Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Friendly recently started making their own griptape, and filmed this super slick park sesh to promote it. The park looks amazing, and these guys do it justice. Jon's transition riding is getting out of this world and Kevin's always had a superhuman ability to land tricks. Support these lads by purchasing a sheet today.

Friday, August 12, 2016

SR Exclusive: Speak Easy | Speak Apparel Full Length

Earlier this week, clothing brand Speak Apparel dropped their 2nd full length video "Speak Easy" exclusively on SR. The Speak crew is full of underrated talent, but with this 2nd installation it's gonna be harder for these dudes to remain unnoticed. The video held my attention from start to finish, opening up with a fantastic part from Nate Gendron (did he just feeble a roof?), with the insane Brian Griffin closing it out. The friends section was pretty stacked too, I'm pretty sure there were clips of the infamous James Brady still killing it. These dude should be proud of their work, congrats to em for a great release!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Blake Bailor Signature Wheel Promo

I was hyped from the very first clip of this. Who briflips over a bump to bar? Blake Bailor does. Blake footy always catches me off guard because I figure he's off doing dad/beer/caps lock things, but the dude is still putting in work. His 270 back lips are some of my favorite to see. Buy his sig wheels and support the homie!

Tommy Christiana | Web Edit 2016

Tommy is the undisputed flat king, but that doesn't mean he can't hang with the best in the parks. He's able to throw down seemingly any trick he wants. Those 360 combos to fakie were out of this world. This one was filmed over a Europe trip as well as back on the East Coast, crazy footage for only a couple months' worth of filming.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Seeing a video from Erik Karl in my subscriptions is the best way to start off a Monday. Last time I posted a video from this crew I expressed my hype at the filming and editing. Some people weren't into it, and that's fine. But I stand by that sentiment, this dude is experimenting and putting a fresh spin on scooter cinematography. The noseblunt whip at 1:00 was shot perfectly. The scootering is enjoyable too, these boys are progressing and it's definitely fun to watch. Scooter videos don't have to have the most insane tricks to be good. Using the most of your ability creatively, that's what counts.

BSB - BluntScooterBowl

Blunt Scooters recently put on an awesome bowl jam in Nimes, France that drew riders from all over Europe and even some Americans. With such a good looking bowl, and the riders in attendance, some amazing riding was bound to go down. Cam Ward ended up taking the W and Charles Padel won the BSB helmet for best trick. Props to Blunt for putting together a cool event, hope to see more of this in the future!

Edy Fl├╝ckiger - Welcome to Fasen Europe

Swiss rider Edy Fluckiger is the most recent addition to Fasen's Euro squad. Edy has a tech heavy style but can also hit the big quarter and box tricks. He seems to be able to throw any trick he wants too off any rail or box. Love seeing those front scooterflips. The street lines filmed long lens felt kinda strange though, gotta throw a fisheye on for those shots!