Friday, December 31, 2010

A Brand New Year: 2011

Soon (and already for some people) It will be a brand new year, 2011. Now for the sport 2010 has been insane. We had so many events that will most likely go down in our sports history. We all met new riders, and we even unfortunately lost a few.. Our sport has grown and and I honestly think it will continue to grow far beyond what any of us imagine.

One of my most memorable moments of 2010 that I won't soon be forgetting was the entire Razor Exposed Tour. The ongoing battle between Dakota Schuetz and Tyler Bonner. Finally ending at Cooter Con 10, in a performance by Tyler that I don't think will ever be matched in this sport. He put on two of the best contest runs that I have ever seen, and might never see again.

As for myself, 2010 was huge. I took a lot of risks..I separated myself from companies that meant a lot to me. I ended relationships and friendships that meant more to me than I could begin to explain. I took on new jobs and left old ones, and truth be told I am still trying to find my way in this sport, and figure out what I feel like I should be doing in the industry.

One thing that won't change, is my position here at Inside-Scooters, you can rest assure of that. Jordan and Myself, and anyone else that becomes a part of Inside-Scooters in 2011 will make sure to bring you guys even more new content here at IS. Who would have thought that our at one time, "Simple Website" would turn into what it has today? I speak for Jordan and Myself when we say Thank You to all of our dedicated readers for making Inside-Scooters what it is today, and in doing so making 2010 such a great year for both of us!

Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe tonight, and if you want you can post your New Years Rsolutions below in the comments.

My Resolution: To succeed in what I am setting out to do in 2011,To be there for my friends and my family,To live.

ScooterZone How To Videos: Part 2

If you scroll down the page, or go back a page depending on when you see this you will see the first Scooter Zone How To Videos, we posted here on IS. Below you can find a couple more videos. I'm really glad, and I know a lot of other people are also, that Scooter Zone took the time to make videos like this for all riders in the community that could use them.

(In the SCS Video, that is in fact....Julio Oceguera, not myself hahahaha)

Check them out below.

How To Tighten an SCS by Julio Oceguera aka Steven_T

How To Hang 5 by Capron Funk

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Proto Catalyst 2010 DVD Premier Reflection

So as I'm sure you all know, Proto recently premiered their full length DVD "Catalyst 2010" at two different locations in the US.  Matt Dibble was able to attend the East coast premier in New York City and wrote an awesome article giving a recap of the night, as well as a rundown of the video itself.  He did a really good job with writing it, definitely almost feels like you were there yourself (if you were unable to attend).  OG Philly rider Casey Murphy was also there to document the event with photos, which are seen in the article.  You can view this article over on The Scooter Resource.

Phoenix Essay Contest Top 5 + The 5 Runner Ups!

Through December Phoenix had been holding an Essay Contest which you can read all about by clicking the link below.
Phoenix Christmas Essay Contest

Well Phoenix has chosen the top 5 finalists for the contest, and we also have the 6th-10th place contestants listed as well. If you are one of the 6th-10th Contestants please email for information on how to get your ODI Grips.

The 6th-10th runner ups are listed below.

Angus Simpson
Billy Evers
Hunter Treviranus
Derek Seay
Wesley Chock

Congratulations! I bet you all wrote really good essays!

Now for the top 5 Finalists. Your essays will be posted here on Inside-Scooters for all of our readers to read, and from there, THEY will be voting using the Poll at the top of Inside-Scooters.When the Poll is closed, the results will be passed on to Phoenix, and they will go through them and the 1st - 5th place names will be listed shortly after on Inside-Scooters.

The top 5 Essays were written by the following..

Matthew Stevenson
Matthew Madera
Colton Freemantle
Sal Saieva

To read each of the Essays you just need to search near the top of Inside-Scooters right underneath the Poll and you will see a Link titled "Phoenix Essay Finalists" click that link, and you will be able to read all of the Essays. From there, just cast your vote!

Phoenix and Inside-Scooters would like to thank everyone that participated in the Contest!

Brendon Smith Throwaway

Blunt's Brendon Smith put out this video of unused clips today...I think the term "throwaway" can be used lightly here though.  These clips are better than most riders' bangers, and I'm sure theres some he could have put into his most recent edit but just couldn't fit in.  That last clip is just beyond ridiculous.

If you live in California, Arizona, or Las Vegas, you'll get a chance to see Brendon as well as Blunts Max Peters and Wazza very soon.  If you haven't heard, the team is coming to America for the SD5 competition as well as to tour around the southwest.  Check out the flyer below for more:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blunt Pro Scooters Sneak Peek

One of the things that we unfortunately don't see enough of in the industry, is innovation. Though every once in a while we get lucky. Well, guess what? We're about to get lucky again. Blunt Pro Scooters has been working on something special for most of the year in 2010.

What Blunt is working on might possibly be the "future" when it comes to wheels in our sport. For a while now, Blunt has been testing and perfecting the first, and only, Polycarbonate Core Scooter wheel. The BMX industry has already found the great advantages of polycarbonate pedals, and now Blunt will be bringing this technology to scooters.

Polycarbonate, or what you might know it better as, is the stuff that makes bullet proof glass. It is half the weight of Aluminum and the strength is incredible. In January Blunt will be releasing the first range of their polycarbonate products to all Blunt Pro Scooters Dealers throughout the world.

Take a sneak peek below

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Something New...EDITED

The sport of scooter riding has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past few years.  We've gone from completely stock scooters to everything aftermarket, only a couple competitions a year to several local competitions happening all over the world, and even videos filmed on mom's digicam to full HD documentaries on riders.  Lately myself, and a few other riders have noticed something missing, however.  So Inside has been working on a new feature, hopefully to fill this void.  I won't say anything specific about it yet but hopefully it'll give you a new view on the sport.  Keep checking back on Inside Scooters for updates on this, and other news in the industry.

Edit:  Alright I gotta dispel this right now...its not a magazine, don't get your hopes up for least not yet.  Its a new feature on IS that I hope you guys and take advantage of for the benefit of yourselves and the sport.  It will be the first of many new additions you'll see IS having in the future.

Scooter Zone "How To" Videos

If you've never been to an actual Scooter Zone store, you're missing out on a lot. One of the things I've noticed during all the time I've spent at Scooter Zone is how helpful the staff is. When anyone has a question at Scooter Zone, whether it's about a trick or how to assemble something on their scooter, they always get a helpful answer. So for all the people that can't go into the actual Scooter Zone shops, check out these "How To" Videos that some of the SZ Staff put together.

In these videos, SZ riders Raymond Warner and Nick Darger are featured.

Nick Darger aka The Game in "Scooter Zone: How To HIC Compression"

Raymond Warner in "Scooter Zone: How to Front Scooterflip"

Keep checking IS for more Scooter Zone How To Videos, and all news and updates for Scooter Zone, and keep checking Inside-Scooters for all breaking news and updates in the sport.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Matty Ceravolo Comeback Apex Edit

Matty recovered from a broken leg about 3-4 months ago and since then filmed this edit for Apex Scooters.  You may think that coming back from a injury like a broken leg he would have slowed down with progression, but this video definitely continues his trend of throwing down world's firsts.  1080s, footplant flair triplewhips, whip front scooterflip to bars...the list goes on for this guy.   I think we're slowly seeing the use of fisheye in Aussie videos decline as well...stoked on that for sure.

Inside-Scooters Welcomes Gizmania

Gizmania is the latest company that will be partnering with Inside-Scooters. The Gizmania website is a hugee store that features an enormous variety of parts from various of the sports top companies. Check out the website by clicking the link below.

(make sure to click the correct Flag for the country you are in so you can view the website)

Below you can also check out one of the riders sponsored by Gizmania. Believe it or not, Jara Mini Soukup is only 13 years old...and yeah, he shreds hard. Kid has such a clean style and I can't wait to see him in a couple years. Seeing young kids like this, really let's you know that this sport has a bright future.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

ECX Gone Madd Contest Update

ShopECX has been holding a contest since early December which was scheduled to end on the 31st of December. However, since the MGP Products have taken a while to get to the US due to some delays. The contest is being extended and will now be ending on Jan 15th.

So if you purchased a MaddGear product from from December 15th to Jan 15th you are eligible to win a free MaddGear Team Series Complete Scooter!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blunt is Coming...

Blunt Pro Scooters is home to some of the best riders in the world today from Australia and now from the US. If you are on the West Coast of the US, you might get a chance to ride with these guys in person really soon.

Blunt is going on a tour of the South West of the United States. On this tour will be Blunt Pro Scooters AUS riders; Brendon Smith, Wazzeh, and Max Peters, and from the US Pro Team, Jordan Jasa, Josh Young, and Ryan Upchurch. They will be hitting various parks in Southern California, and Arizona, and they will all also be at the SD5 Competition in January.

If you can make it out to ANY of the parks on ANY of these dates you see on the poster below, I would definitely get out there and hang out with these guys and ride with them. Check the poster below for dates and parks.

(Erik Feenstra IS STILL on Blunt Pro Scooters USA. He just couldn't make it to all of the stops on the Tour.)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our readers! I hope you all get what you want for Christmas and get to spend a lot of time with your families. Merry Christmas from Inside-Scooters!

Also our good friends Jandiv, Kevin, and Maxime of Dissidence and Addict made a little Christmas Video for everyone. Check it out! Haha..Gotta love Addict.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jordie Robinson Newmarket Skatepark Session

Jordie doin it big for QCS and Canada. Jordie can usually be found riding street or his local outdoor park but with winter in Canada being so harsh, he is forced to ride indoors. But don't let that fool you, his street style still comes out in this video. First and last clips are such bangers. Song is a bummer though.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hayden O'Connor End of 2010 Edit.

Hayden O'Connor End of 2010. from Hayden O'Connor on Vimeo.

Now this is what all aspiring Aussie riders should try to be. Not only does Hayden have some of the most mindblowing tricks, he has the ability to air incredibly high while still being incredibly stylish. Hayden has progressed so much over the past year or two, not only with tricks but with his style. Super enjoyable video, so many bangers, clean and stylish.

Proto Catalyst East Coast Premier Video

Matt Dibble attended the East coast premier of the new Proto Catalyst 2010 DVD in New York City and got this footage of the event. Matt was there not only to get a first look at the video but to document the sights and sounds of the premier in an article on SR, which will hopefully be up soon. Everyone who was there received their own copy of the DVD as well, which is pretty awesome. As far as the rest of us getting to see it, it is available on the Freestyle Depot. They were supposed to ship pre-orders on Monday, but I haven't heard anything about if they have or not. I know a few Proto guys check IS, leave a comment if you have any info regarding the DVD's being shipped, thanks.

Eaglesport AUS Canberra Tour

The members of Eagle's Aus team recently went on a trip around Canberra. New footy of Coedie is always a treat, all those subbox tricks he did are amazing. And I think I saw some Phil Lagettie clips? For those who don't know, Phil was one of the most stylish and tech OG Aussie riders back in the day. I know I'm super stoked that hes back in the sport. Phil was the one who filmed this, along with Jackson Manzie. Jackson's own riding clips were super good too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dan Holm ScooterZone Twizz Wheel Promo

Dan recently got sponsored by Scooterzone and has been riding the Quake wheels for three months though. He gives a little review of them in the beginning of the video, from what he says they seem pretty good. Then we get to see some new riding footage of Dan...easily his best clips yet. He's really starting to get huge bangers over boxes and transfers. Those lipslides on the vert were so good too.

Dan burst onto the scene last year and had a really tough time in the community, due to his dedication to riding a wheelie bar. Since losing the wheelie bar, he has jumped onto people favorite riders lists extremely fast. I honestly feel like Dan is one of the most underrated park riders in the sport today. No, he isn't doing insane park tricks...but he is RIDING park better than most people can even attempt to. The way he flows is amazing, and we even got to see some street clips of Dan in this edit. When you watch a video like this, you can't help but anticipate his next edit even more.

Brendon Smith - New York

Brendon Smith kills every game...
Tech, park, street (? lol)
Blunt Scooters and SkaterHQ

Cody Speake SZ Promo + Scooter Zone News

Cody Speake is a true veteran of the sport. A lot of people don't know that Cody is actually the first person to ever land the Back Scooter flip, before most of the people reading this could even land a tailwhip. This was wayy back when he rode with CSC. Since coming back to the sport Cody recently found the perfect Team for him at Scooter Zone, and this is his first Promo video. The video is just awesome, he has some of the best double pegs in the sport, and the last trick is pure banger. If you've ever met Cody you'll understand how chill he is, and how fun he is to ride with or have at a session. Now that he's on Scooter Zone, you can expect that we'll be seeing more from Cody in the future. Check the video out below.

Video edited by Nick Darger aka Trick Darger aka Dick Narger aka whatever else you want to call him.

Also right now from Scooter Zone you can get a Razor Black Label Ultra Pro for only 99.00, from the original 124.99 price. This sale ENDS Jan 1st. So if you want a Black Label order them now! Check the details on the scooter by clicking the link below.
Black Label Info

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Phoenix Pro Scooters Wheels

Phoenix is one of the companies in the sport that is always working to stay ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and design. This is why a lot of people see Phoenix as one of the sport's top companies when it comes to products. Phoenix wheels will be no different. Considering one of the main problems riders have with metal cores is getting their bearings safely into the wheel. Phoenix offers their metal cores with bearings already installed in them. For more details just read below.

Offered in 100mm or 110mm
Abec 7 bearings pre-installed
Custom CNC'd Wheel spaces for optimum quality

Colors soon to be available, Black White, Purple, Orange Green
All cores will be Anodized Black

Can't wait to find out how well these wheels perform. I expect a wheel promo video from some of the Phoenix guys in the near future, so look out for that. For all news and updates on Phoenix Pro Scooters, and all breaking news and updates in the sport, Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ryan Williams.

Ryan "was saving for a new edit but maddgear got their good camera back so I thought I would just upload the good quality clips, because I didn't want different quality clips throughout the vid." I am extremely jealous of everything Ryan does on his front wheel. Last tricks are so not fair.

Inward Scooters Bustin Cakes DVD Trailer #2

Inward-Scooter's first DVD, Bustin Cakes, will be out very soon. It features all the team riders, including Matt Ogle, Josh Kish, Zig Short, Nate Wagoner, as well as myself (I am on Blunt USA now, however). A lot of the footage comes from the East Coast Tour the team did back in July, which was a ton of fun. After the Tour everyone filmed on their own around their hometowns, so there are quite lot of different spots and parks throughout the video.

Probably the coolest thing about the team and the video is that each rider has their own super unique style of riding. Matt has a super original style while being an absolute rail shredder. His ability to come up with a creative yet super gnarly clip earned him the banger section in the DVD. Then there's Josh. Always a strong presence at competitions, Josh can do every trick you can do, and wish you could do. Whether it be double umbrella flips or icepicks down handrails, Josh can do it (besides 1080s). But what hes most known for is his park riding, which provides a stark contrast to the riding of Zig. Zig quickly became known for his huge street gaps and drops he did, a reputation solidified after his horrific crash at Cootercon 8, when he tried to jump off the rollin. His section also includes a bunch of super tech grind combos. Nate Wagoner is the most recent rider to get on the team. You may not have heard much of him previously, but after watching the DVD, you'll be sure to remember his name. He is probably the smoothest and cleanest rider I have ever seen. I think out of all the footage he sent me for his part, he fell three times. And my section has a lot of tech street lines. I love doing manual and nose manual combos, front sliders, etc. I'm pretty stoked with how my part turned out.

All those different styles blended together to form probably the most balanced and diverse team out there. Street, park, and everything in between is featured in BC. Whether you like watching big park, tech park, big street, creative street, everything is covered in Bustin Cakes. I talked to Team Manager Matt Ogle to get a few more details out about the DVD.

Jordan Jasa: When did the idea of making a DVD first come up?

Matt Ogle: Well I think you and I actually started talking about it way before the east coast tour even took place, and everyone took a liking to the idea so I talked to JP about it and he thought it was a great idea.

When did filming start for BC?

We started filming for the dvd as soon as I put those used purple panties on Nates head. So at the very beggining of the tour.

Where are some places the team filmed at for the video?

The Incline Club, Woodward, Milford, Haven, and a bunch of random street.

Who's section is your favorite?

Not including mine, definately either Josh's or yours. Two completely opposing types of riding. You with your ridiculous street tech and complex spins...and Josh doing his ridiculous flips and scooter whipperoos.

Can you elaborate on the name? How did "Bustin Cakes" come about?

Na probally not lol, courtesy of Zig Short [Editors note: and Nate Wagoner]

How do you think the editing is?

The editor needs some improvement. Na im playin, i am a simple man and therefore i enjoyed the simplicity of the editing.

Overall, were you happy with the finished video?

Pretty much, i feel like alot could have been better but thats why there can always be a Bustin Cakes II.

How can one get their hands on the DVD?

At this point we aren't very sure. Alot of people are wanting to buy it separately. Which alters our original idea. We will figure that out very soon. So just stick to Inside for an update as to how to get your own copy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Madd Europe Montreux Night Sesh

The Madd Euro team (not to be confused with the UK team) recently filmed a session in Switzerland. The team consists of Jojo Cajas (whose older brother Michael is featured a couple posts down for getting on Addict), Remi Bouchard, Ludovic Pistat, Viktor Zonho, Julian Zieger, and BenJ Friant. Those crazy tweaked tuck no deck grabs that Remi are so wild, who else does those? And who 180s flyboxes? Like every other branch of the Madd team, the Euro guys kill it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

NW Scoot Christmas Classic Results

1st: Dakota Shuetz
2nd: Nate Grant
3rd: Tyler Bonner

1st: Fuzzy Gross
2nd: Brian Shawley
3rd: Jeremy Mallot

Boost-Off: Stan Smirnoff (5 and a half feet)

Best Trick: Blake Bailor (grind the quad kink waterfall rail)

Yes you read that right...Dakota ended up beating Tyler Bonner (at Skatebarn too)...who didn't even get second. Perhaps the biggest shocker in SBW comp history was Nate Grant coming in second, after sitting in first place after the first runs. Huge props to those guys as well as Stan and Blake. I definitely want to see footy of Blakes rail, that thing is massive.

Addict's New Team Rider Michael Cajas + Interview

Michael Cajas may have vanished for a while, both out of the scene, and off your "Top Riders List", but rest assure he never stopped riding during that time he was gone. When Michael was around back in 05-08, people recognized him for his insane street riding. Well, I don't think that's going to be changing anytime soon..

Michael joining Addict means that he's now on a Team of some of the sports leading and most progressive street riders in the sport today. Now that Michael is on Addict, I'm sure we're going to be seeing a lot more of him in the future. Addict is shaping up to be THE Team to watch out for when it comes to riders who are always going to be pushing the limits of the sport, mainly in street riding. It's rare to find a complete Team of guys like the ones on Addict, who are so dedicated to what they are doing. They all have a true passion for street riding, and for scootering in put it simply, They're Addicted.

I recently caught up with Michael and was able to ask him some questions, check out the interview below, and Michael's Welcome To Addict video below that.

Name, Age, Location?
Michael Cajas, 21 ans, neuchatel, swiz
How long have you been riding Michael?
i've been riding for 7 years now, but
I started scootering at the age of 14. But i ride inline-skating too.
It seems like you disappeared for a while? What happened?
i know but i don't care, i ride for fun, not for the exposure. I had to finish school and start working. I ain't got no camera and i was too lazy to move my ass and film so i guess that's why.

When you were on Micro, you were known for being a street killer...Do you still ride a lot of street? 
what a question..fuck yeah !! Street all day bro
but i ride park too ;)

What is your full scooter set up right now? and how does it feel?
I ride a full District v2 setup (fork and deck) and Addict prototype grips with eagle 110. It's light and have a good balance, it's perfect ! Can't wait to have my own addict setup
So how did you get on the Addict Team?
I was on Micro with Johann when Micro started so I met him at the first Montreux contest, with Martin Kimbell, Terry Price and Eric Rabl. Then Johann went away and started French.ID with Kevin, I stayed with Micro.
We started to talk when was still ruined by them, and they left to create Addict. They contacted me some weeks after Stan left, and yeah here i am !
How do you feel about being on Addict, does it fit your life style?
it's crazy dude ! shreddin with OG riders i've known since a while, we all have the same goal in life, scootering shreddin and havin' fun ! what else ?
i'm sure i'll die before i'll turn 35 years so i don't give a sh** !
Will you have a full section in the "Addict So What!" DVD? 
yeah for sure, i'm already filming for my part.

From then and now, what do you think of scootering and of course, what do we have to look forward with your addict video part ?
The level is crazy now. i'm just curious too see what scootering will be in 20 years. Can't wait to see more Big air and street. And for my part, well i hope bangers and crazyness ;)

Do you have any last words Michael?
First, thanks Inside-Scooters for the interview
Addict all day.
Shred hard till you die !

Welcome to the team : Michael Cajas from Addict Scootering on Vimeo.

Chris Gascoigne NW Clips

Chris has been living up in Oregon for a while now and put this little edit together of clips he's filmed while there. Super stylish and smooth like always. This is going to be the last edit Chris puts out for quite some time. Anything more he releases will be Phoenix Pridays, Phoenix Rider Exclusives/Promos, and Production videos. I know that when he does release his next video, it will be worth the wait.

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Luke Pickett Edit

Below is an edit featuring Aussie rider Luke Pickett who rides for MGP. Luke's riding is really smooth and he throw some pretty good bangers in here. The last clip, might very well be a world first. I know I've never seen it done before. Check the video out below.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Helmeri Pirinen District Web Edit

Helmeri is usually a street rider, but in this video he is riding all park...but don't let that fool you, as he shreds a bunch of street obstacles in the park. He is soo gnarly, 5050 that down flat down ledge, whip to lip on the of the best ledge/rail riders in the sport for sure. Especially for riding no pegs.

Phoenix Christmas Essay Reminder!!

Last month we posted the details here on Inside-Scooters about the Phoenix Pro Scooters Christmas Essay Contest. This is a really great idea that Phoenix came up with, that is a lot different to the average contests that some companies hold or have held in the past.

The due date is coming up guys! You HAVE to have your Essay in by 11:59pm PST on Dec 25th. Any essays turned in after that date will not be qualified to win. After that date, Phoenix will be picking the Top Ten Essays, and we will post them here on Inside-Scooters, where we will have an open poll on who should win. For information and details on this contest please read below.

There are three main points are "Why do you Like Phoenix Pro Scooters as Company?" "Which part by phoenix is your favorite and why?" "If there were one thing you could change about phoenix what would it be and why?"
All three points must be addressed in the essay. The essay need to be a minimum of 3 Paragraphs, 5 sentences each paragraph

The Essays may be submitted via Email Only. Contest Start Date November 25th Contest End date December 25th

Email to:

Contest winners will receive:

1st Place: 1(one) Phoenix Deck of the style color and size of their Choice.

2nd Place: 2(Two) Phoenix Metal Core Wheels.(upon availability)

3rd Place: 1(one) Phoenix Phorx color of choice.

4th Place: 1(one) Suicide Handle Bar in either Black or Raw

5th Place: 1(one) Phoenix Switchblade Brake

6th – 10th Place Shall Receive 1(one) pair of ODI Longneck Grips.

Hunter Bechtle Joins ZeroGravity Pro Team

It almost seems like Hunter got extremely good overnight. That's how fast he started to progress. It's not exactly easy to learn some of the tricks that Hunter now has on lock, flips both front and back, flairs as well, and plenty of other really hard trick combos, involving bars, whips, and bartwists. Zero Gravity noticed Hunter recently, and he was offered a spot on Zero Gravity Pro Team. Below are some of Hunter's videos, check em out, and congratulations to Hunter Bechtle.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dylan Kasson/Max Caldwell Skate Naked Skatepark Video

Max Caldwell and Dylan Kasson skate naked from Dylan on Vimeo.

Dylan kills grind combos so hard. I cannot wait to see his part (and all the rest of the parts) in the Proto DVD. Max's style is just so beast, flair bar from nowhere. He's gotten super good recently, definitely has been a shredder ever since most of us saw him in Transit. That park looks a little small and ghetto but these guys make it look so fun. That ledge drop ledge setup looks soo good.

Woodward Scooter Camp 2011 Registration

The buzz is already going around that Woodward will once again be opening it's doors to scooter riders for a 2nd Scooter Camp. While the price may seem high to some, you guys have to think about the opportunity you are getting when you come to a place like Woodward.

Keep in mind this is the same place where Bmx, Skate, and Inline's top athletes go to practice and train and become better riders. The same now applies for our sport. You have access to some of the best skate parks you'll ever get to ride, and you will be taught by some of the best riders in the world. To register for Woodward 2011, please click the following Link and fill out the required information.
Woodward Registration Link

Estonia's Mikromulk Team 2010 Video

When I hear Estonia, I instantly think of Madis Kukk. Madis was one of the first international (Not from Aus or UK) riders that really made a name for himself. Well as Madis progressed with his riding, his popularity also grew. Which has spread onto other riders from Estonia, like the Mikromulk Team.

These riders refer to Madis as an "international hero". All of the riders in this video have a lot of potential. They made this video hoping it would get featured on Inside-Scooters, and if we have readers/fans all the way in Estonia...I'm not going to let them down. So check out their 2010 Video below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Freestyle Scootering: A Documentary

Just a week or so after a documentary featuring Lucky rider Tyler Wheeland was released, this video came out featuring a few noted riders from the east coast. This one was made by Mike Maibach for a college project. Pretty interesting hearing each riders' story. Filming on some of the riding clips was a little sketch though.

Inside-Scooters Welcomes GryndoScooters

One of the best parts about working at Inside-Scooters is that Jordan and I get the chance to work with a lot of companies. Some of them have been around the sport for a long time, and some might be just starting out. Gryndo Scooters is a new company, that specializes in selling top quality parts from some of the sports leading companies. Gryndo supports the growth of the sport and supports Inside-Scooters and we will be getting you guys all the updates and news regarding Gryndo Scooters from now on.

Right now on Gryndo you will find a FULL line of MGP products, from grips, to wheels, to the complete decks. If you are looking for MGP products, then head over to Gryndo by clicking the link below and check out their stock.

Keep checking Inside-Scooters for all the latest news and updates regarding Gryndo, and all breaking news and updates in the sport of Scootering.

Bobby Pantano Lucky Scooter Parts Promo

Bobby Pantano recently got a sponsorship from LSP. I couldn't be more stoked for Bobby now that he has a legit company to support him with his riding. I believe we're going to see some really good stuff coming from Bobby in the near future.

Bobby's name might seem familiar to you because I did a piece on him some time ago on Inside-Scooters. If you haven't checked it out, I would advise you to read it. You can find the piece by clicking the link below.

Straight From The Heart

Monday, December 13, 2010

Proto Catalyst Team Rider Interviews

Earlier today a bunch of video interviews were posted on Proto's Vimeo page. It looks like theres been some up for a couple months too. Each video is of a team rider discussing how they feel about the DVD and what is to come for them in the future. Here's the first from, coming from Dylan Kasson, and you can click the link under the video to go to the Vimeo page, where you can find the rest under the "More" tab on the side.

Ryan Upchurch Welcome to Blunt Edit

Ryan Upchurch was recently added as the 4th Team rider to the Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team. Didn't take long for Ryan to knock out an awesome edit, with a banger that has been landed by less than 5 riders so least on film. I have to say I don't know if were going to see anyone do one as smooth as Ryan does at the end of this Blunt edit for a while. Check it out below.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scooter Friends.

Stefan Hefner uploaded this video recently featuring a bunch (16 to be exact) of different riders...including but not limited to Tyler Wheeland, Cameron Ward, Ryan Upchurch, Brenton Reid, and of course Stefan himself. Loving all the street these guys have been hitting up. Tyler called me today to tell me to put this up, and also nag me about how every video on IS is just scooterflippy whippy stuff...yet the banger in this video, is a scooterflippy whippy trick...

Anyway, good luck with your quidditch game next week Twhee.

Proto Catalyst 2010 DVD Premier

The flyer pretty much says it all. If you're lucky enough to live near either of the premier locations you should definitely try to check it out. If you aren't fortunate enough to be able to make it, the DVD is available to buy on FD...but there'll be a bit of a wait, as they aren't going to be shipped out till the 20th.

Danny Rambert Equalibryum Edit

So in the past couple of years peg riding has really taken off. The reason for this is because of the small handful of guys that actually know how to use their pegs, and don't just have them on their scooter, just because.

Danny Rambert is one of those guys who really knows how to use his pegs. He does some stuff in this video that I've honestly never seen done before. Danny is part of the legendary, CSC aka Corona Scooter Crew. While 2 of the riders that formed CSC are no longer riding, two of them are back in full effect. Those two are Cody Speake and the rider featured in this video, Danny Rambert.

Danny is a true OG in the sport, and was riding before most of the people that are reading this even thought about scootering. This video is actually Danny's first real mini video in about 5 years. He took a long break from riding, but when he decided to come was like he never left at all. I've rode with Danny on a few occasions since his return back to the sport, and I can honestly say he hasn't lost anything, and judging from this video...he's gained a lot. Check the video out below.

And support Equalibryum!Equalibryum Website

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Northwest Scoot Christmas Classic Competition

The Northwest Scoot Christmas Classic Comp, titled sponsored by Phoenix Pro Scooters is coming up fast. For all details please read below.

NW Scoot Christmas Classic sponsored by Phoenix Pro Scooters
Freestyle scooter competition open to all ages

Presented by NW Scoot -
SkateBarn West
2900 Lind Avenue SW
Renton, WA 98055
Saturday December 18th, 2010
Registrations start at 8:00AM

$20 entry for morning competitions including 10U, 12U, 14U divisions
$40 entry for afternoon competitions including Beginner, Intermediate, Pro

For more information including rules and format, check out
To pre-register before Thursday Dec. 16th at 8PM, check out
Awesome prize packs for top 3 in each division including parts from the TOP scooter vendors!

$100 cash prize for Boost Off (big air) winner
$100 cash prize for Best Trick winner
$1000 cash prize pool for Pro division

For more information about NW Scoot's 14 & under freestyle scooter club, visit

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jason Griffiths Philly Throwaway

Jason is gnarly. He hasn't had much footy over the years but each time I've seen new clips of him I've enjoyed them for sure. Fakie clips at Girard were super good, I've wanted to see a full cab down it for so long. This is just throwaway getting used to a new cam. He's filming for a Blunt sponsor video so be ready for that, I can't wait to see it.

Terry Price and Tyler Bonner: Welcome To Australia

As you may have known, Madd recently flew Terry Price and Tyler Bonner down to Australia for the Newton's Nation event, and to ride some of the local parks. And of course, Nickeh was with them to document it all.

First of all, I guess Terry was injured during the trip...which doesn't seem very apparent at all in his clips. Especially in that last one, such a banger. Now Tyler...after he won the Exposed tour, I and many other people had come to the consensus that he was the best rider in the world. Most agreed, but there were a few Aussies who still had their doubts. Well, now you guys down under have had the opportunity to see him ride in person, what do you think? After watching this video, I think its pretty clear that Tyler is on top of the sport.

This is probably the best video I've seen all year. Truly amazing riding from two of the greatest riders the sport has ever seen. Nickeh says that there'll be another video featuring leftover clips from Tyler, so be on the lookout for that.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

RIP Chris Gribble

Last month Chicago area rider Jake Carney was in a car accident and suffered severe injuries that took his life. I wrote that I hoped to never make a post like that again...unfortunately, today I have to do just that. Another member of our sport, Chris Gribble, from Howell, NJ, has died in a car accident. I cannot believe that this has happened such a short time after what happened to Jake. My condolences go out to everyone who knew Chris. I never had the opportunity to meet him, but I do remember him being among the first riders to do barrel rolls. I hope everyone who did know him remembers him for the good times they shared and the kind of person he was.

Like I did with Jake, I encourage everyone who knew Chris to share a story or memory of him in the comments. Also be sure to check out a few videos of Chris below...

Jon Devrind Phoenix Web Edit #2

So I've always loved Jon Devrind's riding, but it seems like since becoming a part of Phoenix, he has been progressing at an incredible rate. Phoenix really knows how to pick em.. This video that Jon recently made is without a doubt one of my favorite videos of 2010. He is soo consistent and is such a smooth rider that it's almost impossible to not enjoy his stuff. You can also tell he's been pushing himself in the streets a lot more, which is a huge plus. When you start out as a tech rider with a lot of style, and happen to be really smooth...and then you start riding street. The end result, never dissapoints. Great video by Jon, check it out below.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MaddGear Updates

By now there are a ton of people who are already riding the recently released MGP Products in the USA, and I'm sure there are even more who will be getting MGP stuff for Christmas this year. That being said, here is something for all the MGP fans to be a part of in December.

Looks like if you plan on going you should try and get there early for a free MGP T Shirt, and Free food. Seems like it's gonna be a good time.

In other MGP News, I'm sure most people know that recently in Australia was the Newtons Nation Event. Terry Price from MGP UK, and Tyler Bonner from MGP USA made the trip to Australia to be a part of it with their fellow MGP Australia Team riders. Check out some photos from the trip below. And follow this link to check out a lot more.
More Pictures

Words from Tyler Bonner about the trip.
"Hey guys, Just Here to update on mine and Terry’s trip out to Aus.

We flew out for Newtons Nation, which is an Action sports festival hosted on Mount Panorama in Bathurst.We got there and saw the park which we were all pretty bummed on.
You may have seen pictures of the set up, but it was pure crap.There were random Pyramids, box jumps and quarters placed around with no flow to it at all. Still, we made the best of it and some of us got together and changed the layout of the park so we could atleast put on a decent show. Throughout the weekend there were skate,bike and scoot demos, and I can say with no doubt we took the majority of the crowds.The contest was scheduled for Sunday, but unfortunately we got rained out.

I was scheduled to fly out the 28th, and Terry the 10th of December. I was really bummed out on the fact that i flew all the way out for the contest to get canceled. MADD IS SOOO LEGIT that they ended up booking me another ticket out for the same day as Terry.

Terry and I were fortunate enough to be put up by Nickeh’s house, the MGP filmer/editor.

MADD rented us out a car so we could get around as we please, which has been sooo convenient as otherwise we would be taking the train around with everyone else.

We’ve put good use to our time here in Australia by getting around to all of the local parks we’ve been seeing in videos for ages, and we’ve been filming everyday for a trip video for all of you guys to look forward to. and i can PROMISE you all you wont be dissapointed.

Stay tuned on the Live Forum for more pics and updates!" - Tyler Bonner

Want to know more about what went down with MGP and Newtons Nation? Then follow the next two links and check out the picture montages
MGP at Newtons Nation part 1
MGP at Newtons Nation part 2

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Josh Toy Razor Video

Josh Toy doin it big (and tech) for Razor. You always know you're in for a treat when Mr. Toy drops a new video, and this one isn't any different. I'm diggin the grind switchups, you never see those being done. And that manual on top of the box at the end is huge. Reminds me of one that Josh Young did in Transit 2 at Whitewater. Coincidentally, both Joshs' ride Tilt pegs. And both kill them.

Blunt Welcomes TWO New Team Riders

People have been following the assembly of the Blunt USA Pro Team since the announcement that they would be having a Team here in the US.

It started off by putting on two of the most underrated riders in the sport, street killers Erik Feenstra and Josh Young.

Erik Feenstra

Josh Young

The next two riders to join Josh and Erik are two amazing riders to say the least. With one being able to throw 900 airs in quarters, and the other being able to land 1080s, and both having a huge list of other tricks both in park and street. One of them is one of the fastest up and coming all around riders in the sport, and the other is known by most as the best tech rider in the scootering today...It was a no brainer to accept the following two riders onto Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team.

Jordan Jasa

Ryan Upchurch

You can expect brand new Blunt USA Edits from both of these guys soon. You recognize Jordan and Ryan most likely from the Teams they used to ride for. Their reasons for leaving are their own, and there is no animosity from them towards the companies they used to ride for. So any attempts to create drama in the comments, won't be approved.

Congratulations to Ryan Upchurch and Jordan Jasa as the newest Blunt USA Riders.

Blunt USA Team

Erik Feenstra
Josh Young
Jordan Jasa
Ryan Upchurch

You know what this means guys. 4 riders out of the 5 man Team are already chosen! There is ONE SPOT left on Blunt USA. Are you the missing rider that the Team needs? If so, fill out the following information, and email it here.

1. Name, Age, Location.
2. How long have you been riding?
3. What is your current scooter set up?
4. Describe your riding style.
5. What would you say your best tricks are?
6. Why do you ride scooters?
7. Why do you think you would be good for the Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team?

Also PLEASE include A VIDEO and any pictures you want.

Monday, December 6, 2010

James Gee Lucky Scooter Parts Web Edit

James, James, James..

Sometimes the sport stumbles upon really good riders, but then those riders hit a "wall" and can't seem to progress past a certain point. Well James isn't one of those riders. Since James started to make a name for himself in 2008, he's continuously progressed as a rider both in his Park and Street riding. Below is yet another solid video from James mixing it up with Park and Street. Check it out.

Gary Ably Phoenix Pro Scooters Edit + Heston and Fuzzy Gross Day Edit

Arizona local Gary Ably recently finished up a new video for Phoenix. I've met Gary on more than one occasion, and he is probably one of the nicest, if not the nicest most genuine riders you can ever meet. He's one of those guys who is always smiling, and is always positive and supportive to all other riders.

One of my most memorable moments of Gary was at the Arizona stop of The Razor Exposed Tour. During practice Gary actually broke a bone in his arm...Everyone thought he would sit the contest out, but Gary had been waiting and anticipating this contest for a long time. He ended up, to everyone's surprise, riding in the contest in the Pro Division. While Gary didn't take 1st place, I think everyone there knew if he had been at 100%, he most likely would have.

Check out Gary's latest edit below.

And now here we have an edit Chris Gascoigne filmed and edited for the Gross brothers at Tron Skatepark. Heston is getting super good, it looks like hes following the footsteps of Lucky rider Evan Larson. It wasn't too long ago when Evan was making tons of edits at that park, doing lots of fakie variations...Heston has some good fakie clips in here for sure Little Fuzzy kills it too. Nice job to Chris on the filming/editing.

ECX Has Gone Madd!

So MGP has finally launched in the US, and people are going well.. Madd. ECX is holding a contest for everyone that is purchasing MGP products from
Check it out below.

ECX has gone MADD contest!

To celebrate the long awaited MADD GEAR US arrival,
is giving away TWO brand new MGP Team Edition Scooters on New Years Day! All you have to do is make a MADD Gear purchase from
or from ECX's retail store between 12-6-10 and 12-31-10 and you will be automatically entered to WIN! The winners will be chosen at random and notified on New Years Day 2011. One winner will be chosen from both web orders and store purchases. This is just our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers and to MADD Gear for coming to the USA! (link)

ECX is getting tons of MADD Gear scooters and products in all week long! Check the site daily.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Madd UK Scotland Invasion

Madd's UK team recently took a three day trip to Scotland to ride some of the best indoor parks, and this is the result. The whole team is soo clean and stylish. Graham has got to be my favorite rider from the UK...there are no bounds to his style and creativity. He also did a great job with the editing.

Aussie Riders, What do you think of this??

So, it comes to no surprise to anyone to know that the sport of scootering in Australia is bigger than it is here in the US, and probably bigger than it is in Europe as well. Aussies just love to ride, and it's at the point now where they even out number BMXers and Skaters at the skatepark.

Well, The BMX Company "Colony" isn't too happy about this. So they're trying to do something about it.

Basically, Colony is having a "program" if you will. It's called the "Colony Trade in a Scooter Program" Their goal with this, is to not just keep scooters off the streets, but also keep them out of all skateparks in Australia. Please click the link below and read the piece to learn more.

Colony Trade in a Scooter Program

Now there's a few ways that we as a Sport can look at this. I am choosing to look at it this way. We are growing, a LOT. To the point where in Australia the riders in BMX who can't accept that, are trying to go to such lengths to stop this growth, and these kids from doing something they love. They are trying to instead steer them away from scootering, and into their sport of BMX. Kind of makes me wonder, how long before we start seeing efforts to keep the sport of Scootering down here in the USA? Or Europe?

To me it shows no class and a complete lack of respect to our sport, but hey...we're all used to this aren't we? We ride scooters, and we face adversity for it ALL the time...I hope this doesn't truly affect any Aussie riders out there.

Let me hear your opinions on this in the Comments.

Barcelona Street Jam

On January 15th theres going to be a big jam in Barcelona, put on by Balthazar Neveu and Javi Trepat. Balth is originally from Paris but now lives in Barcelona, and you probably know by now that Javi is a local. Also taking part is Ferran Grau and the Twisted Scooter Crew, a local team of riders. Barcelona is home to some of the sickest street spots in the world, and the organizers really want some good talent there so if theres any way you could make it there, I'd suggest going.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Inside-Scooters Welcomes ZeroGravity

At Inside-Scooters it's no surprised that we currently work with the top companies in our sport. We take our partnerships with all the companies we work with very seriously, and are always open to working with new companies to help them promote their companies, products, riders, etc.

Our newest company to join us on Inside-Scooters is North West's own..

***The following piece about Zero Gravity, includes their views on religion and makes references to their religious beliefs. If you disagree with what you read here...Keep your comment to yourself. I will not publish any comments that are negative or hateful. Thank you.***

"Zero Gravity started as a skate park outreach in 2005. We started out by giving away cold bottled water on hot summer days. Zero Gravity brought a positive attitude into a scene that is sometimes known to be negative and harsh. Since then Zero Gravity has grown into a ministry, team, and a business providing scooter decks and other products. Proceeds from all sales goes directly to fund the operations of the ministry and outreach.

The ministry of Zero Gravity started a Scoot Church in March 2010 and is currently holding Scoot Church on Tuesday nights 6-8:30 at the Grid indoor skate/youth facility. Our goal on these nights is to connect with the youth and help them to know who and what Jesus is all about. Currently we reach over 50 youth on these nights and growing weekly. We also encourage each of them to participate in our weekly scooter competitions no matter what skill level. This helps them to build their confidence in the sport and also to connect with other scooter riders. All of the Zero Gravity Scoot Church team riders are required to bring a positive and encouraging attitude to the sport. Each one of them are expected to be part of the weekly Bible teaching and competition. They also participate in monthly outings to various skate parks to share what Zero Gravity is all about!

Early January of 2010 we, along with The Rock Church Monroe, WA adopted our first outdoor skate park. This creates a serve opportunity in the community by helping with the maintenance of the park. By doing this, it brings awareness to the importance of skate parks in a community. Without them many areas like schools, parks, and businesses get damaged from the use scooters and skateboards. It also helps with the city budget, enabling them to use the resources in other needed areas.

Zero Gravity owner Todd Scheffer started making scooter parts in 2006 as a hobby for local scooter riders which eventually turned into a business. November 2009 we released our first one piece scooter deck to the public and since then have made two other models and discontinuing our first. Shortly after that we released our forks, bars, compression systems, brakes, and are curently working snow scoots. All of our parts are designed and machined in the USA by a multi million dollar machine shop neighboring several Boeing facilities. In April 2010 we launched to help distribute our products at both national and international level. "

I am really happy to see another great company in the sport of scootering. I expect a lot of good things to come from ZG in the future. You guys can find all your updates and breaking news relating to Zero Gravity, right here on Inside-Scooters.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tyler Wheeland: While I Have It

When Tyler Wheeland first hit the scene a few years ago, he was overlooked by everyone. His riding was pretty dull compared to the people he rode with on a daily basis. At an early stage of Tyler's riding he made the decision that he didn't want to become just another "So Cal Rider" sharing the same tricks and style, or should I say lack there of, as the majority of other riders in Southern California.

Tyler started to blend a lot of Bmx style into his tricks and riding, and people were liking it, a lot. He is most known now for his wallrides, being one of the best at them in the sport.

Tyler is definitely one of the most opinionated riders in the scene, if he has something to say, he will most likely say it, and accept the consquences after. To be honest that's just another thing that turn a lot of people on to Tyler, and sure it turns a few people off. Tyler now rides for Lucky Scooter Parts, and knocks out amazing videos from time to time. The video below is honestly amazing, check it out.

Tyler accepts that for him, riding is not something that will last forever...While that seems to be something he's easily accepted, I don't know if it's the same for everyone else who enjoys Tyler's riding.

-Steven Tongson

Wow. This is amazing. Lucky's Tyler Wheeland has quickly become one of the sports most vocal riders on the online scene, and chances are that you either love him or hate him on the forums. Whether you think he's funny or just immature, I think this video really clears up what Tyler's real outlook on riding is...and I would go ahead and say he knows whats up. I don't know who exactly this Stephen Diaz person is whom made the documentary, but he did an amazing job, super well done.