Friday, September 28, 2012

Varsity Throwdown 2012

This is the footage from the street style park comp that went down recently on the Gold Coast in Australia.  A bunch of shredders are featured in this, even Ryan Williams killing the sets and rails.  Props to him for getting 2nd, James Bull winning 1st, and Alex Collins getting 3rd.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Terry Price Mini Video

Now for those of you who don't know, Terry Price is a true legend in the sport of Scootering. From his iconic 16 stair set jump back before most of you would even dare to jump a 5 set. To his ridiculous flip tricks (Flip doublewhip over spine anyone?) Yeah, for someone to truly appreciate Terry Price you have to have been around back in 2001-2004. Well in 2007, after rarely ever seeing footage of Terry for a couple of years, he dropped "Terry Price Mini Video".

This video solidified Terry Price's place in the sport. Everything about it from the song, the editing, and of course the tricks made it one of the best videos of all time. After watching it when it first came out, you got that feeling like you had just witnessed something amazing, and you had. Part of that was of course due to the fact that he lands the first ever Double Backflip at the end. Terry still rides today, and it is so sick to see someone that has done so much for the sport, continue to stay involved. Check out this weeks Throwback Thursday below.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scooterzone GTLI DVD Teaser

Scooterzone has been filming for a DVD for about three years now.  The team has expanded a lot in that time, meaning this video will have a stacked, diverse set of riders.  I completely forgot that Justin Robertson even existed, definitely stoked to see his footage.  Pretty much every style of riding will be represented, even dirt scooter trails riding.  Should be pretty cool.  Oh, and I have no idea what GTLI stands for, someone should shed some light in the comments.

Edit:  Seems that it stands for "Got To Love It".

Inside the Lens: Week #72

Rider: Tayor Smith
Photographer: Aaron Brandson
Trick: Canvert
Location: Nerang, Queensland, Australia

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression 

Filmer: Mathieu Arnaud (Frogys Prod)
Rider: Nicolas Jacob
Location: Thoiry around of Paris in France

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression. -Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Proto Armageddon Premiere

I wonder just how good this is going to be. No Dvd has come close to Proto's first Dvd, and now they're about to attempt to further that gap by releasing their second Dvd. They've lost some riders, and gained some, and in the end just looking at the names they still have one of the most dominant Teams in the sport. I suggest that if you're in the area, you get to this premiere.

John Radtke Dirt Scoot Release Party

Earlier this month John Radtke had a release party for his Dirt Scooter made by Phase 2, and designed by John himself. John has been around since the beginning, and in the past few years I'm sure all of you can recall seeing him on a dirt scooter, well now instead of asking him to try it out at comps and parks, you can get one for yourself. This is something brand new for our sport, and I can see so many sick competitions popping up once these things take off, and I definitely see them taking off. With riders like Danny Rambert constantly pushing the limits on his dirt scooter, it's bound to get pretty nuts, pretty quick. Check out the footage below.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Micro Extreme Welcomes Zac Stewart

Micro is continuing to build up it's Team of top riders around the world, and they recently put Zac Stewart on their Aus Team. Zac is a park rider, and he makes some pretty ridiculous tricks look easy. Heel to double rewind over that quarter to quarter gap was pretty tight. He will be going on an MX Aus Tour coming up as well. Check out his Welcome edit below.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jon Reyes Phoenix Sig Deck Release

It was just a matter of time before long time Phoenix Team Rider, Jon Reyes got his signature deck. Now that he's finally got one dropping soon, he's having an official Jam to celebrate it. Where you can also enter a raffle to win one of his signature decks on spot. For more details check out the flyer below.

Haske Scooter Shop in Spain

Haske is Spain's first Scooter Shop that is owned and operated by riders. This is one of the rarities in our sport. This is something I kind of wish more riders would try to do, but it just isn't happening in our sport.. Most of the time you have shops that are for the most part operated by riders, but not owned. The owner is none other than Javi Trepat. Javi along with his long time friend Sergio Alvarez are taking on this task together, and they aren't just stocking any and every scooter brand out there. He is actually being pretty selective about what brands to carry. He will be carrying products from companies who he chooses himself, and who he feels are actually helping the sport. They will also be carrying various clothing brands. They recently had their launch party, and it looks like it was pretty tight. Check out some pics by clicking the link below, and stay on the look out for promo videos from their Team, which right now consists of.. Carlos Monné, Kitus, Luís Torres, Pol Aceña, and of course Javi himself.


Also be sure to check out and like their Facebook page by clicking the link below

Last but not least you definitely want to check out their promo video, with footage that they is throwaway...but there are some bangers in here for sure.

Blunt UK Tour 2012

This summer, Envy/Blunt riders from the US, Aus, and Europe all went on a trip together to the UK to ride, compete and film.  Some of the biggest names in the game are featured in this so be ready for some insane riding.  Great job by Luca Thiebault on filming and editing this, he always kills it.

Dan Holm TSI Threshold Deck and Epic Holmwrecker Bar Promo

Well that title is a bit of a mouthful but what you need to know is that its Dan Holm promoting his new sig deck and bars.  He does overcrook grinds on quarterpipes and the biggest pocket airs ever in this video so watch out for those.  Dan is definitely a flowmaster but his sig deck is actually a 21" long Threshold (haha).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mathias Holst in Paris

Mathias took a trip to Paris and got some gnarly footage with the bros.  Lots of dope clips in here.  Feeble heel doublefirecracker?  That was so cool.  And JD got the skate line at the end haha.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ian Herncjar Colorado.

Ian, Ian, Ian.. He just keeps getting better. There is seriously not a bad clip in this video. If you like street riding this video will definitely deliver. Can't wait to see his next edit, hope he continues to push himself.

Filmed by Mike Lucas
Edited by Ian Herncjar

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sky High Presents: Jeff Mroz

Jeff Mroz finally was able to release this video today.  After filming all over the Midwest and California ever since the beginning of the year, you know this is gonna be good.  To add to that he completely got rid of his ski stance, making his riding look 10x better.  He also has a fun basement to stay in.  Jeffy does it for Sky High.

Razor Global Domination Tour 4 Edit by Scooter Garage

Solid edit of the contest, not full runs just a lot of highlights. So if you couldn't make it out to the competition, be sure to thank Scooter Garage for putting this edit together. I don't know about you guys but that dude who won the Intermediate doing Flairs, Flair Barspins, and Frontflips... time to stop sand bagging. Dakota of course took 1st place, and Cameron Ward was the Overall Tour Winner.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jessee Ikedah Parktage

Hmm, I didn't know it was possible for Jessee to have even more style, guess I was wrong. While this all park footage, it happens to be from one of the few riders I actually enjoy watching ride park. Everything he does has so much style, and those nose blunt to 3s are really sick.

Also that Envy deck looks a bit longer, or are my eyes just playing tricks on me? Hope they did make a longer/wider version.

Proride Joins ISB

New company on ISB, and it's Proride. There was a lot of hype on this company a couple years ago, and not all of it was good. They have since changed in a lot of ways, and are gaining a lot of popularity as they continue to grow and expand, and help support the sport. Press release from them below.

"ProRide Scooters was established January 2010. Here at ProRide we strive to bring you the some of the best products at the lowest price. ProRide's founder has over twenty years experience helping build a sport from the ground up and knows that the scooter sport and athletes are on the verge of something very special. We won't and will not compromise the industry, it's athletes nor it's name for it's financial gain. We at ProRide know if we keep to our core value's of Family, Community and the riders we'll help build a future to all involved in the Scooter Sport. Most of our employes that work for ProRide also ride professionally and are on teams such as Envy, MADD Gear, and Grit. ProRide puts on Free Ride Days once a month to promote the sport. Huge crowds come out to enjoy music, free food, and the riding, an average of 300 people come for the day so you know there is a lot of exposure coming from our events. We strive to give everyone the best costumer service that you deserve and to continue to work hard to promote our sport."

We are located at 36625 Kevin Rd. STE 150 Wildomar CA, 92595
Call us anytime at (951) 691-5400
Visit our Website at

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day in the Life: Maxime Legrand

Maxime, aka LeBaron, is the man.  Proof:  when asked what he thought of the Scoot Fest, he said, "F--- the Scoot Fest, no more for me."  Further proof:  the above video.  His icepicks are so dialed.

More LA Street Jam Footy

Check it, some more footage from the street jam that went down in LA recently.  There's some more angles of tricks, different tricks, and most importantly, the banger thrown down by my main man Mr. Flowers.  He recently got picked up by AO I believe, who flew him down from Racine, Wisconsin.

Matthias Haskins Clips Ahoy

Mattias is the bigger brother of Jayden, whose video is posted down below.  This video is just as dope as Jayden's was.  Good use of tricks, spots, this guy is a shredder for sure.  Haskins brothers are holding it down for Canada. Update

First up we got an interview with Ryan Mcnamara, Grit Pro rider, and ranked number 2 in the world in the competition circuit. Ryan discusses his rise to fame, competitions, the new Grit prototype deck, which looks pretty good, and more. So definitely check it out.

Also, Dirt Scoots aren't just getting popular in the US. They're also popping up in The UK. Skates.Co.Uk will be selling the following scooter in the next month or so. So Ben got one before hand and was able to do an in depth review on it. Check it out below.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jayden Haskins Summer Stuff

I thought this was really cool.  Just a young boi becoming a man.  Also proof that you don't need the craziest tricks to make a solid, enjoyable edit.  Jayden is 13, from Canada, and apparently wears shorts every day of the year.  That's dedication.

Boxes Limited on Instagram

Gotta be living under a rock to not know what Instagram is. It is basically a photo sharing App for most smart phones, and you can keep up with your favorite riders, people, and companies through the photos they post. Well Boxes Limited just joined Instagram, so you guys should definitely go follow them!

Follow them @BOXESltd

LA Street Jam Edit by The Over Show

The Over Show made it out to The LA Street Jam recently, and filmed at each stop, and made a sick edit out of the footage. Big Ron of course just kills it, and at the end Monky decided to show some people whats up with a first try front board to whip down a tight rail. Overall it looked like a great time. Big thanks to Razor and Phase 2 and Ali Kermani for setting up the whole thing. Hopefully this becomes something we see more often.

Inside the Lens Week #71

Photographer: Max Kernmayer
Rider: Marko Szabo
Trick: Lipslide
Location: Vienna, Austria

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression

Filmer name : Jakub Wolk
Rider name : Lukas Hornik
Location : Vienna in Austria

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression. -Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Twisted Scoots New Product Line

It might have taken them awhile, but they haven't exactly just been sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Twisted has been working pretty hard on their new product line, which is all made in the USA. All of their stuff is made by specialists in their fields some of which are the same manufacturers of products like, GT Bikes, Yamaha USA, and Eye BMX to name a few.

Most of the products take a Bmx approach to them, which is good to see. Pretty stoked to see another company attempting to get involved like this, and really focus on quality over quantity. If the products really do hold up, is still yet to be seen. I guess we will find out once they hit the market

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Proto Product

Proto Wheels are some of the most popular wheels in the sport today, and the same can be said for the rest of their parts as well. Proto is releasing new Sig Wheels for riders Alex Steadman, Chema Cardenas, and Elmer Ferreiras which come in sick new colors, as well as new colors on their bars, forks, and Scs. Overall this stuff looks sick, I gotta get some of those Chema Sig wheels.

Freestyle Depot Facebook Contest

If there's one thing Freestyle Depot loves to do, it's hook you guys up with free gear. They're at it again with another simple Facebook contest. You guys have no reason not to enter. So check out the flyer below, and head to their Facebook asap.


Mathias Holst HooTigh + HooTigh Til I Die

Mathias was killin it in this one.  Loved that wallride to whip and the filming was pretty wild too.  Good array of spots as well.

We also got Johan Grunwald and Hugo Svare doing it for HooTigh as well. Wish this edit was longer because these guys both shred hard.

Ryan Erwin Summer 2012

Ryan doesn't ride much anymore which is pretty sad cause it would have been really cool to see what he could do if he ever progressed beyond the driveway and his local.  It's easy to see that he has a lot of skill...never thought I'd see that last trick being done on flat.

Jon Reyes & Dan Barrett practicing for the ISA International Championships

Here we have Jon and Dan having some fun in Times Square, NYC.  This is the kinda thing that's missing from the New York scene videos.  I remember the first Scooyork video I ever saw had the crew just cruising the square at night in and out of the traffic and it was so cool.  This is a little different than that but still cool.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Florian Toegel Twentytwelve Throwaway

Florian put together this little montage of throwaway clips.  He's working on a part for Vienna Calling which should be pretty sick.  The 180 whips into fakie feeble were so cool.

Dialed Issue 2 Cover Shot

As Dialed Issue 2 finishes it's printing run, it will soon be available on all websites and in shops. With new Layout and Graphic Design Manager Kris Anacleto of BoxesLTD, we are really stoked on how Issue 2 turned out. Can't wait for everyone to check it out.

For Issue 3 we have an announcement that we will make on ISB at a later date, but we think everyone will be pretty stoked.

Do you have photos that you think are good enough to be in Dialed? Are you a good writer, and want a chance to work with us at Dialed Scooter Magazine? Email and let's talk about it.

ECX Team Sunday Funday Edit

A few of the guys on the ECX team got together on a recent Sunday and produced this video.  You don't see much of team day videos lately, so this was a cool watch.  Somebody needs to jump both of those street pyramids in a row though, they look so fun.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

ADVCT Scooters Chill Night Sesh

ADVCT riders James Gee, Evan Yamada, Blake Bailor, and their homie Kingsley Okocha grabbed the flood lights and hit up a local school for a chill night sesh. Check it out below, and don't forget to check out the ADVCT Facebook

VertX End Of Summer Forza Complete Giveaway

VertX is giving away one of their first brand new Forza Completes. Entering is simple, so read below for the full details and instructions.

End of Summer Forza Pro Scooter Giveaway | VertX Scooters

VertX is giving you the chance to win big before the end of summer by giving away one of our first complete Forza pro scooters. The Forza complete scooter is going to be one of the most legit scooters available and to kick it off, we want to give one away for free. Check below for details on how to enter your name into the random drawing and details about the Forza scooter.

How to enter for the Forza complete scooter give away:

1. First you have to like our Facebook page -

2. On Facebook Share the VertX Ohio Dreams video Dom and the crew made -

3. Mention VertX in your share about the video - @vertxscooters

That is all you have to do get in the drawing. We will be taking everybody’s names that entered and make a random drawing on September 30, 2012. Enter today for a chance to win the Forza Pro Scooter.

Forza Pro Scooter - Quick Specs

· Forza 4.3" Deck

· Vertx SMX fork

· Brand new VertX SCS compression

· 110 red/white wheels

· Standard powered coated G-bars with ODI grips

· Vertx Whisper Brake System

Pol Acena Summer Clips

My dude Pol sent these clips in as almost just a teaser to his upcoming all street edit that he's been working on. Pol has continued to get better and better since joining up with Phoenix Pro Scooters, and I am eager to check out his street edit when it drops. For now this will have to suffice. Check it out below.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Billy Watts Recovery Edit (First 1260 Landed??)

MGP Aus's Billy Watts is on the road to recovery, and he clearly hasn't lost much since being out for a while. I don't know what it is about Billy's riding that makes him so fun to watch. He seems to have a more aggressive style, as opposed to a smooth/flowy style. Oh and that last clip, yeah its the only 1260 I've ever seen first? Correct me if I'm wrong..

Jordie Robinson Welcome to MADD Canada

Someones gotta hold it down for MGP in Canada, and there's no one better than Jordie. He's been pretty low key the past couple of years, but since joining MGP he's been progressing really fast. Check out his Welcome to MGP Canada edit below. That last 360 whip was hugee.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brendon Smith Start to Spring Edit

Well it looks like Fasen's Brendon Smith has had no problem adjusting to his new Fasen set up, mainly the deck. He's back to his usual ways in this edit blasting combos left and right, and showing off some tech tricks during the process. This was a 2 week edit, and I believe it was filmed and edit by Michael Sadler. Check it out below.

Razor Global Domination Tour Stop #4

The Razor Global Domination Tour has been going off this year, and they're about to have the 4th stop of the Tour in LA this weekend. All of the top riders from around the USA are going to be there set to compete. If you want to compete as well, you can definitely give it a shot. But if you want to just hang out and check out the contest, I would get out there for sure. For more information check out the flyer below.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gus Rymer Welcome to MADD Edit

So in other recent new sponsorship news, Gus Rymer got on Maddgear.  He's been on for a while and has been filming this video, so check it out.  The kid is a prodigy.  Spins like a dang tornado.

Davenport Ride Day Presented by Sky High

Davenport is one of the best parks ever and Sky High, Tilt, and Proto are some of the best companies/teams ever so if you live in the Midwest you should go.

Dakota Schuetz Signs Multi Year Contract with Lucky Scooter Parts

So I guess it was just a matter of time before some lucky company actually signed Dakota Schuetz, and that’s exactly what Lucky has done. Not just any deal, but a multi year contract between Dakota and LSP. To say this is big news would be a bit of an understatement. 

So it’s safe to say there will be some changes going on with LSP, not just Dakota joining, but also older Team members leaving. Besides that, they are releasing an entire new line of products, which has a lot of people really excited. With a line up of new Distributors, and the products set to hit the market just in time for the Holiday Season, it is definitely going to be a big end to a big year for Lucky. Read below for the full interview.

For more information check out their website

Word has been leaking through some of the smaller blogs in the industry the story that I got the full info on below. I realized that we might not be getting the other side of that story, so I decided to contact Lucky Scooter Parts directly, and get their side of everything that has been going on. To find out more from the Founder of Lucky himself, Brian Jeide, and Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Corriveau, just read the interview below.

Steven: Well first of congratulations on the deal you made with Dakota, I’m guessing negotiations have been going on for a long time before this was a reality?

Lucky: Actually no. This came together very fast. We’ve known Gary and Kota for a long time, and talked frequently. We brought up the idea of having Kota join our team and they expressed a willingness to talk. So we discussed the opportunity with Kota, his dad Gary, and his business agent. We had an agreement in about a week.

Steven: Damn, one week…But he’s always been kind of neutral when it came to joining any “Team”. Why did he join Lucky over other companies?

Lucky: The alignment was great. We both want to promote the sport, and we both want to highlight the positive side of the sport. The timing was also great. Kota is 16 years old, and he really wants to break out the way say Tony Hawk or Shaun White have done. Part of that means aligning with sponsors that have the resources and expertise to help promote his talent. He rides about 5 hours a day, which to us signaled that he is really committed to being number one for a long time. So we’re going to help promote him. It’s likely he’ll have other large sponsors, but none that compete with Lucky. Finally, we were both aligned on the need to innovate and create great products. We’ve always stood for quality, and with Kota on the team we’ll get another set of great feedback during our R&D for our upcoming waves of products.

Steven: Sounds like quite the partnership has been formed.. Ok, so what are the terms of the sponsorship agreement? Is it even official yet?

Lucky: We can’t disclose the terms, but we can say it’s a multi-year agreement, and that it is in place as of today. His first competition as a Lucky rider is next weekend at the Global Domination Tour event in LA.

Steven: Multi year? Seems like that might be a first in our sport, then again, it is Kota. But being honest here, has Kota even ridden Lucky parts? All we’ve ever seen him on were other companies products.

Lucky: Of course. But his current ride is evolving as his skills evolve. He has a very specific setup, and we’ll be working with him over the next 30 days to tune his ride and design a signature line for him. He’s super committed and a total professional, so one of the first things he wanted to do was start riding Lucky. We actually had to let him know that we feel it’s important for him to take the time to practice and transition over a couple of months to a complete Lucky setup.

Steven: Have to admit, it’s going to be strange seeing him ride a complete LSP set up. Kota’s obviously an incredible talent. But unlike a lot of top pros, we don’t see a lot of him in videos or interviews. Are you going to let him come out of his shell a bit?

Lucky: Absolutely. We need to get a lot more video of Kota out there. That’s a priority. We want the world to see him for who he is, which is a really nice, honest, clean-cut kid that is super fun to be around.

Steven: Well, I’m interested to see if him riding for LSP, will change anyones opinion about Dakota.. personally, I’ll say for now, No Comment. So what about the current Lucky Team? I’ve heard you’ve made some changes to the team lately. What’s the real story there?

Lucky: Understandable. About change, change is inevitable. We’ve grown and become a global organization. We have new company leadership to help Brian grow the business. We have new suppliers. We have new distributors. We have a new team manager. We have new products. We have a new look and feel to our brand. And now we have Kota. So with all that change, it can be unsettling to people. A few of our pro riders decided to leave Lucky and pursue other interests in the sport when they got wind of the Kota agreement, and we wish them well. I think they’ll agree that we were always fair to them, and we feel good about those relationships. They will continue to test products and give us feedback. The good news is that our bench of upcoming riders is unbelievably talented. You’ll hear about some of them and see them on the podium at street and park competitions in the coming months. Going forward, Kota will play an active role in working with a lot of our amateur riders, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Steven: Wow, it is kind of sad to see the guys who really put Lucky on the map, now start to break away from the company. One of the things that the Lucky team has always had, was solid street cred, and their videos helped with that image. With Kota on the pro team, does that mean we’re going to see constant flippty whippity tricks, and loads of park riding, and eventually less and less street?

Lucky: No way, our heritage is street and we’ll continue to bring street talent on to the team. Scootering will evolve just like skateboarding. You will have street and park riders, and some that can do both. Our goal is to build a team that can showcase the entire range of style and expression of the sport. Just look at our top pros on the team today. Mike Montgomery and Li’l Jon are total rock stars wherever they ride because they go big. Li’l Jon is still one of the few scooter riders to ever hit the El Toro 20-stair. Mike always takes the path less traveled. He does massive bangers at every street jam, and yet he also places in the top 5 at almost every park competition he enters. With Kota on the team, we’ll get more cross-training for our street riders, and Kota will pick up some street riding tips. Our product line will probably evolve around both street and park as well. That’s not an announcement, but we’ve been discussing this approach.

Steven: Well at least we know we still got Mike and Lil Jon holding it down. So let’s get into this  new line of completes and parts…break down for everyone what new parts are coming, and let them decide if they’re going to compare with the top products on the market today.

Lucky: We have new decks, new wheels, new clamps, new grips, new completes, and new branding on all of it. In addition, we’ve used new manufacturing techniques and new technologies on all our parts, including our forks and bars. The result is that our 2012 scooters are both lighter and more reliable. It’s a wicked combination. And it’s all on its way to distributors and retailers for the holiday season.

Steven: Wow seems like a total make over for all the old LSP products. Well I have to say this is a real turning point for Lucky Scooter Parts as a company, and I’m eager to see how things play out, and we’re definitely glad to have you back out front. Any last words to your competitors?

Lucky: Thanks, it’s great to be back. Actually the market size is growing so fast that our competitors are actually our friends. We need to create the market together. It’s still a small world.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Conor Davidson Andover Park Edit

Conor "Con-John Jimmy-Johns" Davidson has been all over the place recently and this video features him riding the Andover, Massachusetts skatepark.  He has the steeze, the style, the swagger, whatever you wanna call it.  None of his famous overcrooks are to be found in the vid, but its still good footy.


I gotta admit I'm not the biggest fan of tic tac tricks but Brandon kills them.  Best clip in this though was the 180 fakie nose manual half cab bar.  Oh, and according to Brandon on Youtube, those bars are temporary, so that's good.  He has a full Crewniun part coming out soon so watch out for that.


Uhh...I think someone should tell Boris that you're supposed to land going forward on a flybox landing.  Not backwards.  Seriously I was impressed with the first trick to fakie over a box but then they just kept coming.  Add onto that some classic Frenchy tech combos...and some insane bigger ones (truck to lip down a handrail?) then you got this beast of a video.

Razor Video #35: Street Montage

This video from Razor features, you guessed it, all street clips.  There is a ton of awesome footage from the street jam in Paris, including guys like Jandiv, Kenny Yap, Dan Barrett, Helmeri Pirinen, and of course Big Ron.  I find it amazing how he has such a skater style yet still pushes mongo.  Anyways he does a couple of the biggest lipslides in the world at the end of this video so I'm still hyped.  Its cool to start seeing Razor get behind the street culture, which they are supporting by sponsoring the very first LA street jam.  You can find details about that on the first post down below this one.

Monday, September 10, 2012

LA Street Jam Coming Up!

For the first time there is going to be an actual Street Jam in Los Angeles. This is pretty big news for anyone that can make it down there for this. Razor/Phase 2 is title sponsoring the entire event, and there are going to be a lot of top riders making it down for this. For more information check out the flyer below.

Also, to ALL COMPANIES that are interested in Sponsoring this event. Here is some information for you. To sponsor the actual event is FREE. All you guys need to do is send over any product that you can give away, and what will happen is you will get your own spot/stop during the Street Jam. It would be at this stop that your companies products will be given away to the riders that win them. If you want to sponsor the LA Street Jam, you have to act fast, and email !!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Matt Tyler Spring/Summer Edit

Matt Tyler definitely has some talent on a scooter.  This was filmed over the past year.  He seems to be able to throw down both in the parks and the streets, which is awesome.  The song is a little goofy and the filming is a little off at points but still its worth watching.

Arnaud Marchenoir 2012 Axone Promo

I really love watching these kind of riders. The riders that don't really have a weak point, and can ride whatever they want. Arnaud is a pretty underrated dude, and his name isn't heard of too much. But he definitely deserves some recognition, this edit is killer. Check it out below.

MGP @ Woodward East

T Bone is still out on the injured list, but that didn't stop him from getting a clip, and filming and editing the below video. The guys from MGP shred so hard, and with additions to the team like Gus Rymer, and Derek Seay, they only furthered to separate themselves as one of the most talent stacked teams in the sport today. Check out the edit below.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


"Blaow!" is a group of friends that ride together in the UK.  As you can tell from the video it features a ton of guys which is really cool to see.  What's also cool to see is street-oriented riding beginning to develop more in the UK, which is something that's been missing there.  Luke Painter edited this and is editing another right now so keep your eyes open for another installment to the "Blaow!" series.

Downside Scooters - TRIO

This video consists of, you guessed it, a trio of riders on Downside. The list includes Jayden Hogan, Andy Muscat, and Kevin Austin.  Kevin's riding never gets old to me, everything is always so perfect.  Diggin it.

Keep The Street

This is a kid I'm pretty sure is from Russia, making use of some of Timur's old spots.  Super chill filming and editing, and some enjoyable riding to boot.  I'd love to see more videos like this.

Kilean Pernsteiner

In the past I had known Kilean pretty much as just a flat rider, or at least the only clips I saw of him were on flat.  But judging from this video it looks like his skills extend beyond the parking lots.  The skill definitely shines through in those hang 10's.  I can't wait to see what he's doing in a year or two once his style matures a little more.  Hang five to whip to lip was so cool.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Magray Scooter Co Video Update #7

Its been a while since we last heard from Magray, but it looks like they've been working hard.  The new pegs they got look pretty sick, finally a metal inside, plastic outside like a few bmx pegs are.  The fact that you can replace the plastic seems pretty cool too.  Video as usual features riding from the Magray guys.  I could watch Dan ride a mini all day.