Monday, May 29, 2017

Leon Lindgren - spring footy

If you don't know Leon Lindgren, the trick at 1:28 will surely cement his name in your brain forever. That's not all he does though, be sure the check the whole video for some all around shredding. Hopefully his next video will have the production to match the riding.

Hella Good Stuff

I've already reviewed Hella Good Stuff, but now you can watch it live on Youtube for free. Haag, Pat Nguyen, K-Closs, and really everyone threw down. Chances are if you're reading this you already know how stacked the Concrete/HG crews are, so throw these guys a view, maybe even like and subscribe.

Andrew Steinke-Ive Progressed

Cheesy title aside, Steinke-dawg is holding it down for Wisconsin. Taking regular weekend trips down to Chicago and other nearby cities, Andrew is definitely getting better and its awesome to see his journey progress in very much a similar way as myself.


scooter gymnastics is getting crazy. when are they gonna put this guy in the olympics????

Lucky Scooters | Jackson Burklund | Welcome To Lucky

Here I am scrolling through my Youtube feed and see some dude I don't know turning pro for Lucky. Jackson seems to be following a pretty standard progression but with the support of Lucky it'll be interesting to see what he does in the future. Wallride down heel was a highlight.

Aztek Presents - Anton Abramson

This youtube comment really sums it up: "what a beautiful man. he is graceful. like a swan." Should have redone the ender though, sorry Ton!