Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Geordie McAleer- Well Overdue

Well overdue indeed! Geordie hasn't dropped footage in a LONG time, and for a lot of people like myself, that is just plain hard to deal with! He has one of the most refreshing styles in Australia. His natural flow when riding park, or even street is almost unmatched. Gotta love those tucks as well. Check out his latest edit below.

(Most of these, if not all the clips are pretty old)

Nate Grant Mini 7

This isn't just your average Nate Grant "driveway/emerald park" video.  Nate went out to ride with V-Code locals Cooper Klaar and Brandon Miller and film some street clips.  Like always, there are some oppo bars/whips and double bars, keep an eye out for those.  Diggin the combos, its cool to see Nate progressing in different ways now too.

Monday, May 30, 2011

ECX Summer Tour Dates and Locations

A lot of people know about the ECX Summer Tour going on this summer. ECX and it's Team will be touring all over the East Coast at various street spots and parks. Before each stop, we will announce ahead of time on IS where it will be, so you guys can plan to be there to hang out and ride with the ECX Team. For more information, read the piece below poster.

"The Team ECX Summer Tour kicks off June 16th in Virginia Beach, Virginia! The ECX Team and Show Trailer will be touring the East Coast this summer filming for an insane DVD to be released this November (if our footage doesn't get stolen again). The team will be attending some great skateparks and street spots along the way. They will also be traveling with the new ECX Mobile Show Trailer and Portable Freshpark Ramps! ECX Riders will stay hydrated along the tour with an unlimited supply of the new Vitamin Water Stur-D drinks. Tour updates on Inside-Scooters will keep you informed on the team whereabouts and antics! If you have a specific park near one of the stops that you want them to stop at, check out their facebook page and make a request."


Team ECX Summer Tour Dates:

June 16th - 19th Virginia Beach, Virginia
July 8th - 11th XW6 in Buffalo, New York
July 21st - 24th Dew Tour Ocean City, Maryland
August 6th - 14th Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp Butler, Ohio
Various Delaware Spots - June/July/August
Various New Jersey Spots - June/July/August

Denmark Edit by Mathias Holst

This video stuck out to me for a lot of reasons, though one of the main reasons is the fact that these guys are so young. You can tell they love to just get together and ride and film. So many good styles all progressing together. Nice blend of street and park here as well. These guys are going to be shutting it down in Denmark real soon. Check out the edit below.

Inside the Lens: Week #17

Rider: Matthew Rittler
Photographer: Nick Cavallo
Trick: Stair hop?
Location: Elm Grove, Wisconsin

-Must be sent to ISpotw@live.com along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Filmer: Brandon Miller
Rider: Cooper Klaar
Location: Vancouver, Washington

-Must be sent to IScotw@live.com along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Billy Watts Edit

Billy boy.. Talk about style. I really love Billy's riding, his bar to tucks and tuck 3's are some of the best. Not to mention this kid can spin like a beast. I think if he took a bit more time on an edit, with some serious filming and editing, it would be a favorite for a lot of people. For now check out his latest edit below.

Are YOU on MyRidingZone.com Yet?

Well if you're not, you should be. MyRidingZone, or MRZ, was created by European OG rider, Delos Fabien. This website is essentially Facebook and even Ebay, just for scooter riders. There are polls and events list, and even a map where you can see exactly how many riders are near you. There really are a LOT of things to do once you register on MRZ.

Whether you are a company owner, or a rider, you should be on MRZ! To register just click the link below!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stan Smirnoff/Tyler Bonner

This is another edit of Stan and Tyler shredding a Washington park.  Tyler killing it on the spine while Stan does what he does best on the quarters.  Stan's last trick is boss.

Yep.. That Just Happened..

Sorry guys, not a scooter video, but still think we should all check this out and respect what Jed Mildon landed today. Soo... whos gonna step up and do this first on a scooter haha.

ScooterZone How To: Icepick with Danny Rambert

Another quick ScooterZone How To from Danny Rambert. As pegs are becoming more and more popular in our sport, so are all the tricks that come with them. One of those being Icepick stalls. Danny teaches you how to throw em on quarter pipes. Check it below.

Friday, May 27, 2011

RampIT Scooter Jam!

All you Melbournites! Get down there and support the sport.

Oh the Power of MGP's Tyler Bonner Hahaha

Ok, so this isn't a new edit or anything. Basically, I was watching TBone's latest edit made from his So Cal trip clips, and Woodward clips...and I really liked the song that Twan chose for the edit. So I went and tracked down just the song on youtube, took one look at the top rated comment and was pretty shocked hahaha. Check it out by clicking the link below.


Oh, and if you haven't seen Tyler Bonner's latest edit, which features three 1080 combos, check the video below...Now.

Ryan Becker Scooter Check

Magray Scooter Co. rider, Ryan Becker, recently made a scooter check which features the Magray Scooter Co. Plegs (Plastic Pegs) and of course the popular Magray Scooter Co. Flex Brake. Which again as you can see, is not just for Ultra Pros like many thought before. Check out the scooter check, and the clips after it below.

ECX's "Schools Out Scooter Give Away"

The time is drawing near guys. School is ending, and summer is beginning. What this means for almost all of us (As you can see from the poll above) Is that we are going to be doing a lot more riding. ShopECX wants to help out with that, by giving away a brand new 2011 MGP Team Edition Scooter.

How do you get a chance to win this contest? Simply get over to ShopECX.com and make an order! Once you make your order you are officially entered into the contest, where the winner will be announced here on Inside-Scooters on June 15th. For more details read the flyer below.

For more news and updates on ShopECX, and all breaking news and updates in the sport, keep checking Inside-Scooters.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brandon Ruhl: Im From Delaware

Brandon might be one of the scenes younger riders, but make no mistake, this kid has some skills. Such a clean rider, and has some really nice tricks. Brandon rides for Shopecx.com. Which means he also rides with fellow young shredder Tommy Christiana, and of course Ryan Upchurch, So I guess it can be expected to be as good as Brandon is. Check out his latest edit below.

Ozziez Blunt Deck Sale!

We recently started working with Ozziez here at Inside-Scooters. They are a webstore that is dedicated to all the customers that visit their website. Ozziez makes it their job to ensure that they are always carrying the products that you guys want. To say "Thank You" to everyone who has been visiting Ozziez, they are offering Blunt Ace of Spades Decks, for only 100$ including FREE shipping to the US!

You can visit the Ozziez website by clicking the link below. If you guys want to get your hands on one of these Blunt Decks, you better act fast.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Matt Somers- Welcome to the Team SZ Edit

As you may know, Matt recently got a spot on the ScooterZone team.  He's been filming a lot lately for a special project, and was able to put these clips together to introduce him to the team.  Lots of good stuff, leaves you wanting more for sure.  Rail to fingerwhip was dope.

Hunter Bechtle Over The Top Edit

Hunter is another one of the riders in the sport right now that seems to progress nonstop. Each video is better than the last. This video is a complete package of street and park clips and some tech combos as well. I really loved the gaps and box clips at TIC. Check out the video below.

Straight Outta V-Code

Homie videos like this make my day.  A few guys riding together, putting in some work to make an enjoyable video.  Cooper Klaar, Brandon Miller, and Nate "Kala" Rita all have really distinct styles, which keeps the video fresh.  Some really sick tricks, worlds firsts galore out of Cooper haha. WFWFWF!

Victory Scooters Clairemont Jam May 28th!

Victory Scooters Inc. is going to be holding a Jam Sesh on May 28th at the popular Clairemont Skatepark. The Jam Sesh starts at 2pm and will run until 8pm or later.

Address for the Skatepark is below

Krause Family Skate/Bike Park
3401 Clairemont Drive
San Diego, CA 92117

At the jam they will be giving away Victory T Shirts, and Victory Gravity Bars!

Also, Victory Scooters Inc. is happy to welcome their new Team rider, Jack Colston! You can check out his video below.

Remember to keep checking Inside-Scooters for all news and updates regarding Victory Scooter Inc., and all breaking news in the sport.

Jamie Gantz Lucky Edit

Booom.  Jamie rides for the Lucky Flow team and filmed this edit over the past two to three months.  Tons of really sick spots, and the tricks to match.  I've been a fan of this kid for a long time now, and have a feeling I'll only like his riding more and more as he progresses and develops his style.  Great edit Jamie.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dissidence Paris Street Jam

Here's some more footage from the jam that Dissidence Scooter Shop put on, this time filmed and edited by Luca Thiebault...TONS of bangers in this video.  McKeen is a god (although that goes without saying).  I always feel bad when I watch these French videos because I have no idea who anyone is and they're all so good. Seriously sick video though, too bad there weren't any clips of Rwilly shredding (there is a bro shot of him though haha).

Aaron Bransdon New Blunt Edit

Smiths, Smiths, Smiths! Aaron has been one of my favorite riders in Australia for a couple years now. I really feel like Aaron has changed a lot of minds, and influenced a lot of riders in Australia with his style of riding. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that we appreciate that. Check out Aaron's latest video below.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Inside the Lens: Week #16

Photographer - Phil Lagettie
Rider Name - Adam Bolton
Trick Name - Toothpick
Location - Campbelltown,Sydney Australia

-Must be sent to ISpotw@live.com along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Riders name: Luke Maffesoni and James Bull
Filmers: Luke Maffesoni and James Bull
Location: Slam Skatepark and Chatswood.

-Must be sent to IScotw@live.com along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

ScooterZone is The Official ODI Grips Distributor

Yep, for those of you who don't already know this, Scooter Zone has been the official US Distributor for ODI grips for some time. Scooter Zone and its riders have done a huge part in opening the eyes of ODI to our sport and the riders in it who love their products.

So whether you are a company or website looking to start carrying ODI grips, or you're a rider looking for some ODIs to replace your worn out grips, Scooter Zone is the place to go.

Mohamed Alsulaibi Never Give Up Edit

Man oh man.. You know there are some tricks that are just never going to be done by mass amounts of riders. One of those tricks are 360 fingerwhips. Well Mohamed doesn't just do 360 fingers, he completely bosses them around. This video has a lot of really intense stuff. The banger is pretty nuts as well. Check it out below.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Issac Miller - Month of May

This video is reealllyy good. Now that I got that out of the way, I have to admit that when I first saw Issac riding with Jordan, I wasn't convinced that he would amount to what he has become today, and definitely not in such a short amount of time.

Issac has done absolutely nothing but progress since he's started. His style continued to get better and better, and his balls obviously have grown to the size of bowling balls. I've heard it from Jordan himself about how Issac is when he's riding. No fear what so ever. The speed he does all his tricks with in street, and that reckless style that's becoming so fun to watch, are just two of the reasons that Issac is one of my favorite riders right now. Check out his latest edit below.

ScooterZone Santa Clarita Ride Day

Scooter Zone has another ride day coming up, this one at the extremely popular Santa Clarita skatepark. Make your plans now, and be sure to get out there to ride with the SZ Pro Team, and some of So Cal's best on June 5th. More details on the flyer.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jarrod Whitehead- Ride For Fun

14 year old Jarrod kills it.  Watch his feet...he seems able to do tricks in both stances just fine.  Definitely has a killer style too, with some crazy tricks to go along with it.  That 9 to fakie came out of nowhere.

Unseasoned Clips

Madd recently uploaded a video of new clips from a few of the team riders, including Luke Burland, Coedie Donovan, UK rider Dan Avery, and Billie Rainbow.  It feels like its been way too long since a good Nickeh montage came out, great video for sure.  Check out Billie's new haircut too, didn't even recognize him without the dreads haha.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Word from Ryan Nyquist

A couple months ago (while filming JIT) we were at Milwaukee 4 Seasons skatepark, and Ryan Nyquist as well as a couple other pro BMXers and filmers were there, filming an edit for Osiris.  When we first walked in the guy at the counter told us he was in there but I didn't believe him until going into the actual park and seeing Ryan up top where the rhythm section starts.  Ryan has been somewhat of a hero for me even since before I started riding scooters.  I remember back in the day, riding bikes all around town with the gang, pretending to be the next Nyquist riding in the X-Games...little did I know I'd end up a sponsored scooter rider.  Hah!

So I hope you don't mind if I seemed a little nervous, it was crazy meeting him.  He seemed to be nice enough to us which was pretty cool, decent little bit of exposure for the sport for sure.

Remi Bouchard with a District

Last trick...what.  Remi kills it on any deck, give him a District and we get this.  Such a beast.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brian Gemme: Seattle Bound

Ballard, Washington's Brian Gemme drops some solid footy here, for his sponsors VIP, Phoenix, and Truth Clothing.  Really clean stuff out of him, leaves you wanting more for sure.  He says he'll be filming over the summer, can't wait to see him hit up these Seattle spots and more.

Big Time Scootering Linz Official Video

Check it out guys, the official video from the Big Time Scootering contest in Linz Austria.

Victory Scooters Joins ISB

Victory Scooters (not to be confused with VIP out of Washington) is a Southern California based company that is looking to make an impact on the sport with their new "Gravity Bars". We are proud to be able to work with such a professionally run company like Victory. For more information check out the below piece.


We are looking for pro riders to sponsor in the Orange County, California area in the United States. We are a growing company that loves the sport of scootering and look forward to developing products for the industry and helping the sport grow! If you are really good and interested in riding for us please go to our website at www.victoryscootersoc.com.

Serious riders only please!

Follow the links on our blog pages and post comments on topics of interest. Or just blog your own post! We have a completely interactive site. We are holding a small jam down at Clairemont in San Diego on May 28th from around 12:00am-5:00pm, for riders interested in trying out!


Free “VICTORY SCOOTERS” t-shirt with all orders $75.00 or more! While supplies last!

New Victory Scooters Inc. “Gravity Bars”!

These new bars have been tested by one of the best riders in the sport and he couldn’t break them and him and others liked our original design! Get yours today! You will not find a quality bar, made like this anywhere! If you don’t believe us try them for yourself. The welds on these bars are top notch!! These bars have great balance and make for easier nose manuals, bar spins, tailwhips…. and more! We will be coming out with oversized soon! And will be adding a 5 degree back sweep to some, per request!

Check out their website by clicking the following link VictoryScooters

FreestyleScooterProducts Joins Inside-Scooters

Recently FreestyleScooterProducts, better known as, FSP decided they were going to become partners with Inside-Scooters. I couldn't be happier at their decision. At Inside-Scooters we love helping and promoting these companies, because we all feel that it's because of them that our sport is growing the way it is. If you want to learn more about FSP, please read the below pieces.

Freestyle Scooter Products (FSP) was founded to be a reliable source for all things related to “freestyle” scooters. As an online retailer, Freestyle Scooter Products.com offers an easy-to-use web site and secure shopping. FSP has partnered with local retailers and manufacturers to create a convenient and easy way to access “hard-to-find” scooter products. Because third-party products are not always readily available, FSP has created it own brand to fill in those gaps. Focused on mainly on affordability, FSP offers quality bars, wheels, bearings, clamps, etc. In fact, FSP produces some of the strongest scooter bars on the market. Every bar is computer designed and strength tested to the highest standards. To create the best product results, FSP has created a "Test Pilot" program in which particular products are given to riders for "real world" testing. Riders are randomly selected and given products to use for a period of time. The results are analyzed and reviewed by designers and fabricators and changes, if any, are applied for optimal product performance. In regards to product innovations, FSP boasts a professional level bar that offer anti-throttle holes (which keep grips from turning) and perfectly tuned, one-piece aluminum fork with a tapered steer tube (which provides a precise and easy way to install a bearing crown race onto the fork).

For the “core” shops and retail stores, FSP offers B2B distribution. With concentration on the Mid-Atlantic region (NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, DC), FSP distribution is dedicated to providing quality product and service. Most importantly, FSP distribution has the stability and resources to meet the needs of this fast growing industry. The most recent additions to FSP distribution include products from East2West and Magray Scooter Co.

Freestyle Scooter Products is proud to announce the first addition to the Pro Team, Dan Barrett and Jon Reyes. These two north east coast riders have signed on to accept FSP as their primary title sponsor which will grant privileges and benefits that are unseen in the scooter industry. Signature products that pay royalties combined with a generous travel expense account has reinforced their professional status which will allow them to take their skills and abilities to the next level. On the amateur side, FSP has officially signed New Jersey native, Kiara Meade. Under the FSP brand, Kiara will be encouraged to develop her skills as well as assist in the development of a new line of products inspired by Kiara herself.

The 2011 FSP Product Catalog has been released and the revolution has begun. "I'd Rather Be Riding a Scooter" is a state of mind.

What can I say, abother great company in our sport, and with Jon Reyes, Dan Barret, and Kiara all representing FSP, I see notyhing but great things in the future for FSP. For all your future FSP updates, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ryan Upchurch Washington Clips

Here are some clips that Ryan filmed while in Washington last month for the Cootercon contest.  The kid is a machine, he had half cab triples, whip bars, and 3 bar to whips into the stepdown at Sammamish pretty much first try every try.  Crazy clips from him for sure.

Dissidence Street Jam v2

Now here is a comp that looks fun.  Taking place in Paris, France, the 2nd Dissidence Street Jam brought over 300 riders together to sesh and have fun.  Riders came from all over the world, from places like the US, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Peru, Finland, and more to ride in the jam.  Huge props to Maxime for trying that 20 stair rail hop/bar and of course Helmeri for landing that board down that Berci ledge.  I hope some more footage finds its way online, it definitely looks like there were plenty of filmers/photographers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gary Ably District Edit

Gary is one of the nicest guys I've met during my five years in the sport.  Super chill and fun to hang out with, Gary's BMX roots show through in his scooter riding.  Really awesome footage from him, 270 to back wheel jam?!?!  Loving all the tech stuff he does, I always forget how good he is at all that.  Nice job by the District Team Manager on this video.

Dan Barrett & Jon Reyes Scooter Check

Danny Barrett and Jonny Reyes showing off their set ups at Rasp Skatepark durung the Scooter Contest. Jon and Dan both have super legit set ups with sponsors to match. Nice surprise at the end, last thing i was expecting. As always the riding is superb and clean. Jon Reyes and Dan Barrett, always on top.

ScooterZone OC Shop Skatepark Promo + French ID Decks

For those who didn't know, ScooterZone has 3 locations in the Southern California area. Although their original location is in Riverside, their shop in The OC gets a lot of attention due to the skatepark located in the back. Recently the ramps got a bit... destroyed, but Nick, Cody, and Juliooooo got down to business and got them all fixed up.

These ramps are open to the public on SATURDAY. Admission is FREE. All you need is your helmet, and a parent to sign the waiver.

Check out the SZ Pro Team shredding the ramps in this edit.

Address is below
23011 Moulton Pkwy
Laguna Hills Ca 92653
(949) 699-1911

So did you guys know that ScooterZone is the place to get all your French ID Products? Scooter Zone has the new French ID forks, wheels, bars, headsets, and the one thing everyone has been interested in.. The French ID Deck. This deck is a thing of beauty. I've actually got my hands on one of these, and I was really impressed. Check out the flier below for more details.

Remember to keep checking Inside-Scooters for all your news and updates on ScooterZone, and all breaking news and updates in the sport.

3 for 1 Deal; Tommy Christiana, Ben Thomas, and Duane Barber

These are three riders that I am keeping a close eye on. Each for different reasons..

First up is little Tommy Christiana. I say little lightly, because Tommy makes it clear that big things, do in fact come, in small packages. Don't let his size or age deceive you, this kid has a big future in our sport. Check out his latest edit below.
Tommy rides for Shopecx.com

Next up, we got Ben Thomas. I spent about as much time rewinding this video, as he did actually doing rewind combos. As people know by now, I admire all aspects of riding, riders that got huge tricklists are no exception, and Ben has a verryyy nice trick list. Combos, flips, and more fill this video. Check it below.

Last but most certainly not least, is a new rider who I just found out about when he sent in his video, we got Duane Barber. As soon as the video started, I thought I might have something good here, by the time the video ended, I realized I had something great. Duane rides street the way I like riders ride street. He goes fast, he gets creative, and has some nice lines. I think this edit is the first of many from Duane that we will be featuring on Inside-Scooters. Check his video out below.

Thank you to Tommy and Duane who sent in their videos, and to Josh Kersten who sent in Ben's video.

Also, I get a LOT of requests from riders wanting me to feature their videos on ISB. I know that I don't always answer each of your emails, please email me back if you truly believe your video should be featured on ISB. However, please don't email me with videos that you know are poorly filmed and edited... I'm NOT a huge filming or editing critic, so don't take me for one, I'm about the riding, and the potential I see in the rider, but man I've got some pretty bad videos in emails before. All that means though, is keep working on your riding, filming, and editing as a whole! Thanks guys keep emailing these videos at, 1SteveT1@gmail.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

East Coast Competition Results

East Coast is doin it real big with a bunch of competitions recently. If you guys got results from any of them, please email them over to me at 1stevent1@gmail.com

Right now I got these results..

Oil City Competition

Dan Barret 1st

Jon Reyes 2nd

Conor Davidson 3rd


Dan Barret 1st

Jon Reyes 2nd

Zig Short 3rd

Philly Comp

Jon Reyes 1st

Brandon Ruhl 2nd

Ryan Becker 3rd

It's plain to see that Dan Barret and Jon Reyes are holding it down for PROTO on the East Coast, clearly making it known that they're two of the best out there. This also puts Dan Barret on a 5 competition winning streak, good stuff. If you got more results, make sure to email them over to me.

Lance Nelson Super 60

District's Lance Nelson took the Super 60 challenge over at a very crowded Santa Clarita skatepark.  Lance is definitely progressing, I hope to see some street footage from him soon.  I got to stay with him and the other US District riders during the SD5 comp, hes pretty cool, as well as all the riders on that team...just don't look him in the eyes ;) just kidding Lance.

Linz- Big Time Scootering Comp Video

Check it out, footage from a comp in Austria featuring some of the best park riders in Europe, as well as Madd's Ryan Williams, coming all the way from Australia.  Some other names include Terry Price, Lukas Hornik, BenJ Friant, Ludovic Pistat, and more.  Congrats to all who placed!

Friendly Family - LUX footage.

So we've all kinda made the decision that we're going to start filming for the DVD again for a number of reasons. And I doubt it'll be coming out by the end of the year, primarily because we want to do it RIGHT, and up until now we weren't. I suppose you can count this as a little better of a teaser.
That said, i'm still going to be uploading stuff between now and then, especially once I come back from America at the start of July.
So enjoy the street footage we got in the last 4 months, and we'll keep you updated on progress.

- Jackson Manzie.

Consider it a promo. The Vibe will be the same. The riders will be the same. The footage will be different...
You can expect a video of the park footage that has been compiled for LUX sometime in the not so distant future.

Hayden O'Connor 2 Day Edit

This guy right here...I don't even know, its inhuman to be able to whip that fast haha.  And to go so high.  That bar bar air...good lord.  Hayden is just a monster.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inside the Lens: Week #15

Photographer name- Dan Davis
Rider name -Alfie Wisker
Trick name- icepick tap
Location- leederviller skatepark, perth, Australia

-Must be sent to ISpotw@live.com along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

filmer : Luke Maffesoni
Rider: Sean Scully
location: Slam skatepark, Central coast, Australia

-Must be sent to IScotw@live.com along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

TSC Texas Street

I enjoyed this very very much.  This time Josh Herman and the Texas Scooter Crew met up with Matt Ogle to ride some street.  Looks like such a fun time, I know it always is with Matt around.  Really nice vibe, great stuff all around guys.  I believe that was Chris Dant with the front board, so gnarly.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Noah Risser- The Man Who Sold the World

This kid's flat/tech skill is getting up there with some of the sport's bests.  A lot of those kicker tricks were nuts for doing them off such a small/mellow ramp.  Definitely a favorite of mine, especially for beating my friend Issac Miller in a game of SCOOT over the internet.  Good stuff for sure.

Blunt Scooters Europe Tour

Next week Blunt will be sending a few of their Aussie riders over to France, Switzerland and Spain.  Also attending will be the new European Blunt team, which is to be announced soon.  They'll be spending two weeks over there, and will be sure to throw down while they're there.  I'm rather jealous that I'm not there =/  If you can make it out to any of the stops, make sure you do so.  Its sure to be an awesome time.

Aussie Street Shredder, Luke Maffesoni Interview

If I had to be honest, I would say that Luke kinda snuck under my radar. I usually got a keen eye for spotting the "are's" and "are nots" of the sport, but Luke caught me off guard. His latest edit really sealed the deal, and made it clear that Luke was going to make sure he was recognized as a top street rider in the sport today. Check out the interview I had with Luke below.

Steven: Luke...this interview has been long overdue man. How you been dude?

Luke: I've been great, Just a bit busy with school.

Steven: Real quick, for those who don't know, where are you from in Australia?

Luke: I'm from a little town called Raymond terrace in NSW,

Steven: So the reason that I felt like we finally had to get this interview done, is because you have become a serious force when it comes to street riding, not just in Australia, but around the world. Have you always considered yourself a street rider? And if not, when did you make that transition?

Luke: I mainly have always seen myself to be more of a street rider. Street riding is where i usually have the most fun, I find it alot more chill then riding a park and there is always alot more to do. I also do enjoy riding park, it just has to be with the right people and a good park. Which i live no where
near to haha.

Steven: It seems like it took a while for people to really recognize you as a dominant street rider though. Your latest video, which is featured below this interview seems to have really changed peoples minds about your riding. How long did you work on that video?

Luke: I actually worked on the video for about 4 months. I ended up just deleting and not using alot of clips because i found them to be crap compared to some clips which delayed the video. I don't ride much while school is on either which further delayed the video. Also most of the clips in the video are filmed in sydney which is about a 3 hour trip from where i live so filming for this video was slow.

Steven: Well despite it taking so long, it was well worth it. Thinking back on that video, there were a lot of lines and tricks that looked pretty intense. What would you say were some of the hardest tricks to land during the filming process of the video?

Luke: The first line in the video, fingerwhip a flat gap to 180 bar over the rail probobly took the longest. This took over 30 minutes, and was about 9 or 10 in the morning, Way to early to be riding. Also the last trick, tripple the 4 block took ages to finally huck a tripple, but when i did i got it 2nd try, i was stoked. Alot of the tricks i really tried for in the video, So im pretty stoked the way it turned out.

Steven: Damn dude...putting in work. Now you also film and edit a lot of videos for your friends. Are there any videos your working on of your friends right now that we should be on the look out for in the future?

Luke: There is none at the moment since my computer got a mad virus and i had to get it whiped, but in the future i plan to film a video of Jon Archer who is amazing now. Also Im thinking of making James Bull and Sean Scully another video, Because i feel they are way to underated.

Steven: Yeah, all those guys kill it. Are there any riders that push you to ride as hard as you do? Whether those be riders from other parts of the world, or guys you ride with on a daily basis.

Luke: I don't ride with anyone on a daily basis, No one in my town really rides so i don't ride alot through the week. The people who push me to ride tho include good friends Kevin Austin, Jon Archer and basicly the whole Friendly crew. People from around the world also can influence me like Matt Mckeen, Michael Cajas and basicly any one who shreds street.

Steven: Haha for sure. So with the well earned fame from your last video, I gotta think, or at least hope you're working on another edit. If so, when did you start filming, and when can we expect to see that video drop?

Luke: I actually havn't started to film for anything yet, Im waiting on parts from District/Eagle. But when i receive these i will begin filming for a district promo that i hope will be out in about 2-3 months. I don't really like to rush videos, But i really want to put out another video which is full street.

Steven: Well we will all be keeping a look out for that edit. Luke, it's been a pleasure dude. It's been great to be able to see first hand how far you've come, and I know that you'll be going a lot farther in the future. Do you got any last words or shout outs you wanna get out?

Luke: I would like to say thank you to everyone who i ride with, for putting up with me haha, For everyone whos filmed me, And to marcel and the whole eagle team who have helped me out so much, Also thanks steven for this interview. Peace.

Below you can check out Luke's latest video, and also an edit he made from another of my favorite riders...Jon Archer.

Luke Maff 2011 Street Edit

Jon Archer Edit by Luke Maff

Friday, May 13, 2011

ScooterZone Ride Day at Cal Oaks

Another Ride Day from ScooterZone is coming up this weekend. Scooter Zone Pro riders will be there seshing it up, and they will be having the usual food and drinks, and give aways for all that show up.

Also if you are not a member of the park, you will have to sign a waiver. Admission is free, and you guys will have to pad up. For more details check out the flyer.

SoCal Edit ft. Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, and Josh Toy by Phillip Long

When Cory Vanlew was put on the ELYTS Team, he made the trip from Washington down to So Cal, the new home of Zig Short and long time home of ScooterZone Pro Rider Josh Toy. Put those riders together, and toss in a Phillip Long...this is the result. Great video, Great filming, and Great editing, check it out below.

P.S. Little inside look at the 841 Wheels coming out soon, and a reminder about the ELYTS+841 East Coast Tour coming soon as well!

Javi Trepat- I Broke My Bones

The name of this video is rather misleading but after watching it that doesn't matter at all.  Javi, if you haven't heard of him before, is a street shredder from Barcelona, Spain...home of some of the sickest street spots in the world.  Super awesome, tech edit out of Javi, which was filmed in just two days.  Filming and editing by Ferran Grau.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sky High Scooters Updates- District v2-i Decks and More

Sky High is getting the new District decks in soon, so they've decided to throw a pre-order discount on it for anyone who used the discount code "District," pretty sweet.  In addition to the Districts, they will have the following products in very soon: Eaglesport wheels in red, blue, white, black, and purple. 110mm spoked and 100mm full core, Phoenix Switchblade brakes, Phoenix Phorx in black, silver and violet, and Blunt thinker 100mm wheels in black, grey, red, blue and white. District bars in black and silver will be on the website today.  Don't forget, Sky High ships internationally for those of you living out of the US, and you can get all updates as soon as they come out on their Facebook page.  

East2West Scooters Update+Sponsoring Information

East2West has been going really well lately, literally, from the East to the West. They always make sure that they stock the best products in the sport. We recently got some new updates for everyone to check out. You can read about them below.

- MADD Gear parts and completes are now in stock!

- All proto grippers are re-stocked in all colors

- Green and copper SCS now in stock!

- Blunt deck blowout sale! All colors in stock and marked down to $99.99!

- New site and logo will be released soon!

Aside from the new products, they are also looking for riders for their Flow Team. One of the perks of being on the E2W Flow Team, is that you guys will get to try out their new SCS compression system for free. For more details on the E2W Flow Team, check the piece below.

East2West Scooters is one of the fastest growing retailers and manufacturers in the industry. More of the industry’s best parts are being added and we will be launching several new parts this summer. We are looking to continue to grow and will be putting together a U.S. Flow team and is looking for riders to represent their company. The team will consist of 5 members across the U.S. that do not currently have any type of sponsorship. It is a chance to get noticed and showcase your skills with East2West and help promote the company across the U.S. Flow riders will receive free East2West Parts, T-shirts and stickers as well as discounts on ANY scooter products sold by east2westscooters.com

Flow riders are required to ride and promote East2West Scooters and the products it retails. Riders can do this by riding your local parks and spots, competing in contests, filming web edits, doing product reviews. The more the riders do to promote East2West, the better the benefits. All edits will be posted on the SR forum and Inside Scooters and give riders a great deal of exposure!

Interested riders MUST: Submit a video specifically made for East2West Scooters stating why you would be a good member of the team (how often do you ride, what will you do to help promote for us, what are your goals in the sport, are you a current customer of East2westScooters.com etc...) and showcase some of your riding skills.

You can email the video or link to: east2westscooters@gmail.com. Please type "Sponsor Me" in the subject line of the email (Please make sure you include: Full Name, Age, Address and Email Address. (Any submissions missing this info will not be considered.)

All videos will be reviewed by the East2West Scooters Owner and its employees. The team will be announced on June 1st, 2011.

For more updates on East2West, keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Riding Zone Launches ***CHECK THIS***

Tons of new websites in the sport pop up every year, unfortunately most of them fade away in shorter time than it took to create them. Though we do have some websites in the sport right now that have exploded into sites that we find ourselves checking everyday. The Scooter Resource and Inside-Scooters being two of those. Well I think we are on the brink of a third website joining the small group. MyRidingZone.com. I recently caught up with the owner and mastermind of this website, Delos Fabien for an interview, and to announce their partnership with Inside-Scooters.com

Steven: Delos, it is good to talk to you man. I have to say first, for those who don't know Delos Fabien has been in this sport since the OG days. I'm
talking EARLY OG Days. How long have you been riding Delos?

Delos: Hi everyone, I have been riding since 2000. But I'm still just an amateur now, I do still ride though, just for fun.

Steven: Ahh, seems like you and I are the same in that aspect. Now onto what we're here to discuss. You recently released your website, “My Riding Zone”..Please let everyone know what this website is all about.

Delos: There is a lot of stuff inside, to make it short:
This is a community site for the scooter riders with custom profiles, such as: What is your deck, your bar, your tricks, your style, your start year, team/sponsors etc. ... only what we need to know!

Then there is the part of the events. Everyone can add an event, it will be in the list and in the google map with the location, date and description. We can also see how many riders will be there.
As it is a true list of all the contests / jam that will take place in the world.

Scooter Riders map is a google map you can find out where the riders are around the world. We can also do an advanced search by age, name, sex, start year and especially by proximity.
When there will be a lot of people, it will be a great way to get riders closer to home and talk.

Scooter eBay is a platform to sell occasion stuff, such as for scooter parts or scooters. It's like ebay with the auction or buy it now except that it's free and only for scooters!

And finally: polls. where you can do a poll and everybody votes and comments.
But the best is to let you discover it.

Steven: Wow.. I believe you just made the sports first super website. It is obvious that A LOT of time has gone into this. Can you try and give everyone an estimate on how much time you've spent creating this website?

Delos: I began the first week of February, so there is 3 months and near of 10hours per day. (just when I lose my job)
I can estimate between 700-800h of work.

Steven: Well I am sure that all that hard work is going to pay off soon. So what was it? What was it that made you realize that our sport needed a website like you have created?

Delos: Scootering and making websites are 2 passions. I made my first website for scooter riders (TrotiRider) in 2002.

To be honest I had this idea when I was near to sleep and when I lose my job.
I already have something for France, but I knew I could make better. I don't say our sport need it, but it cans help us
to communicate before and after riding and to have fun of course.

Steven: Ahh TrotiRider! I remember that website, that's the website I first saw clips of you. Now, as everyone now knows, your website, and Inside-Scooters have a partnership. What is it about Inside-Scooters that made you want to form a partnership between your website, and ours?

Delos: First time I would announce the site trough an ad. And you (Steven) were really interested about the concept and understood that I'm not here to sell something but just to help our community. So it was quick, and we are now partners. News blog and community site can go together.
I'm really happy to have Inside-Scooters as partner.

Steven: Well we're glad to have your site partnered with us also. What are your future plans with My Riding Zone, and where do you hope to see it in the future?

Delos: I just finished the site now, so first time I will take time for me lol, and after yes, I already have some good suggestions to evolute the site. But I will make all these things if I see there is a lot of members.

French people knows I'm a good administrator and that I always make good changes.
In the future I hope every scooter riders are on it, it could be really funny to see the world map and activities, we could know how many are boys and girls, the favourite brand in the world etc...

Steven: I think by now everyone knows that you definitely know what you're doing here. Well thank you for your time Delos, do you have any last words, or shout outs for everyone reading this interview?

Delos: So I hope you will like this site, if you are not really interested AT LEAST Register at this website. It could be a good way to know how many scooter riders there are in the world!

So what are you guys waiting for? Honestly, I think everyone should AT LEAST register on this new site. I know that I'll be on there as soon as this post goes up. I hope everyone else does the same, so we can turn this website into another one of the elite websites in our sport, where it definitely deserves to be. Click below to visit the website and REGISTER!


VIP Updates

We just recently hit our 500 like mark on facebook with the help of our fans and we would like to extend the contest to reach 1000 likes! At the time we reach that goal we will be selecting out of the 1000 one lucky person to win a pair of bars and another to win a hat! So get to liking on our page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vipscoot/109040349168896

We are also holding a contest to help design our next pair of bars! Send us pictures or drawings of your ideas to contests@vipscoot.com Our team will help us select the top 3 designs based on our opinions and we will hold a vote to see which design is the best. You will win a pair of the bars you designed whether we end up producing them or not. If we do produce them you will also be allowed to name the bars yourself! So get to sending those ideas!

We have a couple new products in testing and development at the moment which we are choosing to kept unsaid but one of them is definitely a first for any scooter company So be prepared! We will also be working on a team video. I will slowly be releasing throwaway clips form time to time so subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/nwedits to check out all the new clips!

Last but not least we are liquidating our final pairs of the Flow bars in the color black. After selling a great amount of these we have decided to change the color and in order to produce our next run we have to get rid of the old color. For a limited amount of time until we sell the last of our stock the bars will be a special price of $75.00!!!

Thanks for reading!!!
- Devin Hohlbein