Monday, June 30, 2014

Ryan Williams Worlds First Frontflip to Backboard

Ryan Williams might not have time to hit up many competitions, but when he does, he makes his mark. Surely you all remember his insane gap to back board? Well, this time he decided to throw a frontflip to back board...yeah, just click play.

Ryan Gould 2014 Update Ep 1

Ryan Gould made a name for himself in 2012, and his 2012 Street Edit is still sitting at the top of plenty of riders "favorite edits" lists. Fastforward two years later, and Ryan and Cody Groom are back at it, filming for another banger packed edit. These update episodes are going to keep dropping until the full edit is here, and you can find em all here when they drop. For now, peep Ep 1.

5Starr Scooters Instagram Give Away Video

5Starr Scooters is getting ready to drop a few new products any day now, and is doing an Instagram giveaway to get you hyped. The winner will receive one of the much anticipated, new Theory decks and an official 5Starr "California Dreamin" tour t-shirt. 

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Florida Ride Video

Here it is, the long awaited Florida Ride Video.  This is a full-length, video filmed and edited by Olivia Monks, featuring a crew of riders from Florida.  It's so awesome to see a crew of mostly unsponsored riders coming together to make a full-length.  It's even better when that crew is as good as these guys are.  You already know a few of the riders (Jona Humbel, Michael Hohmann, Todd Duff) but there are some younger up and comers as well (Chandler Marshall,  Marcus Davis, Brian Noyes, Frankie Hammer, and Joe Calzon).

Like I said,  the riding is awesome.  Rails, gaps, lines, ledge tech, these guys are all super rounded.  Jona's part was probably my favorite, his ender is one of the craziest rail tricks ever done for sure.  Michael always has some super unique and gnarly tricks.  The filming was top notch for a scooter video as well.  Wasn't feeling a couple of the earlier song choices but overall editing was rad too.  Props to all these guys for their hard work, it definitely paid off.

Welcome to VEX | Tobias Mayer

The Austrian shredder Tobias Mayer was recently added to the Vex team, following up Matt McKeen's introduction.  There are some gnarly clips in this for sure.  Lines were all super rad and that one boardslide popover was heavyy.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blunt x Phoenix in Barcelona #4

It's just insane how good these guys are.  For the fourth video of their European tour, the Blunt and Phoenix dudes ride Barcelona.  Putting some of the best riders in the world in the street mecca makes for some really crazy footage.  I've been waiting for that last nose manual to be done for so long.  So nuts.

DISSIDENCE STREET JAM V5- Official Rootsboy Edit

It's crazy how each year the Paris Dissidence street jam gets heavier and heavier.  This one has so many riders throwing down, some known and some unknown.  In the end it was Enzo Commeau walking away with the big prize of $2000.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Scooter Jam 14 This Weekend!

Updated flier for the Scooter Jam 14 Competition down in SD! Todd Grady made it down all the way from England to announce the comp, pretty tight. Check out the flier below, and make sure to get down to the park tomorrow if you are in the area!

THE TILT VIDEO - Issac Miller

Forget the Instagram clips and Facebook videos, this is the real deal folks. Two years of hard work and dedication culminated into this banger of a part. Sit back and watch Issac destroy the streets.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Madd Gear Flat SCOOT Game's 3 and 4

Been waiting to see Chunky vs DaSilva for some time now. Collin is a killer in the parks, but if you know Chunky, you know that he is a murderer at the flat game. I still personally have my money on Chunky to win this whole thing. Check out the game below.

Next up we have Game number 4. A couple of lesser known riders from the So Cal area threw down in a pretty good game. But Andy has some crazy tricks on flat, and I think it took Cameron a little bit off guard.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

COPENHAGEN Phoenix X Blunt Euro Tour Edit #3

The dudes arrived in Copenhagen and the destruction continued. I felt bad for that poor green curved ledge at the beginning, it had to be put down at the end, because it was literally killed. The competition footage was bangin, Flavio is a monster. And I love how as each new edit drops, Jessee's injury heals more and more, which equals to him riding harder and harder. Honestly, you just gotta watch the edit to attempt to comprehend how good these guys are.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Say what you want about Parrish, you can't deny he has one of the most unique styles on a scooter.  The switch tricks, the hard 180s, the questionable filming, it's all in there.  Ceremony is comin up, be on the lookout (125s!)

Friday, June 20, 2014

The TILT Video- Intro

The TILT Video is finally dropping online, and the first part was uploaded at midnight last night.  This one is the intro.  These guys all worked amazingly hard on this DVD so definitely be sure to watch.  Every week a new part will drop from the video. Check back each Friday at midnight (late Thursday night) to be one of the first to see the parts.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

JERSEY IS DIRTY ft Kyle Tolentino

Man, one thing you never need to worry about with Kyle? Slow clips. This dude goes mach 10 on everything. Mixes it up with some clips in the park, and clips in the streets, and with his aggressive style, it all ends up looking good. I was digging that fat 180 whip over that flat gap, and this dude jumps over the hood of a car at the end.... so yeah. Anaquda on the come up.

Madd Gear Flat SCOOT Game 2 : Jeremy Beau vs Derek Seay

Was stoked to see Derek Seay get into the flat SCOOT game thing that MGP is doing right now. Jeremy Beau won the last flat scoot competition that MGP had, a lot of people think he will take this one too. Check out the game below.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5Starr Tour from So Cal to Nor Cal

5Starr is hitting the road soon, and they might be coming to a shop or skatepark near you! This is also going to be the launch of their new, Ethos Complete Scooter, and the Theory Street deck! So make it out to a tour stop if you can, below are the tour dates.

Madd Gear Flat Scoot Game 1: Matt Devlin vs Jake Carter

This is the first of many Flat SCOOT Games from Madd Gear. These are two riders that I wasn't familiar with, but they still put on a pretty good game. Keep checking back to see more. For the record, my money is on Chunky to win the whole thing. If Gus Rymer hadn't broken his hand, it woulda been all Gus, haha.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blunt x Phoenix in Berlin #2

Don't even think, just click. Because you know what to expect with these guys already. Tech madness, tic tac combos for days, and bangers non stop. Jessee, Tyler, and Cooper were all sent from the US by the companies they ride for, and I have to think, that this is what all company owners wish they had. A group of guys that they can send somewhere, and they know, without a doubt, they are going to get some solid ass edits out of the trip. Props to my dudes, and to Pol, Charles, and Flavio. Everyone killed it in this edit.

Editing and Filming: Roots Boy Production

Kenny Griffin Welcome to Anaquda

It shocked just about everyone when Kenny Griffin made the switch from Lucky, to Anaquda. They are still in the process of establishing themselves here in the US, and Kenny is going to help them in that department for sure. This edit is proof of that. Might in fact be my new favorite Kenny Griffin edit, and that's saying something considering he has never dropped a bad edit. Full speed on everything, and.. that banger. Solid job on the filming and editing by Damion Black as always.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Josh Smukal Full Part

Scooter Resource just dropped this full part from Josh Smukal.  Yung Smuks has been working his way up in the scooter world for some time now, and today it is clear that he shreds.  Despite being unsponsored, he was able to come up with a ton of gnarly clips.  There's also an interview to go along with the video that Dylan did, so check it out here.

Hell of a Ride: Ryan Myers

I'll just say it first, no he doesn't have the best style in the world, but that didn't stop me from really enjoying this edit from Ryan Myers. Ryan hails from the Bay and is one of the riders out here that is constantly progressing. There are so many unexpected bangers in here, Fakie whip rewind was really tight, and that last clip was really good. Check it out below.

George von Klan for Grit USA

George was announced as a new rider for Grit USA not too long ago, and he recently finished his Welcome edit. George is reps the Bay and I hope he starts getting Grit some positive recognition with his street riding. Such a smooth rider, actually has a pretty big bag of tricks, and really fun to ride with. Have to say, I was bummed at no Ice Cream Man at the end of this edit.. but there's always hoping for next time.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Wise Video Teaser

The Wise Video is a full-length already released by the Wise crew, which consists of Martin AndrĂ©, Travis House, Balthazar Neveu, Alexis Cuvillier, Jules Couderc, Antoine Delcampe and Arthur Blond.  They spent some serious time filming for this (2 years) so you should definitely support these guys and buy a copy.  Hit up to get the download for only five bucks.  I myself am downloading it right now.


Dylan Kasson was in the Chicago area recently and in between street filming missions, filmed this video with Satori teammate Kirk Svensson.  Don't miss that nollie three.

Kaaden Bewley Local Steez

First off, sorry about my lack of posts recently, I've had a change in living situations and have been without Internet access.

Here we have Kaaden with some clips at his local, killing it like usual.  Manny whip feeble 180 caught me by surprise, that clip was dope.  Wasn't expecting the whip at all.

Scooter Garage 11 States in 11 Days Cross Country Tour

I didn't expect this, but Scooter Garage is going on a Country wide tour, and it's kicking off soon. They will be hitting up the following City/States: Chicago/Illinois, Benton Harbor/Michigan, Indianapolis/Indiana, Louisville/Kentucky , Nashville and Memphis /Tennessee, Little Rock/Arkansas, Oklahoma City /Oklahoma, Amarillo/Texas, Santa Fe /New Mexico, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu /Arizona and then back to the lovely La Jolla,California. At each stop there will be give aways, and raffles, and it is definitely going to be a good time.

Follow them on Instagram at, @scootergarage for more udpates.

Lucky Scooters Lil Jon KTR Sesh

Damn, seems like forever since we've seen any Lil Jon footage. The below edit isn't very long, but as always Lil Jon comes through with some good stuff. That last clip tho.. Miss seeing edits from this guy, hopefully he's working on something. Check it

Filmed and Edited by Austin Corbett

Friday, June 6, 2014

Blunt x Phoenix in Paris #1 by Roots Boy Prod

I don't even need to try and sell this video. We all know Coop, Tyler, and Jessee were recently in Europe for what seemed like 6 months, and you know they were stacking clips. Enough clips that this edit has a #1 in front it, so I'm assuming in the near future we will be seeing a few more. And that's a good thing because they really threw down in this one. Despite Jessee being injured, he still killed it. Coop and Tyler go hard, and Flavio, Charles, and Pol have some banger clips as well. Check it out.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Wise Video, Now available online for only 5 bucks

The Wise Video was one of the most highly anticipated videos up to it's release. The Team is so stacked that you couldn't ignore a full length featuring all of these guys. Show these guys some support today, or this weekend, and watch The Wise Video. Word on the street is Travis House kills it like no other.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scooter Jam 14 Competition

You guys ready to Jam?! (wow can't believe I just said that) Well, on June 28th and 29th, in San Diego there is going to be a pretty big contest going on. 6,000 dollar Pro Purse will be up for grabs, and the competition is taking place at Clairemont, so I know there will be some heavy hitters showing up to snatch that cash. There were three pro riders that were invited to compete, and it was released earlier today that those riders are, Jeremy Mallott (MaddGear), Vincent Kudrna (Fasen), and Dakota Shuetz (Lucky). Hell, I'd be down to just watch those three go at it. Throw in some of the ridiculous SD locals, and you have a pretty good competition. It will be like... an SD Comp! With good weather! and no lag! Which means we might even get the see the competition end when the sun is still up!   JK.

For more information check out the fliers below.

Jon deVrind "Don't Sweat the Technique"

I don't think it's possible to not enjoy a Jon D video. The dude rides so smooth it's almost annoying. At first I wasn't sure about his move to Crisp, but his riding is continuing to improve, so I guess it's proving to be a good fit. Jon has one of the best tech/tictac styles in the game, that it's easy to forget that he is also the same rider that threw down probably the biggest 360 whip I've ever seen (Seattle Street Jam). Peep the edit.