Monday, August 31, 2009

Dominator Scooter Accessories HD Fork Review

The product I’m reviewing today is the Dominator HD Threaded Fork from Dominator Scooter Accessories. My first impression of the fork when I saw it was the appearance. It looks awesome, the paint job is clean, and the two miniature DSA Logo stickers on the sides of the fork really makes it complete. When you get your package it will come with the Fork itself, and also one of the things I really like about Dominator Scooter Accessories, is that they include a printed out paper with step by step instructions on how to install your DSA Product. Now most riders might not need the instructions, but for those who are new to buying aftermarket parts, and, or taking apart their scooters, this will help them a lot.

The DSA HD Fork was as easy to install as any other threaded fork. It even comes with a stock bearing race already on, so you don’t need to worry about taking one off of an old fork and installing it. The weight is about the same as most other aftermarket forks, besides Aluminum forks of course. Coming from an Inward Fork, I noticed almost no change in the weight, and it surely didn’t affect my riding. Currently DSA does not offer Zero Offset Forks, so the forks you will get will have offset. Riding the fork, you feel really confident in its strength and durability. The fork is fully gusseted front and back and has a 1/8th inch wall fork tube. To this day I’ve heard of only a few cases of some of the more hardcore riders in the sport bending DSA Forks. So DSA, immediately went back to the drawing boards, and created an even stronger version of the HD Fork. On the chance that you do bend or break your DSA HD Fork, Dominator Scooter Accessories offers a 90 day Guarantee, and will replace your broken fork. Also there is talk of their latest model fork, which is currently being test. The fork will be called as of now, “The Xtreme Pro”, and is scheduled for a release sometime in October.

DSA has really set a new standard in customer service and product quality. Although they are a fairly young company, do not let this steer you away, they have huge plans for the future and in my opinion are one of the most legit companies that we have in the sport right now. Also starting in September, ANY purchase made on the DSA website…includes free shipping. Thanks to DSA for providing the Fork and everyone go take a visit to and check it out.

-Written by Steven Tongson

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Roosevelt Ain't Ready Rescheduled

Due to rain, the RAR! street event has been moved to August 31st. More about the event itself here, and here.

QCS Pegs Review.

District is coming... no.. District is here!

A new company has unveiled itself, by the name of District. I am told District will be bringing some of the best aftermarket parts to the sport. They will be high quality stuff with high performance and durability. One of the main things I have been told about District is the prices. These prices..will be as cheap as possible. To cater to ALL riders. Recently they revealed one of their first products, the District Double Clamp. This clamp will be going to all worldwide distributors, so check your local scooter parts retailers and distributors. Below are some pictures of the clamp.

Want more pictures and information about the District Double Clamp? Well for future District updates, and products, just head over to C4Scooters Forum and check em out. Or of course keep checking Inside Scooters for all the latest updates, news, info, and pictures we can provide for District.

For questions regarding District, you can ask the head of the company here at

Friday, August 28, 2009

Real Ride Comp Footage

Real Ride comp pro runs from raymond warner on Vimeo.

From the Pro runs. Sick stuff.

Learn to ride fakie with Aaron Bransdon

Do you got trouble riding fakie? (Riding backwards) Well if you do then this video is for you guys. This is our Australian Inside Scooters partner Aaron Bransdon, with one of the best scooter trick tutorials around. So enjoy, and big thanks to Aaron Bransdon...and remember kids..

"Thats a clock...and this.. is a scooter"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Philly Crew Video Journal 9 Online!

Right hurr. (right click, save link as)

You might need to download the codec to play the video, get that at
If that doesn't work, it is on vimeo here...But you really need to see this in highest quality to appreciate it how it was meant to be seen. Features Matt McKeen, Dan Barrett, Stevon Wilson, Brian Boston, and more amazing riders. Really awesome video.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fuzion H2 Video Review

I'll prob do a little written review covering stuff I missed tomorrow. Riding starts at 3:45. Enjoy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Roosevelt Ain't Ready!

Yep, this is to replace the Staten Island comp that was supposed to be on the same date. Basically someone didn't get the permit in time for it, pretty lame. They say they're gonna be doing this like the Hyphy Jam, going from spot to spot and giving out the prizes to whoever throws down the hardest. Sounds more fun than a park comp to me haha.

"Who, What, Where, and Why with HepGreg"

Margaret and Greg with some Guacamole

Who: Who would you ride with if you could ride with anyone in the world?
Greg: Hmmm....
I dunno. probably Maxime LeGrand, or Martin Nogol. someone from another country for sure.

What: What tricks do you plan on landing the in the future?
Greg: 5050 down a legit handrail before Elmer does.

Where: Where would you ride if you could ride anywhere in the world?
Greg: Barcelona, Spain.

Why: Why do you continue to ride scooters?
Greg: It's what i enjoy doing most in my life right now. i've watched the sport grow since the almost very beginning, and i just feel like i belong here.

Mini Two. from Hep Greg on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Da Compound (Real Ride) Comp Results!

Additionally to the Fuzion RTG comp yesterday, there was a comp in Socal at The Compound. Here's the results.

1. Chris Gascoigne
2. Raymond Warner
3. Kody McQueen

1. Tyler Wheeland
2. Tommy ?
3. Stefan Hefner.

1. Jake F.
2. Ryan ?

Best trick.
Chris G, 1 handed super man over the box

Congrats guys! Hope everyone had a good time.

Madd Owner Mike Horne Interview

Even if you've never seen a whole Maddgear scooter in real life, you have surely seen the standard Madd brake on someone's scooter, if not your own. Lately the Maddgear company has been doing a lot more than producing great brakes: starting a team, coming out with a Pro scooter, and generally just trying to expand the sport as much as they can. Inside Scooters Australian Correspondent Aaron Bransdon asked Mike Horne, the company owner, about all that, and more.

- Jordan Jasa.

Aaron Bransdon: When did the company 'Maddgear' start, and why was it made?

Mike Horne: Madd Gear originated in 2002 as a result of a dynamic shift in mass retail buying. At the time I was the Business Manager for the Sporting Division of Funtastic which incorporated Razor so I knew the business very well. I could see that there was no competition or truly Australian branded product but in order to make it successful we at least needed to have comparable quality and supply. In August that year I moved to China to set up Madd International which has given us the foundation to grow Madd into what it is today.

Did you expect to obtain such recognition throughout Australia when the company was created?

In truth no – we set out to be an Australian company that recognized Australian trends rather than being force fed whatever was coming out of the US primarily. You are testament to this fact with the forums and interaction that comes from the Australian scooter scene. In reality Australia and Australian riders are very pro active and passionate about their sports so yeah ok we sell in the likes of Kmart but it is the guys and girls who support us that makes it a success.

Why has Maddgear branched out into the freestyle scooter industry with the MaddGear Pro, and spare parts?

If you look at other let’s call them extreme sports like freestyle BMX or Skateboarding history shows these started in niche areas that then translated into mass. Scooters were really the opposite; when Razor launched in the US they went mainstream straight away and only in the last few years has freestyle really started to take off. Unfortunately scooter riding and scooters have been viewed as a kids toy rather than both an extreme and technical sport which is what it has developed into. We see this and want to be a part of its future growth and success by also looking to offer great product at affordable pricing. The spare parts development was a logical next step as we are already servicing customers who contact us directly as well as independent wholesalers and distributors globally with key items like our brake.

Are there any particular goals, or plans that Maddgear has for the future of scooters as a whole?

Yeah we want Madd to be the Australian Razor or if looking at other iconic Australian brands Billabong as an example. We want to invest back in the sport and it’s development but take a different approach by engaging young riders to better themselves. I really believe that the sport can be as big as the skate industry was in the late 80’s and in time we will see it get the recognition it deserves in the likes of XGames and other National and International competition. If we can give something back as the result of the support young riders give us by buying Madd product then it’s the least we can do.

Will Maddgear remain a prodominantly Australian company, or do you have plans to move to other countries such as America and England?

It’s fair to say we have global aspirations but also don’t want to take our focus away from the Australian market. There is so much potential for future development and growth and the reality is we are only barely scratching the surface with what we would really like to do. I think a more likely scenario would be us partnering with some likeminded companies where it can benefit both sides but keep our Australian heritage which is very important to us.

The team is only relatively new, how do you feel about the team as a whole?

Firstly let me say there are so many great riders out there it was really amazing to see the talent as it came through. Unfortunately we could not pick everyone but I’m very happy with the mix of guys we have and think they will be great ambassadors for both Madd and the sport. This was really important for us as these guys are all well respected amongst their peers for being both exceptional riders but also good friends and what we hope will be role models across the board for anyone who is riding or thinking about taking it up.

What do you have in store for the team in the future, videos? trips? advertisement?

All of the above and then some. As you say the team is only new and as all of the guys are still in school or have commitments we need to be conscious of this when trying to plan. At the moment we simply want to get them all in the same place to give them some face time and hopefully get some good footage to share with the world. Big picture stuff includes an East Coast tour of Oz that we hope to develop into Australia’s first touring titles with a National to be held at the end of each year. Demo days are on the cards for promotion of new launches, store openings and hopefully we can partner up with some of the core independent retailers where we can promote locally.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

RTG Ramp Rats Comp Results

I don't have full results...this is what I got for now.

1st- Capron Funk
2nd- Anthony "Twan" Bustos
3rd- Jason Beggs

Best Trick: Tie between Twan with a flair whip, and Corey Funk with a backflip on the wave ramp.

More info will be posted as soon as it is made available.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ryan Young!

Ryan Young new footage!?!? from GKimbell on Vimeo.

This is a guy I'm sure most new kids don't know. Basically he is one of the OG "bmx style" type riders, doing turndowns, inverts, etc. He eventually got some pegs and started shredding those as soon as he got them. His part in the Closet Scooters video is still a classic today, in fact the whole video is always worth a watch. So this is a little vid of some new clips of him. Amazing consistency in the mini runs, he is soooo dialed.

Assault Q&A with JR Sholdebrand

JR Sholdebrand, and his Sunfire.

Assault, a company based out of Washougal, Washington, has recently chosen a team of riders to rep the company name. With names like Josh Toy and Jessee Ikedah on the list, Assault is sure to be a well known company very soon. I did a Q and A with JR, the owner, about the company and team.

-When did you get started with Assault?

well ive had the name and logo done since February
and i designed a cnc'd deck in march i also shipped the bored out deity clamps for inward in April. but it hadn't all came together til this month

-What are your future plans, or goals with the company?

my future plans at this point are to release wraps for bars, forks, tsi/razor decks,
then metal cores. after and if that all works out i will begin phase two and create a razor ultra pro reinforcement, a couple cool clamps, a brake or two, but that's all in the works

JR shredding.

-Who all is on the Assault team?

Josh Toy, Alex Dorantes, Jessee Ikedah, Evan Larson, Jon Meadows
and im still open to

-Assault sells vinyl wraps for your bars and forks. How did you get the idea of making those?

i originally wanted to have my bars hydroprinted for my scooter
well when i built it it wasn't going to be cost effective to pay 120 bucks to do that
so i was going to paint them then i saw that a friend wrapped his bars in an orange vinyl and immediately wanted to the same then saw an opportunity when i realized not only could i do prints i am incapable of painting but when you get vinyl it has a resistance to chipping unlike paint so it lasts like a month or two longer where normally your bars look like shiz.

A selection of the vinyl wraps.

-Why did you pick the name Assault? Does it have any significance?

when i realized i had a need to do something with my life and i only found fun riding my scooter to be worth while. i decided to start a company like inward or proto and the first thing you typically do is sit down and draw a logo, come up with a name then make products.
well i drew a logo and had the hardest time coming up with a name so i decided when i find a word that describes the style i wanted to achieve with the company i would snag it. My logo was aggressive a cross between a missile..bullet bill and the spitfire logo with my own style added in it so it needed to be on the same level. well one day i grabbed a monster energy drink and there it was ''Assault'' and the rest will hopefully be history.

- Jordan Jasa

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt Andrus!

The newly hitched Matt Andrus turned 22 today! Congrats on the marriage and happy birthday dude.

Sky High Updates

Updates from Sky High Scooters-
-88a blue yaks are in stock
-DSA forks, threaded and threadless, and DSA compression systems are in stock.
-DSA shirts, and deck savers will be here by the weekend.
-110mm eaglesport OG fullcores, and more 100mm eaglesport Snowballs are in stock.
- More TSI decks will be back in stock soon, by the weekend
- QCS pegs are still on their way, with the possibility of blade brakes still.

"Who, What, Where, and Why with Geordie Mac"

Who, What, Where, and Why is something I am going to be doing in the future on Inside Scooters. It will be a new rider everytime, and today we caught up with Australia's own, Geordie Mac!

Who: Who would you ride with if you could ride with anyone in the world?

Geordie: Aww now there’s a toughy! hmm, there’s sooo many people going through my head right now but to be honest I’d have to say I’d love to have a session with Logan Bradley.

What: What tricks do you plan on landing in the future?

Geordie: well atm id reallly like to get this nose manny railride, bar off, over the box at my local, but one ive been working on is bar to un-turndown airs, GOOD ones.

Where: Where would you ride if you could ride anywhere in the world?

Geordie: oh god, id def have to hit up america, really wanna ride some of them killer bowls i see in stans vids! live for that shizzz!

Why: Why do you continue to ride scooters?

Geordie: purely because i love it! i really like to take tricks that are uncommon or what some consider childish and put them in combos with other kinds of tricks or throw them over different gaps etc. and the fact that im always happy when im riding the way i want to.

Thanks a lot to Geordie Mac! Look forward to a lot more of these in the future!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fuzion RTG Tour Stop #2 Official Sponsors

Nextsport has announced the official sponsors of the 2nd stop of the Fuzion RTG tour in Petaluma, California. Giving away prizes for the winners will be Dominator Scooter Accessories, PROTO Scooters, Inward Scooters, and your very own Inside Scooters will be giving away 100 dollars for the winner of best trick! Additionally, Nextsport will be giving away the Spencer Hawk H2 Scooter to the winner, as well as cash. The comp at Ramp Rats skatepark will be on August 22nd (3 days!). Check the RTG website for more.

New Eagle 110's

Black on blue, looks really good. Keep an eye on IS for more wheel updates in the near future.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adam Arce

Adam Arce Edit from Adam Arce on Vimeo.

Adam is a part of the SY crew. Really awesome tech grind combos, like a bmx video. This was supposed to be footy for the SY dvd, which will never happen.

London Jam

London Scooter Jam from luke painter on Vimeo.

This was a jam/rider get together from the 14th of Friday to Sunday the 16th in London. Features Luke Painter, Reuben Alfred Lecky, Dan Avery, Theo KC, Johnny, Jak, Charlie, and Alfie.

Jojo Cajas, Gerome Hani and Benj Friant Video

These guys rip so hard...Gerome just seems to get better and better everytime we see footage of him.

Ghetto Edit from BenJ Scoot on Vimeo.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jessee Ikedah Week Edit

Jessee Ikedah Eaglesport US Flow Rider, killing it again with a week edit he released today. Check it out

Staten Island Comp

Little comp gonna be going down soon. Nice list of sponsors too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Domain Change! is now! You no longer have to add the .blogspot to access the site. Awesome.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Truckstop Competition Results

Pro Results:
1st Place - Tyler Bonner
2nd Place- KC Corning
3rd Place- Cary Mosbrucker

1st: Ty Alexander
2nd: Nick Toigo
3rd: Jake Clark

Here's a vid of some of the AM runs:

Inward News

Some updates JP sent me:

Since August 1, Inward bars are made from 4130 Cromoly and TIG welded. The design remained the same, with the reinforcement tube inside the crossbar.

After many emails from you we also added the following products:
  • The popular zero offset fork ready to fit 125mm wheels.
  • Bones REDS bearings in sets of four.
  • Animal Edwin Delarosa grips
  • Foldy plates separate from the bolt sets.
A shipment of TSI decks AND Razor Pro Decks is on its way. They are expected to be listed again middle of next week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Steven Tongson Announced as Eaglesport Team Manager!

Yesterday, Inside-Scooter’s own Steven Tongson was announced to be the new manager of the Eagle team.  Steven, who was until recently the manager of the Inward Flow Team, is excited to be a part of the Eagle family.  I did a quick Q&A with him about being with Eagle now.


Jordan Jasa:  First off, congrats on your new position!  How are you feeling about being the team manager of the biggest wheel company in the sport?

Steven Tongson:  Thanks man. It's a big step up from where I was working last, which was at Inward Scooters, but I am honestly pretty honored that I was approached to take this position.

Can you elaborate on how you acquired this position?

I was told that I had the attention of Marcel and Gianni for a little while now. When things fell through with Inward Scooters, and Eaglesports Team Manager position was free. I started to talk to Marcel a bit more, and one thing led to another, and here we are today.

How do you feel about the riders on the team?  Do you plan to make any changes?

I really feel like we have some of the best riders in the world on our current Team. As with any Team there is always the possibility of changes, but those changes are made based on the dedication and performance of the Team Riders, and I think we have some really dedicated guys representing the company.

What are you looking forward to most about being TM?

Just being able to work with the company and these Team Riders. I feel pretty good about everything so far. It is exciting for me to know some of the stuff Eaglesport and C4 have planned for the future, and to know I will be a part of all of it, is something I am def. looking forward to.

"The stuff" they have planned for the future...what stuff is that?

Haha well I can't say too much about that bro. Lets just say everyone, is in for some very big surprises for 2010. Surprises that will leave the everyone in the community really happy.

Thanks for your time Steven.  Anything else you'd like to add?

Just to clear the air, that there is no hate or bad blood between Inward Scooters and myself. I love the company and I love the Team riders. To everyone who supported me in my decision to start working for Eaglesport/C4 I just want to say thank you, I appreciate it, and I won't let you guys down. Thanks for YOUR time Jordan...go nosemanual something.


Check the C4 forums for more here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

BK 2.5

This is the 3rd little driveway video Brandon has released within the past year or so. He definitely can't heelwhip...nope.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Terry Price/Graham Kimbell

Doggscooters - Terry Price & Graham Kimbell from GKimbell on Vimeo.

Easily the 2 best active riders in the UK today. Check out the TSI that Terry's riding.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So Sue Me

What you are about to read is my opinion on a few things going on in Our sport right now that I do not agree with. This does not mean you will agree with me, and in no way means you have to. I am simply stating my opinion from here on out.

I’ve been in the sport of scootering for over 8 years. I know quite a lot about our sport. I’ve seen a lot, met a lot of people, and seen some of the best riders come and go. The sport means so much to me and so many others because we all worked our ass off to get it to where it is today. So now tell me this, is it ok for someone to come into this sport having done nothing for it. Having no knowledge of the sport and what WE have done in it, and try to make his claim to fame in it? A sport that has brought so many of us to places and led us to meet people we never could have met without it. A sport that some of us watched grow from nothing, to turn into what it is today. Is it fair that someone that took no part in any of that, but has some extra cash around, come into our sport and try to make a name for himself? By in one way or another exploiting us, using property of riders without their consent, and falsely advertising us to the public in ways we never wanted or agreed to?

The answer to most is obvious. No, it’s not fair and it’s not right. However, to have money and to have some skills in business or advertising and promotion can take someone a long way if they are determined enough. The question is how long can they continue to push this? When they are slowly losing their credibility, the respected image that they never had, that was so needed is starting to take a different shape now. One thing you need to note no matter who you are, or what your intentions are. Is that when coming into someone else’s territory, in this case, our sport, you need to know exactly who you are talking to, or in some cases threatening. Someone can win over all of the impressionable younger kids they want. By doing what they wish with their time and money. They can even win them over with their plans and dreams for the future, and how they will “push the sport”, but the day someone starts threatening to take legal action on someone who was stating their opinion, and not only someone but a highly respected someone in this sport, and also a good friend of mine. Is the day you’ll find me writing pieces like this.

Some people may have money, they may be smart, and they might even have a small group of people that have bought into the fact that they are, “What this sport has been, needing and waiting for”, but know this. These type of people, the ones that think they can come into something they have no place in, and try and single handedly do something “amazing”. Will never have the respect from the people they need for it to succeed. You see, one thing I think this person might have forgot somewhere along his way. Was that respect, in this sport buddy…is Earned. Not Bought.

-Written by Steven Tongson

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nukk Summer Videos

This one is Jessee Ikedah's, even without the music its definitely my favorite. Kid's a straight up boss. You can check the rest of them (which are pretty much all amazing) in the related videos after watching Jessee's.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday School

[Editor’s note:  in this feature, we will talk about OG riders and videos, spotlighting one specific rider or video each Sunday.  These are riders most kids today probably haven’t heard of, and we want to educate them on the roots of our sport.]

Today, when you think of BMX style, you think of riders like Stan Smirnoff, blasting stylish airs reminiscent of one Mike Aitken, or Ryan Williams, doing 360’s over spines so tweaked it makes Mark Webb jealous.  It wasn’t always like that.  One of the first riders to bring a real BMX style was Matt Andrus.   Matt, who actually did ride BMX prior to, and during his scooter riding days, had a variety of BMX-style combos, such as lip tricks, “style” tricks, and of course his progressive barspin combos. 

Coming out of Whitewater, Wisconsin, Matt was the only scooter rider in his area.  So by riding with his brother Jon, and friends who rode BMX, he naturally picked up things they were doing.  Matt happened to be a fairly talented BMX rider himself, however, riding scooters was where he really shined.  In 2003 he started dropping videos…that happened to be pretty tech, and original, for its time.  2005 was a big year for Matt.  For starters, he and Jon helped design the Whitewater Skatepark, which ended up being pretty much perfect for scooter riding.  So, with riding basically a real “scooter park”, and the indoor parks in Madison and Milwaukee, Matt kept progressing.  His riding became more tech, and creative.  Then, he dropped his famous sponsor video, which is still a classic today.  Later that year he filmed his Winter 2005 video, which happens to be one of the most epic videos I’ve ever seen.  The banger is, in my mind, one of the best tricks ever to be pulled on a kick scooter.  Matt’s originality paid off in 2006, when he became sponsored on the Micro Pro Team.  Throughout 2006 and 2007, Matt continued to be one of the most unique riders by doing insane fullwhip combos, adding whips, barspins, and even fingerwhips into them, as well as some never before seen grabs.  Unfortunately, not much of Matt has been heard of since mid-2007, until just a few days ago.  Apparently he actually got married yesterday (Saturday the 8th)!  Congrats to him.  As for whether he still gets on the scooter, I’m not sure, but I know we would all love to see that.

Some of Matt’s earliest clips, from 2003…

…And his 2005 Sponsor video.

Matt’s riding has had a huge impact on the sport.  Anarky 2, one of the best full-length videos released, featured riders influenced by Matt.  In fact, at the end of one of the rider sections in A2, Casey Murphy says to the camera “Total Matt Andrus styleee”.  This video is still loved by many today, and you can be sure that it has influenced riders everywhere throughout the years.  Although A2 was released in 2004, Matt Andrus has influenced many newer riders as well.  Daniel Warwick, one of the most tech riders of all time, arguably the best barspinner of all time, lists Matt as an influence for his barspin tricks.  Nate Grant says that “He was the dude that started me doing all the huge combos.”  He says of the sponsor video “I remember seeing that 3 bar bar over the spine, ‘well i should learn bar bar.’”  Today, Nate is not only a whip/bar combo master but also does the most random, creative tricks out there.  And I’d have to say Matt has influenced my own riding as well as tons of others out there today.

This video, released shortly after his Sponsor Video, features probably the best trick ever done over a spine.

So while BMX style in scooters has been present for a long time now, it clearly is ever changing and diverse.  Matt Andrus was one of the first riders to have a true BMX style, and did it his own way.  Matt is the kind of rider would would learn tricks because they aren't popular...and not do them when they are.  When you see riders like Stan Smirnoff, Ryan Williams, or others who make it look like they're riding a bike...think of Matt Andrus.  Because he was the one who paved the way for them, and so many more.

Grand Haven Session

Pretty sweet riding from Josh Young and the GH rats.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Newport Comp Results

Only got Pro Results right now, but here they are:

1st: Josh Kish
2nd: Joey Kish
3rd: Brandon (something)

Best trick was a decade late 180 by Tom Moore?

More official results should be out soon.

Steven Tongson leaves Inward Scooters

As of today, after 8 months of working with Inward Scooters, I have stepped down from my position as Team Manager. My reasons are my own, and I do not feel the need to explain them at the moment. I support Inward Scooters 110% and support the Inward Scooters Team 110%. Keep your eye on the company because they are going to be doing amazing things in future.

Thanks for all the support and thanks I got from everyone while I was working with Inward Scooters!

X-Games Discussion

With the 15th annual X-Games occurring this past weekend, the inevitable talk of getting scooters into them popped up once more throughout the community. Seeing comments like, "Let's send the X-Games executives emails to get us in!!!" and "Scooters in the X-Games would be sooooo COOOL!" from not only normal scooter kids but even industry types is common. While some kids would love to see freestyle scooter riding become an event at X, others could care less, and yet others would actually like to keep scooters out. My opinion dabbles in all 3 categories.

My main opinion is that I could care less. I love the sport the way it is now; as an underground thing. I love the fact that riding scooters is different. Most people are impressed by even the easiest things, I like that. If the sport gets big enough to be in the X-Games, then that would mean there would be thousands and thousands of more riders than there are today. And that would mean more awareness of the sport, which would take away the originality of riding a scooter, one of the things that appeals to me the most about the sport...but that wouldn't really matter to me. I love the sport enough to keep riding whether the scene is non-existant or ballooned to the level skateboarding is today. However, in order to reach the X-Games, the sport WOULD have to get close to that, which brings me to my next point.

The MegaRamp.

There are kids out there who think all it takes are some emails with some pictures and videos attached to convince those in power to make scooter riding an official event at X. These kids are sadly mistaken. It takes not only myriads of riders and companies, but also things like corporate backing. Once big name companies, companies like DC, Mtn Dew, and Levi's, for example, become involved in the sport, executives would see that there IS money to be made in scooters. Money is THE deciding factor in deciding what sports to put in, and what sports to keep out of X. They don't care whether someone can do a triple backflip to fakie, or air 20 feet out of a quarter on a scooter, because as long as that triple backflip isn't generating any money, they aren't even going to consider putting it in X. Something you have to realize is that the X-Games is no longer about pushing the trick level, and supporting action sports...its about getting more viewers, higher ratings, and more money. Why do you think sports like BMX dirt, flatland, and inline skating are no longer events at X? It's because it wasn't worth the money to put in. If you haven't noticed, every year it seems like the ramps get bigger, the tricks crazier, and the crashes gnarlier. People LOVE seeing athletes like Jake Brown fly across the Megaramp because they know that at any time, he could easily make a simple mistake and get seriously hurt, like what happened in 07. And as nobody has ever actually ridden the Mega (although I know Ricky Wernicke rode the quarter), and there is only a handful of riders who can ride real box jumps, and flow around a park like the Superpark they've been setting up the past couple years at X, I doubt any X exec's will be taking notice. I think within time, as the sport grows, and more people become aware that scooters can be used for more than just a kids' toy, freestyle scooter riding CAN be in the X-Games. But I don't think that that will happen for 5-10 years, maybe even more.

On the other hand, I could be completely wrong about this. After all, there WAS a scooter minipipe event at the 2007 Planet X Games in Melbourne, Australia. The first scooter competition tour, the Fuzion Raise The Gnar Tour, has already made one stop, and is going to make its second soon. The implementation of the American Freestyle Scooter Association (AFSA) is something that will standardize competitions and legitimize the whole sport itself. Nextsport, the company behind the RTG tour, has even said that, "The Dew Tour is NOT opposed to allowing co-sponsoring/events from a scooter company." So perhaps we might be closer than I think.

Scooters at the Planet X Games

The best thing we can do if we want scooters in the X-Games is to continue to support the parts industry, attend comps and jams, and simply just keep riding hard. If the sport continues to grow as fast as it has these past few years, I'm sure its only a matter of time before we reach the big venues like the X-Games and Dew Tour. But until the sport has grown to be as big as current X-Games events, and until there's some major money flowing around the industry, we will only have Dreams of X.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Then and Now" with Justin Robertson

A lot of you know him now as one of the up and coming best all around riders in the sport. Justin Robertson has proved time and time again that he is going to keep progressing at an amazing rate. Whether that be in the parks or the streets. He is the first rider of the new pieces I will be starting which are going to be called "Then and Now" I am going to give you guys a look at some amazing riders and how they were when they started out riding..and how they are today. Starting with one of my personal new favorite riders, Justin Robertson. Justin is 16 years old from Tillsonburg, Canada, and believe it or not hasn't even been riding for 4 years. I was able to catch up with Justin and get his opinions on the video you'll see below, which is the oldest mini video of Justin..filmed about 3 years ago.. Here is Justin Robertson, Then.


Steven: How long had you been riding for, when you made this video?

Justin: Well i started riding right near the end of school that year like late june early july, and i finished that vid late october so about 3 months

Steven: Now at that time, what did scootering really mean to you, what did you see it as?

Justin: Well i didnt really know about sr or the whole scooter scene or anything at that time and i never had a good skateboard or bmx so i just scootered instead, it was pretty much a way to keep in touch with all my friends cause they skated at the time and i was the only one that scootered, i also loved the thrill of it and how it was so unique and different from all my friends

Steven: Nice dude, So at this time, how dedicated were you? How did you push yourself to learn new tricks?

Justin: I scootered every single day for hours each day all through summer and after school started, i'd always just do like tailwhips my super long 1 footed manuals and everyone would be like "OMG your crazy good", i never really thought it was good since thats just basic stuff so it pushed me pretty hard to learn new stuff cause i wanted to see peoples reactions after i learned harder and more difficult tricks,, that was kinda hard though cause i didnt have a skatepark, i rode flat and street sets mostly

Steven: So if you can please watch the video, can you tell me your favorite clip in it? And what time in the video that clip is?

Justin: Without a doubt at 1:14 when i tailwhip the 7 set without any catch,, i remember being sooooo happy after that cause that was pretty big for me at the time, i was scared to just hop that thing and after i whipped it whether i caught it or not i was pretty proud of myself for landing it

Steven: For sure dude. Ok, now if you can change anything about this video, what would it be?

Justin: well theres a pic at the end of it with me just looking like a retard haha if that could disapear it'd be cool, other then that i wouldnt really change anything,, if i had to pic something i guess it'd be that when i hop off those high drops i actually woulda hoped instead of pretty much rolling off them

So there you have it a young, new to scootering Justin Robertson. Now lets fastforward to the Justin Robertson we know today. This is Justin Robertson, Now.


Steven: Your latest video, has become an instant classic, were you expecting the reaction it's gotten from the community?

Justin: not at all, i was expecting a few good comments and then a bunch of critique of how it could have been better, but honestly i didnt expect that kind of reaction it all, reading all those comments shocked me haha it made me pretty happy though.

Steven: What changed for you from your "Then" video, to this video? Did you see the sport differently?

Justin: not a whole lot really, i still ride to be with friends and stuff, i do see the sport differently though, back then i didnt even think other people rode scooters and when i did find out about sr the only aftermarket parts were like sr forks, micro metal cores and like barley anything,... now i know theres a whole world out there of riders just like me and the amount of aftermarket parts/companies that have started since back then is crazyyy, the sports definitly grown a lot in just those few years and its good to know that its been growing and people are respecting it more

Steven: Yea def. You take a LOT of really gnarly slams, when you were trying those 360 whips down that 11...and kept slamming, what was going through your head?

Justin: everytime i fell i was pretty much yelling inside my head just land the damn trick already so its done with cause i knew i wouldnt stop trying untill it was landed, thats just the way i am.. also i wanted to do that trick since last october down that 11 and i never really got the chance till that day to do it, so i knew if i gave up it would just bug me constantly that i couldnt land it when i finally got a chance to throw it down

Steven: So once again, Favorite clip in that video? and time it takes place?

Justin: without a doubt its at 1:43, the 360 whip down the 11, that was my dream goal for over a year now and now that i finally did it, it makes me feel proud that i never gave up on it or chickened out from doing it

Steven: Last question, what can we expect from Justin Robertson in the future?

Justin: more vids forsure, maybe not as many since i do tend to make one like every month or so haha but hopefully bigger and more original tricks that people havent seen before,, there will forsure be atleast one more vid of me this year which im saving clips for untill it snows so you can look forward to that.

That concludes our first "Then and Now". Be sure to check Inside Scooters Blog for more "Then and Now's" and other new content. Thanks to Justin for taking the time to do the interview.

-Steven Tongson

Newport DE Comp

Entry fee: 15 because it's 10 to get in, 5 to enter.
Best Trick: 5 dollars to enter, half of the best trick money will be given to the winner in addition to a french id fork or some other prize.

C4 Scooters has donated a box of prizes including shirts, eagle wheels, bars, and even a French ID fork. These prizes will be given away to the winners.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sky High Team Update

First off, Sean Cardwell has been added to the team. Sean's sponsor video somehow slipped by Tommy, but he managed to hook him up in the end. To the left is Sean toothpicking on a quarterpipe.

Also, Bobby Gurba has been named Team Manager. Tommy is kept super busy simply running the Sky High business, and would rather have someone else helping him with the team. I can imagine why, it must be stressful running one of the most legit scooter companies out there, at the age of 16! Props to Tommy for doing that, I know he'll continue to keep up the good work.

Ramp Rats Upcoming Competition Article

On August 22nd, the Fuzion, Raise the Gnar Tour makes it's second stop. The first stop was on the East Coast in New York, at the Xtreme Wheels Skatepark. However, they are now going all the way across the United States to the West Coast, in Petaluma, California to the Ramp Rats Skatepark. So let's find out about the owner of Ramp Rats shall we?

Ramp Rats was opened by a Bmx'er by the name of Mike Krnaich. Mike lives in Petaluma, and is a Pro Bmx rider, a Wakeboarder, and a Bass Fisherman. Mike first started to notice the sport of scootering when he saw some local kids riding at his skatepark. After watching them for a while and seeing their dedication and skill, they earned his respect. It was around that time that he started thinking about holding scooter jams or competitions. To the left is a picture of Mike riding at RampRats.

They had a small jam earlier this spring. Which is most likely going to be outdone by their upcoming competition. A lot of riders are planning to show up and represent the Nor Cal scooter scene come the 22nd. The Nor Cal scene is extremely lucky to have someone like Mike here. The fact that he opens his park doors to us, and to anyone who is respectful and dedicated says a lot about who he is. Mike's most memorable moment so far involving scooters, was when he saw a 12 year old kid, do a backflip over their box jump. If you asked him who is favorite riders are, his answer is simple. He respects anyone who is out there having fun doing what they love.

For the future of Mike's involvement in the sport of scootering, he will continue to do his best to help push the growth of the sport. By putting on more jams, and he really hopes that this Fuzion tour, becomes an annual thing. Future plans for the Ramp Rats skatepark include a complete remodel in the winter. Which will include a bowl, and a step up. I think all of us need to be thankful that we have Mike backing our sport, and supporting us the way he is, has been, and will continue to do in the future. So from Inside Scooters, Thanks Mike, and to everyone at the Ramp Rats competition on the 22nd, Good luck from Inside Scooters!

A few of the riders scheduled to be there are:

The RAD Crew
Jake "Spicy McHaggis" Pellegrini
Rayan Simian
Gino Troian
Jay Magee
Eaglesport US Team Rider Jason Beggs

-Written by Steven Tongson

Flair to Manual?!?!

lolwut. Crazy.

Dan Holm Micro XT

Beast. I want to see him ride the vert ramp again though...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inside Scooters TSI One Piece Deck Review

Recently I was sent a TSI 4.5 Deck, to ride and review. There has been a LOT of hype about these decks. Considering they are one of the first one piece decks to be released to the public for sale. It was easy to see why. I did not however receive this deck directly from TSI. It was sent to me from Inward Scooters, who installed deck pins in the deck for me to also review. So this review will be on the TSI 4.5 size One Piece Deck + Deck Pins.

The first thing I noticed when I got my TSI was that there were no instructions of any kind on how to put the deck together. Now for myself, that wasn't really a problem, since I am pretty good at assembling things like that. However, for younger riders, or less experienced riders, I think some instructions would help. A simple printed out piece of paper with step by step instructions should do the trick. Putting the TSI together was a fairly easy task, if you got a basic set of tools you should be fine, some allen keys will be the main tool you will use to install the deck plate onto the frame. The back axel that comes with the TSI has been difficult for other riders to install, because of the lack of space to tighten the nut onto the bolt that comes with the TSI. This can be solved by using a back wheel axel from a Pro Model, or B Model, and using some spacers. I found it a lot easier to use this, instead of the bolt and nut provided with the TSI. When you buy a TSI One Piece Deck from Inward, they include the Pro Model Back Axel, for the easy installation. Once you have your deck put together, get your forks, bars, and wheels on, and you're ready to go ride.

So I went outfront to ride the beast...I soon noticed I wasn't just going to be riding it... I had to tame this beast of a scooter! Tame what you ask? The headtube angle. This is the TSI Headtube angle compared to a Pro model angle

This might be an issue for most riders that are used to an angle that isn't as steep or high. Having rode scooters for over 8 years, the basics when I go out and ride consist of things like; tailwhips, double tailwhips, tripple tailwhips, and fingerwhips are all tricks that come pretty easy on flat with my old pro model. This was not the case on my TSI. Even tailwhips took a couple tries before I figured out how to deal with the headtube angle. Shortly after that I had doubles back but without the catch I'm used to with my double tailwhips on my old Pro. Overall, I think whipping the scooter at all will take some time for any rider to get used to, that is, if they are coming from a stock angle Pro Model/Other Scooter. Second day riding the TSI 4.5, I had no problems catching double whips on flat or anything, everything starts to just feel natural again. So for all future buyers of the TSI deck, if you get discouraged early on riding your TSI because of the headtube angle, just keep riding it, it will soon start to feel natural. Also I noticed almost no change in weight coming from a Pro Model with a Dominator Deck Saver, so I wouldn't worry about the weight of the TSI deck at all. It is a much more solid ride, and with the strength of the deck, you just feel really comfortable on it. For a rider of my size, being 6'4 the 4.5 deck was amazing. That small bit of extra foot room, goes a long way.

Now on to the deckpins that were installed on my deck. I first saw deck pins on fellow rider Alex Steadman's Pro Model a few years back.

Alex Steadman's old scooter that you can see the deck pins installed in.

I was always interested in them, because I heard they added a LOT of grip to your deck. So when Inward Scooters asked me to review the deck pins installed on a TSI for him, because he had been getting requests for them, I agreed to do so. My first impression of them, was that they really do add a lot of grip. However, I think for some riders it might just be too much grippiness. For riders that tend to shift their feet before tricks like a lot of riders do. You might not like these deck pins on your scooter. Because they make shifting your feet pretty difficult, due to the fact that they add THAT much grip. Most riders shift their feet, even if it is slightly, before doing whip tricks. So if you are a rider who does a lot of whips, scooter flips, or bri flips..deck pins might not be for you. Although, I think a lot of park riders would possibly really like these. Riders like Dan Holm or Stan Smirnoff, who are some of the best big box, and tranny riders might find these useful. The grippiness that they add make you feel a bit more comfortable if you are just flowing a park or riding with a lot of speed because you get a feel that your feet won't be slipping off at all.

Overall, I am really happy with the TSI 4.5. I don't see myself going to back to Pro Models anytime soon. With this deck, TSI might have very well opened the new big door to aftermarket scooter parts. It has been known for awhile that a few other companies are planning and already designing their own one piece decks. I'd like to wish them all good luck...because the quality, design, and company behind the TSI One Piece Deck, has set the bar pretty high.

-Steven Tongson

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New 110 Eagles and A Look Inside Making Eagle Wheels

Fresh out of the oven. I'm liking the black on black, and the purple and yellow. Actually I like them all haha.

Marcel also took some pictures of the process of making wheels, its pretty interesting to see what all goes into it. It shows how every wheel is handmade to perfection. Check it out here on the C4 forum.

Brendon Smith

Every time he puts out a video I wonder how he can ride wearing that jacket, especially in Australia.

MACBA on a scooter

Micro Xtreme - Javi Trepat & Marc Pauls from milton termi on Vimeo.

As you may have heard, the famous MACBA 4 block in Spain was recently demolished. At the end of this video is a scooter rider doing a trick over it, the only footage to my knowledge of someone doing it on a scooter. RIP.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Razor Ultra Pro Model Pictures

Some pictures of the deck...they're saying everything about it is thicker than normal pros. They're up for pre-order now on titetoyz for 90 bucks, they should start shipping in September. Doesn't look too bad, I'm gonna reserve final judgement until I've ridden one.

Grand Theft Scooter

Boy allegedly tries scooter holdup with toy gun

Shared via AddThis

Hahaha wow, watch out ohio kids!

New Layout, Logo

As you can see if you are reading this, Inside-Scooters has recently undergone a change of layout. A sweet new logo was also made for us. Both layout and logo were made by our favorite scooter chick, Margaret! Thanks a lot :)

Also, I hope you guys like the might be seeing it somewhere else...cough*t-shirts*cough...ahem.

James Bull

This was uploaded back in June, yet somehow I missed it...dunno how I did, with a banger like that.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sky High Official Team!

Sky High Scooters owner Tommy Daddano has picked the final roster for the Sky-High team, which is as follows:

-Jesse Macaluso
-Jordan Jasa
-Tom Kvilhaug
-Jon Meadows
-Dalton Mazzante
-Jake Carney

Tommy says this of his new team: "I'm excited to have sponsored such a great array of riders. I hope to influence many more people to ride even harder and progress our sport."

I'm sure everyone on the team is excited to be on, I know I am. More info here.

Sky-High News

News from Sky-High Scooters...
  • TSI decks Are now available in 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0.

  • Video Submissions regarding sponsorships are no longer being accepted, team riders will be announced shortly.

  • Another shipment of 100mm Eaglesport Snowballs will be arriving this week.

  • Blade brakes will be available late August.

  • Yak 100mm, Yak 110mm, and Yak Scat Metalcores all now all back in stock.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adam Rouse

Mini 3. Pretty sick Aussie rider, loving all his manual stuff.

DSA Fork Contest Winner Selected

The winner of the first giveaway on the Inside Scooters Blog is Dalton Kennon! Dalton will be receiving a Dominator HD fork very soon. Congrats Dalton! Here are some pictures that Dalton sent me in his email.

Perth Amboy Results

Amature Results:
1st: Joey Kish
2nd: Zig Short
3rd: Kyle Tolentino

1st: Josh Kish
2nd: Greg Cohen
3rd: Robert Regad

Inward Scooters is proud to have done so well, with Zig Short being 2nd in am and Josh Kish placing first in pro!

Eaglesport was also represented well with American Team Rider "Hep" Greg coming in 2nd in pro!

Congrats to all who entered, sounds like it was a fun time!

Bryant Walker throwaway


Bryant continues to innovate, combining old school with the new school in the last clip.