Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Transit 2: Glasses Edit

This is from the 2nd to last day of Transit Scooter Tour Two. Lots of sick riding plus fun times have been filmed so expect a prime DVD to drop soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome to Newcastle

This is an all street video featuring Luke Maff and Adam Rouse. Really great stuff in here. Check it out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lukas Hornik Throwaway

Little Lukas is back on IS with some throw away footage...We don't normally post throwaway footage...unless it's good enough as most peoples regular footage haha. With throwaway like this, you gotta wonder what's going to be in Lukas's next video?

Ricky Cox Mini Summer Promo

Ricky had some of his first videos shown here on IS, and I am going to continue to help him out by posting the videos he sends to me. I really love Ricky's riding. He is such a solid and smooth rider, and has some reallyyy smooth barspins. Check the video below.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MaddUK's Graham Kimbell.

It's not often when such a captivating park video surfaces.
But when you see Graham Kimbell in the title, you know it's going to deliver.
Graham is doing it for MGP in the UK.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Truckstop Competition Pro Results

Right now I only got the Pro Results of the Truckstop Competition. Looks like Tyler Bonner is going to be racking up ANOTHER 1st place. With XW right around the corner, and Tyler set to be gotta wonder if he's going to be once again taking another 1st.

Pro Results

1st - Tyler Bonner
2nd - Jake Clark
3rd - Blake Bailor

Best Trick Winner

Stan Smirnoff

Milwaukee 4 Seasons Skate Park Comp Results

Supposedly this was an amazing competition...Expect footage to drop fairly soon and be here on Inside-Scooters. Onto the results.

Pro Results

1st - Jordan Jasa
2nd - Josh Young
3rd - Zach Whiting


1st - Sam Redmer
2nd - Marty Stubbins
3rd - Issac Miller

Best Trick

Tie Between Josh Toy and Issac Miller

So how about that. Jordan Jasa, who at one time was the center of a lot of "top riders" jokes...about him riding in his driveway...Just took 1st place in the Pro Division of a comp. Big Congratulations to my lil bro Jordan.

LSP's James Gee Scooter Check

Lucky Scooter Part's rider and Team Manager, James Gee made a scooter check recently, showing off some really sick LSP stuff. Check it out below and enjoy the riding after.

Scooter Hut now has Phoenix and DSA Products in Stock!

Scooter Hut is really doing a great job bringing in more products for Aus riders to purchase. Recently bringing in Phoenix Decks and DSA Forks. Check out the Press Release below.

"The Phoenix has landed! Phoenix Pro Scooters and Dominator Scooter Accessories are now available at Scooter Hut.

Phoenix Pro Deck:

This one piece deck will definitely not disappoint you guys! Constructed out of custom aluminium, the Phoenix Pro deck is light and strong. Perfect for riders who like to go big!
The Phoenix Pro 4” deck comes in many colours (black, blue, red, purple, silver) and still at the best price at Scooter Hut.

Weight: 3 pounds
Head Tube angle: 82.5 degrees
Dimensions: Width: 4 / Footspace: 35cm / Wheelbase: 56.5cm

$299 only at Scooter Hut

Dominator Cambo Fork:

The most beautiful scooter fork ever made, the Dominator Cambo fork is built for strength, and designed with style.
Manufactured from 2024 High strength aircraft grade aluminium, this fork is significantly stronger than the stock Razor forks, yet almost as light.
The threaded version will fit easily onto the Razor Pro and Ultra Pro using the existing headset pieces, and the threadless version comes with DSA basic ICS for easy fitting.
The Dominator Cambo fork is a zero offset fork and is fitted with integrated wheel spacers. It will accommodate either 100mm or 110mm wheels.

$105 only at Scooter Hut

We have loads more new products coming next month, so keep on checking the website guys or find us on Facebook.

For the local riders, don’t hesitate to pop in and ask for advice or just to have a look around.

Scott, Travis, Linda and Sandra (The Scooter Hut team)"

I gotta say, great job Scooter Hut in everything you guys have done so far, and will be doing in the future. As always, keep checking Inside-Scooters for more updates and news on Scooter Hut, and all breaking news and updates in the sport.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Exode Promo Video + BenJ Snow Scoot Promo

The Exode Team might not be very well recognized in the US, but I think this video might just change that. Check it out below..

Also BenJ is going to be featured in another video riding his snow scoot. Check out the teaser for that below.

Time is Money - Newreal from Yannick Guillermin on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stan Smirnoff, No Longer on Addict??

The following statement was released to me earlier today from the Addict Team.

"Everyone has heard the rumors about Stan, some of you may have been directly involved with some his "deals". Although we were skeptical at first, we took Stan in good faith, hoping that he had put his past behind him. However, over the last few months we have come to realize that he hasn’t changed at all. Addict is a serious company, we’re like a family. So we don’t appreciate those who lie and cause trouble for us behind our backs. We gave Stan numerous chances but he still swindles us and constantly pesters us about money. Stan is not a true rider, he doesn’t respect his sponsors. He just sells and steals his way through he can better himself. We have no regrets to let him go.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our new rider. Whom we will be announcing in a few weeks time.


So it looks like one thing or another has led to the separation of Stan Smirnoff and Addict. For further news on this issue, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Transit Live Feed!

So you may know that the Transit Scooter Tour 2 is going down right now. Today was the 2nd day of filming and right about now we're gonna broadcast the filming of the interviews, as well as the bro sessions going down in Tommy's living room.So hop on over to tinychat and check it out.

Nate Wagoner Comeback Video

Inward-Scooters Team rider Nate Wagoner broke his wrist awhile ago, and this is his first video back since the injury. Check it out below. Glad to see Nate back riding.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ryan Upchurch District Summer Promo

Ryan....Ryan.....Ryan....... I don't even know what to say about some of the clips in here. Keep in mind, Ryan doesn't even consider himself a Peg rider. So here is his Summer Promo, some of the clips he claims are just throw away. And this is really just to get people to anticipate his big summer video that is coming out in the near future. Sit back and enjoy.

Montreux 2010 Competition

If you are at all familiar with the Montreux Competitions that have been going on for a few years now....You'll want to click this link below. These competitions get bigger and bigger every year, not just in the turn out, but in the riding. The mini ramp riding alone is on another level. Big thanks to Balthazar for sending this to me, and editing the video together. CLICK THE LINK BELOW


Le Mans Scooter Competition in France

For all French riders out there, if you are free on July 3rd and 4th. There is a big competition that is going to be happening. Check out the Flyer below, and make it out there if you can! Any updates on this competition will be posted here on Inside-Scooters.

SOA District Products In Stock!

SOA recently got a bunch of District products in. Including the Light and Double Light Clamps, that a lot of people have been waiting for. Check out the picture below, and head over to SOA to get your hands on this stuff.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aj Storcella Eagle-Sport Video

Aj has been a long time Eagle-Sport US Team rider. Everytime new footage drops from Aj, whether its throw away footage, or not...You know it's going to deliver. There is word going around that Aj might be taking a possibly permanent break from riding? Any future news on that will be posted here on Inside-Scooters. But for now, take a look at Aj's latest video made for Eagle-Sport.

Lucky Scooters Demo at Sammamish

LSP Demo from AlexisF on Vimeo.

All these guys kill it. Guest rider Tyler Bonner, going ridiculously high on that vert wall. That thing is death haha. Also check out Jessee Ikedah's new hair, I barely recognized him.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scooters in the 80's

Madis sent this to me today...pretty amusing to watch, lol at all the one footed landings.

Nickehfilms Presents; "The Weekend Chronicles"

Watch in 720p.

Coedie Donovan
Ryan Williams
Adam Bolton (Ladam)
Taylor Smith
Max Peters
Luke Burland
Chris Hart
Aaron Bransdon
Warick Beynon
Hayden O'Connor
Matt Forshey
Luke Pickett

This is footage collected over the Jamo Jam 2 weekend by Nickeh, featuring some of Australia's elite.
2 words; Bangers.

Super 60 with Frano Briski and Jason Lee

SOA Team rider Frano, and Jason recently made a Super 60 for Inside-Scooters. Frano is sponsored by SOA, and X-Rated Helmets. And Jason Lee is currently looking for sponsors! Check the S60 below.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blunt Scooters Products Now at SOA

Hi Justin here from SOA, with an update on Blunt Scooters products! A new shipment of Blunt products Including all the current Bars Blunt has released in a number of colours, Sizes & Styles to suit each riders needs. Blunt wheels, Bearings & Griptape are also all In stock. New Blunt stuff will hit SOA store later next month, these include the new Clamps, Decks & Forks...So keep checking our website until then for new updates.
We at SOA have the Largest Blunt Scooter Range in the Southern Hemisphere for Online shopping. We also ship international orders!!! So this is your chance to ride Blunts New products before they are stocked in your area of the world from local retailers near you
More Info on SOA July phase 2 Coming Soon!

Ben Harradine - Friend Request

This man is kinda like a solar eclipse, we rarely see anything from him, but when we do, it's always special.
(If you understand that reference, props)
Another friend request from Jackson Manzie. This one's all street, and if you watch closely at the beverages, really shows Ben Harradine's true Aussie side.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scooter Hut Now Carrying Blunt and Lucky Parts

"Blunt and Lucky Scooter parts are now available at Scooter Hut. We understand that a lot of riders want to get their hands on this stuff, and we are now carrying a lot of products from both companies for you guys.

In preparation for our shop makeover in July, which will include an extra 60sq metres (or 80sq yards) of floor space in our custom scooter workshop (bringing it to a total of 140sq metres), Scooter Hut has recently added Blunt and Lucky scooter parts to its range of products. In addition to these products, Scooter Hut is also due to take stock of DSA, Proto, Ambush and Phoenix products next month. Our prices are always the lowest in Australia, but to celebrate the expansion of our store, we'll be offering some extra-special promotions in July, so check out the website and do not miss out on these once-in-a-lifetime promotions.
We took stock of Blunt and Lucky scooter parts about 3 weeks ago, and they are proving to be hot commodities amongst the Aussie scooting fraternity. In the Lucky range the Pro decks are especially popular, as are the NW forks and Tres bars. All of Lucky's range is extra heavy duty, and is most popular with the older guys or those who need hardcore gear for their aggressive riding. We are due to receive Lucky LSv3 forks in a couple of weeks, so look out for them on the website or in our store, as they're sure to sell out fast.

The home-grown Aussie brand, Blunt Scooters, have also proven to be enormously popular, with our entire range of Stripper bars sold out within one week!! We still have a few Candy bars left, but no doubt these won't last long, so be quick to get yours, as Blunt tell us there is a three week wait for new stock to arrive in. You can preorder online or instore now, so you don't miss out on the next batch of parts to arrive. Blunt metal core wheels have been given a huge thumbs up from the local riders who have been testing them for us, so definitely worth checking them out when you next go to change your donuts.
For all you guys asking about sponsoring...keep sending your videos to us. We're looking for unique and original riders to represent and promote the Scooter Hut brand, and we have exciting plans for anyone chosen to represent our brand, but filtering through all the applicants takes time, so if you do apply please give us time to get back to you.
All for now folks,
Scott, Travis, L
inda and Sandra (The Scooter Hut team)"

It always makes me happy to see companies like Scooter Hut showing such dedication to the sport of scootering. For all news relating to Scooter Hut, and all breaking news and updates in the sport of scootering, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Coming Soon: Transit Scooter Tour 2

So as you may have heard, plans have been made for another Transit Scooter Tour to go down this summer. This time, however, it will be based from Illinois, with a stop at the Milwaukee 4 Seasons Competition. For those of you who don't know what the first one was, it was a trip planned by Matt and Jon Andrus, of Whitewater, WI to film some of the best pros throughout parks and street in Wisconsin. A full-length DVD was produced after the trip, which has become one of the most well known and enjoyed scooter DVD's ever.

This time around, there'll be an all new cast of riders attending, including:
Jon Meadows
Tommy Daddono
Spencer Steed
Seth Brown
Jordan Jasa
Issac Miller
Matt Dibble
Josh Young
Jeff Mroz
Sean Cardwell (from June 26th-30th)

All of these riders will be arriving at Tommy Daddono's house this Tuesday the 22nd, and will be traveling to different parks throughout the week. Tommy and Jon Meadows are the two who have been planning the trip, so I caught up with them and asked a few questions about the tour.

Jordan Jasa: How did the idea of having another tour first come up?

Jon: Well Tommy and I have always wanted to plan a big trip/event and have riders from around the country come. We wanted it to be very legit and have everything filmed. We then decided to do some what of a replica of the original Transit Tour. That video defined the sport, and we wanted to have something like that happen again. We also wanted to have a competition during the tour which is why the 4 Seasons comp is happening!

How did you go about choosing riders to be invited for the tour?

Jon: This was the HARDEST part of organizing the whole tour. We couldn't have everyone come out because, well there isn't much room. We set a max number of people who could come and started coming up with names. It started with the Sky-High team, then people we knew and have ridden with, etc. We wanted to choose a vast amount of riders with different styles. We didn't want have a repeat of names from the original transit so it could be different and also have up-and-coming riders there as well.

Are you happy with the final list?

Jon: We are very happy with the final list!! MADIS?!?!?! We would've liked to see BK, Alex Steadman and Ryan Upchurch on the list but its all good!! (:

What do you think the final DVD will end up like? Will it have the same feel as the original Transit Scooter Tour it will it be completely different?

Jon: The DVD will be EPIC, we can promise you that. Unlike the first one, it will be in HD with 2-3 different camera angles. Also, Sam Short will be editing the entire thing! I think this DVD will be more "out there" and "exciting". The first one seemed more sad and downy? We will make it more happy(:

Tommy, you've got some legit camera equipment, what all are you going to use to film the tour?

Tommy: I've got a Vx2100 and a Vx1000 that I'll be using. I also have a dolly and a bunch of other tools to get good shots for the video. Josh Young is bringing his TRV900, so that should be good. Him and I both know what were doing as far as filming goes, and I'm sure a few other people do too, so it should turn out great.

What all can we expect to see in the video? What parks, street spots, etc?

Were going to be riding a bunch of parks like Circus indoor skatepark, 4 seasons skatepark, and Northbrook skatepark. We'll most likely be hitting a park per day, possibly two a day if people feel like switching it up. We'll definitely be riding at night too, I know Josh Young is bringing his rail and I have one, so we'll be doing some sick rail seshes. Theres also a bunch of random street spots around my house and in my town we'll be hitting up.

What are you guys looking forward to most about the trip?

Jon: Getting to meet everyone and the overall experience it will bring. I'm very glad I'm apart of making this happen and I hope it turns out the best.

Tommy: I'm looking forward to chilling with a bunch of new people and making new friends. I'm also going to love the fact that I'll have a DVD to remember the whole experience.

So there you have it...after its all said and done, I'm sure that this DVD will be well worth the watch.

Addict Flip Book.

It's a concept we've not yet seen in the scooter industry.
An online flipbook, to show a catalogue of parts to be released. But what a time to do it.
Here is the Addict signature bars and deck combos, and might i say, what a way to drop them.
You can see all 6 combos in all their vibrant, sharp and one of a kind designs in this flipbook, along with a short foreward from Johann and Kevin.
Hold your mind, blowing is inevitable.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taylor Smith.

It's not often a single trick pops up that's worthy of posting.
But if there's ever an excuse, it's this.
Check out his recent super 60 with Hayden O'connor here

Blunt Scooters Logo Change and Website Launch

Blunt Scooters has designed a brand new fresh Logo. You can check it on the side of our website, and also on the banner above.

Also, the Blunt Scooters Website is finally up and running! It launched earlier today, and if you want to be one of the first to check it out! Click the link below.

Inside-Scooter's own Aaron Bransdon

Honestly at one time, I just considered Aaron to be another rider from Australia. I couldn't tell you the exact time but in the past couple years, his riding has gone through a real changing process. His style has developed into one of the most naturally good looking styles in the sport. Check out his latest little edit below.

Film and edit by Geordie Mcaleer.

And he sucks at everything he does. Everything. All of it.Camboding.

Get to know Lukas Hornik

We featured one of Lukas's videos on IS a while back, where he got some pretty good recognition. His style is very similar to a young Tyler Bonner. I asked Lukas the old Who, What, Where, and Why...and heres what we got.

Who are some riders that you look up to?

Lukas: For sure Tyler Bonner, and the whole MaddGear Team.

What are your favorite tricks to do when you ride?

Lukas: Bri Flips, Fingerwhips, and Spine tricks.

Where is one place you would like to ride if you could go anywhere in the world?

Lukas: If I could go anywhere in the world, I would like to ride in Washington. And any places in Australia to ride with the MGP Team.

Why do you ride scooters?

Lukas: I saw Terry Price's videos and I wanted to be like him. Now Scootering is my LIFE!

Also check out Lukas's latest video below.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What can you bring to the 951 table?

It's always fun to have a little rivalry in the sport, especially internationally.
This is Nick Darger and Nick Donatelli's answer to the video i uploaded a week ago.
Anyone else who has a seshable table, we'd love to see what you can bring to the table

Razor Exposed Tour Stop # 2

Here is the official flyer of stop number 2 of the Razor Exposed Tour! If any of you came to stop number 1, you know how amazing this competition will be. Click the Flyer below to get a bigger picture.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

XW5 Flyer

Be there, this comp is a whole lotta fun, Virginia (the owner of the park) is probably one of the most supportive park owners I've ever seen.

11 Year Old Kiara Meade Sponsor Video

At 11 years old, and having been riding for about 2 years...Kiara is waaay ahead of some riders twice her age, that have been riding for a lot longer. Her ability to ride TIC is right up there with some of top riders in that area. Not to mention she's got some sickkkk style. Check her video below.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jon Devrind Sponsor Video.

This video is ridiculously sick.
Jon is stylish as hell, and has some insane tech street stuff going on.
If you'd like to get in contact with him, message Ryan Upchurch through youtube and he'll get you in touch.

Friendly Flicks Mini Montage

Honestly one of the best montages I've seen......and I've seen a lot. This montage video features some of Aus's best. Check it out below!

And don't forget to subscribe to the Friendly Flicks channel on youtube by clicking the link below!


Blunt Scooters Max Peters Quick Edit

If this is a quick edit.....I think it's safe to say we all want MORE from Blunt Scooters and it's Team. This video is stunning. Check it out below.

To watch this in HD (which I highly recommend) click on Max Peters Quick Cut below the watch it at the actual Vimeo page.

Max Peters Quick cut from Camera Crane on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Inward Scooters East Coast Tour!

This July the Inward team will be taking a trip around the East Coast, starting in Buffalo at the XW competition and ending in Philly at the Woodward United Skatepark. The entire team, which consists of Matt Ogle, Jordan Jasa, Josh Kish, Zig Short, and Nate Wagoner will be there. During the course of the trip the team will be filming for a DVD. In addition to that, there will be a product raffle at the end of each session. If you live near any of the parks then you should definitely try to go, we'd all love to meet everyone.

Jake O'Donnell

Lovelovelove this guy. Super clean style, except for the indian giver. His barspins are so nice.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Helmeri Pirinen

Finna shredderrrr. Hurricane to 180 whip was beast.

Friday, June 11, 2010

TSI Scepter Bars + Thom Cat Forks Review

I think everyone knows that TSI (Trick Scooters International) makes some of the best decks on the market. But it seems like time and time again TSI is overlooked for two other products they make. Their bars and forks.

To be more specific, The TSI Scepter Bars and the Thom Cat Forks. I was recently sent both to try out for myself…and I was as impressed with these, as I was when I was first sent a TSI to review for Inside-Scooters. So let’s get right into it.

TSI Scepter Bars

At first glance, these might seem like regular 3 Piece Bars. Well think again. The first thing you’ll notice about these bars when you get them…is the weight. These things are really light. The second thing you’ll notice is the cross bar. It’s not your standard 3 piece bars cross bar. It has 5 degrees of Backsweep. This perfect amount of backsweep made for one of the most comfortable bar set ups I’ve rode in a long time. Barspins felt amazingly balance and dialed with this crossbar.

The next thing that caught my attention was the Stem…In the past you might have seen riders wrapping up their Stems with a cloth or bandana, a lot of riders did this to follow other riders…but more than often it was because of sharp edges on other 3 Piece Bars Stem designs. Well you don’t need to worry about that with the TSI Scepter Stem…This thing is beautiful, smooth all around, and not too bulky. It has your standard 4 screws that attach the machined aluminum top cap. Simple and easy. Another thing separating TSI Scepters from the other 3 Piece bars on the market, is that their bottom half of the top cap is welded from the inside to the top of the bars. Not bolted on like other bars.

Another thing that sets these bars apart from other 3 Piece Bar designs? The Poles are designed for HIC. Yes, HIC (Hidden Internal Compression). TSI believes that HIC is and should become the new standard for compression in the sport of scootering. So when you purchase your TSI Scepters you will get the following stuff needed to start using HIC Compression.

Top cap
1 Star nut and Bolt
Aluminum HIC Shim

So with all of that stuff INCLUDED with your bars, I’d say it’s time to ditch the old ICS, and go with HIC.

Normally when you start riding 3 Piece Bars, you really feel the difference from T bars…but when I got my Scepters set up, it gave a whole new feel that I haven’t felt from T Bars, or other 3 Piece Bars. The backsweep might not be everyone’s favorite thing at first, but I think if you give it a chance and take the short amount of time it takes to adjust, you will start to like it. I took the bars to my local park, to flow around for a bit, and let some of the locals try them out…there were a couple bails, where the scooter went flying, and took a few slams on the crossbar, with no signs of bending at all. Which considering the light weight of the bars, shocked me. Everyone who rode them, was asking where to get them shortly after haha.

Overall, I love these bars. I have loved the concept of 3 Piece Bars ever since I saw them for the first time, and TSI only helped further my admiration for them. They’re strong, they’re light, and they’re designed for HIC…that’s a Win, Win, Win. Priced at 84.99usd these aren’t the cheapest bars out there, but for what you’re getting (all parts needed for HIC) you are getting a deal here. So with that being said, let’s take a final look at the Pro’s and Con’s of the TSI Scepter Bars.

HIC Compatible (also fits SCS)
Great Stem design

Maybe too light for some riders
Backsweep Crossbar might not be everyones favorite

Thom Cat Forks

So without my knowledge, when I popped open my package from TSI, I was shocked to see a Thom Cat Fork in there staring up at me. Ever since I saw these forks a while ago, I thought they looked pretty awesome. So I was stoked at the chance to try some of them out. Here’s my thoughts on the Thom Cat Forks.

Visually, you won’t really find any other forks on the market that resemble these forks. It’s clear that when Matt of TSI designed these forks(who you can see to the left), he wasn’t looking to any previous forks for motivation…it came from his head…and considering TSI’s other products, I think it’s safe to say that’s a good place for ideas to come from. If you check the picture you will see what I mean. When I first got the fork, I took it down to my local bike shop where some friends work, and the owner of that shop happened to be in there, he was in complete amazement at the Thom Cat Forks. Taking them from me, and analyzing them for a good five minutes haha.

Onto performance and feel. These forks have 7.5mm offset, now for those used to stock forks and other aftermarket forks with offset, most of those are at 10mm offset. So it will have a bit of a different feel. I’ve rode everything from stock 10mm offset, to Zero offset, to now Thom Cat Forks, 7.5mm offset. I think it’s safe to say that unless you do a LOT of nosemanual tricks, it won’t take you too long to get used to the slight difference. Weight wise, they can be considered slightly heavy compared to what you’re riding now. But that slight weight gain on your scooter is for a good cause. That being the strength of these forks. To this day, there is no record of anyone bending a Thom Cat Fork. They really are THAT strong and that solid.

Another thing I wanted people to notice about the Thom Cat Fork that might be overlooked, but certainly shouldn’t be ignored. Is the Axel design. When you get your Thom Cat Fork it will come with the Fork, and a bolt axel. Although one of the smaller parts of the fork, it is one of my favorites. Basically on the bottom of your fork legs, where you put the axel through, one side will be threaded. All you do is get your wheel on, insert the axel, and simply tighten it right into the fork itself. It tightens up perfectly, not too tight and not too lose leaving your wheel to spin freely. Really smart idea if you ask me. At 80.00usd these are right around the range if not cheaper than some other forks on the market. So let’s break down the Pros and the Cons of the Thom Cat Fork.

Innovative Design
Extremely Durable and Strong
Great Axel Design
90 Day Bend/Break/Cracks Warranty

Only comes in Black
No option for threaded (Get with the times people, it’s time to try threadless!)

So that basically covers my reviews and in depth looks on the TSI Scepter Bars, and the Thom Cat Forks. TSI is not just about decks guys, I really think people gotta take notice to their other parts as well. They are not making the same old same old parts you see other companies putting out at a rapid rate. TSI is staying as innovative as possible with every new product they release, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. I know that because the two people running TSI, Matt and KC are dedicated to this SPORT. Not to the money that goes into their pockets, but to the sport. So if you are interested in getting some of high quality parts for a good price then click the link below, and head over to TSI’s website. And for all your future news on TSI, and all updates and breaking news in the sport of scootering..Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Check out some more pics from TSI, and of Matt aka Thom Cat shredding his TSI, Scepter Bars, and Thom Cat Fork!

New Friend Request: Warick Beynon

A new Friend Request was filmed, this time featuring Warick Beynon. Incredibly dialed rider, making even ridiculously hard tricks, look waaay too easy. Check it out below, and do you want more information on "Friendly Flicks" and what it's all about? Then check our later post where it is all explained. AND SUBSCRIBE to the Friendly Flicks Youtube Channel TODAY!!

Friendly Flicks Information

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Justin Robertson Interview.

Justin Robertson is a name that's gotten more and more recognized over the past year. Justin really hit the scene last year, releasing banger video after banger video during the spring. It was after that when people started to get a little tired of his frequent videos, and he took their advice and took the whole summer to film his next mini. The extra time definitely paid off for him, as this video was filled with huge street bangers, ridiculous tech combos, and an improved style. Justin was sponsored by Dogg and later picked up by Quebec Scooters, which his latest video is promoting. I asked Justin a few questions about his latest video, and this is what he had to say.

Jordan Jasa: First of all that video was ridic, you never seem to fail to make me feel like I suck haha. How do you manage to get some of the biggest street bangers yet completely destroy tech tricks?

Justin Robertson: Thanks man. Not gonna lie I usually feel the same way after you drop a new vid too haha. When it comes to street I guess I'm just dumb enough and pretty much willing to try anything and sesh anything when I'm in the mood for it. For the tech stuff I've been working a lot on it lately. I haven't been riding as much street cause I always break my decks so I've been more into tech and park tricks lately. Just recently it seems like tech got a whole lot easier for me and I've been learning new combos like crazy, just working on getting them dialed now. Some tricks in that video I'm not even sure how I managed to do though haha.

Before you film a video, do you know what tricks you wanna get, or do you just film as you go?

I usually have a list of tricks I want to accomplish before hand. By the time I finish my video though I usually only did like 3 of those tricks. Then like 75% are just random tricks I came up with at the time and the other bit are tricks i one up'ed from what I wanted.

What was the hardest thing for you to film in this video?

Hmm, to be honest it was probably one of the smaller things. I'd say the bar to manual to around the world drop in on the quarter. For some reason I just remember that taking me forever to finally get haha everytime I went to do the around the world I'd keep spinning so I'd end up dropping in like sideways/to fakie, I just couldn't get it to work out right.

Do you find tech or big riding more difficult than the other, or are they the same for you?

Tech tricks are by far more difficult for me, I can do quite a range of things but I don't have a lot of them on lock. Big riding's just natural to me, seems like I can throw anything down like a big set or something and get it first or second try pretty much. With tech it usually takes me a lot longer, I've been working on smaller stuff a lot more recently though and I've been getting a lot more on lock and more consistent but still not quite as consistent as I'd like to be with my tech game.

During the course of filming this video, how many parts did you break?

Since I barely rode any street I didn't break to much actually haha umm 2 decks, 1 wheel and I think that's it really. A lot better then usual haha.

I can't help but notice you don't have a fisheye. Whats the reason behind that?

I don't have a job so I don't have the money for it. Been trying to look for a job forever though so once I get one I'm hoping to upgrade my camera maybe, get a fish eye and tripod and stuff so things look a bit more legit.

And finally, what does it mean to you to finally put out this video after 3-4 months of filming?

It's a huge relief. I mean, last year I released 3 videos already by now and at the time they were each filled with bangers for my riding level then. All I kept thinking about was trying to make this video perfect to me and trying to get a little bit of everything, park, street, tech, creativity/originality and just trying to one up my other videos. And aside from not having a huge trick for my ender like my past 2 full videos I'm super pleased with this and happy it turned out how it did and that everyone's pretty psyched on it so far. Makes me wanna get started on filming my summer video already haha.

Thanks Justin,

And thank you for deciding to do this interview with me! I'd also like to thanks Lloyd from QCS for helping me out with some awesome parts and all my friends that filmed for me and motivated me to try certain things. Also thanks to everyone for the positive comments about the video!

Well there you have it. And in case you missed it, here's Justin's QCS Promo-

Team MGP Tours the East Coast

Nope...sorry not in the US...They're touring the East Coast of Australia! Check out all the details in this press release below.


It’s 6 months on from their USA Trip and this time Team MGP are visiting their homegrown fans, favourite parks and local towns to shake off that winter chill!

Adam Bolton
Billie Rainbow
Coedie Donovan
Jaxon Andrawartha
Luke Pickett
Ryan Williams
and Twan Bustos
(visiting from USA) with photographer Nickeh

Will take the MADD Van from Caloundra to Melbourne over 8 days of riding, demos, signing and giveaways while meeting local scooter riders.

The Tour celebrates the launch of the NEW website as well as the FIRST ever screening of MGP Socal Tour DVD, both highly anticipated events!

Daily updates and live location tracking all on our website throughout the Tour.

MADD and Team MGP support scooter riders, the sport and its community, this is another way for us to get amongst it.

CLICK for a larger picture.

Scooter Zone Street Team Demo on Sunday!

Are you guys in the Southern California area? If you are, or have any way of making it down there and want to have a good time, You’re going to want to be at The Desert Hot Springs Skate Park. On Sunday, June 13th the Scooter Zone Street Team is going to be putting on a Jam. You can find some of your favorite products for sale there, and there will also be some giveaways.

Come by and you can personally meet the Scooter Zone Team, and Anthony “Twan” Bustos of MaddGear. The reason behind this event is to be able to bring some of the best riders in the sport to areas where kids don’t normally get a chance to meet Pro riders and ride with them. And to help boost the growth of the sport in some of these areas that it isn’t as big. The Scooter Zone Team is all about interacting with the kids, because everyone involved in this event believes that these kids are the future of the sport, I couldn’t agree more myself.

So who are some of the riders you’re going to see on Sunday at The Desert Hot Springs Skate Park? Check the list below.

Chris Gascoigne
Julio Oceguera
Capron Funk
Corey Funk
Nick Darger

This a killer line up of riders, and anyone who shows up at the skatepark on Sunday is going to see some amazing riding by these guys, and get a chance to ride with them first hand. So if you are anywhere in the area and can make it out to the Desert Hot Springs Skate Park on Sunday June 13th, get out there and support these guys, buy some amazing products, snag something from the giveaway, and have a great time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bendub Truckstop Comp

2 comps on the same day?? Looks like it haha. NW kids, be there.

Justin Robertson QCS Spring Promo

Every once in a while you get a rider like Justin...started from nothing, and was absolutely not a rider you went out of your way to one of the hardest street riders in the sport, and now you get to him throwing down some ridiculous tech tricks as well. I don't know if Justin has any limits to what he can and can't do off his scooter.

And this weekend you can find out first hand what Justin has to say about the process of making this video, and some more stuff about his riding in an interview we'll be doing with Justin. Check the video below.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ryan Upchurch & Jon Devrind Super 60

Ryan had troubles in editing, meaning he couldn't use our intro.
I have honestly never seen something so ridiculous.
Ryan's huge park tricks, contrast Jon's tech, and smaller park tricks perfectly.
What more to say?
Watch and enjoy the insanity that is Ryan Upchurch and Jon Devrind.

Milwaukee 4 Seasons Comp

Check ittt. If you live in the midwest then this is a must for you, there'll be some pros from around the country stopping by during the Transit 2 tour.

Luke Maff - Weekend Clips.

If there's one kid right now that never fails to dissapoint, it's Luke Maff.
There's ridiculous clips in here, and that first spot looks SO sick.
Mitchell Kelly also features in this edit, with some solid tech business.

Abazz Rides a Table

Check out IS's own Abazz shredding a table!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Chilllens from stanio on Vimeo.

I'll never really care what sponsors these guys get because no matter what they'll always be the RAD crew to me. That being said, Tyler is now on MaddGear...every time he gets on his front wheel I get scared that hes going to do something I never thought possible haha.

Oh, and in case you had any doubts, Stan loves marijuana and beer. He clears that up at the end.

OTT Day Edit

Jake Hershey
Joe Armstrong
Matt Buckle
Tommy Cottrell
Jack Levine

This kids kill...nose manuals from whoever were nuts.

Dissidence Street Jam

Ok..not much can be said about this video. Just watching it will leave all your jaws on the ground. I think we know where the street riding capital of the world is now. It's Paris, France. This video shows probably the most organized street jam you'll ever see. We can only hope that Addict and Dissidence do this again next year, or even sooner. Check it out guys and check that list of sponsors at the end..cause they all def. helped make this possible.

street jam DISSIDENCE couvert par la ROOTS BOY PRODUCTION from Roots Boy Production on Vimeo.

More Technical Difficulties..

Don't worrrry...we are working on it people. Just bare with us for a little while longer, and we will have the brand new look for IS all ready to go..and some new features you will all really enjoy. So basically, what you see right not Final. Sometime tomorrow we will work everything out. Thanks.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Inward Scooter's Zig Short: Everywhere We Go (A Gift and a Curse)

Inward rider Zig Short's latest video. Zig had some trouble with his knee this spring, which may explain why this video was more tech than his other videos...although there are some huge tricks in here, especially the banger haha...that was nuts. Loved all the rail stuff, and the legsweep was awesome.

Mike Montgomery Lucky Scooters First Clover DVD Promo/ Throwaway

This features Mike, Jake O'Donnell, some fat kid, several girls, an Asian woman, and an old black man all promoting the Lucky Scooters least I think thats what it was, they didn't really repeat it enough.

Sean Codd + Nick Johnson Friend Request.

The first video uploaded to the Friendlyflicks youtube channel, by Jackson Manzie.
This video, filmed and edited by Jackson Manzie was filmed over one day at 2 skate parks, and 2 street spots.
The "friend request" will be an ongoing series of videos that will showcase the lesser exposed/known riders of Sydney.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ricky Cox

This is a reader submitted video I got from an email...I don't usually post these but wow, kid impressed me. Nice mix of street, park, big, and tech. Loving his peg stuff.

On another note I think we may start having a little "Reader Video of the Week". Stay tuned for more on that.

Technical Difficulties..

So as you can see the IS Layout is still a

This IS NOT Permanent. We should have a brand new layout, and new features in a couple of days. So keep checking IS until then guys.

Big news for Aus riders by Jackson Manzie

Friendly Flicks

Australian rider, Jackson Manzie, has started a new youtube channel.
This channel will feature some of Sydney's established riders, along with a strong contingent of names you may never have heard before.
To see more, simply subscribe to Friendly Flicks and get updates as soon as the videos drop.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Martin Nogol in the Sky with District

Martin Nogol, is one of the few riders that does more demos and contests both big or small more than almost any other rider in the sport. Here are some pictures that were taken of Eagle-Sport Team rider Martin Nogol, at a recent demo.

Seems like Martin is really doing his part for the sport as much as he can. For all news on Martin Nogol, and all breaking news and updates in the sport, Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Joey Aria Promotional Video

Joey Aria...let's face it. You probably don't know who he is. But you should. Even Joey calls himself an Underground rider. But he is trying to change that. This is his first promotional video that he is including on his resume to get sponsored. Really cool to watch someone that can whip both ways easily. And some of those lip tricks......just flat out ridiculous. Check it out below...and keep checking IS for the latest videos by Joey Aria.

Joey Aria Promotional Video from Joey Aria on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stay calm people..

If you are coming on Inside-Scooters and noticing that it looks different...That's does. Jordan, Myself, and Aaron are testing out different layouts...because we have some big plans for Inside-Scooters this summer. So please try and deal with it for now. Thanks guys.

-IS Staff

Hayden O'Connor and Taylor Smith Super 60.

We've had some ridiculous super 60's sent to us. But this one just about trumps them all.
At one stage, i thought there were limits on what could be done in an hour, this video pretty much disproves that, and the common misconceptions on Australian park riding.
If you're reading this Taylor, you're my favorite rider in Australia right now.

Both boys doing it for Moonwalk Scooters.

Travis House - It's nice to be back.

Maybe EVERY scooter rider should watch this, with an open mind, and adopt the principle of KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)
Travis' first day of riding in over 2 years, and he's still got it.
Everything clean and everything stylish.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tilt Chromos Pegs Review

First off, the pegs come with everything you see in the above picture, which is everything you need to install the pegs (besides tools).

Basic stats on these include:

-Heat Treated 4140 chromoly
-1” by 2” (or 25mm by 51mm)
-Black Oxide finish
-2.4 oz each
-Hardened axles
-Nylon locking nuts

Installing the pegs is pretty simple.  The package includes a bolt for the front and back, but you can put both pegs on either wheel.  However you may need to find a longer axle to make it work.  The hardware fits right inside the peg, giving it a really nice, clean look.  The tapered ends of the pegs mean they can fit forks like the Inward Hybrid, French ID, ScooterZone Scorcher, and more. 

So the tapered end means it can fit more forks/decks, while still retaining a one inch diameter, which is bigger than that of the Park Pegs.  It also means that the bottom of the peg and deck are flush, which gives you more control during grinds and stalls.

I definitely noticed the weight once I put the pegs on.  It was a little odd at first but I got used to it in a jiffy, wasn’t a problem at all.  Thats just the tradeoff you get with the most durable pegs on the market. 

Being made out of chromoly instead of aluminum, these pegs do slide rather slower than the Park pegs.  However, if whatever you’re grinding is waxed enough, it shouldn’t be a problem.  The big advantage to the Chromos over the Park pegs is the durability.  These things are heat treated, and come with heat treated axles, combine them together and you have the strongest peg setup you can get. 

With these pegs, you can run two on one wheel, or four all together, which definitely opens up a lot of options for tricks.  I decided to run two on the front, and left my Park peg in the back.  However, I’ve been running a prototype fork and used a stock back axle with it, and actually broke two axles in the span of two days with em.  Buttt that definitely wouldn’t have happened if I was using the axle Tilt provides.

These pegs are definitely a good buy if you want something longer lasting than alu pegs.  These are super strong, and will definitely last you a long time.  You can buy them on the Tilt website.