Friday, May 30, 2014

Tanner Wilson HGSD

AO Rider Tanner Wilson isn't the most well known rider, but if he keeps dropping edits like this one, he will be. It seems like the past couple years, as companies got with the times and started making their decks a bit more flat on the bottoms, we've seen a huge uprising in street riders, particularly rail slayers. Tanner throws down some bangers in this, and that last clip was pretty tight. Check it.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cory Vanlew Wins the London Street Jam

My dude Vanlew recently took the London Street Jam, and we have some footage from the jam below. Props to Cory, doing it for AO, ELYTS, and 841. Jam looked like it was a success, hope to see more.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Win a Free Week to Ohio Dreams + Free 5Starr Spectrum Complete

Pretty sweet deal from 5Starr, check out the flyers for more information! Enter soon! Clayton Lindley is the man!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Crispy Grits

No, it's not a breakfast dish from the early 1900s.  This is a video of Ryan Upchurch and Jon Devrind riding at Glasgow skatepark.  It's called that because Crisp and Grit are the teams they are on.  Jake Hershey, TM for those brands, filmed it and Ryan edited it together.  Nice, chill riding from these guys.

Unfair Scooters Teamtage #4

The Unfair guys are some of the freshest dudes in the game.  Jack's board popovers were all sick, Reece and Nathan are such style bosses, and Regan is so fun to watch.  This is their 4th teamtage which I guess is all throwaway.

Tom Mattingly- It Ain't Hard To Tell

Last time Tom was mentioned here, people got butthurt, which is weird because I was giving him props.  Anyway, Tom continues to up his game, getting gnarlier and gnarlier on the rails and gaps.  As usual, watch out for switch stuff from him.  It'd be sick to see him take a whole year or more to film a part.

Reece Doezema

This kid rides with Kaaden Bewley and kills it.  So many ridiculous tricks in here.  Last two tricks were so perfect that I can't even.  Not only that but he is still so young too.  Watch out for him in the future.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Brian Chavez Sky High Video

You first saw him shredding his local, now check Brian ripping the streets.  He hit downtown Chicago for this was well as some hometown spots, so you know there's some good stuff.  Three down heel the grass gap was so right.  Another bang-up job by Squidia with the film and edit as well.  Brian is also now flow for Sky High.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sam Anderson backs Lumen

This was tight.  Lumen is a clothing brand with some up and comers, including Sam.  Based in Pittsburgh, Sam is also part of the crew who brought us Get to the Point, and they're making a sequel.  Loved all the fastplant stuff in here, fastplant wallie 3 might have been my favorite.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Vex Interview

Vex is making some serious moves, and one of them got everyone's attention recently, which was the announcement of the newest addition to their Team, Matt McKeen. I recently caught up with the guys from Vex to find out what the big deal is. Let's see what they had to say.

(James Bull slaying the Botanical Gardens Rail)

IS: What's going on guys, first off, tell me a little bit about the people behind the Vex Brand?

FLEA: Well, VEX Brand is run by myself (Chris, but everyone callse me Flea) and Angus Russell. Our team includes James Bull, Ben Duncan, Kane Hunt, Zak Frazer and Jeremy Petropoulos, and as you all saw, Matt McKeen.

(Jeremy Petropoulos with a Fingerwhip)

IS: Super stacked! Now I could have sworn I've heard of Vex before? But this was years I thinking of something else?

FLEA: Yeah, that would have been us. We've been around as a company since 2006. Back then we were doing one-piece bars. I'm pretty sure we were the first ones doing one-piece bars in Australia and I think second in the world. RAD was doing them just before us. Through time and circumstance we stopped doing bars and relaunched as an apparel company.

IS: That would explain that. So, as most people have seen on Inside, your logo is showcasing a shoe. When did you guys decide on making a shoe?

FLEA: The idea for a shoe has been in my mind for ages. Maybe five years or so. We decided to actually go after the dream about two years ago and have been working on the VT1 since then. I originally saw a gap in the market because there were no scooter specific shoes but since then that gap has been somewhat filled. We believe we can improve on the current scooter shoes available.

IS: Awesome man, So break it down, what makes this shoe different from other shoes in the skating or even scootering industry?

FLEA: We have been testing our shoes for a fair while. We went through a couple designs that weren't up to our standard so we scrapped them and went back to the drawing board. Our R&D has been very thorough. We approached the whole thing with a view to functionality and style. We want something that you're not going to be shy about wearing in public but also performs well and stands up to the punishment that you are going to throw at it while riding.

IS:  That's good to hear man. So, we're based in the US, will people be able to get their hands on them over here, or is this an AUS only thing?

FLEA: For sure. We have TGE distributing them in the U.S. So if your local shop doesn't have them get them to call TGE and they'll hook it up. We also have distribution throughout Europe and the UK via Greenover (UK), NextWheelsDistribution / 9Transport (Spain) and Centrano (the rest of Europe).

IS:  Damn, you guys are going hard! What colorways will be available when they launch?

FLEA: We'll have them in black, navy and red for a start. We’ve released photos of the black and navy models before, but not the red. So here it is!

                              (Vex VT1 in Red)

IS: Looking good man! So, speaking of launch...when can we expect these bad boys to drop?

FLEA: We’re looking at a June drop worldwide.

IS:  And I KNOW ISB will be getting that homie hook up! Right?! Well, I appreciate you guys taking the time to sit down with us and give everyone some more info on the upcoming shoes. Stoked to check em out when they release! Any last words, or shout outs, let em go now!


FLEA: No worries man.

Keep your eyes peeled for some new vids dropping on our
YouTube channel, and if you want more details on the shoe, head to

Shout outs to Gus for putting up with me, the whole team for shredding so hard, Ben our Videographer, our distro dudes, the scooter community and IS for the interview!

Thanks again!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Zak does it for Vex, and here's some clips to promote their new shoes.  Feeble smith briflip was real nice and there are some pretty cool gap clips too.  Solid riding.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scooter Garage: Scoot2Give Program Video

Well this is the first time I've seen a shop do something like this, on this kind of a level. Basically Scooter Garage, had kids donate their old parts that they don't want, and they built up some solid completes out of those parts, and donated them to less fortunate kids that couldn't otherwise afford them. Really awesome for them to do that. Enjoy the video below.

5Starr Memorial Day Sale

If you've been looking into grabbing some 5Starr product, now might be a good time to do that. They currently have free shipping on ALL orders. Check the Ad below for more details. You have a week from today to take advantage, get on it.

Kaaden Bewley Anaquda 2014

Anaquda just dropped some new footage of Kaaden, who is finally able to ride after a long, harsh Michigan winter.  This video has him riding his usual parks.  Line at 1:45 was my favorite.

Friday, May 16, 2014


This is so cool.  Collin and the boys were able to build some ramps and set em up in an empty warehouse right next to theirs and ride for a weekend.  They enlisted the help of BMX filmer Two Brake Tony and were able to produce this video.  He did an awesome job filming along with Tommy and Spencer.  I'm so bummed I wasn't there, looks too fun.

Elyts Welcome to HelLA

So for this trip, Elyts flew in Logan Fuller, Ben Jelinek, and Issac Miller to LA to film for a week with the usual Elyts crew.  As expected, this is a crazy heavy edit.  So many ridiculous moves from everyone.  Scootering is getting so gnarly.  RIP Hollywood High.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jake Hershey: I Do What I Can

You might not think that Jake can shred, mainly because half the time you see him, he has a mic in his hands, and is announcing another competition. But I remember seeing clips of Jake a year or so ago, and was pretty shocked that he can throw down like he does. He has some serious flow going on when he hits a park, and those Megaramp clips, Mmmm. Overall, one of the nicest, most genuine dudes in the sport today. Stoked to see him drop a full edit.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MATT MCKEEN | Welcome to VEX

Matt McKeen showin that he's still the king.  I didn't even realize he was going to be on Vex, what with him going on the Elyts trips and all.  Sick of Elyts to have him do that.  On another note, HD is sick and all, but this truly shows how good an SD video can be when filmed well.  Definitely took me back to the Philly Crew/Dream Team Supreme days.

Vex is off to a good start with this, I'd say.  Gonna be interesting seeing what their next move is.


Sadly I haven't even been able to sit down and watch this yet.  But, judging from reactions from people who have, and based on past videos from the Estonian crew who made this video, it is amazing.  Madis Kukk, Mikael Parman, Harley Harin, and Arco Aria have full parts, each with their own super awesome, unique style.  Get comfortable, grab a snack, and truly enjoy this one.

Edit:  After finally being able to watch the whole thing, I'm super psyched on it.  Everyone did some of the coolest tricks ever, both serious and non-serious.  Mikael's feeble combo to end all feeble combos, Madis's noseblunt hop in (if he had taken a foot off!), the list goes on.  Fantastic filming and editing too.  Super props to Madis for getting a harness and climbing a damn tree to get the angle on Mikael's ender.  That's dedication.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Stefan Hefner - Welcome to the Team (River Wheel Co)

A lot of people think of Stefan as primarily a street rider. Though I remember Stefan could kill park,  even I didn't expect him to throw down this hard. Stefan recently finished his Welcome to River Wheel Co edit, and it came out really sick. Just goes full speed with every thing, and I was stoked to see all the front scoot variations. Blasting gaps for days. Check it out


This was super cool.  The YesPlease crew out of New Zealand along with some bigger names out of Australia (Coedie Donovan, Kevin Austin, Royce King) and more are featured.  That back lip tho (you'll know which one I'm talking about when you see it).  This is kinda a little reminiscent of old Friendly tages'.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tommy Christiana Web Edit 2

Tommy decided to put it down for his Web Edit 2, and basically just threw bangers all over the place. Not going to lie, I don't even know what some of those park tricks were. But I did recognize some other madness, fingerwhip to fingerwhip down the 3 block, and double whip to smith to triple heel out definitely caught my eye. This is well worth the watch, stoked to see Tommy still killing it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

TSI | KC Corning Signature Sledge

KC is about as OG as it gets.  As such, he's been with TSI from their beginning.  He's got his own signature deck now, a 21.6x5 Sledge.  The thing is a beast, and so is KC.  The 5050s he does are super rad.  Makes me wanna go ride.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blake Clearihan - KOVU Part Spares

Now this was sick.  Blake Clearihan is another unknown rider out of Australia.  But don't let that fool you, he shreds.  His back lips on ledges are super good.  He kinda reminds me of Ian Herncjar.  This is all extras for a part he's having for KOVU crew so be on the lookout for that in the next month.  I'm hyped for it.

Lucky Scooters | Jared Jacobs l Lucky Atom Wheels Promo.

This is actually a really sick video.  Young Jared is a shredder and Damion Black kills it with the filming and editing.  I don't know much about the wheels but it looks like Jared certainly puts them through their paces.   Good stuff.

Jon Reyes - GTS Clothing

GTS is a clothing sponsor Jon has picked up recently and he went out and got a few clips for them.  First clip is possibly the longest nose manual ever, and then the video goes into some ridiculous flat combos.  So clean and dialed, like always with Jon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Vault Pro Scooters Welcomes Ryan Upchurch!

This is Ryan's Welcome to the Vault Pro Scooters video.  For a video filmed in one session, this one has a lot of really cool clips.  Boardslide to wallride, 360 tooth bonk to whip, the minipipe stuff...all of it was rad.

Michael Mankong | Skeleton Grip Promo

It's true, the man, the myth, the Youtube commenter Michael Mankong does ride scooters.  He rides officially for Skeleton grip, Steve Fales' new grip company.  Front board was hella gnar bro.  Also, dope shoes.

EDIT:  Calm down, I was kidding.  Mike also shoots a lot of photos of a lot of pro riders and gets hooked up for sending them into their sponsors.  It's like you guys only read what I say so you can take offense.  The internet is serious business.

Flavor Awakening - Danny Roberts

Danny is a perfect fit for Flavor.  He's been killing it in the streets of the UK for a good while now and looks great doing it on a Flavor setup.  His welcome video is awesome.  That first line had the sickest doublewhip catch ever in it.

Envy/Blunt South African Tour 2014 - Ja Well No Fine

We know that a while back Envy and Blunt Europe got some of their riders together and got em out to South Africa, and we've seen some footage here and there, but this is the edit we were all waiting for. Just all four dudes going hard. So stoked that these guys got that opportunity to head out there and show them what our sport is all about. Great job on the editing as well by Luca Thiebault. Enjoy

Monday, May 5, 2014

Upcoming ISA Qualifier Competitions

If you're a competition rider, you probably want to know about these comps coming up by the ISA. For more information, check out the below flyers.

Josh Brown 2014

Josh the Heavy Hitter Brown. It's been a while since we've seen any footage from Josh, but this edit makes up for that. Clearly Josh hasn't slowed down at all since joining up with Anaquda. Anaquda is still trying to establish itself here in the US, but their Team is really talented, and hopefully that helps them out. Josh sticks to his roots here, gnarly tricks down sets, and rail combos. Check it out.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lavish Scootering || Month of March

Dan and Ryan are two of the most talented riders in the world.  Traveling to places like San Diego, Spain, Andorra, the East Coast, as well as their current place of residence Portland, these guys came up with this video.  Ryan's ice up and across the hubba was too sick.  His front board whip lip was super sick too.  And Dan just does everything perfectly.