About Us

At Inside Scooters, we are more passionate about the sport than anything else.  We sleep, eat, and breath scooters, and it shows in the quality of our writing.  Since its inception, Inside has been the number 1 benchmark when evaluating the quality of a video.  Simply put, if you've made it on IS, you've made it in the sport.  We pride ourselves on having the most professional, top quality content featured, as well as being able to pick out unknown, up and coming riders.  We also strive for strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our advertisers, without whom none of this would be possible.  Inside has been here since 2008, and as long as there are shredders out there burnin' urethane and grindin' aluminum, we will be here to stay.

Jordan Jasa
I, Jordan Jasa, have been riding since 2006.  I soon found Scooter Resource and became a moderator in 2008.  I've always enjoyed reading interviews and other things found in skate and BMX magazines, and SR didn't provide that, so I eventually got the idea of starting a scooter blog, in which to post videos and interviews.  I made a couple attempts that never really went anywhere, but in December 2008, I made the Inside Scooters blogger site.  It wasn't until January that I started posting, and soon after that I asked Steven Tongson to help write articles.  Today, with the help of Inside's success, I am attending college at the University of Dubuque and am set to graduate in 2014.

Steven Tongson
I'm Steven Tongson, been in the sport since 2001. I don't ride scooters much anymore, and instead focus all my time in the sport to the companies I work for, and of course Inside-Scooters. I have always loved writing, and when Jordan approached me shortly after he started IS, I was down 100% to help him run IS and write for it. As IS grew so did our responsibilities, I now handle a lot of the writing, and also handle all of our Advertising companies on IS. I have no plans of leaving the sport anytime soon, and I will be a part of Inside-Scooters for as long as there is, an Inside-Scooters.