Should manuals be done with the brake or without?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gryndo Free Wheels with MGP VX4 Team Scooters

The MGP VX4 Team scooter is an awesome choice for riders at all levels, and is a great value at under $200. While supplies last, we are turning this great value into an insane value. Order any VX4 Team scooter at and we will throw in a FREE pair of MGP End of Days 110mm scooter wheels. Each wheel retails for $50, so that's $100 free wheels for you. This offer is only valid while supplies last, so order one today.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scootfest Banger of the Week : Soly Bloomfield

I've seen videos of Soly before, and the kid is an absolute killer, but even I wasn't ready for a backflip to frontboard.. Check this out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BENJAMIN FRIANT 2014 | °Can't Find A Name For That Video°

BenJ has already cemented his legacy as one of the best transition riders ever.  Every year he puts out multiple videos of epic riding.  This video felt a little different, with a few more laid back, funny clips spritzed among the bangers (perhaps due to riding more alone and not having a filmer around).  Nonetheless, there are some wild moves in here.  Check it out.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tyler Bradley ADVCT Promo

Tyler kills it, except when his foot and ankle are broken.  Unfortunately right now his foot and ankle are broken, so he can't ride.  Tyler decided to drop these clips for ADVCT and start fresh on filming once he's all healed up...just madness.  I don't know how he slid that back lip on the brick ledge, or how he did that front board on the kinker.

Friday, July 25, 2014

5Starr Scooters California Dreamin Tour

The 5Starr Team has a lot of really talented riders, and recently went on a tour across California visiting various spots and parks, as well as numerous dealers of their products. They were lucky enough to once again have Olivia Monks behind the camera taking care of the filming and editing, and this edit came out superb.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Scooter Farm presents "Farm Jam '14"

The Scooter Farm recently held their first ever Jam.  They had a crazyyy looking setup for it, pretty much just a death box/rail thing.  Somehow a bunch of dudes managed to throw down on it, and this is the footage.  Looks like a successful jam for sure.

Arnaud "Warneup" Marchenoir Spring 2014

You know, with most "unique" riders, you get to see original riding, but they usually lack in style or other departments. Arnaud is not that kind of rider. He has the style to make all of his technical tricks look really good. This is easily his best edit to date, and it is now one of my favorite edits I've ever seen. So many original tricks to go with his original style. I literally found myself saying "What!" out loud like 4-5 times in this edit. Arnaud worked really hard on this one, so give it a watch!

R.I.P. Tyler Bailey

The Canadian scooter scene isn't very big, which means they are all a very tight group of riders, and recently they lost one of their own. Tyler Bailey was recently hit by a train, and killed. This has impacted the sport, and especially the Canadian scene, as he was a huge part of that. Very sad to lose such a young and clearly, very talented rider. To all you guys, especially my closer friends, I always say be safe, and I say it again to all of you guys. Be safe, on and off your scooters.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ScootFest Banger of the Week : Dylan Morrison

Always cool to see the Banger of the Week clips from Scoot Fest. The following is from Dylan Morrison, who I am going to go on record and say, will be the World Champion, and beat Dakota this year at Worlds. He throws down a flip whip drop in, which I don't think I've ever seen before. Check it.

Bobby Rivas Interview

Bobby Rivas rides for Fuzion, and we recently got an interview with him that you guys can read below. Fuzion has been around for some time, and they've had their ups and downs for sure, but having a rider as talented as Bobby is a definitely plus. Kid blasts gaps all day long. Check out the interview below.

You recently qualified to compete in the ISA world competition, how does that feel?

Feels fantastic! I'm glad I'm able to travel out of the US for riding a scooter, it's the greatest feeling in the world for sure!

How have you seen the sport progress since you started?

From bolted foldys and hot glued plastic core wheels to one piece decks and metal cores, It's crazy! It's amazing how much the sport has progressed over the past 8 years.

Do you have any edits or video parts coming out?

Well Me and Brett just came out with a quick video (Check it out at end of this interview!), planning a big video sometime this year with him and Fuzion!


What trick took you the longest to learn?

Definitely the Cash roll.


What’s that ONE song that get’s you hyped up and ready to ride?

50k by Waka Flocka!

Who in your opinion pushes the envelope in the sport right now, or who are you always watching to see what they are doing in the sport?

Of course Dakota Schuetz and Ryan Williams, its incredible how much they've pushed the sport and progressed lately, it’s unreal.


Fuzion has pretty solid team of riders right now, what is it like traveling and touring with those guys?

It's great! Nothing better than going out and riding with good friends for a few days.

What is your current set up?

Fuzion grips, District al-2 bars, Fuzion triple clamp, Fuzion integrated headset, Envy IHC forks, Z300 spoke wheels and I saved the best for last, the Fuzion Z300 deck, light, strong and durable.


What makes the Z300 different from some of the other brands?

Stands out more than any other deck, the concave on the deck is amazing. It's also light weight and durable, not like most of the other decks out now. The way it Locks and slides is amazing. It has grooved sides so it's great for any finger whip tricks or grabs. The new Z series Scooters coming out this fall will definitely be an eye catching, just wait on it!


 What do you like about Riding for Fuzion?
Everything! They give me the opportunities to travel and much more, it's the greatest thing in the world

And if you guys want to check out Fuzion for yourself, just hit up the link below.

Monday, July 21, 2014

MGP Flat Scoot Quarter Final Games 1, 2, and 3

The Quarter Finals are under way, and first up was Chunky vs Tommy Christiana. Definitely two of the best flat riders on the East Coast. But this game was shockingly very one sided.. Check it out below.

Game number 2, was the reigning champion, Jeremy Beau vs Alex Lopez. I was shocked to see Alex try a flat triple heelwhip, you don't see many riders that can flat triple whip, and flat triple heel. It was a close game, but the better rider won, and he is most likely going to the finals.

Game 3 was Jeremy Mallot vs Andy Nguyen. This was one hard to watch, as always, because of the filming. It was a quick game, and with this game ending, it sets up the Semi Finals which you can see at the end of the video.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Win a Pair of Tilt Blaster Wheels from Gryndo Scooters!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

My kind of park edit

Now this is my kind of park video. Huge airs, perfect transition riding, and not a flippy whippy trick in sight. Makes me wish guys like Dan Holm, or Stan Smirnoff could make it out to this park and film an edit with this guys. Inigo is a new name to me, but he has my attention, and I hope him and Pol Acena (Filmed and Edited) hook back up for another park edit soon. Great vibe, great edit.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jake Sorensen at Soma West

Jake is probably the most underrated rider in the game right now. It doesn't matter what terrain he is riding, he will destroy it. I've rode with Jake, and seeing him ride in person, it's honestly messed up. The other thing is that footage of Jake is very very rare, but he recently went to ride the new Soma Skatepark in SF, which as you can tell is dominated by skaters. However, if there is one rider that can hang with a bunch of skaters, and not get shit, it's Jake. Peep the clips below.

Alec Backhus "Ankle Height"

It's called "Ankle Height," but what it really is is a welcome to video for Source. Alec has always been a part of the Source crew so it was only a matter of time before he was officially announced.   Spending time in both California and Chicago filming for this makes this a rad video spot wise, and Alec's got a unique riding style to match.  Props to him on the editing as well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lucky Scooters | Blake Bailor at Ohio Dreams

Daddy only got a minute of footage at Ohio dreams, but it is a quality minute.  270 back lip 270 fakie, uprail briflip, half cab board, everything was sick.  Makes my day seeing footage of this guy.

Alchemyst x Haske

Wow.  This is one of the best videos I've seen all year.  From the riding to the filming and editing and everything in between.  Filming with an HVX/Xtreme is no joke and Inaki Gil handled it like a man, props to him.  This is filmed in Barcelona so of course the riding and spots are amazing.  I really wish more people would take the initiative to film properly like in this video because that's really what scooter videos are lacking now.  Gonna be watching this multiple times for sure.

Featured riders are Dani Cardona, Javi Trepat, Damia Araujo, Pablo Fernandez, Yago Navarro, Max Sabartes & Aleix Aguilar.

Monday, July 14, 2014

ADVCT x Rox Hill

ADVCT boys Blake Bailor, Evan Yamada, Ian Herncjar, and homie Andy Koke recently hit up Rox Hill plaza and produced this edit filmed by James Gee.  Everyone was killing it.  Ian should take a break and let the rest of us catch up.

Lucky Scooters | Evan Yamada Ohio Dreams

Evan's style on a scooter is classic.  Control on his front wheel, on rails, and he throws in a big ol 360 down a gap too for good measure.  What I'm wondering is if the world will ever see another full-length part from him.

Elliot Arnold with "The Stealth"

The Stealth is a new AO deck that the guys have been testing for the past six months.  These are some clips Elliot has been stacking and they are good.  Elliot kinda surprised me with a few tricks in here, getting tech with it as well as those gnarly handrail clips we're all used to seeing him do.  It's sick to see people starting to do fakie manuals now.