Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anthony "Twan" Bustos Signature "NAWT" Bars

Yep, Twan has his own signature bars from ScooterZone. These things are one of a kind and look pretty awesome. Check out some pictures below.

You want em? Go get em! ScooterZone

MaddGear's Ryan Williams....Catch him if you can..

Ryan Williams continues to pull away from the rest of the sport, by landing 3 "First evers" in the sport of scootering.

360 backflip tuck no hander.
Backflip Front bri flip
and 360 Frontflip

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Josh Young New Edit

Gettin it done for Tilt. Josh has black man no games! Also features some clips from Jonah Reenders, Jeff Rickfielder, and Steve Heyboer. Super sick ice pick at the end too.

Tempe Demo Pics

About a week an a half ago there was a demo at a park down in Tempe, Arizona. Photographer Shelby Grimnes went and got some sick shots, featuring Raymond Warner, Twan, and Sean Cardwell. Check itt:

Be sure to check out more pics on Shelby's Flickers, here and here.
Thanks again Shelby!

Addict Riders Matt McKeen and Alex Peasley Super 60

Yep...two more Addict riders made another Super 60. This time it's a couple of street bosses...Matt McKeen and Alex Peasley. Recently Alex and Matt have been in Europe filming for the Addict "So What" Video...which is to be released in the future. They decided that while down there, they would do a Super 60. Check it out below, and click the link below to see fellow Addict Riders Maxime Legrand and Jean Yves Randriambelson's Super 60.

Jandiv and Maxime Super 60

Addict Team Shredders Alex Peasley and Matt McKeen Super 60 for Inside Scooters from Addict Scootering on Vimeo.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Inside Scooters Super 60.

It all started as an idea from a long passed msn conversation between myself, and Jordan Jasa. We bounced this idea off many, many people, some supporting it heart and soul, some being majorly skeptical about the amount of people who would be interested in watching, filming or participating in this exclusive series.

As the series of video's has progressed, and names such as Jackson Manzie (First Super 60), Chris Gascoigne, Josh Toy, Monky Mcmoran and Javi Trepat (From Barcelona, Spain) have released ground-breaking tricks, stylish flow and often some token buzzer-beating finishes (Josh Toy's super 60) all crammed into 3600 seconds of pure bliss, although i'm not sure the rider could say the same. Participants have described the super 60 as one of the most physically demanding experiences they've been through, bar none.

All this in account, the Inside Scooter's "Super 60" was intended to be an exclusive video, portraying the riders we offer to participate, or simply could not refuse to watch throw down for 60 minutes.
We would like to take back this aspect of the Super 60, re-creating the "invite-only" nature of this feature video.

Some interesting facts about the Inside Scooters Super 60.

-21 people have been involved in the making of super 60's.

-Of the 19 hours of riding that has comprised the super 60 series, we've been blessed with 66 minutes, 11 seconds of glorious riding.

-Collectively, the super 60 series has been viewed a grand total of 32551 times.

We don't want this to deter people from wanting to take the challenge of the "Super 60", no sir. We at Inside love our Super 60s deeply, and wouldn't trade them for the world.

So if you'd like to participate, don't hesitate to send us an email at, or we'll get in contact with you personally, offering this opportunity to you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sponsor Me Please!!!

“How do I get sponsored?” It’s one of the most common questions in the sport of scootering. We hear it all over the place. Whether you are a Pro rider and are being asked by a fellow rider at a park. Or if you’re on your favorite forum and see the question popping up in threads. It seems like a huge majority of riders today are focused on one thing and one thing only, How to get sponsored.

But what happens once you finally get that sponsorship? I think there are mainly two kinds of people who try to get sponsored. The most dominant would be the rider who is looking to get free stuff, and not have to pay for a certain part or product anymore. The other is a rider who truly appreciates the product that the certain company makes, and wants to get free stuff, but more importantly, wants to represent that company to the best of his or her ability.

What I think most people fail to realize about sponsorships is that it is a two way relationship between the sponsored rider and the sponsoring company. A sponsoring company that cares about its riders will take care of them. When they need something, that company will do their best to get it to them. The company will support their rider as best they can. Now in return, the sponsored rider has to also do his part. Which is what most sponsored riders seem to forget. A lot of riders that got a sponsorship figure, “Hey, I’m sponsored now…I get to ask for free stuff whenever I want” And they basically figure they’re living the life. What they don’t understand is that while their sponsoring company is doing their job, that they too have a job to do. That job is represent that company. This can be done in a large variety of ways. If you use a forum, you can put your sponsoring companies logo/link in your signature. At skateparks you can take the time to represent your company by talking to beginner riders about the sport, and your sponsoring companies products. Most importantly, at competitions you ride your sponsoring companies products, and represent your company by wearing their T shirt.

The problem I see with most sponsored riders today, is that because our sport is growing so fast, and more and more companies are popping up, riders think it’s ok to gather up as many sponsors as possible…get free parts, and leave it at that, with little to no dedication or respect towards those companies. There have been numerous reports and incidents of sponsored riders selling their sponsor products to other riders behind their sponsors back. Which ends up showing a complete lack of respect to the company, and leaves that rider with a bad reputation and grim future when it comes to being picked up later by other companies.

There have also been a lot of reports of companies who have treated their own sponsored riders wrong. Companies will promise a rider a lot, and that rider will do it’s best to represent the company, and in return…gets little to nothing back. What I am trying to say here, to not just my fellow riders, but also to anyone that owns a company and is reading this, and has sponsored riders. Is that a sponsorship between a rider and a company, is always two sided. It is a relationship between the company and rider. If you can’t connect with your riders, and they are simply “there”…you are going to have problems. Change this by reaching out to your riders and getting to know them, and the same can be said with sponsored riders. Are you on a Team/Sponsored and know little to nothing about who sponsored you, or who makes the parts you ride? Well you have a mouth don’t you? You can email can’t you? Get to know your Sponsor! Ask questions, make suggestions, start a relationship or better yet a friendship.

With the sport growing the way it is, and companies constantly looking for new riders to represent and endorse them. People really need to open their eyes as to what being sponsored really means. There are companies out there right now like MaddGear, where as everyone at SD4 saw, are like a small family. This doesn’t have to be limited to just them. But in order for things to work out how they should, a lot of people need to step up and reach a new level of professionalism and maturity. So next time you ask the infamous question “How do I get sponsored?” Ask yourself another question right after. Do you even know what being sponsored means?

Written by Steven Tongson

Saturday, March 27, 2010

DSA Australia's Adam Rouse New Street Video

Adam Rouse, mostly known for his park riding and insane tricks like quint whipping spines and 180 whip front scooter flip to fakie scooter def. not a park only rider...And proves that yet again with another street video. Check it below.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jackson Manzie Web Edit

Soooo sick. Such nice style and originality, especially from an Aussie (no offense Aaron). That (tap?) bar manny 270 footjam to tiretap bar really did it for me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nate Wagoner: Super 60

One of my favorite riders from the NorthWest, Nate Wagoner. Such a clean rider, always lands everything super smooth. Check it.

Ben Grantham Day Edit.

This is such a legit edit for a day video.
Ass-slide over the hip was original as hell.
Song/edit are great too. You know, i didn't have plans for that song either.. *rolls eyes*

Tyler Bonner.

As soon as you hear the name, the word banger starts bouncing around the head.
This video is a perfect example of why.
That second clip is basically the cleanest front wheel trick i've ever seen.
And from what i can tell, this seems like throwaway. My lord are we in for a treat with this eagle video.

Time is Almost up for Eagle-Sport Australia

Though the applications are continuing to come in, time is winding down, and soon Eagle-Sport will have the hard task of going through over 40 Applications from riders all over Australia, to pick a new rider to represent Eagle-Sport. You can learn more about it in the links below.

Eagle-Sport Aus
Eagle-Sport Aus 2

Also below is the new current list of riders that have applied. Looks like Eagle has it's work cut out for them when it comes to choosing a new rider...

Adam Rouse
Jackson Manzie
Hayden O'Connor
Liam Anderson
Dylan Scholes
John Tanchak
Keegan Berg
Jaye Surace
Ryan Loveday
Jake Spencer
Nick Lisignoli
Warick "Wazza" Beynon
Craig Cambourne
Ben Duncan
Bastian Gray
Charlie Eldershaw
Jayden Oakes
Jamison Archer
Jordan Fletcher
Dylan Barnes
Joel Kane
Mitchell Ellis
Jehd Mcphail
Zach Stewart
Nic Macris
Jake Goodsir
Brendon Smith
Peter Davis
Luke Burland
Michael Palmer
Mike Kuck
Craig Davidson
Shaun Minchin
Jamie Williams
James Jagger
Ty Stevens
Jayden Brown
James Bull
Mitchell Kelly
Taylor Smith

Anyone else that lives in Australia still has time to get an email in before the choosing process begins. You have until the end of March. Below is the application, and the email to send it to.

How long you been riding:
Favorite Terrain:
Current Scooter Set up:
Best trick:
Why do you want to be on Eagle-Sport?:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ryan Upchurch.

History making right there. First legit 900 air...kid is out of control. HUGE props to him.

Nic Macris Quick Release

Australian rider Nic Macris recently finished a video...said he wasn't too happy with it, but wow, theres some ridiculous stuff in there. Its bit short but still pretty crazy. Nic is trying to get on Eagle with this video, best of luck to him.

S My SD4 Trip Videos

This is the first in as of now 6 little videos made by The Over Show of their trip to San Diego for the comp that went down at Clairemont YMCA Skatepark. This one shows the gang leaving their Norcal home and traveling down the coast. Be sure to check out the other chapters as well.

Stefan Hefner Super 60

Got a double dose of the S60's today, this one is with Socal shredder Stefan Hefner. Super sick style, and he gives a nice little speech at the end haha. Check it outt.

Erik Feenstra Super 60

Great combination of style and tech in this one, some of the best turndowns since James Barret. Give it a watch.
-Guest poster Jackson Manzie (legit)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adonnis Cooper

Beastin with some pegs on a rail. Ice to dub whaaat. Hes got that sketch yet boss style, reminds me of Bryant Walker...or it might just be that they're both black..haha.

Super 60 with: Jon Meadows

SkyHighScooter's rider Jon Meadows recently got a Super 60 for Inside-Scooters done. Check it out below.

Intro made by Sam Short.

Addict Rider Matt McKeen Interview from Barcelona

As Addict is continuing to be on the rise with much help from it's Team of some of the sports best riders...It is impossible to ignore that they also have the sports top street rider, Matt McKeen. I recently caught up with Matt while he was in Barcelona with the Addict Crew and got a short interview in with him. Also check out the exclusive pictures we got for Inside-Scooters of Matt in Barcelona.

Steven: Mr. Matt McKeen, How have you been dude?

Matt: I been aightt pretty busy with school but i major in film so its
chill, doing some riding whenever i can. Same old Same old.

Steven: It seems like you've always been sponsored or on Teams from places outside the USA, why do you think that is?

Matt: Well my moms from england so I went over there a lot growing up, thats
how i met martin and tery which helped me out getting on micro then I
met Johann and Kevin when i went to montreux for micro, chilled with
them Maxime and Jandiv the whole time and then ended up leaving micro
when they started french id, and then the same with addict after
french id fucked us over

Steven: So now you're on Addict, how do you feel about that? And how do you feel about Addict as a company?

Matt: Im so hyyped on it, we've been through a lot together so it feels more
like a family than a team. Everyones down to get gnarly, party, chill,
blazee, travel, pretty much anything. but as a company I expect big
things, addict is completely rider based so there open to anything I
say. they dont fake, if they say there gonna do something it's gonna
be done, everythings super legit. plus the whole vibe of addict is
what scootering needs, its all about having fun and getting gnarly.

Steven: In the last edit we saw of you, you had some clips of you on a shred sled. Should we be worried that you are going to move on to Skateboarding, much like old OG riders Mike Dies and Kevin Vannauker moved on to Bmx?

Matt: hahah naww ill always be a scooter duder, skateboarding's just mad
fun, i get a lot of my influence from skating. no one else really
rides where i live cept for a couple people so i skate with the homies
every now and then. im down for anything, you give me a bike or
blades, ill ride it. i think thats why i scooter, its like a mix of

Steven: So you're in Barcelona right now, what's got you out there?

Matt: On a little euro tour with Addict to film for So What, (another super
legit trip Addict promised) its been wild. Barcelona is huge, soo
many spots i cant even keep track of them all. But at the same time
its been kinda shitty, too many god damn thieves. I woke up the other
morning to hear that our car window was smashed in and my scooter plus
Sebastien's (our filmer) laptop was stolen, and then the first day i
was here Maxime and Kevin got their bags stolen out of the backseat of
the other car so they've been in the same clothes the whole trip ahah.
But we made up for it, lots of footy and pictures and good times
chillin in the streets till 4 in the morning.

Steven: What can we expect from Matt McKeen in the future?

Matt: Hmm probably another dream team part, and the part for the addict
video. gnarlier riding, bigger rails, unseen tricks, yeeeee.

Steven: Any last words dude?

Matt: boner.

There you have it guys...When you have Matt McKeen calling out "bigger rails" and "unseen tricks" I'd say that's a big reason to keep an eye out for future stuff from Matt. And you can see it all as soon as it drops here on Inside-Scooters. So for all your news and updates on Addict, and the rest of the sport. Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jordan Jasa - Winter video.

Just because he's a writer, doesn't mean he shouldn't be featured on here.
Watch this video and honestly tell me he isn't one of the top riders in the world.
Ridiculous tricks, confined spaces, combos for days.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KC Corning/Stan Smirnoff Video

Wowowowow...KC was straight up KILLING it. Check that tuck air...proof that an old dog can learn new tricks! Haha. Stan's 360 whip was so nice too.

Sky High St Paddys Day Sale

(Click for full picture)

Seems to me like the Week of the Retailer. With Moonwalk getting Proto in, and Sky High's sale.
These prices are ridiculous.
Get it while it's hot.

Sky High Online Store

Australians; start your paypal...

...on your marks, get set, drool!

Moonwalk Scooters - Proto Stockists

Should be on sale within the next 1-3 days, keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nate Grant Super 60

Nate Grant Super 60 from Nathan on Vimeo.

JJW's Nate Grant recently filmed for an hour in his driveway for a Super 60. Keep in mind he rides goofy normally. Nate definitely has fun with his riding and it shows here.

Day Video in France with Amateurs and Pros

This past weekend in France, two Pro Riders met up with three Amateur riders for a session. I think it's obvious that these amateurs were ready to throw down. Check out the day video, featuring the ever so popular Thomas "Bibito" Obadia.

Riders shown are


Thomas "Bibito" Obadia
Jeremy Lafranchi


Andreas Laroche Joubert (Eagle T Shirt)
Ullysse Mac Garry (Small crazy kid)
Maxime Plocharski (Not shown much)

Also just found out Andreas and Ullysse will be doing a Super 60 soon for Inside-Scooters, So keep checking back for that. Enjoy

QCS Plastic Pegs!

They're finally here.
Brought to you by the first company to bring out commercial scooter pegs, QCS have again left their mark as the first company to offer plastic pegs to the market.

An excerpt from the QCS website on the Plastic Pegs;

"-Made out of strong plastic for increased slipperyness
-Fully CNC machined out of a full block
-2 inches long, 1" diameter
-Designed with strength and performance in mind and slide extremely well on any ridable surface
-No modification to your scooter is necessary to install your pegs.
-Fits most types of forks: QCS, Senior, French ID, Lucky, Striker, stock razor, stock micro, stock JD Bug and many more.
-Compatible with most decks on the market
-By far the best sliding pegs in the industry!
-11,97$ CAD for one/ 23,97$ CAD a pair
-Includes all hardware necessary to ride your pegs!"

I've been riding these pegs for 2 months now, and can honestly say they're the best pegs to touch my scooter.

Go to QCS Pegs Page to order yours today.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Eagle-Sport Australia: 15 days left

As I've announced earlier this month, Eagle-Sport Australia is looking to add one person to the Eagle Team in Aus. The Team right now consists of Rory Coe, Jess Boland, and Coedie Donovan. So if you think you got what it takes, then copy the application below, and email it to the email listed below.

How long you been riding:
Favorite Terrain:
Current Scooter Set up:
Best trick:
Why do you want to be on Eagle-Sport?:

So far here are the names of the riders that have applied for the spot on Eagle-Sport Australia. Make sure to fill out the application if you live in Australia and get your name on that list. At the end of the month Eagle will be going through all of the riders and information you guys provided...and Eagle will email the person chosen, and we will announce it here on Inside-Scooters. Good luck to all that applied.

Adam Rouse
Jackson Manzie
Hayden O'Connor
Liam Anderson
Dylan Scholes
John Tanchak
Keegan Berg
Jaye Surace
Ryan Loveday
Jake Spencer
Nick Lisignoli
Warick "Wazza" Beynon
Craig Cambourne
Ben Duncan
Bastian Gray
Charlie Eldershaw
Jayden Oakes
Jamison Archer
Jordan Fletcher
Dylan Barnes
Joel Kane
Mitchell Ellis
Jehd Mcphail
Zach Stewart
Nic Macris
Jake Goodsir
and...Brendon Smith

So theres the list so far...It's pretty obvious Eagle-Sport will have it's hands full when it comes to choosing a new rider for Eagle-Sport Aus.

Sky High Update

Check it out, click the pics to see em in full size. Also don't forget that the District decks are still available for pre-order, and 4.5 Phoenix decks will be in stock this week.

Dominator Scooter Accessories Cambo Fork

DSA is well known for making some of the strongest forks in the sport, and with the new release of the Cambo fork, you can rest assured you're going to get the same DSA Strength and a great looking fork with options for compatibility.

The DSA Cambo fork gives you the option of switching between threaded or threadless .120 wall steel fork tubes. You also have the option of using an aluminum .125 wall threadless tube, for those of you who are looking for a lighter option. The fork tube screws onto the top of the forks, and has a set screw that keeps the steer tube in place after you have tightened it down. So if you are a rider who only rides threaded like a lot of riders can go ahead and buy the Cambo with a threaded fork tube, however since it is interchangeable, if at anytime you want to try threadless, you can make that change easily. Below are some pictures of the fork so you guys can get a better look. It comes both in black and natural aluminum, custom colors are also available upon request.

For more information and for other DSA Products, head over to

And for more news on DSA, and all news in the sport of scootering keep checking Inside-Scooters!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eagle-Sport AUS Team Rider Jessica Boland

New edit from Eagle-Sport rider Jessica Boland, looks like it might be a day video. Other sponsors are District and SkaterHQ. Check it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nick Strickler Flatland Edit

Nick Strickler Flatland Edit from Nick Strickler on Vimeo.

Just when I think I've seen it all, as far as flat on a scooter goes...I see this video. Nick Strickler first caught my eye when Brian Boston posted a clip of Nick doing a hitchhiker. This is true innovation, this is legit BMX style flatland on a scooter. Huge props to Nick, hes a pioneer for sure.

Footage from Hyphy Jam 09.

Filmed and edited by Andy Rhode. Some pretty sweet stuff in there, I've always wanted to go to one of these jams.

Super 60 with Josh Toy.

Watching this super 60, it's really nice to see an OG still progressing and pushing himself to learn new tricks. (I'm also a major sucker for mini-ramp riding, so that was a plus) Josh is now married and is still riding to the best of his ability, if that's not commitment to the sport, i don't know what is.
Keep shredding Josh.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Andrew Broussard Bites the Big One.

This pretty much confirms what we all thought went down a few weeks ago, when a thread popped up on a forum with rumors of a scooter rider dying on the megaramp. Well we later figured out that it was Andrew, and of course that he didn't die (I forget what exactly happened, just some knocked out teeth and stitches I think). So crazy of him even trying that though, you Aussies better make it to the Nitro Circus shows, its gonna be a treat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BLT Reunion Sesh

All of these guys are such beasts...3 tuck to whip? Really Brandon? So awesome to see Levon riding too, he doesn't seem to have missed a beat. And teehale, 3 bartwist? Nutty.

Michael Goumaz Eagle-Sport Sponsor Video

Working for Eagle-Sport, I get a LOT of Sponsor videos from a lot of riders all over the world. Recently I got a video from a rider from Switzerland by the name of Michael Goumaz...This video is sick. One of the things unique is that Michael is riding a Micro XT. If anyones ever ridden one you know how heavy they are. Great video, Great rider.

Eagle Sport Edit from Michael Goumaz on Vimeo.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sky High Update

Pictures pretty much explain everything. Make sure to preorder one of the District decks so you know you'll get one once they're out. And as you can see, Sky High shirts (which are SUPER soft), Eagle shirts, and DSA shirts are also available.

TheRideWire Is Here

So after some speculation as to what even WAS....It has finally been made public. TheRideWire is a new Forum for the scootering community and is owned by Brian Boston. Brian was a long time Administrator on Scooter Resource before eventually leaving to pursue his own Forum. Brian and a number of Admins from SR have left the Forum, and you can now find them all on The Forum just opened today...and with the amount of registered members growing by the hour make sure you are a part of, Register, Log In, and start posting.

For more news on and other news in the sport of Scootering, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vs., With Devon Garcia

"Vs." is a new feature I'm starting up in which I ask a rider "________ vs. _______", and they pick one and tell us why. The pleasure of having the first Vs. is with Visalia, CA's own Devon Garcia. Devon is an upcoming rider who recently got a spot on the Scooterzone Am team. Here is his Vs, enjoy.

Eagle wheels vs Proto wheels: Eagles deff because Ive had bad luck with Protos.
Or you can just get Twizzlers :)

Lucky deck vs. TSI deck: I hate high headtube angles so Tsi freestyler.

Ryan Williams vs. Coedie Donovan: Ryan becouse he is amazing and super chill in real life, plus the best accent ever?

Cali street vs. Cali park: Cali park yeah said it :)

Josh Kish vs. Tyler Bonner: Pick a harder question?
Id say Kish becouse he win's basically every comp and front flair?

And lastly, SR vs. TRW: I'd pick anything over SR because its drama resource so I'd have to with TRW because it's gonna be amazing.

And if you can(I promised mark I'd shoutout to him haha)
Thanks Gas for Scooterzone sponsorship and a free scooter :p
Scooterzone wins.
And a shoutout to Mark Abramsky, Nick Donotelli, Trevor Noller and not so much Tyler wheeland.

Brent Reid - Super 60.

It's definitely a nice change to see a different style than the general Cary/Stan/Tyler that we get from Woodinville videos.
Brent's style is fluid, but raw at the same time, clean tricks, rough around the edges.

Eagle-Sport Australia Update

So if you checked Inside-Scooters a little while ago, you would have seen that we recently lost Cory Geisler from Eagle-Sport. Which means we have opened applications for all riders in Australia to try out for Eagle-Sport in Aus. Eagle-Sport will be accepting Applications until March 30th. We will be reviewing all applications and videos until then, and will contact the rider who is chosen to be on Eagle-Sport through email, and post the update here on Inside-Scooters.

So far here are all the people we have that have applied.

Adam Rouse
Jackson Manzie
Hayden O'Connor
Liam Anderson
Dylan Scholes
John Tanchak
Keegan Berg
Jaye Surace
Ryan Loveday
Jake Spencer
Nick Lisignoli
Warick "Wazza" Beynon
Craig Cambourne
Ben Duncan
Bastian Gray
Charlie Eldershaw

Remember we are STILL accepting applications so if you don't see your name on there, and you think you got what it takes to join Coedie Donovan, Rory Coe, and Jessica Boland on Eagle-Sport Australia..Then fill out the application below, and send it to the email presented below. If you already applied, but landed some new tricks you got on film or think Eagle-Sport should know about, also feel free to email the email listed below.

How long you been riding:
Favorite Terrain:
Current Scooter Set up:
Best trick:
Why do you want to be on Eagle-Sport?:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Addict Riders Jean Yves Randriambelson and Maxime Legrand Super 60 + Interview

***Warning This video contains the use of marijuana. If you are against that or underage you have been warned***

You know the company, it's Addict...and you know the riders, Jean Yves Randriambelson and Maxime Legrand...two of the best all around riders not just in France, not just in Europe, but in the world. If for some reason, you've been living under a rock, and DON'T know about Addict or some of the best riders in Europe...Check the two links beneath this.

Get to Know Addict

Some of the best in Europe

Well recently, J.Y.R and Maxime made a Super 60, and I was also able to catch up with them to get a few questions answered about the two. Check out the interview below, and enjoy the Super 60.

1. How long have been riding Scooters?

J.Y.R : I think i've been riding for about 6 or 7 years now

M.L : for about 5 years

2. What made you start riding?

J.Y.R : I had a crazy friend who was completelly out of his mind, totally crazy he once called me and told me to come at the skatepark and he had a scooter and i started like that.

M.L :
I was riding skate and bike, but both pissed me off. I had a scooter, so i tryed to do some shit with, and i met Kevin Demay (Zizimutant) so yeaah started like that

3. What are your favorite tricks to do?

J.Y.R : I love frontscooterflips and 360 flip in flat ( The most beautiful trick in scooters to me)

M.L : Barspin, Condor, and rotation

4. What is your favorite terrain to ride?

J.Y.R : Banks and curbs definitivly.

M.L : don't give a fuck, anywhere, but i prefer miniramp

5. Who are your favorite riders to ride with?

J.Y.R : Maxime Legrand for sure because he is crazy , he ain't got no brain so it makes me feel human, which he is not ^^

M.L : My nigga Jean Yves , Yoh (Johann Moreau) and Tepi !

6. What does it mean to you to be on Addict?

J.Y.R : It means a lot because we shared so many things together that nobody can even imagine and even when addict hadn't been created yet.

M.L : AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE !! Begining of great things ! Addict make the best part now, use the most advanced technologie, so yeah it shreds !

7. What can we expect from you in the future?

J.Y.R : that's a surprise haha, but more videos of me i guess

M.L : Shreddin, get wrecked, maybe more street, i hope my body will follow. I cross fingers and touch wood (french expression for having luck) and BAGARREEE ! (he really want this word haha)

Maxime Legrand & Jean Yves Randriambelson's Super 60 from Addict Scootering on Vimeo.

Want more news on Addict? Then keep checking Inside-Scooters for all news on Addict, and in the sport of scootering.

Chris Gascoigne Web Edit

Chris Gascoigne Web Edit from nick darger on Vimeo.

Uhh..Chris is gay...he sucks. That's all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More on The Ride Wire

For those of you who might have missed the post earlier.
I was sent a link to a new scooter site by an anonymous email (I believe it was one of the 10 minute emails).

The link is

It seems the "homepage" has been updated, and now reads;

The ride wire is coming soon, expected launch 3/8/10.

What is the ridewire?
A non-profit organization.
We are bringing competition to the table with the most social and interactive scooter website.

Companies interesting in sponsoring?
For more information and rates.

Remember we are a non-profit company.
All proceeds contribute to the website and ONLY the website.

With the expected launch only 3-4 days away, keep your eyes peeled for more information as it surfaces.

Matt Mckeen- Dream Team Supreme

Matt Mckeen From Dream Team Supreme from Matt Reamer on Vimeo.

A local skate video that McKeen has a part in...amazing footage, best street rider for sure. Watch that last wallride he does...

Arizona Demos in March

If you are in the Arizona area you can be a part of something really awesome coming up this month. Anthony "Twan" Bustos took it upon himself to set up some really legit demos called the "Real Scoots Demos" at some really sick skateparks in Arizona. Some top companies in the sport have also decided to sponsor the event, those companies are below.

Phoenix Pro Scooters
Scooter Zone
ProRide Scooters
Inward Scooters
Global Skooters
Lucky Scooter Parts

Below are the flyers which include the date and skatepark the Demos will be held at.

So if you are in the area, and can make one of those demos...I would advise going. You can meet some top pro riders, and see some amazing riding. Also be sure to personally thank Anthony Twan Bustos for putting this together.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get to Know: Jake Show

Jake Show is not a name most people know in this sport.  Despite being in the sport since 2003 (although he took a 2 year break), seeing footage of him has been a rarity.  Recently, however, he’s had some clips in a few videos.  He was featured in the friends section of the 951 DVD, and was interviewed for the upcoming SD4 Experience DVD.  Jake describes his own riding as “unique”.  He combines skate and BMX style with slowly rotated whips, and flowy park riding with big airs.  Some music Jake likes to listen to would be Atmosphere, Big L, Biggie Smalls, and lots of East Coast rap, especially when riding.

I got to know Jake a little better by asking him a few questions. 

Jordan Jasa:  What is your age, birthplace, and current place of residence?

I am 19 years young and I turn 20 april 15th. I was born in Riverside Ca, and I reside in Nuevo Ca.

Where and whom do you like to ride with?

I love to ride and flow around Big Chino & Desert Hot Springs. Both parks have good size tranny, hips and lots of creative lines to choose from. I ride with my buddy Jesse who is sick on a scooter but for now he is cruising a bike.. 2 riders I love to ride with are, Stan Smirnoff & Monky.

Who are some riders you look up to?

Stan Smirnoff for sure, Coedie Donovan, Jason Beggs, and of course those crazy Aussie's.

What makes your riding stand out from the rest?

One thing that would separate me from al ot of riders would have to be the fact that I care more about style and consistency rather than tricks. Another thing would have to be my tailwhips. I try to throw them super slow and land as late as i can. Lastly, you will never see me throwing any briflips or scooter flips. =pppp

What are some places you'd like to ride, but haven't?

Woodward would have to be first. I just found out where the Pala full pipes are so I’m gonna be hitting those up soon. Chandler bike park seems killer. I really really want to fly to Washington for 2 weeks and just ride as many parks as I can and possibly meet up with some guys from TSI & RAD.. in my opinion it couldn't get much better than that.

What is your current setup?

TSI 1 peice deck
         Proto Tank Bars
            Proto SCS
     Cane creek S3 headset
     O.G Inward zero offset
             ODI grips
  New Proto Gripper wheel in back
  Stan Smirnoff Sig. Wheel in front

If you weren't riding scooters what do you think you would be doing today?

Hmmm, probably playing the drums a lot more and working more than I do now. But I like this sport way to much to just give it up, I’ve been having so much fun lately, I can't see myself quitting anytime soon.


What is something most people don't know about you?

Who I am. haha, I have been riding before RVM1 came out and never have released a single edit!
But that is all about to change, I'm going to be filming with Josh toy soon for my first ever edit and it's going to be called "Who is Jake Show".

Any last words?

First of all I would like to thank Inside for the interview. =]  And to TSI... I'm not stopping til i get sponsored =]]. I love your team and how you guys are revolutionizing the sport. I never want to ride another deck again, so I thank you as well. Lastly, I thank anyone who was interested enough to read about me and look at my pictures =]]] even if you were just bored ill take that too.


Keep checking IS to catch his video, I’m sure its gonna be rad.

Eagle-Sport AUS Team Application

So recently as a few people might have heard, Cory Geisler has taken what might be a permanent break from riding scooters. He also informed one of his favorite sponsors, Eagle-Sport that he would be stepping down from his Team position on Eagle-Sport AUS. Eagle-Sport would like to thank Cory for the time that he was with the company, he was and is still an amazing rider. Below are a few of his videos from a ways back. Truly a great rider.

Now with that being said. Eagle-Sport AUS now has a spot open for the Team for anyone living in Australia. So what Eagle-Sport needs from you is for you to fill out the application below. Simply copy and past the application, into an Email..and Email it to the following Email Address

How long you been riding:
Favorite Terrain:
Current Scooter Set up:
Best trick:
Why do you want to be on Eagle-Sport?:

Also please be sure to include in the email at least ONE video showcasing what you feel is your best riding.

Applications will be accepted through out the month of March. On March 30th, a decision will be announced here on Inside-Scooters!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Eagle-Sport US Rider Tyler Wheeland Promo

If you've all known Tyler as long as I have, it is really awesome to see how far he's come in scootering....To be honest my first memories of Tyler was how I viewed him as just some new little kid So Cal rider....but it didn't take long for Tyler to start coming into his own and developing his own style, and it really shows in this video.........For god's sake..look at that last wall ride..

Tilt Park Pegs Review

Tilt Review from Jordan on Vimeo.

Intro by Sam Short. After reviewing the pegs I asked the company owner, Collin Snoek, and 18 year old college freshman, a few questions about Tilt.

Jordan Jasa: What city is Tilt based in?

Collin Snoek: Grand Rapids, MI

Why/What cause you to start Tilt?

I loved riding my scoot, but Razor parts kept breaking on me. I also saw the need of other riders for quality scooter parts. On top of those, I simply enjoy designing and producing parts.

How did you first pick people for the team?

I'm not sure if I even picked the first few people for the team. They just kept bugging me until I sent them parts.

Whats the process like from the first drawings of a peg, to the final product?

Perhaps the biggest part of the design process is finding what other riders want. For example, about two months ago, Mario Rocchio and several other riders were bugging me for steel, 1" diameter pegs. I am now releasing heat-treated 4140 steel pegs next week. In addition to riders testing parts, I do a good amount of testing such as breaking parts and material verification.

Do you have plans for any other products?

Next week I am releasing the steel pegs. Following the new pegs, I am releasing a series of one-piece machined forks. I have a few other products I'm planning to release before summer, but I don't want to make any promises.

Collin also wanted me to add that he's looking for more riders to sponsor...I know theres no shortage of riders trying to picked up by companies, so send in your videos kids. Also be sure to check out the Tilt FB Fan page.

Double Backflip- Gary Ably

Some random, looks like it was at the Woodward camp. Its 1 footed in this video but I guess he did land a few. So nuts, props to him.

Ty Alexander/Jake Clark Super 60

Two of the NW's younger rippers recently filmed a Super 60, and here it is. Ty's 540 bar owned the whole video. Hes def fun to watch.


Just got this link in an anonymous email.

Keep an eye out, 3/8/10.