Saturday, May 11, 2013

Uniun- Damia Araujo

Damia came out with this rad video for Uniun today.  Coming from Catalan, and riding the street mecca of Barcelona, he's developed some skill and style.  Uniun videos are always a good watch.  Diggin the music choice too.


  1. The song was annoying and i didnt really like all the park clips, but the ender was cool i guess.
    -Bayley Maxcy

    1. Damia broke his arm during filming so we released this edit early. I'm sure if he had longer to film he would've got more street clips, not that I understand the dislike for park footage but whatever.

      As for the song being annoying, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Your opinion is wrong though, I'm afraid.

  2. feeble hard truck, truck down the four block and the nose manny bar were all opposite bars too

  3. Legit.
    Banger and last line were sick as fuck, as was the music.

  4. ruined a perfectly good song for me. cant even listen to it now.

  5. Whaaat, whats up to you guys? How could this ruin a song, and how could the banger be "cool i guess." ?
    This was sick as hell. I have been at the banger rail aswell, barspin-lipslide down that thing is gnarly!
    Video was good, had a great vibe which i feel the song just made better. Really sick edit!
    - Jonas Kjær


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