Monday, May 31, 2010

Monkez Prod. -Jungle Video Trailer

Monkez Prod is a group of riders from France that are big fans of the site. They sent us the teaser for their video, which will be out in Autumn of this year, so we thought we'd return the favor, and support them by showcasing their video right here on IS. The crew also has BMX and skateboarders in it, and they all shred the gnar.

Here's a little more about them:

"Monkez Prod. is a family of 8 Riders. We have Skater, BMX rider, and scooter rider. We ride all the time together, because we are in the same town.
The name of the riders is :
Sinan AlFaour (Scooter)
Nicolas Kittirath (Scooter)
Lyes Hamroun (Scoter)
Valentin Vergès (BMX)
Sebastien Marteaux (BMX)
Alexander Bown (Skate)
Eliott Forin (Skate)
Vincent Thebault (Skate)
We make T-shirt and Stickers, but we thinks we don't make scooter parts, skate parts or BMX parts. JUNGLE Video will last 40min, with parts of riders and friends parts. We also film a Contest of BMX.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sooo...You Feelin Lucky?

Lucky Scooter Parts recently dropped a preview to their Dvd and it opened people's eyes to just how talented their entire Team really is. The question everyone's been wondering since seeing the preview is, "When and Where can I get it". Well here's your answer.

On June 1st, "The First Clover" Lucky Scooter Parts DVD will be available for Pre Sale on Want to be one of the first people to see the Dvd? THEN PRE ORDER YOURS first thing on June 1st.

Also one thing that some people might not know, but may have guessed from the title "The First Clover" Is that, Yes. This DVD is the first of a series of three. You'll notice the LSP Logo has a 3 Leaf Clover. So this will be the first installment, and in the future we will see "The Second Clover" and finally, "The Final Clover"...You can rest assure that as soon as more information is released about those two DVD's you will be able to read about it first, on Inside-Scooters.

Oh and for anyone who for SOME reason didn't get to see "The First Clover" DVD Preview...check it out below.

Blunt Scooters Has Launched!

Ever since people found out about Blunt Scooters, we've all been anticipating the product Launch and the official announcement of the Blunt Scooters Team. This past weekend the anticipation came to an end. The Launch took place at Rampfest where over 200 kids showed up for the event. Everyone there got to meet the full Team, and check out the full range of Blunt Scooters Products.

And now onto the Team, after receiving over 1,000 Sponsorship applications from riders spread out all over Australia. The following have been chosen to ride on the Blunt Scooters Team.

Mitch, Max, and Brendon Smith are all from Victoria. And Warick and Adam Rouse are from NSW. Together these guys form one of the most dominant Teams not just in Australia, but in the world. I think it's safe to say we are going to be seeing some insane stuff coming from the Blunt Team in the near future.

Keep checking Inside-Scooters for all your news and updates on Blunt Scooters, and all breaking news and updates in the sport of Scootering.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Matty Ceravolo

The Australian style. You either love it, or you hate it.
If you ever need a reason to love it, just take a look at the big 3 from Victoria, Matty, Brendon Smith, Max Peters.
This video goes to show, more and more, that Australia is ahead in park progression, with at least 5 never before released tricks (Or not that i can remember) included.

Inward News

The long awaited Ultra Pro decks with reinforced neck are now available at Inward. They are immediately available in the standard clear anodized color, and we will have them in 7 popular colors by the middle of June.
All other Ultra Pro parts are also available for immediate delivery. Bars will be custom cut to your individual size.

Also in stock; the all new Phoenix stainless spring steel brake. Attaches rattle free with just one bolt.

Addict Interview with Stan Smirnoff

****Warning this Interview contains references to marijuana, if you are against that or were warned****

Stan Smirnoff. As soon as you hear the name, whether you love him or hate him, you usually pay attention. He's controversial as hell, and is always pushing the boundaries whether it's with the thing's he does or says, or his ever progressing riding. I recently got a chance to catch up with Stan and got a quick interview in with him. Check it out below.

Steven: Stan you've been in this sport for a looong time now, I first met you at Thrill Zone 2005..Hows it feel to have been in the sport for so long?

Stan: Hahaha ive been around since 2000 i just havent found other riders or S.R. till 05!!! but it feels good to see how everything changed and everything progressed!!

Steven: You've def. came a long way especially with your riding what point did you stop doing all the whip and combo tricks, and move onto focusing on your signature style we all know today?

Stan: After i discovered Herbsss and saw how shitty it looks when you do tricks below coping and run small ass handlebars :)

Steven: So Stan in the past there has been a lot of controversy over your sponsors...Can you clear the air right now, and tell us exactly what happened. And what do all of your CURRENT Sponsors mean to you?

Stan: Haha yea that shit was ridiculous!!! Last year after montreux i went to paris and kicked it with Johann, Maxime, J.D. Alex, and all the homies!! Saw how they lived and what they was all about and we started talking about a new company they might start after french I.D. and i said i was down because i was over micro at that point lol! Then in august i asked kc for a deck and he was like why dont u just be on the team? i was down because i didnt know when addicts coming out so it was all good till sd4 where i had to quit TSI right after the contest because addict had to be released and there was a lot of drama haha!! but now i got addict and rad and its all ill ever need lol Always going to be friends with T.S.I. tho!!

Steven: So how does it feel to be a part of Addict?

Stan: Really gnarly lol its like a familly!!! no joke

Steven: Does it push your riding even more knowing that you're on the same Team as Matt, Johann, Jandiv, Alex, and Maxime?

Stan: Ohhh yess haha every time we ride i have to keep up with those mofukkks lol get worked every session

Steven: So you're in Paris right now, what exactly are you out there for?

Stan: Im here till May 9th filming, rolling J's loving the paris life haha

Steven: So what can we expect from Stan Smirnoff and Addict in the future?

Stan: Faster, Higher, smoother riding and some boostage on vert :) and the mega ramp in june in france i hoppe :)

Words of the wise from Stan the Man. Also if you haven't check out Stans latest footage, and keep in mind this is just his throwaway stuff..And as always keep checking Inside-Scooters for all news and updates relating Addict, and all breaking news and updates in the sport of scootering.

Jamo Jam 2 Is Coming Up!

The Jamo Jam competition is what the SD Competition is to the US. In Australia it is the biggest competition of the year. This will be the second Jamo Jam competition, which is coordinated and put together by Rory Coe and his mom Sherrie Coe.

The goal of the Jamo Jam competitions is to try and shed away the idea that Scootering isn't a real sport, and scooters are just a kids toy, and instead promote it as a true extreme sport. The competition will take place in Penrith Skatepark at the Jamison Park on June 13th, a Sunday. Competition is set to take place at 10am, and registrations begin at 9:30am. There will be food, drinks, and St. Johns Ambulance first aid service available all day for anyone who takes any harsh slams.

Monster Skatepark is also offering accomidation at there lodge for pro riders. This includes a place to eat, sleep, and ride/chill.. this runs through the whole long weekend, and you can stay for as long or as little as you wish.

For all the other riders, you can also camp out at monster, you guys get all that plus more. Including sport specific training sessions with pro riders, activities such as anti gravity sessions which includes foam pit sessions etc, trampoling with tramp boards, tramp scoots and bikes etc. The camp also co insides with jj2, monster is road tripping it from there lodge to the comp in there bus. So campers, you got it made guys!

If you are interested in staying at monster camp or just need the accomidation, contact or ring 97637359. if your calling from US which i highly doubt just add the +61.

So that sums up this years JamoJam competition. All Aussie riders anywhere near the area should be making it out to this, no excuses. Get out there and at least support it, even if you don't ride in it. Click the flyer below to check it out.

Friday, May 28, 2010

RVM1 Point X Footage

If you're into the history of our sport at all (I know I am) then you'll definitely enjoy this. RVM1 was Razor's first Video Magazine, (but their 2nd actual video, after Evolution) and featured Jarrett Reid, Josh Toy, Ricky Wernicke, and Razor's other OG's. Josh was still killin the manual combos way back when haha. Fun video to watch for sure.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Blunt Scooters and District parts at SOA

SOA just got brand new District parts, and the long awaited brand new Blunt Scooters parts! Head over to SOA and get your new parts today.

Taylor Smith.

Who said Australia has too many park riders?
Here's another one to add to your(any my) list of favorites. Taylor brings a new game to Australian park riding, rather than the recycled repertoire of inward briflips and backflips.
Ridiculous style, and a cleanliness to match.

Check out his older edit here;

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Raymond Warner Forgiven Energy Las Vegas Edit

Raymond straight up kills it. The Pro-Ride team recently had a trip to Vegas and Rayray filmed this edit for Forgiven.

Stan Smirnoff.............Enough Said.

Stan recently hooked it up with some new clips. Check it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learn a Little More About ScooterHut!

Scooter Hut is up and running!

Exciting news for the Australian scooting community! Scooter Hut is now online! You can find some of the best scooter brands at great prices at

Scooter Hut is the Home of Scooting. Our goal is to make the sport of scooting accessible to more people by offering a wide range of products at affordable prices.
Our retail shop is based in Burleigh on the Gold Coast, just metres from the world famous Billabong HQ, and has been serving the local scooting community for nearly two years. The Scooter Hut retail shop is unique in that we have a large specialist workshop area where the local riders can come and work on customizing their scooters using our tools and parts.
Our new online shop has a wide range of scooter parts and accessories to suit any budget. Our stock is amongst the largest in Australia, and our aim is to increase our online product range as we grow.
Check out our products online!

Only $49 for bars!

Only $18.50 for Yak Metal core!

And a wide range of custom scooters from $120.

Who are we?
Scooter Hut is Australia’s premier scooter specialist. The Scooter Hut team - Scott, Sandra and Travis - are passionate about the sport of scooting, the products that we sell and our loyal customers that we serve. As well as providing friendly service, great value and fast delivery, we are also happy to offer independent advice on everything to do with scooters.

Where are we?
We are located at 16 Kortum Drive, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast QLD
and are open Mon – Fri 7.30am – 5.00pm, Sat 8am – 2pm.
(or 24/7 on the web!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Razor Exposed Tour Stop #1 Results

Yesterday, was the first stop of The Razor Exposed Tour....and it went amazing. I was there to help out and so were a lot of other old school riders like Ricky Wernicke, and Chris Daigle. But the guys who stole the show as always, were the riders. The Razor Exposed Tour is a four stop tour, with three more to go. ALL points that riders earn from their runs are saved up...and at the last tour stop, we will crown an overall champion. Below are the results from yesterday, and below that is the overall Tour Points standings.


1st- Kevin Barker
2nd- Andrew Koeleman
3rd Alex Martin


1st- Corey Funk
2nd- Vincent Kudrna
3rd- Ryan Wells


1st- Tyler Bonner
2nd- Raymond Warner
3rd- Capron Funk

For the full results check here later as they will be posted later in the day

For the Points Standings here are the top 5 leaders in their divisions.


1.Kevin Barker- 29 points
2.Andrew Koeleman- 24 points
3.Alex Martin- 19 points
4.George Hong- 16 points
5.Billy Savell- 14 points


1.Corey Funk- 63 points
2.Vincent Kudrna- 53 points
3.Ryan Wells- 43 points
4.Dalton Bennet- 38 points
5.Jake Frederickson- 33 points


1.Tyler Bonner- 114 points
2.Raymond Warner- 94 points
3.Capron Funk- 74 points
4.Nick Donatelli- 64 points
4.Dakota Schuetz- 54 points

For full points standings check the link below later as they will be posted soon

Best Trick

Nick Donatelli Truck Driver huge gap first try......TOO clean..

This competition was I'm sure the videos will show. Raymond Warner in best trick landed a ridiculously clean Quad Whip to Late Barspin. But it wasn't enough to beat out street rider Nick Donatelli's huge truckdriver.

The beginner division really showcased what the future holds for our sport...these kids were awesome. 5 year old Jordan Robles was out there doing his best, and he was great. BUt the consistency of Kevin Barker was amazing which led to him taking first place.

Intermediate was stacked with competition..Tyler Wheeland was going huge, Cam Ward was riding with a broken wrist fully casted....and Corey Funk was as consistent as ever as he rode into first place.

The Pro Division...As you all know from checking the points standings. Yes, Dakota was there. In practice, he was landing double bri flip to whips from quarter bank. Flip to fakies, big flairs and tons of other tricks. With a flawless first run, it looked like he would be making it into top 3 for sure. But his second run he tried to start it with a big 1080, and just couldnt stick it. Which threw his run off. Raymond Warner was on fire, landing literally every single one of his tricks, including flip to fakies, and using a lot of the course. Doing everything clean and with tons of speed. But he was JUST BARELY beaten out by Tyler Bonner. T-Bone came out swinging, using all of the biggest ramps at the park, but he saved the big stuff for his second run. Where he landed a super clean 1080 and then whipped back into the landing, and followed it up with a flair whip. Sealing the deal, and getting him first place in the Pro Comp. Following up Tyler and Raymond was Capron Funk who like Raymond was using the entire course, and was really consistent through out. In best trick he was soooo close to landing a tailwhip front scooterflip to triple whip.

I think it's clear now that the pro competition is going to be one to watch closely. With Dakota, Tyler, Raymond, and Capron being the guys to chase in the Tour.

As always for all breaking news on The Razor Exposed Tour, and all updates and news in the sport. Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jayden Hogan + Kevin Austin Super 60

There has been an influx of super 60's lately.
But how could i say no to an all tech, 5 minutes of Australian quality?
Simply, i couldn't.
These 2 are rather enjoyable to watch, and ride with.
P.s. Guarantee you can't guess who's their favorite rider :p

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blunt Scooters Team Super 60

Blunt Scooters riders Max Peters, Mitch Baldry, and Brendon Smith recently got together at Rampfest and filmed the first 3 person Super 60. You gotta check this out and see some really amazing riding being thrown down by the Blunt guys.

Max Peters, Brendon Smith and Mitch Baldry in the first Blunt Scooters Super 60. from Blunt Scooters on Vimeo.

Everyone interested in Blunt Scooters will also be glad to know that the website is launching NEXT WEEKEND. Which means also that the contest that Blunt Scooters is currently holding for ALL riders in Australia and Queensland is soon coming to an end. If you or ANYONE you know wants to hurry and get their entry in to possibly win a YEARS supply of Blunt products...all you have to do is enter below by clicking the link and filling out the information.

As always for all the latest news on Blunt Scooters, and all breaking news and updates in the sport. Keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Asphalt #4 - Respect the Scooter Rider

"On a regular basis I don't think much of scooters, but this kid is different.

Johan doesn't give a shit what I or anyone thinks anyway, cause he loves to ride his scooter and he's really good at it too..."

- Director, Editor, Filmer René Johannsen

I'm not really sure what this clip is for, but it's one of the best insights to scooters i've ever seen.

If anyone could translate this page; Asphalt we might get a better idea of what this video is used for.
If anyone knows/talks to Johan and can ask him personally, that'd be much appreciated too, just post in comments.

The State of the Industry as seen by Travis House

You all are unique. If you are reading this, you are already a part of this sports history. Everything that happens to this sport in the future, we will be the developers of.

I came into this like most of you, I was 12 years old at the early 2000’s scooter craze and somehow came across RVM and Scooter Resource. We have watched as tricks were invented and just about every “world first” that was worth a damn along the way. We have seen a few versions of SR and a total forum shift to the memorable TPC forums and back again. I mean, the memory of the first Thrill Zone Comp still feels like yesterday for us but look what has happened in such a short time! Just look at the poster for Razors Exposed Tour. See all those tiny logos at the bottom? They are scooter companies, every one of them (minus Inside Scooters, of course). It’s not only Razor and Micro to choose anymore and it’s crazy to think about that in retrospect.

I digress, like I said, you all are a part of this extraordinary growth and progress the sport has endured, so the events that take place in the next five to seven years could end up defining our hobby later into a mass-marketed sport with countless company’s, riders and opportunity.

Of course, that only happens if we get this right. Seems to me every single one of us who have dedicated ourselves to this sport have a responsibly to make sure the scene itself doesn’t crumble before we get there.

The companies: You guys keep on doing what you are doing. You are the backbone of the scene now and we should be more APPRECIATIVE for everything you and your staff do. It is by your existence and dedication that we even have a choice of what to ride. Don’t sweat people cherping you out because you product looks like another companies or might have paint or finish malfunctions in the start. You can only make bars so many ways and in the end there will be a ton of companies selling crows, slayers or wherever with their logo on it.

The new/younger riders: Look up to riders, that’s fine, but please don’t try to ride like them. What we do is a personal expression and you won’t be you if you’re expressing someone else. It is through your creativity that the riding quality itself will progress long past the point our knees can take it, so be an artist with your riding.

I’ve only been back actively in the scene for a few months now but I can see we have an incredible thing going here, folks. We should be proud. We are doing what we all once talked about. So get out there, ride and be happy ‘cause as soon as all my parts come in, I am going stand on that scooter and I’m finally going to feel at home. =)

All words taken directly from (THIS) thread.
I in no way take any credit for the words written here, they are all from the mind of Travis House.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inside-Scooters Welcomes Scooter Hut

If you check the right side of our page, you will see a new Advertising Company by the name of Scooter Hut. Scooter Hut is based out of the Gold Coast, which makes them our fourth (Thanks for the heads up CJ..haha) Australian advertising company along with MaddGearPro, SOA and Blunt Scooters. Pretty catchy logo if you ask me haha. Want to learn more about Scooter Hut? Then check Inside-Scooters this weekend for some more information about this awesome new company in the sport.

Check out their website by clicking the link below, or clicking the Ad you see on the right side of the page.
Scooter Hut Website

David Veltum Super 60 + Interview

You probably don't recognize the name too well. Which is why I decided to do a short interview along with the Super 60 that David sent in to me. I was really impressed with the riding...and thought he deserved a little bit more exposed than he had. So check out his interview, and check that Super 60 at the end.

Steven: Name, Age, and Location?

David: David Veltum. 16 Years Old. Westerville, Ohio.
Steven: Tell us about your current set up?

David: Back in the day I used to always have the worst setup out of all the people I rode with. Things have changed a bit, now I have one of the best setups. I ride a TSI deck, Silver Proto SCS, Two White Proto Grippers, Cane Creek S-3 Headset, Stiker Fork, Black Unleashed Bars, and Black ODI Longneck Grips.

Steven: What made you want to try doing a Super 60 for IS?

David: I have always thought Super 60's were really cool and a really good way to show your consistency. Just one day when we were going to JFK Skatepark in Reynoldsburg, Ohio I thought it would be cool to film and hopefully make a Super 60 for Inside Scooters. I usually am not someone who likes to take time out of riding to film, which is why I dont have many videos. I am beginning to like filming more and I am working on a new video coming out soon.

Steven: When did you start scootering, and what keeps you riding today?

David: I started scootering back in 2006 and rode untill 2007. I stopped riding for a while because hockey took up a big portion of my time. I decided one day in 2009 I was going to go up to the skatepark again and just have some fun. Going to the skatepark again made me realize how much fun it was. So now with not much else in the way scootering is largely back in my life. I am riding about 4-5 times a week and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon at all.

Steven: Who are some of your favorite riders to ride with?

David: The people I mostly ride with are some members of the Unleashed Team which is Dylan Becker, Zach Fritz and Justin Kay.

Steven: What plans do you got for the future?

David: I am currently working on a sponsor video, and later on down the road I am planning on making a Summer Edit. Later on Scoot Ohio is taking place again, I am soo excited for that to happen and if your not planning on coming out you should deffinately try.

Steven: Any last words David?

David: I am glad that scootering has become what it is today and I am very excited to see where else its going. Scootering has deffinately gotten more popular over the past couple years and I am very glad to be apart of it.

Also David is currently looking for some sponsors. If you are interested in talking to David about a possible sponsorship can reach him at this email address below. And stay tuned for David's sponsor video, that we will be showing here at Inside-Scooters.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NY Riders Need Your Help!

Ok whenever something important comes along where someone is in need of the entire communities support..we always have good results. Well, it's that time again. Read the information below that was given to me by HepGreg...and SIGN THIS PETITION.

"alright, so basically, New York city just got its first REAAAALL skatepark. and guess what? we're not allowed in. what a surprise. if you guys want a really awesome skatepark to ride every year come XW/Banks Jam time, we need to get as many signatures as possible on this petition. please sign this, and spread it around! we really need the full support of the scooter community to get this done!

Hep Greg & The Scooyork family"


Proto Scooters Throwaway.

If you can completely captivate your target audience with a throwaway video from the DVD you're filming, you know you're doing something right.
Throw out all your preconceptions of who the best team in the game is at the moment. The Proto family has that under wraps.
If you're looking for tech world firsts, consistency like no other and a level of riding miles above any team or any one, look no further.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Chenga Comp Results and Best Trick Video

1. Jason Salajcik
2. Chris Koenig
3. Dom Marconi

1. Bird Willis
2. Austin Neura
3. Jon Bertolasio

1. Tyler Henry
2. Tyler Burdoff
3. Josh Johnson

Best Trick: Chris Koenig

Nic Macris Super 60

Nic recently made a Super 60 for us, check it out. Loving all the tricks on that hip near the beginning, those fingers are oppo and I think there's an oppo bartwist combo too.

Erik Feenstra - Tilt Edit.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

ECX Comp Results and Video

1. Tommy Christiana
2. Kiara Meade
3. Qwadane Berkley

1. Matt Somers
2. Joe Kish
3. Collin DaSilva

1. Josh Kish
2. Joe Armstrong
3. Petey Junsberger

Best Trick:
Josh Kish- 360 front scooterflip (thats where you take your hands off, kids) late whip.

Pro Comp Video

Best Trick

Looks like a fun comp but apparently only three people entered pro, pretty lame. Check out the comp thread on The Ride Wire for more. Congrats to Josh Kish and the rest of the winners!

Front Wheel Spins Tutorial

Pretty long but thats because its a tutorial for 4 tricks. Hope it helps, comment if you have any questions!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nick Johnson - Super 60

For a straight up park rider to do a super 60 that's using more of the street section than the quarterpipes, i think this is an extremely solid effort.
Most lines were easily 1st / second go,

Luke Maff and Adam Rouse - Chill Edit.

Someone tell them both to stop progressing so damn quickly.
These are two riders you can expect to see a LOT more street from *winks*

Blunt Scooters First Line of Bars

If you didn't already know, Blunt Scooters is taking the sport by storm. They are set to come out soon with a full line of parts...and one thing people have been waiting to see are the Blunt Bars. Well you will all be happy to know that they are releasing 3 different style bars right from the start. So let's get some information on all three.

The first on the left (green)are the Striper Bars. With this bar design becoming more popular it only makes sense that these be one of the styles that Blunt allows you to choose. These bars are really strong but also light.

AUS Price- 89$

Next up you see the Candy Bars (red). These are the lightest 4130 bars of the three styles. Weighing in at only 950g.

AUS Price- 79$

Last but certainly not least, are the MrT Bars (purple). These are the strongest bars that Blunt Scooters has to offer right now. These are sure to stand up to even the hardest of riders.

AUS Price- 89$

All of these are available in 15 different colors. The sizes range from:

500mm wide by 450mm, 500mm and 550mm high

These bars are made from the highest grade thermal treated 4130-T4 Cromo and they are butted making them some of the strongest but also lightest bars on the market today. However, just to be certain you guys are buying the best possible bars for your money, these also come with a 6 month weld warranty. Any problems with your welds, take a picture and send it in to BluntScooters and they will take care of it for you.

So you want to be one of the first to get your hands on Blunt Bars? Well keep an eye out for them to hit stores on May 20th!

As always for all breaking news in the sport, and all your information and updates on Blunt Scooters...Keep checking

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 23rd Stop #1 of "The Razor Exposed Tour"

Check out the new flyer for stop number one of the tour. EVERYONE should be trying to make it out to this if you are in the area. It is going to be a great competition, amazing sponsors, and great prizes.

As always for all news and updates regarding the Razor Exposed Tour, you can read about it first on Inside-Scooters.

Jason Beggs and Sammy Hetherington Super 60.

This video definitely redefines the "super" in super 60.
Tight filming and editing by Josh Toy.
Flawless riding in every way, style, clean and just a little bit different to your run of the mill park rider.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nate Grant/Jordan Jasa Super 60

Two of the worlds best park riders take a full force assault against Sammamish skatepark. They took no prisoners.

Lucky Scooters DVD.

To describe the epicness that this trailer holds, i'd need to invent 50+ new words to even begin telling you.
Although, actions speak louder than words, let the video do the talking.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Exposed Tour Gets a Slight Name Change..

Something that has the whole sport buzzing is the recent news of “The Exposed Tour”. The Exposed Tour is the first real Competition circuit in our sport. The Tour is taking place on the West Coast, and it has been said that if this goes well…There will be an East Coast Exposed Tour, and Midwest Exposed Tour.

While The Exposed Tour has a huge list of sponsoring companies, one company has agreed to be the Title Sponsor. That company, is Razor USA. So the name of the competition circuit is now going to be known as, “The Razor Exposed Tour”.

Now before anyone gets worried that the rules or tour stops might be changed by Razor, think again. This tour is still going to be coordinated and organized by the original people behind it. What Razor is doing is using all of its popularity and connections to help promote this tour far beyond what could have been done without them. They are looking forward to working with all of the new companies that are involved with Freestyle Scootering, and view this as an opportunity to renew and expand their support of our sport.

For Razor to step up as the Title Sponsor of the Exposed Tour shows that they see a lot of promise in the sport of Freestyle Scootering. The Exposed Tour becoming The Razor Exposed Tour means good news not just for the Tour itself, but for everyone who is competing. This competition circuit could very well set a new standard in the sport of Freestyle Scootering.

For any and ALL updates on The Razor Exposed Tour be sure to check Inside-Scooters.

Here are the official dates and locations for the Razor Exposed Tour:

May 23, 2010 Krause Family Skate Park (YMCA) San Diego, Ca

August 28, 2010 Battle Ground Skate Park Battle Ground, Wa

September 18, 2010 X-Court Glendale, Az

October 17, 2010 Skate Barn West Renton, Wa

Get to Know SOA + New SOA Team Rider

Scooters Only Australia was one of the first companies I ever remember coming out of Australia and starting to sponsor local riders. They have came long way since their early help everyone get to know them I recently caught up with Justin the owner of SOA and asked him a few questions. Check out the interview below.
Steven: So when exactly did SOA start, and why was it started?

Justin: SOA was founded Back in early 2008, Starting on eBay with scooter products, we have traded online now for 7 years via eBay & website’s we started in video games like SONY, Nintendo & Mircosoft basicly cause gaming was a passion/Hobbie for me back then after sum years trading in video games & console modchips/installs I was at my local shopping mail then walked past the toy window to know the razor’s were on special so I walked in got one headed of to the skate park, after not riding for over 4 years & yeah just feel in love with the sport once again, this was back in early 2008 after sum research to find sum actual scooter parts I wouldn’t break like my razor I just got I searched the net finding not much so I set out a goal to offer clients what I always dreamed of & wanted as a young scooter rider from the year 2001 when I started, basicly started of there with the simple yak & razor stuff on eBay until we started the new company now called Scooters Only Australia Pty ltd we sort merged from eBay to our SOA website which lead us to where we are today, there is a lot more to the story we just didn’t want to bore you all.

Steven: I remember SOA as being one of the first companies to start making and selling pegs, what made you guys want to make pegs?

Justin: Well this again comes back to my days of riding from 2001, around 2003 just before I stopped I made sum home made pegs, like we always had the sockets & blade scooter brakes had a insert we used for pegs but it just didn’t cut it, in 2003 I made sum welded hand made aussie pegs I used until I sort not really grow out of scooters or didn’t love it, basicly growing up & work took over making it hard to ride all the time.

But when I came back to the sport in 2008 I had notice there wasn’t pegs still years later this hadn’t been done by any company I had heard of so that was the first product we designed to make for our clients, as you guys both know from riding them they are a great product depending on the model or scooter set up you had for the time back then over 1 year ago there wasn’t many pegs like these days, we had redesigned out product bout 6 times, not that it was no good, just basicly cause of the change of market like new forks out, new decks compared to when we started with mainly just pro or micro decks to work with, we actually bring out the BMX style pegs ages ago but the market didn’t seem to be interested then only interested in the solid axle peg models we had, as you can see now most of the pegs out to date are a bmx style/designed peg on a scooter scale size just shows you how the sport has grown also the interest from clients & companies these days I believe its great to its just making this sport lead to were it should be at.

Steven: After a while, SOA kind of disappeared? Can you tell us what happened in that time you were absent?

Justin: Well basicly work took over not SOA, but my other full time job as a chef we had big plans for SOA last year then I got sort busy working in the industry ive been in for over 10 years, my online gaming then SOA business wasn’t a full time thing it was a hobbie to do with stuff like loved & had passion for which was gaming & scooters but as you see scooters more it took over me, we did have website server troubles during this time when I was working 65+ hrs a week so we sort had to stop I had no time & yeah it really hurt me that I couldn’t keep up the plans we had set inplace priour to starting the company name & website. How ever things now have changed as you might notice & we are growing rapidly like the boiling water at my old work every day.

Steven: Being back now, what can we expect from SOA in the future?

Justin: Well we can give away too much we for the time until we release the SOA new range which is mostly 100% Australian Manufactured Products we will only be stocking brands we retail for, we have a number at the moment with most the fine quality international brand which as a rider myself I beleave in this basicly is our moto that if I wouldn’t ride it or let my cousin ride it I wouldn’t stock or sell it, as for our SOA range we can give u a teaser with out spilling the beans to much, we have baiscly a full range of quality after market parts basicly setting a new standard with No Welds yes I hope we confuse you all with saying this, but it is true we will release a range of products from Decks, forks, bars, clamps & brakes all aussie made which is a first all high end quality material & designs there will be a new website for this range aside from the SOA store so look out for this in the future

Steven: Being one of the very first companies we worked with Inside-Scooters over a year ago, It's good to have you back. What made you want to work with IS again?

Justin: Well basicly the above reply relates to this, basicly we have started as a full time company so we are back here with you guys

Steven: Thanks Justin, do you have any last words?

Justin: Well I think I raved on too much as always we would just like to thanks every one around the world for your support & special thanks you guys at inside for the support yopu have given us since our return in 2010, we look forward to working with the community to bring a brighter future to this sport.

So after reading that, I think it's clear that we have one more legit company in our sport. Also below is their latest rider to have been made a part of the SOA Team.

Frano Briski is from the Goldcoast in Australia, and recently finished his latest SOA Edit. Check it out below...and expect to see more good things from Frano and the rest of the riders at SOA in the future on Inside-Scooters.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Super 60 Announcement!

Super 60 Intro from Jordan on Vimeo.

So theres been some confusion regarding our Super 60 features...whether you had to be asked to do one, or just go ahead and make one yourself. Well now, we are opening up the S60 to be made by anyone...providing you use the intro I have posted above, which you can download here. Then, after you make your S60, you can show it to us and if we like it, we'll post it up. If not, don't take it personally...But yeah, now ANYONE can make a Super 60, so long as you use the NEW intro. Thanks guys, now lets see some gnarly S60s!

New intro made by Sam Short of Film Reel Scooters.

Sammy Sesh

The day after Cootercon Inward went to Sammamish Skatepark to session, Cam Ward from DSA and District showed up a bit later and so we filmed for a bit. Afterwards I asked them a few quick questions. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kiara Meade 720

First girl to 720? They're saying shes sponsored by Razor and can flip...pretty nuts, especially for an 11 year old girl.

Also check out her first Day Video..which according to Mohamed was filmed in about 20 minutes....This girl is going to be extremely good in a year or so if she keeps at it. And I guess when you got locals riding TIC like Mohamed Alsulaibi and Josh Kish that has to help a little bit too..haha.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

ECX Comp

2 comp posts in one day? Awesome. Ths one is May 15th, coming up real soon. Be there or be circular.

Fifth Annual Xtreme Wheels Comp

Once again, Matt Dibble and Viriginia Clark came together to put out a welcome/teaser video for the XW scooter comp. How can you not love Virginia? The lady has just as much energy as most scooter riders do, if not more haha. If you weren't there last year, you should def plan on making it this time around...shes not joking, that free breakfast was soo prime.

SOA Has New Eagle-Sport Wheels in Stock

If you are in Australia, and you want to get your hands on some new Eagle-Sport wheels, SOA is the place you want to go. They recently got a shipment of new Eagle-Sport wheels, and they ship the same day you buy them. Check out the flyer below from SOA.

And head on over to SOA by clicking the following Link.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Blunt Scooters New Bearings

When Blunt Scooters hit the scene in Australia, they are making it their duty to hit it hard. Coming out soon with a full line of products ranging from big to small. A while ago we saw their huge variety in griptapes which you can check out by clicking the following link. Blunt Griptape

And now they recently released their Abec 9 Blunt Scooters Bearings. These things look amazing, and come in their individual packaging, and come with two special Blunt spacers for easy installation. You can purchase them right now for 22$ aud. So check with all your local scooter parts dealers and see if they carry Blunt Scooters Bearings. Check out the pics below.

Also guys everyday that passes is one more day until the end of this contest! So for everyone in Australia and New Zealand! BluntScooters is still holding their contest..Where ALL you have to do is ENTER and you have a chance to win a FULL YEARS worth of Blunt Scooter Gear equivalent to 1,000 dollars of parts.

Updates on that competition will be coming soon. Make sure you and all of your friends enter this competition, because SOMEONE is going to get lucky and win a free years worth of some really high quality stuff. Click the link below to enter the contest!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boston Chowda Jam

Check it out, find more info on here. Flyer by Margaret Mulligan.

Colby La-Chiusa Super 60.

Featuring the new super 60 intro, made for inside scooters by Sam Short.

Watch carefully, there's alot to miss in here. This has to be one of the best super 60's we've seen at inside scooters, consistency wise. How one person can film 5 minutes and 30 seconds of straight tricks, in 60 minutes is beyond me.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Josh Kish Scooter Check

Josh is sponsored by Inward Scooters and Phoenix Scooters. He dominates park competitions and always has a ton of fun while riding. This is his scooter check.

Happy Birthday Matt Ogle and Zig Short!

Two of the sports best riders, both on the Inward Scooters Team, turned 20 today! Hope you have a good one guys :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nick Darger Web Edit

Nick Darger at one point was just another rider from the So Cal area. So Cal riders used to just be seen as riders that couldn't ride street and were confined to the many parks in the area. Well it didn't take too long for Nick to change that. A couple years ago Nick started to progress in His park riding got even better, and his street riding got a lot better. Nick is one of the few riders in So Cal that throw down equally hard in street and park...This edit proves that.

It's pretty well cheating to be that good at both street and park.

Adam Rouse DSA Cambo Forks Promo

Adam Rouse is a DSA Team Rider for Australia. He is a top promoter of DSA in Australia, and this video proves no different. With the recent release of DSA's Cambo Forks, Adam decided to make a video to promote them. Check it out below.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

CooterCon Nine

Footage I got from last month's Cootercon at Skatebarn West in Renton, Washington. A lot of crazy stuff went down, super glad that I got to go.

Eagle-Sport Australia Team Announcement

During the months of March and April Eagle-Sport was accepting open applications from riders from all around Australia to see who would get a chance to ride on the Eagle-Sport Team. In April a rider was the name of Chris Hart. However, receiving over 50 applications...Eagle felt that they could fit another rider onto the Australian Team. That rider is......

Jackson Manzie

I caught up with Jackson to ask him some questions so those who don't know him can get to know the new Eagle-Sport Team rider a little better.

1. Name, Age, Location

Jackson James Manzie. 17. Sydney, Australia.

2. When and how did you start riding scooters?

I used to mess around on them, doing bunnyhops and manuals when I was about 7, then I saw a video of Alex Peasley about 7 years later by chance and started messing around a bit more seriously.

3. Who are some of your favorite people to ride with?

Aaron Bransdon, Geordie Mac, Jamie Fox, Max Margalit and Alec Burman for sure. From America, i'd say Tyler Wheeland, John and Nick Darger for sure. Other than that, I like riding with most of the people from western sydney too.

4. What made you want to try out for Eagle-Sport?

I guess the opportunity to be part of something bigger, something a little more serious. Plus as everyone knows its a company that makes amazing parts, so to be a part of that is really special.

5. Now that you're on Eagle-Sport do you plan on making any changes?

It's sort of unrelated but I think i'd like to start riding street a lot more. I've been riding it a fair bit lately and i've developed a taste for finding spots and riding them, so yup :)

6. What are your future plans for scootering?

Buy a new camera hopefully, make some fun video projects, hang out with my mates, ride a scooter and represent Eaglesport. Sounds like a plan dontchaknowit?

Below is a little video that Jackson filmed for this piece. Enjoy it, and stay tuned for some really big things from Eagle-Sport Australia in the future. Congratulations to Jackson Manzie for becoming a part of the Eagle-Sport Family.

Inside Scooters thingy from Jackson Manzie on Vimeo.

Royce King of Style

Edit of Royce King done by Nickeh. Royce has been one of my favorite riders to watch for over 3 years now. Kid just has some amazing style, and is an amazing park rider. He is also a really underrated street rider in Aus. Although this video doesn't showcase his street skills. Hopefully Royce will make a street video in the future.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Matthew Somers Mini Video 1

Matt Somers isn't the most well known name when you think of East Coast riders. However, with his first mini video recently dropping..I think that's going to change soon. This guy has some talent...and if he continues to progress in street and going to become a really amazing well rounded rider. Check out his Mini Vid 1/District Sponsor Me below.