Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lucky Scooters: First Clover DVD Review.

So I finally got my copy of the Lucky DVD recently and watched it a few times. I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't quite as good as I'd thought it would be...but it definitely wasn't bad by any means. I'm gonna be nitpicking with a lot of this but don't let that stop you from buying the DVD. Lucky is a legit company and the team worked super hard on the video.

The DVD opens up with an all slomo'd montage of everyone....the slow mo gets a little boring after a while but then James Gee's part comes up. James is definitely a boss, but the whole part felt off to me because of the music choice. Usually in Lucky videos they use rap, but James was some mellow song that I felt didn't fit at all.

Overall the video used a lot of songs that I didn't think fit, or that were already used...I think there was only one rap song, in Evan Yamada's section, which worked all right but not amazingly. There were two or three songs in there that were already used, which REALLY bothers me in videos. I think next time Lucky makes a video, they should stick to using rap, I've gotten used to them using rap and it just feels more legit when they use it.

Riding wise, the video is very entertaining. The Lucky team def kills it. Butttt I kinda felt like I was seeing the same thing over and over again...360 whip, briflip, smith combo, repeat. The split sections did mix it up, Tyler and Stefan have fresh parts. I've gotta say though, from the teasers I expected more. The teasers gave away nearly all of the bangers, which is rather disappointing.

As far as filming and editing goes, I think they did a decent job. There's some clips with a dirty lens, or where the sunshade is showing, steadyshot on with a fish, etc., but then you gotta remember that this is a scooter DVD...a company's first DVD isn't going to be perfect. These guys aren't professional filmers, so it doesn't look quite like a skate or bmx DVD. There were a few different filmers, who use different cameras so some clips look a little different (especially Callum Batty and Gage Casal's part, which was all HD footage). Most of it was filmed with a VX. Now a VX films standard definition, or 720x480 lines of resolution with a 4:3 ratio, but it looks widescreen (16:9) because they upres'd it to HD, which is something you never see with BMX/skate videos. But keep in mind, this isn't a BMX/skate video, its a scooter video, and honestly the level of filming of our sport isn't quite up to BMX/skate standards. So IMO they did a pretty good job of getting the riding on film, there weren't any cut off heads and for the most part they weren't shaky.

So overall I think there are definitely some things that Lucky could have improved on. Now I'm not saying this to bash on the team, as a first video it's good, but hopefully they can take my input and make their next video even better. Even with just different songs, the video would have been 10x better for me. I'm def looking forward to the next Lucky DVD, I know I'll be getting a copy of my own.

You can buy the Lucky First Clover DVD here.

Ben Harradine is Addicted.

Ben Harradine is one of the rarities in the sport today.
His scooter isn't dialled, his style isn't constantly being honed to what everyone wants it to be and he couldn't care less what you think about him.
This short picture presented by FriendlyFlicks.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

On The Rock 2..........Yes...I said it. if you're not really an OG rider or weren't around about 4 years ago, you won't really understand how happy I am right now. On The Rock or OTR, was a video featuring Canadian riders, Travis House, Jeff Sturge, and Nick Kreiger. The first video was a major hit...these guys brought some sick style to scootering...and really put Canada on the map back then.....Well they're back, and they have started filming for On The Rock 2. The first promo for the video is released and you can find it below. Under that, you can find a direct download link for OTR1.

Click below to Download On The Rock 1!!!

MGP USA Welcomes new Team Rider: Jessee Ikedah

Ever since Jessee hit the scene last year, he has been one of my favorite riders. He never stops progressing, and has one of the sickest styles around. MaddGear obviously noticed this as well, because Jessee Ikedah is now the newest member of the MGP US Team. Which makes the Team now..

Anthony Bustos
Raymond Warner
Tyler Bonner
Jessee Ikedah

Congratulations to Jessee!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stan Smirnoff Paris Footy

Really sick edit, showing some serious vert riding by Stan Smirnoff. Check it below.

Luke Painter Madd UK Edit

Wow. This video just got better and better as it went on for me. Loving this guy's riding. Last few clips were bangers for sure.

New SOA Updates

Recently got some news from SOA. Check it out below!
SOA has been know to bring you ozzie riders the goodness & here it is the new Imitated Scooter Metal cores finally Instock!

First release comes in 6 Core colours all with White PU 2 88a durometer hardness with the Imitated scooter PU print. These metal cores are also know as AKA Tha Flavo. This new wheel is setting a new benchmark price tag for Imitated Metal cores of the official & Only Eagle sports wheels. Imitated wheels are sold for a price to suit the quality. If you're after HIGH quality I suggest order the New PU shape eagles also instock at the SOA store.

Scooters-Only-Australia has just got a huge shippment of MGP Scooters. This is the New 2010 Forged MGP Scooter with new design features unlike recent 2009 models. Each order from SOA webstore gets a free MGP Sticker & of course our SOA Sticker sheets plus landyard key chain. The MGP is on Instock & rrp is $99.95Aud

Stock is here to dispatch ASAP Ozzie clients & International so head on over to SOA to get you MGP Scooter today!

As always keep checking Inside-Scooters for all SOA updates, and all breaking news and updates in the sport.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Graham N Pals Super 60

Not sure why this wasn't posted yet, definitely a "super" 60. (Lol). I can never get enough Graham footy, and Rob and Lewis kill it too. I don't think I've ever seen footy of Rob before, super stylish, I wanna see more.

Lucky Scooter Parts New Website and Updates

Some companies have great parts, Some companies have a great Team...and a few companies have both. Lucky Scooter Parts is one of those companies that has both. Their riders are ever progressing in both street and park, and their parts get stronger and more innovative. I recently got the following statement below from Lucky Scooter Parts, check it out.

The new Lucky store is alive and kicking! We know that it took us a while to get it rolling, but it was well worth the wait. The new website is way easier to navigate through and shop and has a ton of more parts to choose from! One of the new parts Lucky has launched includes the "Lucky SMX Fork" that is styled after a BMX fork, it is Jessee Ikedah’s signature fork and is ridden by other top riders like Tyler Bonner, James Gee and more.
Lucky will be giving away some sick parts to random people who register for an account on the new website between now and August 15th, there is no purchase necessary and the winner will be notified via email! So get to the new website and register!

The First Clover DVD is also now in stock and shipping the same day as you order!! It is a sick DVD with almost an hour of footage of some of the best riding the sport has seen yet and the some gnarly crash footage... Nick Donatelli gets the award for most blood...hands down!

All I can say is that the fork looks amazing, and the fact that it's Jessee Ikedah's signature fork...says enough. And the First Clover DVD as we said before, is going to set the bar. Keep checking IS for more updates involving Lucky Scooter Parts, and all breaking news and updates in the sport.

Erik Feenstra

So good, I wish I could ride like this. Kinda wish he would have put one of his big park boosts in here, he has some legittt turndowns. Still super sick. I mean who actually uses pegs on street rails? To truck out? KYS Erik.

Warick Beynon - England Trip.

Blunt Scooters team rider Warick Beynon flys to the United Kingdom tomorrow. Whilst there he will be staying in Swansea, Wales . But will be riding a few parks in both England and Wales. Blunt has hooked him up with a fresh set up for the trip and he will be taking some blunt parts with him to show them off throughout his stay. If anyone is interested in riding with him you can contact him at

Check his friend request and get at him.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Edison Day Video with Proto

Killin it. Dan's 360 slider on that bank was one of the sickest things I've ever seen. Also Jon's fakie nose manual to whip, ughhh. So tech. Murda is progressing nicely as well. Nice video.

MaddGear Updates

You guys remember when I posted about the Skant Rampage competition in Perth? Well if not, check the link below.
Click Me
Well I just got news that Anthony Twan Bustos, and Coedie Donovan will be there representing MaddGear and supporting the event. So if you guys got a chance to get out there...DO IT.

Also MaddGear just released their brand new 100mm Aero Alloy Cores! These wheels look amazing and will be available at all dealers of MaddGear products soon!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Poll is now CLOSED

When it comes to which riding style our IS readers was actually a really close poll. But Australian riders took the top vote.

The Aussie style of riding is something that a lot of people have come to have a problem with. I honestly feel that's because they set the "normal riding" standard at such a high level. It's not like in America where you have a lot of really good riders...and the next level down, are riders that really aren't good at all. In Aus the normal standard of riding is really really high. To the point where people found it repetitive in videos. In my opinion, this is NOT a bad thing...It just goes to show how advanced the sport of scootering is in Australia.

The next poll will be up shortly!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

560 (30%)

798 (43%)

407 (22%)

51 (2%)

APEX Scooter parts now at Moonwalk Scooters

APEX Scooters, is a new company with amazing parts designed and manufactured in Australia. All products are tested and designed by top level riders before being released to the public. All the parts are also made by true billet aluminum, and come anodized or raw.

Below you'll see pictures of the APEX SCS, Double clamps, and their new pegs. These pegs were tested hard by MGP Riders Coedied Donovan, and Billie Rainbow. So I think it's safe to say they're probably some pretty strong pegs.

Check the pictures below.

All of the stuff above is available for sale now at Moonwalk Scooters. Also coming soon from APEX, and which will also be available at Moonwalk Scooters are the follow.

APEX Forks
APEX Wheels

Be sure to keep checking Inside-Scooters to find out when Moonwalk gets more of this stuff in stock! And if you are interested in buying an APEX product now, click to link below to head over to Moonwalk

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Picture Update with Jess Boland

Jess hooked it up with some pictures earlier this week of her throwing down with her new Signature Eagle-Sport Wheels. Check em out below.

Pictures taken by Zack Prestoe

Bendub DVD Teaser

This is a DVD some kids from around Bend, Oregon have been filming for since April. Filmed and edited by Brendon Orton from Flavor Media, this will have full sections from:
Matt Kaminsky
Chase Robertson
Nick Toigo
Ty Alexander
Jake Clark
Tyler Bonner

and a bails and friends section. The video will be available in early August on for 15 bucks or at the Razor Exposed Tour stop at Battleground Skatepark for ten bucks.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scooter Hut Special MGP Scooter Sale

Right now Scooter Hut has their hands on 8 MGP Scooters, that were personally signed by the entire Australian Team and Anthony Twan Bustos. The full list of signatures on the scooter are listed below.

Adam "Ladam" Bolton
Coedie "Donoflip" Donovan
Billie Rainbow
Jaxon Andrawartha
Luke Pickett
Ryan Williams
Anthony "Twan" Bustos

Clearly this is a really rare opportunity to own something like this. Signed by one of the most, if not THE most dominant Team in the sport today. They are on sale right now on Scooter Hut's website for 140.00aus, and the proceeds for these scooters is going to go to their local charities.

There are only 8 Available! So if you want yours! Follow the link below and get to Scooter Hut asap!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Josh Brown Leg Break.

This is a great example of what not to do when jumping a huge gap (in this case, a 16 stair). I got to meet Josh during the Inward tour and he's a pretty chill kid. He's still recovering from this so best of luck to him.

Blunt Scooters One Piece "Ace of Spades" Deck

Since Blunt hit the scene, everyone has been anticipating getting a first glance at their one piece deck...Well that first glance is here. And you will not be disappointed. The following statement was released by Blunt Scooters earlier.

"You may have noticed that Blunt scooters has been a little quiet lately..but we haven't been resting in this silence. We've been hard at work to bring out our next exciting and innovating line of parts. One of those new parts is of course, the Ace of Spades Deck. After 6 months of hard development we are finally proud to produce one of the most advanced decks on the market today. It features a unique rail guard running under the length of the deck to keep the welds away from coping and prevent them from wearing down, and a brand new Patent pending brake system, along with a distinctive looking down tube. This deck will come in two versions, the Integrated Headtube, and the standard headtube.

Australia will be spoiled with these new decks first in September, before they start to find themselves in other parts of the world."

For more details please click the picture below to view it in a clearer quality.

Anthony "Twan" Bustos Edit

It's been a while since MGP USA's Twan released a mini video. But he recently got one done, most of this being filmed during his time in Australia. Some of this stuff is pretty ridic. Check it below.

TST Day 3 Random Footy

Yep. This was probably one of my favorite days...lack of footy is the result of having too much fun riding and hanging out. Watch what Spencer does at White Castle as we're leaving, he was totally ready to take that guy on. Hahaha. Anyways, I still got more (more more!) footy to put up, so keep checking back for more Transit exclusives.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ryan Upchurch and Aj Storcella Day video + Others

Eagle-Sport Team riders Ryan Upchurch and Aj Storcella recently got together with some other Woodward locals and got a nice day video filmed. One of the best things about this video, is that since this day of riding went down, Aj Storcella has said that it really made him realize how much he loves we can expect to see more Aj footage in the future. Check the video below, some gnarly stuff in there.

James Bull New GenY Promo

GenY rider James Bull recently put out his latest video...and in my opinion it is his best yet. Really love watching this guy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inward Tour Review

The Inward East Coast Tour recently wrapped up last Friday. The trip was definitely a success despite inclement weather. The crew of Matt Ogle, Jordan Jasa (thats me), Josh Kish, Zig Short, and "Baby Nate" Wagoner started their trip in Buffalo, NY at the XW Scooter Competition. Zig ended up winning the AM contest, with Nate getting 2nd. Overall it was an awesome showing of Inward's riders, who also started filming there for a DVD.

The crew at XW.

The next day consisted of driving up to Massachusetts. We got there pretty late but were able to get some street clips during the drive. The next day, Monday, we were able to ride three parks. We started at Newburyport, and got quite a nice turnout. After a raffle and autograph session we left for the next park, Ipswitch River Park in North Reading, but were rained out and unable to really ride the park. We did a quick raffle and were able to find a park in Milford, Connecticut. That was probably the best session of the day, we all got some bangers on film and were able to make some new fans of the team and company.

Inward minus Zig (who kept going to the van to sleep) plus Dan Holm, whom shreds.

The next day we had planned to go to NYC and film some street, but the rain kept us away. Instead we opted to stay in Connecticut. We were on our way to a park when we saw this random ghetto park of metal ramps. We took the exit and were able to ride the park for a while, and got some clips. Zig of course was able to find something to ride other than the ramps, and made a ghetto gap to box to drop to get some clips on. That was definitely a fun sesh, and so we were a little reluctant to leave. But we packed up again and headed to Jennings Beach Skatepark. Normally they don't allow scooters but JP worked his magic and convinced the lady to let us in, without helmets as well. Eventually the park attendants started getting antsy and wanted us to leave, but we stayed long enough to get some bangers.

After the outdoor parks, we again were rained out. Fortunately we were able to find a sick indoor park, New Haven, and they let us in despite scooters not being allowed. They had some big mats there and the crew was able to learn flairs (except for me cause I was actually trying to get clips, not spend the whole time learning one trick. Slackers.).

The next day, Wednesday, was supposed to be the day of the All-City Jam in NYC. Once again, however, Mother Nature defied our plans and we were forced to regroup. So we took off from our hotel to Drop In Skatepark. That park wasn't too good but it had some fun street obstacles and I got to meet Shane McNulty, one of my good friends from the scooterchat. That was definitely a highlight for me. After we finished at Drop In we got word that it was drying up in the city, so we drove to the Maloof street plaza park to meet up with some other riders. It was a little crowded but we were able to make a success out of it and film some stuff. After that we headed to Zig's house, where we would start our street filming session. It didn't take too long for it to get dark but we definitely had a good time filming and meeting some of Zig's crew.

The Inward van outside of the Maloof park, which is located next to the Globe, a famous spot.

On Thursday was our TIC jam. I'm not gonna lie, TIC wasn't one of the parks I was excited for but I was happy by the end of the day, after landing a banger and getting to ride the foam pit. What I was looking forward to most was seeing Josh Kish ride, as TIC is pretty much where he lives (jk Josh). Eventually he threw down, including a world first and some other amazing tricks. We also got to see Zig trying flairs to wood. He didn't really get close but it was still crazy seeing a street rider like him doing a park trick like that. Nate also landed his first backflips, big props to him.

Friday was the last day of the trip. We started the day out at Newport Skatepark in Delaware. We were all super tired and didn't really ride much, cause we're all a bunch of slackers. So we got tired of that place and went to Woodward of Philly, or whatever that park is called. Pretty much right when we got in there, Matt and I tried frontflips. We didn't really get very close but I was glad I tried em anyway. After JP brought us all some Monsters we started riding to get some clips, highlighted by Nate spending like 9 hours trying one combo, which he landed clean as can be. We finally left and had to say goodbye to Zig and Josh, who went home earlier than Matt, Nate and I. The park was probably my favorite out of all of the ones we went to, I would have stayed longer but J-Pizzle wanted to get some grub.

Overall the trip was a definite success. We got hit by a lot of rain but were able to make changes to our plans so we could ride anyway. We met a lot of fans, and made some new ones. A ton of footage was filmed, and we all had a lot of fun.

Footage from the trip will be released in the Inward DVD, which will featured parts from each rider. The video, entitled "Bustin Cakes", will be out by Christmas.

Transit Scooter Tour 2 Preview.

Features Matt Dibble, Seth brown, Issac Miller, Josh Young, Spencer Steed, Jordan Jasa, Jeff Mroz, Madis Kukk, Jon Meadows & Tommy Daddono. Get stoked.

Edited by Sam Short of Film Reel Scooters.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Skant Rampage

Skant Rampage is competition that supports and promotes being drug free and alcohol free. Go out and ride and listen to music, or just go to support. More details below on the flyer. You'll also see some of the sponsoring companies are also our Advertisers here on IS.

MaddGear USA Updates

As mentioned in a previous post, Inside-Scooters is working close with MaddGear to make sure you guys know all the breaking news going on with the company. Here are some new updates.

Raymond Warner Wins the Am Jam Best Trick

This past saturday in Riverside, California at Da Compound was the Scooter Zone Am Jam. Some of the best riders in California showed up ready to compete....but when it came to the Best Trick contest, MGP USA's Raymond Warner, showed up to win. Check the statement below.

"Congratulations to MADD Gears very own Raymond Warner for Winning best trick at the AM JAM this past weekend in Riverside California, doing a Huge 360 triple whip to late bar big box at DaCompound. Raymond sure is showing us why we took such a big interest in him. Be sure to keep updated with us and see who will be the winner of the Next MGP USA Sponsored Event." - MADD Twan

MGP Riders on Toasted TV This Week

For everyone in Aus, MGP Riders, Coedie Donovan, Ryan Williams, and MGP US Rider, Anthony "Twan" Bustos, will all be featured on Toasted Tv. This will be taking place on Wednesday, July 21st. The released statement is below.

"Hey everybody Team MGP will be on Toasted TV this Wednesday the 21st of July. Be sure to watch between the times of 7am to 8am and see Ryan Williams, Coedie Donovan and U.S. Rider Anthony "Twan" Bustos as they show some tricks and discuss their love for the sport." - MADD Twan

Twan Says Goodbye to Australia

And last but not least. As a lot of you might have known, Twan has been living in Australia for some time now. Working closely and learning a lot from MaddGear, however Twan is soon to be moving back home to Southern Cali. Check the flyer below for more information, and the brief statement issued below.

"Twan has learnt all he can from us at MADD and is now ready to show all of you what he has in the States"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kevin Austin

You might remember him from THIS super 60,
Or this name might be completely new to you. All i can say is, Australian tech riding ain't that bad.

Inside-Scooters Weekly Poll

As you guys can see...We now got a weekly Poll feature we will be adding to the website. So Vote!

If you guys got ideas on what YOU think the next Poll should be, Comment this post OR Email them to me.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Aaron Bransdon Blunt Scooters Promo

Blunt Scooters Team rider Aaron Bransdon recently rode for 2 hours. This 50 second Blunt Promo was the result....Some really sick stuff in here. Check it below.

Also right under this post...You can watch the edit from Blunt Scooters rider Adam Rouse.......because as Stan Smirnoff would say, 2 Blunts are better than one!

Adam Rouse.....Throw Away?

To SOA and Blunt Scooters Rider Adam Rouse, this might be throw away footage. But in my opinion some of this stuff is seriously sick. Check it out below.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Madd Gear USA Updates

In our cooperation with MaddGear, Inside-Scooters will be posting updates about the current MaddGear Teams in The UK, Aus, and of course the US. Below is some recent news for MGP USA.

MGP is coming to the US...when?...Soon.

Since MaddGear has made it's mark on the sport in Australia, and since the Team traveled all the way to California for SD4...A lot of people have been wondering, when MaddGear is going to officially be here in the US, with a Full Team, and a Full line of products for people to purchase here. Some information was released on the website earlier that you can read below.

"Everyone has been wondering, When is MADD gonna come to the States????? Well we are currently finalizing all details to progress in the US Market, and therefore we have started building our MGP USA Team. For all of you who don't already know Anthony "Twan" Bustos has been on the team since the beginning of the year. He is not just a team rider though, but a Team Manager and Sales Rep. So any questions involving the US Market or Team should be directed towards him. Twan has a lot of exciting things planned for this year so be sure to keep up to date with us on the Site and in our Forums." -MADD Twan

Check it on

Tyler Bonner's Madd Winning Streak

We all know that Tyler Bonner is a force to be reckoned with on a scooter. For the most part, in competitions...Tyler is unstoppable. And his Day edit videos, are usually better than most peoples 1-2 year long edits. Since joining MaddGear it has only made Tyler he has taken 1st place at now, 3 contests In a row. The statement below was released on the Madd website earlier.

"So it seems as if Tyler Bonner one of our newest Members to MGP USA is unstoppable. He has been hammering through contests left and right and always seems to stay on top. He recently acquired his first MGP scooter, " I Love it, makes foot jams so much fun," he says. He has won the last two contests (Truck Stop, Xtreme Wheels 2010) on it as if it were just a walk in the park. Be sure to keep an eye our for Tyler as he is in first place in the standings for the "Razor Exposed Tour." -MADD Twan

Check it on

A New Rider on the Madd USA Team?

Yep, you heard right. There is a new rider on MGP US. That rider is Raymond Warner. Raymond, much like Tyler is extremely dominant in competitions, and can put out amazing video parts. Now on the same Team as Tyler, I think we are going to see quite a few competitions results with Tyler and Raymond in the top 2. Did I mention that Raymond landed a Quad tailwhip to Barspin at the first Razor Exposed Tour stop? Yeah...he's ridiculous. Big congratulations to Raymond Warner.

"Thanks to all of you who have been sending in sponsor videos to be on or apart of MGP USA. We are still getting everything ready so we can expand our team to be one of the best in the World. Everyone knows we have Tyler Bonner who is surely one of the best in the States on our team but we have just recently added........ Raymond Warner to our newly founded team. He's surely a well known name in the industry and has accomplished many victories and some know of him as a trick Robot, always adding one more to his combos then any other. We at MADD GEAR would love to say "Welcome Raymond to the MADD GEAR family!"-MADD Twan

Check it on

Right now the MGP US Team, is shaping up to be a huge force in the sport. Not just in competition, but in all aspects. These guy's are going to be dropping jaws for sure...and I don't think we've seen anything yet in terms of what Madd is going to be doing. For all news relating to MaddGear keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Kodye Gregory "Boss Edit"

This edit was sent to me by Dylan Crower. Kodye might not be the most well known guy in the scene...but he is definitely progressing. If you take a look at some of his older videos, and then watch this one...You can clearly see that. Recently Kodye slammed, and is now going to be getting his appendix removed. Which is going to lead to some time off his this might be the last footage we see of Kodye for a while. Enjoy it below.

Scooter Zone Am Jam!

Scooter Zone's involvement in the sport is impossible to ignore...whether they're coming out with new innovative products, or sponsoring and holding events like the Am Jam on Saturday. For further information read below.

The SZ Am Jam will be starting at 3pm, Saturday at Da Compound.

Entry price for Beginners and Amateur riders is $25.

They will be doing Mini games throughout the day such as, Mini Best Trick on different obsticles throughout the park. And there will also be mini S.C.O.O.T. games going on.
There will be tons of different prizes, there will be food, music, a Team Scooter Zone demo, Pro rider Demo and Pro Best trick contest.

By all means if you guys are in the So Cal area or can make it out to Da Compound on Saturday, you should def. come check this out. The flyer below has some more information.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tyler Wheeland Lucky Scooter Parts Promo

Recently T-Whee spent some time in Washington with the Lucky Scooter Part's Team. While down there, he got a lot of footy and put together a sick edit. Check it out below. At the end is also T-Whee's scooter check.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

XW 2010 Best Trick Footage

Here's the footage for best trick.....Can't believe Ryan got that first try. And Chris's Superman transfer.....too perfect. Sucks that Hunter couldn't land his 360 bar to whip to late barspin...cause I think that might have been a winner. Looks like a great competition, and for more footage on the Pro Runs...keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Big thanks to Dom Marconi for providing me with the footage.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Josh Young Torn Edit

Josh goes harddd all day! I rode with him during Transit and he's an awesome guy to chill with. Legit riding and is always a laugh.

"Lil Jon" Aglialoro Now on Lucky Scooter Parts

Wanna know why? Just watch the video........That's why..

Jon Aglialoro Lucky Promo from Alex Steadman on Vimeo.

Joe Oldfield is backkk I know most of you have no clue who Joe is. But some of the OG members of the Old SR, might remember him as "Nixon" the incredibly stylish rider from The UK. Well after being in and out of the sport for about 3 years...he released some new footage, and it honestly defines, Natural Style. Check the video below.

New Eagle-Sport Spoked Wheels Coming to the US First

As most of you saw in an earlier post on IS. Eagle-Sport has a lot of brand new Spoked Core wheels, in new colors. You can see the original post by clicking the link below.

Click Me

Today I received the news that these brand new Spoked wheels, will be available first in the US. DSAScooters has ordered 50 of EACH color that you see below. Currently the wheels are only in 100mm Size. This is NOT permanent, and in the near future, you will be able to buy all of these wheels in 100mm and 110mm.

Also with these wheels, and with all future Eagle-Sport wheels will not be the standard inline PU shape wheels, we've seen before. These new wheels, will have a new shape that suits better for scootering. As it is, the new shape also has about 10% more urethane than the older wheels. Which means more life for the wheels along with more rebound, and grip.

Check out a few more high quality pictures below. And for the exact date on when DSAScooters will have these available for purchase, Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Battle of the South Scooter Jam

All information below was provided by Joey Aria. More information will come soon if provided, and it will be posted here on IS.

We invite you to attend and compete in the first freestyle scooter competition
to ever take place in the state of Virginia or any other Southern state! Visit
the new, built-in, and completely concrete Warren County Skatepark made in
partnership with the Tony Hawk Foundation! Support the progression of freestyle
scootering in the Southern region of the country, meet new people, watch scooter
riders throw it down, rep your state, and enjoy what the public park and town of
Front Royal has to offer.


Warren County Skatepark (Ed Stump Playground)
100 Kerfoot Ave.
Front Roayl, VA 22630

Contact Information:
Joey Aria
Director, Head of Marketing

Chris Roberts
Assistant Director, Head of Communications (Contact if interested in sponsoring
this event)

Competition Information:
Spectator Fee: Free
Entry Fee:
15$ (on-site registration)
Pad Requirements: Helmet

The competition is planned to be a Jam style format. Depending on the amount of
competitors, we plan on having the 3 following divisions:
Flow (Beginner), Am (Intermediate), Pro (Advanced)

Event Layout (start time/end time, "?:??PM" states that the time is unknown due
to an unknown amount of competitors):
12:30PM | Warm Up, Competition Entries, on-site registration | 2:30PM
2:30PM | Introduction | 3:00PM
3:00PM | Flow (Beginner) Jam | ?:??PM
?:??PM | Am (Intermediate) Jam | ?:??PM
?:??PM | Pro (Advanced) Jam | ?:??PM
?:??PM | Wrap Up | ?:??PM
After Competition | Open Public Skatepark Session | Sun Down

To pre-register please call (540)270-1893 any time and be prepared to provide us
with your first and last name, age, state, and requested division. If no answer,
please leave us a message with the required information. We will fairly choose
the best division for you based on your riding level.

NOTICE: Pre-Registrations must be done at least 2 days in advance of competition

Royce King Migg + Grit Scooters Edit

So did you know I loved Royce King and have for like 3 years? Oh well now you do. Here's his latest edit, and yes..I love it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Xtreme Wheels 2010 Results are in!

The results are in, fresh from IS's own Jordan Jasa who is at the competition now.

1st - Tyler Bonner
2nd - Chris Gascoigne
3rd - Jon Reyes

1st- Zig Short
2nd -Nate Wagoner
3rd - Gus Rymer

Ryan Upchurch: Barspin to Barspin to Double Tailwhip over the box

As if I need to say it again..............Let's rack another one up for the one rider who seems to be unstoppable......Tyler Bonner. Also huge congrats to Chris Gascoigne for making it out from California, and taking 2nd place. And another shocker is Jon Reyes known mostly as a street/tech rider...rounding it up with a 3rd place spot. Great stuff.

Am division looks like Inward had it on lock. With Zig and Nate taking the 1-2 finish.

And what's up with that best trick! I don't even think I've ever heard of that trick being done period. Insane.

Fading but not Forgotten: CSC

The below piece is something new that I will be doing on IS. “Fading but not Forgotten” is for riders that are no longer in the sport, and riders that are in fact in the sport...but don't get the recognition they deserve. This idea was presented to me by Nick Darger.

Fading but not Forgotten: CSC

The below piece is something new that I will be doing on IS. “Fading but not Forgotten” is for riders that are no longer in the sport, and riders that are in fact in the sport...but don't get the recognition they deserve. This idea was presented to me by Nick Darger.

It's been so long since one of the most dominant crews in the sport was around, that when people hear “CSC” now, they hardly know what it means, or where it came from.

CSC stands for Corona Scooter Crew. Who was in that crew? Mike Dies, Mikey Weaver, Cody Speake, and Danny Rambert. And what made them so dominant, everything about them.

At the time that CSC came out, there were no real “Teams” in the sport..because all of the big companies we got now, were not around yet.

What we had back then were mostly, Crews, aka A group of friends that rode together. Well CSC wasted no time in showing their dominance through their riding.

It wasn't just one of them either, they were all on a level that few others were on at that time. There wasn't any one trick they all did, like backflips that got them so was the way they combo'd their tricks in and out of grinds and manuals...and the lip/coping tricks they brought to the sport were almost unseen at that time. That, and their individual styles.

These guys had such a strong Bmx Feel to their riding, it was amazing. Coming from Corona in Southern California, they also opened peoples eyes to a new form of So Cal Park Riding...and people loved it.

Everyone in the sport was instantly drawn to CSC, the control they all had on their scooters, was almost inspiring to watch. Watching these guys, made you want to be better.

Also during 2004 and 2005 we really didn't have a reliable wheel...but CSC turned the sport onto one of the best things its ever seen. YAK Wheels. No, not the Yak wheels you find can't find the YAK Wheels I'm talking about. At the time of 2004 and 2005...YAK made amazing wheels..and it was CSC that were some of the first guys to really promote these wheels...and start the YAK era.

When the preview for “Once Again” came took the sport's attention quick. Everyone wanted it, and wanted it bad We waited, and waited for its Winter 2005 release....But this was one video, the sport would never get to see. It was after the release of this preview, that footage and the presence of CSC became really scarce.

When word started to go around that they were all slowly quitting, and that Mike Dies was making his permanent transition to Bmx, it became clear that we were soon to be losing CSC for good.

Now a days CSC, basically lives on through the “Once Again” preview, and what other rare videos of the guys that people have.

Mike Dies has went on to be extremely successful in the sport of Bmx, you can find videos of him online.

Cody Speake and Danny Rambert have tried a few times to get back into the sport, but a full return is yet to be seen, but they are said to once again be trying to get back to riding.

And lastly, my favorite of the four, Mikey Weaver has yet to be seen or heard from to my knowledge.

It's rare in this sport, to be able to make such an impact...and still be able to make that impact long after you're gone, or in hiatus. But the riders and individuals we will be doing articles on in “Fading but not Forgotten” are just that. They are the riders who stood out beyond the rest, and will continue to do so as long as we remember them. Keep checking Inside-Scooters for the next “Fading but not Forgotten”

Below you will find the infamous preview for "Once Again". If you got any videos featuring the CSC guys, please feel free to email them to me.

CSC Once Again Preview from andy bradford on Vimeo.

This video below is over 2 years old. It's the 951 Scooters 2 Video. For a while Cody and Danny were back riding...and in this video...they really steal the show. After watching the "Once Again" preview you should be able to pick them out in their clips. Cody does some insane Superman stuff, and Danny just all around shreds it. You can also spot a tiny Monky...if you look close enough.

951 Scooters 2 from nick darger on Vimeo.

Do you got a rider in mind that you think should be featured in “Fading but not Forgotten”? Then shoot me an email at and tell me your reasons.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Brand New Eagle-Sport Wheels and NEW SIG Wheels

Most people are by now aware that Eagle-Sport has got rid of the old spoked core design. The new spoked cores have proven to be a lot more popular. Recently Eagle-Sport made different color cores for riders looking to keep their scooters more color coordinated. Check those out below.

Also, Eagle-Sport has finished up two more signature wheels for two other Australian Team riders. These two riders have shown a great amount of dedication to Eagle-Sport. Check out their wheels below, that will be available worldwide in the near future.

Jess Boland Sig Wheels

Rory Coe Sig Wheels

For future on details on when these will be available in your area, Keep checking Inside-Scooters.