Monday, February 29, 2016

NY park mix

Jcott put together this "slightly old park footy" featuring a bunch of different East Coast dudes. Nothing too crazy, just some solid park cruising to a chill track. Just enough to make you wanna go sesh with the homies.

Darcy Altavilla

Darcy is one of Friendly's finest young lads. He's been filming since Lux dropped last year and you can tell he's put a lot of time into it.  He puts together some awesome lines with a killer style and trick choice. Love the grabs and that cone hop back lip was fire. Great job by this dude.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Collin DaSilva Shredit

Collin's been a bit quiet recently, but that wasn't for no reason.  He's been steadily stacking clips for some time now. He's labeled these clips as "stale" and "throwaway" but the dude puts down some entertaining clips.  Flip whip smith was super unexpected! That double peg around the curve was rad too.  This guy would benefit so much from having a proper filmer though.

Monday, February 22, 2016


I can't explain why, but this had a sort of nostalgic quality about it to me. Maybe it reminded me of back in the day, where the Aussies all seemed to ride parks in the middle of nowhere, but were always so good. Maybe it was just the good ol fashioned shredding, no crazy attempts at worldies to get insta followers. Credit to Nickeh for continually setting the standard down in Australia for video production.

SCUM. (Gerardo Gonzales)

So I guess some beef went down between Flowto rider Gerardo and the now ex-TGE intern, Bryan Hillman.  To retaliate, Bryan uploaded this raw footy of Gerardo. I don't get how that works as revenge (why not delete or hold it hostage?), but this boy is fun to watch ride and Bryan captures it pretty well. Front board whip pop uprail was done so nicely each time. It's sick to see him keep trying tricks even after landing one to get it just how he wants.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Woodward Waffles

This is probably the best Woodward edit I've seen in a long time. Concrete's Anton Abramson made the annual migration to Woodward West for the February scooter weekend along with the rest of the crew, and filmed this of all the homies who were there. There are way too many names to list so just watch and enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Flashback Friday- Anarky 2: Josh Toy

Bit of history for ya'll today. Back in 2004, a video called Anarky 2 was released.  Primarily featuring East Coast riders, Anarky 2 became a classic. It was a couple years before my time, but I definitely watched it countless times after discovering it.  I'm not quite sure of the impact at the time, but with tricks like bar to fingerwhip, and all the manual and grindbox combos, Josh Toy's part had to be a standout. I'm not sure if the full video is online anymore, drop a comment if you know where to find it!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Alchemyst: Karl's T Promo

Who is Karl? I don't know, but his series of T-shirts by Alchemyst has just been released, and this a video to promote them. Fast paced, cool spots and nice filming make this another quality video from these guys. You can cop a shirt at

Hi-Def Hijack

Back in 2014 John Cottle got to film these clips of Hep Greg at Woodward with an HVX.  For whatever reason the footy never saw the light of day until now. For a short session, Greg put on a show...fav was the gap to 50 on the jersey barrier.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stefan Hefner: Self Titled

When you see a new video from a dude like Stefan Hefner pop up in your feed, you waste no time in watching it. Stefan Hefner has had a bit of a tumultuous year. His company, Source Scooters, fizzled out, and while he was on River Wheel Co, ended up splitting ways with them as well. But, he was always stacking clips, and here is the culmination of his 2015 efforts. His riding only has only gotten more intense and developed- there's less of the huge, heelbusting stairsets and gaps, and more of the unique gaps and bump to bars that few in scootering are hurdling. In fact he probably does the biggest bump to bars ever hit on a scooter in this video, a habit of his that have caused some to deem the obstacle a "bump to Stefan" instead.

It's pretty crazy how in this day and age a rider of his caliber isn't sponsored. Goes to show how far scootering still has to go to support even the top level riders.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Jon deVrind "Peace East"

So Crisp's Jon DeVrind is making the move out from Delaware to sunny California, and decided to mark his departure with this video. Filmed over the past year, Jon hit up spots all over the East Coast for this one. His signature style is always enjoyable to watch with combos that will melt your brain. There were a lot of sick spots I haven't seen before in this, and Jon ripped em a new one.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Remembering Dave Mirra.

Yesterday the news broke that BMX legend Dave Mirra committed suicide. There are few who are able to transcend an individual sport within the action sports universe, but the Miracle Boy was one of them. Dave's impact on the world is hard to measure- I grew up watching him compete in the X-Games, Gravity Games, reading about him in magazines, even doing drawings of him for school. It's safe to say he had a huge influence in getting me interested in action sports, and I'm sure countless others. Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ISSAC 02/02/2016

I've known Issac since the start of his scootering life, and in that time (about six years) he has never stopped progressing, but more importantly, never once wavered in his love for riding. It's been the number one thing in his life since that day he showed up to my local hometown library spot. You want to know how to be good at scootering? You want to "make it" in this sport? You can ride every day, push yourself as hard as you can..but if you don't have that passion like Issac does, you'll never reach the next level. This dude is out front board whipping double kinks and back noseblunting long ass ledges. You don't get there without talent, practice, AND passion. Love this guy, happy birthday to him.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eretic Snowscoot 2016 edit

From the guys behind Ethic comes a new snow scooter company: Eretic. The first run of these things is coming this month to Europe; sadly, I don't know if they will be available in the US. This video documents a few of the dudes ripping a mountain. I'd say they've barely touched the tip of the iceberg at whats possible on these things, hopefully we'll get to see more footage soon.  A real street edit on one would be so cool.

LARD BATTLE V4 by La Brioche

The LARD Battle is sort of a game of SCOOT between two crews.  In this video, its riders from Paris pitted against riders not from Paris, all at the Dissidence warehouse. As you can expect, many of the top Frenchies were in attendance doing some mindblowing moves.  It seemed to have taken place during Halloween as well, so there's some nice costumes too. I'm not even sure who won but I don't think anyone cared haha, looks like they were having a great time.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Sky High Presents: Reece Doezema

The Reece Doezema Experience is a trippy, mind-blowing, hilarious, inspiring, hell of a thing. This kid, age 15, filmed this 22 minute video over three months in his own hometown of Traverse City, then took two months to edit it himself.  It's hard enough to film one part in your own hometown, much less the equivalent of like 7. This is also Reece's first real part. The quality sucks, the lens is always dirty, he didn't know what steadyshot was, and none of his homies are legitimate filmers, but damn if this video doesn't make you wanna go shred.