bad but he made that last one look really good.

Raymond Warner 21st Birthday at the Mega Zone

Raymond recently turned 21, and all of the homies down in So Cal got together at the Mega Zone for a birthday sesh. Everyone was there throwing down, and Razor took care of the edit. Happy Birthday to RayRay.

Vert Scooters 2 for 1

Couple of Vert Scooters videos from a couple of their riders. Just some young dudes, trying to make it.

Ryan is currently 12 years old and has been riding for about 2 years. He's a young shredder and loves to ride everyday. Scootering is one of his passions, and he's stoked to have Vert Scooter Shop supporting him. He has a long way to go, but he's off to a good start.

John was recently added to the Team, and he got this edit done in 30 minutes or so. Definitely has to try and move away from the normal repetitive riding we see everyday, and try and be a bit more original. But then again, it was filmed in 30 minutes.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Vienna Calling Throwaway Montage

Some of the clips that didn't make the cut were tossed into this montage. Still good clips in here from all of the guys.

Also Florian Toegel, who had my favorite section in Vienna Calling put together some throwaway clips. Check em out.

Reece Jones Signature Bar by Unfair Scooters

Reece is the man and now has his own sig bar.  These clips were put together to promote the bars.  Short but sweet, that natas spin truckdriver thing was one of the sickest clips I've seen in 2013.  I hope he's planning on doing a longer video, I want to see more.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Boxes Limited Facebook Q and A's with Matt McKeen pt 2 of 3

Part 2 is here of Matt McKeens facebook questions. Definitely check it out. The fight story at the end was sick.
Instagram @boxesltd

Throwback Thursday: Hep Greg Mini One

When this video dropped some 4 years ago, I was amazed at just how much attention it got. At that time all we really had was Scooter Resource, and I remember this video getting pages and pages of feedback, almost all positive. There were no backflips, no ridiculous trick combos, or huge gaps. It was just smooth and stylish riding, and it worked so well. Greg Cohen, better known as Hep Greg, has always been an individual, both on and off of his scooter. This video was his first real mini video, and to me it is an instant classic. Since then Greg has dropped numerous edits, each getting better and better, but I will always remember that it started with this one.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

James Gee Return to Lucky Interview

This week Lucky announced that two of their OG riders, James Gee and Blake Bailor, have returned to the Lucky team just six months after leaving to start apparel company ADVCT. We at Inside Scooters were able to chat with James Gee and get the scoop. Before reading the Q&A, here’s a bit of background:

Obviously 2012 has been a big year for Lucky. For a while the company seemed quiet, and then everything started to change in a flash. Before we knew it, Dakota had signed a multi year contract, and Lucky Veterans, Blake Bailor, Evan Yamada, and James Gee had left the company..and made it pretty clear why.  Lucky moved on, releasing a whole new line of products, and continued to expand it's team. Dakota went on to do exactly what Dakota does, and slayed every competition in front of him, including the World Championships. The younger Lucky AM and Lucky Title Team riders were doing their thing placing in competitions as well. It left people wondering if Lucky's street riding presence was gone for good. However with James Gee and Blake Bailor back to join Mike Montgomery and Lil Jon, I think it's safe to say there is still some hope for LSP's Street riding roots.

- First of all, congratulations on your return to the Lucky Team! To start, what have you two been up to?

James: Thanks a lot man pretty stoked to be back. We’ve been going to college up in Bellingham, Washington about an hour and a half away from home where we run our apparel company, ADVCT, and chill with all the homies. Recently just had winter break where we rode a ton and got this whole thing to happen.

- Ok, so when you left, you guys went on the record that you didn’t think Lucky was heading in the right direction. Why the change of heart…was leaving a mistake?

James: We just assumed that Lucky was transforming into this company that wasn’t the way Lucky was before. After signing Kota we were worried that Lucky was going to make a total 180 degree turn where the company only targeted the younger riders and focused only on park riding. There were some other things heading up to this situation where we weren’t seeing eye to eye with the company. We were told the opportunities were coming and that Brian had all these ideas planned out for us, but we got impatient. We got to start ADVCT and Brian was pretty much our mentor for the company so I kept in touch with him. We met in the beginning of winter break and talked a lot and we started chatting more and more about me getting on lucky again, developing parts, and other stuff everyone will get to see this year from Lucky. I would say it was a mistake…I just really like Lucky it’s like home to me.

- Was this a group decision? Is Evan Yamada back on the team, too?

James: This was an individual decision. As I said I met up with Brian in the beginning of the break and he brought up bringing me back and I was all ears. He even said it was weird that he was dealing with just me because Blake, Evan, and I have always kind of have been a package haha. I know Blake met with Brian separately a week or so after me. I don’t know anything about Evan I don’t want to speak on his behalf.

- Okay, fair enough. So you both left as Kota came on to the team. Any beef with him, or are you just going to each do your own thing?

James: There is definitely 0 beef with Kota. Kota is a monster and I’m looking forward to riding and working with him. To get this straight, I don’t hate park riding—park riding is sick. I just prefer to ride street. I ride park sometimes and there’s no reason to have hate for someone that rides a certain terrain/way.

- I’m looking forward to the Devin Super Tramp video. But tell me, now that you’re both back on the Lucky team, what can we expect from you in 2013?

James: I was brought in to watch every clip filmed in the 2 days of filming and there was seriously sooooo much footage. I have seen the Devin Super Tramp video as well and it’s buck. In terms of what’s coming from me, I would say you can expect more street edits, a strong presence at street events, HD filming, new products, signature parts, etc. Lucky plans product launches in August every year so look out for some of the newer product and signature parts then.

- Last question…are you still running ADVCT? 

James: Hell yeah dude. It is definitely harder then we have thought, but we are learning a lot about business. Lucky supports us and allows ADVCT to be in the videos and descriptions of the videos to help us out. Stay Advocated!

Well I have to say that’s it’s great to see you guys back with Lucky! Any last shout outs?
James: Thanks a lot Lucky for another opportunity and letting me do what I love to do. Thanks to everyone that supports me and ADVCT. 

Magray Scooter Co SLI Peg Commercial

Ryan Becker is featured in this commercial and he shreds the SLI pegs on that A frame.  Over double peg combos were nuts.  You can pick a pair of these up at your local shop or online at

Jon Reyes Flat Edit 3 ft Special Guest

When I realized that Jon Reyes had finished his Flat Edit 3, I got hyped. When I realized that Tyler Bonner was going to be in the video as well, I got a little too hyped. Everyone knows Jon is a beast when it comes to tech/flat riding. But most people don't know that Tyler Bonner is one of those riders who doesn't have a weakness with his riding. It also doesn't hurt that since he's been injured, he's spent some time riding flat. Together these two make this one hell of a Flat edit. Check it out below.... after you get through the 1 minute of intros that is.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Eric Ostrom

Eric Ostrom is an OG from Nor Cal who has been riding since forever. He's a super chill dude, and today happens to be his birthday. So Happy Birthday to you bro.

You can also check out some raw clips of Eric that he filmed for Hella Stoked and Hella Broke by clicking the link below.

Lucky Scooters | James Gee and Blake Bailor Are Back!

Whoa, didn't see this one coming.  Its good to see these guys back on a parts company again.  I wonder if fellow ex-rider Evan Yamada will soon follow suit.  I'm also looking forward to the videos these guys have coming out.

Oakland Thanksgiving

Josh Young, Tyler Wheeland, Stefan Hefner, Ralph McMoran, and Efrain Arriaga took a trip up this past Thanksgiving to Addison McNaughton's to ride with the Hella Grip crew.  They also met Conor Davidson there.  These are just for fun clips but with that lineup this video turned out to be super cool.  Everyone killed it.

War Scooters Lucky Clover Pro Complete Giveaway

War Scooters is giving away a free Lucky Clover Complete. Entering in the drawing is simple, just head over to their Facebook, and Like their page. If you've already Liked their page, you're good to go. Check it out.


Boxes Limited: Facebook Q and A's with Matt McKeen pt 1 of 3

Matt McKeen is one of the pioneers of street riding, and is arguably the best street rider in the world. He rides for Boxes Limited, and one of the things I love that Boxes does are these Facebook Q and As. This is part 1 of 3, and I can't wait for the other two to drop.

Boxes Limited Apparel went ahead and let their Facebook fans ask pro rider Matt McKeen any question they'd like and he answered them on video. He answered so many that it's going to be a 3 part series. Make sure to check out more from Boxes to see older Facebook Q&A's with Dylan Kasson and Brandon Kilbury.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rainy Days at the Phoenix Shop with Evan Larson

If you're lucky enough to be on Phoenix Pro Scooters, and it rains, the day isn't so bad after all. Because you can get a solid sesh going inside the Phoenix Warehouse. Evan Larson, recently hit up the shop on a rainy night, and got some clips. You should also take notice of the wheels he's testing in this little edit. They're Rogue Wheels, which for those who don't know, is Dan Barrett's wheel company. Hopefully more info on that will drop soon.

TGC Park Seshin

The Goon Crew is a group of some of the more "low key" riders out in So Cal, they recently got this edit together of them riding a bunch of different parks. I think I'd prefer to see these guys riding street, but it was sick watching them get some park clips. Nick Donatelli shuts it down at the end with a few clips. I think 2013 is going to be Nicks year for sure.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tilt Scooters Presents: The Headset

Tilt now has headsets and made this commercial to promote them.  Erik is a beast and threw this down first try.  You guys will be psyched on his full part.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dan Holm and Jake Show TSI Edit

Two of the best park riders getting down at the MegaZone. Dan Holm is personally my favorite rider when it comes to real park riding, and Jake Show is an OG who has some of the best style in the game. They both ride for TSI, and they break down the Threshold, and stack some clips after. Check it out.

Bobby Pantano Lucky Scooters Am Team

This video was easily Bobby's best yet.  He seems to be going a lot faster, doing more high speed tricks and lines.  A lot of tricks in here surprised me for sure.  Last trick was so sick.

Javi Trepat urbanArtt 2012

Javi has been working on this video for a while now and it shows in all the spots he hits.  The back lip/crook on the green electrical box as well as down that rail were super sick.  Last 30 seconds of the video killed it too, who goes out and seshes a huge block set like that?


Here's a video from the Funky guys from a trip they went on recently.  They hit up some pretty fun looking places and did some cool tricks. That one guy's hair is so insane.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Charles Padel Signature Deck Promo

Charles Padel is one of my favorite riders on the stacked Blunt/Envy Team. He can ride both street and park, and he rips both. His signature deck looks really tight, 83 degree headtube angle, which most decks stay at 82.5, so that's cool. Also like how the signature decks are all longer than the original AosV2s which was one thing I thought was wrong with them. Check out Charles edit below, and definitely check out his sig deck if you need a new deck soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SD7 Presented by Lucky Scooter Parts

Aaron Hill went straight to work after SD7, and started editing up all the footage he filmed. The video is presented by Lucky Scooter Parts who came out hard at the competition and had riders in all divisions throwing down. Pro Comp looked great, but it still seems like too few riders are on Dakota's level when it comes to competitions. I was stoked to see Vincent Kudrna place 2nd, I know that if that guy can get his runs together, and hit the big section a bit more, he can take some 1st places. Check out the edit below.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RAW Handlebar Cam Promo Vid from Dissidence

The homies at Dissidence made this promo to promote the handle cam that is now available at Dissidence. All the guys are shredding on Ethics, and Kevin Demay of Ethic is featured in the video as well, along with a bunch of other top French riders. Bomb clips back to back in this thing. Check it out below.