Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skatechurch Sesh

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll know that we recently posted some pictures while riding an indoor and asked for trick suggestions.  We got a ton of comments back saying what tricks we should try to film...some good, some bad, some just plain weird (s/o to the kid suggesting every x-ride combo imaginable).  We got a few of em done and threw in a couple ideas of our own.  It was a short session so the video is quick, hope you enjoy.

Features Jordan Jasa, Devin Heald, Christian Dean, and Alex Gould.  If you'd like to see more of this kind of video, let us know.

Justin Robertson and Friends in Cali

J Rob, Dan Holm, Billy Evers, and Collin DaSilva were all in town for the recent SD competition and this is the footage the guys were able to stack in the time there in Cali. I was able to finally meet Justin Robertson at SD, and the dude isn't just ridiculously talented on a scooter, but he's a really chill dude. Collin unfortunately used his nuts to snap his wrist as you can see in the clip towards the beginning. Billy didn't stack as much cause he had to get back on the East Coast for school. And Dan had a sprained thumb, but still got some clips, and is still in my opinion one of the best riders in the sport right now. Check the footage.

Film/Edit - Nick Dargerrrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tanner Markley Summer Shows

Tanner has been participating in a multi-sport action show at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio every summer for the past four years.  As you can tell, he's been able to do a lot of fun things because of it.  Not only did he get to ride his scooter for a job, he and the rest of the All Wheels Extreme Show team had a pretty long run on America's Got Talent in 2012.  Pretty cool for him, and good exposure for the sport.

Bayley Maxcy Gap to Nutslide, Scorpion Out

This is too good.  He seems to be okay though, pretty amazing considering how far he went straight to the sack.  Guess you could say lucky.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Lots of post-SD videos coming out.  This one from the BFCM guys.  I have no idea what BFCM means but Travis Shaeffer, Cam Poe, Issac Padilla, Aaron Ngo, Aaron Watson, and Ryan Hoyt are all in this and they shred.  I'm just gonna call them "Those guys from southern California who can do those tricks".

Sky High 2014 Revival

Sky High is back full force once again, this time with Tommy Daddono back at the helm.  To mark the occasion, he, Kirk Svensson, and Jack Chaney filmed this edit at the Tilt North TF.  The full team is listed at the end, and there are a couple changes you might not expect.

Gerardo Gonzalez 2014

Gerardo is part of the TrendyCrew down in SD area.  He's another upcoming rail kid that you've probably never heard of before.  He's still pretty raw and has room to develop his riding but its cool.  Check out this part featuring him as well as some guest clips from Logan Crawford.

Issac Miller | Tilt Video Trailer

Izaak Gmill Miller scooters all day every day of his life, more than anyone I can think of currently.  I had the pleasure of filming a large part of his section and I can tell you, it's good.  But I'm sure you didn't have to hear it from me.  Buy this video if you're not a a complete idiot.

Ben Jelinek TSI 2014

Ben has been comin up in the scene for a minute now, and seeing him over winter break in California, I didn't realize how good he had gotten.  It's pretty official now, he killed it in this video.  Fast lines, big rails, gaps.  Street slayer for sure.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jon Reyes Flat Edit 4 + Exclusive Interview

Jon had a tough year in 2013, a terrible knee injury, and an extremely rough recovery. It all paid off though, because Jon has finally finished and released his Flat Edit 4. Jon's Flat Edits are some of the most popular edits to drop, and I am sure this one will be no different.

Below is an exclusive interview that Jon did with Inside-Scooters. Check it out, and enjoy the video.

- Jon, I'll be the first to say I am glad we're sitting here discussing the fact that you finished your 4th Flat Edit. Especially because at one point last year we were sitting here worried that you might not ride again due to your knee injury. Talk to us about that injury and how it happened.

Thanks for reaching out to me Steven. Yea after recovering and tripping to Cali, it's done. Well, April 7th 2013, Rye Airfield Competition was the day it happened. Half way through my run I bailed on over flipping this hip, stuck my leg out, and "pop pop pop", those exact feelings. Went to stand up and collapsed. Right there I knew I messed up hard time. May 7th was the surgery, located at Hospital of Special Surgery in New York City. A lot of the top pros from the east coast go there to get work done. 8 months and 17 days of rehab, relearning the basics, and trying to push past that, here we are today.

- You received a huge amount of support from the community and industry with your knee, how did it feel getting that kind of support from not only people you knew, but also people that you didn't know?

One of the craziest feelings ever was the first phone call I received place an order on one of my sig decks that were part of the fundraiser. I said "Hello, Spokesman Cycles" and I heard "Wussup fool?!?!" Yup Raymond Warner. Literally teared when I knew he was calling to be the first to order. Minutes after Ryan Gould, following 51 others who called to place orders for the decks. To this day I'm so thankful for Phoenix for donating all those deck, Spokesman Cycles, for holding the headquarters down for shipping them and everyone else who donated. Also Kenny Carlile for creating, a way of spreading the word by hosting raffles where all the proceeds went to my medial bills. Forever grateful.

- You did a LOT of physical rehab and training during your recovery, but I've always known you to be a pretty fit guy. That being said, how was the whole rehab process?

This was nothing like any other workout session. Relearning how to walk was probably the craziest experience ever. My mind knew what I had to do but my body was on pause. I had that mental block for the longest time.

- How good did it feel to finally get back on your scooter once you were all healed up?

To be able to pop a nice bunny hop was the day I knew all that work paid off and not to stop and keep going.

- Ok... Flat Edit 4. You've filmed for normal edits before, how much different is it to film for a flat edit?

So stressful. I've watched so many bmx flatland edits and dream to be able to make it possible on a scoot. There's only so much you can do with 110mm wheels and tiny pegs, but you can for sure allow your imagination to create.

- Gotta be real with you dude, some people don't respect the flat game. Does that bother you at all?

Not one bit. I ride for myself, and theres one thing that drives me to be different. To be able to create or invent a trick is the best feeling ever. R-willy must know exactly what that feels like hahaha. I'm never satisfied with a clip if I know someone has done it already or will come close.

- Regardless of what people think of flat riding, you are definitely inspiring a lot of other riders to push their flat game further. How does it feel seeing younger riders imitating your tricks in their own flat edits?

I've been getting flat clips and vids constantly from kids around the world. It's sick to see others try to create and invent as well. I can't wait to have one big session with all the flat dudes from around the world one day, maybe future competitions would be a way gathering.

- You did a lot of filming for this out in California, and it seemed like spent a lot of time with R Gould and R Dub, how'd that all go?

The Homies! Even if I went out there without my scoot, I still would have had an amazing time chilling with them. Ray going in with the filming ideas and R-Gould giving me the luxury of staying at his house. Ah that coffee ice cream..mmmm…. I so grateful to know great people like that, and without them this video would not have been possible.

- How are things with Phoenix? Any plans for a new deck or sig part in the future?

Couldn't ask for a better relationship. Phoenix is all ears, and is all about rider ideas and production of the strongest stuff. Yessir, right now we're working on the Revy V2 and a lot more of us will have sig decks this year, that way all the kids will have all the choices they want. Also coming out with sig handle by Phoenix, which I'm sure everyone pretty much knows about already. This year will be exciting.

- Well Jon, I am seriously stoked that Flat Edit 4 has dropped...and to be honest I haven't even got to watch it yet.. So let's wrap this up, and I'm gonna go hard on that Play button. Any last words or shout outs, let em go now man.

Thanks again Steven for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and words with you and everyone who reads this. Things happen for a reason, have no regrets but learn and appreciate everything and everyone around you. Having those good feelings provide you with the positive energy you will need to achieve anything. Thanks for your support. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ethic DTC Welcomes JD

If you didn't hear, Jean-Yves Randriambelson is now on Ethic (and still on UrbanArtt).  Being on two high profile factory teams is pretty gnarly, big ups to him.  Also big ups for this trick..either part of that trick is hard enough, putting them together?  Damn son.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TSI - Road to SD8

The TSI crew, consisting of Travis House, Nick Toigo, Chase Robertson, and Ben Jelinek, hopped in a car and drove from Portland to San Diego for the SD8 competition/Tilt Premiere/good times.  They met up with ThomKat and KC as well.  Travis documented the shredding and came up with this rad video. Good stuff.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Scooter Hut USA Facebook Giveaway

Scooter Hut USA recently made a Facebook, and to show their thanks they are having a free giveaway on Facebook. Rules are simple, just head over to their Facebook page, and LIKE it, and SHARE it. That's all you need to do and on Feb 1st they will announce the winner.

Lucky Scooters | Bobby Pantano

Bobby is a combo/tech master.  Front feeble 180 fakie half cab smith 180 was too steezy.  Bobby also does it for his clothing company, Speak Apparel, and Bamboozle Skate Shop.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Alex Pinga Collins

You've seen him in the Swiss Cheese videos, you've seen him in the Friendly videos, now here's Alex Collins in his own video part.  Dunno if this is supposed to be Lux throws but it's still pretty cool.  Watch and enjoy.

Film/edit by Sean Furze.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


More more more full lengths coming.  This one from the Estonian crew of Arco Aria, Harley Harin, Madis Kukk, and Mikael Parman.  They always make cool videos and their footage looks great, this is gonna be one you won't wanna miss.

CLACK! Teaser

Another promo for another full length crew video.  The abundance of crews doing full lengths is awesome.  Can't wait for this one, Johan Cajas is a killer.

Inside the City: Cupertino

Inside the City is going to be a series on Inside in which a rider profiles their city, showing cool spots, parks, and places.  This first one is on Cupertino, a Bay area city home to tech giants like Apple. Anton Abramson and the Concrete crew take us through this inaugural tour of the town.  Danila Popov and David Coe both kill it.  Be on the lookout for more of these in the future.

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Day in The Life with Warick "Wazzeh" Beynon

Nickeh and Warick hooked up to film "A Day in The Life" for the Fidelity contest going on right now. There have been a lot of these popping up lately, and this is one of the better ones for sure. Some cameos from other top Aus riders, and a bit more than your average day in the life edit. It's good to see Warick being so down to help the younger kids. Wish more riders were like that. Check it out below.

Hit up for more top quality edits.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Totally Worth It

TWI is a full-length that was recently put out by the Venture Crew, a group of riders out in Norway.  It's really amazing to see a group of riders that large come up with a 40 minute video.  Definitely shows dedication.  Especially considering how young some of these guys look.  Take the time to sit down and enjoy this one.  They all shred.

San Jose- Concrete Crew

Danila Popov, Aaron Mom Ngo, Kevin Closson, Tyler Rehard and Anton Abramson cruise it in San Jose for this video.  Be on the lookout for more from these guys real soon.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Friendly- Lux Trailer

It's starting to look more and more like this video is gonna come out after all.  I am too psyched to see footage of Aaron.  And you know Jon Archer is gonna pull through with some hot fire as well.  Hypehypehype.

Jack the Ripper

Jack Colston is another amazing rider from SoCal's Source Scooters team.  High speed lines, gnarly gaps, just a wild style.  Watch this video and be amazed by his skill.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Downside Scooters QLD Trip

The homies at Downside recently took a trip to QLD, and it looks like it was a successful trip. The riders featured are, Jayden Hogan, Kevin Austin, Luke Maffesoni, Jackson Calcutt and James Scown. I'm sure you recognize some of those names, and if you do, you've probably already clicked the play button. If you don't know these guys, educate yourself by watching this edit.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Source Team 2014

The Source Team is doing it right for sure. Their bars are creating a good buzz, and I have to think having such a bad ass Team behind them helps. I was feeling all the clips in this, and if you need some new bars in the future, and are down with T Bars, check out Source Bars.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Philly Files

A lot of riders have been wanting this video to drop, and it finally has. A lot of work was put into this, not just in the riding, but the editing and filming as well. There are quite a few riders featured, and honestly everyone had really solid clips. Parrish really stuck out to me, it seems like he came out of no where in the past year or so, but man has he made an impact in that time. I also think these are some of Gregs best clips to drop in a long ass time.

It's over 30 minutes long, and well worth each minute. Get comfy and enjoy this one, and go out and hit up the streets once it's done. I'd be surprised if you didn't.

Maverick Leonard Quick Release

Maverick has only been riding for around 3 years now, and while he likes riding street, he clearly prefers park. He was a recent pick up for 5Starr this past summer, and he's been working hard to improve his riding, and has been impressing fellow riders along the way. He recently rode in the SD8 comp at Clairemont, which is his local, and he had a solid first run, but couldn't keep it together in the 2nd run, and ended up coming 10th overall. Hope to see him keep improving in the future, right now it looks like he just kind of hucks his tricks, it will be good to see him perfect them and develop a bit more style.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Min Je Kim 2014 "Here I Come"

Min Je Kim, aka "Cat Soupy" aka "Saki" is looking to really make a name for himself in 2014. And this video is a great way to start. You can tell he worked hard for this edit, and it has me interested to see what he does in 2014 for sure. He rides for Spokesman currently, but I don't think he has any other major parts sponsors, so get at him. Props to Jon Reyes on the filming and editing.

2013 Highlights from NY

Michael Mankong sent me this video of some of NY's up and coming riders over the past year. Some familiar faces in there, and some that you might not recognize. I really love seeing the scene in NY, it's constantly growing, and you gotta thank the OG NY riders for that. Some of these dudes can use some work, but a lot of them have some solid clips for sure. Check it out, and let's see what these guys can do in 2014.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Terry Price MFX Teaser

MGP is going hard on the promotion for their MFX deck, which is their first flat sides, and flat bottom deck. Took em a while to get the idea that they had to get one of these made eventually, but they're doing it now. Along with what looks like a very welcomed logo change. Terry as some you might know, and as most of you need to know, has been around since the beginning of this sport. And despite being such a true OG, is showing no signs of slowing down, which this feeble to backflip shows. Check out the promo below.