Monday, November 30, 2009

Picture Time with Coedie Donovan

Recently Coedie Donovan sent me some really awesome pictures. Check em out below, and don't forget that Coedie Donovan and the rest of the MaddGear Pro Team will be in California for the SD4 Competition! They will also be staying for some time after as well, so if you want a chance to see Coedie and the rest of MaddGear compete for the first time on US soil, I advise you to try and come out to the SD4 Competition on January 2nd.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scooter Camp at Woodward West Flyer

Big props to everyone's favorite scooter mom, Kimberly Funk, for getting this organized. Pretty much everything you need to know is on the flyer, click it to view in full size. Right now I don't believe counselors have been picked, but I will update when I find out who's gonna be there.
Props to the following companies for sponsoring this camp weekend as well:
Scooter Zone
Scooter Tees
French ID

Rambouillet Comp

[FRENCH ID] Rambouillet Contest 2009 from French ID on Vimeo.

Looks like a little contest that French ID sponsored. Good to see them still going strong. Thats a heelwhip to feeble at the end.


1. Shinpei Nakata, Dissidence scooer shop
2. Morgan Delhaye,
3. Arthur Blond

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Team couldn't get any Madder.

Bangers galore.
Ryan Williams has to be one of the best riders in the world currently.
Would've been nice to see some non-recycled ladam, and some coedie at all.
Watch out at SD4.

The Muffin Crew

Ridic group of riders from Paris, France. Like always from French riders, there's good filming, editing, and of course riding. Last trick is nuts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from Inside-Scooters! Hope everyone enjoys their breaks from school and has a great dinner tonight with their families!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aaron Bransdon DSA Edit

Aaron gettin it done for Dominator. Super good. Aaron shows that you can be Aussie and put out a good video without a single front briflip.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aussie Cali Scooter Sesh!

As some of you may know, The MaddGear Pro Team is coming to California for the SD4 Competition as well as some of Australia's other top riders who will also be attending. They will be taking part in the competition, and also sticking around after the competition to do some riding. On January 4th there is going to be a really sick Session that everyone in the area should try and make it to. The details are below.

Date- January 4th
Time- 12pm to 6pm
Place- Da Compound Skatepark
Price- Bring atleast 10 bucks to get into the park, and that will also cover food.
Sponsors- DSA, Scooter Zone, and Scooter Tees

Who can you expect to show up?

Aussies that will be there include the following:
- Coedie Donovan
- Adam "Ladam" Bolton
- Nickeh
- Billie Rainbow
- Jaxon Andrawartha
- Luke Pickett
- Ryan Williams
- Rory Coe
- Cory Geisler
- Hayden O'Connor

Here are some pics of the park that the event will be at

Among the Aussie riders mentioned above, there will be a ton of other riders showing up for this event. So if you are in the area, and got 10 bucks to spare, come out and ride with The MaddGear Pro Team and some of Australia's best and have a good time with everyone.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Follow up on: Elijah Pogrund

Recently I posted a video featuring Elijah Pogrund. Well he recently released a new Sponsor video. If any sponsors see this, I think they should strongly consider picking up Elijah. The consistancy he shows in this video, and how smooth he is landing all of these tricks is insane. Check it out below.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

RTG Tour Stop#4 The Incline Club Results! Updated with Frontflair footage

Fuzion's Raise The Gnar 4th Tour Stop was in New Jersey on Saturday at the Incline Club. The competition is said to have been a great one. With one trick being landed for the first time in the sport. Raymond Warner continues to do amazing at all competitions he enters, as does Inward Scooters Rider Josh Kish. Here are the results.

1st Raymond Warner
2nd Josh Kish
3rd Joe Armstrong

1st Billy Evers
2nd Peter Jungsberger
3rd Collin DaSilva

Best Trick: Josh Kish front flair first ever!

Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition, and placed. Inside-Scooters will be presenting Josh Kish, with 100 dollars for winning the best trick competition.

Anthony "Twan" Bustos November Edit

Proto Team rider Anthony Bustos, since October is going to be releasing a monthly edit. November edit was just finished and it really delivers. All of this footage is shot with him riding the new Phoenix Deck. Looks like this deck is really durable and really strong. Twan is also riding the new Heat Treated Proto Slayer Bars, and Twizzler wheels. So check out the video.

Oh and don't forget guys...."Tip of the day: Pull back with fire-crackers" Bill Nye said so guys! hahahaha

November edit from Anthony on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

District ST-1 Bars in The UK Now

UK Riders are going to be the first to be able to buy the new, District ST-1 Bars. They are currently on Skatehut, and can be pre ordered now. They also come with a Pre Christmast Delivery Guarantee. Head over to Skatehut and check em out.

Skatehut Website

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Forgotten Riders??

For a while now something has been bothering me about the sport and its community. Every so often we get a thread on a forum talking about “the best riders” or “your favorite rider”…and every time I feel like we are not only forgetting about a certain group of riders, but their entire continent.

Some of this sports best riders I feel, are from Europe. England, France, Switzerland, Russia, The Netherlands, and more. All these places play home to some of the most overlooked and underrated riders in our sport today. I’m talking about street riders, park riders, tech riders, and some of the best Overall riders as well. It seems like once they drop a video, everyone realizes they exist…and starts to favor them. However within a month, it seems the videos have been literally forgotten, and the riders in it also. So why is this? Is it because we are too focused on the riders from the US and Aus…where some of the most of the dominant riders come from? I really don’t know. What I do know, is that these riders all deserve a little bit more from the community. If names haven’t popped into your head by now, on which riders I might be referring to…Let me jog your memory for you.

Lets talk street riding, the ever so popular street riding. Popular in the US, not as big in Aus…but in Europe, the street riding scene is huge. One of Europe’s best street riders…is without a doubt. Johann Moreau. Let’s talk about Johann for a bit. First off the video I have below, is near 2 years old…but it shows some of the most progressive street riding caught on video to date. One thing about Johann’s riding…he is not out there playing it safe while riding street. He sees a trick he wants to do, and he goes for it. You’ll never need to comment Johann’s video and ask him to go a little faster on his tricks either…because Johann only knows two speeds…1. Not moving…and 2. FAST. In my opinion Johann defines a street rider. And yet, when it comes to “Top Street Rider” lists…you will rarely find his name listed by the community...A couple other riders that are known for insane street from Europe are without a doubt, Lucas Wisdorff, and Thomas Obadia, better known as “Bibito”. Each new video from either of these three riders promises fast paced street riding, and progressive, unique riding as well.

Johann Moreau

Lucas Wisdorff

Now when it comes to park riding…a couple names stick out in my mind. Terry Price of course who is one of the highly regarded riders from Europe here in the US. But also two riders who aren’t as well known as they deserve. Those two riders are BenJ Friant, who is not just a park rider…but an all around destroyer on a scooter, and the other rider is Martin Nogol. Both BenJ and Martin, make tricks that riders struggle with today look incredibly easy. On paper, and if you watch their videos, it is clear they are on another level when it comes to park riding. No, that doesn’t mean they are flipping their scooters around doing bri to whip to bri to flip to whatever. They are boosting tricks on quarters, and throwing some of the most difficult tricks over boxes that you can do. They are purely progressive…pushing the sport with every video they make. The videos below…are OLD…and still can easily triumph over 85% of what is put out today.

BenJ Friant

Martin Nogol

The list really does go on with European talent. Two that come to mind that I feel really don’t get enough respect…are Maxime Legrand and Jean Yves Randriambelson , better known as Jandiv. These guys a long with a large group of others are some of the best all around riders in the sport. In their videos you see them doing it all. Maxime is an amazing street rider, and in park it is rare to find anyone throwing bigger 540’s on quarter pipes, or airing spines as high as he does. The same can be said for Jandiv, who has a huge trick list, and is overall one of the most diverse riders in the sport. Whipping and spinning both ways, and throwing down equally hard in street and in park. Like I said above, when they drop videos…everyone seems to notice them, however all it takes is a month or so…and they seem to disappear to most. It baffles me that riders of this caliber can be forgotten that easily. The two videos I have below of Jandiv and Maxime, like the other videos I have shown today…are old videos…and having said that, it amazes me how good these videos still are. It makes it really exciting to see what is going to come from these guys in the near future.

Maxime Legrand


All of these riders in Europe, and MANY MANY more deserve a little bit more respect and recognition. Believe it or not, the scene in Europe for the sport of scootering is really big, and it is all thanks to the European riders. They push themselves as hard as any top riders in the sport, which is clearly evident in the videos we see of them…or in some cases, don’t see of them. So watch these videos closely, and click on all of the “related videos” on the side…open your eyes to the European side of scootering. These guys are out their throwing down hard everyday, and I think we need to recognize that a little more. So next time there’s another “Whos the best” or “Your favorite rider” thread on a popular forum…which I’m sure there will be….Lets get some European riders up there shall we?

-Written by Steven Tongson

Below is a couple more videos you should all check out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Josh Toy NBS3 part

Josh recently uploaded this video to Youtube. This was filmed back in 2002-2003...super old stuff. Old enough to have the first tailwhip to barspin, in fact. Theres a couple other firsts in there as well, according to Josh, like the 360 indy, turndown nosegrab, and x-up stalefish. And of course, theres a couple of Josh's signature superman grabs.

iPod Check with Jordan Jasa

(Guest Intro by Matt Stevenson)
Jordan Jasa , or Jordan Scott as he is known to many in the SR chat, is one of the most technical riders out there. Although he loves scooter riding, there are other things in life that keep him content. Jordan enjoys playing soccer, moderating scooter forums (according to facebook), and of course music. Now as you know, music is a big part in riding as well as in life. It gives us the extra boost we need to land those steezey tricks or in Jordan's case, those smooth as butter nose manuals. I not asked but told Jordan to sit down, put on his iPod, and tell us all the first 10 songs that pop up. Here is his list:

1. Fame- David Bowie
Anarky 2 song. David Bowie is pretty awesome. Listening to this song obviously makes me think of Kenny's part, and pretty much the whole video. Its a classic. You should go listen to this song and/or A2 right now.

2. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor- Arctic Monkeys
The Arctic Monkeys are like a Brit pop group. They have really upbeat songs that just make you happy. Love this group.

3. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)- Journey seems like everyone knows "Don't Stop Believin'," but couldn't tell ya a single other song by em. Which is too bad, since they really are a good band. This song is pretty dang epic. I wanna say I heard it in a skate video once? Not sure about that, but its a song I could def see in a hammer video.

4. Natural Anthem- The Postal Service
Pretty much anything by The Postal Service/Death Cab/Ben Gibbard I can listen to while chilling. The lyrics don't start till about a minute left in the song, and its really interesting to listen to the song build up until they start.

5. My Generation- The Who
The Who is definitely up there as one of the best bands ever. This is one of my favorites from them. This song is one of The Who's most memorable, most recognizable. Pretty much any young person can relate to it.

6. Down on Me- Janis Joplin
I downloaded some Janis Joplin music on a recommendation from Margaret. Took awhile for me to get into any of her stuff...guess its just not exactly what I was used to hearing. She def puts a lot of emotion into her music, which is awesome.

7. Andy, You're a Star- The Killers
The Killers are an awesome band. Hot Fuss, the album this songs comes on, also has two songs that were featured in two of my favorite videos of all time- Matt Andrus Sponsor Video, and The 2008 Josh Young Combo/Tech video. Love the whole album, and this song.

8. The Girl Is Mine (w. Paul McCartney)- Michael Jackson
Despite the kind of sick person he was, Michael Jackson was really an amazing artist. This song also features Paul McCartney, who happens to be my favorite Beatles member. This song is just pretty soft and mellow, but positive and easy to listen to. I like it.

9. Don't Bring Me Down- Electric Light Orchestra
I downloaded an Electric Light Orchestra album after becoming obsessed with their song, "Mr. Blue Sky." I then proceeded to become obsessed with the band for a few solid weeks. They have a really unique sound, and have some catchy songs, "Don't Bring Me Down" being one of them. You should check it out.

10. Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd is pretty much legendary. I downloaded their most famous album, "The Dark Side of the Moon" after a suggestion by Sean Kane. I was pretty into that stuff, so another friend told me to listen to a different album, "The Wall," which is where this song comes from. Amazing stuff.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Super 60: with Jackson Manzie

"The Super 60 is designed to test a rider's consistency, creativity and use of a space within a skatepark. Riders are given 60 minutes to film as many clips as they can, and turn this into a video showcasing their personal style and tricks."

This is the first of these videos that will feature big name scooter riders from around the world, so if you enjoyed this one, expect them often.

(Introduction clip edited by Sam Short)

I caught up with Jackson Manzie after his Super 60 to ask him some questions,

Start with the basics, Who are you, how old are you, how long have you been riding, and where are you from?

Sup. I'm Jackson Manzie, im 17 years young, i've been riding for just over 3 years now and i'm from Sydney Australia.... mate.

Coming from Australia, we'd be used to seeing big tucks, flips, inwards, etc. Why did you break the mould?

- Hmmm. I used to conform to all that, turndowns/inverts/bri's and inwards and all that stuff, and i still do all the old air tricks i used to, but i think i just really got bored of it, started riding more ledges and wanted to try harder tricks... so i think it just moved on from there. Nothing really purposeful, just happened. Not only that, im half american, so im not influenced soley by aussies i guess.

Do you like the way the sport is developing since you entered it?

- Definately. Especially in the last year, things have just exploded, all of a sudden with have a billion parts to choose from. Its also really good to see that heaps of aussies aren't doing all that conventional stuff we're infamous for. Like, Adam Rouse and all those kids still shred the inwards but can just as easily do alot of tech stuff that i cant haha... which is good, i like it, makes stuff ALOT more interesting than it used to be.

What made you put your hand up to be the first person to complete Inside Scooter's Super 60?

- Well i saw that drew benzanson bmx power hour one and i'd always thought it would work equally well for scooters, so when Aaron mentioned it i pretty much made him pick me hahahahaha. He's my bitch *giggling emoticon*

Any last words master?

- Stay out of the way, Alex Collins is bombin'

If you'd like to complete a Super 60, please contact either Me, Jordan or Steven and we'll let you know all the details to get the show rolling.

New Eagle-Sport and District US Distributor

So as some of you may know, and some of you may not, recently the partnership between C4Scooters and Eagle-Sport was broken, and both companies went their seperate ways. Which means that Eagle-Sport had no US after checking out a lot of possible new Distributors, Eagle-Sport finally decided on Dave Ward who is also the owner of Dominator Scooter Accessories. Dave will be distributing Eagle Sport wheels, and also District Complete Scooters, and a lot of other District parts...and more in the future. See the statement below that was issued from Dave a little earlier.

"Dominator Scooter Accessories is proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with Fun Sports Product Group (FSP Group) to be the US distributor of Eagle Sport Wheels and District complete scooters and components. We are happy to be associated with a company that is dedicated to providing high quality and innovative products to the scooter market worldwide.

Our goal is to provide quality scooter products to the US market through the growing retail network. Sufficient inventory and timely shipping will help in our efforts to support and grow the rapidly expanding scooter market.

Any and all comments or suggested will be greatly appreciated."

If you would like to make a comment to Dave, or a suggestion. You can reach him here.

Inside-Scooters wishes all the best to Dave and this new job. I think it is safe to say we will be seeing a lot of good things from this new partnership formed between DSA and Eagle-Sport.

Jambrook edit from Nickeh

Really good edit featuring some really sick riders from Aus. Check it out

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keep a look out for: Elijah Pogrund

Australia is well known for being full of insane and underrated riders. Well Elijah is no exception. I saw this video a while back, and I still watch it a lot, and I feel it deserves a spot on IS so more people can check it out. Elijah rides with Adam Rouse and it looks like they both share the same ridiculously smooth style. Check it out guys.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Inside-Scooters First Look: District Complete Scooter

So recently a one piece deck showed up on Scooter Resource. People were wondering who made it, where it came from, etc etc. Upon doing some investigating I now know and have pictures that show this to be the District Complete Scooter. Here are the details on the parts that will be on it.

Deck: 2.2lbs Special Extruded 6061 Alu Heattreated with Concave Anodized

Fork: 4130 Chromoly Heattreated with Gussets front and back

Bars: 3 piece bars Adjustable crossbar due to the stem Full Alu Heattreated Anodized

Wheels: Metalcores Made by Eagle Sport

Griptape: District Signature Griptape

Grips: District Signature Foam Grips

Clamp: District Single Clamp Anodized

Headset: District Steel Threaded Headset

Bearings: District Signature Bearings

Brake: Details will be released on this soon. As well as pictures. But I do know it will NOT use a through and through Axle style brake system. Nor will it use a stock razor pro brake.

Here are some pictures

The price range for this complete scooter that will come in it's own box, is set to be around 199.00-239.00usd. Now considering that some one piece Decks by themselves right now on the market are reaching as high 170.00usd for just a deck...I think it sounds like a good deal. Don't forget all of the stuff you see on this scooter, will also of course be sold seperatley. For more information on District and updated pictures keep checking Inside-Scooters Blog.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ipod Check With Shane McNulty

Shane McNulty is most likely a name you haven't heard before, unless you frequent the SR chat. There you can find Shane, either on webcam or just creepin. He seems to be a pretty funny dude, I've spent some late nights talking to him and everyone else on the chat. In addition to riding a scooter and creeping on scooter kids, Shane plays lacrosse and soccer, and also swims and wrestles. Seems like a pretty busy kid...but then again it seems all he does is hit up the chat. Perhaps there's more to this kid than meets the eye...All I know is, don't call him "Shane The Pain." I do think its safe to say that he likes to listen to music too...Take a look at his iPod check.

1. Sugar Ray- Under the Sun- The Best of Sugar Ray
I remember liking Sugar Ray a lot when I first heard him on the radio, but I never remembered his name or the name of the songs. When I was browsing through music, I heard Sugar Ray and the songs on this album I knew I had to get it. Its just a chill song that you can listen to when you're riding or when you're relaxing.

2. Papa Roach- Last Resort- Infest
I listen to this song a lot when getting ready for wrestling matches, lacrosse games, or riding. Its a pump up song for me. I dont remember where I heard it first, but im glad that I did.

3. Jack Johnson- Better Together- In Between Dreams
This song is just a really chill song that you can just sit around and relax to or fall asleep to. Its an all around good song with great guitar parts and good vocals.

4. The Fratellis- Chelsea Dagger- Costello Music
Anyone that watched tv (except for Jordan Jasa because he doesnt have tv) will know this song through the Amstel Light commercials. This upbeat song is plenty enough to wake you up and get you going in the morning, or keep you going throughout the day.

5. The Script- We Cry- The Script
The Script is an up and coming band from Dublin, Ireland. I first heard them when they opened for U2 in Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland. Not many people knew who they were, but after hearing a couple of their songs, everyone, including myself, really enjoyed them. Most of the people out of the nearly 90,000 knew one of their hits from the radio.

6. The Offspring- Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)- Greatest Hits
The Offspring is a sick band and almost every one of their songs are sick. This song especially is great to listen to because so many people know it.

7. Reel Big Fish- Take On Me- Our Live Album is Better Than Your LIve Album
This cover of "Take Me On" by A-Ha is filled with ska influences. The upbeat nature of the song makes it fun to listen to.

8. Motion City Soundtrack- The Future Freaks Me Out- I Am The MOvie
Even though MCS has been around for a while, I recently discovered them. Most of their songs sound the same to me, but I enjoy them all.

9. Bo Burnham- Bo Fo Sho- Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham is a musical comedian who touches on racism, sexism, and everything in between. He uses all of the touchy and tender topics and makes them funny. If you have not heard of Bo Burnham, you have to check him out.

10. Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys)- The Blueprint 3
Living in New York, I hear this song CONSTANTLY. I like this song because I know everywhere Jay-z is rapping about and that I am able to connect with the song. I have been to most of the places mentioned in the song, so when I hear the song, I can picture every part of it in my head.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sky High News

As you will notice if you look over to your right, Sky High is now a full advertiser with us. Along with becoming one of IS's sponsors, Sky High has a lot of big news. Read on:

- Sky High is now on Facebook! Click Here to become a fan.

- PROTO Grippers, and Strikers are now in stock. (SCS is delayed another week)
- ODI grips are now in stock.
- TSI decks are now on sale at just $144.95

- 951 Scooters DVD's are now in stock.

- Lucky Scooters light decks, 4.0 decks, 4.5 decks, and the new 1 piece LS alu forks are now in stock

And finally, don't forget about the video contest they've got goin' on. Details on that here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

951 Dvd Review

Recently Nick Darger of the 951 Crew down in So Cal sent me their latest Dvd. It features riders Nick Darger, Robert (Monkey) McMoran, Nick Donatelli, Jarrod Bruns, and Kody McQueen. As well as a full friends section featuring John Radtke, Tyler Wheeland, Jackson Manzie and more. Video opens with a really solid intro, and then starts up with Nick Darger's section.

What can you say about Nick...He went from being your typical park rider, and in what seemed like overnight turned into one of the most solid over all riders in California. His section blends park riding and street riding so perfectly. It was really fun to watch. You get a feel for just how dedicated Nick is with his riding, and you can see the passion when he rides his scooter. Which is clearly evident at the end of his section, when you watch it...You will know exactly what I'm talking about. Nick is one of the few riders in the sport where you need to try hard to pick out the clips that were sketchy. Because he naturally lands everything really clean and smooth. One problem that I've noticed however with the riders who make everything look so effortless, is that the things they do are sometimes overlooked because of how easy the rider made them seem. Overall Nick surprised me with this section, it never got boring from start to finish and that’s what a good video section is all about.

The next section features two riders, Jarrod Bruns and Kody McQueen, two riders who if you are not from the So Cal area you may not recognize the names. These guys are clearly on the come up. They are both really solid riders, and Kody's barspins are realllyy smooth. I honestly think that if these two keep it up, when the next 951 DVD rolls around, they will each have their own sections.

Up next was the "Friends" section, which features a whole bunch of really amazing riders. Cameron Wards clips shocked me a lot. Most people know him from his park competition riding...but what few clips he did have in this video proves he can ride street really good, and has a really nice style. Another rider who not a lot of people know about, but deserves more recognition is a rider who goes by the name of Jake Show. He had quite a few clips in the friends section, and they were all as smooth as I remember him being when I met him about 3-4 years ago at a competition. The friends section of this Dvd was one of my favorites I've seen so far.

Robert...Monkey...McMoran. If you don't know him, you're missing out on a really sick up and coming, rider. He's been around for a while now, but I call him and an up and coming rider, because he continues…to get better. His section starts off with Monkey being, Monkey and just having fun. Which is refreshing to see. Some riders take their riding really seriously, and it's good to see someone out there having fun. His section was nothing short of amazing. He is another rider who can ride it all. He can spin both ways, and whip both ways, so def. pay attention to his section. I don't know what it is about seeing someone small rip so hard, and go so big, but it's really sick. I Love the enders to his section, and I really don't think he will release a section anytime soon that I won't enjoy.

Which leaves Nick Donatelli, another rider who no one has ever really seen much of until now. His riding really surprised me with how clean it was. This section shows his potential in becoming one of the top street riders in Cali. He does a really solid mix of tricks. Manuals, Grinds, Fakies all that good stuff. With lots of tricks in and tricks out. One thing I would have liked to see with Nick's riding was a little more speed on some stuff. In street riding, especially when you're doing lines you want the least amount of pushing possible. So that’s one thing I felt could have been different. However it is easily overshadowed by some of the bigger tricks he throws down and the mix of tech tricks he tosses in. He does a trick over a 10 set at the end of his section that I've never seen done over a set that big before. Also, at the end of his section he lands a certain trick and I think it really showed the dedication, passion, and emotion that I wish more riders had. Overall, I loved his section.

With that you are left with the credits, and a lot of funny/bails clips to enjoy. The highlight of which being a special appearance by Corey Vanlew! Of course there is also three random guys dancing in a parking lot...can't miss that.

The video ends and it left me thinking. Why don't more Teams/Groups of riders make Dvds? Instead we all stick to making online videos. I really feel like we should have more Team Dvds like this. Not just because it's out on Dvd, but because it takes your video to another level of professionalism. The work that these guys put into this Dvd is clearly evident in the finished product. I think if more riders started to focus on making Dvds with their friends, isntead of just an online video. You end up getting a lot of really solid video sections, and some really good Dvds. Big thanks to the 951 Crew for making the Dvd, and to Nick Darger for sending it my way to get reviewed.

I also caught up with Nick Darger recently and asked him some questions regarding the Dvd.

Steven: So what made you want to make a full Dvd?

Nick: Well, it all started when I saw Transit. That really gave me the idea of making a full length DVD. No one else had made a legit video like them, and I really thought that our sport needed some good videos like the skate/bmx industry. So I started filming for all of 2008, but the footage wasn’t quite good enough to make a full video. So I released 951 3. From then on, I started filming as much as I could.

Steven: Did you know from the start that the featured riders in the video would be your full section riders? Or was there some hard decision making on who would be featured?

Nick: Well I knew when I started who was on the team. I was really hoping for Kody and Jarrod to have their own sections, but filming them was slow. When all of the sections were just about complete, they still didn’t have enough footage. Their styles were both so unique and different from each others, but they just mended so good in their part. So I decided to combine their sections, and get the DVD done while the clips were still fresh

Steven: Do you hope a lot of other Teams throughout the sport start to follow in 951's footsteps, and put out more solid Team Dvds?

Nick: Oh of course! We need more videos like this. They are just so enjoyable to watch, and they help out the teams who make them and the companies who sell them.

When can we expect the next 951 Team Dvd? And what changes can we hope to see in this one that will make it different from the one before it?

well I just bought a Canon GL1 and MK2 death lens, so an upgrade in quality. But as far as DVD changes, I want to have more than rider sections. I want to have road trip videos, rider bios, and a full section for each rider.

Steven: Thanks a lot Nick, for the awesome Dvd, and taking the time to do with this ISB. Any last words or shout outs?

I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, all of the parents who had to deal with all of us kids staying at various houses, the riders involved, and you for doing this interview. I would also highly encourage everyone to buy this DVD. The more that sell, the more that we can do in the next video.

So that does it for the review on the 951 Dvd. I strongly advise everyone to go out and get this Dvd. It is one of the best not only Dvds I've seen in a long time, but also one of the best Team/Crew videos I've seen to date.

Here is a brand new edit/teaser for the 951 Dvd featuring the 951 Crew, DxG, and Friends. Almost all the riders you see in this video are featured in the Dvd. So check it out

Epic Weekend Video 2 from nick darger on Vimeo.

Lucky Scooter Parts Update

Recently Lucky Scooter Parts finalized it's Pro and Am Teams. They also expanded the company a bit more, and production is higher than ever. I got some really nice pictures recently that you guys can check out. Also stay tuned for the near future, because I will be posting some updates on new Lucky Scooter Parts that will be coming out shortly.

Stay tuned for some really big updates involving Lucky Scooter Parts. New Forks? New Bars? Keep checking Inside-Scooters to find out.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Who, What, Where, and Why with Jess Boland

Many consider her to be the best female rider in the sport, and is the only female rider sponsored by Eagle-Sport. She is one of the few female riders who's riding doesn't look like it's being held back in a way. She just goes out and charges it. Not to mention she is also the only female rider that is known to have landed a backflip. So I recently caught up with Jess to ask her the 4 W's.

Who was it that got you interested in scootering?

Jess: well i got my first scooter for christmas and i used to ride skaters so i saw some kids on scooters up at the skatepark once and I wanted to try it so i started to go up for like an hour every couple days than after a while I started to improve make new friends than they got me more interested

What was the hardest trick for you to learn so far?

Jess: well backflips aren’t hard but at very very scary at first

Where is one place you would love to ride?

Jess: Netherlands or Cali

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Jess: I continue to ride today because I really really like riding it is fun and keeps me out of the house and also to keep repping for eagle sport <3

MaddGear Edit from Adam "Ladam" Bolton

Adam Bolton, better known as Ladam. Never really made a big name for himself in the US. However that's changing fast now. An edit was put out earlier this year of Ladam, and it really got peoples attention. I would go as far now as to say that he is in top 5 riders in Australia. Check out his latest MaddGear Edit below.

MaddGear Rider- Ryan Williams New Video

One of the biggest break through riders in Australia is MaddGear's own, Ryan Williams. Ryan's riding is incredibly smooth and really progressive. He is one of the few who gets better and better with each new video released. Can't wait for the next one, Here is his latest below.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lucky Scooter Parts Pro and Am Team Announced

Recently the sports riders have been in a frenzy trying to get solid videos done in hopes that Lucky Scooter Parts would sponsor them. Well they got a countless amount of videos from a lot of really talented riders, and the decision must have been a hard one to make...But the final Team is in, and here it is.

James Gee
Blake Bailor
Evan Yamada
Jessee Ikedah
Nick Donatelli
Raymond Warner
Mike Montgomery

Am Team:
Callum Batty
Evan Larson
Brenton Reid
Stefan Hefner
Tyler Wheeland

Overall, This is a solid team of riders both on Pro and AM. All of these guys deserved the sponsorship and to be on this Team. Expect more big things for Lucky Scooter Parts, and from its new Team riders.

Max Kernmayer Mini 3

Max is a rider from Austria, in Europe. This video is a really good example of how a rider can progress on his own, get basic tricks mastered, and some fancy ones, and then put together a quality video. Super clean riding, interesting lines, good all comes together in this video. Take notes, kids.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Aaron Bransdon Ipod Check

Among the interests of many Australians, in addition to kangaroo rodeos, shrimp on the barbie, and cussing, includes music. Aaron Bransdon, NSW, is no different. Aaron describes his taste in music as, "Everything and anything." Looking through his Ipod check seems to confirm this statement. Below is a list of the first 10 songs appearing on Aaron's Ipod when turned to shuffle.

Daddy Cool : Placebo - One of the rare, old school songs that would always be on the radio in the car when i was younger, almost one of those "grown up with this song"

Such Great Heights : The Postal Service - A song i have as a result from a brief Death Cab for Cutie infatuation. Turns out i used it for the South Coast '08 edit, first time i rode with Geordie Mac :)

Sweet Disposition : The Temper Trap - One of the newest bands i've started to listen to, extremely chill, Australian band. Everyone give them a listen, they're win.
Our last days of Children : Explosions in the sky - What's an ipod with quality instrumental music? Usually do homework, write, think, whatever listening to this music, always helps calm and ease me after whatever.

Float On - Modest Mouse : This song is pretty monumental really, my first foray into a band suggested to me in the SR music section, they really are quality.

In the water I am beautiful - City and Colour : Possibly my favorite solo act, Dallas Green, he is usually the lead singer for Alexisonfire, a hardcore (?) band, but this acoustic side project proves Genre crossing can be done, and done well.

Pressure - Lupe Fiasco ft. Jay-z : My favorite song presently, Lupe fiasco is a lyrical genius, and flows like nothing else. I've never seen anything in Jay-z, but i'm starting to grow accustomed to his style.

Mr Brightside - The Killers : A long time favorite of mine, love how easy this song is to sing along to.

Send me a postcard Darling - The shocking blue : This song essentially shows my love for European riding. Featured in Siign i believe, one of the greatest feature length videos released.

Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi ft. MGMT and ratatat : The greatest song left til last i guess. How you could get a better combination of artists into one song, i have no idea. Kid Cudi's flow, MGMT's harmony on top of a Ratatat beat, never ceases to amaze.

Categorizing becoming a problem?

Let's face it...In our sport we love to categorize and segregate other riders for choices they make. Whether those choices be to ride certain parts, ride certain terrain, and even as simple as dressing a certain way. I never really saw it as a huge problem, and overall it is normal. Although, I just feel like there is little to no point in it.

Our sport is young, and is trying to grow into whatever we all think it should become. We are such a small community, and for some reason we just love to cut eachother down and discourage either for choices we make in our riding. Your scooter sucks, Your bars are too wide, You don't do enough tricks, You do too many bri flips, You only ride park, and the list goes on and on and on. In the end, does it really matter what someone is doing on their scooter? The point is they are ON THEIR SCOOTER.

Younger kids fall victim to this the most, and I am not innocent in this matter either. However I also now realize that sometimes you just need to look past what he or she is doing, and look at the bigger picture. That the kid you are insulting, chose to ride a scooter. He could have picked a skateboard, or bmx, or anything else...but he chose our sport. So who cares if he's riding a stock scooter, or only doing tailwhips in his first video, the point is he wants to be a part of our sport.

Its a huge problem that we face in the sport, because the majority of our riders are young teens. Who are really impressionable and are Always looking for the next band wagon to hop on. Whether its the "Ride Wide Bars" bandwagon, or the "Bri Flips Suck" bandwagon, or the ever so popular, "Lets hate JDBen". The point I'm trying to make is that sometimes, you just gotta look at the bigger picture. Realize that EVERY new rider that starts riding, or registers on a forum, is a new rider who decided that they saw what all of you could do, and made the decision to want to be a part of that. So let them ride the parts they want, and ride the terrain they enjoy. Let them do the tricks they have fun doing, and dress, or talk, or do whatever the hell else they want to do. Because in the end, they're riding scooters just like we are. Some will progress fast, and some will progress slow. Some will turn into amazing riders in due time, and some might start their own companies in the future. But we gotta give them a chance first. So next time you see a new rider, doing something that YOU don't agree with...Keep the insults to yourself, and just remember that every new rider that starts to helping expand the sport we all love to do.

written by Steven Tongson

Friday, November 6, 2009

Top 5 Videos of October.

October.  Fall is well underway, football is consuming the nation, and kids are shredding on scooters.  I took advantage of this no school day to put together a top five list of videos released in October 2009.  Keep in mind that this is MY opinion only, and that I might have missed a few…post a comment if there’s any videos I did not include that you think should make the cut.

image #5.  Mike Montgomery Lucky Sponsor

This guy took me by surprise when he dropped his first video…the high speed lines, wild barspins, and unique style overall stood out a lot.  This video is no different.  The combination of fast street and some pretty sick park stuff makes this video start off the list at number 5.

image #4.  Lucky Deck Promo

Featuring James Gee, Evan Yamada, and Blake Bailor.  This video pretty much sold me at the nosegrab bar x-ride, I haven’t seen an x-ride in forever.  I don’t really know what other to say than that this was just a plain old good video. 

image #3.  Bobby Vaughn Edit

Bobby is one of the most original and creative riders in this sport today.  This video showcases that originality prominently, from powerslides to wallrides and even ray guns (yes, ray guns).  And it doesn’t hurt that he’s from the Midwest, like I am…hah. 

image #2.  Tyler Boner Edit

This video, although barely a minute long, gets in on pure shock value.  I don’t really know why I haven’t gotten used to Tyler being so good…it seems each new video he drops there’s something new I would never have thought possible. 

image #1.  Justin Robertson DoggScooters Promo 

I love when you can just tell when a rider spends time on a video.  Justin used to be the kind of rider that would make a video every month…and although each video had progressive riding, to me it did get a bit stale.  But once Justin started saving his footage, when he did put out videos they were fresh, and wayy better than before.  You gotta hand it to this guy…who else would even jump a 13 stair, let alone truck it?  Justin is well deserving of this spot.


Like I said before, feel free to leave a comment sharing videos you think should be up here as well.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who, What, Where, and Why with John Radtke

A rider who has always been ahead of the game. The "big" tricks that people are doing now. This guy was doing about 3-4 years ago......upside down, in a backflip. So recently I caught up with John Radtke and asked him the good old...."Who, What, Where, and Why"

Who do you enjoy riding with the most and why?

John- I like to ride with people who are laid back, people who can either mess around and have fun when they ride, or be serious about it and ride to push themselves, or someone else. Basically DXG, 951, and anyone else with that attitude."

What do you think needs to change in the sport of scootering?

John- The representation of it all.. Its rediculous how much hardwork some of our riders have put in, and how little credit the sport really receives.
Less and less people are doing what we did when we first started years ago.. We didn't get up just to check SR everyday and watch youtube, buy the latest parts, and bullshit"
We rode what we got, and our only focus was to have fun riding and progressing with our friends, trying to make a better image on the sport.
Its amazing how quickly that happens when you aren't sitting on your ass at a computer waiting for someone on a forum to comment your minvideo 15.


Where is one place you wish you could go to ride?

John- Australia, they have such a great scene going, mad good parks, and the people there are great.

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

John- For the same reason I started. Riding in general is such a great feeling.. there is always something new to try, you never know what you could do today what you couldn't yesterday. Riding with friends and pushing eachother.. watching them progress too and try new things.. sometimes it can't even be described haha.

Check out this ridiculous footage of John riding his home made Dirt scooter.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sky High Updates

Check it outt.

-New products from Lucky are still in the works.
-Products from PROTO are the way.
-ODI grips will soon be in stock.
-Eaglesport wheels are now back in stock.
-All Yaks have been restocked, including the blue 88a Yaks.
-Grade 8 Bolting kits are on the way.
-Full Length team bios are now done. Click here for more details.
-951 Scooters DVD's are on the way.

Sky High is also holding a "commercial" contest, in which you can win a t-shirt and gift card. Read on:


-Video submissions need to be at least 30 seconds, and uploaded to Youtube.

-Your video needs to promote Sky High Scooters in some way, shape, or form.
-You may include pictures, riding, or any other form of advertisement in your commercial.
-Videos must be submitted by November 25th to qualify.
-Be Creative!
-A free Sky High Scooters T-Shirt and stickers
-A free $20.00 USD gift card to the Sky High Scooters store
Please send your videos to:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

District Clamps Final Update

Recently got some new pictures of the District Clamps. These are all anodized, and laser etched with the District logo. I also currently run one of these double clamps..and I am very impressed. You can also see the different color shims that you can buy. So you can coordinate your colors in whichever way you choose. So in short for clamps alone..District makes.

4 Clamp Models.

-Single Clamp
-Double Clamp
-Light Single Clamp
-Light Double Clamp

The clamps and shims, also come in 5 different colors.


Below are some pictures

For over 50 more high resolution pictures of District clamps and different color combonations of shims and clamps.. click the link below, and be sure to check with your local scooter parts dealers in the US, UK, and AUS..and find out if they will be carrying District parts.

Click me for more clamps!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jessee Ikedah Lucky Deck Promo

Jessee Ikedah Lucky Deck Promo from AlexisF on Vimeo.

So good. 50-50 to lip, hang five nollie 3, that last rail...Jessee is a boss.

Welcome MaddGear to Inside-Scooters!

Recently we made a deal with Australian company MaddGear. They will be advertising on Inside-Scooters from here on out. We will be working closely with MaddGear, and you guys can expect all the latest news regarding MaddGear products, Team, and events, and numerous in depth reviews on MaddGear parts all in the near future.

Adam Rouse...does it again..

Yet another non stop banger video from ever progressing Aussie rider, Adam Rouse. Some of the stuff Adam does, the difficulty of the tricks he's doing, and how easy he's making them just ridiculous. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

KC Corning Override Section

Hmm...I gotta say I don't know much about Override. From what I've seen it looks like a video with the OG NW riders...KC Corning, Silas Henderson, and I'm sure Al Lampton and Jordan Miller as well. I'm guessing that this was filmed in 04...I'm sure Steven or one of the older riders who read IS can comment and tell us the story.

Silas' section can be viewed here.

Message from Inward-Scooters

Hey guys, here is a message from Inward-Scooters regarding Holiday orders, and also some shipping information that you guys should check out.

"Attention customers. Please note this important information regarding Holiday purchases: Inward Scooters has increased its stock for the Holiday season. However, due to higher than normal business volume, shipping may be slower than normal. Please be aware that items that require powdercoating need to be ordered on or before Thursday, December 3 in order for us to be able to guarantee delivery before December 25. Other items need to be ordered on or before Sunday, December 13 in order to guarantee delivery before December 25. All orders will be shipped USPS priority mail (2-3 business days) or UPS ground 4-5 business days. Thank you for your understanding.

We ship from Dallas, Texas. Items that do NOT require powdercoating ship within 2 business days. Large items such as decks and bars will ship UPS and take 4-5 business days. Smaller items ship with USPS Priority Mail and usually take 2-3 business days. ANYTHING powdercoated takes at least one more week to ship. If we have your correct email address, you will receive a shipping notice. Please check your email before calling. Thank you.


Mike Montgomery Lucky Sponsor Video

This video really caught my eye. Mike has a really distinct style to his riding. His barspins are dead on, and the speed he approaches everything with really makes this video fun to watch. Good luck on the sponsorship Mike.