Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scooter Resource Forums New Look

Hey guys, recently the Scooter Resource got a make over. The forums were down for about two days, but are now back up. As you can see some things are missing. (Aussie Land, etc etc) However, I heard that they are still fixing a few things here or there, So there is a good chance that those things that you're missing will be back in the near future. Check out the new forums here


Happy Halloween from Inside-Scooters

Happy Halloween from the Inside-Scooters staff. Hope everyone has fun and stays safe.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hitch Hiker?

BMX flatland trick, on a scooter. Crazy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inside-Scooters on your iPhone!

Haha Terry Price recently left this comment in a post.

"Yep, there's a good reason why IS is on my iPhone.. because it's the BEST. Saves me sifting through all the noobs on SR trying to find anything interesting and i love all the rider interviews and product reviews, keep up the great work"

and also left a picture of his iPhone with Inside-Scooters on the front.

Here are instructions from Terry on how to get Inside-Scooters onto your iPhones.

"guys if you want IS on your iPhone follow these steps..

>> open safari
>> go to inside-scooters
>> zoom in on the IS logo at the top of the page
>> press the '+' button on your iPhone
>> then click 'add to home screen'

it may take you a few attempts at zooming on the IS logo to get a good homescreen icon, but it doesn't take long! & looks great!


Big thanks to Terry Price for the support and the instructions, and to everyone else who supports IS...or even has Inside-Scooters on THEIR iPhones!!

Stuff to look forward to on Inside-Scooters

Here is a quick rundown of some stuff you guys can look forward to in the near future on Inside-Scooters Blog.


We still got more Proto Team riders to do! So heres a list of whos left.

Jon Reyes
Dan Barret
and Chema Cardenas

Also expect other various pieces such as

Ipod Checks
Who, What, Where, and Whys
and some full scootering DVD reviews.

Product Reviews

Of course we got a load of new products coming. You guys can expect in depth written and video reviews of all of the following.

-Razor Ultra Pro
-Lucky Scooter Pro Deck
-Lucky Scooter 3 Piece Tres Bars
-Lucky Scooter Forks
-Dominator Scooter Accessories Ultra Pro deck reinforcements
-Madd Gear Pro Complete Scooter
-Madd Gear Pro NITRO Scooter
-Phoenix One Piece Deck

And a lot more. So be sure to keep checking Inside-Scooters Blog for the latest interviews, product reviews, updates, and breaking news in the sport.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Tilt Pegs Available!

A small quantity of Tilt pegs are now available. You can order and find out more by checking the Tilt website. Tilt seems to be a pretty legit company run by a legit guy. I know hes got some things in store for the future, I can't wait to see what he brings.

Also check out this edit of Josh Young, riding the pegs...

Thank You to all of our readers!

We put up our Sitemeter about 4 months ago. Since then we have steadily been growing with more and more readers every week. Well, in the 4 months that we've had our sitemeter up, we reached over One hundred thousand hits to Inside-Scooters Blog. So on behalf of The IS Staff...I just want to say thanks to everyone who reads IS, and checks it regularly. We appreciate it and we will continue to provide the best articles, reviews, interviews, and news to all of you..for a long long time. Thanks again guys!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ultra Pro Review

Some boring riding clips thrown in there. Enjoy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Josh Young Ipod Check

Josh Young...what can I say about this guy? He watches way too many BMX and skate videos, and pretends to be a total druggie when he hasn't ever smoked anything in his life. And he thinks he can beat a black man in a biggest lips contest (see above picture). Josh is pretty much one of the coolest kids I know in this's a bit of what he listens to on his iPod. (PS- he turns 18 in a few days, happy early birthday dude.)

1. Better Off Dead By La Peste
This is just a sick song with some kinda crazy lyrics if you listen to them or look them up. haha Plus it doesnt hurt that its the song in th nuge's part in cataclysmic abyss
2. All Eyez on Me By Tupac
Im a biggie fan and one day I though I would give tupac a chance and I found 2 or 3 good songs and this is one of them. Im prob gonna use it in a bmx edit in the future.
3. Blowing Up Fast By Lil Wayne
NOW before you go oh.... lil wayne. THIS is prob one of his best songs. Its good becuase all the fags at your school dont listen to this one. I dont really like lil wayne but hes just so smooth in this one and the beat is sick and its jeff/furby/pat's song in Baker Has A DEATH WISH
4. Rock and Roll Sucide By David Bowie
God this is a good song. Real slow and just makes ya wanna sing it. haha david bowie is the man. i like alot of his stuff becuase its all kind of different i guess to me
5. Young Folks By Peter Bjorn and John
My friend zach loved this song. it was on his myspace for about a year and a half. plus we listened to it in his car alot. so i kinda got hooked on it. haha the whistling in it sounds cool
6. Skeletons Tonight By Thunderlip
I dont listen to rock that much but this band is the best for me. If you've seen rock and roll tour 2 you know what I mean. There just powerful and the dual solo's on the guitars are soooo sick they play!!
7.Sound of Madness By Shinedown
Im not to proud of this one being on there becuase i saw a music video of it on TV and its a radio band. and i dont like that. but yes i do listen to it. i really dont know why... haha
8. A corpse without a soul by Mercyful Fate
Damn this is a good song. the screams and the speed of it just makes me wanna jump off a building or something like that. haha it works so perfectly with the into of cataclysmic abyss also (a foundation skateboard video for you that dont know)
9. Gangster Music By Young jeezy
ahhhh his older stuff. gotta love it. i ride to this one sometimes. we dont drink pepsi we just sell coke. haha love that line
10. Geraldine By Glasvegas
Found this one watchin dak's part in brighton aint ready. really good idk how to explain why i like it. haha i just do

Eagle Sport Website Update

Recently the Eagle Sport Website got a nice update. There is now a full scooter section on the website that you can all check out by going to Products, or by simply clicking the Scooters button. You can get some basic information about Eagle wheels and also about the OEM Production Eagle can do.

Also if you guys were ever wondering just how many riders actually rode for Eagle, you can now click the "Sponsoring" section of the site, and go down and see a detailed list of all Eagle riders. The section is still in progress right now and is being updated everyday. Check out the Eagle Sport website by clicking the Eagle Logo located in our Ads to the right.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

News From Inward

Today, Inward has introduced several new items for sale at

After thorough testing by the Inward team, the new lightweight Zero offset fork, called the Hybrid-Zero is now for sale. It comes threaded (.120 steerer wall) and threadless (.083 steerer wall), and is available in 7 colors as well as raw aluminum.

The offset version, called the Hybrid-10 is currently being tested by the Inward team and is expected to be for sale the first half of November.

Inward also added the popular Madd brake to its collection. The brake is available stock, modified to fit the Razor Pro- and Ultra Pro models, and cut short for a better look. It is available in 7 colors of durable powdercoat.

Last but not least, Quebec Scooters pegs are now available in the Inward store.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Some would say he is the definition of “chill”, and he is without a doubt one of the smoothest riders to touch a scooter. Looking at Alex Steadman you might think he was born and raised in the state of Arizona or even California, but he was actually born in Rochester, New York. Now at 20 years old he currently lives in Mesa, Arizona. Alex started riding scooters back in 2000 when he got an Old A Razor for 100 bucks. He started off much like a lot of riders, just cruising down streets and hopping up and down curbs. Eventually though, he started trying more tricks, starting out with basic tricks like no footers and no footer one handers and eventually tailwhips. He also admits to doing one footed manuals almost that whole summer. That is most likely where his balance and control he is known for today first started out. When he started out riding, Alex didn’t know about that many other riders. He only really knew of the guys on the Razor Evolution VHS Tape. So he didn’t really have a rider to try and imitate or emulate, but he does say that starting out he looked up to Jarret Reid.

Now days, Alex is known for his style and originality when he rides. It’s almost poetry in motion when Alex gets on his scooter. He spends a lot of his time doing the tricks that he enjoys doing, not the “popular” “trendy” whip and flip tricks in the sport. Tricks that Alex does on a daily basis are things like turndowns, tabletops, manuals, fakies, and sliders. He also loves doing wallrides, but admits that they aren’t exactly easy to do everywhere. Grinds are also something Alex was never really the best at, but he can now do them pretty well. He spends most of his time riding at his local skate park which is the Reed Skate Park in AZ. Also spending a lot of time at his friend Reid’s front yard, where they usually have a nice janky set up to sesh. Overall, Alex loves street. He likes the difficulty of riding a new street spot, and having to get creative, as opposed to a perfectly built skatepark. Riders like Alex Steadman give new meaning to the term progression. He isn’t out forcing himself to learn new tricks every time he rides. Instead he is taking the tricks he already knows, and taking them to new levels and new obstacles. His trick list may not be the biggest in the sport, but with Alex, and his trick list, it is clearly quality over quantity.

After staying at Andrew Broussard’s house a few times, Alex was eventually approached and asked if he would like to join what was then called, The SR Team. Alex was stoked at the opportunity, and gladly accepted. Together with the rest of the Proto Team, Alex made them one of the most complete Teams in the sport. Having riders that can literally, do it all. Alex also loves being on the Proto Team for the whole laid back vibe the Team has, and with his chill lifestyle it must have been easy to fit right in. Now besides his Proto Teammates, some riders that Alex loves to ride with as much as possible are some of the local Az riders. Taylor, Lil Jon, Reid, and Kai are some of the many locals that Alex really likes to ride with. Alex is always thinking up trick lines for himself, and also for other riders, and Lil Jon is one rider who has no problem getting crazy lines down with huge tricks. Taylor and Reid, although not as crazy as Lil Jon, are really close friends of Alex, so naturally he loves to sesh with them. Kai is actually an inline skater, but he is also a close friend, so riding with him is still a good time. Some of the other people Alex likes to ride with that are all really good riders, but don’t get overstressed about constantly learning new tricks are, local Arizona riders, Sean, Casey, and Garret.

Future plans for Alex include going to the upcoming SD4 Competition, hopefully the next Hyphy Jam in San Francisco, and he would also love to attend the Montreux contest in Europe. In a sport that’s lacking individuality, and a sport filled riders who just follow each other like a flock of sheep, in terms of tricks and style, Alex sticks out like a sore thumb. He does things that you would have never thought of before, because you would be too focused on if you can add another whip or barspin to your next trick. He’s an individual not just in his riding, but in his personality, and who he is as a person. So while some riders spend their time trying to progress the sport by throwing more whips or more spins into their tricks. Alex is going to keep doing what he does, unique and original riding, tons of manuals, and of course lots of riding fakie. So I guess with progression, when it comes to Alex, he can be going backwards, and still keep moving forward.

Intro by Steven Tongson

Interview by Jordan Jasa

Jordan Jasa:  First off, everyone knows your nickname is “Pirate” Alex, but not everyone knows why you are called that.  Care to explain?

Well before this current SR, there was another one, and another before that, and somewhere in between when SR had some downtime, there was the TPC board.  When the SR was getting redone or whatever, the TPC board got pretty popular.  But once SR came back, pretty much everyone left it.  There were only a few left, and we became the TPC Pirates.  The fact that I have long hair like Johnny Depp in Pirates helped, and it stuck.  There were shirts (maybe more to come?), and that's what I became known as.  Oh and I make Pirate reinforcements, too.

When did you get involved in the online scene?  What was it like back then?

I'm not sure exactly what year it was, but it was when the SR was all green and black.  I think I joined the current SR in '05, so I probably got into the scene in '04.  I just remember it being way smaller, and everyone knew each other a lot more.  There weren't that many noobs that no one knew. 

Your riding hasn’t always been manuals, 180s, and turndowns has it?  When did your originality really start taking off?

Nah, I did tailwhips for  a long time.  I'm not sure when I stopped, but it wasn't really abrupt.  I know at SD1 I did a run without whips, and it probably just went from there.  Back in the day, before I was into the online scene, tailwhips and manuals were about all I did, then I started trying to ride fakie.  I think it was because all the local spots were pretty small and techy that I stuck with fakie stuff, cause that really opened up a lot of doors for lines and stuff.

To me it seemed like your progression went hand in hand with your bar width.  I remember some clips on youtube from when you had 15 wides, which included a few doublewhips, and nowadays you have 20 or 21 wide, and doing a single whip is a rarity for you.  So did you get wide bars because of your changing style, or did your bars result in the style change?

I got big bars because of my style.  I didn't lose any tricks because of it (in fact I'm probably better at whips now than I was then), I just was feeling it.  I had 15" wide, bumped them to 16", and I just wanted to go wider.  I went to one of the Cooter Cons and stayed at the Mosbruker's house and Cory made my some 20" wides, and I've been riding them since. 

Who influences you to ride the way you do?

Not many scooter riders.  It's pretty much bmx and skate videos that make me want to do stuff that's different, because most scooter videos are really boring.  Sure there are good ones that come out every now and then, but those are few and far between.  I have to force myself to watch most of the scooter videos I do.  BMX and skate videos are way easier to watch, but it probably helps that there are way more of them.  There is a lot more diversity in style there, so I can find what I want to see more easily.

Who are some of your favorite people to watch ride?

Most of the people I liked watching don't really ride anymore, or have moved onto bikes.  Jonas, Joe Oldfield, Ryan Young, those were all good riders, and they don't ride or at least put out footage anymore.  It's probably because of the bike influence that I liked them, and the fact that they don't just try to do a thousand whips above their heads, and they try/tried to do new things.  Of course McKeen, I mean come on.  Watching people I know ride is fun too, just cause you think "that's such a ______ thing to do".  It just makes it more fun.


What did it mean to you to get on the SR Team/Proto?

I was stoked, of course.  I like all the dudes on the team, and I can get free parts for doing what I love to do.  It was also cool because I wasn't really bugging Andrew to get on the team, he just asked me one day if I'd be down, which wasn't a very hard question.  I think it's cool because there are a lotta people who hate on my style or the fact that I don't do many tricks, and since I'm on this team they can't really say anything.  Then again, I don't go around bragging about being on a team, I actually say I'm not sponsored just so I can avoid a barrage of questions and kids crying for free parts. 

What is your favorite part about being on a sponsored team?

I like getting parts, and getting to travel places.  And I have a better excuse for putting off the rest of my life and riding.  "But it's my job!"

You’ve been called the worst rider on Proto, kids even say that you suck.  Does that effect you?

For some kids standards, I do suck.  I can't do more than two whips, I can't flip my scooter upside down or downside up, I don't bend my leg when I do turndowns, and I don't drag my heel for anything other than cali sliders.  So if your definition of a good scooter rider is that, then I am pretty damn terrible.  But for my standards, I'm pretty good.  I ride whatever, and I have more fun than all of the people who hate on my riding, so I can't complain.  I know it's been said over and over, but it's all about having fun.  I will ride my friend's front yard that has nothing but a super mellow bank and a few obstacles and have fun for hours.  I've been riding there for years, and it's always fun.  So now I'll segway into saying that you guys shouldn't complain about having nothing to ride.  You just have to change your riding to fit whatever it is there is in front of you.

On the other hand, others love watching you ride, saying that you have tons of style.  “Steezeman” is another nickname of yours.  What do you think of that?

I think it's great, I love when people love my riding.  Who doesn't?  People constantly want praise, and whenever my name is mentioned in one of the countless "favorite riders" thread, it's makes me feel like a cool cat.  As for Steezeman, I think that was actually thought up by Andrew a while back.  And now pretty much the entire AZ fixed gear community knows me as that.  I think it's a pretty dialed nickname. 

What would you say to the kids out there trying to learn every new trick, trying to keep up with the trends?

All I gotta say is chill.  I'm not saying don't learn new tricks, but learn them well.  Don't try a trick, land it flyout, then never think of it again.  Get it dialed, put it in combos, and make it actually worth something.  People always ask me what my best trick is, and I have none.  I've done some things that I was proud of, but I'm more proud of getting something so that I can do it every try.  Quality, not quantity. 

Any thanks?

Thanks to all the guys I ride with, even though they're bums when it comes to riding street (that's right, I said it).  But seriously, without them I wouldn't ride as much as I do, and I would probably be doing even less tricks than I am now.  Not to mention they're always fun to ride with, and it's a kick playing a game of S.C.O.O.T. with them.  Thanks to Andrew for hooking me up with all the parts and stuff, and thanks to my parents for funding some of my scooter trips and being cool with it. 

Phoenix Deck Update

The Phoenix deck was featured at this past weekend's Cootercon Raise the Gnar tour stop. Inward-Scooters rider Josh Kish rode the deck during the competition, and placed 4th. Production will be starting this week, and 150 units will be available for sale. More info soon to come.

Lucky Scooter Parts Deck Promo

James Gee, Evan Yamada, and Blake Bailor made a really nice video to help promote the new Lucky Scooters Parts One Piece Deck. Which is now available for only 119.00. Check out the video, and get your hands on this deck as soon as possible.

Lucky Deck Promo Video from Lucky Scooters on Vimeo.

Monday, October 19, 2009

So people think stealing is cool?

CooterCon 8. One of the biggest turn outs for a CooterCon to date. Some of the best riders showed up ready to compete, and put on a great show. Not to mention the numerous Companies that sponsored the event, and showed up with their product tables for everyone to check out. With a showing like this, and with companies sponsoring this competition to make it what it was, and to give you guys prizes for the competition. Why then did I find out the next day that numerous companies had stuff stolen from their tables? Are you meaning to tell me that there are kids out there, that do not understand the fact that the only reason they are at that competition on that day, is because these companies decided to sponsor the event, and that without them there would be NO competitions at all? It would simply be a bunch of kids, riding in a skatepark. No prizes, no nothing. So to show your appreciation for these companies who dedicated their time and money to help YOU guys out, you steal from them? That is ridiculous on so many levels.

These companies are the only reason you guys have the scooters you ride on a daily basis. The parts you are riding, are what they spent their time and money to build...FOR YOU. They come to these competitions to MAKE SURE that you guys have prizes for the riding you do, to ensure that these competitions continue to happen. Now if you ask me, that should earn them a little bit of respect, don't you think? Atleast a little more than what was shown to them on Saturday. Honestly never really thought I would have to write something where I am a little bit ashamed to be a part of a sport that does something like that. All of this because a small amount of people at CooterCon out of the huge crowd there, thought it would be cool to steal some stuff. What those kids did, was give all of you a bad name. What makes you think these companies are going to continue to sponsor these events now? They don't have to. You think they're making money by sponsoring an event for you guys? Nope. They're losing money. They are DONATING parts and money so that you guys have a competition worth going to. Then you turn around and steal their stuff? With the amount of competitions that go on every year now, why would you all want to risk losing those? I don't understand it, and I'm pretty mad about it all.

Now I know there are people out there that will read this, that have information on who took what. Myself, and some other companies who had things taken from them are willing to compensate you in return for information on the stolen goods. All you need to do is send me an email. At "". Companies that had stuff stolen from them, were; PROTO, Inward, Lucky, and DSA. If you got information on any of this stuff, We ask that you step forward. Your name will remain anonymous. Thank you.

Lucky One Piece Deck For Sale Now

Yep, the long awaited Lucky Scooters Parts One Piece Deck is for sale now. For a low price of 119.00. For more information click the link below, and check it out, and be sure to get yours soon. Also for all you guys waiting for 4.5 Models, they will be available really soon.

Lucky Scooters One Piece Deck

Also Inside-Scooters is getting our Lucky Packages really soon. We will be reviewing, Lucky Bars, Lucky Forks, and of course...The Lucky One Piece Deck.

New District Shims

District recently came out with some different color shims for District Clamps, and also any other Single or Double clamps you want to use them with. They were originally made to be used with the District Light Double and Single clamps.

Here you can see all 4 of the District Clamp models

Here are some pre-delivery pictures of the new District Shims

These shims will work with any Clamps you got. Whether they be Single or Double clamps. Stay tuned for more updates on District and the parts they are soon coming out with. Bars, Forks, Pegs, One Piece Decks? Check Inside-Scooters in the future to find out.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cootercon Best Trick

Video with everyone's attempts up to Zig's ridiculous crash...pretty sure they decided to stop the comp after that.

Dan Holm Sponsor Video (WATCH)

Dan Holm first came onto the scene and faced a lot of adversity. Why? Because he rode...with a wheelie bar. yes a wheelie bar. Eventually the wheelie bar came off, but his riding stayed just as amazing. He is without a doubt, one of the most underrated park riders in the sport. Flowing huge boxes and quarterpipes with ease. Enjoy one of the smoothest videos I've seen in a while.

Dan Holm Sponsor Video from Dan Holm on Vimeo.

CooterCon Video

Cooter Con 8 from shane ryan on Vimeo.

Highlights from the comp...hammers all around.

Zig Short Injury Update

Update from Brian Luong on Zig Short's condition.

Apparently Zig is still the same happy and optimistic person he always is. Even after the horrific crash he suffered at CooterCon on Saturday. Zig Short attempted to jump off of the Skate Barn West Roll in, which is 13 feet flat. Upon landing his fork snapped, which led to Zig falling face first into the ground. He was taken to the hospital, where later that night he was released with 9 stitches...The fact that Zig was not seriously injured, is amazing. Props go out to my boy Zig Short.

Raise The Gnar Tour Stop 3: Cooter Con Results

Pro Results:

1st - Tyler Bonner

2nd - Jessee Ikedah

3rd - Raymond Warner

With two Eaglesport riders in the top 3, and one of them having almost no competition experience at all, in Eaglesport US rider, and Lucky Scooter Parts rider, Jessee Ikedah...It is shaping up to make The 5th and final Raise The Gnar Tour stop, an exciting one. With some of the sports Top Company Teams riding in that competition, Eaglesport, Proto, MaddGear, are but a few of the big Teams that will be showing up to compete. That stop will be in San Diego,CA and is quickly turning into one of the biggest competitions in the sport so far. Tyler continues to dominate all competitions held at his local Skatebarn skatepark in Washington, taking yet ANOTHER 1st place. Congrats to Tyler, Jessee, and new Lucky Scooter Parts rider, Raymond Warner.

Am Results:

1st- Corey Funk

2nd- Cam Ward

3rd- Jake O'donnell

The amateur division always seems to deliver some really top level riding as well. Corey Funk, the younger brother of well established rider Capron Funk, has been making quite a name for himself in the competition scene. Whether he is placing in the top 3, or winning Best trick contests, he is definitley a rider to look out for when he starts entering the Pro division. The same can be said for Cameron Ward, who for the first time took 2nd place in a competition. The past 2 RTG Tour Stops, he was the amateur division winner. Local rider Jake O' Donnel also broke into the top 3 at CooterCon this year, definitley hoping to take a 1st place spot next time. With 2 stops left to go for the Raise The Gnar Tour, the am division is shaping up to be just as exciting as the Pro Division.

At CooterCon one of our fellow riders was badly injured. That rider is a close friend of mine, and rides for a Team that I used to manage..Inward Scooters. Zig made an attempt to jump off of a 13 foot Roll In, to flat. And things didn't go so well, he is currently in the hospital. So everyone please wish well for Zig Short, and let's hope he makes a quick recovery.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Justin Robertson Doggscooters Promo

2009 has really been Justin's year. Basically he went from an unknown to the favorite rider of many. Like his other videos, this one ups the notch on his progression. It also seems like his style is getting better too. Watch and be amazed.

Sky High News

An update from Tdadd-

"We are closing in on our 500th order!

Sky High Scooters would like to take this moment to thank each and every customer for putting their trust and support in our company. We are closing in our 500th order (just 20 away) and we are giving away free T shirts to celebrate! Order numbers 499, 500, and 501 will be awarded with a free Sky High T-shirt, and Sky High Stickers.

Thanks again for supporting our company, and we hope to be around for the next 500!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ipod Check with Hep Greg

When it comes to music, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone more knowledgeable than "Hep" Greg Cohen. Greg's music collection, which includes over 17,000 songs, and almost 75 gigs, has pretty much every single band you've never heard of before. So naturally, I figured he'd be a good person to do this Ipod Check feature with. Greg is definitely the person to consult if you're trying to find new music. Here's a taste of what he listens to.

1. "Bad Day At The U.N." by Guignol. really good Brooklyn based band. Klezmer/Gypsy style music, very chaotic sounding. I really love them, I've snuck into a few bars to see them play. :)

2. "Gangsters" by The Specials. One of the most influential ska bands ever, also one of my favorites. one of the first bands to infuse the energy of British punk into the groovy sounds of Jamaican ska, thus spawning the '2-Tone' wave of ska music.

3. "Heartilation" by Andrew Jackson Jihad. Phoenix, AZ based folk punk band. really energetic, catchy (mostly) acoustic punk band. Really good.

4. "Failing, Flailing" by Streetlight Manifesto. Pure musical genius. Easily the greatest 3rd wave ska band ever. Incredible composing, and wonderful melodies mixed with post-punk/hardcore hints.

5. "False Evidence Appearing Real" by Folly. probably my favorite hardcore band EVER. they blend post-punk/hardcore & ska together into a really technical, super awesome sound. Too bad they broke up. :(

6. "Prince Nez" by Squirrel Nut Zippers. Lovely little band hailing from North Carolina. Quirky, clever 1920's sounding jazz/blues, with a modern sound. really unique band, definately worth a listen.

7. "Not Now" by Blink-182. Honestly, if you say you don't like them, you're a liar.

8. "¡¡NOBLE STABBINGS!!" by Dilinger Four. Loud, fast and completely kick ass. one of the best punk bands ever. Super energetic music that you just wanna sing as loud as you can.

9. "Heart Attack '64" by The World/Inferno Friendship Society. Aaah, The Inferno. So much to say, not nearly enough time to explain. You should listen to them.

10. "Walking Is Still Honest" by Against Me! Coincidentally, my favorite song ever. Against Me! puts so much energy and heart into their music; it's almost an unexplainable expeirience seeing them live. This song is easily my favorite song of all time.

Jessica Boland: First girl to backflip on a scooter?

Eaglesport Aus Team Rider Jessica Boland, landed her first backflip on a scooter. In about 9 years of riding I've never seen video footage of a female rider that is throwing backflips before. Not to mention riding as hard as Jess does. Big congratulations to Jessica Boland from Inside-Scooters on her first backflip.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Red Urethane Eaglesports

Recently Eaglesport has been working with some new color pigments to try out some new urethane colors. One of them being a red urethane. The closest they have been able to get before, was a dark pinkish color. However, they recently got some new pigments in and can now produce Real Red urethane Eaglesport wheels.

Also the pigment for a real Dark Black urethane is in. Closest before was a dark gray color. So expect pictures of those in the near future also.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video of Phoenix Deck

Short video showing the new Phoenix one piece deck featured in an article on Sunday...looks really good.

French ID Pro Model/Barcelona

[French ID] An introduction to Barcelona from French ID on Vimeo.

So I think this is the new French ID Pro Model. Video is of Balthazar Neveu riding around Barcelona...amazing street in there. I'm sure they filmed more, I def wanna see what they got.

TSI: Stronger than ever? and Interview with KC Corning

Three letters we are all familiar with now in the sport. TSI. They came onto the market with a scooter that made everyone take, a one piece deck, with 3 different size deck plates, and a fender that they called the “Flex Fender”. It was released to the public at a whopping 160.00usd, but let’s be honest here…that deck at the time it was released could have cost 200 dollars, and people would have still bought it. Why? Because at the time we were all clinging to our old Pro Models, which still had a strip down the middle making it a little stronger, and if we couldn’t get our hands on those…we were stuck with the new Razor Pro Models…which sometimes bent within an hour after riding it. TSI was a huge step up from your standard Razor scooter. It was solid, no bolting of the headtube what so ever, and it was strong…..or was it? Well, time would disagree. The scooter started to show its weak point a few months after its release. The downtube on the scooter, proved to be the TSI’s weakness.

They started to snap, first one, then two, then three. Flex fenders also started to break off one by one. Needless to say, people were not happy. However, TSI was partly owned by long time rider KC Corning. So KC knew he was not just selling these to customers, but to his own fellow riders. So their reaction was a quick one, they would replace all broken TSI’s that were broken within a 90 day period, for free. However, the damage was done…people started to question TSI. Wondering about its strength, or about the new “reinforced” models they were being promised soon. Flex fender problems were solved, and the Deck problems were thought to be solved with a new welding method, however some decks did continue to break, which has led me to do this piece on TSI. I recently caught up with KC Corning of TSI, and was able to ask him some questions, and get a little background check on the company. Check it out.

Steven: Age and location

Kc: 22. Portland, Oregon.

Steven: Where did TSI start?

Kc: TSI started at Aloha Cycle Works in Aloha, Oregon. I met Matt Thom the owner of Aloha Cycle Works in March of 2009 and we started to think of starting a real scooter company. I had the plans and he had the tools and capability to make pretty much anything. So right then in April, 2009 we started TSI: Trick Scooters International, LLC. We started the company with a goal to one day make our own complete scooters. So we started where Mat thought first. The Deck. Which in Mat's mind from building bike frames he saw the deck as a frame. Rather, what we all were used to a disposable deck like a skateboard. Mat showed me his plan for a welded one-piece frame and deck plate concept. The week before cooter con 7 we made 4 Decks to test at the competition. And that's the where TSI Started.

Steven: Why was TSI started?

Kc: I've been looking for a partner to start a real company for a while now. When I met mat I knew he knew what he was doing and could do what I wanted to have done. Build an Awesome Scooter. So we decided to change Aloha Cycle Works to Trick Scooters International.

Steven: Whos idea was the deck design?

Kc: It was Mat's idea of a Welded frame with bolt on Deck plate. I came up with all the specs. Head tube angle, Deck width, Deck Length, Concave, Etc. But for the most part it was Mat's original idea. Not mine to come out with this style of deck.

Steven: What were first reactions when the deck started to falter for some people?

Kc: The reactions from most of our customers having their decks fail were pretty positive. We were fast-acting and had customer service that you would expect from any good rider based company, like Proto for example.

Steven: What were the first plans to reinforce them and how did you guys do it?

Kc: When we saw where these decks were failing it was clear that we needed more material around the down tube because of the amount of stress from hardcore riding. I thought of the doubler right away and we got right to it and started sending them out and have not seen one return of the reinforced decks since.

Steven: When those next models also started to have problems, what were the next plans to for reinforcing?

Kc: We've come up with a 'Lug' type of doubler reinforcement that we were shown by a local metal manufacture company. It is a process where one piece of aluminum is bent in different places to reinforce where the Head tube connects to the down tube and where the drop outs meet the down tube. It's really sweet but it is going to cost a lot. We are currently working on it.

Steven: How do you feel about the current model of the TSI, will it hold up better than the last ones?

Kc: Yes. Like I said before these decks have not been sent back yet and we hope that these decks will at least last the warranty of 90 days. We don't want to go any shorter on a warranty then 90 days.

Steven: Future plans for TSI?

Kc: We have plan on coming out with a complete scooter. It would be a first of its kind when it came to the amount of quality and practicality. We have code named the complete the "Flow Series One" Which would have ODI Long Neck's, FSA Pig THREADLESS Headset. MOB grip tape, skateboard grade bearings and Scooter Zone twizzler metal cores. We also have plan of coming out with a integrated and internal headtube versions of the TSI. As well as a "freestyler" super light and shorter version.

And that was the end of the interview. Seems TSI is stepping it up once again. Everything sounds promising indeed, but history has taught us all sometimes to bite our tongues..and let the products speak for themselves. Big thanks to KC Corning for taking the time to do this interview with Inside-Scooters.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Collaboration Video

This is a video Sam Short edited using clips from people all over the world. Youtube killed the quality but its still a sick video, Sam's editing is ridiculous.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Inward Scooters introduces Phoenix one piece deck!

Phoenix Pro Scooters of Portland OR has developed a top of the line one piece deck that will rival any existing deck on the market in terms of appearance, weight and strength.

The Phoenix deck is 4.5 inches wide and is extruded from 6061 T6 aluminum and heat-treated. Phoenix brings over 20 years of Bicycle Industry experience to the design and engineering of their new deck. The deck was designed using state-of-the-art computer engineering software and has been stress tested and can stand up to 3000 pounds of force.

This deck weighs just 3 pounds, and has a head tube angle of 82.5 degrees, just slightly steeper than the Razor Pro Model making the deck easy to get used to.

A unique bracket to mount the brake eliminates the need to drill a weakening cross-hole through the deck.

The deck comes with a 90 day manufacturers warranty and will be sold exclusively by Inward Scooters. The Phoenix deck can be seen at the upcoming Cooter Con competition in Seattle. The deck will be available for sale in the second half of November 2009.

-_- ...Tyler Boner...

...why do I even bother riding? Tyler makes pretty much everyones riding obsolete. Don't watch if you think you're good at hang fives. Actually, don't watch if you don't wanna feel like crap.

Micro At

So it looks like this, is some action sports festival dealy...and the Micro team got to do some riding in front of tons of people. Think I saw a clip of Ludovic Pistat in there, haven't seen that kid since Montruex 07 for BenJ and Martin Nogol killing the mini. Awesome video, looks like it was ton of fun.

Ipod Check: Matthew Stevenson

Music is a big part of most peoples' riding, and lives in general. Matthew Stevenson of Canada is no different. I recently asked Matt to turn his Ipod to shuffle and give me the first 5 songs that come up. Here they are:

1.Kickstart My Heart- Motley Crue
Song gets me pumped to do pretty much anything. The Crue is where it's at

2.Bleed Black- AFI
Great song by a great band

3.Who Do You Believe In?- Tupac Shakur
Seriously a lyrical genius. Rest in peace Young Nigga, There's a heaven for a G(line in Life goes On)

4.The Warmth of You- Fishbone
So yeah, Greg told me to download some Fishbone and I might say, it's really good. Check em out.

5.Penny Lane- The Beatles
The most influential band in music. So many good songs by this band

Adam Rouse DSA Promo

Recently an Aus rider named Adam Rouse has been getting a lot of peoples attention. He has some of the cleanest riding I've seen in a while, and also one of the most diverse tricklists in the sport. Check out his DSA Promo.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who, What, Where, and Why with Ben Grantham

Recently caught up with UK's own, Ben Grantham for the 4 W's. Check it

Who is one rider you would like to sesh with and why?

Ben: That's a tough one, I've wanted to sesh with Terry Price for a while, and when he next goes to Corby I hope to see him, since out of all the riders in the UK, he seems to have made a bigger name for himself than the rest of us, which obviously he deserves. In second, it would have to be Jon Carter considering he is rider behind dogg scooters, or even seshing with whole flow team would be nice.

What are three tricks that you do more than any other on a daily basis?

Ben: Usually when i learn a trick, i keep doing it on a daily basis until a new trick takes it place. For me at the moment it's Inwards, manual to fakies and Bri-flip 180s

Where would you like to see the sport in the next say, 3 years?

Ben: I'd like to see alot more companies supporting the sport and making parts. Trick wise I'd like to see things that we would never even think of right now. and personally I would like to see quick release bars and folding decks completely obselete.

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Ben: What can I say, I just love riding, over the years it's become such a big part of my life that i don't think anything else could replace. I remember back when i saw RVM1, i just knew this is what i wanted to do.
Thanks to Ben for taking the time to do this with Inside-Scooters. And here is a video of him riding with a couple others from the DoggScooters Flow Team

The Bobby Vaughn: New Clips

Bobby OG in the sport has always been one of the most original and creative riders when it came to his riding. Recently he got some new clips posted...and here they are. Clearly Bobby hasn't lost a step when it comes to his riding.

Friday, October 9, 2009

James Gee Eaglesport Video

Eaglesport Pro rider James Gee released an Eagle video recently...enough said. The footage speaks for itself...ridiculous..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cameron Ward: Success Story

Recently one of our fellow riders has found a whole lot of success in the sport. That rider is 12 year old Cameron Ward. You might recognize his name from some of his competition performances. His first ever competition was SD2, where he took 1st place in the beginner division. He recently entered both the first and second round of the Raise The Gnar Tour Competitions stops, where he also took 1st place in the intermediate divisions. With competition performances like this, you might think he’s been riding for years…However, he has only been riding about a year and a half.

To say that competitions are the only place Cameron has found success wouldn’t be quite accurate. After winning both tour stops of the RTG competitions, he was asked to come to a city council meeting. Where he was presented a “Certificate of Recognition” for his accomplishments on his scooter, from the Mayor of his city. The city planner then asked Cameron if he would like to participate in the annual “Extreme Nights Show”. Cameron accepted, and showed up to find that there was also a professional BMX Team performing that night. Dave Ward, the owner of DSA Scooters, asked the Team if they would be ok with Cameron riding the ramps. At first they were quite hesitant and unsure of this. However, after they saw Cameron start to ride, their minds were changed very quickly. Following shortly, they would ask him to be a part of their performance that night. Where Cameron would continue to match them trick for trick on the ramps, and blew them away in street.

His success would continue when he was approached by Darren of Nextsport, where Cameron was asked to help promote the new Spencer Hawk, H2 Model from Fuzion/Nextsport. Cameron agreed to help them film their promotional video, at none other, then Tony Hawk’s house. While at the Hawk house with fellow riders, Capron and Corey Funk, they started riding, and Tony came out for awhile to check it out, and he was really impressed at what he saw from these guys.

In conclusion, I am going to leave a link to an article that a newspaper columnist did on Cameron Ward. There is a video interview, and also the written story. I advise everyone to read it, it’s well written, and has some great quotes from one of the oldest riders in our sport, current Team Razor Manager, Ali Kermani. So check out and a big congratulations to Cameron Ward from Inside-Scooters.

Cameron Article

Jessee Ikedah Eaglesport Video

What do you get when you take 4 days of filming + 1 Jessee Ikedah? get another video full of bangers.

With CooterCon right around the corner, and Jessee set to can't help getting excited to see how well he does in the competition.... oh..uhh NO Pressure Jessee! haha.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Madd Brakes and New Inward Bolt Plates at Inward-Scooters

Couple updates from the ever expanding company known as Inward-Scooters.

Inward now offers Madd Brakes. These Brakes, when bought stock can not fit on a Razor Pro Model, or Ultra Pro Model, unless modified. Inward-Scooters of course has the option available for them to modify the brake for you. They can also cut the brake down a bit, for a cleaner look, and as always..powdercoat them in a color of your choice.

Also some modifications were made to the Inward Bolt Plates you can get for your folding systems on Razor Pro Models. Check them out.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alicia Clark's SOA Video

Really liking this video. I know there are a lot of female riders out there. I just wish more of them would start to make videos to show their progression. Check out Alicia's newest video that she made for Scooters-Only Australia.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

AJ Storcella Eagle Teaser

AJ is the definition of progression...I remember when he was a wee lad riding TIC, and now hes on one of the biggest companies out there. Can't wait for this video to come out, especially if it is a full length team vid.

French ID Pro Model?

George Gartlehner sent me this. I don't know anything about this other than he got it from facebook. I'll update if I ever find out more. Sick picture though.

Edit by Steven Tongson: We do know that it is a one piece deck. Expect some close up pictures in the near future.

Micro at Barcelona...

So I thought MACBA was no more? Well...BenJ doesn't seem to think so.

James Gee and Jessee Ikedah Lines Video

Eaglesport US Riders James Gee and Jessee Ikedah kill it at their local park with this video of Lines. Most of this stuff was said to be done first try. Shows how consistant these two riders are.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Razor Ultra Pro on

For 69 dollars. Already bought one for myself, with shipping and taxes it was a little under 85 bucks, which would be the cheapest I've seen yet. I'll be doing a full video review once I get the chance to test it out, so keep an eye out for that.

Sky-High Update

-Pegs should be arriving tomarrow
-Shirts are now in stock, check the website: [link]
-New stickers should be arriving either tomorrow or Monday
-DSA compression and forks will soon be restocked
-Parts from Lucky Scooters are still in the works

Who, What, Where, and Why with Royce King

Red Pants = Royce

Caught up with one of my favorite Aussie riders this week. That rider being Royce King. From the first videos I saw of Royce I was an instant fan. He has one of the best styles on a scooter, goes completely huge, and also has a really nice bag of tricks.

Who do you look up to in the sport of scootering and why?

I dont really look up to anyone but got some mad friends who really inspire me to get out and ride like reece alderton, adam rouse, adam bolton, yatesy, rory co, little zac from glenbrook and all the maroura boys

What is one thing you hate about the sport of scootering?

Just like people who ride for the sake of getting sponsored and stuff, like your meant to be riding for fun and chillin, as opposed to going out and saying "Sponsor me, sponsor me" to every second person.

Where is your favorite place to ride, whether it be street or park?

Wadalba and glenbrook skatepark for sure, love the locals so chill, for street deffinitely out in country tammworth or cruisin through the cbd in sydney

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Just because i love riding, keeps me outta trouble, get to travel to some awesome places, always meeting awesome new people and just plain chillin

Video of Alec Burman, and Royce King.

Big thanks to Royce for taking the time do this with Inside-Scooters.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dan Barrett/John Mattes Day Video

Straight up beasts. I don't think I've ever seen a legit noseblunt grind like that. And Dan's nose manual whip manual...nuts. Love it.

New Micro Deck?

I didn't even know they were working on one haha. Spotted these today, looks like 5 inch wide, and it sounds like they're pretty light and strong. I don't know if they're officially released yet, I believe only the team has ridden them. Can't wait to see how they turn out though.