Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brandon Knapp Raw Sponsor Clips

This kid is itching to get on a team and so put together this quick video showing some of his tricks.  This is the way to do it kids, having a small but dialed bag of tricks is much better than having a bunch of sketchy combos with no style.  That lip to 360 was so good, that trick is ridiculous.  Good luck on the sponsor search Brandon.

The Face of Fasen?

Not quite yet. But Fasen is close to being able to release that information, about 500 more likes and we will see who the rider is that owns and will be running Fasen. Head over to their Facebook now, and Like the page if you haven't already.


Tyler Bonner 2012 MGP Edit

Tyler, when he doesn't have a torn ACL, is one of the best riders in the world, so it's probably in your best interest to watch this.  He's been saving up for this video for months and after a few issues finally managed to put this edit together himself.  Tyler's footage is always so gnarly.  720 the dirt scooter was so tight.  He still has a long road to recovery with his knee so this is probably gonna be the last video we'll see of him in a long time.  Kinda bummed on that but at least it gives the rest of us time to catch up...hahaha.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Freestyle Depot Independence Day Sale and BBQ Event

Starting on July 4th and running until July 8th Freestyle Depot will be having and online and in store sale for some of their products. Also stop by on July 7th because FD is having a BBQ and a Box and Flat Bar jam for anyone that wants to come ride. For more information, and to find out what products are for sale, check the flyer below.

ECX Summer Tour 2011 Edit

Last Summer ECX went on an East Coast Tour hitting up various skateparks along the way. Featured in this edit are OG's Hep Greg, Joey Aria, and Andy Bradford, and they are joined by Maxx Emery, Michael Pytel, Tommy Christiana, Brandon Ruhl, Matt Lashbrook, and Jon Devrind. Everyone delivers, and I was definitely feeling Jon's clips, shreds so hard.

The ECX Team will be going on another Team trip soon when they head to XW 7, so expect another video then.

Proto Sticker Packs Available Now

If there's one thing that every rider can agree on, it's that we all love stickers. Repping our favorite companies by slapping their stickers everywhere we can think of. Well Proto recently put together a really sick sticker pack that I know a lot of people are going to jump all over. Check out the pic below, and head over to the link to get your hands on some now.


AO's Zig and Cory Heading Back to Europe

At some point I actually wonder if the guys on ELYTS/AO/841/Raptor get tired of traveling so much, my guess is, no. Zig and Cory are hitting the road again, heading back to Europe for another tour promoting the AO Deck. They will be heading to France, Barcelona, and finally The UK. For more information regarding the tour, check out each of the flyers below.

Also, does anyone know if Zig is still with Phoenix or not? Leave a comment if you know.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scooter Zone Lakewood Grand Opening

The brand new Scooter Zone in New Jersey is having their grand opening on Saturday June 30th. They officially opened earlier this month, but this time around they will be having an even better sale, and they have a lot more products in stock. At the shop that day will be, Store Manager Matt Somers​​, Nick Darger who is still in town for a while,  and Josh Kish​​!! The entire store will be 10% off and Free Pizza and Drinks will be served as well!

1830 Swarthmore Ave. 
Lakewood NJ 08701 
(732) 370-6514

   M-F 11-6 P.M.     SAT 10-5 P.M.     Closed Sundays

Freeestyle Depot New Products

Freestyle Depot is making some big moves lately.  Most recently they've got some FD shirts and the Elyts DVD on the site in stock ready for you to get your hands on.  Check these products out and more at

Inside the Lens: Week 65

Photographer - Dylan Oakenfold
Rider - Steven Creaney
Trick - Flair
Location - Nerang skatepark, GoldCoast, Australia

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Rider - Dom Marconi
Filmer - Taylor Bird Willis
Location - Bay Village Skatepark (Cleveland, Ohio)

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location. -Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day. -Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression. -Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Freestyle Depot Stefan Hefner Ad

Freestyle Depot now ships all over the globe! Make sure to check out our website for all the freestyle scooter products you need!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KidsCrew Spring Edit

KidsCrew is a group of riders out of NJ who support SpoildBratt Sk8shop, which is one of the top skate shops in NJ that supports scooter riders. What can you really say about the riders that make up KidsCrew, except for the fact that these guys are raw. All of them have good flow and good style. It seems like they are park riders for the most part, but I'd love to see them hit up some street. Brings back the old school vibe of a group of friends getting together and just having fun and riding. Check it out.

Ryan Myers Welcome to Fuzion

Ryan is a one of the many Nor Cal riders on the rise. The scene in Nor Cal is a lot different than So Cal, we kind of had a late start up here as opposed to down there, but things are definitely picking up now. Ryan recently got sponsored by Fuzion, and this is his first edit for them. Currently he's riding the Z250 Model, but by the end of this summer Fuzion will have released it's brand new model. We will have all the pics of that new scooter when the information becomes available.

Stay up to date with Fuzion by checking their website below.

Check out Ryans new edit below.

Laurent "Ninos" Giraud Welcome to Flavor

Laurent recently got on Flavor's French team and filmed this edit in Paris and Marseilles.  Pretty sick young rider, that 540 was super good.  More street footage from this guy would be killer.

Monday, June 25, 2012

AO Europe Tour Pt 3

The third installment of the AO Europe Tour. Featuring Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, and filmed and edited by Phillip Long. I believe there is only Part 4 remaining, so be on the look out for that when it drops.

Travis House Wise Scootering Edit

Travis, if you don't know, is one of the sports oldest OG riders, hailing from Canada.  Wise, if you didn't know, is a clothing company with a team full of rad OG guys like Travis.  It also happens to be based in France, which is where this was filmed.  Travis took a whole month or two long adventure all across Europe and ended up staying at the Dissidence warehouse for a while and cranked out this edit.  Such a good video, I wish I could be half as cool as this guy.  Just look at that facial hair.

Below are some pics of Trav that Balthazar hooked me up with, check em out-

Portrait, rockin the Cult BMX hat.

Travis and Mckeen got their street lurk on finding this on Google Maps.

Showing his BMX influence with a turndown.

Coedie Donovan District Edit

As you saw from the District post below, Coedie is one of the riders still on the Team. The long time MGP rider made the switch to District a while ago, and if there's one thing you can notice since that change, it is Coedie's grind game. He's throwing grind combos all throughout this video, and the stuff he's doing aint easy. It's good to see a Coedie edit finally drop, here's hoping we get a street edit in the future. For now check out Coedie doing it for District in his latest.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

District- New Team

Team edits are almost always sicker than individual edits and it kinda seems like companies are catching onto that.  District seems to be one of them, and after switching up their team a bit ended up with this awesome video.  The team now consists of Helmeri Pirinen, Rory Coe, Coedie Donovan, Michael Goumaz, Cam Ward, Chris Hart, Brandon James, and Tom Mattingly.  Thats a really sick group of riders I hope they come out with more team montages in the future.

Bamboozle Parts: Jon Knudtson

Jon is one of the raddest guys ever and this video is why.  Bamboozle again drops the must watch video of the week, you don't wanna miss this.  Bump to bar hop to lip tap was such a sick clip.  Stop reading this and watch the video.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gryndo Team Launch

Gryndo Scooters has a team, whaddya know?  This video was tight, a group of young shredders from all over the country.  Hyped on these guys for sure.  Ian Herncjar has been coming up for so long, I hope he's working on a full part.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fasen? New Apparel, Shoes, and Parts Company?

So this is something that has me pretty excited. With the sport growing the way it has been, we've slowly been seeing more riders taking things into their own hands, and starting their own companies, and I'm pretty stoked on that. Fasen will be no different. There is a certain rider, who happens to be one of the best in the world, who has decided to start his own company, that company is Fasen.

Question is, who is the rider? Do I know who it is? Yes. Do you know who it is? No. But can you find out? Yeah, it's not that hard to find out either. Just head over to the Fasen Facebook and Like the page. 1,000 likes is all it is going to take for the rider who owns Fasen to be announces here on Inside-Scooters. From there if Fasen reaches 10,000 Likes, they will release photos of the Products.

Fasen Facebook
Fasen Facebook
Fasen Facebook

Let's see how quick they get 1,000 Likes. And for all your future updates on Fasen, you know where to find them,

Derek Seay California Trip 2012

Derek and his friend Zach Hamrick recently took a trip down to San Diego. This is the footage they got. Derek can ride street pretty good, but most of this is park footage. Still some street clips in the end though. Check it out.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zac Schmutter Welcome to ISS Edit

The ISS Store just picked up a new rider, Zac Schmutter. Pretty standard Aus riding in this one, with some stuff that definitely sticks out. Seems like a pretty solid park rider though. Kind of distracting was the fact that he had like 4 different scooters throughout the video haha. And those shorts.. damn. Hep Greg ain't got nothing on this kid.

Quebec Scooters Progressing

This is an edit by Ryan Mitchell and Devon Godfrey of QCS.  These guys are shredders, really killing those park rails.  Some of the filming is a little off but I'm sure they can improve it.  Last clips were pretty sick too.

Christophe Stefanuto l Entry In Apex Pro Scooter France l

Looks like Christophe recently got on Apex and filmed this video to show it.  Boardslide heelwhips always look so good.  The banger is so crazy/unexpected too, dug it for sure.  What I'm not sure about is some of that filming but for the most part it was decent.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MGP USA Deep West Tour Starting Soon

Just a reminder for everyone on the West Coast.. MaddGear is starting their Deep West Tour in a few days. So if you want to hang out with some of the Team, get some free gear, and ride with the guys, check the flyer below for all of the dates and locations.

Also be advised that at EACH stop, MGP will be giving away one free complete scooter.

And vote on the Poll at the top of Inside-Scooters.

Inside the Lens: Week 64

Photographer Name: Shaun Staepel
Rider Name: Tyler Bell
Trick Name: T-Bog
Location: Pennsauken Skatepark

-Must be attached in an email sent to along with photographer name, rider name, trick name, and location.  No external links will be considered.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by composition, image quality, subject matter, feeling, and overall impression.

Filmer: Nic Politi
Rider: Nic Politi
Location: My House (Santa Clarita CA)

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Venture Crew Montage 2012

This is pretty sweet.  An upcoming crew shredding in a team montage.  One of these kids reminds me of Jackson Manzie a little bit...actually the whole crew is kinda like the Friendly of Norway.  Good stuff, can't wait to see what they're up to in a few years.

Nick Donatelli- Hall of Meat

"Hall of Meat" is a feature Thrasher does online where they show a really nasty bail.  Well Nick Donatelli took a nasty fall to the face recently and it was edited just like Thrasher does.  Fortunately this slam only left Nick with a cut eyebrow, needing stitches.

Ryan Gould Street Edit Update Summer 2012

Ryan Gould has been on the come up in the street game consistently for the past year or so. Hopefully with his upcoming Street Edit we see the best Ryan Gould yet, and I got a feeling we will. You already know the filming will be on point with his main man Cody Groom behind the lens. Keep checking Inside-Scooters, because as soon as it drops, you'll find it here.

Also check out his new Scooter Check to see what he'll be using for most of his upcoming street edit.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jan Laranjo - Anti Social

As if the tech destruction from JD a couple videos below wasn't enough, Jan Laranjo recently dropped a new edit and it's full of ridiculous tech tricks. Jan is a lot of fun to watch, and in this edit they tried to emphasize on the fact that riding should be about having fun, and doing tricks you actually enjoy doing. It's a good watch, so check it out.

Filmed/Edited by Florian Toegel

Bamboozle Parts: Georgie Louis

Its been such a long time since Georgie's last video that this was one of my most-anticipated videos of the year.  I wasn't disappointed either, this is easily one of my favorite videos so far this summer.  I have a feeling  Bamboozle will add to that list when the next part, from Jon Knudtson, drops.  Georgie completely killed that yellow flat rail in Cali, which is something considering how many clips have been filmed on it.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

AO Europe Tour Pt 2

We posted part 1 a while ago, and now we got part 2. This time Cory, Zig, and filmer/editor Phillip Long hit up Germany. There's a mix of park and street riding in here, and you really get to see how that grind plate on the AO Deck works. Cory literally slides for days with that thing. You also get to see (kind of) what happens when a German security guard gets a little too close to Zig while trying to get him out of a spot. It's a shame we don't get to see the actual footage. I'm guessing someone got hit, and it wasn't Zig..

Check out the edit below.

Friday, June 15, 2012

JD All Is Possible Edit

Jean Yves Randriambelson, aka JD, recently broke his wrist and is out for a year.  But have no fear, he just dropped this edit for All Is Possible containing some of the craziest footage ever.  Such high hops and technical ability.  Can't wait for his part in Addict So What to drop.

Skatelab Scooter Summer Camp in July

Pretty epic news recently from Josh Toy. Skatelab is going to be holding a four day summer camp for scooters in July. The best part is that it is a really affordable price for most riders. Some solid sponsors involved in this as well. For more information check out the flyer below.

Timur Mamatov Tech Edit

Russian OG rider Timur filmed this, on 4 different cameras, over the month of May.  He still has his classic street style after all these years, although this one is a little more tech than what he used to be known for (huge drops and sets).  He throws that flat bri like nothing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dylan Becker Farewell Video

Ohio transplant Dylan Becker recently flew back from California where he was working at a Scooterzone shop, and so he, along with Josh Toy and Spencer Steed, made this video on the box they have. Super smooth and dialed combos from everyone, Spence has those heelwhip feebles on lockdown.

Freestyle Depot Shipping Around The World

Freestyle Depot continues to up their game with their new shipping policy. Something you will commonly find on websites is that they usually only ship to certain areas, usually wherever that website is located. Well not Freestyle Depot. They recently made the announcement that they are now shipping globally. To put it simply, wherever you are, whatever you want, they will most likely be able to ship to you. For more information, check out the flyer.

Big Time Scootering Comp, Linz, Austria

Razor was in town for the BTS contest recently in Austria, and as usual put together a video of the footage.   Its so cool to see kids get so hyped, like at the end after BenJ's wallride.  Razor puts out videos pretty much every week so you should subscribe to their channel to make sure you catch em all.

Micro Makes a Comeback

Some would say you need to be pretty OG to know, and remember Micro. Don’t worry because that is changing soon with their new line of products, and an entire new Team to represent them in Europe, UK, AUS, and US. Micro is somewhat iconic and remembered in our sport mainly for the metal core wheels they made so many years ago. They were the first real metal core wheels that people started to really buy, despite their expensive price.. But we’ve come a long way since their wheels.

I’m sure some of you also remember their “one piece deck” with the neck tube that had to be bolted on? Which thinking back on now, was one of the first flat sided “box” decks on the market. It’s just a shame it was so heavy haha. The years passed, and the Micro Team faded away, or moved onto other companies, and it took a while, but Micro is back, and this time, they’re here to stay.

The Team has been recreated from the ground up. Not only that, but legend of the sport, BenJ Friant is back with Micro. BenJ spent some time with District, but after countless broken promises, and ridiculous amounts of money stolen from him, he made the decision to leave the company. To go along with the new Team, they have the new scooters, and they’re looking good. Micro will be in events all across the world, from Peru to Mexico, to the USA, and a European Tour. The Swiss company is back, and they intend to push Micro harder than ever.
Below you can check out some photos of the scooter, and also BenJ’s latest edit. It proves again that BenJ is one of the best in this sport, and now that he’s back with Micro we can all expect to see him continue to kill it.

Team Europe
Benjamin Friant ( CH )
Boris Germain ( FR )
Daniel Baudys ( CZ )
Jimmy Albano Rat ( CH )

Team UK
Jacques Honour
Stevie Cussons 
Max Jackson
Torren Jarritt

Team US
Bransyn Smith
Ryland Smith
Ty Alexander
Brayden Campbell
Chris Vincent

Team AUS
Taylor smith
Kearnu Schofield
Zac Stewart

Also be sure to check out there facebook by clicking the link below!

Facebook Facebook Facebook

Dan Holm Scooter Check

Dan Holm is one of the riders who I consider to be a real park rider. When I say that, I mean he can actually ride transition, and use an entire park. While Dan can boost mini ramps, quarters, hips, and vert ramps, that's not to say he can't throw down tech bangers as well. Easily one of the cleanest riders in the sport. He recently got a scooter check done, and you can get a sneek peek of his soon to drop Signature Bars from Scooter Zone, and his signature TSI Threshold deck. Seriously.. how good does that deck look.. Check out the edit below.

You guys can also check out a full interview that Dialed Scooter Mag got with Dan in the upcoming Issue 2 later this summer.

Ryan Williams at the Nitro Circus

This video consists of Ryan talking about his experiences during the Nitro tour and then shows some clips of him riding the Gigantaramp (or whatever they call it).  Riding starts at 2:40.  Mind blowing seeing him do these tricks.  I wanna see Mitch land the triple backflip, thats so crazy to even think about trying that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Royce King Quick Release

I don't think people quite understand how good Royce King really is. He rides for Razor Australia, and shreds any obstacle you could possibly imagine.

MaddGearUSA Welcomes Eastern Skate Supply

So MGP definitely gets around when it comes to traveling all over the country, and the world for that matter. Sometimes you just gotta be in the right place, and have the right people watching you ride to land a big deal. Well the owner of Eastern Skate Supply, and former pro skateboarder Reggie Barnes was blown away by the riding of Collin DaSilva, Joe Armstrong, and Anthony "Twan" Bustos. In fact the video of them riding the ESS park is the first time scooters have ever even been invited to ride the ESS warehouse.

After what Reggie had seen, he was more than happy to become an official US Distributor of MaddGear Products. For more information check the press release from MGP below.

"Madd Gear is excited to announce that Eastern Skateboard Supply (ESS) is now an official USA distributor of Madd Gear professional freestyle scooters.

 “Our partnership is groundbreaking for the sport of Freestyle Scootering! Eastern Skateboard Supply is one of the largest Skateboard Distributors in the United States and a recognized authority in the world of Action Sports. ESS’s backing of the Madd Gear brand and the sport will help broaden our distribution into new dealers and expand exposure of freestyle scootering within the skateboard community.” states Madd Gear USA VP of Sales and Marketing, Todd Suskin.
 Reggie Barnes, owner of Eastern Skateboard Supply and former pro skater had this to say; “After seeing a few of the Madd Gear professionals riding my park I was blown away.. These guys are for real. The tricks they do are amazing. I am proud to offer Madd Gear Scooters to my customers!”

Madd Gear USA Team Manager Anthony “Twan” Bustos, Collin DaSilva, and Joe Armstrong were honored with an invitation from Eastern Skateboard Supply to travel to their North Carolina offices and be the first pro freestyle scooter riders to ride their private indoor skatepark!" - MGP

The Funk Brothers

Capron and Corey are two of the most infamous brothers in scootering. They've been around for a long time now, and have both come up in the sport together. Scooter Zone was a big part of that for both brothers, but Capron eventually found his place with MaddGear, and Corey is still a part of the Zone.

One thing we don't see much from them are edits, sad, but true. Chris Blanton recently filmed and edited this video, and it is one of the few that showcase the two brothers riding together. Their styles are similar, with a lot of combos being thrown together, and if you're into that kind of riding you will definitely enjoy this edit. Check it out below.

Fitting song.. haha..

Friends Montage 2

Tom Mattingly, Trevor Fitzpatrick, Noah Risser, Jeremy Linton, and Steve Fales got together at Lititz skatepark and filmed this edit.  This is a really sick group of shredders, I bet they could make a really good street edit together.  Tom and Trevor both kill it so hard, each are deserving of their sponsors (District and VertX, respectively).

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Scooter Zone Shop Opening in New Jersey

Scooter Zone was the first walk in shop dedicated 100% to scooters. They weren't a bike shop before, or skate shop that just started carrying scooter products, they have always been dedicated to scootering. Since opening so many years ago, they have grown a lot. Well they are about to do something else that hasn't been done in the USA before yet. They aren't just opening another new shop in California, they're opening a brand new shop in New Jersey.

NJ has been a hot spot in the sport since the beginning, so it is only right that they be the first out of Cali, Scooter Zone shop. For more information read the flyer below!

Taking it to the Whitehouse? Allowing Scooters in ALL Skateparks

It really doesn't matter who you are, if you've been in this sport long enough you've been to a skatepark before, and have probably gotten kicked out because you were on a Scooter. Now our sport has come a long way, but there are still way too many parks that don't allow scooters in them. How is our sport supposed to be seen as a legitimate action sport when we're not even allowed in skateparks alongside Bmx and Skateboarding? This is something that not only should change, but has to change.

Well the change has started, but it won't get anywhere unless we all take part. It doesn't take long guys, you head to the website, you register an account, and sign the petition. We need a lot of signatures here guys, and by a lot I mean like 25,000. Which means have your parents sign, not just you. You can have friends sign, anyone you can think of that would support what this means, should be asked to sign. It doesn't even matter if you're outside of the USA. With the sport growing as it is, we have hundreds of riders from outside of the USA coming here every year. How would you feel if you came all the way to the USA, and were denied entry to skateparks you wanted to ride? So no matter where you are, please take the time to sign.

Let's make this happen guys. We all constantly sit back and bitch and moan about how we're not accepted as a sport, how we get kicked out of skateparks, and the list goes on and on, well that isn't going to change with us just sitting behind our computer screens posting it on forums. Take five minutes of your time and show your support for the sport. Sign the petition.

To read about how this whole petition came about, click the website below.

To head straight to the petition website and sign, follow the link below

US Scooter Championships Results

This past weekend in Michigan the first US Scooter Championships took place at the Modern Skatepark, which some people are calling one of the best parks they ever rode. We got the top ten listed below, and there is one thing I am stoked to see. This is in no way meant to be offensive to Dakota, but I'm stoked to see Raymond Warner take the top spot at one of the most important contests of the year.

For the past couple of years we've seen nonstop domination by Dakota, and Raymond takes the 2nd or 3rd positions. But with the support of Phoenix and Scooter Zone he's been taking his riding to another level, and he proved that this past weekend. Congrats to R-Dub for pulling out the win. Top ten posted below.

Scoresheet 1st to 10th;

1st - Raymond Warner

2nd - Dakota Schuetz

3rd - Jeremy Malott

4th - Cameron Ward

5th - Dan Barrett

6th- Ryan Gould

7th -Vincent Kudrna

8th - Joe Kish

9th – Issac Miller

9th – Jon Reyes

Also want to give some props to Issac Miller. He is known as a street rider, and to be honest he probably doesn't even have 5 competitions under his belt. Yet he goes out there and places top 10 with some of the worlds best riders? That is ridiculous. Stoked for him.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kearnu Scholfield

Kearnu is a new name to me, but I guess he just got back off an injury and filmed these clips recently.  Some really good clips in here.  He'll have an official Welcome to Micro video soon.

Vincent Kudrna Envy Web Edit

Vincent is one of the more recent additions to Envy, and for good reason. From what I hear, and have seen, he is super consistent, and his combos are some of the best in the game. This is a park video, so if you're into street riding, check some of the videos below this one. But if you want to check out one of Envy's best, and some ridiculous combos, this is the edit for you. Check it out below.

Bobby Pantano Bamboozle Part

The next part from the Bamboozle part is none other than Bobby Pantano's.  Bobby's riding is still progressing and you can definitely see the improvements.  I loved that gap to manual tap, and the halfcab nosebonk.  Super good stuff.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hep Greg and Logan Fuller Plazapalooza Vol:1

Hep Greg and Logan Fuller shred up the NYC Skate Plaza in Volume 1 of what I hope to be the first of many installments of Plazapalooza. There are very few riders who look as natural on a scooter as Greg does. He makes a lot of what he does look very effortless, something only few riders can pull off. Logan keeps up with Greg during the whole video with various grind combos and other sold clips. Check it out below, and cross your fingers for a few more before this summer is up.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nick Donatelli Scooter Check V2

Scooter Zone's Nick Donatelli breaks down his scooter for you for the second time, and follows it up by killing the street section at Hunt Park. I'm still waiting for the Zone dvd, and one of the sections I really want to see his Nick's. So let's hope we see that sooner rather than later.

Boxes Limited: Brandon Kilbury Ultra Pro Clips

Brandon rode an Ultra Pro for the longest time.  Turns out he doesn't want to use them for his Proto Armageddon part (wants all his clips to be on the Orion deck instead), so he released these as a little edit for Boxes.  He's also recovering from a broken collarbone, so get better soon mang.

Twisted End of School Year Sale

"Twisted is running a SALE for end of school year, head over to our facebook to check out the stuff for sale, call us or better yet, stop by to check out the great selection we have at one of our shops."

Facebook Facebook Facebook

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inside the Lens: Week 63

Photgrapher: Max Kernmayer
Rider: Georg Gartlehner
Trick: FS Tailgrab Air
Location: Konstanziagasse Ramp, Vienna, Austria

Location: Allen, Texas
Rider: Devon Rowe
Filmer: Landon Shea

Location: Allen, Texas
Rider: Devon Rowe
Filmer: Landon Shea

-Must be sent to along with filmer name, rider name, and location.
-Sent by 11:59 PM CST every Saturday to be considered to be posted the next day.
-Will be judged by riding, filming, editing, and overall impression.
-Clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long, with no music. Color correction will be allowed.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alpha Omega Europe Tour Part 1


AO stands for Alpha Omega, and they make one piece decks. The deck itself I don't think is out yet, but the promo for the product has already begun. Zig Short and Cory Vanlew recently took a trip to Europe to promote the new deck. This is the video from that trip. Sucks pretty bad that they lost all their stuff..I'd be pissed, but they looked to be all right haha. Check it out below.

Filmed/Edited by Phillip Long

BoardWarrior Welcomes Ron Sharp

I'm not really sure what BoardWarrior is but apparently they just gave Big Ron the hookup.  I'm amazed that he can still ride 4 inch Razor decks.  So raw.

Addict So What Teaser

Wow.  Addict "So What" is finally set to come out this summer, and I'm hyped.  I feel extremely teased.

The ISS Facebook Giveaway

If you're in Australia and are looking to score some free products, all you have to do is head over the The ISS Facebook, and help them get 2,000 likes! Once they do, they will be giving away the following package! Click the link below to head over to their Facebook now!