Friday, August 30, 2013

Freestyle Depot Labor Day Sale

Get there while you can, folks.

BLAQE at Scoot Fest/Magazine Issue 1

BLAQE is an entity focused on helping put on rad events and producing high end clothing, as well as a number of other products in the future.  The team consists of some European heavy hitters (as you can tell from the video).  They made this dope magazine to introduce their riders and shed a little light on the company too, check it out.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Razor Triple Crown Event

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Jon Devrind Full Clip

When it comes to tech combos, a lot of riders unfortunately make them look stiff and forced. Jon, is not one of those riders. He makes everything looks so fluid and smooth. Really stoked on these clips, and the new Crisp scooter doesn't look half bad either. Check em out below.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Nathaniel Salfi of the Fat Cat Scooter Krew/the guy behind @realscooterig made this edit from the last Woodward.  Lots of younger homies in this, all shredding it.  Hep Greg has some clips too.

X Games 13 Scooters Demo

For the second time in a year the X Games had Scooters put on a demo of sorts. Jake Hershey was on the mic of course, keeping the crowd hyped, Shelby was getting the shots, and the riders took it from there. Really stoked to see all the dudes come together for the event and more or less, open peoples eyes as to what scooters are capable of. Looked like it was a good time for sure.

Also props to my man Cody Speake for proposing to his long time girlfriend Chelsea.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Zenith Issue Two

Zenith is an online photo magazine series that I do.  Using photos I've shot this summer, I recently put together issue two.  Check it out, hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Elliot Arnold "Seizure"

Elliot has been dropping a lot of edits this year for AO, and the other companies under Sunshine. As always he has plenty of solid clips. That heelwhip steeze at around the 45 second mark was tight. Editing had my eyes hurting though, that's for sure, haha.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New 5Starr Rival Bars

5Starr just came out with some new bars. These are for SCS compression I believe, considering they come standard and with no slit.

-4130 Chromoly
-Chrome or Black
-Weight 2.6
-Price 65 for Black and 75 for Chrome

If anyone has rode these yet, let us know what you think in the comments!

Win a new District V4 from Scooter Grounds

A sick contest brought to you guys by Scooter Grounds. If you want the details, just head over to and make sure you create a profile. It's required to enter the contest.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kenny Griffin Lucky Pro Team Edit

..And people thought Lucky was a park Team.. Well Kenny Griffin contradicts that in a big way with his latest edit. The whole thing is just super enjoyable. Good song choice, great filming and editing by Damion Black, and some really good spots. But in the end it comes down to how good Kenny's riding is. Definitely an underrated street rider. Check it out.

An Afternoon with Josh Newbert

Nickeh and Josh "The Chin" Newbert spent an afternoon at St. Clair Skatepark and Josh got some pretty nice park clips. He's an all around shredder, slays the parks, and kills it in the streets. Super cool dude, with an even better chin. Check it out below.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unfair Teamtage #3

Unfair is one of the sickest newer teams out there.  For this video we get to see the Aussie guys as well as the American team, the guys from Basic.  Full speed from everyone, loved it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Concrete: Anton Abramson

The next part to drop from this NorCal crew is from the filmer, Anton.  Anton definitely has skills in front of the lens as well as behind it.  All these Concrete parts are awesome, its good to see the younger generation putting in the effort for a full length.

Arnaud Marchenoir- High Technnology

I'm guessing he got the name for this editing because everything he does is super technical.  Arnaud does some of the most creative combos out there.  One of my favorites had to be the candy bar ride to toothpick.  Apparently this is just throwaway too, I'll be looking forward to a full video of top level clips from him.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Joey Aria "My Own Style" Edit

Joey has been around for a long ass time, and he has that OG style to prove it. One of the few riders who has a truly unique style, and isn't changing it anytime soon. This is probably my favorite edit from Joey so far. Super high speed on everything, and that front slider at the 4:30 ish mark was so tight. Check it out.

Also Joey is unsponsored at the moment, any companies looking to add a really positive and focused dude to their Team, hit him up at

Blunt Propaganda Tour 2013 Video

Blunt took a bunch of their riders on a tour through the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy this summer.  They acquired a ton of ridiculous footage, check it out.  The intro was tight, it's cool to see them play the "Propaganda" theme up.  Also that Kanye song goes so hard.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hugo Svare for AO

This is all footage shot of Hugo while on AO trips to California, Barcelona, and Paris.  Hugo has one of those styles everyone wishes they could have, just too much steeze.  Fullcab fakie firecracker was the coolest thing ever.

"Industry" Section on TheRideWire

Hey whaddup! The guys over at just added a new "Industry" section that now houses the "Marketplace" (buy/sell/trade) and also features the new "Manufacturer" and "Retailer" section. 

Manufacturer - Come here to post any news or updates about the brands you know and love. (Brands are welcome to create threads and engage as well)

Retailer - Talk about the retailers in our industry. Who has great customer service.. who doesn't? New hot deals or promo codes? Post it up and help a brutha out. (Retailers are welcomed to post as well!) 

Marketplace - Come here to post up stuff you have for sale or trade and even request stuff!

Chris Gascoigne over at RW had this to say - "I'm super stoked on this new section of the Ride Wire. The Retailer section will allow riders to talk about their experiences and help guide other riders to the right places to buy scooter gear. Both the Manufacturer and Retailer section will also serve as a place for Brands to come and engage with everyone and provide direct updates. Super stoked.. go use it!"

Tilt Scooters Presents: The 2013 Chicago Street Jam

The jam this year was kind of a bust with not being able to ride certain spots (being kicked out of Picasso without any tricks even going down, Monroe gap being blocked off by construction).  Still, a ton of pro and am riders showed up, and they all threw down.  Shoutout to Josh Smukal for killing it all day.

New Conspiracy Wheels from Downside Scooters

Downside in Australia has been busy with ideas on new products, and one of the first ones released are their new Conspiracy wheels. These guys only come in 110mm, and come in Red or Black. Design looks awesome, and I've heard the performance is even better. Check em out below. And for those of you in the US that want to get your hands on them, they are working on getting them here as soon as possible. So stay tuned to ISB for that.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Proto Scooters- Brandon Kilbury Signature Wheel Promo

Brandon's sig wheel is out, and so is this video to promote them.  Straight killed those park hubbas- fingerwhip to smith?  Damn.  And that banger...whoa.  Gnarliest clip I've seen in a while.

Cole Ginter- Peachy

Cole Ginter aka Chief Ceeb is the man.  One of the coolest kids in scootering right now, fun to ride with and fun to chill with.  This video is just throwaway, he's saving the good stuff for a part in Peachy's full length video.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Scooter Zone in Chicago

SZ flew out Aaron Watson, Justin Robertson, and Cameron Poe. All three of these dudes just shred so hard. Aaron Watson has style for days, and Cameron is just a beast. Feels like he came out of nowhere. Check it out, and keep checking ISB for the actual footage of the Chicago Street Jam.

Bobby Pantano Lucky Title Team Edit

Lucky Title Team rider, and the owner of Speak Apparel, put this edit together recently. While some of the clips look like they're lacking a bit, most of the other clips completely make up for that. His tech lines are getting better and better, and he's cleaning up his riding a lot. One of his best edits by far.

Ryan Williams to Miss the World Championships

R Willy, is arguably the sports most popular star, and while most of that is due to his ridiculous amount of skill on his scooter, it's also because of Nitro Circus, and his role with them. Which is the reason he won't be at the World Championships in The UK. For more check the video below.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Elyts in Paris

Elyts has a new shoe, so team riders Luke Painter, Hugo Svare, Lambert Judith, and Florian Toegel met up in Paris to try em out.  Rootsboy was there to film the shredding that went down (and boy was there some shredding).  These guys all kill it and the shoe looks pretty good too.

Dylan Kasson Satori

That's right, Dylan is off Boxes and on Satori now.  This is all footage from over the past year.  As usual, be on the lookout for more Satori promos, still several more coming down the pipe.

Lucky Scooters Three in One: Jarred Jacobs Street, Bailorzone, Ohio Dreams with Kota and Lil Jon

Lucky riders have been busy as always lately. Jared Jacobs made a tight edit for the Lucky AM Team. He is really coming up in the street scene, love watching him ride. Then we have Blake Bailor getting down at Sammy in the Bailorzone, some messing around clips, and some legit stuff. And finally Lil Jon and Dakota hit up Ohio Dreams, and you already know they hold it down, so watch that for sure.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jordan Robles A Long Summer

Jordan Robles has been putting in work this summer, and should be recognized for progressing incredibly fast. This is by far his best edit yet. Jordan's been hitting the streets up a bit more, but still holds it down in the parks as well. I was stoked to see him hitting some legit hand rails as well. Loving his style, and I can't wait to see how it progresses over time.

Props to Tanner Fox on the filming and editing.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dialed Scooter Magazines Friday Feature: Royce King Photos from his Interview

Royce King has had one of the best styles in the sport for a long time now. He was featured in Dialed a while ago, and had one of the best interviews I've read in the magazine. When it was time to shoot for photos, they called up Nickeh, and he delivered some bad ass shots. Check em out below.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Josh Brown Anaquda Promo Part

Josh Brown has been known as a heavy hitter in the streets for a while now, and he recently dropped his Anaquda promo part. The company still hasn't made much noise here in the US, and I don't know where you can get the parts yet, but it looks like they're holding up for Josh well. Tons of rails throughout the video, and there's a really sick feeble hard truck in there too. Check it

Monday, August 5, 2013

YesPlease Crew presents Winter ft DSC

The YesPlease Crew has been stacking clips for the past couple of months now, and it's definitely paid off. This edit is packed with bangers. Mostly street clips, but there are a handful of park clips as well. It's a lengthy video, and well worth the watch. Just a little warning, there is some vomiting in the beginning, haha. Coedie Donovan comes through at the end with some nasty clips as well. Check it out.

Ryan Gould Comeback Video ...Coming soon

Ryan has unfortunately been one of the riders who has been on the injured list for some time now. But he hit me up recently and let me know he's starting to get it back. For those who somehow missed his 2012 street edit, I included it below. His close friend Cody Groom is the man behind the lens and edits for most of Ryan's videos, and that won't be changing anytime soon. They are going to start posting a lot of cool stuff on their Youtube channel so make sure you get on there and see what's going on. And you bet your ass his latest edit will be up on ISB as soon as it drops.

CodyRyanProductions YoutubeChannel

For more exclusive stuff hit up their Instagrams.


2012 Street Edit

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Zero Gravity is Back, Interview

ZG was on it's way to establishing itself as a legit company once upon a time, street shredder Jon Knudtson was even sponsored by them for a while. Then almost suddenly they dropped out of the scene. I recently caught up with Todd, the former owner of ZG, and got the break down of what exactly happened, and what we can expect from the new Zero Gravity.

-          Todd, how are you doing man, what have you been up to?
Man I am doing super good. I have also been super busy being a dad of four kiddos, running a tile installation company, launching and leading a youth ministry for Mars Hill Church in Everett WA, and now ZG again. 

-          It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything or seen anything from Zero Gravity, what’s been up with the company?
Even though you haven't seen much much from us, there has been heaps going on. ZG is now under new ownership. Joe Constance from Joes Racing is now the new owner. Joes Racing were the ones who were doing all of our manufacturing, so you can still expect the same high quality parts from ZG. Joe has been working tons on better structuring the business side of things, and also making ZG his own. He has re-branded ZG with a new logo and a new web site, which is still a work in progress. Aren't all website a work in progress? Haha!

-          At one point ZG seemed like it was really starting to establish itself as a legit company, but things started to slow down, and eventually you guys faded out for a while…what happened back then? 
Honestly the company grew faster than I did. ZG went from a skate park outreach and me making parts for the local kids, to a full fledged scooter manufacturer that was known and shipping parts world wide in just over a year. I was doing everything by myself while working a full time job outside of the scooter industry. When I say by myself, I mean by myself. I was the only employee of ZG. I had just flat out burned out and really just stopped focusing on ZG stuff. With that happening, riders were not getting what they needed and dealers were not being served well. That led to many riders quitting and dealers stopped doing business with me. Thats when Joe approached me about purchasing and taking over the company back in September of 2012. We finally settled on a price and finalized it in November.
-          So now that we’re seeing a new ZG website, new logo, and hopefully some more new products? What can we expect from ZG in the near future?
Yes you will be seeing new parts from us for sure! We are working on a extruded deck, which we just got the official drawings done this week. We are also working on wheels, cromo pegs, and also a possible new bar design. With the experience that Joe has in business and manufacturing, you can expect to see ZG in the top rankings. 
                -          Planning on putting another Team together? I know there’s a lot of hungry kids out there, dying to rep       a legit company…any plans to start looking for riders soon?

Haha! All in time man! We still get tons of sponsorship request, which is super cool, but we will first really just be focussing on a local team that will hopefully travel. I have learned it is super hard to manage riders from all over the world and have them all feel like they are part of the team. It is super important to me to have a team that are almost like family members. Healthy families do life together! They fight together, they cry together, they work together, they dream together, and they build together. If I can create a scooter team that does the same, nothing would ever stop them!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Manel Gómez

Here are some clips Manel filmed over a month. His progression is ridiculous with each new video. Fs feebs hard 3 heel was heavy. And that last clip was pretty gnarly.
-Guest writer Jona Humbel

July SOTM Winner

Voting for this month's Scooter of the Month on the RideWire is over, and user My_Names_Jordan is the winner, check out the specs below: 

Eclat Zap grips
Eclat bar ends
Proto Baby SlaYers 22 x 23.5 (out of scs)
Tilt SCS
TSI headset
TSI Threshold (Hep Greg sig)
Hella Grip OG sloth 
Tilt Legacy 
Proto Sliders 
Tilt Chromo pegs

(modded thresh to fit a peg for dank icepicks on round rails)

PROTO scooters - Armageddon 2012 - Part 8: Chema Cardenas

Chema scored the banger section in Proto's Armageddon. Well deserving of it, he had taken a few trips to America, worked at the shop, got on Boxes (and released a ton of gnarly footy for them) and overall just put his Catalyst section to shame.  With the biggest hops, gnarliest style, and the ability to 60/40 grind a 20 stair, Chema shows he is one of a kind.

Ryan Upchurch - "Delawhere?"

Ryan's new edit is bangin.  Street, park, vert, Mega, he's got it all, and kills it all.  This video is called "Delawhere?" because that's where he is from, but it moving to Portland for his new Envy job.  Good luck to him out there!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

S-K presents: David Tiefenthaler

David is another rad Austrian shredder.  Tons of more simple, but creative lines, which is refreshing to see. Raw  speed is always good to watch, and David's got it.  Props to Max Kernmayer on the film and edit.