Thursday, August 30, 2012

Woodward East Scooter Fest 2012

Josh Toy shot and edited this video from Woodward East. There is plenty of Megaramp footage from everyone. The song sounds super familiar, but I can't place it. Everyone kills it, but this really showcases just how much of a powerhouse Raymond Warner is. To throw down the tricks hes throwing down over the mega is pretty ridiculous. And there is some quarterpipe air footy as well. Really sick edit.

Micro Xtreme at ScootFest 2012 + BenJ Interview with

Micro was definitely present at ScootFest 2012 with a gang of riders there representing the company. It is really sick to see Micro making a comeback like this, because a lot of companies that fade out, never really make it back. But with a growing Team of top and up and coming riders, Micro is ensuring that they aren't going anywhere. Boris Germain was killing it hard, shutting it down with his street tech style. That 180 bar at the end.. what the hell.. Definitely one of my favorite dudes to watch. has been releasing really good interviews that they got with some of the top riders at ScootFest, and we got their interview with BenJ Friant for you guys to check out below. Always good to hear from BenJ, and hear what Micro is going to be up to in the future. Not to mention BenJ drops some information about his Micro Signature Scooter coming soon.

Throwback Thursday: The Philly Crew Video Journal 8

This video earned the Throwback Thursday spot for so many different reasons. Not only does it feature riders that helped put the East Coast on the map when it came to riding, but it features them at a really important time of Scootering. During the years of 2006 and 2007 I guess you can say most riders were really starting to find themselves.

Dan Barrett lowered his bars a bit, and his style improved ten fold. Matt McKeen was clearly starting to separate himself from everyone else in the street game. We would see riders like Cory Winard, Frank Coler, and Mike McGowan killing it, who we can't see riding anymore. The same can be said about Philly legends Casey Murphy and Brian Boston. Everything in this edit makes it so fun to watch. You got everyone on old school Razor models, no aftermarket parts, two killer songs, and a lot of good riding from some OGs that paved the way for a lot of riders today. Check it out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Matt Somers Vlog #6.

Matt Somers, ex-Scooterzone rider/Current Jerseyzone employee has been making these video logs over the past few weeks.  The topics range widely (from drinking for the first time, to sky diving, to high school, which is what this one is about), but they all have one thing in common:  They are weirdly hilarious, and I'm not sure exactly why.  That might just be my sense of humor but he seems to be getting a decent following on these things so it looks like other people are enjoying them too.  You can check out the rest of his Vlogs on his Youtube channel, where he also posts a bunch of reviews and trick tutorials.

Inside The Lens: Week #70

Photographer name: Troy Price
Rider name: Bramwell King
Trick Name: Can - Vert
Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression

Rider: Brandon Knapp
Filmer(s): Matt Conrod and Nick Holtz
Location: Atlanta

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression. -Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Cam Ward Scoot Fest Interview With

The next interview that Ben from Skates did was with District's Cam Ward.  In this Cam talks about the competition, the future of the sport, his current setup, and future sig parts.  I find it amazing that Cam had a white scooter for nearly 3-4 years.  I know kids that can't keep a setup for more than a week before trading/buying other parts.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Phoenix West Coast Tour Video

Phoenix has been busy lately, most recently with Woodward and then this tour earlier this month.  They went from San Diego all the way up to Portland, hitting up a ton of parks on the way.  Super good video, put together by Evan Larson.  Dan's nose manual on that rail was so crazy.  Wallride on the baggage return thing was the coolest hahah.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Phoenix Scooters Presents Scooters at Woodward East

So in case you've been living under a rock, Woodward East finally opened its doors to allow scooters for one week.  Phoenix sponsored the camp and sent a bunch of riders to shred, including Josh Toy, Josh Kish, Dan Barrett, Jon Reyes, and Raymond Warner.  You'll see all those guys and more in this video.  The Megaramp was also opened to ride and it looks like a lot of people threw down on it.  I'm kinda disappointed that there wasn't any footage of people hitting the quarter, but I did spot this photo of Gus Rymer, taken by Tyler Bonner.  Pretty sick stuff.

Ian Herncjar Six Trick Fix

Ian went hard on the uprail for this one, riding it like its a kicker haha.  Last trick world's first!?!?  Ian does it for Gryndo.

Dan Barretts Setting Records...Guinness World Records

Phoenix Pro Scooter's Dan Barrett doesn't mess around. He's now an actual Guinness World Record Holder. Pretty sick! Congrats Dan!

Two Riders You Want To Know About..

Their names might not be the most familiar, but they should be. These guys are really underrated, as are so many other riders out there.

First up is Kevin Boulom, and his edit for Oxelo Scooters. Talk about someone that can ride anything, and do it all with style. I was really surprised at how good this edit was. Dropped last month, and deserves more views for sure. Really want to see this dudes next edit.

Next up is 17 year old Matej Svojtka. This dude is keeping that ski/bmx style alive over in the Czech Republic, and he's doing it damn well. Such a sick style. I've always been a fan of bmx style riders, and this guy definitely shows that. Loved the last clip. Hope his next edit has a bit more time put into it, with a few more spots. Check it.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

James Gee ADVCT/Lucky Web Edit 2012

James has been working on this edit for a long time now, and it shows in the video. He's clearly been pushing his street game, and with all of the solid rail and ledge clips in this, it's paid off. One of the things that makes James riding so much fun to watch is the speed he does all of his tricks and lines with. Something a lot of street riders lack today. One of the best street edits to come out in 2012 for sure. Check it out below, and remember to support ADVCT.

MaddGear Canadian Tour

MGP is on Tour again, this time some of their Canadian riders are hitting the road making their way across Canada. If you live in Canada, and want to make it to one of their stops, check out the poster below and see if you can make it to any of the upcoming dates!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lambert Judith Welcome to White Box

Lambert aka LARD recently got on the White Box shop team, so he put together this little promo.  Killing the rails and the boxes, that 3 tuck was so good.  JD with the film cred.

James Gee ADVCT Interview

- James, how you been dude?

James: Dude I've been great. Riding a whole bunch, stackin footy still, and I got another month of summer to chill.

- Nice dude, tell me about the summer, anything memorable go down?

James: This summer a lot has went down. We have been marking spots on google maps and have been seshing new spots every time we go out to film now. Crazy hammers going down. But I got a whole month still for even more memorable stuff such as the street jam coming up on september 1st with a lot of crazy dudes coming out

- That's awesome man. So, I've been hearing rumors about you being involved in a new company? Let's hear the details dude.

James: Yeah yeah! The companys name is ADVCT, but known as Advocate. We chose the name cause we want the sport to grow up a bit and not have the idea of scooters being little kids snaking people anymore, because that isn't what scootering is at all. We want scooter riders to have sick T-shirts that they want to wear not just when they ride, but when they are hanging with their friends or at school. The shirts will be ready for this fall and we already got some awesome ideas. Check out and give us a like on our facebook page for all the updates.


- Sounds pretty tight dude. Is this something you kind of always saw yourself doing at some point?

James: This has been an idea for over a year now. Blake Bailor, Evan Yamada, and I went to the same school and talked about creating something of our own and its not until now we are really making moves and getting things done. We all agreed that most scooter T'shirts are all the same. All of them have just the big chunky logo in the center of the chest. We thought it would be cool to have some designing on the T-shirt with a smaller logo somewhere on the shirt. Just wait till you see some of them they are really tight.

- Can't wait to check some out. So you mentioned Evan Yamada, and Blake Bailor, you guys have been down for a while haven't you? 

James: We have known each other ever since elementary school. These dudes are my best friends and I'm excited we get to work in a business together and see where it takes not just us, but the sport as well.

- Damnnn. Brosss for lyfee. You guys have any financial backers that are helping the company get on its feet?

James: Our financial backers are our parents. Most parents are down to invest in their kids and we are lucky enough to have such good parents and role models that will do so. They know that the sport is something we are super passionate about and that we will work hard at it so that the money will be in good use. Obviously we will pay them back which will take time, but we know that. We are just excited to get it going.

- Family supporting Family is always a good thing. Tell me about some of the products we can expect from your company.

 James: In the Fall we are coming out with 4 products to start off. They will be made out of high end material, 100% cotton, and well fitted T-shirts. The 1st one will be in either black or white with ADVCT on the upper chest. The 2nd shirt will be a baseball T shirt, (haven't decided on what color) like the ones in the picture I sent. 3rd will be a crewneck with big letters going down the shirt with a triangle. Finally the last one will be what most of our shirts in the future will be like. Its going to be a pocket T with a sick design that I don't want to give out just yet with small ADVCT letters going down the pocket. Gonna be real sick you will be able to see all the T-shirts on our facebook page and up on our website when it is up and running.

- Wow going hard with the designs. Does this affect your guys' relationship with Lucky Scooter Parts in any way?

James: This definitely has effected our relationship with Lucky. But Lucky is the chillest company and will always support us. They think this is great for us and hope we succeed. It may lead to a split off from each other, but we really don't know because nothing has happened yet.

- Yikes.. one of the longest running Teams in the sport possibly on the verge of ending? Crazy talk. What is your ultimate goal with this company?

James: The ultimate goal with the company is to have everyone love and rep our shirts. We want sweet scooter shirts that you can wear without being embarrassed. We want to change the clothing industry in the sport and hope other companies follow our ideas. Long term goals are to create parts in about a year or two. We got ideas for parts already that seem really cool that we might be able to start testing next summer.

- Looking at the state of the industry right now, what are some of the problems you see?

James: Problems I see in this industry are ads, websites, and as I have said before clothing. Lots of ads in the sport look like a kid taking a photoshop class in high school could do it. Same with some websites out there. Take some time and learn to make the website look great. I have been spending hours and hours studying website stuff to make sure that when I release it that it will look great. Also I think the industry needs to work on their video productions. Lots of really good riders who are sponsored have crappy cameras and 0 editing skills that make the video less enjoyable and not fun to watch.

- Words of wisdom right there. Would you eventually like to see more riders try to get involved in starting companies, and less people who don't ride, and will never ride, but are just trying to cash in?

 James: I think that would be awesome to have more riders starting their own companies. A lot of riders out their want to ride for rider owned companies because no one knows riders better then a rider. But I think it is good to have these big named companies out there as well. These big named companies are the ones that are making the sport grow and I have nothing against them what so ever. If rider owned companies want to get bigger they will have to make some decisions that the big named companies make all the time. But I really do bet there are companies that are out there trying to just cash in money, which is terrible. They don't care about us, they don't care about the sport, they care about themselves.

-  Wow.. a rider that understands that we need the bigger companies in the sport? Didn't think you guys existed... So, when we gonna start seeing some Promos from You, Evan, and Blake?

James: PROMO TOMORROW FROM MYSELF CHECK IT OUT HERE ON INSIDE AT NOON. Been working on it for over a year now. The video is all street and every spot except 1 clip was filmed here in Washington. I think its way better then what my OPUS part was so everyone check it out and enjoy. Blake's been filming for awhile, but you will prob see his later this year. And since Evan snapped his arm hes going through physical therapy so hopefully he can get back on the scooter soon and bust out as he always does.

- Damn you guys heard it, here on Inside-Scooters, at 12:00PST, James Gee Promo dropping. Any last words or shout outs, let em go now dude.

James: Ahhh. Shout out to Push it, all the riders our their that support me, and all the scooter bros. ADVCT ▲

Interview by Steven Tongson Free Facebook Giveaway is one of the biggest, if not the biggest company in The UK. They recently got some of the new Flavor Pro Decks in, and some of them had a raw finish that they were supposedly not supposed to have. Well has one, and they want to give it away. But you won't just get the deck, you'll get a full one of a kind "Mirror" Complete, and it looks pretty sick.

Entering the Contest is simple, and it is open to anyone in the US, AUS, or UK! Just check the flyer for instructions, and click below to head straight to their Facebook page!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Javi Trepat- Cali Throwaway

Javi Trepat was recently in the US to film, and these are some throwaway clips he got...That last clip is pretty good for being throwaway.  Looking forward to the real clips, or whatever his next video project will be.

Tilt Scooters Presents: Erik Feenstra

So I guess Erik is pretty good at riding scooters.  More specifically, riding scooters on rails.  Riding with Erik in real life really shows how much raw talent he has, it's insane.  This video showcases the best of that talent. Last trick might be the best handrail trick I've seen.  Only complaint is that the video is too short haha. Follow Tilt on their facebook for more videos, pictures, and more:

Huge Boxes Limited Facebook Giveaway

You know you have a Facebook.. And you know you love Boxes Limited Apparel. So you now have no reason to not go and enter this giveaway contest that Boxes is holding right now. All details are on the flyer, and you can reach their Facebook by clicking the link below.


Trevor Fitzpatrick Golden Age of Cannibal

This is supposedly part 1 of a 3 part video by Trevor and some friends, one of them being Noah Risser, whos section is yet to come out. Trevor has been working on this all street edit since May, and you can tell he put a lot into this one. Some unique tricks that you don't see too much in street edits in this video, and it's overall a really fun watch. Check it out below.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jake Clark Envy Scooters Web Edit

I haven't even watched this but I heard there was a front bri to hang five, and its Jake Clark so there's bound to be a lot of tricks you probably can't do.  Including a large number of whips, bars, briflips, fingerwhips, nose manuals/hang fives, and more.

Edit:  Upon watching the edit, it seems I was right.  Kickless rewinds are like the new buttercup.  I wonder what trick will be the next biggest thing?

Throwback Thursday : Jessee Ikedah Nukk Scooters Summer Video

Before Jessee made it big in the sport, before he was on MGP and traveling around the world, before he made the switch to Envy, he was just another rider in the Nukk Crew.

In 2009 the Nukk Crew did something that a lot of riders who were around back then will clearly remember. They dropped their summer edits, one at a time. When Jessee Ikedah dropped his edit, it was an instant hit. Everything from the song used, to his iconic style he's known for today helped make it a true classic. Jessee definitely deserved this weeks Throwback Thursday.

..I mean come on, video is so old, they even misspelled his name in the intro!

Nate Tansley On the Come Up

Well, he was definitely on the come up, and being from So Cal, that's no easy task.. until he got into an accident breaking a few bones in his leg which will now require surgery. It always sucks to see an up and coming rider go down, and have to take time off like that. All of these clips were filmed by Max Demoss, and Max also sent me the video. Hope Nate has a quick recovery, and gets back to riding sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scooter Rock Contest 2012

Really interesting video sent to me by Micro Extreme rider Simon Roduit, who is also featured in the video. Basically it is a scooter/rock band contest of some sort. Two bands are featured in the video, and supposedly this was the filmers first time filming scooters, he did a pretty good job considering.
 Check it out below.


This is a little promo for a competition that ScooterHut and Downside are holding down in Australia.  The comp will be held at Varsity Skatepark in Brisbane, on September 16th.  Its supposed to be a street style competition so it should be pretty interesting.  Ups to Jackson Manzie for putting this video together, it was tight.

Dakota Schuetz Interview with

Ok, so he might not have that much personality, but he is the best competition rider in the world today. That is something no one can argue. While this interview might not get him any more fans, it is good to get to hear his opinion on some things.

 You get a sense for how serious Dakota sees this sport. Riding no less than 4-6 hours a day, making sure that when he gets out there on the course of his next contest, he truly does resemble a Machine. I've seen Dakota compete both in person, and in videos a lot. And you can count the amount of times he's fallen in the past few years on one hand.

At the end Ben wishes him good luck on winning the contest, which clearly Dakota didn't need, because he did win the contest, as expected.

Brendon Smith Bunker Night Sesh

A chill sesh from Fasen's Brendon Smith. Not going incredibly hard like he does in his longer edits, but still getting it done considering this was filmed in one night. Last clip was tight. As everyone knows by now, Brendon Smith is the co owner of a new company by the name of Fasen. They are partnered with us here at Inside Scooters, and we will be dropping all news relating to Fasen as soon as we have it.

To stay up to date with them as well, Like their Facebook page by clicking the link below.

Fasen Facebook

Filmed and Edited by Michael Sadler

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scoot Fest World Cup Competition Edit

Looks like it was one hell of a competition recently at Scoot Fest. All of the worlds top competition riders where there, and as always, everyone had their sights set on Dakota. But come on, taking Dakota down in a competition is no easy task. Judging from the clips in the edit, Kota has even more new tricks that we'll probably never see him mess up haha.

That's not to say everyone else wasn't throwing down as well. There are solid clips throughout the edit, and I hope we see a couple more edits in the near future from other filmers. For now, check this one out.

Terry Price, Dan Avery, Perry Grant Interview at Scoot Fest 2012 with Skates.Co.Uk

Ben from Skates.Co.Uk caught up with some of the Team riders from MGP UK while they were at the Scoot Fest Comp. Lots of good questions answered by the guys, and supposedly Ben got quite a few more interviews over the duration of the competition. Will probably get some more of them up over the next week or so.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Johan Grunwald in the streets

This is Johan riding the streets of his hometown, Copenhagen.  The song is god-awful but the last trick is mind-blowing.  Front hurricane? Or front board 270?  Either way it was sick.

Kodye Gregory Edit

Kodye Gregory recently hooked up with filmer/editor Chris Blanton and this is edit is the result. Kodye is unsponsored at the moment, and by the looks of this video, it's only a matter of time before a company grabs this dude. Check it out below.

Inside the Lens: Week #69

Photographer Name: Matthew Owers
Rider Name: Lawrence Rubin
Trick Name: Wall Ride
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression

Rider: Bryant Colon
Filmer: Bayron Rodriguez
Location: New Jersey

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression. -Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Luke Maffesoni Mayfield Session

I feel like its been forever since Luke had a video out.  This one is just a short park video but he still managed to through down.  The tricks up the hubba and over the pyramid were so good.  And the whip to no footed ride, like wat?

Texas Tage

This is a montage of some park and street clips from a really sick crew down in Texas.  Riders included are Matt Ogle, Andy Koke, Kyle Miller, Theo Kotyk, Ashton Blackwood, Denton Stovall, Chris Dant and Baird Newbern.  Matt kills it on that street kicker gap thing.  Theo also just had his own park video which you can check below:

Envy East Coast Tour 2012

I don't even know what to really say about this edit, except for the fact that there are probably world firsts all around in here. I can't really comprehend most of the stuff these guys are throwing down. Vincent Kudrna is a beast. Everyone really delivered in this, and if they can put it down like this during competitions, the Envy Team will be killing it in the comp scene. Check out the edit below.

ECX Ohio Dreams Week 7 2012

The ECX Team hit up Ohio Dreams and got tons of footage. With a Team that has so many different riders with different styles, it's pretty hard to not enjoy watching an ECX Team Edit. And I still really want to see a Tommy Christiana full edit, that kid can ride anything, and is a real up and comer. Check out their Ohio Dreams Edit below.

Also see what happens when you put Michael Pytel on two scooters at the same time. Haha.

Tilt in Grand Rapids

So everyone on the US Tilt team minus Erik (Josh Young, Tyler Wheeland, Tom Kvilhaug, and I) got to spend a week in the Midwest riding/filming/chilling.  We made a video up in Grand Rapids, Michigan at a cool little DIY park.  That thing at the end is so long, its crazy that Tyler jumped it.

Kaleb Kier | Welcome to Lucky Am

Yup, Kaleb's movin on up, this time to Lucky's am squad.  These are the clips Bayley Maxcy filmed of him to showcase this most recent move.  720 looked so dialed.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quad Whip Flat by Remi Bouchard

Well damn. Figures it's from Remi Bouchard, the same guy who did the worlds first double fingerwhip flat on film. Now has the world first quad whip flat on film... in a line, and it's clean as hell. Also later in the video I think there's a double heel to rewind on flat as well. Ridiculous.

Audun Grundt Leine Micro Promo

Solid promo for Micro Extreme. Micro seems to be growing really fast lately. Picking up a bunch of riders, and all of them coming through. Pretty sick to see him repping a Sky High shirt at the end of the edit.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Phoenix West Coast Tour Day 9

Looks like Jon Reyes finally met up with this guys on the Tour for the rest of the way up to Portland. This was one of my favorite tour edits so far. Watching the guys boost the mini was tight. Sick to see all the kids going nuts for Phoenix haha. Check out the edit below.

Freestyle Depot Big Weekend Reminder

Don't forget about all the big things happening with Freestyle Depot this weekend.  Back to school sale and their FD SUMMER SLAM contest on Sunday, August 19 in Vista, CA!!

Micro Extreme Australian and New Zealand Contest

Pretty tight contest being thrown by Micro Extreme in Aus/NZ right now. Basically you just have to be from Australia or New Zealand and watch the below video. Taylor Smith who rides for Micro Extreme, has Two World Firsts in this edit. To be entered in the contest, all you have to do is like the Facebook Page below and from there follow the instructions on the contest page!

Everyone that enters the two correct answers has a chance to win one of the new Micro Extreme Complete scooters, you just choose which one you want.

The video is below so check it out.

Sky High Presents: Kirk Svensson

The latest video to drop from the Sky High crew is from Kirk Svensson.  Kirk likes to keep it steezy and is a perfectionist with his riding, which explains why this video is so dialed.  Chain hop to manual the grass is one of the coolest clips ever.  Keep on the lookout for more videos from Sky High, they've had a new one every week for the past month or so and that shouldn't be changing anytime soon.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Throwback Thursday: 951 Epic Weekend Video 2

Definitely a Throwback Thursday, and we're going back to 2009. This is a video I used to watch all the time, it just has a really good feel to it. It features the best riders in So Cal back then, and most of them are still some of the best in So Cal now. Riders like Tyler Wheeland before he was a T Whee. Monky when he did lookbacks and boosted quarters. Also featured are So Cal pioneers, Nick Darger, Chris Gascoigne, Kody McQueen, Raymond Warner, and a lot more. It's just a good solid old edit, back when Pro Models were whats up.

Phoenix West Coast Tour Day 7 and 8

Phoenix hit up my home area of Northern California and hit a couple parks up there. Looks like it was a good turn out, and the guys were throwing down as usual. Check out the edit below.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Josh Brown Welcome to Scooterzone Am Edit

The amount of footage this guy gets blows my mind.  This latest video is to introduce him to Scooterzone's Am team, a position he definitively deserves.  So many good rail tricks in this edit.  Kinda bummed about the song though.

Jake Hershey: Announcer Extraordinaire

Jake Hershey, age 21, has been riding almost since the beginning of our sport.  He has always been a positive presence on the scene.  He started announcing events a couple years ago, and today is the official announcer for the Razor Global Domination Tour competitions.  I hit up Jake with a few questions to learn more about him and his announcing career.

Jordan Jasa:  Lets start at the beginning.  When did you start riding?

Jake Hershey:  Sheesh! I started riding back in 2002 around the time the A2 square deck was introduced and there were really only a few riders in my area like Jesse Macaluso and Chris Bartnicki.

When did you first start going to competitions?  Did announcing seem like something you wanted to do?

The first competition I went to was actually the first east coast contest in the US and that was in 2006 at The Incline Club. Seeing as I lived down the street it was a must. I had Jon Reyes and Sanchez staying at my house. Terry Price and dudes I looked up to were all there and it was insane!

So then what was your first announcing gig, and how did that happen?

I am pretty sure the first contest I announced was back in 2010 in Newport, Delaware at the ECX Spring contest? I may be wrong, but I think I am right (Collin DaSilva helped me with that one). The owner of ECX, Mike Lashbrook, was doing the announcing and asked me if I wanted to help him out with it. I said yes and afterwards I got LOADS of compliments from riders, parents, friends, etc.

Can you explain your relationship with the Razor Global Domination Tour?  You seem to be at every stop doing announcing yeah?

Oh yeah ;) Last year I did the announcing for their stop at Rye Airfield in New Hampshire which was super tight! Then after hearing me there they did some talking and asked me to come to every event and be their official announcer! This was crazy for me and a huge step in my career!

Do you take notes from announcers in other sports?  Are you trying to be our Sal Masekela?

HA! Funny you say that. I was at X Games this year with Razor doing demos and took note of the announcer for skateboarding. I found his contact info and shot him an email. To my surprise I woke up with an email back from him. Told me how he came about to where he is today and stuff like that. Really chill and inspiring.

What are some of your future goals/plans?

Well, my major goal is to make announcing my full time career cause I am tired of working at pizzerias and other types of stuff :P but in all seriousness I have a few things planned, may not be for a little while, but its in the works currently. And that is the Jake Hershey's contest series. When I have more info I'll let everyone know! As for short term goals, I definitely want to hop on tour with a company/team and announce for them at each stop. Almost like Catfish would do for Props BMX.

How can people reach you to announce their event?

They can reach me at anytime at my email !! I would give out my phone number but you know those hooligans these days will prank call me! :P

Any last words/thanks/shoutouts?

HUGE shout out to Tee Tirado over at Spoil'd Bratt Skateshop for everything she has ever helped me out with, as well as my sponsors Elyts, 841, AO, Magray Scooter Co, and SoloChristo Ministries. As well as a huge thanks to Inside-Scooters for hooking me up big time! <3 p="p">

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Freestyle Depot Back to School Apparel Sale

Pretty sick when there is enough legit apparel in the industry for a company to actually throw a "Back to School" sale, featuring 15% off all apparel in their store. Make sure to hit up Freestyle Depot this weekend, and get your hands on some new stuff before school starts.

Dylan Park Clips for Boxes Limited

Yeah, Dylan loves the Park.

Check out these clips he got for Boxes Limited.

Phoenix Day 5 + Phoenix at SG Footage

We got the day 5 edit from the Phoenix West Coast Tour below. I think the only part that's bothering me is not enough Evan Larson footage! Haha. The guys are on their way up to Oregon right now. Check out the edit below.

We also got some footage sent to us from Scooter Garage from when the Phoenix Team hit up their shop. Check that out below.


Monday, August 13, 2012

"Ethic The Untold Story" The Truth about District and Addict. Also the Birth of Ethic.

Seems strange to think that you might be riding a Deck, that you think is from one company.. when in reality, it was designed for a completely different company, doesn't it??

Well, I will say there are very very few people that will understand the video posted below. No, not because it's in French, but because you guys just won't understand how Marcel (Owner of Eagle-Sport, District, Addict) is. Though I think some of his former "employees" and riders might. Kevin Demay breaks it all down in a very professional manner. From his start in the sport, to starting District and Addict, to the very end. Finally onto the beginning of Ethic.

It's a lengthy video, but I don't think anyone will be turning it off until it's done. You really get a sense of what District is all about. Of what happened with the Owner behind the scenes, and more.

Also enjoy a sneak peek of the Ethic products hopefully set to drop before the end of 2012.

When Good Edits, Go Bad.

So you’ve been riding for a while now, you’re getting pretty good, you got a pretty solid bag of tricks, so what do you do now? Make your first edit! This is a big step for any rider, because this edit is most likely going to be posted on Youtube and shown to other riders on forums and such.
 It’s usually at this point that it all starts to go wrong for most riders. This article is for riders who make “Sponsor Me” edits, and various other edits that supposedly took “Months” to film and edit. Unfortunately most of the time the finished product ends up looking like the countless amount of other videos you’ve seen. Repetitive, badly filmed, same trendy song, and the same trendy tricks. I really do wonder what it is about so many riders that think if they do this, they will be recognized as a “good rider” by any company or other group of riders.
I’ve been in the sport since 2001, and I’ve seen my fair share of edits. I’ve seen the good, and I’ve seen a lot of the bad..and I mean a lot. The worst part is that the things that make these edits so bad, aren’t secrets. Half the time I have to think the rider in the video knows he’s just filming trendy crap that everyone has seen a thousand times. Are riders afraid to break away from the mindless  group of sheep that only start doing tricks once other people start doing them too? For the love of god, don’t you all have brains? 
When you’re out filming, and you decide on a trick on any obstacle, or at any park, think about how many riders have already done that trick a bunch of times in that same spot. Then ask yourself (if you still want to do that trick) what can you do to make it better? To make it stand out a little bit more. You can do it in a line, or you can simply just try and go faster and bigger. But why would you want to do the trick the same exact way as everyone else? Do you really think that’s helping you land that super sick sponsorship, or get yourself noticed or respected? Oh, I’m sorry you might be one of those “Cool” kids, who.. “Doesn’t care what other riders think.” If that’s you, I’m sorry you continue to go and make your videos that you post on Youtube In hopes that no one sees them, cause you “don’t care” you little rebel you.
To all the “Street Riders” out there, please try and get an understanding of what riding street means before you go and make your “street edit” that you most likely only made to try and appear cool. As you sit back and bash on park riding with the only reason for doing so being that you see other riders do it too. Whatever you do, don’t depend on other street scooter edits to get your motivation, because the majority of them aren’t too good. Instead check out some skateboarding videos or bmx videos, and find the common factor in those videos. One of them being, Lines. Riders need to start doing more lines in their street videos. It shows creativity, and consistency. But if you’re going to do a line in your edit, please, don’t bother if you plan on moving at a snails pace. Almost ANY trick can look clean if it’s done with enough speed. So before you even start your line, get some serious pushes in there.
And mix it up! Seriously, a video gets really boring when the same tricks are being done over and over. Would you still watch The Walking Dead if the same thing happened every 10 minutes in each episode? I doubt it. So why would anyone want to watch an edit of the same tricks being done every other clip? Make it a point while you’re out filming to get different clips. Also try and remember that your video should have some bangers, or at least one solid banger. This is where it gets pretty vital. Tailwhipping Wallenberg was sick when Addison did it. But is it sick again when someone else does it, and uses it as their banger to their edit? Not really, just doesn’t have the same shock factor. That’s not to say it isn’t still a crazy trick. But it’s been done before, you know?. You want to use it as a banger? Double tailwhip it. The banger of your edit, is the last clip or clips that people are going to see before the video ends. That means, make it memorable! Make it something that riders are going to want to watch again, usually resulting in them watching your whole entire edit again if you threw down hard enough. So think, plan out your banger, and your most likely going to bleed a bit before landing get over that.
A solid park edit is something that is really hard to find now a days. These days we see “Park Edits” that contain a bunch of air tricks, a bunch of hip tricks, maybe some spine tricks, and almost all of them being landed so low that all you get is that one clip before you’re on to the next one. For once it would be sick to see riders that know how to actually ride a quarter pipe, or hip, or spine. So that when they hit it and land a trick they actually landed high enough on the ramp to hit another ramp, and *gasp* do another trick!? Park edits have become all about hitting a quarter and throwing as many whips, spins, and combos into that one air before you hit the ground, yes the ground, not the transition. 
The worst part is, I know some of these riders can do better than that. I look at someone like Dan Holm who doesn’t get the respect he should because he isn’t throwing a million combos in one air. But you know what Dan can do? Ride his skatepark. He rides it as well as the bmx riders that ride it. That is something half of these kids that call themselves “park riders” can’t do. Because they are choosing not to. Yes Australia, I’m looking at you. You guys have an insane amount of skateparks all around you, and yet you don’t ride them. You ride one obstacle at them. Park riding doesn’t have the privilege of street riding where you can go and explore and find new obstacles whenever you want. You only have what park builders built in your skatepark. So from there it is up to you to find different lines, gaps, and transfers. Especially when you’re filming an edit. 
Overall, I just want riders to start understanding that filming a real edit in hopes of getting sponsored or having that edit be your “claim to fame” should take it a bit more seriously. Now I’m not talking about going out and having fun and filming a day edit with your friends or something. So don’t get this mistaken for me saying every time you pick up your camera you have to be filming seriously and getting solid clips. That’s not what I mean at all. I’m strictly referring to the Sponsor Me edits, and the Edits that supposedly took months for one rider to finish. /Endrant

Phoenix West Coast Tour Days 3 and 4

Catching up with the Phoenix Team on their West Coast Tour again. Evan Larson and Dan Barret have been hard at work with the filming and editing, making sure that at each stop they are able to toss together another edit. On Day 3 it looks like they hit up a few parks, and Ryan Gould is up in there. And on Day 4 the Phoenix Team hit up the Scooter Zone AM Jam. Where you get treated to a few clips by Monky, long time friend and former Team rider of Scooter Zone. Check it out below.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jon Reyes Flat Edit 2

Just gonna throw this out there, there is naked man walking across the screen with an elephant mask in the intro.  So watch out for that...anyways, Jon is really good at riding flat.  Probably the best, so watch and enjoy.

Scooter Zone 2 For 1: Julio Oceguera Scootercheck + Julio vs Nick Darger SCOOT

Julio Oceguera has been with Scooter Zone for a long time, and he is the store manager of the Laguna Hills Scooter Zone. Julio might not throw himself down ridiculous gaps and sets anymore, but he can still throw down. Not to mention he has what most riders are calling the best wheels on the market right now, which are his Signature Wheels that you can see in the video. The first video below is Julio giving you a run down of his scooter, and he's got some clips that follow.

Next up, Trick Darger and Julio decided it was time to see who would come out on top in a game of SCOOT on the new ramp set up at Laguna Hills Scooter Zone. So they got right into it, and you can watch the full game below.

Tom Mattingly District Edit

This might be Tom's last edit for a while, and it delivered. It's a full street video, and it has a little bit of everything in there. His lines where he's going full speed are really good. Check it out below.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Phoenix West Coast Tour Day 2

On day 2 of the Phoenix West Coast Tour the guys hit up a couple shops, and the Esco Skatepark which has been gaining more and more popularity in the past year or so. Check out the video below, and be sure to keep checking Inside for more updates from the Phoenix West Coast Tour.

Also click the link below so you can find out where Phoenix is going to be next!

Phoenix West Coast Tour Dates

Also check out Renata's (owner of Scooter Garage) Scooter check. Shes pretty awesome haha.

Sky High Presents: Zach Johnston

Zach "Skullsburg" Johnston recently got on the Sky High local team, and had this footage stockpiled for a video.  He's got the style and tricks for sure.  Sky High has been dropping a lot of videos lately, like their Facebook page to keep up on all the updates.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vienna Calling- Trailer 2012

"Vienna Calling" is a full-length being filmed in Austria.  It'll feature some of the best riders and spots of that country, and judging from the trailer, it looks like it'll be pretty good.  I know I'll be looking forward to it.

Phoenix West Coast Tour Day 1

Phoenix is currently hitting up the West Coast with some of their top riders. This is one tour that you don't want to miss out on. Dan Barret and Evan Larson have been filming and editing, and they are going to continue to do so for each stop. Every time there is a new edit you guys will be able to find it here on ISB. For now check out stop number 1.

Shout out to lil Jordan Robles, looks like he got Dan Barrets sig on his griptape!

New SG Bars from Scooter Garage

Scooter Garage has a pretty strong following in Southern California, and it will probably get stronger now that they started making their own custom bars, called SG Bars. These bars can be cut to any size preference that you prefer. More information on the flyer, and you can check out Scooter Garage's website by clicking the link below.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Suutarila Street Park Competition 2012 - Helsinki, Finland

Here's today's edit from Razor, a video from a competition at a park in Finland.  It features some of the Addict guys as well as riders like Johan Grunwald and Cam Ward, so you know it was a pretty good competition.  Congrats to Johan on the win!

VertX Week at Ohio Dreams

The VertX Team recently spent a week at Ohio Dreams, and they were able to get enough footage to make a pretty solid edit. You'll also notice Matt Dibble has a clip or two, I learned that he was recently added to the VertX Pro Team.

The Deck they're riding is Dom Marconi's signature deck, called the "Forza" Deck. It looks pretty sick. Following the trend of decks with flat sides, as opposed to sharp sides, is a definite plus. You can buy one now by clicking the link below.

Mitch Copson Quick Release ISS Edit

Joel"Wezma" Erwin does all the filming and editing for The ISS Store in Australia, and he recently finished an edit for ISS Rider, Mitch Copson. Mitch is a park rider who seems to have a thing for boosting hips. Dude has some style, and while he is doing tricks that are pretty typical in the Aussie scene, he's doing em clean and smooth. Check it out below.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sky High Presents: Jordan Jasa

Some kid named Jordan Jaysa sent this video in. It's not bad. Not bad at all. He rides street obstacles and other things of that nature. Repping Tilt and Sky High Scooters.

Brenton Reid Six Trick Fix

Check out Brenton's six trick fix at Sammamish Skatepark.  Still got the fulltwists he's always done as well as some new tech box tricks.  Cool clips for sure.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ryan Gould 2012 Street Edit

Ryan Gould started to get his name on the map a couple of years ago, since then it has been non stop progression from the So Cal native. Together with Scooter Zone backing him up, and Cody Groom to film him and edit his videos, he recently started taking his riding to yet another level.

He found his comfort zone in the streets, and you see that with his 2012 Street Edit. Really stoked on this video. Filming, editing, and riding are all on point. Definitely check this one out.

Proto Guadalajara Trip

"Proto recently took a small trip down to Guadalajara to film Andrew Broussard, Elmer Ferreiras, and Chema Cardenas for the upcoming Armageddon 2012 video. Proto put together a full trip article for the next issue of Dialed Magazine, but posted a bunch of extra Instagram and Facebook photos online. Check out the behind the scenes of their trip and get stoked for the video!"

Photos on Facebook
Photos on Facebook
Photos on Facebook

Monday, August 6, 2012

NY Street Jam 2012 *Edited with New Video*

Here is Febkev's edit of the recent NYC Jam.  This edit shows a lot of the same footage as the one below but it also shows the winners at each spot which is pretty cool.  Overall it looked to be a fun event, I wanna go next year.

Go to 2:20 if you wanna watch the street clips, except you should definitely watch :26 to see the funniest scooter-break-while-flairing clip ever.  This video isn't too great in quality so hopefully there'll be another one out soon, but there is a lot of footage from the day so its cool.  Greg came through with some good tricks.  Best clip is 4:08, gap to board Williamsburg?  By some random?  Or was that Rahmel?  Either way it was good.

Third Annual Scooter Zone Am Jam

Do you feel like you should be considered a Pro? Want to make sure some of the worlds best riders recognize how good you are? Then you should show up at the Third Annual Scooter Zone Am Jam. The Am Jam is the one stop comp for all Beginner and Am riders to show their stuff.

The Am Jam is all about the beginner and Am riders, with the Pro riders there to help them out, and hang out with em. The Pros will also be doing a demo. There's gonna be free food and drinks, raffles, and a 500 dollar winner take all best trick comp.

Show up on Aug 12th and take part in the Third Annual Scooter Zone Am Jam. More details on the flyer.

Micro Extreme Europe Tour

Here it is, the full video from the new Micro Extreme Team's recent tour in Europe. Micro Extreme is back in a very serious way, they have put together a Team of absolute killers from all around the world. This video was so sick to watch. Everyone shredded hard, and Taylor Smith killed it with that 1080. Can't wait to see more stuff from the Micro Extreme Team in the future.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Alliance Skatepark Scooter Jam

Check it out, they got a comp goin on down in Texas, make it down if you're from the Lone Star State.