Thursday, December 31, 2009

Luke Burland.

It's probably a name you haven't heard before.
But trust me, soon you'll know exactly who he is.
Luke is very well known around the Sydney area, working and riding at monster alot of the time. He's 14, and pushes the envelope more than most people 3 and 4 years older than him. He's currently filming for a video that will be posted on IS when it drops, but until then, peep these photos on Monster's 14ft vert ramp.

Photo credit to Phil Laggettie.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winners of the Inside Scooters Best of 2009 Awards!

So 2009 has been a big year for our sport. From the release of the first mass produced (which I say because the now defunct Cedar Scooters sold 5 decks) aftermarket decks, to the invention of the Standard Compression System, to the expansion of aftermarket wheel companies, this year sure has been big for the aftermarket parts industry. And then there were the competitions. Starting off with the 3rd annual San Diego comp, Cooter Con, and more, leading up to the very first Competition circuit, the Fuzion Raise the Gnar Tour. This was a five stop circuit of competitions that will come to a close this Saturday, at SD4. This year also marked a continuation of progression of riding as well. Tricks such as the Buttercup, Twizzler, 1080, fakie frontflip, and more were landed for the very first time. There were tons of videos displaying not only these new tricks, but more. BenJ Friant's snow scooter video was the first to display legitimate snow scooter riding. Coedie Donovan continued to amaze us with his MaddGear Pro edit. And of course, Matt McKeen's revised TPC Video Journal 9 part rocked not only the scooter world, but caused a ripple among the skate and BMX scenes. 2009 also brought along drama, inevitable among the online boards. Yet many riders were able to keep their online experience drama free. 2009 was a big year for the sport of freestyle scooter riding...a sport that will only continue to grow.

And now, without further ado, here are the winners of the 1st Annual Inside Scooters Best of Awards 2009-

Best Overall Rider: Coedie Donovan

Best Street Rider: Matt McKeen

Best Park Rider: Tyler Bonner

Best Video: Matt McKeen revised TPCVJ9 part

Best Company: Eaglesport

Congrats to all the winners and those who were nominated on behalf of Inside Scooters. Also we'd like to thank anyone and everyone who voted. I'd also like to thank everyone who has supported Inside Scooters in any way over the past year. Hope 2009 was a good year for you, and here's to 2010!

Time to get Addicted to Addict

***Warning*** There are drug references in this article. If you are against drug use or bothered by that, you have been warned.

Addict. A lot of people have heard about the company, but hardly anyone knows anything about it, well that all changes now. I recently got a chance to do an interview with the people behind Addict. In this interview you will learn almost anything you need to know about the company.

Answers are by Johann Moreau and Kevin Demay.

1. What made you guys want to start a new company?

We just wanted to go ahead with things, because we always worked our ass off to make the sport bigger and better. But it’s mainly because of the French and European touch, It seems that a lot of French and Euro riders see riding a bit differently than most US riders, not ALL US riders of course!
3 years before we created (originally it was Carnival) we were already thinking about how to make actually mark parts in a factory, but we were young then and without the knowledge in that kind of thing.

So we created with K124 and dissidence scooter shop with Cyrille Vietti …K124 already had bad business, and they turned out to be a bad choice, they had no passion or dedication to the sport of scootering like we did. We just think that scootering is a new sport, so to much things have to be done for it, it has to be push to the highest level possible. So why not try do it ? Best way is to learn by yourself dude, and that’s what we’re doing with Addict.

Kevin and I were both studying engineering in school, 3D drawing, CAO/DAO, design. Eventually at the same time we both decided to stop school, and dedicate ourselves 100% completely to scootering. So that decision came about one month before we quit K124 and Fr.iD. And Kevin and I started Addict right after and we found the right partner in the FSP Group who are committed to the scene and sports they are working in. Addict is now one of the companies under the FSP Group umbrella, with our own identity and style. And damn we are FREE !, We make all our parts from the beginning to the end. Straight from our mind to the 3-d drawings to the molding and prototyping till its 100% how we want it.

The FSP Group allows us to do what we are doing now, inventing and developing with new materials, new products, while using the FSP Group networks and resources for financing, producing and retailing. People forget to easy that behind each product there is a huge amount of time, money and people needed. The FSP Group helps us there. All the graphic work is made by some good friends of ours, Olivier Poinsignon and Damien Capozzi, and Sebastien Prot who has been working very hard on the video. So Addict is all made with “Addicted” friends, it’s like one big cooool crew of Addicts.

2. What can you tell us about Addict parts?

Well it’s some HEAVYY shit for your brain. BUT the parts in fact will be VERY LIGHT. We developed more than 20 parts so far in the past 6 months, and about 80% of them are already currently being tested. All parts will bring a whole new vision to scooter parts, with new designs, specially made for strength while still being light. The parts we make we specially design to be strong where they NEED to be strong. We use the right materials for each different part to ensure it can withstand the punishment we give it. We study each part, and see the way it takes pressure and damage while riding.

We really wanted to use all the technology available in our world, bmx and skate technology and other ones for making parts for high level riding.The lightest Addict setup is under 5 lbs. This set up is made for the tech and flat riders, and also for the weight freaks haha. I know that some people will be scared about that a scooter being so light, but that’s the lightest, high performance setup.

About the fork, it’s a 1piece full cnc'd, 7075T6, and weighs in at only 6.7 ounces.
No more problems like the French.Id non pinned one. Addict is Full 1 piece.
We’ll make 2 other versions also, one 0 offset, and a even lighter version if you can believe, which will only weigh 5.1 ounces.

We’ll have at least 4 different bars, 2 Chromo T6 Heat treated with butted, and 2 Alu (7005 and 6061) some will have an integrated clamp, some won’t, the innovations we will show with these bars are unseen and unknown in the sport today. Also we will have 2 different kind of wheels, 100 and 110mm, with different shapes and wideness. We are always trying to think on the edge when we make new parts with Addict. We always try to stay innovative with new materials, angles, concave, longer or shorter, BALANCE !!, hardness of the urethanes and different shapes.

But eventually we also have some crazy ideas, so you can always expect a surprise from Addict!

3. Tell me a little bit about the Addict Deck?

We worked on it to make it as strong as possible and to optimize the design and the weight.
Here are the Calculations. Addict profile is 1.8 stronger than a Jdbug one, and the full deck is 2lbs with the brake. And yeah it’s a new brake system.

So in total we’ll make 3 different head tube angle, and 2 different lengths. Also each Addict Team rider will have his own signature design on the Deck, and their bars. With the angles and lengths on their deck and the bars, as they ride it themselves.

The first feedback we got on the parts after 2 months of testing, have been nothing but good. But be assured we will not bring anything to the market, until it is as close to perfect as we can make it.

But we at Addict also want to make it clear, these parts are NOT made for sketchy riders new to the sport, or riders who do constantly flyout tricks. The materials, quality, construction and price level we use for the Addict products are not for noobs, beginners, that ride sketchy, and do not yet understand how to ride a scooter and land tricks without adding excessive amounts of stress on your parts. These parts are made and designed by professionals for professionals, or riders who have been riding for a while now.

4. Tell me about the Team of riders you guys have.

Addict Said :

When we all quit we asked the current riders if they wanted to start something new, and to be honest they basically all said “FUCK YEA!”, even though and K124 tried to make them stay.

The addict team is made out of:

Alex Peasley, Stan Smirnoff, Maxime Legrand, Jean Yves Randriambelson, Matt McKeen and Johann Moreau
That’s not a team dude, that’s a fucking bunch of riders Addicted to weed, beer, music, and scootering!
We all have the same view of life with scootering, we’re all shredders, we fucking love partying together, and me and Kevin know that Paris is like a second home town for all of them.

Matt is the only one who’s still at school, all the other guys have quit school just to have scootering full time in their life, so you see now why our company is called “Addict”. Travelling, having fun everywhere possible, filming, enjoy it all the time, shredding the gnar, and killing every spot we ride. That’s the ruleees!
We are all Addicted you know ! And we enjoy to share that with all other riders. We are quite possibly the first group of riders who are going to be making our living off of scootering. We live to ride, and love to ride 24/7…We’re Addicted.

5. What can we expect from the Addict Team Video?

We started working on it 3 months ago, with Sebastien Prot, we wanna do something really legit. Something gnarly. And push the editing to another level too.
We hope you’ll enjoy it.

6. What can we expect from Addict in the future?

We want to turn a new page in this sport sounds like a good answer haha. We will always bringing news things, news idea, push them the best we can. Making scootering more considered by skaters and bmxers, not in the skatepark, but higher than that. To show to the big bmx or skate companies that scootering can be as good, or even better than they are now.
Bringing new parts, for each style (tech, park, street, flat, vert)

Check out the Addict website here Addict Website

So there you have it, Addict is on the rise and has no plans of stopping or slowing down. I got a feeling that we are going to see some of the most ground breaking parts and videos from Addict. Keep checking Inside-Scooters for all updates on Addict and any other breaking news in the sport.

SD4 Right Around the Corner!

So the final stop for the Fuzion Raise the Gnar Tour is 3 days away, and everyone is anticipating what is going to possibly be the biggest scooter competition in the history of the sport. The Aussies that everyone is waiting to see have arrived in San Diego, and they did not come to lose. Numerous Teams of various companies will be present at the competition to ride for and represent their sponsoring companies. Companies like, TSI, Proto, Lucky Scooter Parts, Eagle-Sport, and MaddGear are some of the companies with Teams that will be riding in the competition.

So who's going to take 1st place this year? Will it be Raymond Warner or Tyler Bonner who have both been doing amazing in the competition circuit this year? Or will it be an underdog rider like Chris Gascoigne or Jessee Ikedah? Or is it possible that the Aussies will come in and sweep the whole competition, with an Aussie rider taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Pro comp. We all need to wait and see, and if possible be there at SD4 on Jan 2nd to see first hand how this competition is going to end up.

Also don't forget Inside-Scooters is giving 250.00 to the Best Trick winner of the competition. Normally we give 100.00 to the best trick winner of the past competitions, but seeing as this is one of the biggest competitions to date, we have decided to up the amount for you guys. Both Jordan Jasa and myself will be present at the Competition, so we will see you guys there. Good luck to everyone competing at SD4!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Brendon Smith - New Edit.

There's a threshold in most sports, when progression can't be made any longer, the tricks that exist, are what will forever exist and nothing more will ever be.
This video could be used as evidence that scooters are far from that threshold. On behalf of Australia, i'd just like to say, "Hey World, start catching up".

I caught up with Brendon after the drop of his video to ask him a few questions, they can be viewed below the video.

It's best to watch this video start to finish, it impacts much more. Let the red bar fill, then go.

Aaron - Who inspires to ride the way you do?
Brendon - Matty Ceravolo and Coedie :p

What started your interest towards scooters?
Because it was fun and the internet.

if you could go anywhere, Where would you go to ride?

USA and to go to Woodward.

Why do you wear long socks?

lol, because i hate the look and feel of short socks .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

SD4 Best Trick Announcement

So as you may know, the 4th Annual San Diego Scooter Comp takes place this Saturday, January the 2nd. The comp also happens to be the fifth and final stop of the Fuzion Raise the Gnar Tour. Inside Scooters, as a sponsor of the tour, will be giving away a cash prize for the Best Trick competition. Normally, we would give 100 bucks to the winner, but as this is the final stop, we decided to up the pot to 250 dollars! That along with the other awesome prizes that will be given away should make for one amazing comp. So if you think you got what it takes to win Best Trick at SD4, make sure you bring your A Game, cause there is 250 bucks on the line!

Lucky Scooter Parts: New Wheels

A while ago you might remember a video with Brian of Lucky Scooter Parts showing off the Lucky Deck. He also gave a small sneak peek of the Lucky Scooter Parts Metal Cores. Well they are finally here, and the Lucky Team made a nice video edit of them riding the wheels. Check it out, and get your Lucky Metal Cores here Lucky Wheels

Rory Coe Testing the District Deck

Eagle-Sport Team Rider Rory Coe recently had a chance to test out the new District Deck. A really nice edit was made by Nickeh out of the footage. You can meet Rory and Nickeh at the SD4 Competition on Jan 2nd. Check out the video.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Inside-Scooters!

Inside-Scooters wishes all its readers and fans a Merry Christmas! We hope you all get what you want this year and have a great time with your friends and family!

Super 60 with; Chris Gascoigne

"The Super 60 is designed to test a rider's consistency, creativity and use of a space within a skatepark. Riders are given 60 minutes to film as many clips as they can, and turn this into a video showcasing their personal style and tricks."

Chris Gascoigne is 21, living and riding in California. As of this December he has been riding for 8 years, making him one of the longest standing riders still riding today. After his bike got stolen, he jumped on a scooter, and hasn't looked back since. He's currently sponsored by ScooterZone, Eaglesport and DXG, and can almost always be recognised by that guy at the skatepark throwing supermans over just about anything, i took a moment to catch up with Chris after his Super 60, enjoy.

Aaron - Being in the sport for 8 years, you've seen alot of progression, did you ever think it'd get to this stage, and how much further do you believe the sport can go?

Chris - I had always hoped that the sport would get to a level like this. Seeing it actually happen has blown me away there are so many oppoutunities and options for riders. As for further, Well we as riders got us this far, so i believe that the sky is the limit with our own dedication.

Aaron - You've earnt yourself the name, the "superman of scooters", are there any other amazing talents you possess we haven't seen yet?

Chris - Um, I wouldn't say other talents, But I can tailwhip and superman a bike to so i like it.

Aaron - How does it feel to be apart of some of the biggest teams (Eaglesport and DXG) ever seen in the scooter industry? Does it change the way you ride or act in anyway?

Chris - Well, i do try and present myself a bit more professionally around the younger riders, I try to set an example because my actions do reflect upon my sponsors. It does affect the way i ride, it motivates and pushes me to perform better.

- Thanks for your time Chris, any last words for the readers of Inside?

Chris - Ride for the love. Stay dedicated and always remember, if you're not having fun in what you do.. You shouldn't be doing it at all.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Matty Ceravolo (Must Watch!)

I love how this sport can have someone just completely come out of nowhere to make such an amazing video. I've never heard of this guy, ever. Yet he is easily one of the top park riders in Australia. Definitely some firsts in this video (720 briflip, flair whip to bar). Watch and be amazed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inside Scooters Best of 2009 Awards Voting is Now Open!

Voting is now open for the Best Of 2009 Awards on Inside-Scooters.
Send an email including your first AND last name to choosing ONE of the nominees from each category. If you pick more than one, YOUR VOTE WILL NOT COUNT!

The Nominees are:

Best Overall Rider-
Dan Barrett
Coedie Donovan
John Radtke
BenJ Friant

Best Street Rider-
Matt McKeen
Justin Robertson
Nick Donatelli
Nick Darger
Timur Mamatov

Best Park Rider-
Coedie Donovan
Tyler Bonner
Adam "Ladam" Bolton
Raymond Warner
Stan Smirnoff

Best Video-
Matt McKeen Revised TPCVJ9 part
Coedie Donovan MGP Edit
Chema Cardenas Proto Sponsor
Justin Robertson Dogg Promo
951 DVD- (Not Online)

Best Company
Dominator (DSA)

So don't forget, you can vote by sending an email to by choosing ONE nominee from each category. Voting will continue for 1 week, and then be announced on Inside Scooters as the Best of 2009.

BenJ Friant- "Who Said Winter is a Bad Season?" Completely blows my mind every time. Amazing.

Portugal Scooters

The scooter riding scenes of Europe have flourished in recent years. Countries such as France, Switzerland, England, and the Czech Republic are notable for their large numbers of riders. But one country that has not had such a large scene is Portugal. The small country which borders Spain has only a handful of riders. However, these riders seem to truly love riding. There is a group of riders, ages 13-16, who recently made a video. The video features Jaylson Graca, Tiago Ferreira, Bibixo, Joao Ribeiro, and Antonio Silva. I was able to ask a few questions to each of them.


Name, Age, Location: Jaylson Graça (Jay;Crazy Black), 15, Portugal (Amadora).
Years Riding: 2.5 years
Favorite Tricks: Down side tailwhip with cross foot; finger whip; 540; 360; 180 Bri flip; Front bri;
Favorite Riders: JANDIV; Coedie Donovan; Terry Price; "Twan"; Matt Mckeen; Thomas Obadia; Legrand.
Why do you ride? I love scooter's and wat i do whit it... I love it a lot. (L) :D

Name, Age, Location: Tiago Ferreira (TiagoF), 16, Portugal (Benavente).
Years Riding: 1 year.
Favorite Tricks: Benihana, BarSpin, 360, One Foot Tabletop, Big Airs!! xD
Favorite Riders: Kevin Demay (LL), Adam Rouse (Ladam), BenJ.
Why do you ride? For stress relief, want to be better, and I am happy when a trick goes perfectly. I also love the adrenaline, and when it docks and up and everything's OK!

Name, Age, Location: Albimar (Bibixo), 15, Portugal (Amadora)
Years Riding:2,5 years
Favorite Tricks: Double Whip, Nothing, Finger Whip.
Favorite Riders: Terry Price, Coedie Denovan
Why do you ride? Because I love riding with my friends, and do good tricks!

Name, Age, Location: João Ribeiro (Ribeiro), 13, Portugal (Benavente)
Years Riding: 1 year.
Favorite Tricks: Big 360's, 180, One Foot.
Favorite Riders: Terry Price; Matt Mckeen; BenJ.
Why do you ride? Just want to be better..


Name, Age, Location: António Silva ,I'm 15 years old, I live in Amadora (Portugal)
Years Riding: I just have probably just 2 years riding because I start at scooters , but next i go to bikes ,but I came back to the scooters because I enjoy mutch more riding scooters than anything else :).
Favorite Tricks: My favorite tricks are 360 briflip doublewhip, backflip combos ,flairs , big look back airs I realy love that , frontbriflip
Favorite Riders: My favorite riders are Coedie donovan , Matt Mckeen , terry price ,stan smirnoff and ryan willians.
Why do you ride? I ride because I realy love it , if I can't ride I get sick , I'm totaly addict , nothing is better than scooters for me right now. when I scoot I abstract my mind the problems, the adrenaline involves my body and it makes me feel very good inside. when riding a scooter can feel that I have total control in the tricks like play whit it, nothing to compare with riding a bmx or skate.

Fan Appreciation Time: Nate Jansma

Recently got an email from Nate Jansma, who is a big fan of Inside-Scooters, and a friend of fellow rider Jordie Roberston who we featured earlier in the month. Nate sent along some pictures of him riding, so here they are, Check em out.

So there you go Nate! Thanks for the support! For anyone else, if you guys support Inside-Scooters, and want to have YOUR pictures featured on here....just send us an email and we will see what we can do.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Pictures from Eagle-Sport Team Rider Jess Boland

Jess Boland, who is the only Eagle-Sport Female rider has a lot of new pics of her riding at the Monster Skatepark in Aus. Check em out below. Also get a sneak preview of the District AL-1 Bars that Jess is riding in the pics.

Monday, December 21, 2009

District Pegs and District Signature Bearings

Couple new things from District are ready to hit the scene soon. A large amount of District Signature CR Bearings, 4 in a package with 2 spacers included. Also a large quantity of District Steel and Aluminum Pegs, that also come with an axle. Check with your local District parts dealers and Distributors and find out when these parts are going to be in stock so you can get your hands on them. Check out some pictures below.

Keep checking Inside-Scooters for more updates on District!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who, What, Where, and Why with Sam Short

By now most of you have seen the Collab videos that were made by Sam Short. They really showcase his editing skills and some really awesome riding. I decided to do the 4 W's with Sam, so we can find out a bit more about his talents with editing and video making.

Who: Who do you credit, if anyone for your interest in video making and editing?

Sam: Well To be honest it all started just watching scooter videos, seeing them then making my own. Just went on from there really, so if i didn't start scootering I probably wouldn't be editing now haha. But people that come to mind in particular would be Josh Toy, Radtike and Martin Kimbells editing of the micro videos.

What: What editing program do you use to edit your videos, and what program do you want to start using in the future?

Sam: At the moment i use a mix of After effects CS4 for special FX, titles, intros, that kind of thing. Then for basic editing, mini videos ect. i use Avid media composer, doing a online course for that at the moment. future, not too sure, avid is pretty much the standard for most editors. Maybe use final cut a bit more, then I will know Avid, Final Cut and Premiere haha.

Where: Where do you exactly live? and Where are some places you would like to visit?

Sam: Well im living in Spain at the moment, in Valencia, been here 3 years. Moved here from the channel islands (next to England haha). Don't think ill be staying here much longer, hopefully anyway. Trying to get a job in a production company or just got freelance video production somewhere. Hoping to go to America at some point, meet all the mad scooter riders i know online haha.

Why: Why did you start up Film Reel Scooters, and what can we expect from Film Reel in the future?

Sam: Pretty much i wanted to get organized with all the videos I was making for people. Before Film Reel Scooters, I'd made a few videos for people, though i may as well make it more official than having friends ask me to make things for them. Plus its great for me to start going into the career, get experience working in video production and getting my name out there, perfect really.

The future? Well defiantly more collab videos on the side of my other work, they seem to be a big hit. hopefully working with more teams, getting some more sick stuff out. Will just have to wait and see what happens =].

If you haven't seen Sam's two amazing Collab videos, check them out below!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New French ID Wheels

Looks like French ID has been working on some new wheels...They look amazing. Should be available in January, according to K-124. Below are pics of each individual wheel.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Collab Video 2

Edited by Sam Short. This video may not have top notch riding but it really shows some more lesser known riders, which I thought was awesome. Big props to Sam for putting it together.

Sneak Peek: Eagle-Sport Plastic Cores

Time for another Inside-Scooters Sneak Peek, where you can see what some of your favorite companies are up to.

It seems that for sometime now the sport has been lacking a good plastic core wheel. I think that for a lot of beginner riders, and all riders in general, some just prefer a good plastic core wheel, that isn't going to break after one hour of use. Well Eagle-Sport recently created what is supposedly an unbreakable Plastic Core Wheel.

The core is in fact not made of plastic, but of Nylon. It has gone under some extensive pressure testing, even withstanding 4,000lbs of pressure and still didn't crack. To where normal plastic core wheels, were cracking under 1,000lbs of pressure. This wheel will be available in 100mm and 110mm...with different core sizes as well. It will be tested in the US in the coming weeks. Check out some pictures of the new Eagle-Sport Plastic Core Wheels below.

So if you guys are looking for a lighter wheel, as opposed to your metal cores. Or if you are just starting out in the sport and are looking for the best possible plastic core wheel...Don't worry, cause it seems like it's on the way. Any updates on these wheels, you can see and read about it first, on Inside-Scooters.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Razor Ultra Pros Back on

That's right, the Razor Ultra Pro Lo is back in stock on Walmart's website. At $69, this IS the cheapest place to get em. Buy it tonight and it should be at your doorstep by Christmas day. If your parents are slackin on getting you presents, I'd suggest this to them. I'd hurry too, it won't be long before they're out of stock I'm sure.

MaddGear Rider Ryan Williams: Fakie Frontflip

So recently we posted the MaddGear Promo Team video...with some amazing footage and the last clip being the first ever fakie frontflip on a scooter...landed by MaddGear Rider, Ryan Williams. Some people complained about it being so dark since it was filmed at night. So Ryan filmed it again during the day...Check it out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1st Annual Inside-Scooters End of the Year Awards Coming Soon

Just a heads up to all the readers of IS...we will soon be holding our own Awards, to be given to the best of the best in the sport during 2009. Nominees in the following categories will be chosen by a select group of highly respected riders and industry insiders:
Best Overall Rider
Best Street Rider
Best Park Rider
Best Video
Best Company

Once the nominations are in next week, official voting will be open to everyone in the sport. You will be able to by sending an email with your choices. So sit tight while the nomination votes are tallied.

Inward Scooters Flow Team Rider Josh Kish

Josh dropped an amazing video recently...Full of bangers, which I'll let you find for yourself what they are. Watch close for bar/oppo bar stuff. Josh has done very well in the Fuzion Raise The Gnar tour, and will be competing at the final stop in San Diego, so watch out.

Woodward Sponsors Announced

So it has been spreading throughout the whole sport recently, that for the first time ever Woodward West will be opening it's doors to Scooters riders for camp. Companies realized how big of an opportunity this is for our sport, and have really supported what is happening with Woodward. Check out how many of them are sponsoring the Camp on the poster below which was made by Kimberly Funk of ScooterTees.

Click the pic for a bigger picture.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Two for One Deal

Two videos, and one amazing rider. Blake Pickup of Australia recently released his 2nd Mini Video...Upon watching it, I was pretty shocked. He is a really unique and creative rider, and it is really refreshing to see a video like this from an Aussie rider. So check out his first and his latest mini videos below. Hope to see a lot more of Blake in the future.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How's MaddGear Feel About Coming to California??

Everyone attending the SD4 Competition is well aware of what is flying over soon. The entire Team of MaddGear. Whether you, or they realize it, I can say without a doubt that these guys are some of the best riders not just in Australia, but in the world. For them to all be on one Team is pure insanity. So let's find out how these guys feel about the trip they will soon all be making, and the competition they will all compete in.

Inside-Scooters: How do you feel about having the opportunity to come to another country to ride scooters?

COEDIE DONOVAN: Well ive always wanted to go overseas to ride with all the siqq riders around the world and now is my chance the dream I wanted is coming true.

LUKE PICKETT: Great and really really lucky

JAXON ADRAWARTHA: I feel really privileged to get this opportunity, and thank Madd Gear for giving it to me. At the same time I’m really nervous about the comp. :b hope all goes well

ADAM (LADAM) BOLTON: I think it’s great how the sport is expanding, and just to go for the experience to ride with the americans should be fun. And also the sightseeing stuff should be good.

NICK HODGSKIN: The opportunity to shoot and ride in another country is amazing. I never thought I would get this far. It has been a long trip to get to this point, but worth it. I can’t wait to ride with all the socal riders and can’t wait for many more trips like this that will come.

RYAN WILLIAMS: I’m absolutely overwhelmed with happiness and can’t wait to meet and ride with all the riders over in America.

BILLIE RAINBOW: It’s just incredible like you wouldnt believe. me and my mates started to ride for a more fun version of transport and it got me here? just all crazy stuff.

Inside-Scooters: What are you most excited about with this trip?

COEDIE DONOVAN: Meeting the riders having a good time while im overseas.

LUKE PICKETT: Riding American skate parks and meeting new people.

JAXON ADRAWARTHA: The experience and meeting new people but most would be the adventure of showing the local Californians what Australia can bring to the table.

ADAM (LADAM) BOLTON: Just to ride with everyone over there, I just love to see how they ride and to show them what us Australians have got.

NICK HODGSKIN: The whole thing basically. The opportunity to ride and film parks like Woodward is just rad haha. Can’t wait t meet everyone, and have a sesh at the park. My 16thnd day we are there, so that should be good too. I have been talking to Nick Darger, Tyler Wheeland, Conrad and Steve Tongson for quite a while now, so I can’t wait to meet those guys <3 birthday will be the 2

RYAN WILLIAMS: I’m so excited about riding all the amazing skate parks in America but mostly im excited about meeting all the riders in California and all around America.

BILLIE RAINBOW: riding new places is one of them and riding with new people is so much fun.

Inside-Scooters: Is there anyone in particular that you are hoping to meet and ride with?

COEDIE DONOVAN: Not really just wanna meet whoever wants to meet me.

LUKE PICKETT: All the MGP riders and hope to meet riders up in California.

JAXON ADRAWARTHA: Yes, if I get to meet Stan Smirnoff and Twan Holy s**t ill be the happiest kid ever!

ADAM (LADAM) BOLTON: I’m just looking forward to ride with anyone, ill chill with anyone who wants to.

NICK HODGSKIN: Soo many guys I can’t wait to ride with and film. Steven Tongson, Hayden O’Connor, Jesse Ikedah, Chris Gascoigne, Tyler Wheeland, Raymond Warner, James Gee, Twan, John Radtke, Jason Beggs, Nick Darger, Conrad and plenty more <3

RYAN WILLIAMS: SD4 looks like an amazing park and I can’t wat to ride with everyone there… should be a blast!

BILLIE RAINBOW: im not going to say one person in particular as i don’t know what to expect from any of them.

Inside-Scooters: Are you nervous about the competition at all?

COEDIE DONOVAN: Not really because im not in it for the win im in it for the love of the sport and to just have fun.

LUKE PICKETT: Yes im nervous a little, because im scared that im going to go all the way over to california for a comp, and I wont land tricks or not do well but so so excited

JAXON ADRAWARTHA: Yea, I get really scared during comps, butterfly I guess. But hopefully I’ll be chilled and just ride for the fun and show the yanks what I got.

ADAM (LADAM) BOLTON: Not at the moment, but when it gets to it I might be.

NICK HODGSKIN: Yeah I’m fairly nervous about filming at the competition, once I meet everyone ill be chill though. Everybody will know what Billie, Coedie, Ladam etc look like so ill be some kid chilln at the back. But hopefully I get to meet everyone and have a rad time

RYAN WILLIAMS: Barely…I wont have enough time to be nervous I’ll be having too much fun

BILLIE RAINBOW: just as much as everyone is really, but i don’t really care for competing as much as i do just hanging with new people and having as much fun as possible at the same time.

Also keep checking Inside-Scooters for an update that will have up to date videos from the entire MaddGear Team. So you guys can get to know these guys and their talents a bit more before they arrive in California.