Saturday, May 30, 2009


I thought this was wayyy too gnarly to be in a post with 4 other minivids, so I gave it a brand new post. Features riding from KC Corning, Stan Smirnoff, Cary Mosbrucker, and others. The gap Cary does at the end...speechless. For more on the RAD Skoot Co., you can look in the Inside Scooters Blog archives to find interviews I did with Stan, Cory, and Cary, as well as Tyler Boner (who unfortunately isn't in this video).

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ryan Grant, Tyler Wheeland, Hep Greg and Maxime Legrand Videos

Quite a few sick videos were released within the past few days. Starting off is a web edit of Ryan Grant, a Whitewater, Wisconsin local. We haven't seen much of this guy since Transit and that would be 2 years ago now. He's def progressed almost as much as hes grown. Filming by John Andrus.

Ryan Grant Webvid from John Andrus on Vimeo.

Next, a soliddd video from Tyler Wheeland, aka T-Whee. One of the few young Cali riders who doesn't whore it up with the briflips, and hes doing a lot more street too.

Spring video. from Tyler wheeland on Vimeo.

"Hep" Greg Cohen put this web edit up yesterday. It was supposed to be his part for the BayState DVD, buttt he's decided to film a new part. Supperrrr smooth and solid.

Web Edit. from Hep Greg on Vimeo.

And finally, a video from Frenchie Maxime Legrand. This kid is just plain nuts.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sanchez Eaglesport Sequence

It might look a little funky cause I messed up resizing it, but its still awesome regardless. Edited by Hep Greg.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Addison McNaughton SF Clips

Scooter: Addison Mcnaughton in San Francisco 5/20/09 from The Over Show on Vimeo.

Solid, smooth, and awesome are just a few words that describe these clips.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

News From Inward

As well as carrying products from Eaglesport and French ID, Inward now stocks Dominator Deck Savers in its store. For those who don't know, the Dominator Deck Saver is more or less a type of reinforcement/grind rail that goes on the bottom of your deck. I haven't used it but personally I think its worth it, with new pro model decks being twice as thin as they used to be.

If the Deck Saver doesn't look appealing to you, you'll be happy to know that Inward now offers a complete array of Razor replacement products, including decks, for a price of 20 bucks. You can also get every other part included on a Razor Pro.

Like Inward's other products, all of these will have the option to be powdercoated. Check the mainpage for more here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The End is Near.

That's right, the end of school is almost here. My last days are Tuesday and Wednesday, so after that I'll be able to start posting a lot more here on IS. I've been busy the past few weeks with soccer, and end of the year projects/etc. But now that soccer is done, and school is almost done, I'll have a lot more free time to be working on stuff for the blog. Our upcoming projects include more PROTO interviews and an interview with Fuzion regarding the new Spencer Hawk H2 Scooter, as well as other future projects.

Here's some footy that Hep Greg got while in SF for the Hyphy Jam with Dom-

Gettin' Hyphy in the Yay. from Hep Greg on Vimeo.

And a street video by Capron and some other kids. I thought Shelby quit scooters???

Street Day Video from Capron Funk on Vimeo.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tyler Bonner Street Video

Tyler Bonner Street Video from shane ryan on Vimeo.

pretty much looks like a day video. Wallride 180 caught my eye...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

News from Inward

Couple things JP sent me:

1. Because of the high demand for Inward one-piece bars, Inward has increased its production capacity. Your RAW bars and forks will continue to be shipped within 2 business days after order is placed and payment is received!
2. Hep Greg signature wheel sets are now available. The set contains a 125mm front wheel and a 110mm back wheel. LIMITED availability. Only 100 sets will be produced by EAGLE.
3. We want to thank all of our customers for their business, suggestions and support!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Justin Robertson Spring Video

The song is so played out in scooter videos, but the riding in this def makes up for it. He kills the street sets and has some original park riding.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


He's called immature by 70% of the sport, his reasons for riding are questioned by almost 50%. The things he says 80% of the time will most likely be out of line, but make no mistake he's a better rider than 90% of the riders in Scootering today. I'm referring to Anthony Bustos, better known as Twan. Born in Garden Grove, California, and raised in San Clemente, he has lived most of his life in So Cal. However recently spending the last 9 months of his life in Arizona, only to now be back in his hometown of San Clemente. Growing up in Southern California where the skateboarding and bmx scene was really strong was one of the main reasons that Twan started to ride scooters. If you knew Twan for only ten minutes, it would become obvious in five that he “walks his own path” so to speak. Twan seeing all the skaters and bmxers decided to go against the grain and start riding scooters instead. He saw the way that a lot of skaters and bmxers had this “Im too cool for you” attitude, and he himself admits..Hes as far away from cool as can be.

When Twan first really hit the scene over 5 years ago, with videos full of barspins and barspin to indys, he kind of went under everyones radar. When you ride in So Cal with guys like John Radtke, it wasn't uncommon for riders to get almost overshadowed in a way by some of the more popular riders. This wouldn't last long though. He started to progress faster and his style continued to developed, and about two years later with 2-3 more mini videos out, there was no mistaking his ability on a scooter anymore. Sketchy is something that was never in Twan's vocabulary. Some riders you can pick out the few clean tricks they land in a video. With Twan you can bet money that everything in his video will be landed clean, and come out a rich man afterwards. He grew up riding and admiring a legend in the sport by the name of Josh Toy, and also one of his close riding friends John Radtke. He is now really close friends with Josh, and despite the problems he might have had with John in the past, or any other riders, Twan will always have respect for anyone that rides scooters.

Now a days you'll see Twan riding with his close friends Julio Oceguera, Raymond Warner, Ryan Frazer, and everyone else on the SCSK Team. When Twan goes out and rides now, some of the tricks you'll see him most likely doing are; lots of combo tricks with barspins or turndowns, bartwists, and of course throwing down a flair or two....for the ladies. In the year of 2006 in December that Twan got his “big break” in the sport, when he was asked by Andrew Broussard to join what was then called the SR Team and is now the PROTO Team. Twan couldn't be happier. Even before his sponsorship with PROTO, he admired Andrew a lot for what he was doing, and is continuing to do in the sport of Scootering. He compared the opportunity to that of being on Team Razor back in short, it meant the world to him. Today Twan along with hundreds of others continue to see PROTO as the most legit company and sponsor in the sport today.

So is Twan ever going to “grow up”? Will the random videos of him being a butt pirate ever stop? I couldn't tell you. But one thing I can is that after writing this for Twan my opinion might have changed. You say hes immature? I say he has fun. You talk down on scootering? He says fight me. You question his reasons for riding? I say hes dedicated... I say “One of the cleanest, smoothest, and progressive riders in the sport? You say Anthony “Twan” Bustos.

Intro by Steven Tongson.

Interview by Jordan Jasa, contributed to by Nate Grant.

Name: Anthony "Twan" Bustos

Location: All over, Mostly San Clemente Ca

Years Riding: 5

Sponsors: Proto, Scooter Resource, SCSK

What were you like a kid? How did you become the person you are today?

- when i was a kid i was a complete fat loser and had not no friends, i think thats why today i dont really give a crap about things as much as others do. but now in my life i just try to live everyday to the fullest there is never a dull moment in the life of "TWAN" lol. life is hard for everyone but u always gotta remember there is always someone who has it ten times worse, so what i have to say is have fun do what u want and try to help others in return life a great life

What other sports did you try before picking up a scooter?

- um i was a pro am body boarder which basically means i was a shitty pro for it lol. i just love the adrenaline of a 15 foot face breaking and closing out on u and almost drowning lol. i guess u could say i love pain and fear it pumps me up

KillerScoots from Anthony on Vimeo.

Once you did get on a scoot, did you always have your unique style, or did that develop over time?

- well thats a tricky question see i have always based my life on being the outcast and not follow anyone else i think thats why everyone may think my style is unique as u say. i know ill never do crazy ass tricks like funky dunky scooterflip stuff like raymond warner lol but i know that i will do my trick over and over till i get it as clean as possible. most people say its like im hovering cause i make no sounds lol. also consistency is key in a sport like ours

How exactly did you get on the SR (now Proto) Team? Did you already know Andrew pretty well?

- i got on by riding my scooter everyday as hard as i can and never giving up on anything, i knew andrew pretty well he was always nice and chill, he even saved me the last old pair yaks to use at sd1 thanks andrew

What are your future hopes for Proto?

- hoping the sport will get big and make some money but more stoaked to start a travel team that would be hellla gnar

What is your scooter setup right now?

- i ride razor pro deck and reinforcements from scooterzone which are great so i dont snap deck fast anymore, slayer bars and small compression clamp, proto wheels, and faomies just trying to keep it old school foamies FTW

SCSK 2 Promo Video from Anthony on Vimeo.

You were on Scooter Tees for a while. What made you want to be on their team?

-i wanted on to spread the word of how fun scooters are and kimberly the owner is great with promoting

What, if any, conflicts arose from your being on Proto and Scooter Tees at the same time?

-none scootering is way to small to have so much drama

What are your views of Scooter Tees now that you're off the team?

-still think its great that kimberly loves the sport so much to invest alot of time and money into it keep it strong

Do you feel like your riding has changed at all since moving to Arizona?

-um a bit only the fact where i can ride huge tranny now like nothing thanks to stan smirnoff showing its possible to fly on a scooter like him

Are the people of Arizona different than the people in California? How did you like living in Arizona overall?

- yes they are very different in ways like scooter kids pretty much same scene but way wider bars lol, but the normal everyday people just seemed alot niceer and laid back no worries duh to low gas prices i think lol, i loved arizona dont regret a thing.

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you listen while riding?

- i love all music besides opera and country lol, but im more into either old funky music of like afi, coheed, circa survive, underoath, stuff like that nig difference i know lol. and i dont like music when i ride makes me run into people lol

A lot of people have questioned your motives for riding. What would you say to those people?

- i say that haters hate and i dont care lol, i ride for the love it i do nothing in my life to impress anyone, scooters are gay? so i guess that makes me gay cause i ride mine all day long. lol i think that if u dont like my motives then dont talk about me people talk about people cause of either jealuosy or they just want my bod lol

You and Shelby Grimnes (former ASC phototog and now a skater) have had a tumultuous relationship. Can you elaborate on what happened when she posted that picture of you on an AZ skate forum?

- ah she is lame striaght up need to vanish from the scene but whatever she wants to say im gay for that pic, guess that makes her a gay photographer for taking it right? its funny though one of the kids on that site talked mad crap look at him now scared out of his mind im gonna beat him up stupid kids lol

You invented the "Twizzler", an indy grab while doing a bartwist. Why the name "Twizzler"?

- the twizzler cause it was the "TW" short for twan and i just really like licorice =)

Name 5 riders you want to ride with, but never have before.

- terry price cause he is a freak lol, tyler hale cause we never got to ride last time, santa clause cause he watches me when i sleep that perv, ophera cause she is always throwing money out, and last but not least peter pan i wanna learn to fly make my flairs hella easy

What is next for you? Do you have any goals for the rest of this year?

-my goals of this year are get mad tatted up hopefully finsh my sleeves. got o every contest and just make some awesome scooter movies along the way. but this year i really wanna help out a kid who doesnt have much and just hook them up fat leave an impression on there life even if its not for scooters

Last words?

- my last words are live life, if people talk crap kill them with kindness, and dont ever judge just live

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Philly Crew Video Journals

Brian Boston recently uploaded the first TPC Video Journals onto youtube. As you may know, the 9th VJ was released on DVD at SD3. You can buy it from the SR store here. Here's a bit of history for you all to enjoy.

and don't forget, you can buy a copy of VJ9 at the link shown above.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Olivia Monks Minivideo 1

olivia mini vid 1 from olivia monks on Vimeo.

Keeping up the streak of videos by females, here's a vid from a girl named Olivia.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Can You Do With An Eagle?

What can you do with an Eagle? from Harrison Hope on Vimeo.

HAHAHAHA. This is great.

Alicia Clark Mini 2

Probably the best video from a girl I've ever seen.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sky-High Updates

Here's a few updates from Sky High Scooters.

-Enter the coupon code "Eaglewheels" when ordering 1 or more Eagle Sport wheels to receive a 10% discount on your order.

-New Blue and gold Edwins have been added to the store.

-Sky Bars V1 have been added to the store.

-They now have a shipping option for international orders, please read the "Shipping Information" page before placing your order.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Killerscoots and SCSK Preview

Two great vids from some of the best Socal riders were released recently. First, Killerscoots, is full length ~35 minute video with full parts from riders like Anthony Bustos, Raymond Warner, Tanner Markley, and more. You can actually buy this video on DVD from Twan, by sending him on PM on the Scooter Resource.

The second video, a preview for the next So Cal Scooter Krew video, also features many of the same riders as Killerscoots. The first SCSK video was one of the best team videos last year, and I'm sure the next will be just as good.

KillerScoots from Anthony on Vimeo.

SCSK 2 Promo Video from Anthony on Vimeo.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Inward News

French ID forks are now available from Inward-Scooters! Once again giving you options for full customization, you can order the fork to be prepared for inverted compression or the Brass Knuckles SCS. Additionally, you can choose it to be powdercoated 1 of 11 colors, or the stock black finish. As a special offer during the month of May, Inward will powdercoat your French ID fork for only 5 dollars. Once again, here is the link to buy French ID forks from Inward

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Couple Videos

Its been a pretty slow weekend for scooter news, so here's a couple vids from this week.

David Ross Mini Video 1 from David Ross on Vimeo.

TePi - Minivid 4 from TePi on Vimeo.

Coming soon is the first of 9 Proto interviews. We will be starting with Anthony "Twan" Bustos, so watch out for that.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nate Grant's Weekly Ramen Noodle Recipe: Creamy Curry Ramen

There are probably infinitely many types of curry powder, so if anyone tries this, be sure to comment on which kind you use. I've only made it once and it was years ago but i really liked it.

Chicken Ramen
1 tbs Cream Cheese
1-2 tbs Milk (to get consistency right)
Curry powder
Garlic Powder
Cayenne Pepper

Microwave noodles in water with contents of spice packet for 6-7 minutes. Next, drain the broth from noodles. While noodles are warm, add cubed cream cheese, milk, and spices, then stir to combine. Microwave for another 30 seconds to finish melting the cheese. Stir. Enjoy.

-Nate Grant