Wednesday, October 12, 2016


You don’t have to be a skateboarder to know who Dylan Rieder was. His influence echoes throughout the worlds of scootering, BMX, fashion, and beyond. Today, those worlds were shocked by the news of Dylan’s passing due to complications from leukemia, which he had been fighting for the past couple years.

It’s easy to see the impact Dylan had on scooter riding. If you cuff your pants, he’s probably the reason why. See someone wearing a nice white button up while riding? That’s classic Dylan. But beyond the controversial fashion choices he brought to the action sports industry, Dylan possessed a skate style that transcended whatever he was wearing. His power, speed, and grace on a skateboard paved the way for scooter riders to realize there’s more to riding than tricks. He helped show that how you choose to ride a spot, the way your trick looks, can be just as, if not more rewarding as a rider and spectator than just adding another smith or whip into your combos. It was clear that this man was born to ride a skateboard, and that’s what so many of us have tried to emulate on our scooters. It’s an unthinkable tragedy for a person like this to go so soon, and I hope everyone takes a minute to remember and appreciate all he did for the world. Thank you, Dylan.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Rogue Wheels | Dan Barrett 2016

Dan Barrett has been hard at work the past few years not only with riding and filming but running his own wheel company, Rogue Wheels. Rogue recently released the first ever three piece wheel system (replaceable urethane), and dropped this edit of Dan to go along with it. Filmed and edited by Evan Yoh, this video has an awesome vibe and Dan's riding is always so technical and clean. Always enjoy anything this guy puts out.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tom Kvilhaug: Welcome to TheCoCrew

TomK has been part of the CoCrew pretty much since the beginning, but this video is to officially welcome him. Not only is he featured, but the rest of the crew also has clips, which is really cool. I could really go on about Tom, but I'm just gonna let you all get to the video now. I will say that he just won the high jump event in the SMX Olympics with that last clip though.

Ethic DTC U.S CALI Trip

So last year the Ethic crew took a trip to the US to enjoy the sun, spots, and lifestyle of southern California. Maxime Legrand, JD Randriambelson, Alexis Letellier, and Johan Cajas are all featured, and as you can expect, some heavy riding went down. The flair tailgrab was one of the sickest things I've seen in a long time, all the transition clips were actually so good.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Helmeri Pirinen Summer 2016

Helmeri videos are always sure to take you for a wild ride, as he traverses up, over, and through terrain both man-made and natural. His unique take on the unique spots of Finland will keep you entertained and perhaps inspire a little creativity of your own.

Chris Gomes | Welcome to Root Industries

Its crazy how deep the talent is in Europe. I've never heard of this guy, Chris Gomes, before, but here he is getting on Root. Being from Europe, he naturally rocks the pegs and does some pretty nutty maneuvers on every rail and ledge in his path. Congrats to Chris for making it on Root!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vlad Shishov - Summer 2016

There's something kind of endearing about lower-production value videos filmed in foreign countries to me. It's just raw, a kid just trying to capture the process of pushing his limits, with no real goal other than to film tricks. This guy, Vlad, is Ukrainian and shreds with one of those unique styles that you can only seem to get by living in some random, unusual place. Is he on Proto? Logo in the beginning seems to suggest so. Anyways, enjoy this.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Usually the day before the Chicago Street Jam, there's a gathering for the older dudes at the Tilt Shop where we shred the ramps, devour some barbecue'd food and consume many beers. However, because Tilt moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, the annual prejam was held at Little Village Skatepark. The plaza was packed, we got there a little late, but were still able to get some filming done. Thanks to Tommy/Big E/Rish for manning the cam.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Chicago Street Jam 2016

Hard to believe this was the sixth year of the best event in scootering. It's always up in the air whether or not the previous year can be bested, but with some fresh spots and fresh faces at this year's jam, it was clear that this would be one for the books. Shoutout to Tilt and Forefront Supply for doing the behind the scenes work as well as Justin and Kirk for handling business during the jam. And mega props to Nick Tedrick, shutting the event down with the biggest 360 I've ever seen.

The Scooter Farm Presents: 2016 San Diego Street Jam

This year marked the second annual Street Jam in San Diego, hosted by everyone's favorite agricultural themed scooter shop, the Scooter Farm. A mob of riders were there to get buck and throw down for the cash. The last spot looked insane, I was there last year and I don't think anyone hit it. So to see that many riders go for it is something else. Props to the Farm and everyone else involved in putting on an awesome event! If you're on the West Coast, this is the event you gotta plan for each year, for sure.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Friendly recently started making their own griptape, and filmed this super slick park sesh to promote it. The park looks amazing, and these guys do it justice. Jon's transition riding is getting out of this world and Kevin's always had a superhuman ability to land tricks. Support these lads by purchasing a sheet today.

Friday, August 12, 2016

SR Exclusive: Speak Easy | Speak Apparel Full Length

Earlier this week, clothing brand Speak Apparel dropped their 2nd full length video "Speak Easy" exclusively on SR. The Speak crew is full of underrated talent, but with this 2nd installation it's gonna be harder for these dudes to remain unnoticed. The video held my attention from start to finish, opening up with a fantastic part from Nate Gendron (did he just feeble a roof?), with the insane Brian Griffin closing it out. The friends section was pretty stacked too, I'm pretty sure there were clips of the infamous James Brady still killing it. These dude should be proud of their work, congrats to em for a great release!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Blake Bailor Signature Wheel Promo

I was hyped from the very first clip of this. Who briflips over a bump to bar? Blake Bailor does. Blake footy always catches me off guard because I figure he's off doing dad/beer/caps lock things, but the dude is still putting in work. His 270 back lips are some of my favorite to see. Buy his sig wheels and support the homie!

Tommy Christiana | Web Edit 2016

Tommy is the undisputed flat king, but that doesn't mean he can't hang with the best in the parks. He's able to throw down seemingly any trick he wants. Those 360 combos to fakie were out of this world. This one was filmed over a Europe trip as well as back on the East Coast, crazy footage for only a couple months' worth of filming.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Seeing a video from Erik Karl in my subscriptions is the best way to start off a Monday. Last time I posted a video from this crew I expressed my hype at the filming and editing. Some people weren't into it, and that's fine. But I stand by that sentiment, this dude is experimenting and putting a fresh spin on scooter cinematography. The noseblunt whip at 1:00 was shot perfectly. The scootering is enjoyable too, these boys are progressing and it's definitely fun to watch. Scooter videos don't have to have the most insane tricks to be good. Using the most of your ability creatively, that's what counts.

BSB - BluntScooterBowl

Blunt Scooters recently put on an awesome bowl jam in Nimes, France that drew riders from all over Europe and even some Americans. With such a good looking bowl, and the riders in attendance, some amazing riding was bound to go down. Cam Ward ended up taking the W and Charles Padel won the BSB helmet for best trick. Props to Blunt for putting together a cool event, hope to see more of this in the future!

Edy Fl├╝ckiger - Welcome to Fasen Europe

Swiss rider Edy Fluckiger is the most recent addition to Fasen's Euro squad. Edy has a tech heavy style but can also hit the big quarter and box tricks. He seems to be able to throw any trick he wants too off any rail or box. Love seeing those front scooterflips. The street lines filmed long lens felt kinda strange though, gotta throw a fisheye on for those shots!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Outset Presents: Kuba Klimczuk

Outset has been dropping tons of great videos lately, and the latest is of young Chi rider Kuba Klimczuk. He's the first rider to be officially added to Outset's radar, and he deserves it! Kuba keeps it simple and stylish, and he's progressing super fast. He definitely took me by surprise with a few of these clips.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Four FOOLPROOF Ways to Become a Sponsored Scooter Rider (Number 4 will SHOCK you!)

Also a mainstay of being a pro rider: sitting around.
So we all know there's no point in scootering unless you're sponsored. Sponsored riders live a glamorous, exciting lifestyle, full of free scooter parts, discount codes, the occasional riding trip and struggling to pay rent. Now, you may think that reaching that highest echelon of riding is near impossible, but today I am going to give you the keys to becoming sponsored (it’s easier than you think!).

Ride with the Pros
To be the best, you gotta beat the best. Hit your favorite riders up and tell them to come to your out of the way, middle of nowhere local. When they do show up, see what tricks they’re working on. Try landing it before them! Bonus points for a one up; the TM will see you and know you deserve to be on the team. Don’t forget to keep up with the Instagram game, uploading all the latest tricks with no original input from yourself. Which leads into the next tip...

Have Fire Instagram Clips
Instagram is the best way to get noticed these days. It used to be you got sponsored by working for months to make a compilation of your best tricks across a variety of parks and street spots. Today, all you have to do is hand your homie your phone and get a few bangers at the local, maybe with a hype, overblown rap song on top of it. If you accidentally film a clip on a real camera, simply record the clip off the LCD, straight to your phone. Don’t forget to tag your favorite riders/team managers in your clips so they can see how good you are!

Observe Alec (left) Instagramming to get his rep up, while Charlie (middle) and Jack (right, sponsored) discuss how much they can sell their used parts for to the 10 year olds at the local.

Slide into the DM's
You can skip the whole filming an Instagram clip thing by going straight to the source- DM’ing your favorite company with reasons why you should be “sponcered.” List out where you live, what your setup is, and all the tricks you can do. What they really love is when it’s a DM to multiple companies- that really personalizes it for the brands to let them know how special you think they are.

No English? No problem!

Work Hard and Ride for Fun
This technique first involves forgetting about being sponsored. All you have to do is focus on having fun scootering, and pushing yourself to progress your tricks and style. By riding for yourself, your own style will shine through, setting yourself apart from the rest. Show the dedication you have to scootering by filming full parts, and being a contributing member of the community. Brands will then take notice and may decide to get you involved in their sponsorship programs.

BLUNT BOYS - Didine x Perroni

Good god, this was insane. Didine Terchague and Jonathan Perroni are two of the most talented and skilled riders out there. They teamed up with Roots Boy to produce this amazing park edit. Speed, creativity, rail tech, big combo transfers, ledge wizardry, these guys have it all. Be prepared to hit rewind again and again on this one.