Sunday, August 30, 2015

PROTO Intermission | Kirk Svensson

I've known Kirk for a long time now, and he's come a long way as a person and a scooter rider.  One of the most creative riders out there, Kirk is lowkey one of the most influential riders out of the most influential scene- the Midwest.  Sexchanges?  Indian givers?  Give him the credit for those trends.  Been doing 270 to grinds for a minute as well.  Not to mention everything he's done for his clothing brand Satori.  His PROTO Intermission part hits you hard- a very good pickup on Proto's part, putting some much needed Midwest blood back into the team.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jake Hershey | If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

The feeling of landing a trick you've been wanting to do forever is an amazing feeling.  Whether its the ender of your video part, or just a trick you land after a intense solo session, it's what keeps us all pushing around on these little kids toys. Jake Hershey recently put in a ton of work to land his dream trick on the mini-mega at Camp Woodward.  He was so psyched that he made this whole video to document it.  Landing anything on the Mega is so impressive to me; just walking up all those stairs seems like a challenge in itself.  Congrats to Jake for accomplishing this.  My only question:  where does he go from here?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Chicago Street Jam 2015

I think it's safe to say that the Chicago Street Jam is the biggest, most anticipated scooter event in the country.  This year featured all new spots to the lineup, which meant a number of NBD's was up for the taking.  Devin Heald ended up taking the grand prize for rider of the day, as he consistently threw down at every spot.  The premiere of Tilt 2 concluded the day, which, needless to say, was amazing.  Big props to everyone who was involved in the events, making sure things ran smoothly.  Can't wait for next year!

Reece Alderton

Friendly's Reece Alderton recently got a new camera, so he's releasing this footage all filmed with his old cam.  This dude is not afraid to hit any rail.  Love the speed.  Edited by Luke Maff.

Monday, August 24, 2015

What's Hilary Duff Doing?

About a week ago this video quietly dropped on Trendkill.  I don't think I've seen much hype behind it anywhere, which sucks because this is one of the coolest videos of the year.  What's Hilary Duff Doing?  is a full length by some dudes in Pennsylvania who are lowkey some of the best unsponsored riders in the country.  Production value, sadly, does leave some to be desired, but this is a video made for fun by a group of friends, and that idea comes across loud and clear.  Congrats to these dudes for getting this done, I don't know how long it took but I'd say it was worth it.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

PROTO Intermission | Parrish Isaacs

The newest part in Proto's flow team video Intermission is from Parrish Isaacs.  One of the raddest dudes in scootering, Parrish's way of thinking regarding most things but especially scootering is completely fresh and unfettered by societal restraints.  I've been seeing the phrase "game changing" thrown around a lot by people talking about this video, and its definitely an accurate way to put it.  Parrish has been one of the main proponents of the sex-change movement and I'm sure we'll start to see more people doing hardway spins out of rails, as well as the fakie spin to rail tricks.  Overall amazing video.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Chief 2

The Peachy boys are filming for another full-length entitled "Flaccid Flop" and these clips are throwaways from Chief Ceeb aka Cole Ginter.  Always love seeing what this dude brings to the table.  Can't wait for the real thing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

San Diego Street Jam and Tilt 2 LA Premiere

Props to The Scooter Farm for getting this going!  Wish I could be in attendance.  Don't miss out on the Friday before however, because The Vault is putting on a showing of Tilt 2 in LA.  It'll be a rad weekend for sure!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

jesse and joey AOSQUAD

Jerseyboy Jesse Walsh, and Arizonan Joey Moore recently were in LA together to film this video for AO.  These boys were killing the schoolyards.  Got the trend points on the fullwhips as well.  Good to see more young talent being groomed by AO.

Pals @ Grant

So the day after the street jam, a bunch of riders met up at Grant skatepark to get a session in.  Pal Mike Dejong had the camera out and captured all the good homies getting their shred on. I go to this park fairly often and they do some things I never would have thought possible.  That wall McKeen noseblunted is like neck high.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Gus Rymer | 2015

Gus is an amazing rider, and I don't know him personally but I've only ever heard good things about him.  Seems to be able to do anything he wants on a scooter, from wild handrail tricks to huge Megaramp combos.  So many crazy clips in this edit, check it out now.

Shrick: The App

Shrick is a new mobile action sports community app that lets you connect and compete with others.  How does it work?  Basically, a user can upload a picture or video, and each post gains points.  Different types of content get different amounts of points- you can upload fails, lands, your gear, or even lifestyle shots.  On top of that, you can compare yourself to local riders and even across your whole country on the leaderboard. 
Shrick includes pretty much every action sport imaginable- from scootering and skateboarding to windsurfing and jet skiing.  So you can also follow your favorite athletes and friends from across all genres of action sports.
I decided to take the app for a test run.  The Android version was recently released and I uploaded an old clip from the spring.  I also tried to search around a bit, found some other scooter riders who uploaded stuff, as well as some riders from other disciplines who have gained a large following on the app.  There does seem to be a few bugs, but as the Android version is pretty new and not yet tested by as large a demographic as Iphone users.  So, I’m sure they’ll be resolved within time.

For more, check out the video below and check out Shrick's web site:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Phoenix Pro Scooters | Kai Saunders

14 year old Kai Saunders is another recent Australian pickup by Phoenix.  He's been filming this video with his AM squad teammate Wilson Thomas all year now.  I swear there's something in the water making these young Aussies amazingly good at fullwhips/rotorwhips.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mike Hohmann is a scumbag

TSI's Mike Hohmann is the gnarliest dude.  Fractured his skull on the way to the Chicago Street Jam, ended up staying overnight in a hospital, but then tried to ride during the jam, despite Thomkat's best efforts to keep him planted firmly to the ground.  Mike decided to release his footage after his fall, so here's the latest and greatest from the Florida madman.

Jack McCann - Scooter Hut II

The rotorwhip king drops another video, this time a solo parktage for Scooter Hut.  The things this kid does with rotorwhips is insane.  And he's not a one trick pony- that 180 heelwhip front noseblunt back three out?  Makes no sense.  Dudes on another level.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Daniel Rey 2015

Some kids got it, some kids don't. Just gotta face the facts sometimes. Well Daniel Rey, he's definitely got it. I clicked the video not being too familiar with Daniel, and honestly not expecting much..but damn. Super smooth rider, and he gets really creative multiple times throughout the video. The below piece was written by 5Starr.

5Starr is proud to announce Daniel Rey is officially on AM. Daniel started off as a shop sponsored flow team rider and has really been pushing himself and progressing.  Daniel lives in Arroyo Grande and his shop sponsor is Ransom Scooters, located at 1045 E Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande, CA. Daniel is an up and comer in the street game and shows some real promise as he continues to put everything he's got into his riding. We are happy to have him riding and representing 5Starr. Scope his edit and give him a follow on Instagram @danielxrey

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hella Good Stuff Teaser

Hella Good Stuff is a video collaboration between the Bay's two biggest crews, Bay Area Concrete and Hella Grip.  Releasing later this year, it'll feature parts from all of the heavy hitters out there- Kevin Closson, Jake Sorenson, David Coe, etc.  Can't wait to see how it turns out.