Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dorian Robinson Blunt Sponsor Me

Dorian Robinson is unfortunately probably most known for being the rider who broke is ankle at the last Brooklyn Banks Jam...Though I think that is soon to change if he keeps dropping videos like this. One thing about Dorian is that he has some mad hops. Some of the stuff in the video below is really sick. You can also check Dorian out in the video "Sunny with a Chance of Bangers" by clicking the link below.
Sunny With a Chance of Bangers

Blunt Sponsor

Javi Trepat/Jeremy Lanfranci Barcelona Edit

Barcelona edit Javi Trepat/Jeremy Lanfranchi from Roots Boy Production on Vimeo.

Some good old European street riding right here. Javi and Jeremy both shred hard. Its sick to see tricks like briflips and triples being thrown down huge gaps, those handrails were pretty legit too. Theres a few tricks down MACBA in there, too bad its only a 3 block now. Javi recently put out a solo video, check it out here if you missed it.

ShopECX New Team Rider

Below is a press release regarding the highly underrated rider by the name of Joey Aria. Joey is an amazing all around rider who has a diverse bag of tricks. Check out an interview we did with Joey below, and also check the Press Release from ShopECX.
Joey Aria Interview

SHOPECX.COMwould like to welcome our first permanent non-local rider to our team. Longtime shredder Joey Aria of Warrenton, Virginia has joined the ECX family and will be riding many of SHOPECX’s most popular scooter parts like the New YAK Scat II Wheels, District ST-1 Bars and ODI Grips. Joey has been involved in freestyle scootering since 2002 and is very involved in the sport. Joey has hosted his own competition and is currently running a Christian ministry dedicated to freestyle scooter riding. We are very proud to welcome Joey to the ECX team. Joey is extremely skilled and has a very unique style. He is also 100% dedicated to growing our sport in a positive manner and that’s what we at ECX are all about. Look for Joey’s part in the upcoming full length DVD “Butter” coming early 2011.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Proto: Catalyst 2010 DVD Teaser

PROTO - CATALYST 2010 Teaser from Proto Scooters on Vimeo.

Proto has been filming for this DVD for two years now. Everyone that I've talked to who has seen parts of it all say that it is going to be the most innovative video in the sport, something I don't doubt at all. I feel like the name, Catalyst, will prove to be very fitting once it drops. As far as the teaser itself, super well done but it could have used a few more riding clips...but nonetheless, it's awesome to see scooter videos being filmed/edited like that.

Blunt USA Announces 2nd Team Rider

Blunt USA announced their first Team rider earlier this month, which was Erik Feenstra. A rider who has been underrated for far too long. Well one other rider who has an insane amount of talent and dedication, but has never got the chance he deserves is Blunt's newest rider...

Josh Young

Josh has been riding for a longg time. He had a pretty rough start. Like a lot of riders before him, he didn't have anyone to ride with and spent most of his time in his driveway riding his own set ups. Seems like the riders that start out this way end up being pretty amazing later on (Jordan Jasa anyone?) Josh has always had a really strong BMX influence in his riding, and it really shows now. Like his Team mate Erik Feenstra, Josh is one of the leading peg riders in the sport. Josh and Erik both ride street with a really distinct style. It's also Josh's dedication and passion for riding that is one of the main things that sets him apart from other riders. He puts everything he's got into his riding and whatever trick he's trying. That's why the newest rider to join the Blunt Scooters Family, is none other than The Boss Himself, Josh Young.

Check out some past videos of Josh below. Most of them are REALLY old, but still showcase his signature Josh Young style. Also, if you want new footage of Josh, you don't have to wait too long because he has a new edit coming out very soon.

BJST Section

Torn Edit (One of my favorites)

Congratulations to Josh Young, for being the 2nd Rider on the Blunt USA Pro Team.

Also just a reminder, there are 3 spots still open on Blunt USA. If you want to try out for the Team, all you gotta do is send an email to steven@bluntscooters.com with the following information.

1. Name, Age, Location.

2. How long have you been riding?

3. What is your current scooter set up?

4. Describe your riding style.

5. What would you say your best tricks are?

6. Why do you ride scooters?

7. Why do you think you would be good for the Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Ron/Zig Short Freestyle Rap at Epic.

This is awesome. Razor's Ronald Sharpe and Inwards Zig Short put down a freestyle for the crowd at the Epic Skatepark comp a couple weeks back. Big Ron is pretty big into rapping, and Zig doesn't usually do this but I know he's had that verse down for a while. Theres actually a lot more to it...maybe if you ask him nicely he'll show you some day.

Max Peters.

If you've been following inside, you'll remember a post a few days back about max peter's flair flat. In the post, Steven tongson wrote "I honestly believe he could flair a curb if he wanted to"
So here's your follow up post Steven. He wanted to.

Photo taken by myself, in Lithgow, on the road to Newton's Nation.

Georgie Louis District Promo

This is super legit. Georgie's been a relative unknown for quite a while now but got hooked up with Phoenix and now hes on District as a pro rider. Awesome video all around, riding, filming, and editing.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Australian 3 for 1

Three videos from three different riders from Australia. A couple of these guys are virtually unknown here in the US. All three videos are really good. The level of "casual" Australian riding, is becoming so high it's hard to really pick apart the top riders, from good riders, to beginners. Here in the US, it's fairly simple...you know whos good, and you know whos not. It seems like in Australia, it is completely common to have unknown riders be able to throw flips and flairs as if it's no big deal. Check the videos out below.

Adam Hancock

Danyon Wight

Dylan Scholes and Giacomo

Gavin Roberti Thanksgiving Video

Gavin is the brother of Dan Roberti from New York. Its so awesome to see a kid so small and young be able to throw whips like that. I love how he uses those ramps in different ways, it shows that he already has variety in his riding. Kier brothers watch out!

Icey Hott Weeks

Really sick video from DMazz, featuring some awesome riders. I miss montage style videos like this. Riders featured in the video are below. Check it out below.

Ryan Upchurch
Dalton Mazzante
Logan Fuller
Jon Devrind
Nick Graham
Brandon Ruhl
Jay Ruhl
Michael Pytel
and more

Friday, November 26, 2010

HepGreg.......Not with Eagle-Sport?

The community is probably well aware that the company Eagle-Sport, known for having some of the best wheels in the sport, has been going through some major changes.

I myself parted ways with the company that I had been with for over a year as US Manager. Josh Toy and Tyler Wheeland also felt it was their time to leave shortly after. And now one person who has been with Eagle longer than all of the above has also parted ways with the company.

That person is HepGreg. His reasons to leave Eagle-Sport were not done out of anger nor does he have any bad feelings towards the company. It was a personal decision that Greg felt he had to make, and he made it.

Rest assure that although Eagle-Sport is going through major changes, the company isn't going anywhere, and they will no doubt continue to remain the number 1 wheel company in the sport.

Check out HepGregs latest edit, which was made to promote TSI Decks.

TSI Promo from Hep Greg on Vimeo.

Flair Flat?

I had to post this up, because I find it ridiculous that he got this far around..on flat. I honestly believe he could flair a curb if he wanted to. Crazy stuff.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fading But Not Forgotten: The Baboons

Fading But Not Forgotten is a piece that I write about some of the older riders that might not be in the scene anymore...but are not going to be forgotten anytime soon. It's also for the newer riders to learn about some of the pioneers of the sport who paved the way for them.

Chances are when I say “Baboons”, you all think of an animal with a bright red ass. However, some of the older riders in the sport associate the word “Baboons” or “Boons” with a group of riders from Lake Tahoe, California. Who might be fading, but are not yet forgotten.

The Boons were commonly recognized as, Jonny Yocum, and Sean Turner. Two close friends who shared a deep passion for Scootering. However there were usually a few other riders that were part of the Boon family at one point or another. Some of them are Kyle Turner, Sean's little brother, Blunt USA Pro rider Erik Feenstra, and Boogs, another chill rider. Before they faded out of the scene, they were all really well known and their riding was loved by many, however it didn't start that way at all. Jonny's first video for example is extremely hard to find and most likely isn't even online anymore. But it showed a rider that had potential, but wasn't the best by any means. The community wasn't too welcoming, and showered it with harsh comments and criticism. It didn't really phase Jonny though, who in time would show that he had one of the most chill mindsets in the sport. He just kept riding, him and Sean.

They started to push themselves more at their local skate park featured in almost all of the Baboon videos that are in this piece. It wouldn't be long before they were boosting everything and hitting new gaps and transfers in every new video. While their riding started to separate them from everyone else, so did their attitudes and outlooks. I've personally rode with Baboons on more than one occasion, and riding with these guys is a real experience. There is so much positivity around these guys that it almost radiates off of them. They are constantly supporting one another with tricks they are trying, and congratulating each other when they land those tricks and if you are at the session, they will be supporting you as well.

It's just how they are. They were so easy going and some of the few honest and down to earth guys in the sport. You'll also probably notice in a lot of these videos, they are usually wearing sweat pants, as opposed to the more common “Jeans” that everyone wears. This was just another thing that set the Boons apart from everyone else. I mean, they had their own language..you simply will not find another group of riders that speak their own made up language, and are the reason that some people in the sport to this day still say "Dank". They were just a group of guys, who loved to go out and ride their scooters. Fame, Sponsorships, Contests, all of that was secondary to The Baboons.

While The Baboons have for the most part vanished from the online scene, and possibly from the sport all together. The memories and videos they left behind have not. I'm sure that everyone who has had the pleasure of riding with these guys like myself, can all say that you walk away from it feeling really lucky to have rode with some truly good people, and amazing riders. They showcased what riding was really about for a lot of us. Just being with your friends, having fun making videos. Supporting each other when you ride, and not being so competitive that it takes all the fun out of riding. Even now, I think some of the new school riders can learn something from these guys.

Felkin Belbelns Beltch.

Written by Steven Tongson

Jonny Yocum MDS 2 Part

Sean Turner MDS 2 Part

Baboon Weekend Video

4 Year Old Baboons Group Video

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ryan Upchurch/Javi Trepat District Promos

Two District riders recently release District promos. First we have one from Newport, DE's Ryan Upchurch. This video is mostly a day video with some other random leftovers hes had. Super clean, smooth, and stylish as always from Ryan, with a few bangers in there as well.

Next we have a video from Spanish rider Javi Trepat. Javi is a primarily street rider, who just recently got picked up by District. Does anyone else see a little bit of Nick Darger in him? Hes got lots of ledge tech stuff (the smith to lips) and also has some bigger tricks (triple and half cab doublewhip that set). He has huge potential to be one of the best street riders in the game in my opinion. I caught up to Javi and asked him a few questions, which you can see after the video. Keep in mind he's from Spain so his English isn't perfect.

Jordan Jasa: When did you get on District?

Javi Trepat: I got on District a few days ago... Was too good news for me.

How are the parts holding up?

The parts are holding up really good for the moment, really good for ride what i like. Parts resist really good.

Fellow street rider Matt McKeen has been riding District decks for a while and also put out a promo for them recently. Do you think they make a good deck for street riders?

The best deck i ever have test for street. The convave form of the deck is the key and it's so light... I was waiting for ride something like this.

When can we expect more footage from you?

Soon, really soon. My summer footage is been working by Roots Boy Production... So you will check it as soon as you think! ;)

What are some of your future plans now that you're on District?

Maybe plan some trip with whole team or something else... I don't know. I will want to see whole team together riding in a same video of a trip... That could be amazing.
Can't wait for see what District is preparing for the rest of riders of the world, is gonna be biiiiig, really biiiig.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Issac Miller Ambush Fall Edit

Issac Miller is a close friend of Inside-Scooters Owner, Jordan Jasa. They ride together on a regular basis. I think that also plays a big part to how good Issac has become, and how fast he's gotten there. Issac was one of the top riders in Transit 2, throwing down bangers throughout. This video is no different. Sometimes it really just seems like Issac quite frankly, doesn't care about taking a gnarly slam. Check the video out below.

East Coast Exposure

Matt Somers from New Jersey has been filming for this for a few weeks now. He finally was able to finish it after the Madd Thanksgiving event at TIC. It features a ton of Jersey and Delaware kids, including: Joe Armstrong (recently put on Madd USA), Josh Kish, Ryan Upchurch, Hunter Bechtle, Jon Devrind, and many more.

New Scooter Zone Shop + Black Friday SZ Sale!

Scooter Zone is the biggest, and one of the only companies that has an actual store you can walk into, and leave with whatever scooter parts you are looking for. It started with one shop, in Riverside, CA. Then not too long ago, another shop located in Orange County, CA...and now Scooter Zone has opened their third shop, in Murietta, CA. No matter what shop you go to, you know you are going to find quality products and get quality services. Below is the new Murietta shops address.

34878 Monte Vista Rd #117
Wildomar, CA 92595

Also Scooter Zone is having a huge sale at ALL THREE of their stores very soon. Starting on Black Friday (Nov 26th) Every product in store is 10% off not just for Friday, but for the whole weekend. If you want to get some top products at an unbeatable price, head down to Scooter Zone this weekend at any of the new locations. Check the flyer below for more information.

Also, I will be holding the next "Big One Million" Contest in a couple of days...And we will be giving away some Scooter Zone Products. Want to find out what products we'll be giving out for the contest? Keep checking Inside-Scooters for more information.

Happy Thanksgiving From MaddGear + New MGP USA Rider

MGP USA was recently at The Incline Club in Dirty Jersey to celebrate the release of MaddGear products in the USA. Yep, the wait is finally over, and the products that everyone has been waiting for, is finally here in the US.

While down in Jersey MGP also picked up a new rider, Joe Armstrong. Big congratulations from Inside-Scooters to Joe! He has a LOT of talent and I expect his riding will get even better now that he has MaddGear behind him.

Below are some pictures from the event at TIC, check em out.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rob Wasp's Maddgear Bar Competition

So basically whats going on here, is that Rob from Madd UK has put a ton of stickers on a pair of bars, and is having a competition to see who can guess how many stickers he put on. The person closest to the correct amount will win the bars. To make your guess, email Rob at robs-bar-competition@hotmail.co.uk by Wednesday, November 24th at 11:59 GMT with your name, address, and ONE guess. Should there be a tie, he will put the names into a hat and draw one. Check Madd's Blog for more details.

Nick Darger DXG Throwaway +Bonus John Radtke Footage

Nick Darger aka Trick Darger aka Dick Narger aka Mr. AKA, is quickly becoming one of the most respected filmers in the sport. Though due to some down time from a knee injury+surgery, I thought I'd post this throwaway footage he edited to remind people that he does in fact..shred. All footage here was shot from 2008 to early 2010. He was rackin up plenty of Cool Points for doing actual Front Scooter Flips. Check it out below.

As a bonus you guys can check out some old John Radtke footage. Most if it he is on his gnarly dirt scooter. Also don't forget to check out his website, and watch the DXG Video at DXGrideshop.com

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Luke Painter Day in the Life

This is something that I don't think has been done for anyone in our sport yet. Maddgear UK rider Luke Painter takes us through an average day of his life...its pretty much your average day of going to the skatepark but he has some really good riding clips. His riding has gotten so good lately. I love what he does after breakfast too.

I wanna see some more of these...are there any IS viewers up to the challenge?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

James Gee/Evan Yamada Equalibryum Video

So you may have heard of these "Equalibryum" bracelets...a few riders have been hooked up with some free ones, and got to hand some out as well. I guess they're supposed to improve your balance and strength? I haven't heard if they actually work but by the looks of this edit they don't hurt. I thought this was way different than the usual Sammamish footy we see from the Lucky guys...definitely enjoyed this edit. Other than the dubstep song, but it wasn't that bad.

Oh and, you guys see that trick at 2:50? Doing those earns you cool points. Fact.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Jon Knudtson Blunt Sponsor Video

It's really rare now a days to find riders who aren't afraid to be different, and ride with a different style. It's for this reason that I really like Jon's riding. A lot of unique and original stuff, and then he shows that he can still go out and murder street. Really great video, from a great rider.

-Steven Tongson

This was filmed in 3 days. Jon's riding is soooo gnarly. Such a wild, raw style. Absolutely destroyed those sets...not too many other people will go out and sesh a 12 stair haha. Who does late whips down sets? Whip to can that park set? So creative and original.

Terry Price and Tyler Bonner in Australia

Yeah recently the rumors have been going around that Tyler and Terry are going to be in Australia for the Newton's Nations Event, and the rumors are true. Two of the worlds best riders will be at Newtons, so if you got any way to get out there, I would suggest making those plans now. Below is the official press release from MaddGear.

MGP are excited to announce that we are bringing our Terry Price from the UK and Tyler Bonner from the USA for Newton’s Nation MGP D-Day Scooter Comp!

Terry has been riding for 10 years and is ready to make his mark in Aus at the end of the month...look out for some signature Legsweeps and Barell Rolls.
Tyler has been riding for 6 years and will surely pull out a few Footjams and Hangfives at the comp.

The guys are looking forward to getting a bit of sun on the mountain and riding with their Team MGP Aus mates.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Tyler Bonner Throwaway

Untitled from RadCrew on Vimeo.

Amazing riding. Never seen a couple of those transfers at Woodinville done before (which is saying something considering Stan and Cary ride there as well), those were huge. Its too bad a lot of it looks bad cause of the smudges and brightness.

Those of you living down under will have a chance to see Tyler's riding in person when he comes down to Australia for a Madd trip soon. Be on the lookout for more about that.

Blunt USA Announces First Pro Team Rider

So the search for the 5 Blunt USA Team Riders, is now the search for 4. A lot of people know that I am now working for Blunt USA as their US Team Manager. Which means it's been my job over the last couple of weeks to start taking applications from riders all around the USA who want to try out for Blunt...I have been getting some amazing riders turning in applications.

The first rider on the Blunt USA Team is...

Erik Feenstra

Erik has been in this sport for a LONG time...He was featured in some of the old Boons videos, and has always been known for having a signature smooth style. In the past couple of years Erik's riding started to really take off, he started to boost even higher in park, go even bigger in street, and get even more tech with rails, ledges, and manual pads. It's because of all of this, that Erik is the first rider to join the Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team.

Check out some of Eriks past videos below.

Old 2009 Sponsor Video

Erik Killing It

Erik Still Killing It

Erik's Latest "Throwaway" Edit.......Kills It

Big congratulations to Erik Feenstra. He deserves this spot so much for the time and dedication he's put into this sport.

And just so everyone knows. The search is STILL going on...I am still taking applications from riders throughout the USA. If you think you got what it takes, please send me an email at "Steven@bluntscooters.com". Be sure to include information about yourself, and any videos, or pictures you got. Thanks guys.

Moonwalk Scooters Update

Recently rumors have been going around that Moonwalk Scooters has gone bankrupt and gone out of business. This is nothing more than rumors. They had some technical problems recently, but everything is good to go now, and they have a lot of new products for everyone to check out. Below you can see a list of some of the new stuff that is now available at Moonwalk Scooters .

NEW EVO 4.0" & 4.5" DECKS,
Will be available in Mid December,
hopefully ready for this christmas.
Deck widths - 4.0" & 4.5"
Pre orders will be available soon
Also the full range of Grippers & Sliders
will be back in stock in December
4.0" FREESTYLER $199.00
Finally - The long aawaited
NITRO is here NOW!!!!
$330.00 Complete Scooter straight out of the box

Some great stuff for everyone in Australia looking for holiday parts. Also if I'm not mistaken Moonwalk will be getting their hands on the new Proto Deck hopefully before Christmas. For more news and updates from Moonwalk, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Phoenix Annual Christmas Essay Contest


One thing I like, is when companies hold contests to give away free products. It shows that they really appreciate the community of riders that support them. Phoenix is starting a new annual contest, The Phoenix Annual X-Mas Essay Contest. For more details check below.

Time allotment: 31 days to write, finish and submit an essay to Phoenix pro Scooters. We will select the top 10 essays and from there Inside Scooters will hold a poll on which are the Top 5 Essays.

There are three main points are "Why do you Like Phoenix Pro Scooters as Company?" "Which part by phoenix is your favorite and why?" "If there were one thing you could change about phoenix what would it be and why?"
All three points must be addressed in the essay. The essay need to be a minimum of 3 Paragraphs, 5 sentences each paragraph

The Essays may be submitted via Email Only. Contest Start Date November 25th Contest End date December 25th

Email to: info@phoenixproscooters.com

Contest winners will receive:

1st Place: 1(one) Phoenix Deck of the style color and size of their Choice.

2nd Place: 2(Two) Phoenix Metal Core Wheels.(upon availability)

3rd Place: 1(one) Phoenix Phorx color of choice.

4th Place: 1(one) Suicide Handle Bar in either Black or Raw

5th Place: 1(one) Phoenix Switchblade Brake

6th – 10th Place Shall Receive 1(one) pair of ODI Longneck Grips.

That's not all though. Right now floating around is a Phoenix deck with "GOOD" stamped into the headtube. Whoever finds this deck has to take a picture of the Deck, and a receipt for proof of purchase, and they will receive a FREE pair of Phoenix Suicide Bars and a pair of Brand new Phoenix Wheels!

Erik Feenstra

This is all throwaway for Erik...despite that, its better than 90% if kids' real videos. Look how clean and smooth he lands...he makes everything he does look effortless. Combine that with creative street and park lines and you have the amazingly solid rider that is Erik Feenstra. Be on the lookout for his next video, I've seen pictures of some huge rails hes done, should be insane.

MGP at Epic and MADD Thanksgiving at TIC!

Everyone is aware of the Epic Street Comp that went down this past weekend. It was the first of its kind, and was a really great turn out considering this. As always MaddGear was there supporting the contest, and had some of it's riders in the comp as well. Tyler Bonner took 2nd place, and Raymond Warner took 4th in Pro. Check out some pics from the event from MGP below.

Also on November 20th Twan will be at The Incline Club celebrating not only Thanksgiving but the US release of MaddGear products. Which have been highly anticipated by the sport for a while now. Check the flyer below for more details.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Eaglesport Contest

Eagle just announced an awesome little giveaway they'll be doing soon. Starting November 22nd, you'll have the chance to win a year's supply of Eaglesport wheels as well as bearings and bearing spacers.

Eaglesport has put gold pieces in the urethane of some wheels. IN ORDER TO WIN, you'll have to ride Eagle wheels and wear them down, thus exposing the gold piece. Then you'll have to contact Eagle and your local retailer to claim your prize.

For official rules, CLICK HERE.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

RIP Jake Carney.

Making a post like this is something I'm pretty sure I've never done before, and hope to never have to make again. Last night, Chicago rider Jake Carney was in a car accident and suffered serious injuries. He was placed on life support this morning, but sadly passed away, at the age of 17. Jake leaves a brother, Ben, and countless friends and family members. I only met Jake once, but those who rode with him said he was a "great guy" and that he "lived life to the fullest."

As a tribute to Jake, I'd like to hear any stories or memories of Jake anyone has of him in the comments. So if you knew him, feel free to post a comment about him, thanks.

Heres a couple short videos of Jake, for those who never saw him ride there are videos below

*Edit* below piece added by Steven Tongson

When I logged on and read this, my heart dropped. Because I knew Jake personally? No. Did I even know him as a rider? Sadly, the answer remains no. But I don't think I have to have known him, or anyone else in this sport to know that this is one of the saddest moments I've had to come across in the sport of Scootering.

A lot of riders lose sight sometimes of what we're all doing, and how we are all together in this sport. We are pushing this sport to what it is as a collective effort that we all do our part in. We should respect and appreciate every rider for getting out on their scooters everyday and riding. And now we need to respect and acknowledge that we just lost one of those riders.

To Jake, and his friends, and his family, I will have you all in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that you all make it through this tough time.

- Steven Tongson

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Epic Street Comp Results



1st- Monky
2nd- Tyler Bonner
3rd- Dakota Schuetz


1st- Kody Geiger
2nd- Fuzzy Gross
3rd- Matt Tyler


1st- Kaleb Kier
2nd- Steven Smith
3rd- Kevin Barker

Phoenix Pro Scooters: Josh Kish Signature Deck

If there is one thing that Phoenix has, it's a killer Pro Team, and one of their riders happens to be one of the top riders in the country...Josh Kish.

Josh is known for quite a few things, one of them being the first and one of the only riders to land a Front Flair. Also about one year ago, Josh Kish took first place at SD4, where he was up against, Tyler Bonner, Coedie Donovan, and Ryan Williams...just to name a few. He truly deserves a signature deck, and he now has one from Phoenix Pro Scooters.

This deck is only available from Inward-Scooters. For more information read below to hear quotes from JP of Inward-Scooters, Phoenix Pro Scooters, and Josh Kish himself.

Inward Scooters -"The Phoenix Josh Kish Limited Edition Deck is special in many ways:

It bears the name and signature of one of the best riders in the country and has a unique two-color anodized design.
The deck is 4 and a quarter inch wide, which makes it the perfect choice for riders that may not want to make the jump to a full 4 and a half inch deck or those riders that find a 4 and a half inch deck too wide and a 4 inch deck too narrow.
Only 100 of these decks will be made. Each deck is individually numbered and therefore unique.
The deck comes with a Phoenix Switchblade stainless steel brake and a FSA integrated sealed headset.

The perfect Christmas gift. Available exclusively at Inward Scooters.

Phoenix Pro Scooters-"Phoenix Pro Scooters is very proud to announce that Josh Kish has his very own Signature deck exclusively available at Inward-Scooters. The Josh Kish Deck holds the same quality that is known of the Phoenix Brand and this deck will continue to uphold that very quality. We expect great things to come from Josh in the future and cannot wait to continue working on ore product, not only with Josh but for the rest of our team. For questions/comments/concerns please concult out website for contact info."

Josh Kish-"I never would have to thought to have my own scooter deck when I first started riding. To actually go to skateparks and see people riding it is mind blowing. IM totally stoked on it too, its exactly how I wanted it to feel and look."

Huge congrats to my good friend Josh Kish on this achievement in the sport.

Friday, November 12, 2010

MGP Updates

Below is some of the latest videos and news from MaddGear.

The videos are from the MGP UK Team and a Ryan Williams Throwaway video. Both I have to say are amazing. I love the UK riders on MGP, they're all really talented guys.

As for Ryan Williams...well the video speaks for itself. Throwaway?...I dunno about that. Check the videos out below.


Ryan Williams Throwaway

Below is a poster about the Newtons Nation event coming up in Australia on Nov 26th to the 28th. This 2 day sports and music festival is hosting some huge sponsors and is one of the biggest events that scooters have ever been a part of. Check out the poster below for more details.

Bonanza Texas Street Video

What Kyle, Theo, and Chris recently did really caught my attention. A while back they told me they were making a video, that would be nothing but street. A rarity in our sport now a days for sure, but always worth watching. I told them I would of course support it on Inside-Scooters and post it up as soon as it's done. While they all have a ways to go before they're up there with some of the sports top street riders, I think I was happy enough that they even decided to start a project like this. You can read about each of them below, and check out the video.

Kyle Miller
Location: Carrollton Texas
Riding Time: About Nine Months
Bonanza has been alot of fun to film and to also ride in.I have made friends during the process and also have improved greatly. Street has always been the most fun for me to ride do to all the great spots and the difficulty that comes with street spots.

Theo Kotyk
Age: 18
Location: I currently live in College Station, Texas but Im originally from Dallas
Years Riding: I think its been almost 4 years now
Bonanza has been a really awesome video to film for, as riding street has been my passion since day one. Due to college and all the time it takes up, I wasnt able to get nearly as many clips for this video as I would have liked but Im pretty happy with what I did get. Scootering has been my passion for about 4 years, and has not only given me something to do, but has also allowed me to meet awesome people that have become some of my closest friends. The good times weve had even while filming for this video are priceless to me, and Im sure ill be doing this for many years to come.

Chris Dant
Age: 21
Location: I'm from Dublin, Ohio but I attend school in Denton, Texas
Years Riding: Just about 3, I think?
I've always really liked the way street riding looks with a scooter, and when Theo and I, along with Kyle, decided to start filming in August only street clips, it got me excited and also nervous. I mean, the biggest trick I had done in the streets before this video was like a back 180 over a 5 stair or something, haha. Riding with these two guys is great. It's not just about riding when we are together, it's about having fun and encouraging each other to ride hard all while continually building up our friendships. I have always enjoyed riding because it's something that I can make my own, and I don't have to be like anyone else to do it. I want to continue to do this for as long as I can, because frankly, everyone needs a little shred in their lives.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tyler Garcia- Farewell ProRide

Tyler Garcia is an upcoming rider who until recently was on ProRide Scooters. As you can tell from the video above, he has a really nice style in the park and the streets. This video is also a very good example of great filming and editing. I hit up Tyler to find out more about him leaving ProRide and what he has planned for the future.

Jordan Jasa: First of all, how old are you and where do you live?

Tyler Garcia: I'm 17 and I live in Livermore, CA.

So this video was made because you've left ProRide. Why did you leave?

Yeah, unfortunately I had to leave because I just didn't think it was fair that they were trying to make me pay for parts, as I was on the general team. It's whatever now though. Were still cool and i have lots of respect for them for all they've done for me.

So now that you're sponsorless, what do you have planned for the future?

Well I've been talking to and looking into getting on the team with Zero Gravity North West. It's been put on hold right now but I hope it all works out for the best, ya know.

Its pretty obvious that you have an awesome street style. Who influences you to ride that way?

Ha well one of my main influences is McKeen. He just kills is with ease and style.

For sure dude. Wrapping it up, do you have anything to say about that toedrag in the last clip? ;)

Haha, nope<3

Haha for real though, any shoutouts?

Just to my homie Grant Billings, keep kiillin' it! and just a shout out to Zero Gravity for always keepin' it real.

Jake Clark Phoenix Promo

Jake Clark kind of came under the radar for me. I honestly wasn't really aware of how good he really was. As a lot of you know I was the head judge at all Razor Exposed Tour stops, and at each one I would always notice Jake. He would just absolutely shred every park we were at. Some of the combos Jake can put together are up there with the best, or even surpass them. You'll also see in the video that Jake can get really tech with hang 5 tricks. Great up and coming rider, and I know that there is nothing but good things in Jake Clark's future. Check his video below.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wadalba Super 60

Now this is pretty sick. A bunch of Aus riders got together at a park and filmed this Super 60. That kid in the white, I don't know his name but those downside whip airs were sooo buttery. And Adam Rouse and James Bull land better bangers in one hour than you can period. When was the last time you saw a whip triple fing? I can't even remember the last time I saw one. I also like the clock they used haha.

Brian Amato Web Edit

This latest edit from Brian shows a lot of progression from the last footage we saw of him, which was in BJST. Watch out for all the heelwhips, and I do believe theres an oppo briflip in there as well. Spencer Steed did an awesome job with the filming and editing too.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MGP and Friends: Welcome to C-Town

Coedie Donovan and Adam Bolton of Maddgear recently met up in Sydney to ride with a bunch of friends. Coedie and Ladam both shred in this video, Coedie's last handrail clips are bangers. And the other guys in the video threw down too, Jacob "Devon" Deveney is the one with all the fingerwhip combos. I'm stoked to finally see new footage of Ladam and Coedie, its been too long since we last saw anything from them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Phoenix Pro Scooters News

When it comes to quality products, one of the companies that riders are typically talking about is Phoenix Pro Scooters. So everyone will be happy to know that Phoenix will be testing some brand new products in the couple of months. These products will include, a new Bar design, new Fork, and Phoenix Wheels. Phoenix ensures that all of these parts will carry the same high quality as their other products that are all currently on the market.

In other news, Phoenix has recently purchased a Sony HDR-FX7. With this they will be bringing high quality videos of Phoenix Team riders, and other informative videos for the community.

Also Phoenix has announced that they will be starting "Phoenix Phridays." Basically these will be weekly videos released on Friday that will showcase Phoenix riders riding park or street, or show the guys around the production shop messing around...basically you never know what you're going to see in a Phoenix Phriday. So keep checking Inside-Scooters, as we will always post them here for you guys.

Great stuff on the way from a great company. Keep checking Inside-Scooters for all news and updates regarding Phoenix Pro Scooters, and all breaking news in the sport of scootering.

Tyler Bonner Peg Clips

Tyler Bonner- Peg Clips from RadCrew on Vimeo.

Here's some raw clips Tyler filmed for Tilt. What else can you say about Tyler...he completely rapes riding in general, and now that includes pegs. 270 bar over ice 270 in...madness. And of course he throws in some ridiculous 630 combos in the video too. I definitely can't wait to see more peg clips from him.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Joe Armstrong Edit

Joe Armstrong Edit from Teddy Mack on Vimeo.

This is something a lot of people have been waiting for for a long time. Joe definitely has a lot of talent on his scooter. Doing tricks like that over the driveway box at TIC is nuts. He also gets super tech with nose manuals, he thinks hes Tyler Bonner or something. Gnarly video.

Lucky Scooter Parts New Colored Decks

If you check back a few days in posts, You'll see some of the other Lucky Scooter Parts new Aluminuim colored parts. Below you can finally check out the colored decks. These things look awesome. I really like the color choices they went with, not too bright and not too light.

Great stuff for sure. Also I'm NOT sure if this was posted before...(Yeah I know it's my website, I SHOULD know) But I don't really care...because if it was posted before, it's still worthy of being posted again. This is footage that the Lucky Team got when they were in Arizona for the Razor Exposed Tour a couple months ago. Some great footage in here from one of my favorite Teams to watch, Lucky Scooter Parts.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Devin Pelphrey Super 60

Might not be a big name yet..but with how smooth and clean he rides, he will be in the future. Kind of wish he woulda mixed it up more with some more tech stuff, manuals, grinds, etc...Cause towards the end of the video he shows that he can get a little techy. Maybe we'll have to wait for a mini vid for that though. Check out the Super 60 below.

Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team Opportunity

Blunt Scooters is huge over in Australia. They make top quality products, and have one of the most dominant Teams in the sport...in Australia..

Well Blunt Scooters products are soon going to be available here in the USA, and they are also looking to put together a 5 man Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team. I will be putting the Team together, and Managing the Team. I have a lot of experience in this area, having put together Teams like the Inward-Scooters Pro Team, and Managing the Eagle-Sport and District Teams for over a year. So I am very excited that I have the opportunity to put together the Blunt USA Team.

Becoming a Blunt USA Team rider, means you will basically never need to pay for a scooter product again. Blunt Scooters makes a full line of high quality products which include, Decks, Bars, Forks, Clamps, Compression, Bearings, Griptape, etc. Traveling will play a big role in becoming a Blunt USA Pro rider. So if you are not able to travel out of your state, I'm not sure if this is the Team for you. We are NOT looking for your normal run of the mill riders. Just because you can backflip, does not mean you got a spot on the Team. I'm looking for original riders, not followers.

If you are interested in becoming a Blunt USA Team rider...Please email me at steven@bluntscooters.com and include the following information please.

1. Name, Age, Location.
2. How long have you been riding?
3. What is your current scooter set up?
4. Describe your riding style.
5. What would you say your best tricks are?
6. Why do you ride scooters?
7. Why do you think you would be good for the Blunt Scooters USA Pro Team?

Also PLEASE include A VIDEO and any pictures you want.

Good luck to everyone who is going to be trying out for the Blunt USA Pro Team.

Friday, November 5, 2010

S.D.L. Contest Video

This is video from the park contest the day after that street jam in Paris. In attendance included riders from Addict, French ID, CDK, and more. Looks like it was a huge event, tons of riders were throwing down. Winner of the event was Quentin Martinet...someone I've never heard of before. I think that definitely says a lot for the European scene if a virtual unknown is beating out seasoned pros like McKeen and BenJ in a comp.

More LSP Colored Parts

Lucky Scooter Parts recently started coloring their Aluminum parts. If you scroll down a bit, you can see some of the colored forks, and here are a couple more parts from LSP.