Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Dissidence is one of the longest running shops/distros, and has been, at least in my eyes, the epicenter of scootering in France, one of the strongest scooter scenes in the world.  So you can imagine they've had some incredible riders pass through their doors over the years.  This warehouse video features some old and some new team riders- older guys like Lucas Wisdorff, and young bloods like Matis Deleplanque and Didine Terchague. Congrats to Dissidence on seven years, here's to many more!

Monday, December 28, 2015

19th & Little Raven

A couple months ago, Dylan Kasson visited Denver and filmed this mini doc about Tom Kvilhaug and Issac Miller for Tilt.  The video gives insight into the lifestyles and motivations behind two of the best scooter riders as they hang out at some skateparks, ride some spots, and just chill. Dylan did an amazing job with the video- production was top notch for anything scooter related, and you just don't see this kind of lifestyle/documentary style content in scootering, so it's really awesome to see this.  Don't miss this.

ADVCT Team Montage

ADVCT's team is heavyyy.  Tyler Bradley, Zack Martin, James Gee, Blake Bailor, Evan Yamada, Cameron Poe, Ian Herncjar, and Andrew Zamora, all these dudes can throw down.  Got to hand it to Tbrad again, one upping his ender from his most recent part for Phoenix.  Can't believe this a world where 50ing through double kinks is possible.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Elliot Arnold has to be one of the most productive riders, easily.  I can't imagine him going on a trip and leaving with less than a few clips.  The dude can slay anything put in front of him.  His specialty of course is rails.  That double kink front board has to be the longest double kink ever front boarded...then he goes and does another trick on it.  So gnarly.

Root Ind. Presents: Nathan Flemongo l Shailer Sessions

Nathan Flemongo is damn good at riding a scooter.  He's able to blast those airs and then also do what seems to be a nosesgrind. Watch as he rips up a local park with steeze.

Jesse Walsh | AO ''Winter Splinter''

Jesse has been steady stacking on the East Coast and released his newest video for AO recently.  He's got a rad style and can throw down some heavy tricks.  Lip lip lip whip, 180 over that chain to gap, and feeble downside fullwhip were dope.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jack McCann | QLD

Jack McCann was recently in Queensland for Flavor, and within a week was able to film this video, with a broken finger.  Jack is one of the most talented scooter riders out there, no doubt.  He seems to be able to do anything he wants, especially if it involves a rotorwhip.  That 3 heel flat and the 180 heel on the bank were so good too, love the back foot catch.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Matt McKeen | Hold Fast

In the game for 15 years and still killing it.  When you see Matt ride you can just tell, the dude belongs on a scooter.  Nobody does it quite like him and that's why he is the best, and will be for probably as long as he wants.

Forefront Supply Presents: Park Dogs

Forefront has been filming here and there for a little montage over the past year, and they finally released it this weekend.  Featured are the Forefront guys (Tommy D, Spencer Steed, and myself) as well as a bunch of homies who rolled through for a sesh- Kaaden Bewley, Shorty, Dan Barrett, Chris Aponte, and more.  Good times and good vibes all throughout this one.  Props to Tommy on the edit.

Jack Dauth | Lifeboat Scooters

Jack Dauth has been on fire lately.  An insane part for Friendly, bangin instaclips, and now this video welcoming him to Lifeboat Scooters.  There are so many clips worth mentioning but I gotta say that 270 crook downside whip was one of my favorites.  It's also worth noting that the way this video was filmed is such a contrast to his Friendly part, or even other big videos coming out of Aus.  Stuck out to me for some reason.  Watch and enjoy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The Forest Boys continue the fun with this video filmed over a weekend at a couple parks.  That rail at the beginning must be cursed, everyone was taken out by it haha.  Badger's double peg to sugarcane Caitlyn Jenner out was one of the few sex change combos to get me psyched recently.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Forest X $crilla

The Forest Boys (@theforestboys) came out with a new montage killing it at their local and a little indoor DIY.  AO boys Lew Hobbs and Ryan Ruegg are featured, and the rest of the Forest Boys, including Sean Sandy, Stevie Urbanski, Kolby Brown, Mike Pastore, Matt Pittman, and Nick Garcia.  Its sick to see this whole crew of dudes shredding it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nitro Circus World Games Announced; Scooter Best Tricks Included

In a press release posted on Nitro Circus' website yesterday, a new action sports competition was announced.  The Nitro World Games will be held in Salt Lake City, UT on July 16, 2016.  Travis Pastrana said, "Action sports is about progression, pushing the envelope to go bigger, faster and farther than ever before," adding that "With the Nitro World Games, we wanted to create an event that raised the bar and took action sports to the next level.”

The event roster lists Scooter Best Tricks alongside categories like FMX Biggest Trick, BMX Triple Jump, and Skate Best Trick.  Anybody is eligible to compete- qualifying events will be held at Woodward West as well as Pastrana's own "Pastranaland" compound.  The event will be televised live in a three hour special on NBC during primetime as well as streamed online.

What does this mean for scootering?  Good, bad, neither? Ryan Williams has been a mainstay in the Nitro Circus Live show for a few years now, with a few other riders performing over the years, providing a ton of exposure to the sport.  Many scooter riders have made it their goal to make it into the X-Games, and this is definitely a big step forward for them.  I think it will be very interesting to see how they depict scootering, from the judging to announcing to how much airtime they get.  We'll see in seven months.

The Plainview

What happens when a couple riders go in on making an Iphone edit?  This. Armed with an Iphone 6, Death Lens, and Hotshot Handle, Mike Dejong and Andy Koke took to a middle of nowhere, Texas, skatepark to get some shredding in and film some clips.  Mike edited the clips together and it turned out pretty rad.  Loving the overcrook clips from Andy.

Friday, December 4, 2015

[Flowing Cheeky] ft. Ryan Upchurch and Lewis Williams

Free agent Ryan Upchurch recently took a trip to the UK for Scoot Fest and to shred with his good homie Lewis Williams.  Of course they were gonna film a video, and so this what they produced.  Lewis is one of my favorite riders to watch shred the transitions, dude has one of the best styles and always pulls out some unexpected bangers.  And Ryan is on another level with his coping combos, and always so clean with them.


How do you refer to the act of riding a scooter?  Scootering?  Skating?  Just riding?  Recently, the term SMX has began to catch on.  I’ve heard it a couple times over the years, but now the Funk brothers are championing it as the proper name, believing that the word “scootering” sounds bad and that a term similar to BMX will bring more legitimacy to the sport, helping it reach coveted platforms such as the X-Games.  I can definitely see what they mean- the word “scootering” has such a negative stigma attached to it due to years of children riding scooters in skateparks and basically giving everybody every reason to hate scooters and scooter riders.  And can you imagine the dudes announcing at the X-Games calling it “Scoot Big Air?” “Scootering Big Air?” Nah, “SMX Big Air” sounds way better for sure...At the same time, though, I could see BMX thinking us calling our sport “SMX” as copying them, which yeah, would be dumb.  Obviously BMX came from MX, originally from racing.

I’ve said it before, but I couldn’t care less about scootering being the the X-Games.  That’s a discussion that’s been done again and again so I won’t get into the reasons why.  But for the dudes that do want it in, who would benefit from it...I’m all for it.  If calling scootering SMX helps get scootering into the X-Games, in turn benefitting dudes like Capron and Corey, then cool.  There’s nothing that would be cooler than more scooter riders being able to make a living, or getting more out of what they love.

Agree?  Disagree?  Sound off in the comments.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


The latest release from Friendly is a full 10 minute montage featuring footage from Sean Furze and Darcy Altavilla's PAL format cameras before they switched to NTSC.  The video starts with a 3 and a half minute riding montage then transitions into random shenanigans and fun times.  It's always so fun to see what else goes on at spots besides scootering, because anything can happen out there. Riders featured include Jack Dauth, Reece Jones, Royce King, Jon Archer, and more.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NYC x Boys


Will Rosati and Noah Risser linked up in New York with Badgerclit, Mario Bowers, Erik Deptula, and Kong to film this video in just one weekend.  Great lines, great rail tricks, and that ender was nuts.  This one had a dope vibe for sure.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Alchemyst makes some of the most well-made videos in the industry and this is a teaser for their latest project.  This night-themed video is set to drop early next year.  Definitely can't wait!

VEX in Oregon

The shoe brand Vex recently sent out their US riders Matt McKeen and Issac Miller to get their shred on on the concrete playgrounds and asphalt obstacles of Oregon.  With the focus on these two, you can imagine what gnarly tricks went down.  Issac's back lip around the bowl was so gnar, and the line with McKeen doing a feeble down the crustiest lil hubba rad.  Don't miss his switch front board whip on the red rail either.  One of the heaviest rails ever hit caps the video with a bang.  Check it out now.