Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bobby Rivas Practice Makes Perfect

I feel like every time I watch one of Bobby's videos, I am still confused if I liked it or not. He hucks some big tricks, but then there will be some fly out. There will be a banger, followed by a clip that should or should not have been in there. But overall, his videos are pretty fun to watch. Fuzion has been a hit or miss company since it started out in the sport, but they are still continuing to try and make better products. We'll see what they have for the future.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Dan Barrett 2014

Christmas came early for anyone who is a fan of tech riding, and Dan Barrett. This is hands down Dan's best edit to date. He put serious work into all of these clips, and it shows. Some of the best tech riding I've seen in a very long time. This is one that will be rewatched over and over. Check it out below.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Flipside Ridehouse Product Updates and Sales

Flipside hit us with an update for all of you guys, with some new products, and some solid looking sales for the Holidays. Check out their post below.

"Flipside is pleased to announce the arrival of the all new 2015 Envy and Fasen completes...all models and colors are currently in stock.  The Colt is the new entry level complete from Envy and it's loaded with features for the killer price of $159.99. The Prodigy has been upgraded with a new fork and wheels with a price of $209.99.  In our opinion, the true standouts are the Envy KOS and Fasen Raven which are now easily the best values in the industry...KOS is $269.99...Raven $259.99.  The KOS also has 120MM wheels!  Envy Colt and Prodigy completes weigh in at an incredibly light 7.5 lbs, KOS is 8.1 lbs and the Raven is a crazy, feather light 7.0 lbs.  One other thing...the Prodigy, KOS and Raven are all 125MM wheel compatible (The Colt is as well but will require a new brake).  
No need to wait until Friday...Flipside's "Black November" sale starts now and ends Monday December 1st at midnight!!  2015 Envy and Fasen completes will be 10% off...price will be marked down on the website.  But...EVERYTHING else in the store will be 20% off...EVERYTHING!!  ALL 2014 completes, ALL decks, ALL bars, ALL components, ALL brands...even EVERYTHING in the Bargain Basement!!  Plus free shipping on all completes and all PROTO and River wheels...Continental U.S. shipments only.  Use coupon code BLKNOV2014 at check out.  Good while current supplies last.

*We still have a decent selection of USA made Phoenix parts which are getting harder and harder to find.  Look on the site for the items with -USA.
Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fun N Eazy // Hunter Treviranus

The next part from the Freestyle Depot video is from Hunter Treviranus.  Really dug all the fullwhip combos he threw down.  That trick is always cool looking.  Some spot on front hurricanes as well.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Freestyle Depot- Fun N Eazy: Intro + Austin Smith

Here it is, the first part to drop from Freestyle Depot's full-length.  Austin starts it off strong, with a smooth, effortless style accompanied by a tune to match. Rad part, can't wait for more.

Freestyle Depot Full Length Fun N Eazy Premiere

Freestyle Depot has been providing customers with the best service and products in Southern California for a while now, and during their time they put together a stacked Team of top So Cal talent. On Monday, they will be releasing their full length video online, one part at a time, and you guys will be able to catch them all here on Inside Scooters. Check out the flyer below for more information, and be back here later tonight to check out the first section!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flavor Awakening Deck Review by Gryndo Scooters

Casey DeHaven of Gryndo Scooters recently got his hands on the Flavor Awakening Deck, and he made a review for Gryndo. Check it out below.

I’ve been an avid supporter of Kevin Demay and his scooter deck designs ever since his original Ethic and Addict parts were released. I’ve always loved the way Kevin designs his parts, and the heart he puts into it. It seems like every deck he designs builds off the last. The Addict deck definitely had a couple of problems - no flat bottom, no flat sides, was a little weak; and the brake system was cool but also odd. The Ethic deck built off the Addict: fixing the brake issue, becoming more solid while maintaining the lightweight feel, and also incorporating some cool new graphics and designs. Now Kevin Demay has developed the Flavor Awakening Deck, which I believe is the essence of perfection from Mr. Demay.
Flavor Awakening Scooter Deck Raw
Flavor Awakening Deck Specs: 21.25"/20.5" x 4.5", Integrated, Flat Sides, Flat Bottom, Flex Fender Brake
Price: $149.99
Color Options: Black, Blue, Raw
Everything about the Flavor Awakening scooter deck is perfect (and even more so in the V2 model, which solves some of the strength issues the original had). It is lightweight while feeling supremely solid. It has a flat bottom, flat sides, integrated headtube, super sleek design, awesome graphics, noseblunt plate, and a killer brake system that is easy to dial.
Overall I'd say the Awakening deck will work for any type of rider. If you’re a bit shorter get the 20.5" long deck. Like bigger decks or are a bit taller? Get the 21.25" and you’re set. This Flavor deck has it all, whether you're a park rider, a street rider, or just a mellow rider. It looks good, rides good, and feels good. To me that sounds pretty rad, and I’m loving every moment I spend riding this bad boy. The Awakening V2 Deck from Flavor - check it out now!
- Casey

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Florida Ride Parktage

Florida Ride's filmer, Olivia Monks, recently made the switch to SD and took the time to film this parktage of the boys.  Jona and the crew are always killing it, transplant TomK even comes through with a couple clips.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Welcome to VEX | Issac Miller

Issac is at it again, this time getting picked up by Vex and filming this video for them.  Issac's one of the few people using TSI decks to their full potential, with all the 5050 variations.  You know this is what you wanna be watching so stop reading this and press play.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Get 2 The Point

The second little full-length out of Pittsburgh just dropped.  Sam Anderson, Michael Hohmann, Austin Eshenbaugh, and friends did an awesome job with this.  I got to ride PGH this summer and let me tell you, those spots are no joke.  That town might be the crustiest town I've ever visited.  Riding was awesome, music was good, filming was on point as well.  I'd never recommend the fisheye zooming, but somehow they made it work.  So props to whoever is the main filmer in the crew, he killed it.

Ethic DTC CHINA Trip

Each Ethic trip video has been absolutely insane and this one is no different.  Ethic lost Ralph 'Monky" McMoran earlier this year/last year but replaced him with two different but amazing riders, JD and Maxime Legrand.  They wreak havoc on the marble wonderland that is China, throwing huge nose manuals, high speed lines, and grind combos out of a Tony Hawk game.  That fakie feeble is something most people would only dream about doing.  Don't miss this one.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ADVCT l Woodward West

James Gee, Zack Martin, and some homies are all featured in this video from ADVCT at Woodward.  Zack continues to murder the rail game and everyone comes through with some good clips.  This is also a good ad for the hip hop horn app (one of the best apps).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the almanac #31

The BusBoiz get footy.  Dylan's latest installment features a foray into the flatland scene, a goat, and lots of scootering.

Nate Gendron

This was dope.  Based out of the NorthEast, Nate filmed this video with the help of crews like the Basic Bunch, Bamboozle Crew, and even Florida Ride.  He ride some spots that most people would probably back out of due to the sketchy, awkwardness, which reveals his willingness to ride anything put in front of him.

Issac Miller B Sides

This could have easily been 30+ minutes if bails were included...don't know why there weren't any because Issac has the best bails.  Regardless, stacking 10 minutes of footage is no easy feat for the average person, but Issac is not what you'd call average.  This is all the used/unused footage from Issac's part in The Tilt Video.

Monday, November 10, 2014

On the Road with MGP UK

It seems like MGP UK is constantly on the road, hitting up contests, demos, or just hanging out with other riders. ISB hasn't posted these before, but we will be staying on top of it now. The "On the Road" edits from MGP UK are packed full of riding, behind the scenes footage, outtakes, and more. It's just good fun. Some bangers go down in Episode 7, and it's awesome to still see Terry out there killing it.

Jake Clark New and Old

Jake Clark is one of the few riders who jams a million tricks into one air, and still manages to make it look good. Which unfortunately, most riders can't do the same. This is a short mix of Jakes old and new footage, and as always there are some tricks in there that will have you shaking your head. Check it out.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Clayton Lindley Full Part

This is the 5Starr Part that I've been waiting for, and it comes from Clayton Lindley. The difference between Clayton, and some of the other riders on 5Starr, is that Clayton seems to  be able to ride virtually anything. I personally enjoy watching videos with park and street, it just shows more versatility. Clayton did a hell of a job, and the banger at Wallenberg was too good. This is one I'll be watching again a few times.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Cameron Poe and Nate joined forces to put this little video out.  I haven't seen much of young Nate before but he definitely seems to be a shredder.  And Cameron of course is always progressing.  That bump jump through the trees was too rad.  I don't need to mention the table stuff either.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Todd Duff Remix

Didn't have time to get this up yesterday for 5Starr Friday, but we have it for you now. This week Todd Duff dropped his part, and after seeing all these videos, the 5Starr Team kind of reminds me of the OG Lucky team. A bunch of cool dudes, who love riding street. Olivia Monks was one of the filmers for this, and she took care of the editing, so you already know it's on point. Check it out.