Sunday, January 31, 2010

Josh Young Tilt Pegs Edit

J-Young doing it for Tilt. Bar to ice...pop off!

Adam Rouse - Street Edit.

Someone needs to tell Adam Rouse to slow down on the edits, he releases so many i can't keep up with them to post.
This edit being 100% street, and no exception, one of the most solid street riders in Australia at the moment, without a doubt.

Dan Holm Winter Mini

Wow. Dan's style is so unique. So good at flowing and airing, yet he can do super tech hang five/nose manual combos. There's none other like him.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nickeh's Leftovers.

There's a clip in this video that will blow minds.
I'm not sure how old it is, but as soon as you see it, you'll know exactly what i'm talking about.
This video just goes to show how good the Australian scene is at the moment, most of this footage being throwaway from the like of Adam Bolton, Coedie Donovan, Luke Burland and a few other names from the lens of Nick Hodgskin,

MBV Scooter Comp Flyer

Check it outtt. 1st comp to be held in Canada? If you're from up north you should definitely try to make it, the one and only Matt Dibble will be there!!1!

RAD video

Shredding from the RAD crew, including Cary Mosbrucker, Stan Smirnoff, and Tyler Bonner. Cary's foot sliding trick are so gnarly haha. And Tyler is just a machine.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Matt Stevenson Ipod Check v.2

Among the many bands and artists Matt Stevenson enjoys, Miley Cyrus happens to be one of them. If you know anything about Matt, you might think that he likes her for reasons other than her singing...However, this is not the case. Matt happens to be an avid viewer of Hannah Montana, and has seen the Hannah Montana movie over 20 times. Whenever she visits Matt's native town of Kapuskasing, Canada for a concert, you can be sure to find Matt screaming with the rest of the 12 year old girls in the front row. Don't get me wrong though, Matt listens to a lot of other singers besides Miley...Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga, for example. None of which, funnily enough, appear in this Ipod check.

1. Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)- The Tragically Hip
Really good Canadian band. They actually have a song about a hockey player from the area I live in who played for my favorite team, so yeah, definitely like their music a lot.

2. Aluminum Union- Strike Anywhere
Why is it that a band Greg got me into always comes up? I really love punk and this band definitely pulls it off. Just love to shred on my skis (hello there is snow in Canada) listening to this shit.

3. Pour Down Your Sunshine- Bob Marley
To put it simple, I fucking love reggae. It's so chill and shit. My dad was a big Marley fan and so am I.

4. Father Time- Texas in July
Brian Boston mentioned this band on SR before so I checked it out. Turns out they are a wicked awesome metalcore band from PA. That's why he likes it I guess. But if you are into metalcore, check this band out, they will not disappoint.

5. South of Heaven- Slayer
So happy this came up because I have been listening to it a lot lately. The guitar just has such an evil sound. Plus it's Slayer. All you kids need to stop listening to just rap and get some metal on your Ipod.

6. Fifty-Mission Cap- The Tragically Hip
As if this song came up. This is the song that I mentioned earlier. To pretty much sum up what it's about, Bill Barilko was a hockey player for the Leafs. He played 5 years, winning 4 cups in the years he played. He scored in overtime of game 7 to win the cup. This was in 1951. He then went on a fishing trip with Dr. Henry Hudson. On the way back, the plane crashed. Anyways, the Leafs didn't win another cup until 1962. That same year, they found Barilko's body.

7. That'll Be The Day- Streetlight Manifesto
This band is my favorite third wave ska band. Not their best song (my personal favorite is Point/Counterpoint) but it is really good all the same.

8. Every Time I Look For You- Blink 182
My favorite band. I was so bummed when I didn't get tickets to see them this summer. I guarantee that everyone who has heard them likes at least one song.

9. Outlive the War- Jedi Mind Tricks
I knew we couldn't avoid the rap in this Ipod check. Jake (Spicy Mchaggis) mentioned them in the SR chat before so I checked them out. They are actually really good.

10. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- The Beatles
Everyone loves The Beatles. If you say you don't, you are clearly lying. They are the most influential band to ever exist and are amazing. Seriously, download, I mean buy The Beatles Discography.

After SD4 Follow up with MaddGear

One of the most memorable moments in the sport of scootering thus far, has easily been when the entire MaddGear Team made it all the way from Australia to California for the SD4 competition. This was a huge moment in our sport, and everyone who was at the SD4 Competition was able to be a part of that. The MaddGear Team proved at SD4 that they are a Team not just made up of some of the most dominant riders in Australia, but in the entire world. With two of their Team riders placing in the Pro Division of the competition. I recently was able to ask the entire MaddGear Team some questions about the trip, so let’s see what they had to say.

1. Who did you guys enjoy meeting or riding with the most?

Adam (Ladam) Bolton – CAPRON FUNK for sure and yes it’s in capitals for a reason, I love this guy…had to be my best American friend for sure.

Billie Rainbow – Haha no way can I list the people that I loved riding with, all of them are mega fun to ride with.

Coedie Donovan – Mine would have to be with Stan, Sanchez were the mains they don’t really go hard they just flow with steez…

Jaxon Andrawartha – Ummm not really sure if I had a fav, but I defz had a lot of people I wish i didn’t have to say good by to. Eg. Ryan :), Benj (love u), Capron, Hayden, Ladam, Coedie hahah, Bill Dogg, pickles :) (Craig the filmer) + everyone else. sorry if I didn’t mention u, ur still loved :D

Luke Picket – Well mostly the MGP riders I haven’t met, and all of the Americans

Nick Hodgskin – Everybody, not one person was an ass. But if I had to cut it down to a couple, I’d say Tyler, Chris, Nick. Benj, matt, Connor and Alex.

Ryan Williams – Everyone was amazing. But I reckon I had the most fun riding with BenJ, He is one of the most amazing riders I have ever met.

2. What was your favorite part of the whole trip to the US?

Adam (Ladam) Bolton – There was so many to choose from, some that cant be mentioned but sd4 would have to take the cake.

Billie Rainbow – I’d say a toss up between Aussie sesh an sd4, very hard to choose.

Coedie Donovan – Probley the real ride bbq because everyone was there riding and having a good time and I felt like it was home because you don’t see this many scooters riders that are good at skateparks much in Aussie land.

Jaxon Andrawartha – didn’t have a favourite again the whole trip was an amazing thing in itself. I enjoyed every part and Coedie and Ryan made it even more enjoy.

Luke Picket – The American parks.

Nick Hodgskin – 4th January bbq at da compound

3. Where was your favorite place to ride in California?

Adam (Ladam) Bolton – Big Chino skate park was my favourite, or Ocean Beach.

Billie Rainbow – Carlsbad skatepark for me, park and street together in a perfect mix

Coedie Donovan – didn’t really have a fav but if it comes down to it would probley have to be real ride…

Jaxon Andrawartha – SD4 (clairmont) I think it was the best coz it had a lil of everything. I also really like da compound.

Luke Picket – probably the sd4 park were the comp was at

Nick Hodgskin – I’d have to say either da compound or san clement

Ryan Williams – Da Compound and Chino

4. Why did this trip mean a lot to you?

Adam (Ladam) Bolton – Because it had a lot of new things to learn from, it was such an experience to ride with all of them.

Billie Rainbow – the opportunity to represent Australia doing what I love? How can it get any better than that!

Coedie Donovan – it was the first time outta Australia and was the best experience to meet the overseas riders, all the riders hitting up the different parks that we went to, chilling with the riders and having a good time and just to be in America was amazing…

Jaxon Andrawartha – because I not only got to meet the rest of this amazing team i also got to meet alot of our idols, people we look up to in riding. I think thats wat made it really special and the fact that Aussies clearly stand out against the yanks. also like to say thanks to mike, he gave all of us a chance and experience to see something new, we had the most fun I think we could of, we rode to the best we could, and laughed as much as we could of aswell. Thanks mike. hope ur not sick of us yet because i look forward to future trips :)

Luke Picket – because people don’t take scootering seriously and don’t think that you can go anywhere with it, and now we’ve proven to them that scootering is going far now.

Nick Hodgskin – the trip meant alot to me because I got to meet nearly everyone I always wanted to meet. Everyone in America is so rad and I can’t wait to come back.

Ryan Williams – Because I had the time of my life and I will never forget it or the people I met on it.

MaddGear as a company and a Team are clearly separating themselves away from a lot of other companies and Teams out there. There aren't that many companies that will fly their entire Team across the world for a competition. MaddGear has shown true dedication to the sport of scootering and to it's Team. I think a lot of companies can learn something not just from Mike Horne on how to run a company, but from the MaddGear Team on how to represent a company. I expect nothing but more huge things from MaddGear.

All Photos Taken by Ryan Corless

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Josh Toy Ipod Check

(Josh and his wife, April, at their wedding.)

Josh Toy. You all know the name, which has been synonymous with Razor for years. A seasoned veteran at the ripe old age of 24, Josh has traveled all over the world to ride for his sponsors. Living in Anaheim, CA means going to places like Japan, Wisconsin, and the East Coast takes a long time. One of the things that helps make the ride a little more tolerable for Josh, is music. Josh has his own custom 8 gig Ipod Shuffle...which I told him to turn to shuffle, and list the first 10 songs that came up. Here is Josh Toy's Ipod Check.

1. Alexisonfire - Emerald Street
I got turned onto Alexisonfire when I met up with Chris Daigle after he moved to San Diego, CA with his now ex-girlfriend. It was shortly before the Open Ground Comp in Reno. We ended up taking Chris to the Open Ground Comp, via my wifes hot momma mini van, haha. We blasted Alexisonfire the entire way there, and pretty much the entire way back. Good times.

2. Asher Roth - Lark On My Go-Kart
Him and Eminem have been two of the select few I heard on MTV and thought were actually talented. Asher Roth gets compared to Eminem because he is a white rapper and happens to kind of sound like Eminem back in the Slim Shady days. But he's definitely unique. One of my favorite hip hop artists now.

3. Circa Survive - Act Appalled
Circa Survive is super legit. I have been a fan for awhile. If you're into bands like Saosin or Chiodos, you will enjoy this band. You can also hear them in the BLT videos.

4. Lower Definition - To Satellite
I've been an avid fan of Lower Definition for about ten years now. They are signed to Ferret Music now, same label that bands like In Flames, Elysia, The Devil Wears Prada, and many others are signed to. They are a band from San Diego. My first show I saw them at, was actually my first ever show. I was excited as hell. I came mainly to see them, but they were also playing with Yesterdays Rising. After that show, I was really stoked on them. I also used some of their old music, pre Ferret signing, in KC Cornings RVM4 part.

5.He Is Legend - Don't Touch That Dial
Southern hard rock at it's best. One of those extremely underrated bands. I have seen them live a couple times and they are still considered one of the best bands I've ever seen. I remember the last show I went to, a guy in the crowd threw a bottle of water and it hit the lead singer in the head. They were in the middle of "The Seduction" and the entire band stopped. Stood on stage, not a word spoken, lead singer looking at the lead guitarist with a "okay, that just happened?!?!" look on his face. After a good 20-30 second of silence and fans booing the person. Everyone thought this was their way of saying fuck you, we're done. They randomly started back up off a hard note mid way through I Am Hollywood. Sickest fucking thing I have ever seen live, haha.

6. Outasight - Brand New Day
Really good underground white hip hop artist from New York. He just signed to Asylum/Warner Music. I've been a fan for a few years now. He looks nerdy as shit, would never think he was a hip hop artist. Then you hear him, and he's incredible. Found him on MySpace Music while browsing for good hip hop to possibly edit with.

7. The Devil Wears Prada - Assistant To The Regional Manager
Amazing band. And this just so happens to be my favorite song by them.

8. The Black Dahlia Murder - I'm Charming
Great metal band. Many nights of drinking with friends and listening to this band.

9. The Rise Of Science - Dark Eyes Dreaming
Fairly new band to me. They added me as a friend on MySpace and I have been listening to them ever since. Kind of reminds me of Circa Survive in a way, just not such whiny vocals.

10. Metallica - Dyers Eve
I've been listening to Metallica since I was about four, haha. My father has always been a metalhead at heart. We had long drives across the country for national races in BMX and Metallica was one of the most listened to bands on those trips. So I grew up on old Metallica. In my opinion, there have only been a handful of good songs from Metallica after The Black Album. Dyers Eve is one of my favorite songs from Metallica also.

Nic Macris and Hayden Oconnor: Dogg Edit

..Just wow. I don't think I've seen a spine get destroyed that bad in a longgg time. I met Hayden for the first time at SD4, and he is an awesome guy, and an amazing rider which you can easily see in this video. Also..Nic, with a Front buttercup drop in.... yeah, enough said.

Matt Mckeen.

Seek on youtube, and you shall find random gems of goodness.
Geordie Mcaleer sent this to me randomly.
Chink to manny, wallride in is godly.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tamworth 2010.

It's not often we get to see a "trip video" like we do in the skate and bmx industry, but i'm beginning to notice that when we do, it's always bangin'
This video featuring Ben Harradine, Colby La-chiusa, Max Margalit, Jackson Manzie and Alec Burman (Apparently he's back in scooters, hopefully for good).

Set the youtube to 720p, sit back, and watch the laid back stylings of Tamworth, Outback Australia.

From the man himself.

There we are folks,
Straight from the horse's mouth.

Just incase you've been living under a rock the last month or so, the old edit can be found here; Brendon Smith - New Edit

1 Dollar Eagle-Sport Sticker Sheets at DSA

Everyone at the SD4 Competition got to see the new Eagle-Sport stickers first hand, and grab as many as they could at the DSA/Eagle-Sport table. For those of you who could not make it, and would still like to get your hands on an Eagle-Sport sticker sheet containing ( 7 ) stickers of various size and design. You can now head over to and for 1 dollar get yourself a sheet of Eagle-Sport stickers. Click the link below to head over there now.

Eagle-Sport Stickers

Below is a picture of the Sticker Sheet

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nate Grant Clips

Last clip is such a banger. Watch for a switch line too. He said hes learning bartwist and briflips with his new Kota how to dvd, so watch out for all new levels of tech from him!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who, What, Where, and Why with Adam Rouse

Adam Rouse in 2009 really broke onto the scene. He mixes flat, tech, and park riding really well. In what seems like all of his videos there are always a few parts you need to rewind and watch again just to understand what he just did. He is truly an up and comer in the sport and in Australia. I caught up with Adam recently to ask him the 4 W's.

Who in our sport or any sport inspires you to ride the way you do?

Adam: Well I'd have to say Matt Mckeen, James Bull and Brandon Kilbury. Matt Mckeen for his skateboarding and just insane type of street riding, and originality in all kinds of street riding. James Bull for his chilled attitide yet will unleash the hammers whenever he rides, wherever he rides. And Brandon Kilbury For just going big, being crazily dialed at the craziest of tricks, and insanely clean style.

What was the hardest trick for you to land so far in scootering?

Adam: There has been a lot of hard ones, but my most one would have to be quint whip a spine. It took me a lot of tries to land it, especially on a 40 degree celcious summers day in the sun haha!

Where is your favorite place to ride?

Adam: hmm, probably any type of street. I love just riding around all day looking for stuff and finally finding a perfect spot to ride at and have fun for a long time at that spot.

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Adam: I just ride to have fun these days, and to meet new people and gain some friends, it great meeting a new person and riding with them at new places!
Anyway thanks for the interview!

Check out some of Adam's latest footage here. Theres some switch in there, so pay attention haha....Not to mention..Feeble to hang 5 to double whip out?! Adam, Adam, Adam..

New Footage From: Elijah Pogrund

One of my favorite riders to watch. We've feature Elijah's videos a couple times on IS, and they always deliver. He is such a consistent rider and always has some really sick tricks in his videos. Check out his latest little edit below.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lucky DVD Teaser...

So sick. Def hope this happens. Especially stoked on Donatelli's stuff, especially after his 951 part, this upcoming one will be nuts. Full parts from all team are expecting, including:

James Gee
Evan yamada
Blake Bailor
Jessee Ikedah
Raymond Warner
Nick Donatelli
Mike Montgomery

Tyler wheeland
Stefan Hefner
Callum Batty
Brenton Reid
and Evan Larson

Get to Know: Dylan Scholes

One thing that seems to separate Australia from the US in a big way, is the amount of unknown talent there. It seems like everyday more and more Aussie riders are popping up and they are all extremely talented. Dylan Scholes is no exception. Check out two of his latest videos below. One of them edited by the talented, Nickeh.

Keep checking IS for more updates on well known and unknown riders, and everything else in the sport of scootering.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inward Store Update

Some updates from the Inward Store, check it out.

"In addition to the District clamps, Inward is now stocking the District bearing sets. These are some of the fastest bearings around, and they come with 2 of the Eaglesport spacers for easy axis installation. Some updates from the Inward Store, check it out.

We have also expanded our grips selection beyond traditional black; Animal Grips are now also available in Blue and Red; ODI longnecks are available in Orange, Pink, Lime Green, and Purple.

Inward purchased Phoenix' entire January production run so we have plenty of Phoenix decks in stock ready to ship!

In addition to Inward stickers, Yak and Eagle stickers are FREE with the purchase of Yak or Eaglesport wheels!!

Happy Birthday IS!

Three days ago (the 17th) was the 1 year anniversary of the first post on Inside Scooters! We've gone a long ways since then, getting bigger than I ever thought we would. So, I'd like thank you, the reader. None of this is possible without you, so thanks! Free cake on Steven!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top 5 Videos of December

I know, this is SUPER late.  I probably tried finishing this about 10 times until tonight.  A combination of several factors kept me from finishing it though, including SD4, cracking my collarbone and entering into a sedentary depression caused by not being able to ride, and just my own procrastination.  But mainly it was my procrastination, which leads me to ask myself, am I a writer with a procrastination problem, or a procrastinator with a writing problem?  Either way, I hate writing when I’m not feeling it, forcing words onto the paper (or screen in this case) is just no good. 

There weren’t a whole lot of videos in December, but most that were released were amazing.  Three Inward riders (Josh Kish, Matt Ogle, and myself) released some amazing stuff, Josh’s including a few trick firsts, and Matt pushing the levels of originality.  The Aussies left their mark again, with Coedie releasing his first footage in ages for Maddgear, and Brendon Smith releasing a long-awaited edit.  And then the Europeans.  Benjamin Friant, the Swiss shredder, released one of the most epic videos I can think of in recent memory.  French ID dropped a video showcasing their new-look team.  All of these videos made it a VERY hard choice for me to choose the order of the top 5…so hard that I actually didn’t order them this time.  So, here are my top 5 videos of December, in NO order.  Enjoy.

(Click the pictures to see the video)

image Matt Ogle Inward Promo

It took a full 12 months (from Matt being picked to be on the team in January to releasing the video in December) for Matt to finish this video.  He definitely tries to take his time to make his videos the best they can possibly be, and while I know he wasn’t happy with this one, it shows in his Promo.  This is easily the most original and creative riding I have ever seen.  That being said, you WILL miss a lot of things the first time you watch.  I’ll admit I wasn’t too impressed with it at first, considering how much I love his other videos; but like his Final Sponsor Video, the more I watched this one, the more I liked it.  With tricks like switch barspin a 10 stair, to switch TAILwhip sexchange a gap, to the Mattplant, Matt definitely proves his status as one of the most versatile riders in the sport.  I hear he’s started riding a legit 13 foot vert pipe too…so watch out for that.

imageBenJ Friant- “Who Said Winter Is a Bad Season?”

WOW.  That is all I had to say after watching this video for the first time.  BenJ started 2009 off with a bang with his “Season is Yours” snow scooter video…and ends it with a boom in this video.  Whip catch finger, whip indy whip air,  180 flip whip to fakie, are just a few of the amazing combos in here.  BenJ goes huge while doing amazing tech combos….one of the world’s best riders, easily.

imageBrendon Smith New Edit

Matt Ogle, one of the elite few who can say they’ve had a video in the Top 5, said this video, “was probably the best video i have seen since Terrys video and Coedies DCS footy.”  Those two videos, in my opinion, are probably the best two minivideos of all time, considering how insane they were at the time.  To match that is no easy feat.  Yet Brendon somehow does it easily, with clips like a 360 backflip, to an inward bri in.  He does banger after banger after banger, not just single clips but in RUNS.  There is perhaps no match for him when it comes to briflip combos.  His flair combos (flair tripple, whip to bar, to handplant, and to manual 180) also are among the most advanced in the sport.  The level of progression this kid shows is something else.  I cannot imagine where he’ll be in a year.


French ID Video

The French ID team underwent a big change this year, as several of its riders quit to join the Addict team.  Thus, team spots were open, and some new blood was added to the lineup.  One might have been worried that the new team wouldn’t live up to the French ID name:  however, after seeing this video, all doubts had subsided.  Some never before seen street combos were featured in this video, including 360 bar bar, doublewhip to bar, and bar to double all over a set.  The riding definitely didn’t disappoint, and the filming and editing was on par with the usual French standards.  I know I can’t wait for the next FID video to drop. 

imageCoedie Donovan MGP Edit

Prior to this video, it had been a LONG time since Coedie last dropped some footage.  So long, in fact, that people were beginning to question whether that still rode.  Well, I suppose there are people that think riders have quit if they stop posting on SR, but still.  We all knew that he had been put on the MaddGear team, but there was no footage of him in the Team MGP edit that had been released the previous month.  So when this finally was put out, everyone was stoked.  Coedie showed no signs of slowing down, blasting huge airs, doing longgg runs without stopping, and frontflipping out of banks. Coedie’s raw riding ability as well as Nickeh’s filming and editing gave this video a spot on the Top 5 Videos of December. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ryan Williams...Maddness.

Chalking up yet another first in the sport of freestyle scooter riding, Ryan Williams. This kid has gone so far in the short time he's been riding, and he's not yet 16 years old. It will be amazing to see where he is in a year.

Who, What, Where, and Why with Rory Coe

So earlier this month for the SD4 Competition some Aussies made it all the way to the US for the contest. One of those Aussies was Eagle-Sport Aus Rider, Rory Coe. Rory and his family went through a lot to get him to the US, so I decided to do a special "Who, What, Where, and Why" with Rory about the recent trip he was on.

Who were some of the people you enjoyed meeting the most in the US?

Rory: Benji Friant, Sanchez, Stan, Tyler, Zig, Josh Kish and Capron and his family:)

What was your favorite part about the trip?

Rory: Riding non stop and chillin out with everyone

Where was your favorite place to ride while being in California?

Rory: Probably chino, although i was feeling under the weather.

Why was this trip so important to you?

Rory: I wanted an oppurtunity to take my riding to a different level, and this one rose, so i did everything i could to take it. im so glad i got over there :)

You can see Rory riding in some of the videos that are around of the SD4 Competition..and in the upcoming SD4 Dvd from Josh Nathan.

Aaron Bransdon Clip.

Continuing today's trend of posting peg videos, here's our own Aaron Bransdon busting out on his peg. One of the gnarliest peg tricks I've ever seen, and I can see someone doing a barspin into, and out of that grind. Hint hint Aaron.

Jon Reyes QCS Pegs Edit

Now this is how you use pegs. So many tech bangers. Proves once again that Jon is on top of the tech world.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New SD Footy

More footage from the San Diego comp. Check it out.

Nick Darger Super 60

"The Super 60 is designed to test a rider's consistency, creativity and use of a space within a skatepark. Riders are given 60 minutes to film as many clips as they can, and turn this into a video showcasing their personal style and tricks."

Nick Darger, a 17 year old senior in high school, rides and lives in Corona, California. Nick has been riding for nearly four years now, and loves the people he rides with as well as the riding itself. He was featured in the 951 DVD, having an awesome opening part. If you haven't seen it already, I suggest you buy a copy. Here is his Super 60, filmed by Nick Donatelli.

Intro by Sam Short.

Nick Darger Super 60 from nick darger on Vimeo.

After watching his S60, I caught up with Nick and asked him a few questions.

Jordan Jasa: Mr Nick Darger, you along with some other guys recently put out the 951 DVD this fall. What was it like to finally put that out? Do you think people liked it?

Nick Darger: It felt like a giant weight was lifted off my shoudlers. we had been filming for the DVD for 9 solid months. getting as much footage as we could. and i spent a good month editing it with the help of Radtke. I also didnt have to be stressed out when i ride to try to push myself to film my video part. I could finally relax and just have fun with riding again.

I have gotten nothing but positive feedback on the video, so i think it was a big hit. And im still sellings lots of DVDs to companys today, so its been selling good. Im really excited about the good turnout, and putting the money towards making the next DVD even better.

You've had pegs on for a little while now, and they are showcased prominently in your S60. What are your favorite tricks to do on them?

Lately i have been running 3 pegs (2 front 1 back) and i have just been messing around with different rail tricks. Mainly ice pick grinds, normal and oppo hangover tooth grinds, and switch up combos. And i love getting somewhat techy with icepick stalls. Other than that i just love the all the tricks and combos that pegs unlock and how they allow you to get more origional and creative with your riding.

How does the riding in your S60 compare to the riding in some of your other video parts?

Umm, my 951 part was me trying to create the best video part i could while trying to keep it mostly street. My S60 is basically my everday riding, just messing around doing fun little lines at my local.

Thanks for your time Nick, any shout-outs?

Im sorry tyler, but im shouting out to your mom! She had to deal with me at your house all summer and she made me some damn good speghetti! Shoutout to Nick Donatelli for filming and just plain being a badass. And to Blader Billy for merking lives every day. And a shoutout to Josh and Collin from Tilt for making some damn good pegs. Oh, and also to Jordan for finally getting this interview done lol <333

Woodward West: Time is Running Out

As most of the community knows, Woodward West is set to open it's doors to Scooter riders for the first time on February 13th for a 3 day camp. Time is running out guys, if we want to make this happen in a big way, we gotta act fast. This could possibly be the big break our sport has been looking...I mean cmon, it's WOODWARD. The same place where some of the worlds best Bmx and Skateboarders train and hone their skills...and now they are opening the door to scooter riders. We got a real chance here to prove that our sport deserves the same respect as all other action sports.

I'm writing this as a reminder to everyone who thought about signing up to go to the scooter camp at Woodward. If you guys got the time, and you got the money, there is no reason why you shouldn't be jumping at this opportunity. Also even if you AREN'T going, you are still a part of the sport, and I would advise that ALL of you guys help spread the word about Woodward letting scooters in. Tell everyone you know that rides about what's going on. The more people we get to sign up for this camp at Woodward, the better and bigger impact we will make on the owners. Think of the possibilities? Just imagine them possibly someday letting us have a Competition at Woodward. So we all really need to do our piece in making this a success. So spread the word! Get people to sign up, and let's make this 3 day camp something everyone at Woodward will remember and respect us and our sport for.

Check out this video below, I know it's a skateboarding video(a sick one) But it also showcases some of the skateparks at Woodward that will be open for all the riders who show up.



Friday, January 15, 2010

Inside Scooters on Facebook!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Helmeri Pirinen

You might recognize this guy from RVM3. He's the one who does the like 20 stair (wooden) handrail. Helmeri definitely shreds, I love his street style, its a lot different than what you usually see today. He's also from Finland, which is pretty rad. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

SD4 Video!!!

Shot and edited by yours truly. This was an amazing comp and this video doesn't even show the half of it. You'll be able to see much, much more footy when Josh Nathan's SD4 DVD drops. Keep checking back for more updates on that.

And once again, congrats to the winners of the comp, and anyone who placed. Can't wait for next year's.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Geordie Mcaleer.


Geordie turned 18 yesterday, in one of the most comical, epic, alcohol-fuelled and generally amazing nights had by many people.
Geordie is quote worthy for running around his house naked asking where his lube is, and for challenging his own mother to a fight because she looked at him funny.
All i have to say is, all the best in everything you pursue, everyone is looking forward to seeing the footage from this party.

Oh, and some new riding footage wouldn't go astray!

Da Compound BBQ Jam Pictures!

Richard Robbins, a photographer from DSA, was kind enough to send me some pictures of the jam with the Aussies that went down on Monday. Here just a few of them, you can see all the pictures at

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Erik Feenstra Tilt Pegs Edit

Double peg hard three...thats wild. Def killin it with the pegs. Also, Happy Birthday to Erik, who turned 16 today. Hope its a good one dude.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For Tyler Wheeland

Check out those losers. SD4.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Addict Team Rider: Alex Peasley

So with the recent release of information from the company Addict, I think it's time we get to know some of the Team riders a bit better. Starting with someone who is quite possibly one of the gnarliest riders to touch a scooter, Alex Peasley. I caught up with Alex recently and asked him some questions. Also check out some pictures of Alex shredding up Paris on his Addict complete scooter.

Describe yourself as a rider?

Alex: Jeeezz, the hardest one first. I dont think I could even describe my own style really. Me as a rider it's just hella fun to go really fast n huck gnarly shit. I could do the stupidest trick n still be stoked on landing it hahaha.

What makes you want to keep riding with

Alex: Cause the Team is chill as fuck!
after leaving French.Id I wanted to be with the same people since it's pretty much like a familly, just a little fucked up..
We have a voice in all the parts being made by Kevin and Johann, since we all have our own style and needs we like how they meet us half way to give us and all the buyers 10% more thats needed.

Favorite tricks to do?

Alex: Im down for the basics nothing too fancy, nothing trendy what so ever. I enjoy riding street/bowl and finding the most weirdest most gnarly things to do.... like whip, grabs, footplants, smiths and blunts.

What can we expect from Alex Peasley in the
Addict So What video?

Alex: Well its gonna be metal as fuck and its always gotta be gnarly for me. pretty much "Peasley land". I am actaully in paris right now shredding for the camera for 2 weeks so no slacking here.... We just kind of put scootering and drinking together. So if anything in my part is sketchy theres a good reason why.

How long do you see yourself riding

Alex: As long as I can dude, if my knees could talk i would tell ya. Ive been shredding alot of bowl/pool lately to get easier on them. Dont worry tho im still huckin that big ol gnarly shit.

Favorite place to ride?

Alex: Paris for suuurreeee!!! chill as fuck n more spots then you could fill your paper with. Favorite spot here are the wave ledges for suuree, theres like 25 different ledges in that place.

Future plans?

Alex: The plan for right now is to go out filming at the moment but the future is all Mayhem!

So there you have it...Alex Peasley of Addict in a nutshell. Remember to keep checking Inside-Scooters for all your breaking news with Addict, and everything anything else in the sport.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

SD4 Results!

1st: Cameron Ward
2nd: Hayden O'Connor
3rd: Tyler Wheeland

1st: Josh Kish
2nd: Ryan Williams
3rd: Jaxon Andrawartha

Best Trick: Ryan Williams- fakie frontie

Today was amazing. The Aussies definitely showed up to ride and it shows in the results. Everybody shredded, except Steven(Cause Steven didn't bring a scooter and had this weird thing called a job to do) . I asked the winner, Josh Kish (sponsored by Inward Scooters) what he thought of the comp. "It was intense. I had no idea that I would win. Australian kids shred the gnar!"

Today was also the debut of a new company, ProRide Scooters. From what I could tell, they seem to be wayyyy ahead of the game, already selling complete setups, with their own CNC'd decks and other parts. They also have a full team, and have their own store. I'm sure they will become a big name in the sport very soon, so expect to learn more about them in the near future.

A lottttt of people were filming so look out for some footy soon. If you're still in the area, be sure to come out to the BBQ Jam with the Aussies at Da Compound on Monday, should be really fun.

Friday, January 1, 2010

As Promised,

Filmed and edited by Jessica Boland.

Kid is 14 years old, and completely shreds.
2nd to last clip was filmed a week or two ago. Before the drop of Matty's video.